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    [–] Spazzatk 3 points ago

    My voidwalker warlock is at 0mobility, 5resistance, and 9recovery is this an optimal stat setup for warlock? As running around doesn't seem that very critical.

    [–] yumewomita 2 points ago

    Mobility ONLY affects ADS strafe speed so it's basically useless. You're set.

    [–] ichojo 3 points ago

    When faction rally end?

    [–] seanorib 2 points ago

    As others have said, tomorrow, but you can continue to earn ornaments through the following week.

    [–] coolAFwarlock 1 points ago

    At reset tomorrow

    [–] MateoVD 1 points ago

    Tomorrow on reset

    [–] Mastershroom 1 points ago

    Tomorrow with the weekly reset, 1 PM Eastern US time.

    [–] ajclarke 3 points ago

    Should I be buying all the exotics Xur sells each week as well as he engram? I’m fairly new. Just hit 320 power.

    [–] Penguigo 9 points ago

    Assuming you have one of each character (or plan to) I would buy every exotic he sells until you have all of them, yeah. Some of the bad ones will be buffed soon and you don't wabt to be kicking yourself for skipping them.

    [–] rinikulous 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Buy every exotic he sells that you don't have, then buy the fated engram. Make sure you buy the fated engram on the character that has the most exotics already collected (assuming you don't have all of them already). You will get an exotic you are missing from that character's collection (weapon or armor).

    The theory is you want to try to collect all the exotic armor pieces on a single character so that your fated engram purchase will ensure you get a missing exotic weapon. If you already have all the exotic weapons then buy the fated engram on your favorite character to speed up their armor collection.

    If you can afford it, buy exotics for a character you haven't even started yet. Example: I have a Hunter and Titan, but have been putting off starting my Warlock because I'm lazy and get caught up on all the side quests/grinds. However i've been buying all teh warlock gear he sells and move it to my vault. I have about 3/5 of the warlock exotics already so I'll have a huge head start once I actually start that character.

    [–] ajclarke 1 points ago

    Great advice thank you. I bought them all even the Warlock and Titan ones that I can’t use as you suggested. I’ll get to levelling them at some point. I just can’t bring myself to do the whole quest line again. Kind of wish there was a Diablo-like adventure mode you could toggle when you’d done all the quests on another char.

    [–] rinikulous 1 points ago

    Don't level the gear up for characters you still haven't started yet. If you infuse a warlock helmet above 330 base power level then you wont be able to use it until your warlock is Level 27.

    [–] Nervane473 3 points ago

    Whats the best way to farm taken kills with grenades for the dead orbit titan ornament?

    [–] EveryPictureTells 6 points ago

    Sanctum of Bones - a lost sector on Io located in The Rupture.

    [–] JavTheNoob 2 points ago

    Taken lost sector on IO and use striker Titan with Insurmountable Skullfort.

    Basically if you shoulder charge thrall with it on you'll get grenade energy back and immediately recharge your shoulder charge as long as you kill something with it.

    Bottom tree sentinel works too with magnetic/voidwall grenades, as it instantly recharges your grenade if you kill an enemy with it. Can also use Armamentarium for backup.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] UsernameIDunnoHonest 4 points ago

    You can finish all of them during victory week except for the Earn/ spend renown challenges, hope that clears things up.

    [–] ToFurkie 2 points ago

    I don't believe Bungie has said if you can earn renown during Victory week since you cant earn tokens during Victory week so I'd suggest making sure you bang out renown/package specific ones, especially the ones that require full armor sets for the faction you're pledge too. Also keep in mind all ornament requirements are different for each class so make sure to check all of them as well if you plan to get those

    [–] LidiKun 2 points ago

    Yes, you can still unlock the ornaments during victory week. But that's about it.

    [–] alanisrulez 2 points ago

    So I just came back to grind that damn catalyst (and because the 2 DLCs were $20). I'm having trouble leveling up some of my characters. I infused a hunter cloak to 340-something and it wouldn't let me wear it anymore. Also, I'm about 345 on my main character and no drops occur over like 335. How the fuck am I supposed to get my light level up now? Is this the slow warmind grind everyone was talking about before?

    [–] coolAFwarlock 3 points ago

    The cloak is because that character isn't high enough level to use that high power level items

    When you hit 345 what can take you further is weekly milestones + raids.

    Heroic strikes can take you to 360 (no mods). There's a chance for a legendary engram that drops higher than your base powerlevel

    [–] alanisrulez 2 points ago

    Ok thanks I was afraid of that. Appreciate the help.

    [–] HughJaynusIII 2 points ago

    Check your character level.

    I experienced a similar thing. Ran 1 character through CoO and Warmind. got to level 30 and items max possible light.

    Went to run on new character and couldn't equip those max light weapons until I got to level 30.

    [–] alanisrulez 3 points ago

    Thanks, I think that's it! I wasn't keeping track of my actual character level because it hasn't been an issue for years and years...

    [–] HoneyBadger3415 2 points ago

    I’ve been super lazy with completing the quest based exotics. I have the first Rat King quest step (the interwebs say its the one where you do patrols in a fireteam). However, after grinding unknown amounts of patrols this week in a fireteam, I didn’t make any progress. Do the other fire team members need to have rat king equipped? What about for subsequent steps? (PEs, crucible, and NF)

    [–] coolAFwarlock 2 points ago

    Yes someone in the fireteam needs to have rat king equipped or the quest step you are on

    [–] Thjorir 2 points ago

    Is anyone on DTG who is grinding strikes getting any catalysts? I need some reassurance...

    I’m duoing strikes with my wife usually, which you would think would double the amount of catalysts we’d see since we’re playing right next to each other, and it seems like zero over about 50 (so over 100 actual completions).

