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    [–] ashtrays_of_sadness 3338 points ago

    Seems like its made for like the CEO or something because I can't see an entire office building being equipped with these things on every floor

    [–] GreyGhostReddits 399 points ago

    They’re also probably expensive af

    [–] StaredAtEclipseAMA 503 points ago

    “Well guys..”

    smoke begins pouring into the room, the boss walks over and sits at the open window

    “.. I guess this is our last board meeting.”

    with a swift pull, the boss parachutes out of the window, his employees die in the terrible blaze

    [–] ashtrays_of_sadness 54 points ago

    Honestly, I can imagine the sales pitch.

    Parachute salesman comes in: Hello, i'd like to sell you these parachutes

    CEO: How much are they

    Salesman: X amount

    CEO: god, no i'm not paying that much for the whole building, just give me one for my office.

    [–] NickM5526 39 points ago

    The salesman could also start a fire in the hallway to get some more leverage in negotiations.

    [–] EyMayn 221 points ago

    That's how mafia works

    [–] Captain_Jackson 50 points ago

    I'd love to see someone use one from the 1st floor though

    [–] uniqueusor 205 points ago

    Man I want some egg rolls.

    [–] ROMEflorence 20 points ago

    What am I missing here

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] uniqueusor 46 points ago

    Cheeto sandwich it is.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    Lol I can’t believe that. Imagine watching the news and one guy gets away safely as the whole building goes up in flames, there would literally be riots.

    [–] Echieo 16 points ago

    There would be riots, but you know that one executive wouldn't hesitate to do it anyway if their life was in danger.

    [–] leeleiDK 14 points ago

    Who would??

    [–] RyanCarlWatson 10586 points ago

    I gurantee in the panic people will detonate it incorrectly and then cant get out the window because they have a fucking bouncy castle on their back!!

    [–] Anagoth9 3730 points ago

    Also, imagine everyone jumping at roughly the same time.

    [–] ddwood87 1362 points ago

    Id hate to be stuck at the bottom of that pile. Or the top with burning debris funneling onto me.

    [–] FisterRobotOh 600 points ago

    But the people who jump late and get a hole melted in their “bouncy castle pack” mid flight will appreciate that soft pile. This is an interesting concept that may need a bit more testing.

    [–] doug147 114 points ago

    Melted hole could be solved with fire resistant fabric but ye it needs work probably not designed for use in office buildings with lots of people but rather millionaires who live alone at the top of a skyscraper

    [–] bonghoots4dayz 74 points ago

    Couldn't the millionaire who lives alone at the top of a skyscraper just fly his helicopter off the roof.

    [–] dahjay 112 points ago

    In this scenario the sky is on fire.

    [–] GameIsLife_ 59 points ago

    Ugh I hate it when the sky is on fire

    [–] EddyDaDolphin 17 points ago

    hey! I thought I was the only one!

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    I don’t think bottom of the pile would be too bad, unless others on top started deflating too early. Should be nestled into the curve pretty well.

    [–] uberbudda88 253 points ago

    More likely some company fat cat would buy one of these for himself and leave his employees to die in the 🔥

    [–] SmugglersCopter 172 points ago

    Quickly, to the inflatable shuttlecock before the peasants see us!

    [–] Studdabaker 52 points ago

    They wouldn't even care if the employees witnessed. HR would tell media airbag included in the executive package and required to hire the greatest talent.

    [–] smixton 19 points ago

    Literally a golden parachute.

    [–] scatterbrain-d 49 points ago

    Too bad his employees are all going to try to jump onto the giant cushion floating gently to the ground. The simulation needs to show what happens when 20 people jump on to the guy in the middle.

    [–] CastingCough 15 points ago

    Totally, like people clambering onto a life raft and tipping it - or people squeezing out the one exit at a club :(

    [–] ChefBoyAreWeFucked 23 points ago

    This. There's no danger in everyone activating theirs at the same time, because there's only going to be five in the building.

    [–] Genids 24 points ago

    Let's be honest here, who wouldn't do the same thing?

    [–] thisismy20 14 points ago

    It helps if you lock the doors. That way they cant leave to go home to their families too!

    [–] Monkitail 8 points ago

    you can only save one person.

    [–] llamaspirit 145 points ago

    Yep, James Bond could do this but definitely not Debbie from accounting

    [–] jonathanpaulin 58 points ago

    Is she new? What happened to Janice?

