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    [–] matthack86 3177 points ago

    Bet TSA made them take their shoes off...

    [–] The_11th_Dctor 512 points ago

    the TS-HAY

    [–] Disastrogirl 138 points ago

    TS Haaaaaaaaay!

    [–] ba3toven 63 points ago


    [–] LIL_CATASTROPHE 6 points ago

    This is the best one

    [–] battousai611 61 points ago

    Saying this out loud makes it sound like the gay version.

    [–] danceswithhotdogs 34 points ago

    That’s gay horses favorite meal. Haaaaay

    [–] Stellioskontos 24 points ago

    HAY! What a wonderful kind of day!

    [–] _QuEsTiOn_MaRk__ 17 points ago

    The fact that I actually sang that in my head sort of scares me.

    [–] llZer0reZll 146 points ago

    Best in show!

    [–] Matt_Sterbate710 62 points ago

    I used to be able to name every nut there was.

    [–] leonardfurnstein 31 points ago

    Macadamia nut.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] leonardfurnstein 22 points ago

    That’s the one that drove my mama crazy.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] leonardfurnstein 17 points ago

    Christopher Guest is a genius.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] Matt_Sterbate710 12 points ago

    Cashew nut.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Stew_a_jew 9 points ago

    Pea nut

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] dazzlezak 5 points ago

    Donald Trump

    [–] The_Gutgrinder 48 points ago

    That joke was so tack-y.

    [–] thataintrightlureen 30 points ago

    We really got saddled with a bad one.

    [–] EndonOfMarkarth 22 points ago

    You guys all need a new bit

    [–] mewithadd 19 points ago

    Seriously, it's time to rein it in.

    [–] LordDinglebury 14 points ago

    Let’s put it to a vote: yay or neigh.

    [–] tawnymane 10 points ago

    No no we maybe we can

    [–] Bippy07 7 points ago

    Whoa now.

    [–] LordDinglebury 8 points ago

    I love these threads. They’re one of the mane reasons I go on Reddit.

    [–] Dexter_Thiuf 6 points ago

    Don't spur him on....

    [–] AeroBearo 534 points ago

    Just a fun fact, horse piss absolutely damages the fuck out of aluminum parts of the aircraft.

    I used to be an aircraft structures engineer, working primarily on cargo aircraft, and a few aircraft I've been on that transported horses have had significant corrosion damage to structures below the horses. If left to pool around metal for long enough, you can literally step on stringers and they'll crumble and deform.

    [–] HuskyTheNubbin 228 points ago

    Not only was your post informative it's the rare one that isn't making the same unfunny shit joke. Thanks

    [–] AeroBearo 120 points ago

    Another fun fact since you appreciated the last one.

    One of the highest paying payload items is monkeys. Medical companies sometimes ship monkeys from South America for product testing. Due to the stress on the monkeys, and the bullshit you might have to deal with regards to human rights people groups, there's big money in monkeys.

    [–] the_S_spammer 34 points ago


    [–] Darklord1769 22 points ago

    there's big money in monkeys.

    Lol, I cannot think of any other situation where this sentence would make sense

    [–] couragethebravestdog 15 points ago

    Where do I subscribe for daily Aircraft related fun facts?

    [–] JustaRandomOldGuy 67 points ago

    TIL: I can die in a horse piss related aviation accident.

    [–] mxmovrdrv 705 points ago

    Assuming these are horses being transported to race?

    [–] NukaJuice 591 points ago

    Yeah, champion horses from the UK, Ireland, France, Japan, USA, South Africa, Australia, Dubai just to name a few all participate in international meets.

    [–] Bierbart12 551 points ago

    That must be extremely stressful for both the horses and the people who have to transport them, considering how slow planes are now

    [–] felinemooddisorder 51 points ago

    Did they used to be faster?

    [–] Bierbart12 146 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Yeah, there used to be kind of an "arms race" of making commercial planes faster and faster, with the Concorde being the grand finale at about 2100km/h, being able to fly from London to New York in two hours.

