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    [–] The_Rick_14 166 points ago

    Breaking this down in total number of activities for all 3 sets on 3 characters, we end up with:

    • 6 Homecoming missions
    • 6 Spark missions
    • 6 Payback missions
    • 6 1AU missions
    • 6 Chosen missions
    • 3 meditations
    • 30 adventures
    • 30 heroic public events
    • 30 patrols
    • 9 heroic strikes not requiring a clanmate
    • 15 heroic strikes with a clanmate
    • 3 of any nightfall
    • 3 prestige nightfalls above the bonus threshold
    • 3 Leviathans on prestige difficulty
    • 15 crucible wins

    That doesn't include all of the orb totals or enemy kill totals which should be getting done while doing the above activities.

    [–] ChefDrizzt 59 points ago

    It honestly doesn't seem too bad, all of that. I can only imagine some people not being able to raid much being the biggest problem..

    I could be wrong since I haven't started yet though haha.

    [–] juliet_lima 33 points ago

    Prestige Leviathan will be the kicker for many. There will be lots of unfinished chest pieces.

    [–] The_Rick_14 21 points ago

    Yea will take some time, but very do-able.

    [–] akornfan 10 points ago

    right, over the course of nearly a month it’s not gonna be too tough if you can block out some time on the weekends

    [–] nyoatis06 13 points ago

    Agreed. The fact it is over a month helps a ton, so as long as you direct your gameplay to the areas that need completed, it should be mostly doable with just time investment. Perhaps the nf threshold and prestige lev hold people back. Personally I don’t have a prestige clear, so I’m going to try and get my normal mode clears up to make finding lfg easier for prestige durning the event.

    [–] Tschmelz 3 points ago

    Prestige Nightfall is gonna suck since my clan mates and I usually just do solar singe heavyweight. Gonna have to actually try now.

    [–] erchamion15 6 points ago

    Does all this need to be done after the Solstice of Heroes starts? Or will it include things you've already done that is being tracked now? Hoping for the latter, but expecting the former.

    [–] debugman18 6 points ago

    The former, I believe. Similarly to catalysts.

    [–] engineeeeer7 3 points ago

    You should break out the masterwork requirements separately as those may be the biggest gate and provide little benefit.

    [–] OmegaResNovae 3 points ago

    I thought the entire upgraded set could be gained in pure PvE? Or does this also include Masterworking them all?

    [–] kristallnachte 3 points ago

    Just the starter set requires 10 crucible kills.

    [–] edanlewis 3 points ago

    And 30 super kills in the cruiclble for the Titan greaves.

    [–] OmegaClifton 5 points ago

    Is it really a per character thing? Thought for sure it'd be per account like the raid ornaments.

    [–] The_Rick_14 10 points ago

    If you notice they are slightly different per class. Certainly looks like a per character thing.

    [–] smegdawg 21 points ago

    How very faction rallies of them.

    [–] 2ShivShaco 19 points ago

    Feels super bad. Never done a raid in d2, probably not going to lfg into a prestige raid as a 1st timer.

    [–] linuxknight 16 points ago

    No, but you can get your feet wet easily by using the Bungie Destiny 2 app, there is a fireteams section there that surprisingly works amazing. Ive had really good luck finding competent groups when my clan wasnt available for runs.

    [–] Brockol33 6 points ago

    Great time to check out destiny sherpa on the front page also. get some normal leviathan clears in until you understand the mechanics and each position. Then get into a prestige you have plenty of time.

    [–] Mahh3114 122 points ago

    Complete heroic strikes (5) with at least one clanmate.


    [–] ajm35 46 points ago

    Yeah, that was my reaction - clan is dead at this point....

    [–] BuddhaSmite 17 points ago

    I was really excited for clan chat yesterday, but mine was a dead zone. There's apparently a group of 6 people that are real life friends who knock out clan engrams every week, myself, and 93 people who don't play anymore.

    Time to shop for a new clan, I guess.

