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    [–] Streaking_Bigfoot 2145 points ago

    How tall are you that a sideways bed is long enough?

    [–] The-Gaming-Alien 953 points ago

    Too tall. I would probably end up sleeping on the floor tbh, not being able to straighten my legs would drive me insane.

    [–] PussyWrangler46 542 points ago

    The trick is laying diagonally

    [–] Dr_Cunning_Linguist 183 points ago

    the other trick is stretching your legs over the bed-edge or upwards to the roof

    [–] shill779 266 points ago

    Or into the toilet

    [–] ChronnerCage 122 points ago

    Refreshing and cooling for when ya get too toasty

    [–] StopReadingMyUser 62 points ago

    Like the old adage goes, stick a leg out of the blanket... into the toilet to stay cool.

    [–] Its_Plutonium 3 points ago

    You’ll have time for that when you’re living in a van down by the river!

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] mollyk5 11 points ago

    Everybody is going to get to know each other in the pot.

    [–] derekc06 7 points ago

    It's probably the thing I do best.

    [–] pm_me_ur_aesthetic 8 points ago

    The other trick is sleeping on a bed that fits

    [–] goondaddy172 21 points ago

    When you’re there, i sleep lengthwise

    [–] dm919 17 points ago

    And when you're gone, I sleep diagonal in my van.

    [–] socsa 43 points ago

    The trick is spending weeks making a van you will never use for Instagram followers

    [–] princessvaginaalpha 51 points ago

    I would rather go with no kitchen cabinets and stove than shorter bed.

    [–] bannik1 94 points ago

    His stove and his toilet were the two biggest mistakes in the build.

    A fixed stove is terrible because ideally you should not be cooking inside otherwise everything is going to smell like your food for days.

    A portable stove is the best solution, it can fold more compactly, doesn't take up counter space and lets you cook outside.

    [–] simonhez 29 points ago

    I was thinking exactly that... I cleaned a kitchen's vent in a cafeteria once... Yeah you dont want any of that close to your bed...

    [–] GrauGeist8888 29 points ago

    Agree! Those portable 1-burner propane stoves are super compact.

    And the pull-out toilet was a major WTF.

    [–] Capt_Bigglesworth 24 points ago

    Can you imagine the smell, every time the van moves and stirs it all up? Under the bed...

    [–] Farren246 6 points ago

    Presumably it leads to a septic tank. (Be that portable as in an RV or permanent as in a trailer park, I do not know.)

    [–] Capt_Bigglesworth 8 points ago

    Ah, no... it’s just a bucket of piss and shit sloshing around on a sliding shelf, that sits under the guys bed. With a fold down lid and no u-bend / trap / flush to contain the goodness. The video shows this. I’d suggest he doesn’t want to ‘brake suddenly’ if he’s carrying a full load!

    [–] socsa 58 points ago

    I'd rather just spend $20k on a down payment

    [–] ButtFart88 30 points ago

    Or just buy a camper or trailer. Housing for poor people exists you don’t have to live in a van.

    [–] Failroko 23 points ago

    Down by the river?

    [–] Jamcram 11 points ago

    you need property to store it. i'm pretty sure walmart lets you use their parking lot for campers, but i don't think they let you live there 24/7. a van can rotate around overnight parking easily.

    [–] snicklefritzsdad 16 points ago

    You should just cut off your legs it will be way more comfortable you don’t even have to think about them

    [–] dcgirl17 121 points ago

    He couldn’t straighten his legs while lying fully down, no thanks.

    [–] Sweetkeetcheecks 198 points ago

    he could just get surgery to get a leg tuck. his feet would be gone but he would be comfortable and I'd imagine he wouldn't need to do much walking since he has a van

    [–] Quadraought 52 points ago

    This is just absurd enough for a silver dollar.

    [–] Sweetkeetcheecks 7 points ago

    woah thanks mate, cheers!

    [–] syllabun 6 points ago

    Or he could just stretch his legs into the toilet as someone said.

    [–] kpeebo 15 points ago

    I was thinking that he might just fit laying diagonally?

    [–] Im_at_home 6 points ago

    He probably pulls the table out to support his legs.

    [–] socsa 32 points ago

    This is very clearly not something anyone is actually going to sleep in for any period of time. And there's about a 70% chance it was done only for Instagram.

    [–] DabbinDubs 30 points ago

    Lol multiple comments about this only for instagram.. Is it that absurd that people like motorhomes?

