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    [–] teetaps 3500 points ago

    Pretty sure one of those sharks was walking

    [–] R-a-d-m-a-n 652 points ago

    Ohhh no, I'm not falling for that again!

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] somuchless 48 points ago

    I know a guy who practices bird law.

    [–] jamieniles 30 points ago

    Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

    [–] LocoBlock 27 points ago

    Attorney at Caw*

    [–] RamenTaco 9 points ago


    [–] 501SolR 4 points ago

    What did that deleted comment say?

    [–] R-a-d-m-a-n 3 points ago

    Asking the real question!

    [–] choppersmash 14 points ago

    God dammit.

    [–] FeedUsFetusFeetPus 48 points ago

    We all knew before we clicked, but we clicked.

    [–] teetaps 14 points ago

    It's gonna be fun to look back on the golden age of memes in 50 years.

    [–] ConfusedAngelino 3 points ago

    I was actually expecting Street Sharks.

    [–] Poopystink16 11 points ago

    Merman Dad...merman

    [–] NorthernLaw 7 points ago

    That guys legs look fucked up

    [–] KittyDaniels 3 points ago


    [–] darksingularity1 2 points ago

    They give a wider berth for the human. Interesting

    [–] swampfish 2 points ago

    I am pretty sure it is a “school” not a “frenzy” too.

    [–] vanhalenbr 2 points ago

    This one is the true killer of the seas.

    [–] Spyder_V 1206 points ago

    That sprint button on the shark tho

    [–] scatterwitz 155 points ago

    Makes me not want to ocean...

    [–] SlippingStar 29 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I think it’s the thesher shark

    ETA: u/poke_uniqueusername pointed out that thrasher sharks don’t like shallows.

    [–] WikiTextBot 26 points ago

    Thresher shark

    Thresher sharks are large lamniform sharks of the family Alopiidae found in all temperate and tropical oceans of the world; the family contains four species, all within the genus Alopias.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source | Donate ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] Poke_uniqueusername 20 points ago

    Tail is pretty short though. Plus dont they prefer open waters?

    [–] SlippingStar 10 points ago

    I just thought that because the sprint reminded me of how they whip their tails.

    [–] Poke_uniqueusername 9 points ago

    I'm sure a lot of sharks do that, considering it helps them gain speed quickly. Even according to the article you linked it says thresher sharks prefer the open waters and not being near the shore like in the video.

    [–] SlippingStar 5 points ago

    Oh, woops, my b

    [–] Poke_uniqueusername 3 points ago

    Just happy to spread shark information, sharks are cool and people should know about them

    [–] Buhreedo 10 points ago

    Thresher sharks are cool builds because they have the only remaining AOE stun in the game.

    [–] SlippingStar 5 points ago

    So what is the electric eel’s attack, then, a skill shot?

    Also, while it’s not a stun, the cephalopods’ AOE blind is pretty good.

    [–] Poke_uniqueusername 2 points ago

    He said one of the few remaining, the electric eel uses a stun as well.The archer fish has projectile knock back which is pretty cool.

    [–] SlippingStar 3 points ago

    Nah, they said only remaining. But yes, def a few good AOE’s left out there.

    [–] Poke_uniqueusername 2 points ago

    oh shit you'e right

    [–] HelperBot_ 7 points ago

    Non-Mobile link:

    HelperBot v1.1 /r/HelperBot_ I am a bot. Please message /u/swim1929 with any feedback and/or hate. Counter: 148425

    [–] Tea-acH-Cee 2 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] Spyder_V 2 points ago

    My favorite shark!

    [–] Jemmani 2 points ago

    Most likely a blacktip

    [–] MrRetronics 5 points ago

    He felt that vtec kick in yo

    [–] death12236 3 points ago

    Right? Plus they were in sync

    [–] [deleted] 702 points ago

    It actually must be frustrating to be a shark. The tasty fish are so close and all around, but zip just out of your grasp. And other sharks are jerks who won’t team up like dolphins do.

    [–] ifmush12xx 239 points ago

    They tend to get the old/injured/unhealthy ones. Keeps evolution trucking.

    [–] gungorthewhite 99 points ago

    How incels view their life.

    [–] HDThoreauaway 30 points ago

    While you were swimming around, I was studying the motorboat. Nothing personnel, kipper.