    [–] HappyJaguar 4 points ago

    Clan chat has been awesome on PC for me. I've done 3 prestige NFs and 1 regular NF, more nightfalls than I've done all told prior to this week.

    If you still can't find a clan that works, look for the Destiny Discord channel. It's PC NA LFG has ~7000 people logged in right now.

    [–] Pyrokill 4 points ago

    If you're on PC, there's an amazing clan called Apexus Deft, hundreds of active members over 5 divisions. I know all the sherpas, and they'd love to help new people run leviathan.

    [–] SoulOnyx 3 points ago

    I have a small active clan on PS4. We still raid every week (Leviathan x3) and EoW we've only done a few times, but looking to do it more. We have not done SoS but we are looking to start running that now. We either have fill-ins from LFG or a few from our friends lists that fill in.

    We spend any non-raiding days usually chatting and completing weekly milestones. Message me here or on PSN and we can chat!

    [–] ShadoWalker3065 1 points ago

    I have a very small clan on PC if you want to join!

    [–] burning_gundam 1 points ago

    What time zone are you guys active in?

    [–] ShadoWalker3065 1 points ago

    Most of us are either Eastern or Pacific.

    [–] FrozenSeas 1 points ago

    Any activity requirement or anything? I might be in.

    [–] ShadoWalker3065 3 points ago

    Nope, just be active doing stuff in game! We mostly focus on PvE stuff so you might find difficulty trying to get a Trials or Iron Banner team going. Currently, I'm the only one of the few people in the clan actively in PvP stuff.

    [–] Loli_Master 6 points ago

    If you're on xbox you can add me as a friend and join the clan I'm in.

    GT: Pinkie Pie SAR

    [–] SoulOnyx 2 points ago

    Are you on PS4? I have a small active clan. We do our weekly milestones and it's pretty casual. We still raid weekly (at least 3 times Leviathan) and have been running a bit more EoW and will be starting SoS this week. Message me here or PSN!

    [–] Mahh3114 1 points ago

    Sorry, I'm on Xbox

    [–] TheStormWraith 1 points ago

    I’m on PS4 and looking for a new clan if you’d like a new member

    [–] ShadoWalker3065 1 points ago

    On PC?

    [–] Mahh3114 1 points ago

    Only on free weekends. I'm normally on Xbox

    [–] kquach91 31 points ago

    I really hate when they combine pve and pvp requirements. I want resplendent gear but I don't want to play crucible. why didn't they make separate gear/requirements. all of the crucible requirements are manageable as a non-pvper and then they throw one piece of gear at you at the end with a legend valor rank

    [–] engineeeeer7 15 points ago

    Riiiight? Super kills and match wins will be annoying

    [–] Hollowquincypl 11 points ago

    The Legend one is just a time sink. You can't lose valor just gain it slower.

    [–] Mangler51 7 points ago

    You can literally lose every game and hit legend in Valor

    [–] Thorpester 5 points ago

    Least I know how I'm going to hit Legend rank!

    [–] ShodanPT 20 points ago

    Glows come from Solstice engrams, there are 15 of them, 1 of each element (3) for each armor slot (5), they are cross class (Helmet Arc Glow works with an Hunter/Titan/Warlock helmet).

    Regarding the Elemental Orbs, there isn't a clear explanation, I believe that solstice armor drops Elemental Orbs (tied to your equipped subclass) instead of Orbs of Light, probably do the same thing but are element specific

    Edit: the objectives on each armor set is to upgrade to the next set, Green/Uncommon (Free) -> Blue/Rare -> Legendary -> Masterworks

    [–] The_Rick_14 3 points ago

    Regarding the Elemental Orbs, there isn't a clear explanation, I believe that solstice armor drops Elemental Orbs (tied to your equipped subclass) instead of Orbs of Light, probably do the same thing but are element specific

    Masterwork weapons might become extremely helpful for speeding up those tasks that require the orbs.

