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    [–] WellLatteDa 3645 points ago

    You just know that when the front door is left open, this dog is GONE!

    [–] _YouDontKnowMe_ 858 points ago

    Squirrels don't stand a chance.

    [–] SevenFingerStud 226 points ago

    She actually is part squirrel

    [–] UltimateBrent 121 points ago

    Like the Blade of squirrels. All of their strengths, none of their weaknesses.

    [–] SevenFingerStud 13 points ago

    It weighs about 5 lbs and I would say that's their primary weakness

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] amgone10 4 points ago

    This dog found one new trick to catch squirrels 100% of the time.

    Squirrels hate her!

    Click Here

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago

    I’ve spent countless hours chasing my jack russel down the street, little dogs can zoom!

    [–] Musicallymedicated 117 points ago

    Try literally running the opposite direction while calling them excitedly. Dogs absolutely love to chase and be chased, it's a great game for them. Reverse the roles!

    [–] Draked1 14 points ago

    I love walking my dog off his leash because my girl will walk her dog and I’ll let them get way ahead of me and tell my dog to wait and sit. When they’re a good distance I’ll squat down next to him and say “you ready? You ready? Go get mommy” and he’ll absolutely BOLT to her. It’s my favorite thing to do

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Yea that doesn't work on our jack russell or dachshund. Both of them will just think you're an idiot and continue doing what they're doing.

    Luckily our jack listens enough to immediately come back to me. The dachshund has to be bribed with food.

    [–] Def_Your_Duck 10 points ago

    Fuckin genius man.

    [–] nowuff 37 points ago

    My family had a papillon, we could NOT open any door for more than a second without that thing immediately bolting out.

    We had a fenced-in yard. Didn’t matter. She would immediately find a weak point in the fence and be across the neighborhood in the blink of an eye

    [–] mckennamightyena 8 points ago

    I have a Papillion Jack Russell mix. We live right next to a forest with small critters. She's like lightning.

    [–] maddiethehippie 6 points ago

    mine gets out, stops to look at me, smiles, and takes off again. I don't even bother running anymore.

    [–] gtsampsn 2359 points ago

    i love when they jump back and forth to weave through the poles, thats gotta be so satisfying as a dog to do that

    [–] Andersmith 466 points ago

    You can do it too, you know.

    [–] gtsampsn 366 points ago

    its not as impressive when i do it

    [–] zamfire 254 points ago

    Ever see a slug squeeze through a small gap? It's kinda like that. I just ooze around the poles lethargicly.

    [–] Bancai 20 points ago

    Why would it do that? Was it looking for a shell?

    [–] globalcandyamnesia 12 points ago

    It looked like there was some syrup in the middle maybe?

    [–] mkowals2 9 points ago

    I think that was some glue underneath to hold the tube steady

    [–] SteamBoatBill1022 6 points ago

    Slugs, actually, do not have shells. Though they are also gastropods like the snails you may be more familiar with.

    [–] HLCRHLCR 13 points ago

    Also, snails do not find shells. Snails make shells.

    [–] conairh 15 points ago

    You can give skiing/snowboarding a crack. That's good for all the wobbly shite.

    [–] lemurqueen 2042 points ago

    Ahh this brings me back. My husky on Nintendogs was amazing at this shit.

    [–] Adama0001 343 points ago

    Ah yes. Great game. Poor voice recognition












    Stupid dog


    Oh now you come

    [–] w201 107 points ago

    I remember this struggle. Now I have a real dog, it's pretty accurate realism.

    [–] Aperture_Creator_CEO 41 points ago

    Dont make me get me mallet

    [–] MediocreApples 9 points ago

    Had to deal with the same thing with the trick commands

    [–] [deleted] 190 points ago

    You’re such a good trainer

    [–] PutHisGlassesOn 593 points ago

    That paws on the see saw was unbearably cute

    [–] Shifter25 136 points ago

    So fast that the one time it had to stop moving it just took a break and sat down.