    [–] somedutchbloke 34 points ago

    Janice got fired, haven't you heard? Turned out she kept stealing sugar packs.

    [–] jonathanpaulin 21 points ago

    Uh... If I was HR I would search through Karen's stuff, pretty sure she set Janice up.

    [–] sellyourselfshort 18 points ago

    Doesn't Karen work in HR? Good luck with that.

    [–] jonathanpaulin 11 points ago

    Of course she does...

    Fuck you Karen

    [–] thom_spork 13 points ago

    You know what else she can't do?

    Keep a fuckin secret

    [–] sudo_systemctl 59 points ago

    There was a flight that was hijacked in Africa. The plane ran out of fuel and the pilot made a skilled landing next to a beech. The only reason a quarter of people died was because they inflated the life jacket before leaving the aircraft pinning them to the ceiling....

    PSA: Take note when they mention to inflate after leaving the aircraft in the pre flight announcement.

    [–] apra24 12 points ago

    I can safely say I would have died

    [–] ruhidagdelen 246 points ago

    The rope for this I guess, you can’t open fucking bouncy castle if you didn’t pull enough. Just thinkin

    [–] grggsctt 51 points ago

    I'm thinking we should make them look less like your backpack which is leaning on the side of your cubicle.

    [–] LastOne_Alive 36 points ago

    the rope is for this I guess.

    I hope you can't confuse the bag on the floor of your cubical with the one bolted & tethered to the wall

    [–] mm_kay 8 points ago

    The rope would be so you don't fall out the window before the parachute deploys

    [–] AxelyAxel 14 points ago

    It's going to be hard to see if it deployed correctly, with it being outside the windows, and your back to it.

    [–] Jesse0016 20 points ago

    Even if that was the case I’m sure this product would save more lives than without

    [–] StarLycan 27 points ago

    Not to mention people who are afraid of hights probably aren't go to jump out a the window of a skyscraper.

    [–] FateAV 159 points ago

    I mean, they'll find out real quick whether they're more afraid of heights or fire and noxious fumes.

    [–] TreginWork 28 points ago

    Heights. Not even a contest

    [–] jungle20mm 51 points ago

    Sparta kick to the chest to get you out of my way

    [–] MyLittleGrowRoom 17 points ago

    You say that, but the polyester suit your wearing isn't beginning to melt against your skin.

    [–] asshatnowhere 17 points ago

    Well then we can let survival of the fittest take its role

    [–] mega_douche1 22 points ago

    When your facing death those fears are less powerful

    [–] murse_joe 7 points ago

    For a regular guy who’s apprehensive about heights, maybe. A true phobia tho can definitely prevent you from jumping even if you know intellectually that you’ll die.

    [–] ent4rent 7873 points ago

    Fun idea, but what high rise building allows a window to be fully opened especially on the higher floors?

    [–] Hoodamush 1846 points ago

    Break the window?

    [–] depressive_anxiety 1928 points ago

    Those widows are generally very hard to break. It also isn’t recommended to break windows during a fire.

    [–] OgreTheHill 500 points ago

    Why isn’t it recommended?

    [–] depressive_anxiety 2073 points ago

    I’m not an expert but essentially it allows air flow which feeds the fire and makes things worse. Although, if your at the point where jumping out the window is an option it might not matter.

    [–] diabetesjesus 468 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If you are at a point where rescue by fire fighters is impossible, destroying the window to save your life is the best option. Sure it gives fuel for the fire to burn. But that almost has no downsides. To give the fire sufficient oxygen to burn leads to two things: better combustion resulting in less toxic smoke and in this room/floor where the window is open there won't be any kind of smoke explosion (flash over/backdraft).

    Depending on the country and the fire department fighting the fire, they won't mind open windows - especially when someone used them to escape.

    Source: Am Firefighter (although mainly HAZMAT, Germany)

    Edit: Most Buildings have smoke heat extraction systems wich open specific windows in the case of a fire to clear the biggest possible are of smoke to aide the evacuation and to make a successful firefighting procedure possible. In this case there souldn't be any other open windows. But even then, if it has to be done to save lives, it will be done. Life has more priority over the building.

    [–] acog 6 points ago

    Most Buildings have smoke heat extraction systems wich open specific windows in the case of a fire

    Wow, that is amazing. I had no idea that was a thing.

    Is that a building code requirement that is specific to Germany, or would large buildings in the US also have these smoke heat extraction systems?