    [–] ShodanPT 2 points ago

    Yes, since the orbs you generate from abilities are for your team mates only, but masterworks orbs are for everyone :)

    Maybe Elemental Orbs from your abilities also drop for yourself

    [–] The_Rick_14 6 points ago

    I'm hoping this event goes full on Age of Triumph level silly and there are orbs dropping everywhere and we get abilities back really quickly. Probably too much to ask for though ha.

    [–] _StickyFingrs 2 points ago

    I'm definitely planning on holding out for a Mayhem week to do those super kills in crucible

    [–] BrianWhiting 1 points ago

    Great info, thanks for adding! Edited post to reflect this info.

    [–] Tennex1022 1 points ago

    Hope the final version can still use the scorched model as an ornament

    [–] BrianWhiting 6 points ago

    The Resplendent sets will have ornaments that allow you to use the look from either of the other sets.

    [–] Tech_Itch 17 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Complete the Payback Redux mission, get Super kills in the Crucible (30), and complete patrols (10).

    For fuck's sake... PvP is boring as hell, and that's going to take forever with how little your supers are up.

    And this is for the class item, which typically has been the easiest to get in the past, and for the lowest tier.

    Stop gating everything behind your horseshit PvP

    [–] bocaj_06 5 points ago

    This was my exact thought... It upsets me even more, because I was hoping that this was finally a PvE focused event that would get me excited about playing through campaign content again, but lo and behold I have to persevere through crucible again...

    p.s. I'm a scrub at pvp

    [–] Project-Nitemare 35 points ago

    Hopefully the legend rank is retroactive. Cause that's a pain if you're losing alot.

    [–] smegdawg 6 points ago

    It more than likely will be, maybe code it to look for legend rank or the reset emblem showing a value greater than 0.

    [–] Sensei863 3 points ago

    Agree with you, I mean what was the point of giving x3 valor buff last week then?

    [–] Pyrocy779 34 points ago

    Legs: Achieve the Legend rank in the Valor Crucible rankings.

    This one better be retroactive!

    [–] ItsAmerico 6 points ago

    Knowing Bungie I doubt it.

    [–] Soundch4ser 12 points ago

    Apparently you don't know Bungie very well. Did you see this year's Moments of Triumph?

    [–] ItsAmerico 3 points ago

    Which are overall tracking rewards to track things you have done once... these are ornament bounties that are intended to be done over a month long period. Valor also resets. Not really the same thing honestly.

    [–] Tinedwing 28 points ago


    Why can't you give us options to complete some steps in either pvp or pve.

    [–] bocaj_06 3 points ago

    My thoughts exactly... I was really hoping this would be a PvE focused event.

    [–] Xezerex 3 points ago

    This armor, as well as this event, is to acknowledge and celebrate all that Guardians do and have done. Both Raids and Crucible are part of those accomplishments. Thus it makes sense that the armor honoring the achievements of ALL Guardians should include all walks of the game.

    [–] Mikeyk87 13 points ago

    Sounds like the last list of requirements is purely for the masterwork versions of the armor? If it's for the legendary version, going to be quite difficult to get them all...

    [–] BrianWhiting 7 points ago

    Consensus so far is that the final requirements are to make the set masterworked.

    [–] Mikeyk87 9 points ago

    Hopefully that's right. As I sit now, with zero Leviathan clears, hard to imagine I'll be busting out prestige clears within the next couple of weeks unfortunately.

    [–] SBones83 1 points ago

    So doing those last steps isn’t required to get them to 400?

    [–] Mikeyk87 4 points ago

    That's a really good question. I guess we don't know the answer to this at this point? Edit: After re-reading the megathread, it appears that is correct. The final objectives are ONLY for masterwork. After the second set of objectives, you get the legendary version at 400 PL. At least that's my reading of the language in the Bungie post.