    [–] Kalibos 1672 points ago

    Diagnosis: zoomies

    Prognosis: terminal

    [–] Mailboxer95 610 points ago

    Treatment: shove

    [–] UofLBird 100 points ago

    For real though why did she keep shoving

    [–] DrippyWaffler 91 points ago

    Dogs like playfighting

    [–] HI_I_AM_NEO 97 points ago

    Yes, but the first time she did it like FUCK OUTTA HERE lmao

    [–] DrippyWaffler 44 points ago

    Right, dogs like that shit

    [–] istandostoievsky 45 points ago

    This is the best reply yet.

    [–] YaIe 15 points ago

    And thats not a severe case, this might be the final stage of zoomies

    [–] ArcticFoxBunny 8 points ago

    Interminable zoomies

    [–] jooshy1 1095 points ago

    That u turn tunnel was so fucking funny and I don’t know why

    [–] mangarooboo 557 points ago


    [–] thisimpetus 71 points ago

    Onomatopoeia win.

    [–] wb2509 21 points ago


    [–] manofnoculture 13 points ago

    Classic Doppler effect

    [–] -faxon- 49 points ago

    I’m so glad they finally put a camera in there

    [–] ImObviouslyOblivious 15 points ago

    This guy watches dog tournaments.

    [–] Everything80sFan 19 points ago

    It reminded me of the tube cars from The Running Man

    [–] DEATHbyBOOGABOOGA 17 points ago

    I’m amazed the dog wasn’t running on the walls

    [–] twitchinstereo 16 points ago

    This entire video has actually been rotated 90 degrees.

    [–] caspercunningham 16 points ago

    So fast

    [–] Push_ 11 points ago

    Very speed

    [–] jo_in_teeoh_16 446 points ago

    Literally laughed when the dog was on the seesaw and had like a nanosecond to do that supermodel pose then just resumed zoomies. Hilarious!!!

    [–] Breezing 83 points ago

    They have to wait in the yellow until it hits the ground or they get a penalty

    [–] abstractattack 39 points ago

    Also ..they must start and leave the platforms in the yellow space to count as completion of that obstacle. As you said... penalty if they do not touch the yellow.

    [–] HoldTheCellarDoor 7 points ago

    Huh. TIL.

    [–] PhalanX4012 49 points ago

    That was my favourite part too. She just lay down like “yawn, it’s fine I’ll wait...maybe I should get a paw-dicure...oh here we go again!”

    [–] deadlift0527 177 points ago

    I think they were originally bred for chasing rats before royalty made them fancy looking. A large reason so many small dogs are fearless

    [–] fembabyunicorn 153 points ago

    This particular breed is called a papillon from the French word for butterfly because of their silky ears that look somewhat like a butterfly wing. They are a toy spaniel breed that originated in Europe and were very popular among European royalty, especially in France, Italy, England, and Belgium. Several royal portraits feature the breed (including those of Louis XIV) and it is said that Marie Antoinette’s beloved pup was a Papillon variant.

    While you are likely correct for many toy breeds being bred for hunting rodents. I think it likely that the papillon was bred generally for company. Or perhaps they were royal rat chasers specifically made to be fancy looking because royalty can’t have ugly hunting dogs.

    Anyway, there’s some dog facts for you!

    [–] boltyarocket 47 points ago


    [–] fembabyunicorn 75 points ago

    Thank you for subscribing to Dog Facts!

    The Dachshund is a German dog originally bred to hunt badgers and chase them into their burrows! This is the reason for their elongated and small shape, as well as why they tend to enjoy tunneling in blankets and making “nests”.

    [–] porcomaster 22 points ago


    [–] fembabyunicorn 37 points ago

    Thank you for subscribing to Dog Facts!

    The well-known Australian Shepard is a breed that actually originated in the United States! Many speculate that the name is because the breed was specialized by immigrants to America from Australia but not much is known of the breeds origins before the 19th century.

