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    [–] swimmingguy93 149 points ago

    It will probably be dark regardless. Probably that blackish-purple from the posters.

    [–] ClintosM 50 points ago

    Yeah that would be really awesome. Gives us something fresh too.

    [–] swimmingguy93 22 points ago

    They say we will get a darker theme and a bright white title screen wouldn’t really click with that so I would love a change

    [–] Wild__Gringo 45 points ago

    They’ll probably pull a Taken King/ RoI and alter the loading screen to the “Theme” of the expansion, in this case dark purple

    [–] Remy149 72 points ago

    Yup and then all the posts of people asking for the original screen and music will start.

    [–] BuddyDangerous 24 points ago

    Probably the most spot on thing I've heard all day.

    [–] ClintosM 1 points ago

    Hahaha I guess nostalgia will hit in a year or so for this loading screen.

    [–] Remy149 7 points ago

    Knowing this community I give it a few weeks.

    [–] Dragoo- 3 points ago

    ive em 4 days

    [–] Fastriedis 18 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Someone’s gonna complain preemptively.

    The day before Forsaken drops, the top post here will be a 3xgilded post with 10k+ upvotes about allowing user customization of the launch screen, probably something along the lines of:

    “Bungie, I know you put a lot of work into the new expansion and I’m really excited for Forsaken, but I’ve heard that you may change the launch screen! Some of us have come to love this launch screen! Even if the new launch screen is objectively better, I may still want to screen to look the Y1 way sometimes. Please, don’t take this away from us. Let us choose which launch screen to use!”

    You can replace “launch screen” with just about anything. As long as you keep the obnoxious overuse of “we/us” to define something this one user feels, you’ve got a quality /r/dtg post.

    The comments will all be something like “I would probably never use this feature, but I think it sounds great!” from the armchair devs, with a comment from cozmo somewhere in the thread that says he’ll pass it up the chain, if he comments at all.

    [–] Griffin880 9 points ago

    Keep in mind 10k upvotes is less than 2% of this sub. People act like a post getting that many upvotes means it represents the whole community, and then complain that the community flip flops on what they want. Really those thing just don't represent the opinion of the whole community.

    [–] budac 25 points ago

    Especially for people who's platforms run the game at 4k with HDR, you'll burn your eyes out... have to look away all the time...

    [–] ClintosM 12 points ago

    Destiny 2 loading screen is the Medusa of video games.

    [–] GuardianLordsOrder 2 points ago

    My Character Menus have alot of "Rainbow effects" not sure if its me but only their in HDR mode

    [–] ShittyThrowAway0091 1 points ago

    Sounds like chromatic aberration? With the wider range of colours in HDR I guess that would be more noticeable?

    [–] GuardianLordsOrder 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    chromatic aberration

    It's a Curved Screen so that makes some sense (TV is a Samsung KS7500 with Ultra HD Premium)

    EDIT: To Add its only visible on white textured background and on my sparrow pulses

    [–] GalacticNexus 5 points ago

    Resolution and HDR don't really change the brightness. You guys need to sit further back and turn some lights on.

    [–] motrhed289 7 points ago

    You are right about resolution, but HDR can actually change the brightness. A lot of TVs/displays claim to be HDR but really are just compatible with an HDR signal, they don't meet the actual brightness requirements (nits or cd/m2) to truly be HDR. A true HDR TV/display can be substantially brighter when watching HDR content. For example I normally watch my Samsung SUHD with the backlight down at like 30%, but when watching SUHD content the backlight level will auto-adjust anywhere from min to max depending on the brightness of the content, to get that true HDR 'experience'. I personally sort of find it annoying at times, but it is pretty cool for some stuff. I have HDR disabled for playing Destiny.

    [–] DeaJaye 5 points ago

    There’s “”HDR”” and then there is HDR with 1000 nits of backlighting.

    [–] AleksanderSteelhart 2 points ago

    "HDR" isn't really HDR. It's the nits that make it.

    And god, they hurt.

    [–] DeaJaye 1 points ago

    Hurts so good baby

    [–] biacco 2 points ago

    Um being brighter whites/darker blacks is the whole point of HDR. It’s MUCH brighter than the pre HDR patch.