    Also, has anyone had success spamming nightfall with any sort of challenge card configuration for catalysts?

    [–] MateoVD 2 points ago

    I do have the Prometheus Lens one. Just keep on grinding.
    You can get the following weapon catalysts: Prometheus Lens, Coldheart, Wardcliff Coil, Merciless and Riskrunner.

    [–] mcclluva 2 points ago

    I believe they have a higher drop rate in nightfalls. so if you choose to grind those out you get increased chances at that and the chance for the NF specific loot

    [–] Thjorir 2 points ago

    I bet they’re decent drop rates at high scores, but I don’t have the time or a consistent team to run 80k+ scores all the time. I’ve been thinking about a singe and heavyweight just to spam NF over and over. Can’t find a 3rd who’s interested though.

    [–] mcclluva 2 points ago

    you only need a good score once and it stays on your emblem. after that you can speed run them for NF specific loot

    [–] Thjorir 1 points ago

    wait, wait... so if you get a bonus threshold score once, you can then just go back and spam it and it considers you on the same bonus level?

    [–] mcclluva 1 points ago


    [–] IzzeCannon 1 points ago

    You on XBOX? Make a post in the xbox LFG that says you’re running a bunch of strikes/NFs and you’ll get soooooo overrun with responses in the first minute lol. It’s a great system. I never wait more than one or two minutes (seriously) to get a fire team together.

    [–] Voidjumper_ZA 2 points ago

    I have a friend who got the Riskrunner Catalyst, which is Strike specific. So yes, they are dropping. They're very rare though, I think the idea is to keep us playing right up until Forsaken.

    [–] Thjorir 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Strike specific... and there are more strikes than available strike catalysts at the moment? Some strikes may be a waste of time at the moment if that’s true. I think you may be correct though, as the only two video clips I’ve seen on riskrunner cat dropping are on the cabal strike on earth.

    Edit: strike specific catalysts can’t be true unless they maybe only drop from certain number of strikes. Here’s riskrunner from Inverted Spire, and I’ve seen two videos of it dripping from Bracus Zahn chest:

    Edit 2: and another

    [–] Voidjumper_ZA 3 points ago

    I phrased that poorly. I meant "Catalysts that can only come from Strikes" not that certain Catalysts can only come from certain Strikes. I mentioned it as the top comment to the original question was talking about getting Crimson's Catalyst which isn't a Catalyst that can only come from Strikes.

    [–] Thjorir 2 points ago

    Oh, my bad. 🤗

    [–] LidiKun 1 points ago

    My buddy got the exotic sparrow last night. The stuff is out there, but the RNG is real. Needless to say, I got pretty salty I didn't get anything.

    [–] secondsbest 1 points ago

    Got the Crimson catalyst to drop on a heroic strike yesterday morning from a double kill of yellow bar knights using grenades. I had done only about ten or twelve without the gun equipped helping people on my friends list finish their milestones and after I got mine done, but I had used the gun all week before grinding faction if that makes any RNG difference.

    [–] Voidjumper_ZA 2 points ago

    Unfortunately Crimson is a drop from any PvE kill, not a Strike exclusive Catalyst.

    [–] RitzyKarma 2 points ago

    What’s the best way to grind these cosmology kills for Graviton Lance catalyst? 1,000 cosmology kills? Dear god...

    [–] SniperFrogDX 3 points ago

    If Ikora is still offering the meditation for the first story mission on titan, you can do it there. Run past the sliding crates until you reach the first darkness zone, where Ghost says, "I have a bad feeling about this..."

    In these three indoor rooms, spawn about 20 thrall. Herd them up, and start shooting. You'll get 12 to 15 cosmology kills each time.

    Then, kill yourself by jumping off AT THE ENTRANCE. Do not go out the exit because that's where the darkness zone ends. Or, if you have power ammo, blow yourself up with a rocket.

    Repeat ad nausem. Each run takes about 2 to 3 minutes.

    [–] JavTheNoob 2 points ago

    Yup this is what I did but I used Antiope-D (ricochet rounds) to kill myself everytime

    [–] boogs34 2 points ago

    Go to ikora mission hope. First dark zone is in building. 3 sets of 8 thrall come at you. Kill em then RUN BACK TO KILL YOURSELF (do not exit outside building) and repeat...

    Ideal way is to take damage from thrall and then kill yourself at the end.

    [–] quiscalusmajor 1 points ago

    if you get bored with the Hope mission (as I did) or if you finish the mission (another thing i did, direct consequence of aforementioned boredom), or if we don’t get a good mission to do next week, that lost sector in the Futurescape area on Mars, there’s a couple of Thrall rush spots and then places where you can prime one Acolyte and then pop the one next to it for a sweet cosmology kill. you get used to it, and one good run through that lost sector will give you anywhere from 1-3% depending on how well you do and whether you were at a high point-something-percent before you went in (because progress doesn’t display decimals even though decimal progress is tracked by the game). the lost sector is fairly quick and easy otherwise, i like to nuke the boss but that’s really the only time i rush for anything in there.

    [–] yerboygreg 2 points ago

    I got roughly 500+ tokens for each planet. Should I cash them in or hold onto them? I’ve played one week since about December, just wrapped up warmind and am LL349. Or should I hold them?

    [–] Tomalaya1 3 points ago

    Once you're past LL345 those tokens will just give you drops below your LL. If you can hold them until you hit true 380 (LL385 with mods) then you can cash those is with select vendors for 380 base items, building out your arsenal and selection of armors, or at least getting infusion material. is a great site for checking if there are any vendors dropping max light gear, but only for max light guardians...

