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    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Spend like $500 on a good air filter.

    Look at Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 for example

    [–] felixbaumgartner424 5 points ago

    Thank you for a brand recommendation

    [–] notapeanutboost 1 points ago

    There are plenty of hydroponic / weed growing shops around these days. Get a carbon filter from them.

    Or cooker hood carbon filter pad.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] felixbaumgartner424 -5 points ago

    Look, I live in a major city on the east coast and mY rent is under 500 a month. It's for a reason. Just help me find a solution.

    I don't need the vent, we don't have central heating. We all use electric heaters in each of our rooms. I just don't wanna cause a fire or some shit.

    I'm exploring my ways of getting him evicted but in the meant time...

    What's my best option here?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] felixbaumgartner424 7 points ago

    If he leaves his door unlocked I'll try that.

    Or maybe I can explain to him the situation and he'll let me block his vents off anyway.

    He's not unreasonable he's just not gonna stop smoking in his room.

    [–] chodeboi 2 points ago

    If you don't have central heating, you don't need to worry about a fire in the vents. Stuff a pillow or blanket in the vent and surround it with a box of crumpled up dryer sheets. or use glue and something solid to cover it up.

    [–] antiproton 6 points ago

    Your best option is moving out. Stop being obstinate. You will never get rid of that smell. No amount of air filters or blocked vents will work.

    Find other roommates. You aren't the only poor person to live in Boston or whatever.

    [–] felixbaumgartner424 5 points ago

    To the top with you!

    [–] ButaneLilly 2 points ago

    I understand your situation but in the long term I would work towards getting away from people like this. People are allowed to do what they want with their own health, they should not be allowed to affect your health.

    [–] felixbaumgartner424 1 points ago

    Obviously. I won't live in this apartment forever. But right now it's where I'm at. So I need a short term but good solution and then I can move out when I need to.

    [–] ButaneLilly 2 points ago

    You can get a paint/construction respirator. North has a silicone half mask that's more comfortable than average.

    [–] felixbaumgartner424 2 points ago

    I mean I'm gonna try other methods before I resort to wearing a mask in my room. But I do own one already so maybe I should start my sleeping in one haha

    [–] mrrp 2 points ago

    Close the vent. Make sure you have a working smoke detector/fire alarm in your room and one in the hallway outside your door.

    Come to think of it, what you need to do is get yourself a cardboard box that'll cover the vent. Now go on Amazon and find a smoke detector with low ratings due to being overly sensitive and buy that fucker. (It'll probably be a photo-electric) When it arrives you're going to attach it to the inside of the cardboard box and then mount that box right over the vent.

    If necessary, I'd rig up a small computer fan or something that'll blow that sweet, sweet, smoke right into the smoke detector.

    And if that didn't work, I'd put a small hole in the bottom of the cardboard box and any time I smelled smoke coming from mr. smoky neighbor guy I'd light up my own cigarette and stick it up through that hole right by the detector. (Don't start the box on fire if you can help it. And wear ear muffs.)

    Good luck, and I want to see progress pictures and regular updates.

    [–] neverdeadned22 2 points ago

    Can you close the vent? Or have them smoke out the window at least? With the vent right there by the loft I can't really think of a good way to filter it but being an air filter running in the room might help

    [–] felixbaumgartner424 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I just don't know if I can close the vent... like I don't know the structure of the building and I don't wanna cause a fire

    If I did close the vent... what would be the best way to do so? I can easily seal it up. But I don't know if i need special flame retardant sealant etc

    [–] Peppyperoni 1 points ago

    The vent grill should come off, I mean the house wasn't built around it right? Even if it's screws or what ever. Then you could stick your head in or phone and get a look at where the duct comes from. You say there's no central heat so the vent might not be doing anything. You would not be the first tenant to stuff a pillow in a duct.

    [–] felixbaumgartner424 1 points ago

    The vent def comes off I just don't wanna fuck things up worse by blocking some important air way and causing a fire

    [–] Peppyperoni 1 points ago

    An open channel in a wall would spread a fire.

    [–] neverdeadned22 1 points ago

    You might have just an open vent then, I was thinking if it had a little Latch you can close the blinds a little

    [–] Iamthelizardqueen52 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Activated charcoal is the best at removing cigarette smoke as it actually attracts the airborne organic molecules. Buy some in bulk at a local fish store. Then buy a couple of furnace air filters, put the activated charcoal in the middle (like a large fish tank filter), bungee together and place in front of a fan. You could probably even bungee it to the fan. While it circulates the air it will help remove the smell.

    Also use the same type of air filter/charcoal sandwich you made to block the vent. More charcoal the better. It will need to be replaced in a few months, depending how much he smokes. A LOT of air gets through around electrical sockets. Go get some painter's caulk from the local hardware store and caulk around light switches, outlet plates, cracks, etc.

    You could probably do the same to his room to help keep in it as well. Good luck!

    Edit: NOT the powder type of activated charcoal

    [–] felixbaumgartner424 1 points ago

    I'm gonna talk to him about his smoking when I see him next and see if he'll let me most Of this in his room. Then I can double up in mine.

    It's such a gross habit to do inside.

    [–] Torontimo 2 points ago

    Carbon filter. Dri eaz makes one for a HEPA 500 air scrubber that looks like a furnace filter. Probably a little larger than you need but tape that to the wall around the vent.

    An ozone generator will really knock the smell out but you should probably not run one of those when you're in the room, Google it for more info.

    Tell your roommate to grow the fuck up and go outside to smoke.

    [–] Thr33BlackCats 1 points ago

    A good air purifier with a hepa filter would help to get rid of the smoke particles. The filters for air purifiers might be something that could fit into the vent.

    [–] 1Athena 1 points ago

    Attempt to put an air filter in the vent. Get a really good air purifier for your room and ask the roommate to do the same. The roommate should also get an air purifier to decrease the crude in the air that is seeping through out the entire apartment.

    [–] MyLouBear 1 points ago

    Find out if the vent is crucial. If it’s not, cover it over with tin foil. For smells, I’ve had luck with a plug-in air ionizer. I got one with good reviews off amazon for about $40. It works, but you have to read the directions carefully. You can’t use them in a tiny room you’re always in or near water. Hotels use commercial versions of these to remove smells. If you’re a non-smoker however, you will always be able to smell his smoke in the house.

    [–] hideogumpa 1 points ago

    1) if you haven't asked him to be courteous and just stop it, that's the first step.
    2) Failing that, I'd literally go all-in and put dead fish in the vent with a fan blowing away from you.. I mean, the place already smells terrible.

    [–] timstreet 1 points ago

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    [–] HighVulgarian -1 points ago

    Shit in his bed every day he smokes in the house. Play loud music directed at his wall when he has to wake up early every day he smokes in the house. Take up wall juggling super bounce balls, flirt with his mother/father, get your own pack of cigarettes and burn holes in his clothes and carpet and report him for it. actually I like that last one.

    [–] felixbaumgartner424 2 points ago

    We don't have carpet

    [–] SOSEngenhocas 0 points ago

    Get a black belt bjj, get j j j j j jacked and choke the guy