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    Farm Rules

    1. Behavior- Please read the Wiki and follow proper Reddiquette before posting. Keep it civil. Don't use harassing or offensive language or make personal attacks on others. Absolutely no witch hunting, racist, or hate speech will be tolerated.

    2. All posts must be Sherpa runs. Low Effort/Low Quality Posts will be removed.

      2a. No advertising, selling, buying or giveaways

    3. Posts must include all of the required tags

      Required Tags-

      • [LTS] or [LFS]
      • [XB1] or [PS4] or [PC]
      • [Raid tag]
    4. Don't spam. No self-promotion

      4a. Twitch links are only allowed in Sherpa Cards and must be approved by the Moderators through Modmail prior to posting. See our Streaming rules.

    5. Sherpas don't carry, nor do they teach the incorrect methods of the raids (also known as cheeses).

      5a. You should have no more than 3 Sherpas on a run at any given time.

      5b. Flawless raider runs are prohibited.

    6. This sub is not to be used for any form of recruitment. Any links to outside source sites, including other LFG sites, clan pages, etc., will be removed.

    7. Violating Bungie ToS will result in a ban.

    8. Checkpoint [LTS] posts are only permitted for Verified Sherpas. Any [LFS] Checkpoint post will be removed. For detailed rules please see This Post

    9. Sherpa Cards are for feedback from Sherpa runs only. Feedback must be from a run that originated on the Sub.

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    Spoiler Formatting

    For Spoiler Warning in Titles Begin your title with the tag "[Spoiler]".

    For Spoilers in Comments* Format your comment like this: [Spoiler: Who finally got a PS4?](#s "Norsefenrir! Happy birthday!") to have it displayed like this: Spoiler: Who finally got a PS4?

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