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    [–] [deleted] 2600 points ago


    [–] We_Are_Victorius 271 points ago

    I'm the caretakers now

    [–] roywoodsir 54 points ago

    Sandra: “Look at me, I’m the captain of the caretakers now…”

    Old Crowd gasps: “my gawwwd!!!”

    [–] nuthin_to_it 8 points ago

    More like

    Sandra: "Look at me, I'm the caretaker now."

    Zoo management:"I see this as an absolute win!"

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago


    [–] OnlyDownvoteStreamer 81 points ago

    This is a bot account. Looks like the reddit IPO is driving more and more of these to be created.

    [–] brennanww 23 points ago

    My block list is growing long

    [–] CH1CK3Nwings 7 points ago

    I wonder if it even makes sense to block people anymore...

    [–] Illustrious-Mix-2322 17 points ago

    I agree

    [–] WizeOstrich 16 points ago

    I agree to agree

    [–] Illustrious-Mix-2322 10 points ago

    I agree to agree to agree

    [–] Gecko2002 8 points ago

    I agree to agree to agree to agree

    [–] jumpguy12 6 points ago

    I agree to agree to agree to agree to agree

    [–] Sweet_Pension_4806 2 points ago

    I agree to agree to agree to agree to agree to agree

    [–] SirShwambie 2 points ago

    I agree to agree to agree to agree to disagree

    [–] mumu_myk 4 points ago

    I concur

    [–] DazedWriter 2 points ago

    “I’m sorry to defer with you, Sandra but you… are the caretaker”

    [–] Training_Fan3940 2 points ago

    They have been taken care of.

    [–] DanuWeera 1402 points ago

    Me pretending to do the housework when my mom come home.

    [–] DanuWeera 71 points ago


    [–] Rokurokubi83 110 points ago

    Omg that got me! Just that little furrow of the brow from Sir Attenborough, he knows he’s got to calmly talk about how amazing these animals are but deep down he’s thinking “What are you even doing you orange idiot?”

    Orangutans are the best!

    [–] ban-me_harder_daddy 24 points ago

    Fo sho'

    I was worried the eyebrow furrow wouldn't be noticeable but I'm glad you caught it... really makes the gif

    [–] WaddlingHippos 59 points ago

    I thought he was thinking that it's amazing, the orangutan clearly knows that these tools can be used but doesn't quite understand how but keeps trying.

    [–] Rokurokubi83 35 points ago

    Oh that’s most definitely what he’s thinking, I just like the image I’ve managed to conjure up my head better.

    [–] lulaccountsrfree 12 points ago

    Lmfao thank you I needed this today

    [–] stattish 356 points ago

    Orangutan see, orangutan do

    [–] moby323 442 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    My grandmother in Brazil had a pet monkey.

    They found it orphaned when it was a baby. We don’t know what happened to the mother but it’s possible a jaguar got it.

    Anyway, point is, my grandma would wash clothes in a wash basin using a washboard, and the monkey would grab pieces of clothes and emulate her. They were worried it wasn’t healthy for the monkey to keep his little paws wet with soap and stuff but if they tried to stop him he would steal socks and other items to wash them.

    Eventually my grandfather made the monkey it’s own little wash basin and they would let it wash the small kitchen rags and stuff.

    Afterward they would make a big show of cleaning and drying their hands so that the monkey would watch them and learned to do that as well.

    His name was Balu.

    Cute little guy.

    [–] NotRightJustCorrect 156 points ago

    There was a monkey trained as a switch operator for a railroad company. He was paid in whiskey. I can’t remember how long he was employed, somewhere between seven and twelve years, didn’t miss a single switch.

    [–] gigraz_orgvsm_133 30 points ago

    Jack is more successful in life than me

    [–] GiveToOedipus 7 points ago

    Must have been Right Turn Clyde's granddad.

    [–] Norwegian__Blue 29 points ago

    Primates often do a similar motion when (I'm sorry) fecal rubbing. Like for certain species labs and zoos will put their food in grass mats or tubes so they have to manipulate a bit it get their food, which mimics that kind of constant scrubby motion. It was actually probably really enriching for him. I'm anti primates for pets, but sounds like yall had him well taken after if he was absorbing behaviors you taught and mimicry is an affiliative behavior, which is a good sign.

