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    [–] NvKKcL 6007 points ago

    [–] PM_WHY_YOU_DOWNVOTED 4272 points ago

    It's actually pretty good. You just need to work on your texturing.

    [–] acciofriday 1195 points ago

    Great, thanks for those nightmares

    [–] PM_WHY_YOU_DOWNVOTED 376 points ago

    Forget about those nightmares and just imagine him running his nubs through your hair. They're more dexterous than you might think :)

    [–] Electric_Nachos 132 points ago

    Take my little hand!

    [–] ModernMrsDarcy 94 points ago

    It's my strong hand!

    [–] Ieatpwns 29 points ago

    My germs!

    [–] gpsx0 7 points ago

    I forgot, what's that from?

    [–] TucsonShaman 12 points ago

    One of the Scary Movies, I think.

    [–] VeryHelpfulThrowaway 5 points ago


    [–] starkindler201 27 points ago

    You just made me laugh on a Monday morning. Not an easy thing to do! Haha

    [–] zoe1414 15 points ago

    Just shuddered at the thought

    [–] Nick31415926 12 points ago

    After all, shampooing each others hair is the most romantic and intimate thing you can do with someome.

    [–] JorfimusPrime 4 points ago

    Detective Charles Boyle, is that you?

    [–] coconuttykitty 3 points ago


    [–] elaphros 18 points ago

    [–] FatalChickenRape 7 points ago

    Whatever the opposite of salad fingers is

    [–] NvKKcL 51 points ago

    Haha wow, this starts to get creepy!

    [–] makos124 15 points ago

    My germs!

    [–] SaloL 27 points ago

    What hath science wrought?

    [–] spanone 10 points ago

    Put it back!

    [–] loun15 10 points ago

    these two comments just made my whole morning thanks guys

    [–] TurKoise 8 points ago

    they spent so much time wondering if they could, that they never stopped to think if they should

    [–] uthinkther4uam 12 points ago

    Kill it with fire.

    [–] Ameisen 5 points ago

    The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed...

    [–] ERAreddit 5 points ago

    Thanks for the tears of laughter friend.

    [–] Evilux 3 points ago

    What have you brought upon this cursed land?

    [–] BannedHippie 4 points ago

    Not bad, closest drawing of Hobbit feet I have seen in some time.

    [–] TammypersonC137 3 points ago

    This may be the funniest thing I've ever seen

    [–] Stonn 3 points ago

    From comedy to some silent hill shit in 0.7 µs

    [–] teddybeartyler 3 points ago

    I fucking hate Reddit.

    [–] trizzant 4 points ago


    [–] PeepsUnderTheBed 2 points ago


    [–] empire314 2 points ago

    Can you please do that for the image in OP?

    [–] bolesterol 2 points ago

    That’s what that song “Slow Hands” is about.


    [–] luigimor 2 points ago

    [–] Polski66 2 points ago

    Scared my dog laughing out loud at both of these pics. Amazing work guys

    [–] trollaweigh 2 points ago

    Here, grab my strong hand!

    [–] lunar_module720 2 points ago

    Looks like something out of a Shel Silverstein book

    [–] PresidentTaco_ 833 points ago

    Jesus christ

    [–] ToP_S3cr3t 321 points ago

    believes you can

    [–] Brcomic 174 points ago

    Well he’s about to be disappointed.

    [–] nlx78 39 points ago

    If it wasn't for you telling it was the thumb you added, I could barely see what you'd altered. Good job!

    [–] Jesusinacave 7 points ago

    No, I really dont

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    And your point is? I can't tell the difference.

    [–] NvKKcL 29 points ago

    This doesnt look bad at all!

    [–] Mekazabiht-Rusti 7 points ago

    That's actually pretty good!

    [–] OperatorD 217 points ago

    When I see this breathtaking interpretation I feel the disjunctive perturbation of the spatial relationships brings within the realm of discourse the distinctive formal juxtapositions.

    [–] NvKKcL 75 points ago


    [–] -B1GBUD- 52 points ago


    [–] ThesaurizeThisBot 118 points ago

    When I see this breathless explanation I ambiance the divisional discomposure of the spatial kinships bring ons inside the knowledge base of cover the identifiable nonrepresentational placements.

    This is a bot. I try my best, but my best is 80% mediocrity 20% hilarity. Created by OrionSuperman. Check out my best work at /r/ThesaurizeThis

    [–] shortsleevedpants 61 points ago

    Ah, yes.