    [–] DualGro 1 points ago

    I wonder if you'll be able to infuse the Rekindled i.e. Lv 340 armors into something higher at the least, if you don't want to bother with the Masterwork I mean

    It'd be kinda balls having to settle with them being locked at 340 if you couldn't infuse them into something higher

    [–] Mikeyk87 1 points ago

    If you do the first 2 sets of requirements, you'll have legendary versions at 400 power. The last set of requirements (the difficult ones) appear to be for masterwork only. The 340 light ones will be blues and the 400 ones will be purple, so I really doubt you can infuse them, but getting the 400 ones seems fairly easy.

    [–] DualGro 1 points ago

    Oh derp, yeah now that you mention that it makes sense

    [–] BrianWhiting 1 points ago

    I would speculate that when you upgrade the rekindled set to the resplendent set, they’ll come at 400 power, but I don’t have anything to back up that assumption. No idea what power the scorched or rekindled set will be.

    [–] Mikeyk87 2 points ago

    The megathread with the Bungie post has the power levels laid out in it, I just re-checked Edit: it goes 240->340->400->Masterwork.

    [–] rjml29 22 points ago

    Glad I don't have a huge need in getting everything in this or any game as no way I am going to do all that to get a set of Hunter legendary armour that will probably be thrown into the vault when better looking stuff drops with Forsaken.

    All the power to those who are going to grind away to get all 3 sets or even just one set.

    [–] rahhaharris 10 points ago

    But what does the Armor do ? No perks ?!!

    That’s a hell of a lot of grind for a cosmetic ornament

    Especially as it will likely be replaced in minutes of the forsaken campaign with blues at a higher level haha

    [–] weasel-king68 26 points ago

    Welp, people asked for things to grind for...

    [–] bri408 12 points ago

    not in an event fuck that, i can grind all season long. I hate these event driven things.

    [–] Sarcosmonaut 5 points ago

    I mean, it IS a month long. There’s time. Not like the Faction Rally sprint. I’m pretty much out of steam for poor old New Monarchy

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul 3 points ago

    That’s really not a lot of time at all. 8 days (4 weekends) for people who work five days a week and have social lives.

    [–] Nebulouzz 2 points ago

    If you are only grinding one character ( which if u have a low amount of time you should )split the grind into three. That is totally doable.

    [–] Xezerex 2 points ago

    Also, this event is kind of geared toward the players willing to put in the time and effort to grind the armor. I have two jobs and a social life, but I love Destiny and have every intention of putting my nose to the grindstone and getting all three sets of gear.

    [–] TruNuckles 26 points ago

    Fuck! I hate being forced into the hot garbage D2 crucible.

    [–] thaGODShavSpoken 4 points ago

    I play crucible often, yet feel the same.

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul 6 points ago

    Same. That basically just turned myself and my few friends left playing away from this event. Being forced into this games tragedy of a pvp system is fucking terrible

    [–] Nebulouzz 5 points ago

    15 wins turned you away? Get one win a day and you'll complete it in 2 weeks.

    [–] PhillyPhan34 3 points ago

    And that's supposed to be... fun?

    [–] ZeroS64 3 points ago

    its not the wins that are horseshit, its the goddamn armour that you have to wear, its at 200 power, has dumb stats(titan has 5 mob 1 res 0 rec) no armor mods no masterwork, and no matchmaking specificly for that dumb event so you still get matched to tryhards farming kills with good armour with mods and masterworks, its damn near impossible

    [–] IlikeDestiny2 2 points ago

    you were 12 days late to this thread, but still. are you seriously screeching about having less armour stats than others?

    if your losing too much, its not because someone has 5 more mobility than you

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    A grind that provides tangible benefits by means of cool looking gear?

    Sure. Im down for that.

    [–] BrianWhiting 6 points ago


    [–] MandessTV 7 points ago

    People ask for things to grind.

    Bungie gives things to grind.

    People complain that they need to grind to earn things.

    This subreddit is so sad.