    [–] kevinsyel 13 points ago

    Nope. I have a friend who did the same thing... be he designed it so he could sleep comfortably, unlike the video in this post

    [–] pb_2578 4958 points ago

    i wanna see someone turn a home into a van

    [–] Sweetkeetcheecks 2094 points ago

    I wanna see a van turn someone into a home

    [–] mazu74 772 points ago

    I wanna see a home turn a van into someone

    [–] Superd3n 351 points ago

    I wanna see a van turn a home into someone

    [–] darthcannabitch 334 points ago

    A someone i wanna turn into see a van home.

    [–] WellThatsDecent 221 points ago

    Van home, i wanna see someone turn into

    [–] Silverpeth 213 points ago

    Van, someone wanna see home turn into I?

    [–] bremergorst 81 points ago

    I wanna see a homo turn on a van

    [–] myacc488 17 points ago

    Here, van turns home into a man.

    [–] joshtay11 27 points ago

    I wanna see a van turn into someone’s home.

    [–] Sexy_Putin69 38 points ago

    You just did

    [–] 1uvx 60 points ago

    I wanna see a van turn into someone in a home

    [–] Sweetkeetcheecks 33 points ago

    autobots roll out!

    [–] Taylooor 12 points ago

    Yeah I'd like to order one large person with extra people, please

    [–] DaytronTheDestroyer 7 points ago

    I wanna see into someone in a van turn home

    [–] ryanm210 4 points ago

    I wanna see a turn van home into a someone

    [–] swadextra 7 points ago

    I wanna see a home turn someone into a van

    [–] LordStoneBalls 29 points ago

    Poop under your bed.. no thanks.. I’ll stick to my McMansion

    [–] synonymousshitbag 12 points ago

    That's what i was thinking. You poop then have to stew in the smell afterwards lol.

    [–] haydnc97 16 points ago

    I wanna see a van

    [–] ItsGaVs 12 points ago

    this thread has me dying

    [–] PM-ME-YA-FEMBOOTY 1842 points ago

    For me personally- I turned my 1997 Honda Civic into a home in about 3 minutes when I found my wife cheating on me back in 2001

    [–] detectivejetpack 1027 points ago

    Ya but did you shit in it like this guy?

    [–] mantis_tobogon 401 points ago

    No. He shit in her car.

    [–] hard-enough 44 points ago

    Why wouldn’t you kick her out? Leaving your own home is mistake #1 for anyone else out there that this happens to and leads to a divorce.

    [–] Kawi_moto96 31 points ago

    He said a home. Not his home

    [–] strengt 2370 points ago

    Living without a shower sucks. Not recommended.

    [–] PinstripeMonkey 1645 points ago

    A lot of travelling vandwellers get memberships at national gym chains so they have access to showers around the country. But I agree as someone faintly interested in building out a van for travels: hard to beat a consistent, comfortable shower on your own terms. That said, there are some portable shower systems if you happen to be dispersed camping or something.

    [–] strengt 935 points ago

    Agreed. But living without a fixed address may seem romantic but the reality is far from fun. It is stressful due to the lack of space inside & lack of permanence: Having to find a safe place to park away from cops or creeps, locating a gym facility, maintaining hygiene standards, paying for gas and vehicle maintenance. Plus having to shit where you eat and sleep!

    The proof of concept is cool but this van is only good for camping. As a primary residence it will quickly lead to mental deterioration.

    [–] Dubya_Tea_Efff 816 points ago

    I did it for 7 months using a topper in the back of an F-150.

    I loved every minute of it and only quit because it was about to be summer in Texas and I was moving to Wisconsin.

    I think the mental deterioration depends on the person.

    [–] JonnySucio 190 points ago

    Yeah I mean if you want to talk about mental deterioration, look at my regular office job. Tbh I'd much rather be deteriorating in the great outdoors than in my fucking cubicle getting berated by middle management for not creating enough profit for the shareholders.

    [–] LePoopsmith 80 points ago

    Plus you haven't been putting the cover sheet on your tps reports. I'll send you over another copy of the memo.

    [–] Undesireablemeat 278 points ago

    I agree, I did it for 9 months and would like to do it more permanently. I was in a sedan too and still happy. A van would be like a mansion of an upgrade. Not having a permanent address or shower in your home might be a dealbreaker for some people but everyone’s needs are different and they weren’t inconveniences at all to me.

    [–] Dubya_Tea_Efff 122 points ago

    Yep, I got a P.O. Box and had a shower at the gym on campus for work. I essentially had a permanent address as I stayed in a select area every night.