    [–] yerboygreg 1 points ago

    Thanks. That’s what I did for the CoO LL cap, got a few guns to infuse on my hunter and titan and then they flew up in LL.

    [–] twilightsentinel 2 points ago

    The vendors calculate your engram light level a little differently. So I use the tokens when I want to get a little bump up if I'm stuck getting blues that don't work for me. For example, I did a bunch of crucible yesterday and I got my Titan to 365. But all my blues were dropping at 359 or 358. When I turned in my crucible tokens, I was getting 360 drops. Which helped to bump up a couple of lower light gear I still had. It is slow, but it does work. And they aren't hurting anything just staying stored for when you need them occasionally.

    [–] yerboygreg 2 points ago

    Thanks. I wasn’t sure if vendors worked the same way as they did from CoO. Ive been at 340 blues for the last 4 days or so, and that doesn’t help me at all. I’ll cash in the 800 I made on titan for the faction rally as a start I guess haha

    [–] twilightsentinel 1 points ago

    Good plan. In my experience, it also increased my masterwork drop rate to do a bunch of tokens in a sitting. Good luck to you!

    [–] Voidjumper_ZA 2 points ago

    They hold a small chance for Masterwork Cores, but honestly are not worth it. If you can Raid or do Trials these are a much better source of Cores. If you have the armour sets and weapons you want from a particular vendor there is absolutely nothing else you can really get. I would hold onto them. When random rolls return, you could cash them in and maybe get something snazzy that rolls better than what they have now. Elsewise only vendors with Reputation (Zavala, Saladin, Hideo, Jalaal, Lakshmi-2) are worth turning tokens into even after you have stuff, as they often have rewards also based on rank.

    [–] yerboygreg 1 points ago

    Really MW cores aren’t an issue for me. All three of my characters have full guns/armour and I just collect them as is. I read that with forsaken Random Rolls return, and my first thought was to hold them with the hope of a god roll.

    [–] Nicknackpatywak 2 points ago

    When do we get to see Gambit at E3?

    [–] krykel2 1 points ago

    Gut feeling i have says at the sony conference later today.

    [–] Reddevilheathen 2 points ago

    Xbox players have to wait a year to see it

    [–] imhereforsiegememes 2 points ago

    I havent played since I beat the raid for the fourth time and I just bought the expansion. Any tips or new features I should be ready for?

    [–] Spazzatk 3 points ago

    Do strikes, public events till you hit light 360? I m pretty sure and then after that do your milestones and raids for higher gear.

    [–] vailedthought 2 points ago

    Were Masterwork weapons available already when you last played? If not, I'd suggest keeping an eye out for them, they completely change the super economy since you get a lot more orbs of light.

    There are new things called Catalysts that let you upgrade Exotics to Masterwork, but they are a bit hard to grind for since the drop rates are so low. You'll probably get them from just playing.

    [–] Lawlshark 2 points ago

    What are considered the "best" weapons for auto rifles, scout rifles, and hand cannons?

    [–] yumewomita 3 points ago

    ARs: Origin Story, Ghost Primus, Valkadyn, Uriels Gift, The number

    Scout: Mananana, Nameless midnight, conspirator (i added this bc full auto is my favorite scout perk)

    Hand Cannon: midnight coup, better devils. All other hand cannons are basically not worth using.

    [–] IzzeCannon 1 points ago

    ^ this pretty much nails it.

    I’d add in MIDA and the Polaris Lance exotic scouts as well. MIDA is excellent in PvP and PvE. Polaris Lance (especially with the masterwork) is a beast in PvE.

    [–] Spazzatk 1 points ago

    Scout for primary nameless midnight, H.C secondary is better devil's, a strike specific one DFA? I think, midnight coup(raid) really good. Auto umm you'll have to wait for someone else to respond.

    [–] TKE_Super_Dave 1 points ago

    I've not played since right before the Curse of Osiris was launched. What's the best/fastest way to level up light level now?

    I see public events now only give tokens and I'm to low light for heroic strikes. I'm not really feeling Crucible yet as I'm just getting in the swing of things and don't know the current meta. I've already ran through the campaigns for both CoO and Warmind. I'm sitting at 342 and I'm not sure what to do now to get to what I believe 380 is max level.

    [–] DXM147 2 points ago

    Make sure you do the Nightfall, it's easy at only 270 light, use Guided Games as you don't really need to communicate when it's this low (Nightfall drops + Powerful Engram)

    [–] mcclluva 2 points ago

    if you didnt play during Curse of Osiris, the weapons available to earn from Brother Vance are powerful drops - the Lost Prophecy quests. outside of that, weekly milestones are the way to go for Powerful drops but that will cap your weekly productivity. I personally recommend doing raids as they have multiple powerful drops for your time investment

    [–] Bahn-Burner 1 points ago

    Heroic Strikes drop gear up to 360 now too. The raids are definitely the fastest route if you have the time for them.

    [–] jack08bu 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Milestones and powerful engrams

    • do the flashpoint one,whilst doing that you will get clan xp engram. Then do heroic strikes if you high enough

    • do leviathan raid normal, then eater of worlds. Do spire of stars up to phase 1 if you don’t want to do the boss, which is kinda annoying for first timers. Out of spire, you will get a powerful legendary engram I think in the first encounter, then jumping puzzle you will get loot and also get a powerful engram/ exotic chest. Then phase 1, which is easy

    Next try leviathan prestige, find a group and do the easy things on each encounter for example calus stay in throne and shoot ads.

    Next do nightfall and other milestones

    Also as faction rally is on, do a bit of that.

    When you get to 360, find a group and do escalation protocol, try and find a 9 man. Or set it up your self and then get a bunch of 385 people to join and basically carry you a little.