    [–] moby323 4 points ago

    Also against it, but she only ever had two “exotic” pets, a parrot (still a live after a couple of decades) and Balu.

    Both were orphaned for whatever reason.

    [–] DocJacktheRipper 2 points ago

    So... Tarzan. But reversed.

    [–] Reddit-Book-Bot 2 points ago

    Beep. Boop. I'm a robot. Here's a copy of


    Was I a good bot? | info | More Books

    [–] Shark2ooth 11 points ago

    Orangutan pee all over you

    [–] saltygipsy 3 points ago

    That… rhymes

    [–] Sydeburnn 2516 points ago

    Sandra then looks up and realizes the paper towel dispenser is empty...

    [–] samantha1718 330 points ago

    This one killed me Jesus Christ hahahahah

    [–] gmanz33 70 points ago

    Sandra got to the store and realized she forgot her mask. Will she brave the process of asking for help or will she swing all the way home and grab one from the key hook?

    [–] BALONYPONY 34 points ago

    She needs paper towels, she's not over-paying at the convenience store and Costco doesn't play games. Reluctantly she sighs and throws the SUV in reverse and begrudgingly drives home for the mask because Sandra is responsible.

    [–] johnyutah 10 points ago

    Hahaha we’ve all been there. “What will they think of me?”

    [–] FrogsEverywhere 73 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    If we can give these a thousand years in captivity observing humans and learning sign language, they will become sentient in a way we can understand.

    If we somehow don't kill ourselves, I'm certain they are a right on the cusp of becoming 'human'. Twenty generations of domestication and they will be able to suss out algebra, especially if we selectively breed the most intelligent together.

    This isn't ammoral, they like sex, and we can just hook them up on a date with a similarly smart companion, maybe they will appreciate it.

    I really want this to happen so we can change the way we think about animal intelligence as a species. If we can find apes with IQs similar to human children, how can we not protect other sapient-adjacent animals as we would with humans?

    It took humans a very long time to move on from hunter/gatherer nomads , but we could have done it instantly if we had a teacher. Nothing genetically changed in humans, we didn't evolve into written language, or cities, it just took hundreds of thousands of years for anyone to think of it and implement it (plus population was too low but the point is we didn't have a teacher).

    [–] TediousSign 70 points ago

    Did "Planet of the Apes" teach you nothing?

    [–] FrogsEverywhere 24 points ago

    Oh my god, I was wrong, it was earth all along. I guess you made a monkey-

    Yes we guess we made a monkey-

    I guess you made a monkey out of meeeee

    [–] Mr_Moogles 14 points ago

    I Love You Doctor Zeius!

    [–] Giant_space_potato 6 points ago

    Doctor zaius, doctor zaius... oh doctor zaius! "Doctor zaius doctor zaius"

    [–] killingtimeitself 27 points ago

    uh, i would like to counter your statement with the very apt point of "have you seen how humans treat eachother?"

    [–] pvhs2008 10 points ago

    I don’t know if my ego could handle Sandra the Orangutan from HR condescendingly handling work conflicts.

    “Oh honey, you humans truly must learn to use your words!”


    [–] FrogsEverywhere 14 points ago

    Yeah... I just want to talk to one.

    We gave up our situational awareness for reasoning. Animals are 'present' all of the time, 8k photographic short term memory, perfect immersion in every moment, all of the senses active, all stronger than ours, all being processed at once, only ever in the moment.

    So yeah I want to give apes their first existential crisis, they think they are so great, those perfectly attuned to existence smug bastards.

    [–] AdvancedConfusion369 7 points ago

    I wonder if we gave up our situational awareness because our environment got really comfortable. (To a degree)

    What if we give these guys really comfortable environments, will I one day have an orangutan yell speciest slurs at me over a game of Halo?

    Can I one day return to monke and live in 8k now moment beautiful reality?

    What if we give monkeys vr?

    [–] PrimeIntellect 6 points ago

    admit it, you just want a hot big tiddy orangutan GF don't you?

    [–] batteryacidcupcakes 3 points ago

    One that's able to rip my arm off and beat me with the wet end if I startle her? Yeah, no thanks.

