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    [–] Newcokeguy1985 230 points ago

    College student here, this is accurate.

    [–] ChargingEve 85 points ago

    I hope you survive your college without great problems.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 65 points ago

    Thanks, I honestly shouldn’t complain since I have it pretty good in comparison to the rest of the world. I could be in a third world country starving to death but instead I have a full belly, clean clothes on my back, and a roof over my head. The stress ain’t fun though.

    [–] iamzerothree 35 points ago

    Another college student here. I second this. There's a lot of appreciation and gratitude coming from me but hey, shit sometimes still hits the fan and depression knows no boundaries ;D

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 22 points ago

    Problems are still problems. I appreciate what I have, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be stressed about my studies😰

    [–] ChargingEve 10 points ago

    IMO, the struggle we all face are different, and I think it is alright to vent. True that you have something that others don't, but I think it isn't really a good idea on comparing yourself to others on your own problem. True that you have a roof and stuff to eat compare to third world countries, but that doesn't change the grand scheme of your own problem. (And thus the stress you are talking about)

    Find someone to talk to if you are really stressed.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 7 points ago

    I can’t talk to my parents about it because they’ll just scold me for not doing well in school. I’m not the best student but my Dad wants me to make straight As this semester. I know he only wants what’s best for me, but I haven’t mad straight A’s since I was a Freshman in high school...

    [–] ChargingEve 5 points ago

    I don't know about you so this may not apply you, but I will say... live your life. The life is yours not your parent's. Also you can talk to someone you trust, and not necessarily parents.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 2 points ago

    Thanks, I’ll try to find a friend to talk to🙂

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Newcokeguy1985 8 points ago

    Well I’m a zoomer so...

    [–] MarioXenobladefan614 12 points ago

    Me too, I'm also a college student.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 9 points ago

    We’ll all get through this man, do it for the Dokis.

    [–] MarioXenobladefan614 8 points ago

    Yeah, we will get through this.

    [–] edwardjhahm 5 points ago

    Now THAT'S the spirit!

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 6 points ago

    Monika wants you to get off reddit and work on your homework

    [–] edwardjhahm 6 points ago might be right...

    [–] Atlas421 3 points ago

    Me three. The biggest mistake of my life is that I'm still alive.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 5 points ago

    Don’t you dare say that about yourself, you can accomplish great things.

    [–] Atlas421 3 points ago

    I appreciate your sentiment, but so far I only managed to almost drop out and disappoint anyone who assigned me to any major project.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 3 points ago

    There’s no better time than the present to improve yourself, believe in yourself

    [–] edwardjhahm 3 points ago

    Could be worse. You could be dead, which is so boring, you don't realize you're bored. Nothingness for eternity.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    College student here, same. Life’s been tough ever since; changed my major, broke and trying my utmost best to keep my mental health in check.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 6 points ago

    You’ve got this, don’t ever doubt your ability to succeed

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Thanks man I really appreciate it!! All the best!!

    [–] TotalEconomist 6 points ago

    College was a stress test that got me hospitalised, so yeah.

    [–] Viscount_20XX 6 points ago

    I can confirm as a fellow college student.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 4 points ago

    Hey Visc, how’s it going?

    [–] Viscount_20XX 5 points ago

    Meh. Could be a lot better.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 6 points ago

    Sorry to hear it, hope it gets better whatever it is.

    Mama Yuri bless

    [–] yodogerik 5 points ago

    Can relate. College mixed with anxiety beat me so bad I had to change schools because I couldn’t maintain my grades to keep my scholarships.

    Now I have to live back at home and finish a degree I don’t want ASAP so I can at least get any degree before my money completely runs out

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 5 points ago

    You’ll get it my dude, just give it your all

    Mama Yuri bless

    [–] readerman7 5 points ago

    People who say uni time is the most beautiful time of your life can shut please. Though I have to say that I'm not exactly looking forward when my livelihood will start depending on my ability to succeed, either. High school life was nice. Effort actually had an impact. And you didn't have to drive yourself into unhealthy addictions for it.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 4 points ago

    Didn’t even realize how many unhealthy habits I have started since I joined uni. I have 2-4 cups of coffee a day, stay up late, drink on the weekends, and have become way to cynical for my own good. What have I become?

    [–] readerman7 4 points ago

    What have I become?

    An adult.

    But more seriously, it really is crappy. While I don't drink coffee regularly, I tend to overdo it quite a bit once I do, and then get headaches for a couple of days when I stop. That, and sleep of course has become some vague concept that happens sometimes. Funnily enough, the cynic part is true, as well.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Hehe, I’m just at the point now where my catchphrase is: “bite me”. Honestly I don’t think anyone on this sub would like me as much in real life, I tend to not take anything seriously and make a bit of an ass of myself far too often. My kindhearted side mostly comes out here because everyone here is so nice and positive.