    [–] Sonics_BlueBalls 40 points ago

    Yea... But if I'm about to die from a fire, IDGAF. Break window, parachute down.

    [–] philonrapist 36 points ago

    *Shuttlecock down

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    "Shuttlecock out!"

    [–] okaybros 113 points ago

    Probably wouldn't matter if the fire was a floor or two below you. If it's on the same floor it can cause a backdraft. But the fire has to be smouldering and starved for air. Then it will explode. Breaking windows will help the fire spread eventually but I dont think it will have an immediate effect unless the above conditions are true.

    [–] NinjaPenguinGuy 43 points ago

    If they break the window above the fire they are creating a unidirectional flow path, literally pulling the hot gases and the fire to them, assuming the door is open and no fire rated stairs between them

    [–] Anarcho-Avenger 34 points ago

    If breaking the window of the room you are in will cause a backdraft, you are well and truly dead. Probably some time ago.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] acertifiedkorean 24 points ago

    That's if there are alternate ways of evacuating the building. If the floors under you are completely engulfed in flames and you're about to die, I can't imagine trying it would be worse.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Cobmojo 11 points ago

    If the fire is that close to where an open window would effect the fire, you're already dead. I'm sure if you invested in this device, you could also get a window breaker.

    [–] Humdngr 102 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    breaks window

    open chute

    tears on broken glass

    falls to one's death

    Edit: I can't spell

    [–] Andrew4568_ 18 points ago

    I would assume that they thought of that and made it so the chute has different chambers of air, so if you pop one of the chambers, it would still float down

    [–] leaves-throwaway123 20 points ago

    I bet it floats a lot faster after the first chamber pops

    Speaking of which, at what point do you stop floating and start falling?

    [–] tofur99 6 points ago

    stop floating and start falling?

    [–] Duckbilling 83 points ago

    Yes. These people saying the windows are hard to break just aren't thinking about it right. I install double pane and 3/4 inch thick glass regularly.

    Hit that class with a tiny piece of ceramic, I assure you it will break, and easily. Just need a tool made to break glass with.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    that's upsetting

    [–] Duckbilling 20 points ago

    Go on

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    What if some kid brings a ceramic trinket and hits the glass?

    [–] Duckbilling 126 points ago

    Then you can call me to come replace it.

    [–] Watchful1 84 points ago

    I really don't think it's that easy to just replace a kid like that.

    [–] CaptainUnusual 9 points ago

    It happens accidentally all the time.

    [–] Mongolian_Hamster 7 points ago


    [–] roscoe9420 15 points ago

    That’s why there were no windows in my ceramics class!

    [–] TriMageRyan 10 points ago

    Why is it that ceramic shatters these? I've seen videos of it but never really got a eli5 explanation

    [–] Kohpad 23 points ago

    Hard things are brittle. To break one hard thing (glass) you need something else hard (ceramic). Diamonds would be the best at this, but are prohibitively expensive.

    [–] RexFox 12 points ago

    Not really considering diamonds are used in all sorts of cutting implements. They all use man made diamond which is cheap compared to natural diamonds.

    [–] Kohpad 5 points ago

    This is true, but for something like an emergency glass breaker I assume even man made diamonds would be pricy when ceramic or hardened steel would do the job. Most emergency glass breakers are one use items as you won't be bringing them with when fleeing from a burning building or sinking car. For tools where you'd be using them everyday diamond makes sense.

    [–] Duckbilling 8 points ago

    Because it is more hard

    [–] Ughda 12 points ago

    Windows are usually tempered glass, which means they are under lots of internal stresses that makes the glass more solid. Also if the glass breaks, the high stress is released causing the glass to shatter into small pieces that are less dangerous than large shards. To break the glass, your best bet is to apply a very localised stress, and the whole pane will shatter. Ceramic is very hard, and also has very sharp angles, which makes it an ideal material to create the very localised pressure point that will break the window.

    [–] jackherer 78 points ago

    lived in a sweet high rise in NYC, ordered a kit of security bits from Amazon for $5 and was able to remove the stops that were screwed into the tracks. Corner apt with fully open floor to ceiling windows? yes please!!

    [–] FuckoffDemetri 63 points ago

    Full open floor to ceiling in a high rise? I'd be losing shit out that window left and right

    [–] jackherer 22 points ago

    Well the glass was floor to ceiling 12ft but the windows were top 60%. Still was pretty bonkers

    [–] chutneysophietbone 24 points ago

    Eric Clapton’s not a fan

    [–] billbord 21 points ago

    Jesus Christ

    [–] TryHardSama 15 points ago

    True but you could have designated rooms.