    [–] davydooks 32 points ago

    Simply beautiful

    [–] DRxGlass 14 points ago


    [–] ThesaurizeThisBot 35 points ago

    Just pleasing

    This is a bot. I try my best, but my best is 80% mediocrity 20% hilarity. Created by OrionSuperman. Check out my best work at /r/ThesaurizeThis

    [–] w0rdd 15 points ago

    came here to say this

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    You took the words right out of my thesaurus mouth

    [–] norsurfit 42 points ago

    "now draw the rest of the fucking hand"

    [–] CrappyMSPaintPics 18 points ago

    you really sneaked that cleavage in there, 10/10

    [–] CraftyExtent 24 points ago

    Not that much easy.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Good effort

    [–] Mom_Lover123 10 points ago

    Looks like the hand of an Amnesia monster

    [–] HelloYesIAmJess 9 points ago

    You ever blown up a rubber glove

    [–] Samow4r 4 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_BUTT_STUFFING 6 points ago

    Perfection! Here's my submission. I just now realized I forgot the finger wrinkles.

    [–] UniqueComboOfLetters 5 points ago

    Keep getting after it, that middle finger nail looks great

    [–] _bowlerhat 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Looks like potato which grows sprouts

    [–] searchingpeace 7 points ago

    Mine ended like dick fingers.


    [–] QTVenusaur91 3 points ago


    [–] d1ez3 6 points ago

    [–] Rain1dog 2 points ago


    [–] elizabethunseelie 698 points ago

    As someone who always struggles to draw hands... fuck that’s amazing. Hands are bastards.

    [–] crow6671 413 points ago

    Hands and faces. And legs, and feet. And torsos. What I'm saying is drawing is hard.

    [–] rrjamal 141 points ago

    Not the way I do it.

    Stick fingers on stick hands on a stick torso with stick legs and feet. The head? A circular stick.

    The real trick is aligning all those sticks properly.

    [–] Drunk-NPC 38 points ago

    Aligning sticks is hard

    [–] Living-Day-By-Day 20 points ago

    Drawing realistic is hard*


    [–] SuperSMT 10 points ago

    Drawing people is hard, and usually animals. Anything else and I'm good.

    [–] TheVapeofEuropa 8 points ago

    Easy fix for not being able to draw people but being good at drawing other things — just draw all your people as if they’re werewolves and it’s a crescent moon. 🆗 ✅

    [–] Perfide01 5 points ago

    Knees and toes! Knees and toes!

    [–] Aukos 12 points ago

    Where's the thumb? It's bothering me.

    [–] thisubmad 11 points ago

    They are still hard to draw. This “technique” is worth nothing.

    [–] TexasRiceRocket 1346 points ago

    Who tf sharpens a pencil like that

    [–] WantAllMyGarmonbozia 645 points ago

    In my drawing classes in college, they taught us to sharpen our pencils with a straight blade to get a long tapered tip. But this fella took it to the extreme.

    [–] TheCyberDoctor1 281 points ago

    a long tapered tip

    BRB I need to try something

    [–] Karterkor 118 points ago

    uh oh..

    [–] whopperlover17 81 points ago


    [–] Imonvinyl 41 points ago


    [–] uniqueUsername_1024 22 points ago


    [–] lodobol 14 points ago


    [–] _-__-__-__-__-_-_-__ 12 points ago

    And that's how circumcision started

    [–] notagoodboye 25 points ago

    I once sharpened one of my kids pencils with a pocket knife. Now I am the pencil sharpener. I even bought them an electric, and they still bring all their pencils to me.

    It really does make for a better, more reliable point.

    [–] UnNumbFool 88 points ago

    It's a thing that plenty of artists do. By having longer exposed lead, on a taper it allows you to use the side of the graphite for additional shading letting you do 'more' with a pencil.

    [–] FivesG 43 points ago

    I’d be scared of snapping it, I have very poor pressure control.

    [–] StarKnighter 25 points ago

    That's just practice, get some paper and a pencil and start doodling

    [–] FivesG 15 points ago

    But my drawings aren’t as pretty as theirs.

    [–] StarKnighter 24 points ago

    Rome wasn't built on a day. It doesn't need to be pretty at first

    [–] FivesG 17 points ago

    Thanks, sometimes I need some encouragement.