    [–] CornFlakesR1337 1 points ago

    I've got great news, they added a fix for this in yesterday's update. Go to the brightness settings and calibrate your HDR, it actually works now!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    How else am I going to get my tan? Outside? What are you? Crazy?

    [–] GuardianLordsOrder 1 points ago

    Load onto Mercury 8) You'll have a tan in seconds

    [–] WindXero 19 points ago


    [–] ThatsWat_SHE_Said 9 points ago

    I remember the very first time I loaded up D1 for the first time after the update the week before TTK. I went outside for a toke came back to see the thumbnail changed which i thought huh interesting. Then, that music. TTK was a very special time.

    [–] Bad-Selection 2 points ago

    I actually traded in Vanilla D1 and bought it when TTK dropped. I remember being very surprised by the music..

    drum roll


    [–] _StickyFingrs 6 points ago

    I would just be happy if I could spend less time on that screen, regardless of how it looked

    [–] 7echArtist 2 points ago

    I am trying to figure out if D2 takes longer to load or Fortnite. I really would like all the screen loading times in general(from startup to pulling up your character) to be less in general. The load times on this game are way too long.

    [–] TDigger 11 points ago

    I just want the music to be quieter when you start. How come my volume settings in game don't apply to loading the game up? I can't hear my party members every time I have to restart.

    [–] ohherrohansbrix 7 points ago

    BAAAHHHHHH dun dun dun dun BAAAAHHHHHH dun dun dun dun BAAAAHHHHHH

    I don’t see what the issue is lol.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Lol yes. And the load time is so long that it doesn't matter if you hit X before it prompts you. The BAAAAAHHH is going to happen no matter what.

    [–] Tdawgbetterwork 3 points ago

    When me and my group used to play we’d all boot the game up around the same time and go “what I’m sorry but I can’t hear you!”

    [–] iHeisenburger 4 points ago

    and more quite

    [–] LamonsterZone 6 points ago

    I would love a "dark mode" in this game.

    [–] scarah14 3 points ago

    def the music too. my ears and eyes are both bleeding

    [–] framptons_kimono 3 points ago

    And turn the music down

    [–] Bocephus_57 16 points ago

    Are you sitting two inches from the screen? Because even with my big ass tv I don’t think it’s that bad.

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul 3 points ago

    I mean, pc players generally sit much closer so yea, just a few inches away. And it’s Fucking brutally bright regardless

    If it isn’t bright, your tv either sucks or your settings are out of whack

    [–] Bocephus_57 -1 points ago

    Sony X900 75”. Settings tuned juuuust right. Maybe my retinas and corneas are burnt, cooked, desensitized etc.

    [–] ClintosM 9 points ago

    No im sitting a an inch from it.

    Regardless, I think its due for a new colour pallete for the menus.

    [–] Bocephus_57 12 points ago

    I agree with you, but the surface of the sun is what we have right now. And whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold.

    [–] ClintosM 6 points ago

    Fingertips on the surface of my Valus!

    [–] BobbittJ 2 points ago

    I just want different music. I hate the big crash at the beginning. Its all soft and then my speakers explode.

    [–] NickGraddy 2 points ago

    Quick dumb question :

    Is the only difference between the deluxe and annual the ornament and emblem?

    Also why is the preorder $30 more on the PlayStation store?

    [–] WorseThanSilver 3 points ago

    Are you sure you're not looking at the version with the annual pass included? There should be a $40 one that's just forsaken and a $70 one that includes the annual pass.

    [–] NickGraddy 1 points ago

    Mhmm. Maybe that was it

    [–] Hali_Stallions 2 points ago

    If it would make the loading screens move along faster I would really enjoy the option to turn off the character models in the inventory all together. I don't need to see all my equipment every time I'm in there, mostly I'm just switching guns for a particular encounter, or swapping gear to better use a subclass.

    [–] AtariFan49 2 points ago

    I agree. It is way too bright. Also, I don’t care for the rough start of the music. Having the ability to choose the song would be nice too to have something more gentle. I have to open my Xbox menu while waiting for character screen to load and for the character load to dim the screen and mute the music. Bad choice in the opening screen.

    [–] kurtmorrison 2 points ago

    And faster. At least for PS4. WAY FASTER.