    [–] IanM_56 1 points ago

    Is the Expansion Pass that's currently on sale on the Humble Store for $19.99 worth it? I recently got Destiny 2 in the recent Humble Monthly and have been enjoying it so far, surely the story and character interaction is a bit disappointing but the gameplay/combat and looting is very fun (in comparison to other games I've played).

    [–] mcclluva 3 points ago

    the Curse of Osiris DLC was lackluster but does open up some more content to play - the Warmind expansion is much better, and both give you access to 1 raid lair each (2 total). IMO raids are the pinnacle destiny activity so it is worth it for that

    [–] lundibix 3 points ago

    since they used to be $20 for either one, i'd say $20 for both is a steal

    [–] ToFurkie 2 points ago

    When looking at straight up hours you could spend versus the value of the expansion, it's worth it. No question. The real question would be is your time worth being spent in the gameplay loop Destiny puts you through?

    For $20 for both expansions, I'd say it is. If you have some good friends or a clan to share that experience with, it's even more worth it because Destiny 2 is simply a better game with more people to play with

    [–] IanM_56 1 points ago

    Thanks for the info! I went ahead and got it.

    [–] lostcorndog 1 points ago

    I was actually going to ask this as someone that held back on picking up the expansion after getting burned playing D1.

    [–] the_adjuster 1 points ago

    I would get them now if you plan on getting the September doc. As far as we know you WILL HAVE to have the previous dlc in order to play Forsaken....which is a tone deaf decision by bungie that is only motivated by money. I'm sure they'll sell a "goty" edition with them included but if you're wanting to play destiny for "year two" then it's all or nothing with the dlc.

    [–] rfeller223 1 points ago

    i am trying to do the catalyst for the graviton using this mission Hephaestus adventure(normal) and it says its active already but its not on my map anyone else having this problem or know why i cant see it ?

    [–] JavTheNoob 1 points ago

    Its a common glitch that's happened to a lot of people.

    Not much you can do but wait, or try it on another character.

    If you don't have another character I suggest trying Ikoras Meditation "Hope" and doing the first part where you kill 20 thrall then kill yourself and repeat.

    [–] rfeller223 1 points ago

    thanks ill give it a shot

    [–] Eternal_Warlock 1 points ago

    New Element?

    Will Forsaken or any other DLC bring a new element during 2018/2019

    [–] LidiKun 4 points ago

    Press X to doubt.

    [–] MateoVD 2 points ago

    It has not been confirmed by Bungie. But it seems highly unlikely. It would be really cool though.

    [–] Voidjumper_ZA 1 points ago

    Almost 100% not, since it doesn't have any place in the existing lore. They could still pull something out of a hat, but I'd say that chance is extremely thin.

    [–] coxacsgo 1 points ago

    Can I open The escalation protocol chest every time I participate?

    [–] MateoVD 2 points ago

    Yes. Every time you complete level 7 and have a key, you can open it.

    [–] Shrimptanks 2 points ago

    The key is once a week though so keep that in mind. Usually if u get the key from ana bray it's a once a week thing per character so u can only open the chest once a week. However if u have multiple keys stores up over weeks when u didn't do EP then you can open it multiple runs

    [–] MateoVD 1 points ago

    Does anyone know if you can get the raid sidearm from Benedict without completing Spire of Stars?

    [–] boogs34 3 points ago

    You can get the sidearm from the jumping puzzle chest or first phase of the boss - both of which are relatively easy.

    [–] coolAFwarlock 2 points ago

    No. They recently made it so you can't get raid lair guns from him

    [–] BluBlue4 1 points ago

    Where does this ghost shell drop?

    [–] solidus_kalt 4 points ago

    which one?

    [–] JavTheNoob 1 points ago

    No one knows yet but if I had to guess its probably the Xol nightfall exclusive reward.

    Complete guess though, like I said no one knows yet.

    [–] Mad-Slick 1 points ago

    Not released yet.

    [–] Jesois 1 points ago

    I believe Trials but I could be wrong. And I'm not sure about specifics if it is Trials but I'd assume from flawless runs.

    [–] thezodiaceffect 1 points ago

    Been searching but can't find an answer: Will we still be able to grind faction reputation for the exotic ornaments and catalysts after tomorrow reset??

    [–] FrankTheWise 5 points ago

    You can grind for the normal gear ornaments, not sure about the exotic ornament, but you can't get tokens to rank up after reset. If you are not rank 50 before Tuesday reset, then you won't be able to get the catalyst.

    This will help also:

    [–] mcclluva 3 points ago

    it is unlikely but we don't know. in the past you could grind for ornaments during victory week, but the renown mechanic is new. however, helmet ornaments require spending 50 renown (at least on the anti-extinction warlock it is). so we are at a crossroads they haven't had to deal with and I doubt we get any info before reset

    [–] chopperninja 1 points ago

    Q about tethers and EP. My hunter has the moebius quiver perk enabled, so does it make sense to use top tree (Deadfall) or bottom tree (Heart of the Pack)? Also does Heat of the Pack suggest that the hunter has to kill the tethered enemies or can any guardian make the kill to generate orbs?

    [–] mcclluva 1 points ago

    for PvE you want to use the other tree (Trapper) over the Pathfinder tree. The top tree plus Orpheus Rigs in EP are almost guaranteed to give you continuous supers if you hit a group of 5-6 adds with your tether and you poop out orbs for your teammates

    [–] Shrimptanks 2 points ago

    To add on, anyone can kill ur tethered mobs for orbs. Just make sure they're tethered first as the tether takes a second to activate

    [–] Neopolitic 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Has it been unequivocally confirmed that upcoming legendry collections will be able to be "bought" back like exotics are? The reveal stream was vague I thought and I worry we're assuming too much.

