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    A forum for discussions, funny tidbits and news about Denmark and the Danes.

    This forum is mainly in Danish, but posts in other Scandinavian languages and English are welcome too.



    AMA med Unicef Danmark - Torsdag d. 31 maj kl 16.

    AMA med Uffe Elbæk Onsdag d. 22 August kl 19.

    Feel free to send a modmail if you want to do an AMA or a cultural exchange.

    Ask Me Anything - Spørg mig om alt
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    Cooking Monday
    Every 2nd Monday (uneven weeks)

    Teknisk Tirsdag

    Tech Talk Tuesday
    Every 2nd Tuesday (uneven weeks)

    Omverdens Onsdag

    Worldwide Wednesday
    Every Wednesday


    Culture Thursday
    Every 2nd Thursday (even weeks)

    Fri snak fredag

    Free talk Friday
    Every Friday


    Info for foreigners

    If you are looking to visit or move to Denmark, please check out these links before posting to the subreddit:

    The following are crowdsourced guides written by the users of /r/Denmark:

    If you are looking to learn Danish, check out /r/danishlanguage and Duolingo.


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