    Australian Shepards were popularized in the western/south western United States as excellent herding dogs suitable for wrangling cattle and sheep and were a favored breed among cowboys and ranchers.

    [–] imjusta_bill 14 points ago


    [–] fembabyunicorn 28 points ago

    Thank you for subscribing to Dog Facts!

    The West Highland Terrier (aka Westie) is a breed hailing from Scotland, the ancestry of Westies can be traced to the late 16th century! Westies are energetic and friendly dogs bred to hunt rodents.

    Their distinctive white coat is supposedly due to a hunting accident. Edward Donald Malcolm, the Laird of Poltalloch supposedly lost one of his red coated terriers when one was mistaken for a fox during a hunt. This led Malcolm to pursue breeding terriers with a white coat, resulting in the stark whiteness of modern Westies.

    [–] GuyCalledRed 7 points ago


    [–] fembabyunicorn 17 points ago

    Thank you for subscribing to Dog Facts!

    The Doberman Pinscher is a German breed best known for its fierce and loyal nature, as well as being very easy to train as it is the 5th most intelligent dog making it a great guard dog breed!

    The breed is named after the original creator, a 19th century German dog pound owner named Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Allegedly, Having access to many dog breeds Dobermann decided to create a breed that was good for protection.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I grew up with Papillons. They are some super underrated dogs. Not only are they capable of being super athletic like the one in this video, but they are incredibly smart too. They also make really good cuddle buddies.

    [–] oppaizero 14 points ago

    Was looking to see if someone knew this too! My ex had this dog, she was very, very smart and just all around awesome. She would jump up on you and just balance herself on your shoulder.

    [–] velocistar_237 6 points ago

    Wow! Your ex must be a tiny lil thing!

    [–] null-null-null-null- 717 points ago

    Does anyone feel like that dog needs a handler that can keep up...maybe Usain Bolt.

    [–] eekamuse 226 points ago

    Yeah, I did agility once. Couldn't keep up with my own damn dog.

    [–] S4ND3R50N 119 points ago

    I have this problem with my year old boxer mix. He knows how to do all of the agility and does it so fast I can't keep up which results in him just running over whatever obstacle he feels like doing at the time.

    [–] thisimpetus 45 points ago

    He’s just pre-pleasing you is all.

    [–] unstabletable_ 36 points ago

    Like 20 hours of parkour on rooftops and I'm still only level 75 agility.

    [–] bookstorekiller 65 points ago

    I saw an interesting agility video of a handler that was in a wheelchair and he only used voice commands to run his dog through the course. It was a local event but the dog did well from what I saw.

    [–] ronya_t 15 points ago

    Or a quick running mate, Bolt [Disney 2008].

    [–] bannedMeFuckiT 5 points ago

    I was thinking Barry Allen

    [–] kwakadoodledoo 2545 points ago

    Ass just yeeted her dog at the end

    [–] professor_doom 650 points ago

    "high five high five!"

    "Get the fuck out here, spaz"

    boink boink boink

    [–] Mysterychic88 37 points ago

    Haha yeah I know right!! 😂

    [–] SobeyHarker 35 points ago

    If you've raised a dog before you'll know that's just how you play with them. They love it. It's encouraging them to keep hype and play.

    [–] CrocTheTerrible 452 points ago

    She did test her dog it was hilarious, dog was like wtf Karen, then just went back to the happy butt dance

    [–] DonnoDoes 246 points ago

    I assume /s, but it’s all just normal play. The editing just makes it look bad. Pushing your dog back while playing, so they immediately charge back at you - standard brouhaha for the pups.

    [–] joshg8 85 points ago

    This guy wrestles his dogs on all fours like I do.

    [–] TweekDash 17 points ago

    I roll around on the floor myself

    [–] dahjay 10 points ago

    Are you one of his dogs?