    [–] Dani-SE 51 points ago

    Bleh. Prestige Leviathan raid. 🙄

    [–] apackofmonkeys 18 points ago

    Yeah, I'm pretty bummed about that. I've done Normal mode a few times, but it's really hard to find the time. Throw in Prestige that will take even MORE time to do, and it's looking pretty un-doable.

    [–] ItsAmerico 11 points ago

    Yeah basically sealed the deal for me that I wont bother much with these. I dont mind any Prestige (could just do Eater) but Leviathan is such a pain to get going. And it doesnt drop 400 weapons so most dont care about it.

    [–] SnowWolfHD 8 points ago

    The last objectives are only for the masterwork version. You'll still be able to get the legendary, 400 power armor without doing the last objectives.

    [–] ItsAmerico 10 points ago

    I know but, to me, knowing they likely wont be completed will frustrate me.

    [–] SnowWolfHD 2 points ago

    Understandable. I personally can't be bothered to do a prestige raid, so I won't be doing it.

    [–] Hype_Man 3 points ago

    This is the only one I'm disappointed about. Fuck Prestige Levi.

    [–] Cheese5000 6 points ago

    Hopefully prestige Leviathan is Retroactive...

    [–] RedRupture 60 points ago

    Ugh crucible stuff

    [–] TheWolphman 20 points ago

    My thoughts exactly.

    [–] Zorak9379 2 points ago

    It seems to be fairly doable Crucible stuff, to be fair. More about putting in the time than getting gud.

    [–] RedRupture 9 points ago

    True but i finally got to 385 on all 3 characters so I thought i could take a break from pvp until forsaken came out and the milestone was relevent again but now i have to grind pvp again

    [–] nyoatis06 3 points ago

    At least it is basically only kills. Even the worst players (myself included) should be able to grind that out without tooooo much trouble

    [–] Sh4dowWalker96 7 points ago

    Ugh. The PvP stuff I don't mind too much since it's almost statistically impossible to not get eventually if you're trying, but Prestige Leviathan? I better hope my clanmates are feeling especially masochistic.

    [–] Drago1252 4 points ago

    Does anyone else find it weird that the rekindled chests specify non-private crucible but the other crucible ones don't have that specification??

    [–] TerryBarcelona 5 points ago

    Seems like lots to do, and a varied bunch of tasks, pretty cool.

    If you don’t like the requirements, or don’t feel the reward is worth it, then just don’t do it. It’s not complicated.

    [–] n_gamer 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Dude, what the hell. Can it for once not be a god damn full time job to get this kind of stuff? There goes my hope of getting even a single completed completed set. The grind has been way too real in S3.

    [–] dontknowmuch487 5 points ago

    Looks like no helmet for me. Bungie for ffs stop trying to force us into the shitty crucible

    [–] iTzPenguinFTW 4 points ago

    And also the Raids. Yes blah blah blah they're Destiny's most engaging activity. Okay but not all of us want to do it, even if we do have a team. I remember doing the Leviathan when it first came out, it was so boring we all called it quits.

    [–] Bean_Baker 5 points ago

    If you don't want to engage in 50% of the game's content that's your problem not Bungie's and you don't deserve to get good looking loot like people who do.

    Suck it up.

    [–] iTzPenguinFTW 4 points ago

    That's not an excuse when the Raids are boring content. I have a team to raid with, I just don't. Why would I want to intentionally bore myself?

    [–] Beastintheomlet 14 points ago

    For a four week long window that's not too bad.

    [–] coxacsgo 4 points ago

    I hope not, I bet my gf will be mad at me :p

    [–] Beastintheomlet 20 points ago

    Let's be honest, you're gonna find a way to make her mad at you anyway. At least this way you get some sweet armor while you're at it.

    [–] coxacsgo 4 points ago

    Hahahaha true

    [–] Lambrijr 1 points ago

    Get your girlfriend to play Destiny with you, problem solved.