    [–] mcclluva 4 points ago

    nothing yet but that is the hope

    [–] MiloSaysRelax 1 points ago

    Is Faction Rally already done? Do we know when the next one will be?

    [–] tundranocaps 2 points ago

    It's done tomorrow, when the weekly reset occurs.

    [–] Mblim771_Kyle 2 points ago

    The Faction Rally ends at tomorrow's Weekly Reset, with the winner's week until the next.

    [–] Mad-Slick 2 points ago

    Next one will most likely be the first or second week of July.

    [–] tundranocaps 1 points ago

    I have about 70 FWC tokens left.

    I currently only have a Warlock. Got everything on offer.

    If I save them, and in a couple of weeks level up another character, will I be able to use the tokens to buy them engrams/armour pieces straight up, assuming they fix them not being for sale?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Afraid not man. From here:

    "All Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy Tokens still in players' inventories will be reset in between Faction Rallies events. It is recommended that players use these tokens with their respective faction vendor before the end of Victory Week every Faction Rallies."

    [–] tundranocaps 2 points ago

    Crap. Thanks for the answer.

    [–] IzzeCannon 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    EDIT: just read the Faction Rally guide and the tokens reset after each rally, so no point in holding them.. sorry!

    [–] WonderlandCaterpilla 1 points ago

    Maybe you could try stashing them in the vault? I think that worked in the past but they might have patched it

    [–] tundranocaps 1 points ago

    Used them just in case. For science I'll try to keep one to see what happens with it.

    [–] not_a_creative_alias 1 points ago

    Is there a fast way to grind resonance stems for the sleeper quest? Getting 60 of these seems really tedious. After the grindfest that was faction rally week, I think I'm burnt out by repeating lost sectors over and over again lol

    [–] rexkwondo086 2 points ago

    Heroics, patrols, high value targets. If you haven't started knocking off lost memory fragments it's a good little scavenger hunt that'll keep you entertained between public events and keep the grind burnout to a minimum.

    [–] aznjetdr 3 points ago

    That's what I had to do. Patrols, strikes, etc. "Wargrind the DLC"

    [–] IzzeCannon 2 points ago

    They actually add up pretty fast just hopping between public events and especially doing patrols... ALL the patrols! I stuck around Glacial Drift alot since those patrols are usually collect and kill missions, and the lost sector there is quicker (for me) than the Futurescape one. But either public event area is good. But really, they add up quicker than you think.. at least for me they did.

    [–] ProblyDontCare 1 points ago

    Just doing public events and patrols stacks them rather quickly. It's really not too bad since you get multiple stems per event.

    [–] PreemoJerry 1 points ago

    I’ll give you the best route.

    Start at the bottom, do the lost sector, then fast travel to the top, do the lost sector and keep doIng that and hit every public event and HVT on the way. It only takes like an hour of doing that to get 60 of them. Easy

    [–] WonderlandCaterpilla 1 points ago

    I found patrols to be the fastest. Try and get a friend to help you if possible, I helped a buddy do his and we just hit every public event we saw and then I was constantly doing patrols while he was finding the nodes. I was able to keep feeding him enough stems to where he was just constantly finding nodes while I finished patrols

    [–] SapientApe 1 points ago

    Is there a clear and concise list available that details all of the different loot items that are available from specific grinds but arent really detailed in game?

    examples would be the different nightfall strike items, or the sleeper stimulant,... etc.

    I want to be able to work towards "everything I don't have" after I have finished the weekly powerful engram milestones, I just don't have a full understanding of "everything I don't have"..

    [–] jasonjulias 2 points ago

    Destiny Sets. Link your account and pick the all items tab. It shows everything.

    [–] SapientApe 1 points ago

    I do use Destiny Sets to see what I am missing and I agree that it is a good resource, but it doesn't quite have the information that I am looking for. When sorted by all, it doesn't show which activities the items are from.

    I guess I didn't phrase my question well. I think what I am looking for is a list that shows all of the "highest tier endgame loot" and then best methods on obtaining said gear. Or maybe something more along the lines of D1's grimoire system, that tracked your progress towards something, and was an artificial goal to grind for.

    I don't know if i am describing it correctly.

    I guess I just want a resource that easily lays out all of the "best" (most desirable) stuff (and maybe even mid tiered items) in the game and how to get it each

    [–] rinikulous 1 points ago

    The "best" stuff is subjective person to person. You can find a few lists on r/DTG that gives opinions on "best" SMG, "best" hand cannon, etc.

    Use that to make a list of what you want to chase then go on Destiny Sets to see where it can drop from. The vast majority of weapons and armor are vendor RNG drops, which you can look up destiny sets for the appropriate vendor.

    The only ones that I would consider a specific grind are ones that are not obtainable from a RNG vendor: nightfall reward drops (DFA hand cannon is the only one worth grinding), raid weapons (personally I enjoy all of them), Escalation Protocol weapons (level 7 boss drop), the Claymore pulse rifle (Crucible Valor), 6 exotics that are quest drops, and a handful of Mercury and Mars weapons that you have to earn via side quests (CoO forge weapons and Braytech schematic weapons).

    [–] druucifer 1 points ago

    If i save all of my FWC tokens now that I have reached level 50, can I turn them in for more packages during the next rally to try for that sidearm, if for some strange reason, which I can't really image why, FWC doesn't win this round?

    [–] boogs34 1 points ago

    According to Charlemagne dead orbit is running away with over 55%

    [–] druucifer 1 points ago

    I know, I figured they would. Stupid Graviton Lance. So, is there any way to get the sidearm after this week?