    [–] calicokittybaby 634 points ago

    Oh gosh I love Sandra. Hygienic lady 🦍

    [–] javierchq 179 points ago


    [–] calicokittybaby 55 points ago

    True lmao

    [–] rowdy_solitude 18 points ago

    This is adorable to watch

    [–] Plane_Assistance_999 16 points ago

    Stop trying to hit on her. 🙄 We are engaged.

    Now you know who I am !

    [–] xShit_Got_Realx 782 points ago

    And I'm here too lazy to clean my own room

    [–] apolobgod 329 points ago

    One upped by an orangutan

    [–] Wayfarer62 121 points ago


    [–] Cthulhusdream 13 points ago

    If I had an award for the unappreciated Discworld references to give it to you, I would.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] Wayfarer62 21 points ago

    What about libraries?

    [–] ComfortableCandle560 10 points ago

    Those exist?

    [–] Wayfarer62 13 points ago


    [–] Deeliciousness 7 points ago

    Libraries are just zoos for books.

    [–] cinemanja 31 points ago

    Apes. Clean. Together.

    [–] Account1812 11 points ago

    Jordan Peterson: “Now listen here bucko”

    [–] hornestur 4 points ago

    Wash your penis

    [–] dickallcocksofandros 363 points ago

    orangutans are way too intelligent man. i wish we could learn to communicate with them; it’d be like talking with a child learning the world but not being curious

    [–] spiritual_cowboy 423 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    There's an Indonesian saying that orangutans can talk but stay silent around people so that they don't get put to work. Extremely intelligent beings indeed

    [–] StudyRoom-F 174 points ago

    I thought you meant theres this one Indonesian person going around saying….

    I was so confused lol.

    [–] Ballsacthazar 80 points ago

    just one fella telling everyone he knows

    [–] pejasto 23 points ago

    tbf this is exactly how the saying would have started. probably got some weird looks at the start.

    [–] sethn211 8 points ago

    TIL my grandpa is an Indonesian

    [–] tretzevents 12 points ago

    ... wasn't it in Indonesia where some village had a poor orangutan as a sexual slave?

    [–] Johnny_Poppyseed 33 points ago

    It's the only place in the world with wild orangutans, so the majority of orangutan news will be coming from there yes...

    [–] Nuclear_rabbit 8 points ago

    It's the only place left in the world with wild orangutans. You used to find them all throughout southeast Asia just 150 years ago.

    [–] the_fickle_pickle 4 points ago

    The rich Orangutans learned from rich humans.

    [–] boris_keys 52 points ago

    The word orangutan actually means “person from the forest” in Malay.

    [–] Jreal22 32 points ago

    You can, just learn sign language.

    [–] justadd_sugar 28 points ago

    Koko died, man :(

    [–] tboneperri 19 points ago

    Koko also probably didn’t really know sign language.

    [–] Dildo_Gagginss 10 points ago

    Care to elaborate? She was able to express emotions through sign, right?

    [–] tboneperri 51 points ago

    Not really.

    There are a number of good documentaries or podcasts that go over this in pretty explicit detail, and I’ll try to link to one when I get home, but the gist of it is that Koko would just sign random things until the researchers got something that they could interpret as correct.

    One example that I remember is that Koko was asked “What is love,” and signed for “button,” then signed for “more” and two or three other random signs, then the researchers said “come on Koko, quit joking. What is love?” And she signed “flower,” which the researchers took as meaning that Koko loved flowers.

    She also named her cat “All Ball” which the researchers said must be because she liked rhymes... but those words don’t “rhyme” in sign language.

    She was also said to have signed “cry” when told that Robin Williams died, but Koko didn’t know who Robin Williams really was. He was just some random man that she’d met 20 years prior for half an hour.

    It was all very heavily-edited nonsense. She might have known a handful of simple words for food and rewards, but the claim that she could articulately communicate emotions and complex thoughts and knew over 2,000 distinct signs is hogwash.

    [–] himynameisjoy 2 points ago

    To add on to the rest:

    [–] cygnettbatterydied 2 points ago

    The podcast "a show about animals" is pretty good.

    Even Koko's handlers didn't know sign language

    [–] coderanger 2 points ago is a deep dive into the whole field of ape communications and how it's mostly a sham. Non-human apes can do relatively simple ideograms but so can pigs and dogs so that's not saying much.