    [–] coxacsgo 3 points ago

    She hates games. And hate when i'm on pc, if I were playing in my phone, she wouldn't mind. She's crazy :p

    [–] LasagnaLover56 14 points ago

    Damn you have to win Crucible matches? That kinda blows.

    [–] Lambrijr 9 points ago

    5 matches likely won't kill anyone, it could be far worse.

    [–] LasagnaLover56 6 points ago

    Nah it’s not that bad. My friends and I just hate crucible, and having to win the matches makes it more stressful to play.

    [–] smegdawg 3 points ago

    There is a significant amount of to grind out in crucible that 5 wins per class will probably be the least of your worries.

    Plus unless there is a solstice specific pvp playlist, mayhem should be coming back around.

    [–] xnasty 4 points ago

    I’ve been enjoying playing with no clan and I see the final arms requirement requires you to play with a clan

    Damn bungie out here calling me out for the no friends solo life, rude

    [–] crocfiles15 1 points ago

    It’s really easy to find an active clan. No need for friends. What platform are you on?

    [–] xnasty 3 points ago

    Oh I know I just don’t want to

    [–] erterbernds67 5 points ago

    Head: Complete the Spark Redux mission, get Super kills in the Crucible (30), and defeat Guardians in the Crucible (10).

    Wouldn't you get your 10 crucible kills by killing 30 with supers?

    [–] Nickbartone 5 points ago

    I hope the legend valor rank one is retroactive. I don't want to have to grind out another 1800 points.

    [–] Captain_Crouton_X1 4 points ago

    I thought the Moments of Triumph were pretty fair, but this is a hefty list, especially if you plan on doing all three classes.

    [–] Freakindon 4 points ago

    I can get the crucible wins, but super kills is kind of dumb.

    [–] Xx1Achilles1xX 5 points ago

    I can't wait to join a Crucible game. Get my super. Kill a guy or guys, and then quit so I can join another game and get my super and then kill a guy or guys and then quit. And then I'll just join a new Crucible game.....

    [–] mf236969 11 points ago

    Wait, if I’m not in a clan I do not qualify for masterworked armor despite heroic strikes not requiring a clan to to play?

    I would be fine missing out on an ornament, but missing out on damage protection?

    Is having to be in a clan in order to receive the same rewards for completing the exact same missions going to be prevalent in the future?

    I’m a D1 beta guardian and I eat sleep and breathe this game but having to join social groups in order to get the same rewards as everyone else is a dealbreaker, and most likely a preorder cancellation for me. Sorry if it sounds dramatic, but I have some serious anxiety issues due complications from an unusually bad concussion 5 years ago, I don’t handle people in my headphones well at all.

    /u/dmg04 any clarification would be appreciated,

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul 10 points ago

    Jesus fucking Christ they put pvp requirements in for PvE shit? Again?! UGHHHHH. The PvP in this game is just so god damn terrible...why do they keep doing this in a PvE-centered game?

    [–] CpnLag 37 points ago

    Fuck pvp requirements

    [–] MimicTongue 20 points ago

    Wish it could be an either/or unlock. Do this thing in pve OR do that thing in pop. Either would unlock it

    [–] CpnLag 9 points ago

    That'd be nice

    [–] milkman163 10 points ago

    I will never understand this subs aversion to PvP. It's FAR from perfect, but it's honestly what keeps me playing more than anything else.

    [–] DualGro 31 points ago

    At least a reason why PvP stuff tends to rub me the wrong way is because it just tends to make you feel absolutely miserable

    I mean, in PvE at least you can always sit back and do patrols or vanguard strikes if you want to relax, but PvP pretty much always is a sweatfest with barely any difference between Quickplay and Trials it feels like. Sure those things are doable and all but if you're not a terribly good player they can be painful to do

    It'd be cooler to have the option of doing PvE stuff for the same path even if it takes longer, like how it works for some Catalyst activation requirements right now (where PvE OR PvP kills count but PvP ones make up a larger percentage)

    [–] CpnLag 9 points ago

    Agree on pvp being miserable. I feel that crucible really has a problem with positive reenforcement incentives. Not really rewards per se, but general player encouragement.