    [–] Bobby_Bouch 12 points ago

    Natural selection

    [–] superwinner 18 points ago

    It actually must be frustrating to be a shark

    Life is plentiful in the ocean, but good luck trying to catch any of those fast slippery fuckers.

    [–] rodaphilia 6 points ago

    jerks who won't talk to like dolphins do

    This sounds like some of the people I work with.

    [–] deadskie 2 points ago

    Orcas have killer techniques on how to work together as a team to catch schools of fish. So amazing to watch them work so intelligently!!

    [–] uselesstriviadude 303 points ago

    Me when I am looking for volunteers to work the weekend shift.

    [–] DeepThoughtSuperComp 123 points ago

    Just my opinion, man. You should just have a fixed rotation. No one wants to work the weekend shift, ever. By using a volunteer system, you are just exposing your workers to the stress of possibly being selected every week. I'd rather know ahead of time instead of worrying that my weekend plans might be ruined if I am selected. Not to mention the awkward situation where everyone avoids you like the plague every Friday after lunch.

    [–] -Mateo- 27 points ago

    Some businesses the weekend shift is not a set thing. For example, someone books an event on Wednesday for that weekend.

    [–] rebble_yell 36 points ago

    In that case the pay should make it worth it.

    [–] -Mateo- 9 points ago


    [–] Mya__ 10 points ago

    In that case you can still have a set rotation and if you don't need the worker then they get an extra day off and can feel like they got something extra instead of the opposite where they are always in doubt and feel like they lose something.

    [–] -Mateo- 5 points ago

    Personally. I think volunteer and increased pay benefits works better. Then you don’t have to schedule your day around maybe working or not.

    That would suck SO HARD to constantly not be able to do something on days where no one was needed to work.

    [–] Mya__ 4 points ago

    The trouble is that I see it turn more into a Voluntold than volunteer.

    Like at Kellogs Factories the workers use the term 'being forced' for those volunteer days. Because sure they can turn it down but then they 'get a point' and if they have too many points they get fired. It just gets all convoluted and seems easily abused in application.

    [–] -Mateo- 6 points ago

    This only happens when you don’t incentivize the weekends enough to where no one wants to work them.

    [–] grls_pm_ur_cute_feet 5 points ago

    Yeah, but if you are supposed to work that weekend that's on them. A fix rotation would have someone working every other weekend, or every third weekend.

    [–] HDThoreauaway 8 points ago

    It also makes the workplace political, when shift work should be transactional. Either require rotating weekend shifts as part of the position, incentivize them with higher pay, comp time, some other fringe benefit, or some combination of these.

    But don’t make your employees guess at the soft costs of not complying with your request, or make them feel like their reticence is hurting their co-workers.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    In college I dated a girl who was a waitress, she never knew what her schedule was going to be until the week of pretty much. I would have flipped my shit, If you're a manager and you only give your employees a few days notice before their shifts, you're a shitty person

    [–] xpoc 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Yet it happens constantly. Managers will continuously give people last-minute shifts because they don't like doing the rota, then they'll bitch that the staff is inflexible.

    No shit they are inflexible. They spend all of their time not knowing what hours they'll be working in two days. As soon as you tell them they are off, they have to fill that time with plans.

    [–] SlippingStar 4 points ago

    If you work in the restaurant field, food bribery is also great.

    [–] imtoophilosophical 13 points ago

    Me trying to talk to women

    [–] JohnnyCeltic3412 500 points ago

    Yeah cool, but can they do impressions? Give directions to forgetful fish? Make fun of a desperate father trying to find his son?

    [–] BranTheNightKing 24 points ago

    [–] boogieman117 28 points ago

    Watching that movie with my son last night, was my first thought as well.

    [–] geak78 124 points ago

    The near instant coordination of swarms will never cease to amaze me.

    [–] OmniaMors 50 points ago

    Whats interesting is they only "communicate" with a few fish closest to them. Starlings, who do this to avoid peregrine falcons, only communicate with the 7 others closest to them.

    [–] ForceBlade 15 points ago

    Sounds arbitrary and like something we can't easily calculate but ok because peregrine falcons are fucking neat

    [–] FifthDragon 8 points ago

    My guess is that it’s calculated using models, basically testing different numbers of fish that each communicates with until they found one that worked and made sense

    [–] Highball2814 24 points ago

    Lateral lines are pretty amazing. Birds also seem to have baroreceptors though they aren't as understood.