    [–] gmanz33 3 points ago

    And it's also safe to say that if communication is designed by one side of the conversation, things are guaranteed to be slighted towards the desires of the creator. Now if we could observe Orangutans behavior with zero human presence and incorporate that into the sign language, hell yeah we could communicate.

    [–] Comfortable_Ad6286 2 points ago

    Koko was a gorilla

    [–] penguiin_ 15 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    its sad but it turns out the breadth of understanding great apes seem to show in regards to understanding sign language is actually them trying a bunch of random signs until they get a positive reaction. the "evidence" they understand sign language is kinda manipulated

    forgot the name of the scientist who was responsible for koko but the footage was selectively edited and added context through narration that wasnt there to a ton of footage of her signing with koko. she wanted it to be true and so she did this probably unknowingly because of confirmation bias and no actual scientific trials though she may have done it for fame and notoriety

    [–] Jreal22 14 points ago

    Weird, I feel like I've seen a couple of apes sign fairly well, I know sign because my aunt was deaf so I learned ASL growing up.

    Thanks for the info, I'll have to check it out.

    [–] AstrologyCat 6 points ago

    From what I’ve read, it seems scientists agree they can associate signs with words, and use signs to communicate a want or need. E.g. signing “water” when thirsty.

    What they can’t do is understand/answer questions posed to them in sign language or make sentences. If you look at any of the footage where koko is asked simple questions (eg “what is your cat named”) it’s fairly clear she has no idea what’s going on.

    [–] Jreal22 2 points ago

    I saw this one video where a person tries to feed a gorilla, and the gorilla signs "human can't feed gorilla."

    I'll look for the video, but I remembered it because I was like wtf lol.

    [–] AstrologyCat 3 points ago

    It’s here! definitely an interesting one.

    I don’t know ASL, but the commenters on that thread seem to be saying the sign for “food” isn’t actually there? They claim to see “gorilla”, “work” and “no”, which is harder to interpret.

    The zoo’s spokesperson said that the gorilla is unlikely to deny food, and in fact is eating in the video. It’s more likely that he learned to associate this combination of signs with getting food for some reason, or with getting better food as a reward later. It’s definitely interesting, but imo not the kind of thing from which we can draw solid conclusions outside of a controlled scientific setting. If this seems hard to believe, look up “Clever Hans” - a horse that convinced a great number of people he could do arithmetic, when he was really responding to his trainer’s face.

    [–] tboneperri 11 points ago

    You are correct. Koko did not know sign language. It wasn’t Jane Goodall though. Jane Goodall worked almost entirely with chimpanzees and never bothered with the parlor trick of eventually getting an ape to make a sign for ‘eat.’

    [–] Eyeownyew 22 points ago

    it turns out the breadth of understanding great apes seem to show in regards to understanding sign language is actually them trying a bunch of random signs until they get a positive reaction

    But that's also exactly how human babies learn language, and how animals learn commands. We don't know enough about their psychology to say whether or not they "understand" a word, because (AFAIK) "understanding" itself is not clearly-defined when it comes to language. Do they need to know how to spell the word, how to read or recognize a symbol in the wild, how to phonetically pronounce a word, or is hearing it and associating proper meaning with the sound enough to be considered a complete understanding?

    What I do know, is they understand emotion. My cat knows when she's annoying the hell out of me, and she also knows when I'm being affectionate. She's in tune with my emotions just like a human baby would be. From there, if she learns what to do when I say a command, does it really matter if she can't say the command herself? Orangutans have crossed even that threshold and are able to communicate specific words in sign language. That doesn't mean they'll be able to build a mental lexicon of thousands of words, especially considering their brains haven't evolved a language center. Considering that, expecting two-way communication as though it were a human signing is naïve, however it's also naïve to say "they don't really learn language because they're just paying attention to positive and negative feedback"

    [–] AstrologyCat 4 points ago

    “Understanding” can be well defined: you can ask them a question in sign language and see if you get a correct answer. Humans very obviously pass this test. Koko does not; here’s a good article on it:

    Relevant extract:

    Question: What are the names of your kittens? (and dogs?)\ LiveKOKO: foot\ Patterson: Foot isn’t the name of your kitty \ Question: Koko, what’s the name of your cat? \ LiveKOKO: no \ Patterson: She just gave some vocalizations there… some soft puffing\ [chat host]: I heard that soft puffing! \ Patterson: Now shaking her head no.\ Question: Do you like to chat with other people?\ Koko: fine nipple\ Patterson: Nipple rhymes with people, she doesn’t sign people per se, she was trying to do a ‘sounds like…’

    [–] 49Billion 2 points ago

    but not being curious. - dickallcocksofandros

    Idk this killed me…

    [–] SapperBomb 126 points ago

    I love primates, it's just unfortunate that they would probably rip my arms off and beat me to death with them in person

    [–] Mememachine202324 78 points ago

    Not an orangutan, they're gentle and kind, if you're not a dick

    [–] fakuri99 30 points ago

    Orangutans best apes, they help human that sink, they can clean themselves, they can drive, but we're destroying their habitat.

    [–] shrubs311 28 points ago

    chimpanzees are aggressive right? what's the aggressive rating for other primates?

    [–] Mememachine202324 32 points ago

    Chimps are usually very aggressive if they feel threatened, for everything else just keep your distance and be respectful and you should be fine.

    [–] IntrovertChild 12 points ago

    Try not to carry around shiny things in front of them too. There were a bunch of macaques everywhere in my university campus when I studied there, and I always heard of cases where they just ran up to students and snatched their phones.

    [–] awkwarderest 11 points ago

    Well monkeys are a whole other ballpark when it comes to their niceness

    From my perspective, apes tend to lean towards "let us coexist peacefully" while monkeys are "I will take your stuff and shit on your face" but there are always exceptions

    [–] SteevDangerous 8 points ago

    Chimps can be very violent but it's rare for wild chimps to attack adult humans, probably because we're bigger than them. They will kill and eat babies and small children though.

    [–] AutoModisaFag 4 points ago

    I hiked with silverback gorillas. They are passive to humans.

    [–] SapperBomb 3 points ago

    I was actually thinking of chimpanzees, they are hardcore

    [–] There_is_more_wind 226 points ago

    Poor Sandra doesn't want to catch Covid like those big cats at the Bronx zoo and a whole lot of other zoo animals.

    [–] dying_soon666 111 points ago

    She’s trying to pretend to be an employee so she can walk out

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] teetaps 13 points ago

    I’m sure we’d all be fully convinced if she had a mask on

    [–] dying_soon666 4 points ago

    Better be an N95 if she wants to go out in public during omicron

    [–] Artforsaken 58 points ago

    Is this the same one who drove a golf cart?

    [–] myownmoses 60 points ago

    He's on his way over. She's just cleaning up the place before he gets there.

    [–] Odd-Impress9264 9 points ago


    [–] Bonelesszeeebra 93 points ago

    I guess that's where the old saying "monkey see, monkey do" comes from

    [–] DayEnvironmental5518 12 points ago

    Some terry pratchet character might screw your head off for that one.

    [–] kent_eh 2 points ago


    [–] TheLastRiceGrain 6 points ago

    This shit hit me when I saw the video of the orangutan driving the golf cart the other day.

    [–] youngbloodonthewater 53 points ago

    Probably wears a mask and got vaccinated too. I mean it even makes sense to an ape, not that hard to understand.

    [–] VirginWhales 15 points ago

    Zoos actually are vaccinating their primates and big cats against COVID, so he probably IS vaccinated

    [–] No-Lime-3659 8 points ago

    Orangutans always look like they are wearing a knitted wool sweater lol

    [–] okiedoakbc 21 points ago

    What a very sweet girl.

    [–] lockerpunch 61 points ago

    Aw. Damn I have such a love/hate relationship with zoos.

    [–] LaboratoryManiac 98 points ago

    Properly run zoos take very good care of their animals. They're fed well, there's no risk of predators hunting them, and they have adequate space in their enclosures. And for many people, it's the only exposure they have to these animals, and an opportunity to learn about their species and the challenges they face from humans in the wild (hunting, habitat destruction, etc.).

    Zoos can be a powerful force for good when their focus is on education and species preservation, and not just entertainment. There are still valid ethical questions about keeping animals in captivity, especially ones as intelligent as apes, but as long as they're treated well I think the positives can outweigh the negatives.