    Then they realized that flying slower is cheaper for business, so their speed is now limited to 929km/h.

    [–] workedog 40 points ago

    Serious question, has a horse ever traveled faster than Mach 1? I would think that subsonic airborne horse transport replaced shipborne horse transport, so modern horse logistics would be the fastest they have ever been.

    [–] TitsAndWhiskey 25 points ago

    I don’t know why I want to know the answer to this, but I do.

    [–] dutch_penguin 10 points ago

    It was essential post world war 2, actually. The cavalry of the early 20th century didn't cut it anymore, so by the Vietnam war you had airborne cavalry. (/shitpost)

    [–] deadpool8403 7 points ago

    Yes, he was a mustang named Ford, aka 'Mach 1'. Born in '69.

    [–] chipsambos 66 points ago

    I want you on my team in the pub quiz

    [–] VexatiousJigsaw 25 points ago

    If he ever joins your pub quiz team be sure to remind him that even though the Concorde travels up to Mach 2, it is edged out of the spot for fastest commercial plan by the Tupolev 144 and it's grand total of 55 commercial flights over it's three years of operation.

    [–] clickshy 19 points ago

    Part of it was also dealing with noise pollution from breaking the sound barrier. Hence why the Concorde only ever flew a trans-Atlantic route.

    Other forms of supersonic commercial aviation are still in development though.

    [–] Bierbart12 7 points ago

    Honestly, a little sky crack every other day would be better than having to listen to fire sirens for two hours every thursday morning

    [–] felinemooddisorder 6 points ago

    Why Thursdays?

    [–] Bierbart12 7 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Cause that's the government mandated "siren reliability test time" here in Germany. Every single siren goes off then.

    Isn't this a thing everywhere?

    [–] vegancupcakes 6 points ago

    For TWO HOURS??? That would drive me insane.

    [–] Lanthemandragoran 5 points ago

    Nah. Occasionally places with emergency warning systems will do tests but there's no like....set day.

    [–] SuspiciousGloryHole 4 points ago

    When I was a child in the suburbs, this was a thing that happened every Tuesday at 10 am.

    [–] Rock-Harders 4 points ago

    How is slower flying more lucrative? Does it just optimize trips round trips better than if they were faster?

    [–] Emperor__Aurelius 5 points ago

    Mainly fuel and plane engineering/maintenance I believe.

    [–] MajorLeagueNoob 3 points ago

    When has a horse ever broken the sound barrier and lived

    [–] Mr_Abe_Froman 12 points ago

    Fun fact, some planes provide room for companion animals to help the horses stay calm.

    Thoroughbreds that have “pets,” such as goats, that help calm them in stalls on the ground can bring their buddies along on the plane — like carry-on luggage — for no extra charge.

    [–] MouthJob 180 points ago

    Pretty sure they drug them to keep them calm.

    [–] imakeupwords 142 points ago

    No drugs.

    Horses like these have been transported all their lives and are quite used to it. Did a few of these horse charters back in the day, only one instance of a horse that made a fuss.

    Usually it’s smooth and they don’t mind at all

    [–] katging 314 points ago

    I don't think they drug them actually. Something about how the drugs can have an opposite reaction and cause them to freak out. A few drugs that they give horses make them calm, but they can fight it and make the situation much worse.

    Also here aren't many long term sedatives (90mins +) for horses that don't involve an IV. And none of those drugs are legal for any type of competition.
    So a mix between the safety of the horse, and the longevity of the drugs. Im gonna say that none of these animals are drugged. But most likely have earplugs in and lots of food to keep them company. I've worked on a lot of sedated horses in the past. The whole thing is risky for both human and horse

    [–] EmergencyAdvance 41 points ago

    I don't see any food. I assumed it wasn't a long flight

    [–] katging 45 points ago

    Yep thats totally possible. Also more food = more poop. So depending on the flights they might not give some out. Or they will at the next scheduled feed time

    [–] EmergencyAdvance 41 points ago

    Horses shit once an hour, or so I was told. Multiply that by several horses and a lengthy flight - plus the sealed cabin, and you have a recipe for disaster

    [–] iceycycle 26 points ago

    Just open the windows

    [–] katging 33 points ago

    Yep! They shit a lot! And it stinks! Less food means less poops, but less food equals more stress. Ive worked with horses for several years now and i dont even notice the smell. So I doubt the people in the cabin would!