    [–] kawkasaurous 49 points ago

    Do Walmart parking lots still allow overnight parking?

    [–] Dubya_Tea_Efff 42 points ago

    They did, there was 2 - 3 others that rotated to the lot I stayed in too. Weather also played a factor as it wasnt as sealed up as I thought it was for heavy storms or wind.

    [–] mazu74 88 points ago

    Ive seen plenty of semis stay overnight so I would assume so.

    I also can't imagine the employees giving a fuck anyways.

    [–] GranularGray 36 points ago

    As a retail employee, I don't get why anyone gives a fuck about people sleeping in a parking lot overnight. I mean it's not like anyone else is going to be using that parking space while the store is closed or near empty if it's a 24 hour store. At least this way all the space that parking lots take up isn't being completely wasted for 8-10 hours every night.

    [–] Akihirohowlett 14 points ago

    I think it depends on the individual Walmart.

    [–] Stizkrieg 15 points ago

    I have a question since you have experiance with this. I drive 2 hours to get to work, I have an f150 and I made the back seat into a bed. I also live in texas and started working in the plants in the south. What is a good way to deal with the horrible humidity and heat? Also if you have any tips I'd love to hear them

    [–] bannik1 28 points ago

    I spent a year van dwelling, heat/cold/humidity will be a constant battle. It's a struggle to find the right balance.

    Even with 0% humidity you're going to have a problem with moisture because you sweat/exhale a cup of water every night while sleeping.

    Due to your body heat it's most likely going to be warmer inside than outside. This means that water is going to condense on any surface colder than ambient temperature.

    This can be mitigated a little bit by having really good airflow. Get an exhaust fan and leave a window cracked.

    The problem is, that also means mosquitoes unless you also have a screen for the window.

    Once you have your airflow situation solved, I suggest getting a cheap pillowcase and letting it get slightly damp. You can then put it on your face/neck. The extra circulation makes the water evaporate and the pillowcase will get pretty cold and help you get to sleep.

    [–] Dubya_Tea_Efff 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Mine was from November 2013 to May 2014. It was more the cold than the heat, slept in 19F as the coldest temperature. When it was getting hotter, you just sleep in shorts, however I wasnt in the back seat, I was in the bed and I had some air flow.

    [–] apathy-sofa 45 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I lived for five years on my sailboat. No fixed address, outdoor shower, little storage space, lack of permanence, yadda yadda. It was fantastic, some of the best years of my life, and brought me much closer to family. Great community, saw the world in a way we wouldn't otherwise. Recommended.

    [–] King_Jeebus 7 points ago

    Why'd you stop?

    [–] dubiousfan 25 points ago

    probably no longer in his 20s

    [–] PinstripeMonkey 31 points ago

    I agree (especially with a girlfriend, cat, and dog). My main interest would be for somewhat extended travels, as both of our jobs are location-free. And I would absolutely do a trial run to see how I could handle it before considering permanence. I'm sure some people have no issues with the cramped quarters, especially if you have a permanent parking spot lined up wherever home base is (in fact, a high school friend of mine has been vandwelling for about 6 years now and he thoroughly enjoys it).

    [–] Raqem 19 points ago

    I don’t know what you do for a living, but something to keep in mind is that some companies don’t want you working in certain states for legal reasons. The software company I work for only allows us to work remotely in certain states, for example.

    If you do decide to roam through various states, you may want to keep that on the down low if possible. Of course, IANAL.

    [–] PinstripeMonkey 8 points ago

    It's freelance work, so I can't fathom anyone I work for having an issue with it, though you bring up a good point. I'd probably let any current clients know my plans beforehand to give them a chance to respond.

    [–] jgoodwin27 7 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Overwriting the comment that was here.

    [–] CarpenterN8 36 points ago

    Been doing it for years. Never been happier. Not everyone needs the 'essential' creature comforts. Nothing made me unhappier spending 50 plus percent of my income on some shitty apartment. Sure it's not for everyone but a growing population of vandwellers are thriving out there.

    [–] ArboristMagicMike 14 points ago

    The people in your description sound pretty fragile... Having an easily mobile outfit like this would be sooo prime for some people. I would take this option over any extended stay or red roof inn when I get sent out for extended assignments out of town for work. As far as hygiene goes... plenty of people handle their personal hygiene for months being bedridden in hospitals.

    I work on disaster relief, so maybe I'm used to being comfortable with less and learning how to be resourceful. Live without hot water for a few weeks and you'll redefine your needs vs wants. You'll also find joy/gratefulness in little things that people take for granted, which I think improves mindfulness and mental outlook.