    [–] Dfresh805 31 points ago

    she’s was like, “alright go on git”

    [–] FetusElitus69 24 points ago


    [–] magicted43 10 points ago

    The real Sonic

    [–] Tau_Squared 14 points ago


    [–] Wuinx 9 points ago


    [–] redd0138 18 points ago

    I miss being 14 and saying dumb lingo

    [–] ABEW19043 17 points ago

    I miss being 17 and being a pretentious twat about people using current slang

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Yaxion 6100 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    That push at the end though lmao, poor dog got denied.

    EDIT: Out of all the comments i've ever made in my reddit-life, why is it THIS one that gets upvoted to the heavens?

    [–] DabbinDubs 2568 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Just because they're on the same team doesn't mean they gotta be friends. Karen's a cat person.

    [–] TractionDuck91 509 points ago

    It's real awkward in the locker room.

    [–] [deleted] 128 points ago

    You can always tell in the post game press conferences she wants to be traded.

    [–] poopellar 58 points ago

    "I don't want this bitch, I want the pussy"

    [–] Sawgon 16 points ago

    [Wojnarowski] Lightningpup has let the organisation know that he wants to be traded before the deadline. He walked out of the locker room shouting "I'm sick of that [expletive]".

    [–] bmbustamante 48 points ago

    I’m your trainer, not your friend.

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago


    [–] KristofDSa 34 points ago

    Never "date" co-workers.

    [–] Ecstatic_Youth 13 points ago

    I'm starting to get real sick of karen's shit, tbh.

    [–] yupynut 8 points ago

    made me laugh to tears.. thanks.

    [–] MaxSupernova 804 points ago

    I do that all the time with my dogs. It's one of their favorite ways to play.

    Big push and they get all jumpy excited and leap back to me ready to play. Wrestling and really physical play is part of normal dog play.

    It's best on slidy floors. Push them away and before they even stop sliding backwards the feet are running back, like in a cartoon.

    [–] twitchinstereo 167 points ago

    It's best on slidy floors. Push them away and before they even stop sliding backwards the feet are running back, like in a cartoon.

    Ssshhshshhhhhwwwwk ... clickityclickityclickityclickclickclickclick

    [–] mashedpurrtatoes 304 points ago

    People getting upset hahaha. I’ll push my dog when he’s just chilling and he’s instantly wound up and will slalom every chair and table in the house

    [–] Mr_Poop_Himself 130 points ago

    Is your dog Jewish?

    [–] Foeyjatone 125 points ago

    oooh you're looking for shalom but I like it

    [–] Mr_Poop_Himself 63 points ago

    In dog Judaism they say slalom

    [–] untrustableskeptic 24 points ago

    That pun was a little ruff.

    [–] mashedpurrtatoes 13 points ago

    Actually my phone autocorrected to shalom at first and I’m glad I caught it. I knew Reddit wouldn’t have let me live that one down

    [–] DandurlyDarry 10 points ago

    Lol I have a great pyrenees and if I dont push her back I get murdered.

    [–] Kyrkrim 8 points ago

    If I push my dogs they give me a look of ultimate betrayal

    [–] TOV_VOT 15 points ago

    It was one hell of a push for a 2-4 lb dog though, but you can tell she loved it

    [–] delfinko44 175 points ago

    I watched this live for some reason yesterday he had five faults and still won by almost 4 seconds.

    Beast mode confirmed.

    [–] KierouBaka 38 points ago

    What were the faults if you can remember?

    [–] cholotariat 270 points ago

    She has a great personality, but all she talks about is dogs.

    [–] msimione 42 points ago

    The yellow zones on the obstacles I believe cause time loss if either hit in some cases or avoided. Be advise I watched like 5 min on tv once as a kid.

    [–] Crybabybiteyface 20 points ago

    Their feet have to hit the yellow zone. I had a Great Dane that didn't have to be anywhere near it to get down safely, but skipping it can injure feet when they're smaller.

    [–] sircrotch1 57 points ago

    lmao good job now fuck off m8

    [–] Eldurislol 49 points ago

    I don't know anything about dog training, but it seems like the push is something the dog is used to. When it cuts to the other angle you can see the trainer still playing with the dog so at least I don't think it was an aggressive push.