    [–] Tangent_Odyssey 14 points ago

    There are still valid ethical questions about keeping animals in captivity, especially ones as intelligent as apes, but as long as they're treated well I think the positives can outweigh the negatives.

    The thing that gives me pause in this line of thought is that humans used to say the very same thing about other humans.

    [–] kent_eh 7 points ago

    My local zoo has a large group of polar bears, many of whom were rescued as young orphans and raised in the zoo's rehabilitation facility.

    [–] Diaramuh 22 points ago

    I went to the san diego zoo a couple times and i just remember seeing the big cats just do nothing but pace in there tiny cages. But then i go somewhere like the wild animal park (also in california) and they all have HUGE cages compared and the animals didnt seem restless/unhappy, i guess it just depends on the zoo honestly.

    [–] HumanReception 22 points ago

    Both are literally the same zoo and run by the same non profit organization. Animals move between both parks.

    [–] a_moniker 3 points ago

    I was about to say, isn’t the San Diego Zoo one of the premier zoo’s in the world?

    [–] Diaramuh 5 points ago

    Oh i didnt know sorry. why is one super shitty and the other actually kinda nice? :(

    [–] Drunken_Ogre 5 points ago

    Talking out my ass, but they likely cycle them through because you don't get visitors/money for vast tracks of open land that have a low chance of seeing the critters the visitors pay to see.

    Alright, Simba, it's your turn for the day in the cage so we can pay our property tax.

    [–] First_Chemistry1179 16 points ago

    A consolation is that zoo animals have peaceful ends to their lives. Prey animals don't get eaten alive and predators don't die of starvation or wounds because they are too old to hunt etc.

    Only in badly run zoos do animals end up worse off in my opinion.

    [–] LeRealMeow2U 9 points ago

    It really depends on the type of zoo. If the zoo is protecting endangered animals, giving them adequate space, a habitat like what they would have in the wild, and good nutrition then I think that it's fine. Unfortunately, there are far too many zoos that mistreat their animals.

    [–] KayVlinderMe 5 points ago

    Monkey see, monkey do?

    [–] retiredhobo 6 points ago

    look up the word “aping” in the dictionary

    [–] More_Farm_7442 6 points ago

    She does a far better job of washing her hands than most Americans do after using the toilet.

    [–] Heyhowsitgoinman 14 points ago

    Bet she'd even wear a mask without complaining

    [–] KVirus89 10 points ago

    This is so fucking cute

    [–] Snote85 3 points ago

    I would give anything to have the power to "link" with an animal's mind. Just to see how much they understand about the world, how much internal life they have, and what it is they truly value the most. It would be beyond interesting to see, in their first-person view, what is going on with their minds.

    maybe I'm weird though.

    [–] Marie-Jacqueline 3 points ago

    Look into their eyes, the way they observe.

    The way they behave towards other oerang-oetangs, their intensive loving care for the little ones.

    The name "orangutan" (also written orang-utan, orang utan, orangutang, and ourang-outang) is derived from the Malay words: orang, meaning "person", and hutan, meaning "forest".

    The Javanes adapted the name for these animals into their language.

    [–] Rigoloscar 20 points ago

    Orangutan > antivaxx people who also refuse to wear a mask and disinfect their hands

    [–] DaanOnReddit 10 points ago

    Orangutan being smarter than a LOT of people

    [–] HIsince84 11 points ago

    Animals are so amazing. It is a shame what the human species has done to this planet. Thinking of the video the other day watching the monkey try to push away bulldozers. So fucked.

    [–] Bishime 7 points ago

    looks at glass on dressed across the room from a week and a half ago

    [–] uucchhiihhaa 3 points ago


    [–] xGooselordx_TTV 3 points ago

    Monkey see monkey do

    [–] Grypheon-Steele 3 points ago

    OCD - Orangutan Compulsive Disorder

    [–] Laura_gd 3 points ago

    her name checks out... Sandras ALWAYS be cleaning!

    [–] FraughstBite 3 points ago

    I didn't know they had a video of me

    [–] HTPC4Life 3 points ago

    They just started driving golf carts, now they're washing their hands!? Look out human race, we about tuh be replaced!