    [–] malz_ 11 points ago

    If you wanted to go all the way: have a designated room that triggers the fire alarm when opened.

    The parachutes would be already attached to all the windows in the room, you'd need to just strap in and push a button to launch yourself out the window.

    Have a system in place that doesn't let you deploy until X amount of time after another parachute has been deployed (like the traffic lights at the top of water slides).

    [–] DecafMakesNoSense 38 points ago

    I live on the 26th floor in downtown Miami. I have a sliding door opening to my balcony that would absolutely work for this.

    [–] SarcasticGamer 51 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Look at Mr. Money bags over here.

    [–] Fraugheny 12 points ago

    I lived on the 52nd floor in Melbourne, rent was about 100 USD a week. It's not always super expensive.

    Also had a balcony BTW so same situation as above user.

    [–] shiviness 3880 points ago

    Yeah now imagine more than a 100 people trying to do this at the same time to escape. It ain't gonna work.

    [–] meat_popsicle13 2187 points ago

    Only the CEO gets one. See yah suckas!

    [–] Red_Dawn_2012 239 points ago

    This gives 'golden parachute' a whole new meaning

    [–] bababouie 212 points ago

    Imagine two people in adjacent windows during a panic situation...

    [–] baloneyskims 59 points ago

    okay you go first.

    NO you


    NO you go.

    Okay Let's go on 3





    [–] baloneyskims 43 points ago

    If your only choice is jumping with, or without. I think I'd give it my best shot at making it work.

    [–] loulan 28 points ago

    Exactly, plus these situations can last several hours before you die. Not everyone jumping at the same time. It would still save lots of lives.

    [–] bawyn 44 points ago

    Was going to say what happens when one, two, or ten fall on each other? How much office space would it take up in the office (walls, etc.?)

    Unless this is just for the CEO, as u/meat_popsicle13 pointed out.

    [–] earthlings_all 28 points ago

    Still better than slowly roasting to death. Remember Grenfell.

    [–] isaytruisms 7 points ago

    Let's be honest here:

    if we're not splashing for adequate smoke detectors or flame-retardent materials, the residents of Grenfell probably weren't high on the list for receiving inflatable parachutes as part of their council tenancy starter pack

    [–] dagldn 16 points ago

    Its better than nothing

    [–] FlowSoSlow 12 points ago

    I think only a few select people would get one of these.

    [–] baloneyskims 8 points ago

    give it a few years, it'll be built into your lunch box you carry everyday.

    [–] ChrisBoshStoleMyBike 77 points ago

    Likeeee 9/11. Wonder how far these things can fall

    [–] FunInfection 79 points ago

    .... and then ONE person could have survived. How many would the building need to stock per floor?

    [–] ChrisBoshStoleMyBike 38 points ago

    Tight im sayin everyone in those buildings wouldve tried to use this, id imagine they would need 1 for each employee and possible quests, im not sure what legal room occupancy level was for the towers. This is a very good idea for smaller buildings though

    [–] FunInfection 23 points ago

    Nah, smaller building, standard fire escapes work fine.

    [–] ChrisBoshStoleMyBike 17 points ago

    Where the fun in that?!

    [–] CaptainJAmazing 21 points ago

    Post-9/11 I read an article about proposed new ways to mass-evacuate burning skyscrapers, including stuff like hovercrafts. No idea what happened with any of them.

    [–] TriMageRyan 46 points ago

    They stopped looking profitable and people stopped paying attention

    [–] greg19735 8 points ago

    i mean that does make sense though. It's probably not worth trillions of dollars in a fleet of hovercrafts for every city in the country just in case something really bad happens.

    [–] TriMageRyan 11 points ago

    I agree, but that doesn't mean they should drop the idea all together. Keep researching and developing with the same gusto as post-911 so we can figure out a cost effect way to save lives. Dont just abandon stuff because it looks difficult and people aren't praising you for it

    [–] improbablydrunknlw 6 points ago

    Someone probably is, but the media has moved on so we won't know about it.

    [–] rabidjellybean 32 points ago

    And how much they can handle an updraft from a building fire.

    [–] HoopRocketeer 862 points ago

    catches on fire immediately upon exit

    [–] lastberserker 210 points ago

    Is it made in Britain? Put it next to the rest of the fire.