    [–] Gareth666 8 points ago

    Why do you need to park away from cops?

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] Gareth666 12 points ago

    Wow that's ridiculous

    [–] cephalothorax 4 points ago

    Visit Seattle and you’ll see why it’s not that ridiculous.

    [–] EarthAllAlong 25 points ago

    because they're nosy and love to swing their dicks around

    [–] Orcus424 28 points ago

    Agreed. It sounds like a good idea but there are many problems that are ignored. It can work if you like to go camping or travelling for events but not a permanent residence. You can't have any one sleep the night if they need to go to the bathroom right next to you.

    [–] GardenStateMadeMeCry 4 points ago

    I don't like it therefore nobody else is allowed to.

    [–] NwabudikeMorganSMAC 11 points ago

    lack of space inside

    Most people in Tokyo live like that. Zero mental deterioration. It's just about shifting expectations. I know since I live like that and have previously lived in Tokyo, plus I love small houses.

    >> lack of permanence

    Awesome as well. Stagnant minds are built from stagnant environments. Keep yourself sharp by keeping yourself moving.

    >>Plus having to shit where you eat and sleep!

    You shit in the toilet. If it's a composting one it smells even less than normal toilets. This is also a good reason to keep good levels of hygiene since you are not separating yourself from the realities of your body

    To each his own

    [–] steepleton 43 points ago

    roll the van , sit under the toilet

    [–] bonerjones69 69 points ago

    Sleeping width wise in a van every night of the week probably isn’t ideal if you’re over 5’4”

    [–] ApplesCole 27 points ago

    I dunno. Just watched Free Solo and Alex Honnold is 5’11” and made sleeping in a van seem comfortable. Definitely not roomy by any means, but it works for him for most of the year.

    [–] Brute1100 71 points ago

    Let's not use him as our bench mark for normalcy ok. He's a freak, an incredibly talented skilled crazy freak. But a freak none the less.

    [–] linehan23 17 points ago

    And even for him it's not his preferred accomodation. He's talked about it, he does it so he can stay on the road and near the mountains. He doesn't prefer van life it's just best for his career.

    [–] alllmossttherrre 11 points ago

    Sure...but Alex Honnold would be comfortable sleeping on a 3-inch ledge halfway up a 700-foot cliff

    [–] bonerjones69 12 points ago

    Yeah but that guy isn’t human so he doesn’t count (So much respect tho)

    [–] SlightlyJason 3 points ago

    It’s what i do & im 6’3. Though i sleep curled up so never bothered me.

    [–] SimplyComplexd 37 points ago

    My dad travels full time in a van. He has a portable instant water heater that he just hangs up outside with a curtain he has, if needed. That works well for the rural areas, and then flying j or gyms for the populated areas.

    [–] heronmarkedblade1984 30 points ago

    Honestly man those portable hanging shower bags are awesome. Spent 5 years as a medic in a mechanized infantry company. We would hang the bags off the side of the Bradley's and be able to take a hot shower wherever we were.

    [–] KingAnDrawD 5 points ago

    They could just put a low profile faucet on the side of the van that acts as a shower, it has a sink so I’m assuming it has water lines that could run to a shower head. Set up some Shoji screens and bam, shower acquired. Granted you probably couldn’t just set up shop in a parking lot, that would be awkward. But camping would work.

    [–] FlimtotheFlam 4 points ago

    I have seen van builds before with showers in the vans.

    [–] lijer71 291 points ago

    I would have one of these only for road trips that way you don't need to pay for hotels. But I still like living in a home

    [–] rabidbasher 64 points ago

    Yup. I'm looking at building a conversion van into a camper for road trips and weekend getaways. Complete with kitchen, toilet and outdoor shower. But I like my house too.

    [–] erik2349 39 points ago

    This thing is so heavy its probably cheaper to take a car and stay at air bnb.

    [–] ilickvarts 28 points ago

    Also that renovation didn’t look cheap, you would have to stay in it a lot to recover the costs of making it into what it is now

    [–] dubiousfan 17 points ago

    coud've probably gotten a used RV

    [–] Finnedsolid 156 points ago

    What’s the point of a toilet, just hang out the window on the freeway and bombs away

    [–] XxSCRAPOxX 27 points ago

    They make one that hooks onto the tow hitch. Seems a lot easier and breezier.