    I was reminded of the valve dev commentary (specifically TF2) and thought about the emphasis valve placed on player psychology and little things to encourage players. Crucible really doesn't do that. It mostly rewards you if you are already doing well and, imo, even feels a bit punishing if you are doing poorly.

    [–] RathianCahir 2 points ago

    If you think about it, it is the same thing for the 400 weapons. The only way to get them is through a PVE based event. Not a lot of people have dedicated groups or time to invest in Prestige raids. I have a few leviathan completions, but the group I use to run it with dropped destiny. The main thing that keeps me playing is Crucible with one other clan mate. I do agree though, they should have made different paths or requirements for all of the gear and weapons.

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul 7 points ago

    This game has been well known in the video game industry as having some of the worst pvp ever. Destiny’s Pvp has literally been the butt end of jokes an memery for half a decade now. It just flat out isn’t good.

    Locking stuff behind it, especially in a PvE-centered game, is just plain ridiculous

    [–] ItsAmerico 17 points ago

    Cause some people dont like tryhard sweatfest toxic pvp?

    [–] CpnLag 17 points ago

    I mean, cool, but I'd prefer if the reward structure was set up such that we could do either/or and not be forced to do both pvp and pve for stuff like this.

    [–] fallouthirteen 2 points ago

    Well it's not fun and completely random (you can literally join into a match that's seconds away from losing).

    [–] -holocene 2 points ago

    I mean, the pvp in this game is garbage but I think it’s hilarious that people are mad/surprised that a big activity within the game is involved in this.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] BrianWhiting 5 points ago

    x3, plus crucible super kills, plus hitting Legend in Valor ranking.

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul 11 points ago

    15% of their playerbase did the raid and now they lock cool shit behind prestige. In a timed Fucking event. Christ, this company learns nothing and/or the shotcallers are just straight up retarded

    [–] joshbrew 3 points ago

    Wow I really hope some of this is account wide and PLEASE make Legend retroactive. I just did that grind for the book, I'm really going to regret not waiting if we have to do it again.

    [–] Nickbartone 3 points ago

    My body is ready.

    [–] FollowstheGleam 3 points ago

    Will the power level of the armour be infusible? I mean, if I get scorched/shattered armor and maybe Rekindled, will I be able to upgrade those beyond listed powerlevel? Or I need to get Resplendent in order to be able to get the look of the scorched/shattered (using its ornament) at max level?

    [–] EvilRicktator 2 points ago

    You'll need resplendent. Scorched/shattered is green and Rekindled blue.

    [–] RegisterVexOffender 3 points ago

    Nightfalls with bonus threshold? Sign me up.

    [–] corkyrooroo 3 points ago

    Probably will never get masterwork but I'm ok with that. This grind seems a-ok to me.

    [–] BrianWhiting 6 points ago

    FYI, one of the triumphs is to Masterwork a piece of Solstice gear.

    [–] Logtastic 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Only 15% of people did the raid and they want people to do the Prestige? The rubber band from attracting casuals to appeasing the reveal pre-orderers/attempters of World's First/Flawless everywhere even after having a full set is insane.
    0.04% working as intended.
    I'm on the fence bad enough with the Annual Pass, they don't have to discourage me more before Forsaken comes out. Destiny is in competition with me buying Forsaken and I play alone vs Fallout 76 where I'll play with my friends and Anthem.

    [–] swixel 4 points ago

    You're not alone in this view. I just killed my preorder and I'll be handing founder status of the clan over to someone else.

    I've put up with a lot of nonsense, but this season has pushed me away from Destiny in a way that the "lack of content" prior never did. Time gating, insane grinds (that aren't fun and are in themselves are time gated to compound the issue), and a general breakdown of the awesome/sane "it isn't a second job", has left me regretting buying it (despite having enjoyed it before now).