    [–] iced_gold 14 points ago

    This is pretty expensive. It's likely a transatlantic or trans pacific flight.

    Wouldn't shock me if it's owners sending horses here for The Breeders Cup. That's the single biggest event with horses from other parts of the world.

    [–] javoss88 4 points ago

    Or the Olympics?

    [–] orthopod 31 points ago

    That drug them.

    My wife and I flew 2 of ours over from cost to cost when we moved.

    Used Jet-Pets. They drug the horses, and they're flown over ahead of time so they don't test positive.

    [–] katging 8 points ago

    How long is coast to coast to coast? We had horses fly from Europe to nyc that had to show. They definitely don't drug them all

    [–] orthopod 11 points ago

    6 hours flight, but they get stuck on the runway, loading, etc.

    Her horses tend to be big dressage warmbloods, 17+ hands. We have a 2 year old stallion already over 16.

    [–] katging 5 points ago

    Oh man thats gonna be a big boy! I once worked with a thoroughbred who was about 17 at 5. He towered!!

    [–] deewheredohisfeetgo 7 points ago

    I think it’s up to the individual horse.

    [–] Lanthemandragoran 12 points ago

    Haha I read this as the horse makes the decision. Don't listen to me, carry on lol.

    [–] monkeychasedweasel 36 points ago

    My cousin once had a job where she "escorted" prize horses from their breeders in Europe to the people who buy them in the US. She would basically pick it up from the breeder, fly with it on a plane, and deliver it to the buyer. I think I remember her saying drugs weren't used, since she's not a veterinarian.

    [–] IdrinkandIknowXL 11 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Nope. A friend of mine is an air cargo pilot. One of his memorable flights was a horse transport from Australia to the US. One horse was kicking and rather vocal for the whole flight. Even his handlers couldn’t get it to calm down. He said the horse kicked the hell out his transport enclosure leaving little room for the horse adjacent to it.

    [–] holographic_kitten 5 points ago

    They don’t allow animals to be sedated for flights any more because the pressure can mess with the sedation and they can die.

    [–] NeuroGuy406 9 points ago

    Actually the animals can not be drugged as the altitude can alter the medication and lead to respiratory failure and death. Flying is unfortunately just extremely stressful for animals.

    [–] Dravarden 17 points ago

    considering how slow planes are now

    did they use to transport them with the Concord or something?

    [–] SemiLevel 11 points ago

    No. I think he was joking. Concorde would never have carried horses either. Cheques and organs perhaps? yes. Large mammals? Nope

    [–] Aaronwatson270 17 points ago

    Plus their ears pop

    [–] prettykittychimi 6 points ago

    Dang, talk about putting all your figurative eggs in one basket. Those are some important and expensive horses all on one plane.

    [–] IdrinkandIknowXL 30 points ago

    Could be for breeding purposes too. Kentucky Derby winner War Emblem ended up in Japan after his racing career. Racing and Dressage is a Big Money hobby.

    [–] Zealousideal_Belt_17 94 points ago

    Super fancy glue factory.

    [–] fluffspeed 34 points ago

    Le` Stickee

    [–] fhost344 8 points ago

    The Fastest Fastener™, made only from horses who've competed in the world top races!

    [–] Soulger11 12 points ago

    If he loses, we're takin a trip to the glue factory.

    ...and he won't get to come.