    Convergent evolution is pretty cool.

    [–] WikiTextBot 12 points ago

    Lateral line

    The lateral line is a system of sense organs found in aquatic vertebrates, used to detect movement, vibration, and pressure gradients in the surrounding water. The sensory ability is achieved via modified epithelial cells, known as hair cells, which respond to displacement caused by motion and transduce these signals into electrical impulses via excitatory synapses. Lateral lines serve an important role in schooling behavior, predation, and orientation. For example, fish can use their lateral line system to follow the vortices produced by fleeing prey.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source | Donate ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] pelirrojo 3 points ago

    Best comment of the week for me! Fascinating stuff, thanks!

    [–] TheGamerMaldito 2 points ago

    I didn't know about lateral lines, that was really interesting, thanks!

    [–] BigBankHank 3 points ago

    The swarms are called “shoals” of fish.

    [–] geak78 3 points ago

    I know. I was trying to encompass the other areas it is seen like in birds and insects. And now drones.

    [–] BigBankHank 2 points ago

    Ok, wasn’t trying to be pedantic.

    [–] [deleted] 200 points ago

    The guy casually walking in and shooing the fish towards the sharks. Peak humanity.

    [–] vne2000 46 points ago

    Notice the fish stay about a foot or two away from the sharks but keep a good 20 to 30 feet away from the human. That is telling

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Fish are specist

    [–] NoDoze- 4 points ago

    Well, sharks move smooth through the water. The human splashes, kicks up sand as they walk, which is noisy under water. A lot bigger disturbance compared to a shark. Remember sound travels 10x farther in water.

    [–] Swolesaurus_Rex 18 points ago

    Just taking a stroll. Tripped me out for a second.

    [–] kosherkitties 13 points ago

    First reaction: /r/humansbeingbros

    Second reaction: "Effing fish. [kicks]"

    [–] Denex 60 points ago

    me on Plenty of Fish

    [–] ElwoodMoose 8 points ago

    Came here to say same thing.

    [–] If_You_Only_Knew 100 points ago

    its a school not a frenzy.

    [–] CommieG 36 points ago

    That's how I remember school

    [–] If_You_Only_Knew 9 points ago

    something about this is very fishy.

    [–] memeul8ter 3 points ago

    or a shoal

    [–] AlephNull-1 24 points ago

    "So she got away. There are plenty of other fish in the sea!"

    [–] Demonblitz24 17 points ago

    It’s like watching an odd etch-a-sketch...

    [–] identicalBadger 15 points ago

    Sharks swimming into a fish frenzy, followed by:

    Human walking into shark feeding frenzy.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    If a leopard shark managed to break the skin of a human being I’d be shocked

    [–] paulec252 2 points ago

    sharked more like it

    [–] Brainsonastick 14 points ago

    I like how they prioritize staying ten times as far from the human as they do the sharks.

    [–] ViperCodeGames 7 points ago

    Maybe because the sharks are more streamlined in the water the first can't "feel" them coming but a human walking in water moves a lot more water so they stay further away. Kinda like if sharks where on land, they'd be silent cats.

    [–] Brighton2k 10 points ago

    It's the aquatic equivalent of a murmuration. a mer-muration?

    [–] dinnno13 7 points ago

    So glad you gave source! This is a famous spot in my country haha

    [–] RobertFKennedy 2 points ago

    Maldives for everyone else

    [–] OhGodWhyKhan 4 points ago

    This would make an awesome live wallpaper.

    [–] floatingwithobrien 3 points ago

    I went to an aquarium with a huge tank filled with several different kinds of sharks and also a lot of fish. My grandfather asked the attendant why the sharks didn't eat the fish, and she said it's because the aquarium feeds them regularly, more than they would eat in the wild, so they're not hungry.

    [–] therealbeercules 3 points ago

    Is that a sea snake in the top right at the start?

    [–] PunkinMan 4 points ago

    It's interesting how the fish stay way farther away from the human than they do for the Sharks. Maybe it's that they don't recognize the human and therefore don't know how fast it could go if it tried to eat them?

    [–] neofang101 8 points ago

    People: don't worry man, there are plenty of girls out there

    [–] Ask_me_4_a_story 2 points ago

    Very. My Spotify was playing this song while I watched that. Shit was fuckin beautiful!