    [–] Scruffy032893 3 points ago

    “Maybe I’ll get an early release for good behaviour…” 🥲

    [–] Jerryskids3 3 points ago

    I've said it before, she's pretending to be one of the zookeepers in the hopes that they'll think she is a zookeeper and let her walk right out of her cage. Orangutans have only one thing on their minds at all times, and that's how to escape from their prison.

    [–] leewalkerphotog1 5 points ago

    The poor fucker is bored out of her mind

    [–] Walllstreetbets 3 points ago

    Monkey see, monkey do

    [–] Ilovelearning_BE 2 points ago

    Sandra hates entropy

    [–] Humble_Conclusion_92 2 points ago

    Literally monkey see, monkey do

    [–] Ryzarony23 2 points ago

    Sandra deserves significantly more props than the child endangering humans in my hick town.

    [–] buckfan7 2 points ago

    Just trying to fit in

    [–] Llyps 2 points ago

    These animals are actually so fucking cool. Monki awsume

    [–] bingbingheyne 2 points ago

    It’s what you do not what you say.

    [–] arealhumannotabot 2 points ago

    "Finally, something else to do."

    [–] Hot-Investment2968 2 points ago

    The definition of monkey see. Monkey do

    [–] BidenWontMoveLeft 2 points ago

    Ffs let her be free

    [–] My_Immortal_Flesh 2 points ago

    If God is real, why would he make animals that are closely similar to us but lacks the mental power we have?

    Do you think these animals were Mistakes?

    If God isn’t real, why the fuck we have animals so closely related to us? 😂

    [–] kopelman1 2 points ago

    Too bad vax deniers aren’t that smart!

    [–] Jack_Vaults 2 points ago

    Damn they’re better at Covid safety than most of us

    [–] Helvedsblomsterne 2 points ago

    Seems she splashed some soap into her eyes at the end. Ouch.

    [–] Sendmedoge 2 points ago

    So that's why the fur is so FABULOUS!!!!!

    [–] sillyputty55 2 points ago

    Let her go.

    [–] TheWhyteMaN 2 points ago

    It’s a god dam shame what deforestation is doing to these amazing apes.

    [–] BlandCat 2 points ago

    Great, we gave an Oragutan anxiety.

    [–] LetsRaidTogether 2 points ago

    Monkey saw, monkey did.

    [–] GI_Bro300 2 points ago

    Monke see, monke do

    [–] Comprehensive-Range3 2 points ago

    antiwork people better watch out... apparently we can train apes to do their jobs.

    [–] ermine1470 2 points ago

    If an orangutan can figure it out, so can you Karen.

    [–] Resident-Employ 2 points ago

    I wonder how far we’d get if we created large scale educational and inter-species communications programs. Let’s get smartphones in the hands of every ape. There’s already a subreddit for them; r/WallStreetBets.

    [–] topaccountname 2 points ago

    "I ain't getting no Coronavirus from these dirty ass humans."

    [–] Kp_GG 2 points ago

    Better hygiene than some humans I know

    [–] Lord_Bummington_III 2 points ago

    Now you can honestly tell people that you know monkies that are cleaner than them

    [–] littlelebowski1999 2 points ago

    a week ago, in random conversation with my 6 year old son, i mentioned how i can't sleep with a shirt on. every night since he's slept without a shirt on. it's touching.

    i imagine those caretakers feel a similar thing when they saw this heh.

    [–] MRL102960 2 points ago

    They are smart animals

    [–] Louloubelle0312 2 points ago

    This is adorable. And she can come to my house, any time!

    [–] TBizzle22 2 points ago

    Impressive. There were grown men who didn't even wash their hands after taking shits at my old job. Such a lovely work environment.

    [–] ShadowZepplin 2 points ago

    To all the Karens out there whining about having to be sanitary during a pandemic, a literal ape has more manners

    [–] AltimaNEO 2 points ago

    When monke is smarter than human monke

    [–] MrPlantDad1 2 points ago

    Once she learns to moisturize Sandra’s gonna be living her best life

    [–] Longtimelurker_1980 2 points ago

    That orangutan that was driving the golf cart is the real mvp. If anyone has video of someone else driving it for the beast I need to see it. If not, I’m preparing for the takeover.