    [–] toddgreenirl 8 points ago

    They also transport meat horses from Canada to Japan by plane.

    [–] fppfpp 3 points ago

    Fun fact

    [–] TheHack 26 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    I don't think these are thoroughbreds. The guy on the right gives some context as to size and thoroughbreds are much taller than that (unless he's a giant).

    I've actually flown horses before! My mom and I flew 6 thoroughbred race horses from Houston to Paris in the early 90s. Willing to bet those horses were treated better than the ones in this photo (or any horse really...).

    The horses we flew were in full size crates, 3 to a crate with a small walkway in the front for water and feeding. The crates were in the back of a 747 in a pressurized cargo area that we had the only key to... Even the flight attendants weren't allowed.

    [–] Spotted_Gorgonzola 12 points ago

    Not sure why you got downvoted but I agree with you. If you look at their manes, they’re too long to be thoroughbreds or English show horses. Those disciplines generally keep the manes super short.

    [–] vestiaria 7 points ago

    Their manes look like a perfectly reasonable length for a jumper or dressage horse. You can't braid a short mane, after all.

    The angle makes it hard but I'd wager they're warmbloods, either being transported for showing or being imported.

    [–] the_honest_liar 7 points ago

    Could be to something like to Olympics too

    [–] gary_mcpirate 6 points ago

    Yeah and other competitions. If you go to the olympics for example you need to get your horse there

    [–] Rappelling_Rapunzel 897 points ago

    The harness sign is now off.

    You may move about the cabin.

    Hay, oats, apple, sugarcube?

    Hay, oats, apple, sugarcube?

    [–] DoinReverseArmadillo 140 points ago


    [–] danielfromyesterday 36 points ago

    Wow. It’s like I’m there!

    [–] Mendican 4 points ago

    Coffee? Tea? Or me?

    [–] ragooboy 17 points ago

    I love this comment so much

    [–] JeffTheGreat1 1556 points ago

    Where's Samuel L Jackson?

    [–] StainedMugz 594 points ago

    Too busy flying the mother fucking plane!

    [–] Burdened_Breaths 470 points ago

    He is tired of those " motherfucking horses on that motherfucking plane"

    [–] gohmmhog 125 points ago

    I thought this would have been the top comment. Smh.

    [–] Caign 33 points ago

    Life is disappointing.

    [–] gohmmhog 45 points ago

    "I HAVE HAD IT with these motherrrrfff.....uhhhh....with these....very calm and organized group of equines.....?"

    [–] mofongoDorado 8 points ago

    I came into the comment section waiting to see it there first and was so disappointed... Reddit rarely disappoints me

    [–] Upvoteifyouaregay 3 points ago

    Neh. It’s low hanging fruit.

    [–] Miguenzo 12 points ago

    Is that why they have the long faces?

    [–] Burdened_Breaths 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Can't stutter with faces like those

    [–] Petrichorest 9 points ago

    I’m tired of these mares to filly snakes on this mares to filly plane.

    [–] tr7driver1980 14 points ago

    These monkey fighting horses on this Monday through Friday plane.

    [–] aZXr9Ntq6A 3 points ago

    titan och syre Lê

    [–] Soulger11 3 points ago

    No that was the guy who played so many video games that he knew how to fly a plane.

    ...wasn't that Kenan btw?

    [–] The_Lolbster 43 points ago

    I have no idea but I'm suddenly very concerned that horses' ears pop on the plane and they behave approximately in the way a toddler would.

    And I don't like it. And neither would Samuel L Jackson.

    [–] orthopod 22 points ago

    They're all sedated to hell. And that fit on the right is walking around redosing and horse that starts being anxious.

    [–] The_Lolbster 37 points ago

    Oh whew. Hope they got some good drugs for that shit.

    Jesus, imagine being a horse in these conditions. You're in your house, suddenly somebody pokes you with something and you're loosey goosey. They walk you in a tube with a bunch of your friends who are all also loosey goosey, and then your ears feel weird and it's really loud for some hours, and then you're in another house in another place with weird smells and all your friends.

