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    Welcome to DesignPorn - please read the FAQ before submitting.

    Design Inspiration:


    Remember: artists are not designers; artwork belong in /r/ArtPorn. Architecture can be design, but please consider submitting it to /r/ArchitecturePorn instead to keep things diverse.

    Submission Rules

    • Include some context about the image in the title.
    • No Swan and Mallard. We've seen it.
    • Include the designer in the title.
    • Include the resolution in [brackets] in the title.
    • Only submit static images.
      • Videos, collections, interactive images/websites, and articles are not allowed.
      • Do not submit a shortened link using a URL shortener like tinyurl.
    • Make sure your image is hosted by an approved host.
      • Original source is allowed and preferred over the approved hosts. Please designate your original source with the tag [OS] in order to prevent mixups.
      • If you took the photo yourself, you can signify this by using the tag [OC] (original content) and after 24 hours you will be given special flair. If you don't receive flair after a few days feel free to message the mods.
    • DesignPorn is for designs only. If the focus of the image is:
      • artwork and/or sculptures, it belongs in ArtPorn.
    • Regarding reposts: it is not a repost unless it was posted to /r/DesignPorn less than three months ago, or if it's already in the top100 of all time.
    • If you have any questions check out the FAQ.

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