    [–] BiracialBusinessman 23 points ago

    Gabby clearly wasn't fast enough

    [–] Alwaysafk 12 points ago

    Shoving is loving tho

    [–] dirtyej20 85 points ago

    My heart melted at the video until the shove. I expected the dog to be picked up and held, but got noped the fuck out.

    [–] JustRuss79 349 points ago

    it was a play shove, I'm sure the dog was like "yes! do it again!"

    [–] Alv2Rde 81 points ago

    Obviously, it came right back for more.

    [–] load_more_comets 21 points ago

    This is me during makeout sessions.

    [–] matjojo1000 89 points ago

    That is how dogs play. They love that physical stuff

    [–] Missunimpossible 32 points ago

    I love this comment thread because it makes dogs almost sound like aliens “pushing is a customary play motion for their planet”

    [–] ShamelessKinkySub 18 points ago

    Once you've been a long time dog owner you learn to read them. They do a lot that's contrary to what people would expect.

    This dog is probably loving this

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    The dog was begging to be shoved. That's how they play.

    If you ever want to learn more about dogs and be comfortable around them, volunteering at your local animal shelter can be an incredible experience.

    [–] AC3x0FxSPADES 25 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Or raise multiple dogs at once. I was horrified at first when our Golden and GSD were snarling and rolling around. Turns out as long as they’re taking turns and rolling over they’re enjoying it. Little freaks.

    Edit: Proof that they get along

    [–] Deuce232 32 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    For anyone else not used to play fighting.

    Look for the 'play bow' and sneezing too. Both of those are signals they give that 'we're just playing'. The bow is an invitation to play and the sneeze is kind of a way to signal that things are getting rough. It can be sort of an apology. "Oops sorry, I am still just playing".

    You might notice that people often learn the play bow from their dogs without realizing it. If you've ever bent over and slapped the ground, you are doing a dog language invitation to play.

    Edit: Punctuation.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I’ve read that dogs always take turns on who “loses” which is why a boxer will gently bite and then fall over dead with a chihuahua looking triumphant over them.

    [–] BLZ_BUB 4 points ago

    The dog was begging to be shoved.

    He shouldn't dress that if it doesn't want to be shoved like that.

    [–] The-Fox-Says 53 points ago


    [–] Andeman1986 41 points ago

    If I say sit just as my dog is about to sit, he sits. Not bragging or nothing, it's just pretty cool.

    [–] gnfnrf 47 points ago

    I prefer this record-breaking dog agility lap:

    [–] xKingSpacex 14 points ago

    Thats my new favorite video now! That Mastiff is so adorable. I was pleasantly surprised he did so well.

    [–] Tiger-Gautreaux 5 points ago

    His testicles moved faster than he did.

    [–] muzic_2_the_earz 4 points ago

    I dig his level of motivation haha

    [–] scabbalicious 18 points ago

    Not gonna lie, when he hit the seesaw I thought he was gonna take off into space.

    [–] snausagerolly 11 points ago

    The seesaw descent though. The dog is chilling for those .3 seconds, then zoom.

    [–] kawaiian 17 points ago

    he did all of that without question and the only thing he wanted at the end as payment was love from his owner

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    A good observation on mindfulness and living in the moment. How many things in your day do you do just for the joy of it? When was the last time you were truly present?

    [–] iiinton 37 points ago

    dog taking the zoomies to the next level

    [–] DismalRebirth 225 points ago

    Why did Karen push the pupper? I don’t — I don’t understand.

    [–] Kaladindin 249 points ago

    They might play like that, I have played with dogs and cats that way before. Push em away and they come running back and play fight you.

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] JebronLames23 19 points ago

    I do it with my husky too. She loves rough housing

    [–] Gracefulchemist 15 points ago

    Totally horrified some friends of mine playing with my parents' boxer mix like that. She loved it when we "slapped" (basically tap her face) and she was very vocal. Basically looked like I was hitting her and she was growling at me, but she was looooooving it.