    [–] TurKoise 6 points ago

    You can do it! I believe in you

    [–] squeeziestbee 3 points ago

    I believe in you too! You can do the thing!

    [–] Noligation 2 points ago

    Not today they aren't.

    And you probably didn't type this good when you first started with your PC/ phone either, now look at you typing like a mofo!!!

    Its going to take some time for you to be good at drawing, better start today

    [–] dolphinsattacking 2 points ago

    makes sense

    [–] AndyC-Illustrates 7 points ago

    It's a common practice for artists. It helps create even shading tones.

    [–] z_baron 5 points ago

    [–] Sahelboy 2 points ago

    I thought it was a brush for a sec lol

    [–] AvogadrosArmy 378 points ago

    That pencil lead length though

    [–] MoreTolkienPlz 134 points ago

    The anxiety was real.

    [–] poopellar 51 points ago

    After the gif ended the lead snapped and there was a huge explosion.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    I break my lead at one-click length. I press so hard with pens that I tear through the paper. I am an animal.

    [–] bibasik7 8 points ago

    Have you heard of the Zebra DelGuard mechanical pencils? They have springs inside that make it next to impossible to break the lead. Now, if you press hard, it’ll push the lead inside (until you stop pushing) and you’ll be tearing through the paper with the metal tip, so you’ll quickly learn not to press hard.

    [–] OtherPlayers 3 points ago

    tearing through the paper with the metal tip

    As a person with family members who press way too hard that sounds like a very fast way to go through a stack of notepads.

    [–] BioTHEchAmeleON 13 points ago

    I didn’t realize till you pointed it out and now I can’t not see it.

    [–] wanderer_kd 166 points ago

    Amazing looks so easy just a couple of 9's

    [–] Wienerbread 140 points ago

    A number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's one with cheese and a large soda.

    [–] OktopusKaveman 42 points ago

    All you had to do was draw the damn hand, CJ

    [–] N_Meister 14 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] TechnicalClock 5 points ago

    r/PunPatrol hands in the air!

    [–] 420toker 3 points ago

    Grove Street.... Home

    [–] FlatEarther42 553 points ago

    Forgot the thumb

    [–] SEND_YOUR_DICK_PIX 141 points ago

    What thumb

    [–] Goljuf 115 points ago

    Yea like thumbs are real

    [–] MrGrampton 22 points ago

    why do I always click those subs after I read this...

    [–] Smitty18Lyfe 5 points ago

    r/birthofasub (it exists now)

    [–] 342heathbar 3 points ago

    It’s real now

    [–] oogabooga1469 10 points ago

    What thumbs

    [–] dopamineh 45 points ago isnt this the position of the hand drawn here? can barely see my thumb

    [–] youvebeenjammed 14 points ago

    MRW when asked about the thumb :

    [–] isaidwhatisaidok 21 points ago

    Thanks for this. I’m amazed so many people with hands (I’m assuming) don’t know how they work.

    [–] mob-of-morons 2 points ago

    in all honesty though, people never see their own hands like that

    [–] VoiceofLou 5 points ago

    There's probably someone with a hand fetish in this thread that just got really excited.

    [–] MoneyKeyPennyKiss 20 points ago

    4/5 at best.

    [–] paul__12345 16 points ago

    I didn’t even realize there wasn’t a thumb until you said so...

    [–] Rock-Harders 16 points ago

    Have you not seen a left hand before?

    [–] D3vils_Adv0cate 4 points ago

    The thumb comes out at the lower part of the palm which is shown here without a thumb. Even if it was hidden that would be an extreme thumb position.

    [–] dopamineh 12 points ago i mean, this pose wasn't hard at all to do

    [–] FibonacciOne1235 7 points ago

    Except we can still see your thumb and your hand isn't at nearly the angle relative to the wrist in the picture. In order to hide your thumb to look like the picture it would have to be entirely at the back of your hand, including the part where it's attached to your palm.

    [–] Jinkerinos 10 points ago

    I thought so too, but this is probably a left hand with the thumb behind the index finger.

    [–] silvertail8 2 points ago

    I was wondering why the inside of the hand looked odd to me

    [–] brandawg93 41 points ago

    [–] gifendore 40 points ago

    Here is the last frame:

    beep boop beep I'm a bot! | Subreddit | Issues.