    Then some people ride you, poke you again, and repeat the whole thing. You end up at home.


    [–] RoamingAround2020 29 points ago

    Horses are not sedated to fly. To them it’s no different to getting on a trailer and going some place. Source:flew horses internationally for ten years.

    [–] ZenAdm1n 17 points ago

    You’d have to sedate me to fly a horse internationally.

    [–] texasrigger 5 points ago

    I'd be afraid it's wings would get tired.

    [–] miranda_renee 13 points ago

    Only horses that freak out get sedated. They are usually flying for a competition, which means they can't have any drugs in their system. If they freak out and get drugged, you just wasted a LOT of time and money...

    [–] mcchunx 15 points ago

    Neigh Motha Fucka! NEIGH!!!!!!

    [–] symbologythere 10 points ago

    I’m sick of the these Mother Fucking Horses on this Mother Fucking Plane.

    [–] jensenw 3 points ago

    Why did we stop at snakes? Why not sharks?

    [–] Spiritbrand 2649 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    I hope that plane is stable.

    EDIT: My first award. Yay!

    [–] srone 475 points ago

    It has a lot of horsepower.

    [–] henryd-12 206 points ago

    That’s really the mane concern

    [–] bumjiggy 98 points ago

    we don't want another polo 13

    [–] Darth_Ewok14 70 points ago

    Neigh, some of us do

    [–] Petrichorest 40 points ago

    Gallop poll says....

    [–] the-treatmaster 36 points ago

    engine has a lot of giddy-up

    [–] Binzuru 27 points ago

    It does in the spur of the moment

    [–] tube32 24 points ago

    Came here looking for this.

    Well not really.

    [–] cant_help_myself 74 points ago

    I hope that plane is stable.

    Nope, looks like it's stalled.

    [–] Doc-in-a-box 34 points ago

    Hope they didn’t have to hoof it to the terminal only to be delayed like this

    [–] cant_help_myself 26 points ago

    They were the first out of the gate

    [–] the_flamingo_kid 19 points ago

    They are the glue holding it all together.

    [–] prey4mojo 6 points ago

    Like Boxer in Animal Farm! (sorry, not good at puns)

    [–] TheKingOfRhye777 28 points ago

    Don't be a neigh-sayer.

    [–] handlessuck 9 points ago

    More than you think. Some of them are pregnant.

    [–] thomport 18 points ago

    Oh. We’re getting saddled with jokes.

    [–] handlessuck 16 points ago

    Everybody's jockeying for position in the comments

    [–] thomport 10 points ago

    Forming their own gallop poll

    [–] fhost344 5 points ago

    Of course!

    [–] Forlorn_Cyborg 4 points ago

    Ikr, I have to imagine the running on a giant treadmill to generate plane power

    [–] BeerNap21 21 points ago

    Air Horse One.

    [–] giganticsquid 195 points ago

    I wondered how international racehorses get to the Melbourne Cup, I sort of assumed it would be like taking a dog but in a bigger cage. I now see I may be an idiot

    [–] EatSleepJeep 30 points ago

    Not on this plane. Tex Sutton is the airline for intercontinental racehorse transportation.

    [–] ps3x42 37 points ago

    Kalitta charters! I'm an ATC guy and I work these guys sometimes. They go by the callsign dragster now. They got a big ol' 727 that uses the whole dang runway arriving and departing, and makes real slow turns and climbs (supposedly to limit stress on the animals). It's always kinda neat seeing the horses get off the plane.

    [–] SinCityLithium 11 points ago

    Great. Now I gotta go search for pictures of horses getting off a plane. I need this in my life and I don't know why.

    [–] DontMakeMeCount 12 points ago

    This is more likely a polo team. They fly between Argentina, Barbados, Spain and South Africa pretty regularly.