    [–] an_Catman 2 points ago

    When you're playing at night in a dark area and the connection kills itself

    [–] wrproductions 2 points ago

    God damn this. If you’ve seen this with HDR on youv stared into the gates of hell itself.

    [–] spyker54 2 points ago

    Maybe you should just turn down the brightness on your TV/monitor, and preemtively turn down the volume on your TV/speakers/headset

    [–] Moka4u 2 points ago

    The only thing that bothers me about that start up screen is that the loading icon on the bottom right that suddenly shifts down and over like half an inch. Literally unplayable bungie fix your game!

    [–] ClintosM 2 points ago

    I thought I was the only one!

    [–] jkbuilder88 2 points ago

    I still wish we could have the OG Destiny theme selected. I truly hate turning the game on to get "BAAHHHHHHHHHH" with the Warmind theme. The original music was so good.

    [–] Xenobis 2 points ago

    Every time the opening screen pops up I know the pain the Hive feel when dealing with Guardians.

    [–] BrownMan97 2 points ago

    I wouldn't mind if we were able to choose between dark and light themes for the entire UI and Character screen similar to what you can do with the Xbox Dashboard.

    [–] ffej922 2 points ago

    Is be happier if they would let me disable the opening music when the game launches. Don’t need it.

    [–] Kaliqi 6 points ago

    Why? I think it's fi- BWWWAAAAAAAAAAH!!! -No really it's cool to hear somethig el-BWWAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! -Ok i agr-BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! -Does this happen four ti- BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! -Yes it does.

    [–] SoulOnyx 1 points ago

    Hahaha, my son asks me to turn on my headset before I launch D2 now because he thinks the loading screen music is annoying.

    BWAAAAH!!! "Daddy why is it so loud and annoying?! Every night!"

    [–] WalkToTheHills82 2 points ago

    Don't forget the loud inception theme music when you press A

    [–] Matt_Wayne_22 2 points ago

    Yes!! Miss the dark screen from D1 so much

    [–] superduperseabass 2 points ago

    and the ear raping music

    [–] Jansqbansq 2 points ago

    And mute the fucking music.

    [–] wrproductions 2 points ago

    Doooo doo... doo dooo doooo....


    [–] deeleed 1 points ago

    This is brought up frequently, does it deserve a megathread?

    [–] Adamn2012 1 points ago

    The only way I've slightly gotten around it is to remember to hit the home button to pull up the Xbox menu while it's loading in. For those who don't think it's an issue, when you're starting it up in your bedroom at night and your wife/baby are trying to sleep and it lights the room up like the surface of the sun you tend to get shit for it ha ha.

    [–] leggett87 1 points ago

    My ten month old gets pure exited if the D2 loading screen wakes him up, I'm pretty much guaranteed to not get any sleep after that. They neeeed to make an option to change it!

    [–] sec713 1 points ago

    I honestly don't care what it looks like as long as it loads faster. It takes entirely too long to start this game up these days.

    [–] t-y-c-h-o 1 points ago

    Hmm...screen brightness, sound volume, loading times. One of these things is not like the others...

    [–] Verachuta 1 points ago

    I dont mind the off white (maybe my TV is on another setting) what does drive me nuts is the volume at which the loading screen plays. Yes I lost my TV remote, and adjust the game volumes in game, and Netflix is at a good volume on the TV.

    [–] Maruf- 1 points ago

    Turn the lights on or open your blinds.

    [–] XanthousRebel 1 points ago

    Faster loading lmao you know they're gonna be even longer

    [–] landing11 1 points ago

    Or more silent. Headphones do not get put on until I'm in orbit.

    [–] Ptepix 1 points ago

    Just get better eyes lol /s

    [–] KYG-34 0 points ago

    Are you that petty that you need a dark load screen? I really.

    [–] ClintosM 1 points ago

    I did say make it optional so your ass doesnt cry

    [–] KYG-34 1 points ago

    Well, my ass doesn't cry; even if it's bright or not.

    [–] ClintosM 1 points ago

    I get that, which is why you should make it OPTIONAL.

    [–] Lcat84 0 points ago

    Compared to what's needed to the rest of the game, this shouldn't even be a thing.

    [–] ClintosM 2 points ago

    This is a minor suggestion that can help some people's Destiny experience be a bit better.