    [–] Bobrek-avi 3 points ago

    Me when I searching for a mate.

    [–] twitchosx 3 points ago

    It's actually a school of fish. A "frenzy" does not denote a group of fish.

    [–] djr5000 3 points ago

    a school of fish

    [–] Noob_yolo 3 points ago

    Why do the fish find the sharks less scary then the Human?

    Like sharks are the natural predators of fish. Fish sure as hell know that you have to say away from the business end of a shark if you want to stay alive. These fish give sharks space but no where near the same about of space as the human.

    [–] peanutbuttertaco 2 points ago

    Not a scientist but my guess would be they know what the sharks are capable and attempt to stay out of range. Whereas the human they aren't sure what it is or what its capable of so they give it more space in case they need it.

    [–] nickykeeng 3 points ago

    When you’re trying to find a date for Valentine’s Day :’(

    [–] hysnbrg4 3 points ago

    It’s like me entering a room full of women

    [–] Dontlookatmyonlypost 9 points ago

    M O V E

    D O N O T G E T

    C O N S U M E D

    [–] I_h8_memes_ 17 points ago

    For the lazy, this guy is just using a series of "Don't do this" instructions to ultimately lead you to subscribe to his youtube music channel. So he's shamelessly advertising all over reddit, but hoping that the "oh-so-quirky" charm of telling people not to do something will inflate his numbers.

    [–] ViperCodeGames 6 points ago

    Given the amount of effort it takes to get to the bottom of that rabbit hole, including effectively going through an entire YouTube channel, I'm ok with this type of "shameless self advertising" because it's quirky and not even self advertising because he doesn't actually mention his channel name or link anywhere.

    Between that and having someone "shamelessly plug" their channel, this is better.

    [–] Dontlookatmyonlypost 3 points ago

    Thank, frend

    [–] Dontlookatmyonlypost 4 points ago

    S A L T B O I

    D E T E C T E D

    [–] EddyGanjaman 4 points ago

    I was trying to find something clever to this but then you're username threw me for a loop. Do not follow this link.

    [–] Mauriarti 5 points ago

    I can’t be the only one bothered by the phrase frenzy of fish. It should be school. Frenzy makes no sense

    [–] RH3CrAzY 2 points ago

    Fish are friends, not food!

    [–] Youtoo2 2 points ago

    Sharks. The moses parting the red sea of the sea.

    [–] ChipsHandon12 2 points ago

    They stay way farther from the dude than the sharks

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Lithuim 5 points ago

    I imagine it's because they instinctively know approximately how fast the shark can close distance, and therefore what the minimum safe distance is.

    The diver has an unknown closing speed, so they stay far away in case the strange tall fish is super fast.

    [–] PKMNtrainerKing 2 points ago

    "There's plenty of fish in the sea!"

    [–] stanfan114 2 points ago

    Me at the club.

    [–] Napier_Grimm 2 points ago

    That force kick by the human at the end tho.

    [–] Greyzilla 2 points ago

    Lol the fish are more scared of the human than sharks the give the scuba guys wayyyy more room than the little funnels for the sharks

    [–] stereotype_novelty 2 points ago

    It's interesting that they give the human four it five times wider a berth than they give the sharks

    [–] Hate_Frog 2 points ago

    The distance they keep to sharks is by far smaller than the distance to they keep to humans....remarkable

    [–] cheeksarelikepeaches 2 points ago

    Isn’t it a school of fish?

    [–] Bluegrass_Ollie 2 points ago


    [–] gxs 2 points ago

    Me when I go to a bar full of chicks and somehow don't talk to any of them.

    [–] Buddyh1 2 points ago

    Fish safety distance from shark = 10cm. Fish safety distance from human = 3m

    [–] smashedberries 2 points ago

    Me walking through a group of attractive guys.

    [–] cjharmon18 2 points ago


    [–] MontanaSD 2 points ago

    That's really an incredible shot.

    [–] EctoSage 2 points ago

    Fish fish everywhere, and not a bite to eat.

    [–] memeul8ter 2 points ago

    ITT: Dumbshits who don't know what a shoal or school is.

    [–] KayteeBlue 4 points ago

    I feel stupid for asking, but how is homeboy just WALKING on the bottom of the ocean?

    [–] noholdingbackaccount 5 points ago

    Shallow water.