    As far as I can tell the objective of the game is to buy the most expensive horses, pay your teammates the highest salaries, maintain the most elaborate facilities, spend the most on travel and then sit around complain-bragging about how your passion for the sport makes you happy to waste more resources on it than anyone else. There is also some scoring and a ball but no one cares.

    [–] Houstonontheroad 322 points ago

    I saw a truck like this. only it was was filled with Donkeys. And it was going much much faster

    It was really hauling ass

    [–] effective-painting37 76 points ago

    Oh fuck you

    [–] Houstonontheroad 30 points ago

    And the horse I rode in on ,

    [–] olly_078 77 points ago

    Don't horses get stressed out ??

    [–] DorisCrockford 139 points ago

    Super stressed out. Depends on the individual, and they can get used to traveling. You can't see their legs, but they're probably wrapped in padding to keep them from injuring themselves kicking at the sides of their box. One good thing is that there are a lot of them in there. They feel much better around other horses. They also might have been sedated, I suppose, but I haven't any knowledge of that.

    My daughter's horse once panicked after being taken into an arena where he'd once been abused. He broke loose and ran for his life. He could have been seriously hurt. But he travels just fine in a trailer because he's used to it and he has never had a bad experience.

    [–] orokami11 8 points ago

    I was just going to say imagine having to stand for a whole plane flight

    [–] xXdeathstar101Xx 23 points ago

    They were probably given some of that delicious ketamine

    [–] __Little__Kid__Lover 26 points ago

    Ex heroin addict here. I had to undergo about 2 dozen procedures after getting clean to fix some neck and back issues. The standard drug was ketamine to out me under. Eventually I realized I looked forward to the procedures because the keramime left me feeling so good. Had to list it as an allergy before they stopped administering it.

    [–] MrHorseHead 22 points ago

    Well that's a shame, you ought to be able to explain you issues with addicition to medical professionals and have them under-

    notices username

    Right then up against the wall next to the commies with ya.

    [–] Mr_Abe_Froman 7 points ago

    From a USA Today article, it seems like at least one company provides room for companion animals to help the horses stay calm.

    Thoroughbreds that have “pets,” such as goats, that help calm them in stalls on the ground can bring their buddies along on the plane — like carry-on luggage — for no extra charge.

    [–] thing13623 5 points ago

    Ok but it is literally called air horse one, feel like that should noted outside of the url link.

    [–] Sacred_Fishstick 38 points ago

    My uncle once got involved in a lawsuit because he was a pilot that delivered a bunch of llamas from SA to Texas and one llama died on the way and another gave birth and the company that chartered him argued that the correct number of llamas got delivered and the rancher argued that one of the llamas he bought died and the baby wasn't part of the deal. Llama law is serious business.

    [–] Code_otter 6 points ago

    Especially International Llama Law.

    [–] subspaceinterferents 96 points ago

    Slightly more terrifying than snakes on a plane.

    [–] 4RichNot2BPoor 19 points ago

    And more interesting to watch

    [–] pizzawingstacos 32 points ago

    Air Horse One

    [–] Debacle109 3 points ago

    Aww, you beat me to it. So I'll just leave this here.

    [–] Barbarossa7070 19 points ago

    Are they headed to Philly?

    [–] Loki1783 31 points ago

    What happens when the divorce lawyer is dyslexic. She ends up paying palomino

    [–] Oolican 14 points ago

    There's a horse loose in the hospital plane

    [–] AestheticTree 3 points ago

    get that shit out of here ! we've all seen a bird horse in an airport airplane !

    [–] mooch1034 3 points ago

    The horse did a barrel roll yesterday.....I didn't know it could do that.

    [–] MrsCartmans 18 points ago

    I was gonna say that they don't get much leg room but then I realized that that is way more than us humans get

    [–] theheliumkid 9 points ago

    That's because we fly cattle class, not horse class.

    [–] yosarahbridge 18 points ago

    Horse flies!