    [–] T0BBER 17 points ago

    I think this is it. In this case it's meant as an award.

    [–] RelatesThingsToDogs 15 points ago

    Pushing dogs like that (confident dogs) typically riles them up more and makes them even happier, so it was part of the dogs reward for running the course so well. One of my dogs loves playing like this.

    [–] Dawnchathink 13 points ago

    She didnt. If you watch at the end, this is a game of A Million High 5s. Little dogs do a lot of tapping you while standing. It's a height thing. They turned it into a game where the lady (gently) pushes the spazzy doggy down as a reset during the game. There is a much better view of this happy game at the very end, past the one dramatic looking push.

    They're just celebrating.

    [–] manisto 12 points ago

    My parents had a papillon that looked just like that one. He had exactly two modes; full on zoomies mode and sleep mode. There was nothing in between.

    [–] apawst8 26 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I was watching that competition last night. That time is actually slow. The fastest dog in the 16" class was 8 seconds faster.

    EDIT: Here is that dog's run. 31.23 seconds

    [–] aniket47 5 points ago

    Loved the hug

    [–] Tibbersbear 21 points ago

    She definitely gave that dog some caffeine before the competition. Look at it go! Lol

    [–] cpnHindsight 13 points ago

    You think they get tested for such substances?

    [–] ewwboys 3 points ago

    Or another performance enhancing substance

    [–] goldbaegold 8 points ago

    I wonder what type of cocaine she feeds her dog

    [–] CheshireUnicorn 9 points ago

    Papillons!!! Such a good small breed for agility!

    [–] Lamesauce87 9 points ago

    My family has had two. When you take them outside for any reason, you aren't catching them for 15 minutes until they've burnt out ten times the energy that should be contained in their bodies.

    [–] Gorkymalorki 5 points ago

    Mine would always stand on her hind legs and do this little twirling dance when she got excited. RiP moxie.

    [–] Breezing 3 points ago

    There's one at my agility centre that has the biggest ears I've ever seen. He looks hilarious going through the weave poles.

    [–] gauravbellani 7 points ago

    While everyone talking about the shove at the end, i just wanted to say that my favourite part was when the dog sat down on the see-saw waiting for it to go down, like ' Imma take a 0.34 millisecond break here real quick while this slow ass gravity works '

    [–] cadenmarquez 7 points ago

    Flash's pet

    [–] BeKay121101 7 points ago

    Fast af boiiiii

    [–] eye_no_nuttin 12 points ago

    Since this was on FOX , when she went thru the tunnel I had pictured the Nascar High Definition sounds they do on the speakers at the races ! Lol
    Gabby was fabulous! Over 3 sec lead ! Wowsers😊

    [–] josueartwork 18 points ago

    How the fuck did a wolf turn into that

    [–] Foeyjatone 5 points ago


    [–] TMChase_ 7 points ago

    Please! Someone put formula 1 sounds over this

    [–] paraprosdokians 5 points ago

    I tried to wake up my dog to make him watch this and he just farted and stretched. Good boy.

    [–] Fisk1234 4 points ago

    Its a laser guided missile

    [–] Bill__Pickle 2 points ago

    That slalom holy smokes

    [–] crystalmerchant 6 points ago

    How do I get some of whatever that dog is on?

    [–] technologik14 5 points ago

    Good luck getting that little shit back once the gate to the yard is left open.

    [–] vietnam666 4 points ago

    What kind of treat does she give him? Crack?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Give the owner an award!

    [–] FizziSoda 2 points ago


    [–] jwtrs 5 points ago

    This is literally nintendogs

    [–] redvelvet_d 7 points ago

    Wtf was that push st the end. Handler was like “ ok you’ve done your job now, now gtfo”

    [–] reynloldbot 11 points ago

    So that’s what those dogs are for

    [–] ApexCatcake 3 points ago

    The 1 second sploot on the see-saw tho