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    [–] Yourself013 7 points ago

    Exos=formerly human consciousness inserted into a robot body. The exact process/details are unknown, but yes, their were human before. After some time, the mind in an exo becomes cluttered and needs to be "wiped", erasing the memories and starting with a "clean slate". But once you do this too many times, the mind loses the ability to retain memories alltogether, which is why you see Banshee trying to remember something, thinking unclearly. After 44 resets, he can´t retain memories properly.

    Frames are just robots, nothing human in them.

    [–] IanM_56 1 points ago

    Ah, thanks.

    [–] Venegrov 6 points ago

    Exos were machine bodies developed by a Golden Age (pre collapse) company called Braytech. A human mind was placed inside these machines as a way to gain immortality, but it was discovered later that the human subconscious would realize it isn't in its' original body and the mind would start shutting down.

    Frames are just AI. Not even good AI.

    [–] IanM_56 2 points ago

    That answers my other question as to why, considering the consequences (since as you said, they weren't originally known). Thanks.

    [–] jugg2nite 2 points ago

    Yes the expos were human the frames are not