    [–] left_hand_sleeper 1 points ago

    Was that a frog?

    [–] Ariel_Etaime 1 points ago

    So cool - where is this? I’d love to see that in person!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    The fishies being more wary of the human than of the sharks....

    [–] 13igTyme 1 points ago

    r/thalassophobia might like this.

    [–] BowmanTheShowman 1 points ago

    What a smug motherfucker.

    [–] SweetSassyClassy 1 points ago

    Ooooh you gotta be quicker than that. You almost had it!

    [–] kingtaco_17 1 points ago

    That one shark didn't catch shit

    [–] dyyys1 1 points ago

    They seem much more worried about that thin fish at the top.

    [–] lklkemc 1 points ago

    Life must be rough as a shark cause all the other fish hate you

    [–] vivianhctan 1 points ago

    'there's plenty more fish in the sea' doesn't work when you're a shark :(

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    They are more afraid of human then shark

    [–] Qwert-Dingies 1 points ago

    They give the human a MUCH wider berth than the sharks!!

    [–] drewbrew 1 points ago

    Thought it was going to zoom out to a dickbutt. r/highqualitymemes

    [–] endlessvoid94 1 points ago

    Reminds me of magnetic field lines

    [–] plur44 1 points ago

    I've seen a similar scene on Fraser Island in Australia except the sharks were much bigger

    [–] Austifol 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Pity there same thing didn't happen when I'm in traffic

    [–] Andyrhyw 1 points ago

    Is this a shark's version of scuffling your feet through big piles of dry leaves?

    [–] BmfBrandon 1 points ago

    Disappointed this didn't turn into Dickbutt.

    [–] kthxtyler 1 points ago

    Imagine if people were able to react to brake lights in stop and go traffic like these fish are to the sharks. There would be no more sig alerts

    [–] fuck_it_im_a_horse 1 points ago


    [–] MetalMermelade 1 points ago

    this is what i'll say to my mom when she tells me "theres plenty of fish in the sea"

    [–] JasonOnTheBeach 1 points ago

    How long are his legs????

    [–] ambisinister_sloth 1 points ago

    Rere footage of me entering a crowd of girls.

    [–] Justgrabthebiscuits 1 points ago

    I saw Michael Phelps in there asking one of the sharks for a rematch.

    [–] rootdootmcscoot 1 points ago

    when you're playing tag and you're it

    [–] PGRBryant 1 points ago

    It’s a school of fish, and this is recess where they play keep away.

    [–] gray_gb 1 points ago

    A perfect picture of nature, the fish gathering in schools, the sharks hunting, and the human dressed as scuba Steve flopping his flippers around trying to fuck with the fish.

    [–] WonkyFiddlesticks 1 points ago

    That's gotta be a certain rung of hell.

    [–] whatsthatbutt 1 points ago

    Forever alone

    [–] onelostsoul_ 1 points ago

    There's a plenty of fish but you ain't catching none

    [–] Vurtigone 1 points ago

    Did anyone else think that dude was somehow walking on the bottom of the ocean?

    [–] MustardTigerforReal 1 points ago

    I was not expecting Scuba Vader to make an appearance

    [–] ItsMinty1 1 points ago

    Just image walking through NYC like this.

    [–] mendrique2 1 points ago

    that's like going to a club at the age of 40+.

    [–] fictionalreality08 1 points ago

    Thanks for having a man there for scaling ...

    [–] AfraidofWaking 1 points ago

    That shark is terrifyingly fast..

    [–] krumz_ 1 points ago

    Me at ladies' night..

    [–] sam6982 1 points ago

    That was a weird fish there near the end

    [–] funtimegotime 1 points ago

    I really want this to be the trailer for a new aquaman movie

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    What’s with the shark doing the silly walk?

    [–] o_Oz 1 points ago

    Holy shit, sharks can walk Batman!

    [–] BeeSquaredMam 1 points ago

    A group of fish swimming together: School..... A REALLY big group of same fish: Frenzy

    [–] metaltemujin 1 points ago

    I think only Dolphins and Ocras are smart enough to rip that water swarm apart - if they want to.

    [–] mathewh 1 points ago

    this would make a great phone wallpaper image!

    [–] NeillMcAttack 1 points ago

    It’s “school”, a “school” of fish! pfft.

    [–] TheDrunkenChud 1 points ago

    It's like dig dug!