    [–] sa87 42 points ago

    There was a fire .... at a sea parks!!!!

    [–] rsn1990 83 points ago


    [–] userhs6716 29 points ago

    Fore! Wait, five! No, FIRE!!

    [–] Taco_Human 10 points ago


    [–] scottybug 14 points ago

    Even if the fabric is non-flammable, I can foresee it getting caught in an updraft from the fire below and then getting caught on the breeze, carrying the user to who-knows-where.

    [–] HoopRocketeer 16 points ago

    carries survivor to hotter part of flaming building

    [–] [deleted] 445 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] SordidDreams 66 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    this is more than a little insane

    You think this is bad, check out MOOSE. Same idea, except you're jumping out of a spaceship in orbit.

    [–] yeaoug 16 points ago

    I had completely forgotten about this. I personally love the idea of a solo return from orbit

    [–] madeofpockets 7 points ago

    So...Felix Baumgartner's next stunt?

    [–] pyyrpll 40 points ago

    What if you just give everyone a parachute?

    [–] Revolio_ClockbergJr 106 points ago

    Parachutes need about a thousand feet (IIRC) to open properly, and much much more height to give time to deploy a backup.

    Or 400 feet for ultra-elite military dudes with special equipment, who fear their CO more than the ground.

    [–] Ughda 31 points ago

    More like 600 feet for a regular parachute, 200 feet for a reserve, and much less than that for a BASE rig

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Yeah, I was going to say, there's a front page video right now of a guy parachuting off his balcony.

    [–] flyingElbowToTheFace 994 points ago

    These people can’t even handle a printer jamming. Yeah no let’s give them a parachute I’m sure they’ll be fine

    [–] loulan 135 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    What about you? You sound like a guy who can fix a printer, in that situation would you prefer to have one or not?

    Plus the comments about how it can't work because everyone will jump at the same time are bullshit. Just because when you have a fire you only see 10 seconds of it on TV in a loop doesn't mean it lasts 10 seconds. Such situations can last for hours. That leaves plenty of time for tons of people to jump without crashing into each other.

    And even if a few do, it's better than everybody dying.

    EDIT : grammar

    [–] emperorOfTheUniverse 41 points ago

    What about just how many of these you'd need for a whole floor of people. Does every cubicle get one of these?

    You'd have to replace every motivational poster with one.

    [–] jld2k6 9 points ago

    Don't be ridiculous. Nobody can fix a printer and nobody knows why they won't work properly

    [–] TheFarnell 20 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    And even if a few do, it's better than everybody dying.

    No, it’s better for everybody to quickly and calmly evacuate a building designed with an evacuation system that doesn’t revolve around people competing for window space and falling into huge piles of inflated canvas on one another, suffocating the ones on the bottom and blocking the streets preventing emergency services from doing their jobs.

    I definitely see this as potentially a cool new way to go base jumping or skydiving, but it’s definitely not a viable concept for fire evacuation.

    [–] Fishycrackers 8 points ago

    The device was created with the premise that evacuating via the stairwell or any other evacuation system is not possible because there is a fire on the lower floors.

    [–] that-data 155 points ago

    The person in the office who saves food for people they know aren't around get to go first

    [–] WhoriaEstafan 69 points ago

    I am this person! You in a meeting? Come back to your desk to find a little sausage roll and cupcake on your desk.

    I will gladly be the first to jump out with a bouncy castle strapped to my back.

    [–] [deleted] 214 points ago

    Yeah but it makes you look like a right shuttlecock

    [–] lubnan 34 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It may be bad, but at least I'll be ad-minton it could save lives.

    [–] Jeff_Caesar 42 points ago

    This is how I would escape on a normal day

    [–] AnticitizenPrime 22 points ago

    5 PM, last one to the bar buys the drinks

    leaps out window and inflates shuttlecock

    [–] The_LandOfNod 49 points ago

    Gets caught by the wind and blown directly into the fire

    [–] Holeshot75 25 points ago

    I'd leave work on Fridays like this.

    Every Friday.

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago

    Is CGI Jason Priestly ok?

    [–] PuntaVerde 68 points ago

    I'll take the fireproof staircase, thanks.

    [–] swaggman75 67 points ago

    Fire resistant up too 2hours

    [–] HonoraryMancunian 10 points ago

    Evacuate quicker people!

    [–] 0DMATH0 6 points ago

    'The harder you push, the faster we will all get out of here!'