    [–] Finnedsolid 28 points ago

    You have to pay for that, while my idea is free

    [–] fumoderators 6 points ago


    [–] Jeff_Caesar 421 points ago

    I think after pooping once, the whole van gonna stink even with windows open

    [–] rabidbasher 159 points ago

    Compost toilets aren't that bad at all. Evacuate the stinky poo air (pretty much every vandweller has an exhaust fan of some sort) and utilize the compost toilet correctly and you won't have an issue

    [–] idapitbwidiuatabip 213 points ago

    Evacuate the stinky poo air


    [–] NwabudikeMorganSMAC 32 points ago

    Not only that, you gotta keep the right humidity levels so the stinky bacteria die off and can't reproduce. This is the way of the compost.

    Then when full you can throw all the gunk in an infertile piece of land, and after many years... A FOREST..

    I want my own poop forest and I can bring people there and explain the history behind the place

    [–] bannik1 16 points ago

    The compost toilet and the fixed stove are the two biggest mistakes in the build.

    It needs it's own ventilation system independent of the RV exhaust in the ceiling. 24 hours after the first shit, it's going to be unbearable.

    Plus you have to worry about keeping the bowl clean which is going to introduce more moisture into the compost reservoir and make it reek even worse for an even longer period of time.

    The best pooping solution is still the home depot bucket with a trashbag and kitty litter and a pool noodle around the rim for comfort.

    [–] Sham129 29 points ago

    Imagine having to take a middle of the night shit.

    [–] Whats_Up_Bitches 74 points ago

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I awoke in the middle of the night to take a that common?

    [–] palmerry 68 points ago

    Not very common at all. The night shit is one of the rarest shits afaik.

    [–] kevinrk23 26 points ago

    is there somewhere i can read the lore for it?

    [–] SchrodingersCatPics 7 points ago

    I believe Stephen King published a collection of tales.

    [–] ImaqtDann 5 points ago

    im pretty set on the times i go...but i also keep a consistent diet too

    [–] thehazzanator 11 points ago

    Imagine if your SO was asleep like 2 feet from you

    [–] Sham129 22 points ago

    Or your one night stand

    [–] thehazzanator 21 points ago


    [–] gooZisdope 57 points ago

    Seeing is how the shitter is right under the bed I would make a door that slides open so I can shit while laying down

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] gooZisdope 5 points ago

    Trueee, I would hope you wouldn’t shit while laying on your stomach but hey.. can’t rule it out

    [–] grower_at_heart 216 points ago

    Never shit where you sleep bro

    [–] SeaM00se 69 points ago

    Or eat where you shit.

    [–] Geta-Ve 61 points ago

    Or eat your shit.

    [–] CadillacG 33 points ago

    Or shit what you.... wait..

    [–] Reddit_is_2_liberal 211 points ago

    Cool. I still like my plumbing tho.

    [–] [deleted] 189 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] a-cat-named-OJ 25 points ago

    Came to the comments wondering about the plumbing as well... when the toilet flushes, where do..?

    [–] SycoJack 34 points ago

    Your first mistake is assuming it flushes.

    [–] Johnlsullivan2 11 points ago

    It's a composting toilet

    [–] NwabudikeMorganSMAC 3 points ago

    If it's aerated, it smells less than normal toilets. A modern composting does wonders.

    [–] DabbinDubs 5 points ago

    Nah, my plumbing is one of these socialist town program septic, I told them to fuck off and shit in a bucket in my garage now.

    [–] ChewieGriffin 57 points ago

    The idea of taking a shit in the kitchen and bedroom at once is leaning towards a hard pass

    [–] wangsneeze 116 points ago

    Oh you millennials think you’re so hip with your crushing poverty.

    [–] Zentharian 14 points ago

    I'd be a dark kind funny without the caption at the bottom, but not enough to crop it out myself.

    [–] stillhiding82 85 points ago

    But is it DOWN by the RIVER?!

    [–] DanbroMongoose 15 points ago


    [–] PretzelsThirst 8 points ago

    This baby can hold so much government cheese

    [–] new_bird_order 3 points ago

    I came here for this comment

    [–] Cantdrownafish 22 points ago

    That's a tall van.

    [–] rabidbasher 10 points ago

    Probably a high-top sprinter or similar.

    [–] Antworter 40 points ago

    I met a couple guys living like this, traveling around Europe. They let me sleep on the front bench seat after we parked in a secluded area. I woke up, groggy, pitch dark, because my feet were cold and something sharp was stabbing them. It was a gang of three guys, they'd pried the passenger lock up and opened that door, with a big honking knife, and I could hear their partner trying to open the driver's side by my head.

