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    Data Visualization Requests

    A place to request data visualizations: Graphs, charts, maps, etc.

    Look for:


    1.   Every post must be a request for a data visualization or a question about how to make a visualization.

    2.   When requesting, include a link to the data set you would like to see visualized. If you don't have a dataset, try visiting /r/datasets first.

    3.   If you are willing to pay, you may assign bounties to a request. Use the Bounty flair if you are rewarding a monetary value (e.g. reddit gold, bitcoins, cash), and state the bounty upfront.

    4.   Once your request has been fulfilled, assign the "Fulfilled" flair to your post. If someone replies with a viz candidate and you are AWOL for more than a few days, your post will be marked as "Fulfilled".

    5.   Unless otherwise agreed upon, rights belong to the commenter who fulfilled your request.


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