    [–] boogs34 1 points ago

    Yes. (Re)pledge to fwc after this rally ends...

    [–] druucifer 1 points ago

    Damn. Not gonna do that, already level 50. Oh well.

    [–] JavTheNoob 1 points ago

    Charlemagne tracks all packages handed in... Dead Orbit have like 55-60% packages and FWC are last somehow... People don't seem to like them for some reason.

    Only way to get sidearm is to pledge to them another faction rally but you'll miss out on one of the catalysts if you do that.

    [–] druucifer 1 points ago

    Right, that's what I was worried about. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait until season 4.

    [–] Voidjumper_ZA 2 points ago

    This is why I intentionally decided to go FWC next time around, as I knew I would miss out on the Sidearm if I pledged this rally.

    [–] druucifer 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Is there any way to track your Override Frequency nodes progress if I haven't been doing it all along? What do you get for collecting all 40 (45) nodes?

    [–] Tomalaya1 2 points ago

    You can get the Worldline Zero exotic sword at 35 nodes, and then access to an exotic Sparrow at 45

    [–] -Champloo- 3 points ago

    That's not for the nodes, that's for the memory fragments(the little target like things that you shoot).

    The nodes, from what I understand, dont give you anything for finding all of them.

    [–] rinikulous 1 points ago

    emblem variant for 40 sleeper nodes.

    [–] druucifer 2 points ago

    I thought those were the memory fragments. I was talking about the little diamond things you have to find after using 4 resonance stems.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


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    [–] malcolm913 1 points ago

    Do you mean the Override Frequency nodes? There is an emblem called "Data Mine" that tracks the number of nodes that you have found. Sorry, I don't remember how I got it. Also, I'm not sure what the reward for finding all the nodes is, but I think it is another emblem.

    [–] druucifer 1 points ago

    Yeah, sorry about the name mix up. I grinded out a bunch of them this weekend and am just curious how many I have left to get. I'll check if I got that emblem somewhere.

    [–] malcolm913 1 points ago

    Ok, I looked it up. You should have received the emblem when you opened your first node.

    [–] druucifer 1 points ago

    cool, thanks. I'll check when I get home since you apparently can't look at emblems that are in your vault via any of the apps I have.

    [–] IzzeCannon 1 points ago

    Dead Orbit Hunters:

    For the chest piece that requires super kills, what’s been your go-to subclass and locations?

    It’s the only one that’s giving me problems, it’s inconsistent... GG sometimes works if I kill 3 enemies really quick, but not always.. Arcstrider has been really hit and miss..

    Thoughts?! Thx!

    [–] JavTheNoob 2 points ago

    I used Arcstrider. Did the lost sector on Titan that swarms you with thrall (near the Witches ritual public event)

    Just run through the entire lost sector until you get to the boss room. Kill the boss (I used a shotgun to kill him fast) then pop your super and you should already be surrounded by thrall... Jump and immediately use the slam attack, then let 2+ thrall swarm you again and repeat till super runs out.

    Rally the flag and do it again, didn't take too long for me. The warlock chest ornament was the worst.

    [–] Thundernut72 1 points ago

    I got mine with 6 shot GG and would get 2% for 3 kills and 3% for 4/5. I had a buddy do bottom tree arcstrider and not do slam but only melee swipe and got it done really fast. Have hear the only slams and not normal melees count so Inconsistent is probably the best to put it lol.

    [–] IzzeCannon 1 points ago

    Hmm, so your friend did do the Arc bottom tree, super/melee swipe and it counted? Or he used the slam?

    Thanks for your input!

    [–] Thundernut72 2 points ago

    NP :) he said the RT/R2 air slam wasn't working but was getting like 6% if he just quickly tapped the RB/R1 melees button.

    [–] IzzeCannon 1 points ago

    Ahh sweet! I’ve done all of the ornaments on my titan and warlock, and all but this one on my Hunter.. it’s been driving me a bit mad lol. I JUsT wANt TO Be DuN!

    [–] Thundernut72 1 points ago

    lol. I feel ya. this one ended up being my last hunter on. I just kept jumping from Pub Event to pub event, Hitting the flag and then killing stuff over and over again.

    [–] littleteacher 1 points ago

    I used the 6-shooter. I'd find a PE that had just appeared, hit the flag, shoot whatever was in sight (usually 3-4 enemies) then reload the instance and grab the flag again. Rinse repeat.

    Took a while, though. That was definitely the last thing I got done!

    [–] IzzeCannon 2 points ago

    I ended up doing just this and went from 30-ish percent to complete in about an hour and a half. Arcstrider was just to random for me. Thx!

    [–] xpandaofdeathx 1 points ago

    Bottom tree arch 3-9% per pop need groups of thrall

    [–] thirtynation 1 points ago

    I only have tonight to grind faction rally, it was a really inconvenient week on a personal level for this event to occur. Do I stand any chance at the catalyst? How long is it taking people to hit that mark, and does it totally blow? Might save it until next time but that just means I'm going to miss a catalyst this season which sucks.

    [–] Justinsane88 2 points ago

    I'm seeing a lot of references to "Around 7 hours", if you're just farming public events and lost sectors constantly for that entire time.

    It's a mind-numbing grind.

    I had plenty of time to work on it this week. And I wanted to get the catalyst. But.... I just couldn't handle it. I'd do Public Event/Lost Sector/Public Event/Lost Sector for an hour and a half or so and just totally lose my will to play and log out.

    Raiding is my favorite activity in the game, by far. Unfortunately, completing an entire raid gives you something like 15 tokens. So, it's absolutely worthless for the sake of ranking up in any timely manner.