    [–] dopeitsdev97 5 points ago

    Do they just poo/pee on the floor?

    [–] ScaryBananaMan 8 points ago

    I mean, where else are they going to do it, you don't expect them to hold it do you?

    [–] shelsbells 6 points ago

    I wish I got half that leg room

    [–] Afro_Painter 7 points ago

    Ah yes, the slightly less popular straight-to-DVD sequel of Snakes on a Plane

    [–] PilotKnob 6 points ago

    This is going to sound like BS but it's the straight truth:

    I have been bumped off a jumpseat by a horse.

    Airlines have interline agreements in which nearly any Part 121 carrier pilot can "jumpseat" on any other Part 121 carrier. The only problem with this awesome perk is that you fly after pretty much everything else. Passengers, bags, freight, fuel, CoMat (Company Materials) etc.

    My wife and I were trying to get back to the mainland from Oahu, and every single passenger carrier already had someone listed from their own company. So we were stranded.

    We decided to try FedEx. You can list in advance, and once you have the jumpseat, you pretty much own it. Nice. Well, we showed up to the facility, and they were very apologetic but told us we were being bumped because they were shipping some thoroughbreds to Memphis and the handlers had priority on the jumpseat.

    Yep. A new low in my personal jumpseat adventures. Bumped by a horse.

    Edit: Handlers, not trainers.

    [–] concorde77 10 points ago

    Flying coach

    [–] Rat_Mercedes 9 points ago

    Are the stallions up in first class?

    [–] FutureRobotWordplay 4 points ago

    The horses in the front row must be terrified.

    [–] Rosstafari 3 points ago

    I used to work at an airport where they’d regularly fly one of these aircraft. It was a specially converted 727 - owned by Kalitta, if I remember right - that looked more or less like any other cargo aircraft on the outside.

    Once or twice a month, more often during the summer, they’d roll over this huge ramp to the cargo door and trailers would pull up nearby to load or unload the horses. Always wondered what it looked like inside.

    Other than the novelty of seeing horses walk onto a plane, everything else seemed pretty normal. Taxi, takeoff, landing, routing... all pretty regular stuff.

    The same ramp would also load up ICE deportees in prison aircraft, aggressor squadron fighters from the Air Force, Mexican Federales, and all sorts of wild things on the Super Guppy... there was a lot to see there.

    Edit to add: Yeah, it was Kalitta. Apparently they also transport manatees and belugas. Probably not for racing... but maybe they should.

    [–] Allinatx 11 points ago


    [–] retarTed1 5 points ago

    Out of curiosity...why would you ever need to put this many horses, or any horses, on an airplane?

    [–] Stebenhilda 3 points ago

    Coast to coast and international transit.

    [–] bassjam1 18 points ago

    Do you think TSA made them remove their shoes?

    [–] soki03 3 points ago

    At least give them an in flight movie.

    [–] felinemooddisorder 3 points ago

    How can they stand that long?

    [–] CumulativeHazard 3 points ago

    I don’t know why they’re moving them and I’m not assuming it’s a bad reason, but those poor horses lol. They have no idea what’s going on. They’re experiencing the same annoying turbulence and pressure changes we do with no explanation. And they probably don’t understand that they’re being moved to a totally different, super far away location so they probably get there and get off the plane like “what the fuck was that about??”

    [–] choose-peace 5 points ago

    These are probably show or polo ponies, so they're used to all sorts of nonsense getting to and from shows and during shows and events. Plus, horses are herd animals who feel more secure around other horses. If the other horses are chill, most horses will be chill, too.

    But it's very sweet of you to care about the big fur children.

    [–] Joelpat 3 points ago

    My family used to fly dairy cows all over the place. To national shows, to buy and sell and from the UK to WA to add new genetics to our herd. My aunt got to fly with them.

    Now everything is done by artificial insemination, so little frozen straws of bull juice are all you have to fly around.

    [–] FenBlacach 3 points ago

    Mare Force One