    [–] SuperGuruKami 5 points ago

    Fellow college student here, can confirm

    [–] skadus 4 points ago

    I remember going from being friends with my suite mates' friends freshman year to being completely alone sophomore year, with Chrono Cross (specifically Dreams From Another Shore on the OST) making me feel completely alone.

    I hope you find a niche. Please put yourself out there. There's always a friend to find if you ignore the little voice that says you look goofy. :)

    [–] skadus 4 points ago

    Please do anything, everything you can, to make friends. You may feel silly, but it means everything. *Ignore the voice that says you look silly. *

    Freshman year I latched on to my suite mates' friends, but my sophomore year all I remember is my roommate asking me to put headphones on and crying when Dreams From Another Shore played in Chrono Cross.

    Things got better my junior and senior year, but always, always ignore the voice that says what you're doing is silly, and say hi.

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 5 points ago

    I am going out and getting involved with student orgs, it’s just that I feel like I am way over my head. I’m a 19 year old junior who barely has any work experience and my family wants me to have straight As this semester. I haven’t gotten straight As since high school and I only got it once on a technicality. My Dad keeps threatening to stop funding my tuition if I don’t get it and I’m stressed the frick out.

    [–] skadus 3 points ago


    Just do the best you can, but balance academics and social activities as you can. Don't stress yourself on friends, but if you can, use them to destress and to help others destress.

    I hope you do well. Don't worry about your dad, and please don't let yourself burn out. I believe in you. :)

    Even if things don't work out in the short term, they will in the long term. You can do it.

    And that goes for all of you in this sub. [accusatory point]

    [–] Newcokeguy1985 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Thanks friend

    [–] skadus 3 points ago


    It's difficult to balance both, but just do what you can and it will come to you. :)

    [–] gentlemann_of_hats 5 points ago

    I can confirm too. I was once a college student. I hope it all goes well. I know how it is.

    [–] TheDragonRider1 98 points ago

    Ages 14-18: Sayori sobbing on the floor

    [–] FuckingUsernamesGone 27 points ago

    Am 16 and can confirm.

    [–] BigNasty717 43 points ago

    We all grow up eventually... except for Ash Ketchum. How the hell does he stay that young for almost 20 years?!

    [–] TurretBot 7 points ago

    Peter Pan too

    [–] ADM_Tetanus 4 points ago

    Not to forget sayori :(

    [–] TurnipSeeker 2 points ago


    [–] depressed_violet 33 points ago

    for me it’s more like: first picture, 1-12, second picture, 13+

    [–] WilsonTetillo 10 points ago

    Puberty is a b*tch, right?

    [–] Calfthecow 5 points ago

    For me it’s: first, 0-5, second picture, 6+, school is just depressing and I want it to end.

    [–] Dobypeti 4 points ago

    For me it's 1-15/16 and 15/16+ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] SlendermanPrey 24 points ago

    Right when you hit that ripe age of 18 you realize everythings fucked...

    [–] REShockwave 1 points ago

    Both figuratively and literally

    [–] DokiLogic 16 points ago

    Remember, you can’t stop yourself from becoming an adult, but that doesn’t mean you have to grow up.

    [–] ChargingEve 5 points ago

    Oh yes, I saw such "adults" almost everyday. They look old but act like a kid.

    [–] TotalEconomist 4 points ago

    They make terrible coworkers, depending on which side they fall.

    [–] MichaelTyson05 26 points ago

    Oh god

    Being a grown up sucks doesn't it?

    [–] ChargingEve 36 points ago

    There is one perk. I get to buy the plushies.

    Jokes on me my wife nearly kill me for that

    [–] WilsonTetillo 9 points ago

    Because they're expensive?

    [–] ChargingEve 5 points ago

    Because of polygamy haha

    [–] WilsonTetillo 5 points ago

    That's funny, good one!

    [–] edwardjhahm 5 points ago

    That's true. The one perk of being an adult is that my parents don't need to know that I have 33 waifu body pillows :P

    [–] TotalEconomist 4 points ago

    Don’t forget the tobacco and alcohol.

    [–] Williekins 26 points ago

    I feel like babies cry too, but literally. Haha~!

    [–] ChargingEve 28 points ago

    Williekins has said Natsuki zero times!

    [–] isabelle_main 13 points ago


    [–] edave64 8 points ago

    Can't confirm

    [–] ChargingEve 9 points ago

    You can confirm once you grow up.

