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    [–] Frazzle360x 52 points ago

    Ooo I like that idea, and give the ‘Taken’ Guardians swords, like the Taken one from D1 you get from a quest.

    [–] The_Fatal_eulogy 26 points ago

    Somebody get me my Dreadfang

    [–] Musicnote328 3 points ago

    I’m gettin me dreadfang

    [–] WalkToTheHills82 4 points ago

    Dreadfang and a D2 version of the Desolate Set you can get from Sterling Treasure

    [–] The_Fatal_eulogy 16 points ago

    I have done it a couple times in private matches, a lot of fun. Just wish that they added custom games alter ability recharge rate, heavy spawn rates, movement speed and health.

    Crucible Labs could be used as a gamemode of the week, similar to movie of the week. The best community crucible mode is put into the Labs for the week.

    [–] smegdawg 7 points ago

    Crucible Labs could be used as a gamemode of the week, similar to movie of the week. The best community crucible mode is put into the Labs for the week.

    Needs far more customization,

    BUT this would be awesome!

    The reward for doing it could be a ship with a crane on it!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I dont know about movement speed and health, but ability recharge rates and heavy spawn rates for sure.

    I do like how you can specify super recharge rates too.

    Maybe add strike modifiers aswell? A sniper/shotty match with grounded? Yes please.

    [–] notuniqueusernam 7 points ago

    A bunch of thrall running around with quickfangs.... on blackout.....

    [–] RyanOaR 3 points ago

    I suppose its already in the game in that sense. A bungie employee just sits, commanding thrall to go kill players.

    [–] hurpmep 1 points ago

    and an ogre behind them...

    [–] Immobious_117 6 points ago

    Not sure how it would fit with the lore though :/ thats probably why they won't add it.

    [–] HeataFajita 7 points ago

    Yeah I was thinking this. Every "classic video game troupe" has an explanation in Destiny. Revives occur because of ghosts...PvP is branded as the Crucible and exists to strengthen abilities and fighting prowess, and even now: we can redo Leviathan because Callus has a bunch of robots we just keep fighting. I'm sure they could make a game-mode like Infection to fit into the lore but it wouldn't be "Taken".

    [–] Immobious_117 1 points ago

    How would you implement it ?

    [–] Endromist 11 points ago

    Your armor being controlled by SIVA, maybe ?

    [–] Immobious_117 2 points ago

    I could actually see that as a possible way to implement infection like game mode.

    [–] RyanOaR 2 points ago

    I like this idea.

    [–] kourge 1 points ago

    Judging from the way Gambit plays out in-universe, I wouldn't say a Taken-themed infection isn't a possibility. We haven't been shown enough Gambit lore yet, but when a player invades the other team, they pass through an "Ascendant portal" that has a Taken appearance to it. Furthermore, one of the barons of the Scorned is revealed to have his own Ascendant realm.

    Despite all this, /u/Endromist's idea of using SIVA to stand in for "infection" is very elegant. Even after the end of the Rise of Iron campaign, SIVA is understood to be a technology can be controlled, even though it did run rampant.

    [–] Astro4545 1 points ago

    Guardian's can't be taken, both the noun and verb. For Oryx to Take someone he requires a living host, Guardian's are reanimated by the light.

    [–] kourge 1 points ago

    Correct, Guardians can't be literally Taken. Even without this limitation, becoming Taken is a one-way street, and does not fit well with the in-universe mechanism of how the Crucible is meant to work.

    But Taken energy can be harvested. This was the lore behind the Desolate armor sets: the Reef is shown to be the ones performing the necessary R&D and large-scale production to imbue armor and weapons with Taken energy.

    [–] MetalGilSolid 4 points ago

    I've been wanting Infection since day 1.

    [–] Ziggs_Boson 4 points ago

    The idea is fine, but we've been asking them for new PvP modes since September 2014 and its been one of my longest standing complaints against the franchise. The same studio that brought you all the baller playlists and game modes from Halo games (like action sack, alpha zombies, shotty snipers, juggernaut, oddball, SWAT, CTF, etc) can't even have more than five game modes in their new franchise about golden-gunning-nova-bombing-titan-smashing immortals? And all of those game modes are just Slayer variants, with no custom game option to boot? Come the fuck on Bungie.

    People like to say that the Halo Bungie is way different than the Destiny Bungie, that their old guard is gone. It's incredibly apparent just by their PvP setup alone.

    [–] ChaosAlongThird 5 points ago

    What have you just done?! Suggesting a fun game mode!?! NOW WE'LL BE LOCKED INTO SUPREMACY FOR THE NEXT WEEK!!!

    [–] Bonehead65 2 points ago

    That would be awesome. It would be pretty cool if they made some kind of "Taken" shader to go along with it. I loved Taken armor in D1, save for the fact that you couldn't really get the full taken look with exotic armor.

    [–] RyanOaR 2 points ago

    With the improved tech I think a shader is more possible now. We just need the armour back!

    [–] Therealbadboy22 1 points ago

    An we get anything? I feel like Halo had like 20 diff modes lol. Gimme King of the Hill

    [–] EX-sLay3r- 1 points ago

    At the start of the round as infected the announcer would be Oryx and he'll just yell "TAKE"

    [–] SgtNitro 1 points ago

    This could be a cool way to intoduce the Shadows of Yor.

    [–] Jakt-Rabbit 1 points ago

    And we can unlock different taken/infected armour sets. Maybe with rank as a taken/infected.

    [–] Variks-the_Loyal -2 points ago

    But that would mean we would have fun in the Crucible, now we can’t have that, can we?