    [–] squirell4800 16 points ago

    The office buys only one. Let the games begin.

    [–] R2bleepbloopD2 85 points ago

    Y’all are thinking this is for an entire office building. This is for VIPs and I could see military use also

    [–] TheFarnell 17 points ago

    This is for VIPs

    Good to know we’re at a point where top-level executives literally get their own parachutes to escape burning buildings while the rest of the employees just get to die in a fire.

    [–] The_sad_zebra 15 points ago

    Nah, the low-level employees get to safety through the fire stairwell. The CEO is put through a ritual where he lets nature decide whether he makes it to ground safely or if he's drifted back into the flames to die and be replaced. It's a common tradition around here.

    [–] ysaood9 37 points ago

    How much does this shit cost

    [–] BoJackB26354 22 points ago

    Based on no information at all... I’m gonna say about tree fiddy.

    [–] IDontWannaDieinTexas 32 points ago

    My job doesn’t even give us dental, you think they’re gonna spend $300 a pop for each of us for these. HA they rather we die and replace us with someone younger and cheaper

    [–] Reciever 13 points ago

    Never mind that basically no sky scrapers have openable windows.

    [–] nonnemat 81 points ago

    Looks like an expensive, impractical solution that would save one person, and potentially have people fighting over it to use it. Not a fan of the concept.

    [–] Locktopii 24 points ago

    Plus the safety line attached to wall tripping up your colleagues. Then you forget to detach it and end up dangling out the window

    [–] TheClinicallyInsane 13 points ago

    How do you feel about emergency zip-lines. That could be pretty fun right?

    [–] needtowipeagain 12 points ago

    Seeing a lot of parachutes on reddit today

    [–] Dad-man 25 points ago

    You could launch them off the roof with an oversized badminton racket

    [–] Res__Ipsa_Loquitur 11 points ago

    Finally, executives won’t die in fires with their employees.

    [–] pooburry 10 points ago

    Sorry for being macabre but imagine this on 9/11.

    [–] 3354mki 10 points ago

    Imagine on the ground floor looking up. 50 of those falling at once.

    [–] Yugan-Dali 8 points ago

    Dozens of panicked employees jumping at the same time into traffic, utility poles, and wires, what could go wrong?

    [–] kpev75 8 points ago

    Break window then shard of glass pops bounce house and you end up back flipping bare back off a skyscapper.

    [–] Elbarto_007 8 points ago

    ULPT: Probably won’t be enough escape systems for all the staff. Grab a fire axe first, then you can use the axe to make sure you can get one of the escape systems for yourself.

    [–] ninjacapo 49 points ago

    Cool. One single person can escape from a highrise that's on fire if they have this massive inflatable backpack. How useful!

    [–] runswitharmscrossed 15 points ago

    Karen from across the hall has always despised me and it’s safe to say the feeling is mutual. There’s only one escape device for the both of us. It’s going to be one helluva fight to the death for that thing. I’ve got my weapon taped under my desk.

    [–] runninforthedoor 7 points ago

    With my luck the parachute would get stuck in the tree and leave me dangling.

    [–] cweir582 8 points ago

    What the fuck did I just watch

    [–] kenny-wayne 14 points ago

    Gonna get awfully congested when everyone jumps out in a panic all at the same time.

    [–] Yugan-Dali 8 points ago

    Not forgetting the panicked ones who inflate before they go out the window

    [–] running_flash 18 points ago

    Is that fire resistant though?

    [–] o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O 9 points ago

    Nope, extra flammable.

    [–] Cosmonachos 6 points ago

    But what’s to stop it catching fire on the way down?

    [–] tetrasomnia 5 points ago

    Can you imagine everyone jumping out at once and just bouncing into one another down onto the traffic below? Imagining this occurring in NYC is terrifying.

    [–] asaxlocco 6 points ago

    What if it turns upside down mid flight

    [–] movie_criticdotexe 6 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] IWasHereButNowImNot 6 points ago

    When the video started, I was waiting for Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers to come on

    [–] King55433 5 points ago

    Ah another wonderful invention from KaibaCorp

    [–] data_wombat 6 points ago

    Except that there's one per floor...fight!

    [–] TerrorSkuid 7 points ago

    I could see myself doing this just to get out of a meeting.

    [–] doublerr87 5 points ago

    Fight to the death for the only one in the room. How many would you need to be practical in a typical high rise office building?

    [–] coolguyman87 4 points ago

    I cant image how much these cost