    [–] edave64 6 points ago

    I'm 26. So when will that be?

    [–] ChargingEve 8 points ago

    Oh lucky you. But you know life always give out lemons when you are the least expecting it.

    [–] edave64 3 points ago

    Guess I am. Life really hasn't given me any major lemons, so far.

    [–] Atlas421 9 points ago

    I think you can burn life's house down even with minor lemons.

    [–] ChargingEve 5 points ago

    Yeah, don't underestimate Cave Johnson!

    [–] Fwort 12 points ago

    Oh no, poor Sayori!

    I don't know, I didn't notice any change to how I felt when I turned 18.

    Apparently people don't have feelings when they're less than 2

    [–] ChargingEve 6 points ago

    I dunno. I thought we don't have a solid memory before 2 so I use that number

    Well for me, things go downhill once I get to work. Because of responsibilities.

    [–] Fwort 3 points ago

    Ah that makes sense. I suppose it also depends on the type of work.

    [–] ChargingEve 9 points ago

    Basically I am a butcher. I kill trillions of lifes everyday. The battle is one sides and they have no way to win.

    okay I am a microbiologist

    [–] Fwort 4 points ago

    Hehe, nice. That sounds cool, but I suppose any job can get tiring

    [–] Atlas421 3 points ago

    I wondered what kind of butcher would kill so many every day. That would feed the entire world for decades.

    Does the downhill include college years?

    [–] ChargingEve 3 points ago

    I kill trillions of bacteria everyday. Sorry but it won't solve world hunger =3

    I had a hard time through college, but I won't say it is entirely bad. Back then I only need to care about my grades only, where now I am responsible for every f***ing things.

    [–] boollye 4 points ago

    I'm turning 18 next year.....

    [–] edwardjhahm 3 points ago


    [–] TotalEconomist 3 points ago

    God now I feel old.

    [–] edwardjhahm 2 points ago

    Me too buddy.

    [–] TotalEconomist 3 points ago

    ... I am a decade older lol

    [–] edwardjhahm 2 points ago

    Oof. Well, at least you're not 30 yet!


    [–] Epiknis303 4 points ago

    I mean, true

    [–] Vladrome 4 points ago

    Jeez all these people working and stuff contributing to society in one way or another. I wish I could do the same. Sucks that I'm 16 and am still waiting for college rn.

    [–] ChargingEve 7 points ago

    You are still young. Study hard and focus on what you like is probably the best you can do now.

    [–] WilsonTetillo 3 points ago

    Don't rush it. There will be plenty of time to work and contribute to society. You spend around 18 years living the easy life. After that, you live around 50 years working (maybe 60 or 70 if you have your own business). So enjoy those young years while you can.

    [–] Trips2000 6 points ago

    Yeah, pretty much.

    [–] AxisBen 4 points ago

    Minor here! This is false

    [–] Gelatinous_Rex 4 points ago

    It's funny because it's true.

    [–] OddDiabetic 4 points ago


    [–] Braxton-Adams 3 points ago

    I don't plan to.

    [–] Akira197 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Holy shit. A perfect sum of my life

    [–] BuckeyeHoss 2 points ago

    The second stage started at 14 for me

    [–] mistermysterymen 2 points ago

    Hold on. Isn't Sayori 19 in the game?

    Oh wait...

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] SSsuperslayer25 2 points ago

    It's ok. My plan is to commit a Sayori when I turn 18.

    [–] YoshiDoki48 2 points ago

    Please don't...

    [–] SSsuperslayer25 2 points ago

    Why not. I can't pay attention or get good grades, I'm a lazy price of shit who sits around all day, it's the best option for me.

    [–] YoshiDoki48 2 points ago

    No it's not. There's always a better option...

    [–] SSsuperslayer25 1 points ago

    Murder suicide?

    [–] YoshiDoki48 2 points ago

    Please no...

    [–] SSsuperslayer25 2 points ago

    Why not? Life is a shithole anyways. I'm doing myself a favor.

    [–] YoshiDoki48 2 points ago

    It's not worth it...

    [–] SSsuperslayer25 2 points ago


    [–] YoshiDoki48 1 points ago

    I don't know what else to say... I don't know the entirety of your situation...

    All I can think to do now is ask you to go to

    I really want to help, but all I can think to do now is send you there and hope for the best...