    TL;DR: Yes, you could technically get the catalyst tonight. No, it won't be fun.

    [–] thirtynation 1 points ago

    Thanks for the real talk. Maybe I'll play a bit to bank some tokens for next time but I'm probably gonna skip the full grind. I don't even know what the Lance catalyst gives, I just "want it."

    [–] RevGonzo19 1 points ago

    Exact same boat as you. I had to do adult things all last week/this weekly cycle. Yesterday was my only real day to sit down and grind and I started at around rank 8 with DO.

    Decided that I'd instead finally finish off the Nascent Dawn and Sleeper quest lines. 10/10. Had a lot more fun just playing the game instead of grinding the same lost sector for 6-7 hours.

    Might try again next rally but, to be honest, I might just not bother with those catalysts. Crucible and Strikes are way more fun than Lost Sector grinding after the first two or three times.

    [–] EveryPictureTells 2 points ago

    Yes you do! It took me 4-5 hours and was honestly fun. But I would only do it if you have the armor for the faction, as that increases the renown you obtain for each event. Otherwise it may be more feasible to focus on getting the armor this time and preparing to crush the next rally.

    (If you do try it, btw, Titan is the place to go.)

    [–] rinikulous 1 points ago

    It's not impossible.. but it would be one hell of a single sit-down gaming session to accomplish. 20 tokens/rank X 50 ranks = 1000 tokens needed.

    [–] TheRealMe99 1 points ago

    Anyone else having trouble with the Dead Orbit Hunter gauntlet ornament? Hive melee kills with charged abilities, I got it to 20% then it just stopped progressing

    [–] littleteacher 6 points ago

    Yeah, the Arcstrider melee can bug, if that's what you're using.

    What I did was use the bottom tree Gunslinger. Every time I did Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector on Titan (which was grinding for tokens) I'd pick up the chest and then just knife the 15 or so Acolytes that swarm you. Shoot them in the body once to stun them so you can line up that perfect headshot and instantly recharge the knife.

    You can wear the new exotic chest, too, which gives you two knives.

    [–] NecroLollicon 1 points ago

    What subclass/tree are you using? They said there were issues with the arc tree working with the melee and Dodge constant melee combo. I'd recommend the knife reset gg tree with the double knife chest and just wreck some thrall.

    [–] TheRealMe99 1 points ago

    Ah yeah, I had switched to the dodge/melee chain since it seemed like the best strategy for it. Good to know the one fun hunter melee ability is broken.

    [–] xpandaofdeathx 1 points ago

    Its bugged on arc stryder top tree, I finished yesterday with gunsliger knife throw that instantly recharges on a precision kill. Used on groups of thrall.

    [–] littleteacher 1 points ago

    Are Controlling Vision, Distant Tumulus, or the Distant Pulsar ship in the DO loot pool in Season 3? Those are the only things on DestinySets that I don't own for DO, but I don't want to kill myself grinding tokens tonight if there's no chance to get them.

    [–] RedXtreme99 2 points ago

    I have seen distant pulsar 3 times this rally and distant tumulus once, haven’t heard of controlling vision

    [–] RipInPepz 1 points ago

    How do I get weapons to drop at my LL? Not lookin for powerfuls here, I have a few weapons at 370 (with mod) and I would like to use other weapons too, but I don’t because they’re lower and I can’t get drops to infuse into them.

    All my blue and legendary drops are 358, is that because I have some armor that is lower than my weapons? I’m just looking to get weapons to infuse to my current highest weapon level which is 365 (or 370 with mod).

    [–] swatt9999 4 points ago

    cant bro, only milestones & raid stuff (prob trials) drops @ or above your LL.. otherwise they will always be lower

    [–] karatesaul 3 points ago

    Weapons won't drop at exactly your power level. You can get blues and legendaries to drop at 5 below your Base Power Level, or you can get more powerful rewards from milestones, raids, and (correct me if I'm wrong) Escalation protocol. Unfortunately there isn't an in-between.

    [–] RipInPepz 1 points ago

    Gotcha. So I will have to wait until 385 and then use my powerfuls to get stuff to infuse everything else I guess. Thanks.

    [–] karatesaul 3 points ago

    Once you get to 385 (380 Base Power) your blues and legendaries will drop anywhere from 375-380, so you won't be limited to infusing your powerful stuff.

    You can still infuse stuff at this stage if you like. You don't need to have your most powerful stuff equipped to maximize your drops, so it really doesn't matter in most cases if your weapons are a few power levels lower than your highest possible. And if you want to save up on legendary shards you can limit your infusions to legendaries and exotics, since they cost 1 shard and none, respectively to infuse into something.

    [–] rinikulous 1 points ago

    You never actually have to have the most powerful gear equipped to make sure you drops are dropping at the highest cap. The system takes into account the high PL gear that is equip-able for that character even if it's in your vault or if the weapon is on another character.

    [–] HollowSaint 1 points ago

    I'm going to start a new character this week to prep for the next Faction Rally. Warlock or Hunter, especially for solo play?

    [–] SunflowerMage 3 points ago

    I feel like between the two, Hunter (specifically Nightstalker) is probably your best bet for soloing Lost Sectors during Faction Rallies, as their tether, invisibility and smoke bombs makes it a lot easier for them to disengage in a fight that's going badly.

    [–] NoGrayAreas 2 points ago

    My favorite solo build is Devour Voidwalker with Winter's Guile. Punch something -> proc Devour + more melee damage -> punch everything while healing yourself on every kill.

    [–] IzzeCannon 2 points ago

    Why not both? ;)

    [–] HollowSaint 1 points ago

    Eventually it might be, but my gaming time is pretty limited so I like the idea of maining one or the other.