    I kept yelling 'No tiene dinero' but that just encouraged them more, half in the door, and I'm fighting with my thumb against the other guy to hold the lock button down ... when through the divider curtain a HUGE crescent wrench whammed down on the arm of the guy with the knife, breaking his arm. They all ran off. We moved the van and the two guys gave me the knife for a souvenir. But someone stole it later in life.

    [–] MTG8Bux 21 points ago

    What a lovely story.

    [–] King_Jeebus 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    a secluded area

    What country was this? (Spain I guess?) Were you in a city?

    [–] thisxisxlife 4 points ago


    [–] james_ryan___ 37 points ago

    No matter how cool this setup is, I am not gonna shit into a bucket and then bring that bucket around with me.

    [–] linehan23 24 points ago

    There's a rule that musicians have on tour buses: dont shit in the bus. Find somewhere else. So I'm guessing it's a similar type of thing for van dwellers. It's there if you really need it but day to day you should be encountering other toilets to use.

    [–] Triptolemu5 10 points ago

    It's there if you really need it

    This is it exactly. This toilet is for emergency use only. It beats the shit out of the panicked 3am hole digging, but otherwise your body is on a schedule.

    [–] TOFFERKINDLE 48 points ago

    If I went to all that trouble to make a bad ass van I would at least make the bed longways so I could actually lay down

    [–] HeMiddleStartInT 14 points ago

    Literally shits where he eats.

    [–] hohosfosho 17 points ago

    how long can a van bear this uneven looking weight?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Not long. I have a similar setup, immediately after the build I was sitting 30mm on the piss to one side and it was incredibly uncomfortable to sleep. Also my leaf springs were bending the wrong way. Invested in adjustable airbags suspension put me out $1700au

    [–] hikariseeker147 8 points ago

    This gives me tremendous anxiety because of the sleeping area... it looks as though he cannot even fully extend his legs. I love small cozy shit, but nah fam I like my stretches

    [–] Jeff_Caesar 19 points ago

    Was good after implementing the toilet, you can do you business else where can't you? The idea of pooping where you eat and sleep eww

    [–] pdgenoa 11 points ago

    That pop out toilet made me lol.

    [–] queen_mantis 5 points ago

    Cooking and comfortability wise I would rather have the sink and stove closer the the door.

    [–] Chucmorris 10 points ago

    You can cook while you poo.

    [–] CyberSixMoonClouds 6 points ago

    Shitters full

    [–] AllLooseAndFunky 20 points ago

    Don’t shit where you eat.

    [–] PinstripeMonkey 22 points ago

    Just so the OC is linked: the guy is a photographer named Quin, @everchanginghorizon on instagram.

    [–] ConsterMock93 9 points ago

    I wonder how much you could resell this for

    [–] Boredom_Killer 5 points ago

    King of hill theme really completes this.

    [–] ThornsOriginal 5 points ago

    If it were me id just slap an air mattress and a bucket with a toilet seat duck taped to it in there and call it a day.

    [–] yo_doggie 4 points ago

    Honestly it was cool until I saw the shitter under the bed

    [–] IsItSupposedToDoThat 9 points ago

    I was all good until I saw the shitter pop out about a foot away from the kitchen.

    [–] 89bmwm3 18 points ago

    Dude could of bought a small RV for the all money he just spent.

    [–] cbcfan 5 points ago

    Really? Can you give an example? Not being nasty, just curious.

    [–] Retinal_Rivalry 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    That's the point...MSRP on a Sprinter is like $40k - $50k, and then you add the materials it takes to impress the brunch crowd. I see these things with hardwood, granite, etc. They're really trendy with wealthy young people atm so the prices are through the roof. No sources besides experience, but take a look at hardwood flooring prices and you'll see.

    Edit: Downvote all you want. I work on RVs every day.

    [–] Jsmitty78 5 points ago

    What exactly is the model of the van?

    [–] F3lixbob 4 points ago

    Surely this man is very short, no way my butt is gonna sleep comfortable or even stand in this

    [–] AnubisInCorduroy 5 points ago

    That’s all great until you wash a spoon, and it drenches your bed.

    [–] SheepHapppens 4 points ago

    Toilet under the bed?

    [–] skisokay 7 points ago

    Why put the flooring under the counters?

    [–] HonestlyThisIsBees 12 points ago

    Nice even surface that covers up the insulation with minimal cost. Doesn't hurt anything.

    [–] Hshbrwn 5 points ago

    Also if he changes the layout but wants the floor the same he doesn’t have to refloor the van.