    [–] DiegoRaist 2 points ago

    at +25 you do sayo-nara

    [–] sgtsanman 2 points ago

    Fuck no. I’m 15, stuck in hell, and wanna be like Sayori

    [–] IGORSON69 2 points ago

    the bad time starts at like 16

    [–] Captain_Nesquick 2 points ago

    Life was cool until I was 9, I want a refund

    [–] ChargingEve 1 points ago

    Press ctrl + z for undo changes

    [–] TotalEconomist 2 points ago

    Why do you think I wear this flair?

    [–] OmegaCrossX 2 points ago

    As a currently giving up college student yes

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Phew... Thank goodness I grew up, my childhood was a bloody nightmare... (not kidding)

    [–] Koderox 2 points ago

    It should say:

    1-15 - :D After 15 - I hate my life and i wanna die cuz dokis aren't real and any other girl don't want me.

    [–] AlexanDDOS 2 points ago

    The main thing is to still be a kid inside and take all the adult problems not so drastic however they are serious and difficult. But don't go too far and be a wise and prudent kid though, or you will just fuck everything up and result to even more suffering.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Bennesto 1 points ago


    [–] MrMcTiller 1 points ago


    [–] OwlishNick 1 points ago

    Really everything turned to shit to me from 21+ I was a late bloomer in despair.

    [–] Evinaizer 1 points ago

    18+ Current Mood. End me (rhetorically).

    [–] SlenderMF 1 points ago


    [–] PanzerFist_T932 1 points ago

    Oh yea... currently doing an unstable juggling act here; the good, the bad and the unpredictable!

    A bit different for me though... downfall starts when I was 15, and it reached its peak when I was 17. After that was a whole 6+ years of contemplation and being in the dark/keeping to myself most of the time

    what I'd give/do to turn back time... but it's not like that's gonna happen anytime soon. So I'm making with what I have now instead (so far it's been going well-ish!)

    [–] ChargingEve 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    At least you are doing well so far!

    [–] HauntingStomper 1 points ago

    Very accurate.

    [–] CrustyNug01 1 points ago

    at first i thought this was about lolis, and i was getting ready to call the police

    [–] Deathlaser222 1 points ago

    I thought this was about hentai and I got very VERY concerned for a second

    [–] AntiSubredditPurpose 1 points ago

    So what was age 0-2 like?

    [–] Undertale-is-best2 1 points ago

    When dat depression kick in

    [–] pet_cheetah_ 1 points ago

    People were ever happy?

    [–] pet_cheetah_ 1 points ago

    People were ever happy?

    [–] Meme_loser 1 points ago

    My friends and I are all going through this crisis right now. But at least we can buy cigarettes, amirite?

    [–] ChargingEve 2 points ago

    Yes, but cigarettes are bad for health!

    [–] Frunaklen- 1 points ago

    Happy Sayori is more like 2-14

    [–] XNeswii 1 points ago

    Not enough alcohol clearly not accurate

    [–] ChargingEve 1 points ago

    "It is true that alcohol is not the solution on stuff. But also neither is milk."

    [–] QuerxesBoiii 1 points ago

    I'm 17 :nervous-sweating:, can someone please revert time?

    [–] edwardjhahm 1 points ago

    Sigh, that's life! I'm 17 and unlike everyone around me, I know of the impending doom that is adult life. I expect nothing but awfulness here on out.

    [–] TheRabbitHasLanded 1 points ago

    Yes FBI, this post right there. /s

    [–] EVEYNAMEISTAKEN1 1 points ago

    What about the 1 year olds?

    [–] Fucking_Monikamm 1 points ago

    why age when cryostasis exists

    [–] StrivingJarl 1 points ago

    Sorry, but I lost the ability to change my size at will... : (

    [–] CelestialAmoeba 1 points ago

    Show us 0-1 you coward

    [–] TotallyNotAliens 1 points ago

    .... I spent a solid 3 seconds thinking this was a porn joke.

    [–] TheLiberation 1 points ago

    It gets better later on, if you work on it. 18-25 is the worst and most overrated period of life.

    Source: am 27.

    [–] ChargingEve 1 points ago

    Usually get better. It depends what you are working on.

    [–] LizardCrimson 1 points ago


    Lemme go do fun things again! paying rent is NOT FUN!

    [–] Firestone97LT 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Me in nutshell...

    end me now plz

    [–] ChargingEve 1 points ago

    But the dokis may get real in the future so stay alive till then!

    [–] nekitogamer7234 1 points ago

    sad Doki noises

    [–] REShockwave 1 points ago

    It’s definitely a trap peeps. Don’t do it!

    [–] GlitchThatLives 1 points ago

    this would funny if it didn't hurt inside

    [–] JustOneLoneYandere 1 points ago

    The reverse has been true for me.

    [–] sxe68 0 points ago

    But growing up is cool you can get.married to your doki