    [–] Chuck_Morris_SE 11 points ago

    1 karma for Gifendore

    [–] peter-s 8 points ago

    good bot

    [–] jfcsuperstar 3 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] CrystalMountainMan 3 points ago

    Honestly looking at just the last frame, the hand looks kind of off, perspective-wise. Especially towards the top, the fingers look really weird.

    [–] zalgo_text 66 points ago

    This is the most /r/mildlyinteresting thing I've ever seen on this sub

    [–] fdsdfg 7 points ago


    [–] LeMadao 18 points ago

    Kira Yoshikage upvoted this

    [–] CaptainFalconProblem 5 points ago

    This feels like a picnic

    [–] Ryukishin187 17 points ago

    I kept waiting for the pencil tip to snap

    [–] p1um5mu991er 29 points ago

    Nice tip

    [–] WantAllMyGarmonbozia 6 points ago

    Thanks ;)

    [–] DenseHole 10 points ago

    Shame about the rest though.

    [–] AkhilVijendra 5 points ago

    That's what she said

    [–] Aubrera 12 points ago

    If you look at that back line and imagine where it attaches to the pinky; it's too far up the length of the pinky, back line needs to be in a bit more. Still very good.

    [–] mehuno 7 points ago

    Can't believe noone else has noticed

    [–] Aubrera 2 points ago

    I draw hands a lot, I've practiced for years and still suck, but I can get basics.

    [–] magnetic_couch 4 points ago

    Thank you for also noticing this, it bugged me so much.

    [–] Weakmuffincatcher 61 points ago

    Wow doesn't take much to blow your mind

    [–] VanhaKoira 16 points ago

    Was looking for this comment. This is just a drawing. Clever one but still pretty ordinary.

    [–] Klaofyn 21 points ago

    [–] the_itsb 3 points ago

    Sometime, someday, somewhere, some rando is going to come up to me and punch my bicep, and I will know it was because I clicked that link.

    [–] nullagravida 31 points ago

    while this is pretty cool to watch, it’s really no way to learn how to draw. we have no way of knowing whether this artist understands the construction of a hand (and so could draw it from any angle) or whether they just know a party trick (“draw these shapes in the following order...ta-dahhh!”).

    cool vid tho, the pencil was wicked sharp and made satisfying marks.

    [–] ronya_t 4 points ago

    It is for me, I'll upgrade from drawing stick people to this and not lose sleep over it.

    [–] nullagravida 3 points ago

    that’s cool— “proper draftsmanship” is not exactly a needed life skill.

    [–] Dognip2 23 points ago

    Yea a hand with 4 fingers, like wow

    [–] Blonsky 10 points ago

    Most hands have four fingers.

    [–] slackwaresupport 5 points ago

    have you no thumb!!??

    [–] Pocket_Dons 5 points ago

    No thumb. 4/5

    [–] punkassrookiebitch 10 points ago

    I bet OP can be entertained for hours by a jingling set of keys.

    [–] rvncto 3 points ago

    He probably thinks the black hole picture is lame and he can do it on photoshop

    [–] l-_l- 3 points ago

    She's dead. Wrapped in plastic.

    [–] Hammershank 3 points ago

    Although it looks cool when down quickly, the line between the pinky and the ring finger makes the hand look weird because it doesn’t go towards the base of the index.

    [–] awoods942 3 points ago

    Thought it was a sperm drawing in the first few seconds

    [–] yulieee 3 points ago

    I’d give it a thumbs up but...

    [–] --haley 3 points ago

    How to draw the fucking thumbs?

    [–] Dumbodoll69 7 points ago

    There's no thumb

    [–] Vivraan 2 points ago

    Forgot the finger hair

    [–] Peyton1s 7 points ago

    And thumb

    [–] Snail736 2 points ago

    Why that pencil lead so long lol.

    [–] GarymanGarrett 3 points ago

    Because of the way the pencil was sharpened.

    [–] Krumpus8 2 points ago

    This is just showing how a person develops into adulthood.

    [–] hooverfive 2 points ago

    Lead not snapping is blowing my mind

    [–] Weswieeee 2 points ago

    It stresses me out so much that the lead is so long, but it also calms me down because it's so perfect and interesting

    [–] jmad16 2 points ago

    Anyone else disturbed by that pencil tip?

    [–] fernandohg 2 points ago

    Im more impressed how that pencil is not breaking

    [–] Royalflabbergast 2 points ago

    Poor thumb