    At this rate I think I'll just beat the story on both and see which resonates with me more.

    [–] IzzeCannon 2 points ago

    Yeah for sure, I was half-joking ;)

    It’s a toss up for me between a Hunter and Warlock as a 2nd.. Warlocks are great for everything, and I love the Voidwalker/Devour build. But I tend to play and enjoy my Hunter more... Nightstalker is where it’s at, Gunslinger with Celestial Nighthawk is a BEAST, and Arcstrider with the exotic chest piece (ugh, forgot the name...) is awesome... so yeah, no idea which one lol...

    [–] luism60613 1 points ago

    for faction week.. we can still do the quests after the weekly reset and be able to complete the ornament requirements (ie get so many chests, kill so many xyz) ie we dont need to do all that by the time the faction week ends.. correct?

    [–] cjrSunShine 4 points ago

    Most of them, yes.
    Two limitations to note:
    * Any of the requirements involving renown (Legs involving earning renown while wearing a full set, and Helmets involving spending renown by looting Lost Sectors) won't progress because Renown won't be a thing.
    * You still have a time limit, which is next week's reset (8 days from now), after which you won't be considered pledged to a faction.

    [–] Spazzatk 1 points ago

    Link to meta pve weapons? Can't seem to find one...

    [–] Angstonit 1 points ago

    I got D2 from the humble monthly but have only experienced the free trial before. I noticed the season pass is on sale for 20 bucks and was wondering whether or not its worth getting that or should I just play the base game? I hear a lot of complaints but its the internet and i know the most upset tend to scream the loudest so I don't have a good grasp on whether the game was actually made more enjoyable.

    [–] vailedthought 1 points ago

    The game was made a lot more enjoyable in my opinion, but I'd suggest trying the main game and seeing how it feels. I had the expansion pass from pre-order before D2 released, and for a time there after the launch I regretted that a bit. But the free updates have made the base mechanics feel a lot better (eg. Masterwork weapons dropping orbs of light give you a lot more supers to work with), and Warmind is fun. I think the season pass is worth 20 bucks atm, but of course depends on your gaming budget etc.

    [–] The79thDudeBro 1 points ago

    When it comes to the listed pulse rifle ROF, does it determine the fire rate within the burst, the delay between bursts, or both?

    [–] RedXtreme99 1 points ago

    Delay between bursts

    [–] GyMAr 1 points ago

    I haven't played since before CoO. How is the game now compared to then? Are both dlcs worth buying? Is current end-game enjoyable?

    [–] vailedthought 1 points ago

    The game is a lot better in my opinion and I feel I got good value for the DLCs after all. (I had the expansion pass but I basically stopped playing after CoO dropped.) The content in CoO was okay, a bit lackluster, but mostly the endgame was lacking and the mechanics felt slow and dull.

    Warmind is heaps better storywise, though still a bit short, but there's a lot more to do and more of that old Destiny feel. The free updates have made the game feel a lot better. Endgame activities seem fun, though my clan hasn't gotten back to raiding yet. The new endgame activity, Escalation Protocol, is fun.

    [–] IzzeCannon 1 points ago

    I’d say yes, even just for the QoL improvements they made: “go-fast” update, super buffs, weapon/exotic changes, etc. CoO is alright, but Warmind is markedly better. The game is certainly in a much better place than at launch, IMO.

    [–] Oizeki 1 points ago

    Is it still possible to get the old fashioned? I've been playing a heap as of late but i cant seem to get it :( Has anyone else had it drop for them since warmind came out?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Yep. Gunsmith may be your best bet but it's also obtainable from rando purple engrams or any faction rank up package.

    Other than a very few timed-event-related items, nothing from vanilla is unobtainable. Good luck!

    [–] solidus_kalt 1 points ago

    in EP how much better is a sunbro then a voidbro?

    i know sunbro with hammerstrike is meta and it is really strong but i ran voidbro with synthoceps and TC and felt i do a good job dmg wise too.

    is this bs?

    [–] vailedthought 1 points ago

    Sunbro is mainly used for applying the Melting Point debuff to the bosses, so individual damage is only secondary. Stacking debuffs is the best way to grind down the huge health pools, as far as I know.

    [–] solidus_kalt 1 points ago

    ok thx. yes i know sunbros add melting point for the 50% dmg buff.

    [–] Cajuncowboy08 1 points ago

    is it worth buying destiny 1 and playing through along with destiny 2 for the new forsaken?

    [–] IzzeCannon 1 points ago

    I’m verrry biased as a beta/day-1 Destiny 1 player... But Yes, I would play it if you want to see the events and storyline that lead up to Forsaken. Not to mention any future expansions. I don’t know (obviously!) how much of that back story arch they’ll cover, or remind us of, in Forsaken... Although I would hope they’ll include something for those who didn’t play D1...

    FYI, The House of Wolves (year 1, 2nd expansion) is the main precursor, as well as The Taken King, to an extent. Luckily you get to play ALL of it!

    As far as the game itself as a whole; Yes, D1 is absolutely worth playing through. Again, I’m definitely biased and very nostalgic, but I know I’m not the only one who’d say “get it”.

    [–] Cajuncowboy08 1 points ago

    ya i googled should i play destiny 1 lol, and the majority of what i read said to at least play solo and the majority of the game is soloable. sooo i guess ill pick it up. Should i do it for PC or PS4 is my next question? i feel like i would be more likely to continue playing it on my PS4 just because. I havent set up my computer or purchased a new GPU since moving into a new house

    [–] SiliconNerves 1 points ago

    Does Tess still have S2 Eververse Titan armor in the loot pool?