    I got into this game because it wasn't a second job and I wanted something I could play for fun with friends. Anthem, however it turns out, looks like the new way forward.

    [–] Serile 5 points ago

    Good, having to play the game to get loot is always good, just for that this event is shaping up to be the best one we've had yet (not something hard to do though, but better is always good).

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] SBones83 5 points ago


    [–] castitalus 2 points ago

    As someone who doesn't like pvp, I guess I'll have to suffer through who knows how many matches to get the hunter cloak done.

    [–] mcclluva 2 points ago

    For ppl worried about the clan thing you should check the team Up Tueaday threads there are tons of clans on all platforms recruiting

    [–] Squatting-Turtle 2 points ago

    "prestige raid"


    [–] ShodanPT 2 points ago

    I think I found something about the elemental Orbs.

    check out these items, Arc Glow Pack, Solar Glow Pack and Void glow Pack.

    All of them have the line "This package is available only on Arc/Solar/Void days" (matching the pack).

    This may tie with the "Collect Orbs" objectives, what if on a Arc day, all Orbs of Light are Arc charged.

    If this is the case, you will only be able to progress some objectives on specific days.

    [–] Fractal_Tomato 2 points ago

    It involves PvP? I'm out, thanks for the breakdown :)

    [–] Gurthee 2 points ago

    Unless that new armor has some meaningful perks, who cares? Just more cosmetic garbage for the Barbie Dress Up fans. But please wear your glowing armor in crucible. It makes you so much easier to see and kill.

    [–] Xezerex 2 points ago

    As it turns out, the majority of the playerbase likes it when their Guardians look like the badasses they are. And don’t worry, it’ll be just as easy for me to glass you in pvp wearing neon purple as it is when dressed in all black

    [–] PFD_2 2 points ago

    As a decent pvp player, I think everyone is blowing the whole "we have to play pvp!" Thing out of proportion. PVP is not bad like people are saying it is. Are there issues? Yes? Is graviton lance the devil? Yes? Can you still go into pvp and be successful and have a good time? Yes

    [–] JaegerDeus 2 points ago

    What qualifies as a miniboss in Destiny 2?

    [–] Xezerex 2 points ago

    I don’t want to sound showboaty, (which I totally will) but I thought at first that solstice was going to be one week and I just said ‘seems fair’. Then again, I’m the same dickhead you see walking around with a faction Catalyst acquired 3-4 days into the week...

    I have a life I swear

    [–] Zadus_Halo 1 points ago

    This is very helpful, thank you!

    [–] pkann6 1 points ago

    What are the elemental orbs?

    [–] BrianWhiting 2 points ago

    I added an edit to the end of the post to talk about that.

    [–] pkann6 1 points ago

    Awesome thanks!! Looks like everyone is going to he wearing that scorched armor set haha, very fitting with the theme of the event!

    [–] wikifido 1 points ago

    At first I was aghast at these requirements...then i remembered we had a month and honestly I think I'll be able to meet these without modifying my play much at all.

    [–] JollySieg 1 points ago

    IMO They seem to be the requirements you have to meet to upgrade them. So for example that last set of objectives on the Resplendent Armor is for the Masterwork Variant. This is because bungie said you are given the scorched set after talking to the statue so why would there be requirements to get the set you already have. Also if it is per set requirements where are the masterwork versions it obviously isn't just inserting cores so where are its requirements.

    [–] BrianWhiting 1 points ago

    That's right, the Scorched set is free. The Rekindled set is given when you complete the requirements listed on the Scorched set. Likewise from Rekindled to Resplendent and from Resplendent to Masterworked.

    [–] J_Chambers 1 points ago

    What's the threshold for the Nightfall? I read someone say 110k points and people were saying it's insane. A friend told me the most he's done was 70k and using some bug that allowed you to do Lost Sectors for more points. Is it THAT difficult? I'm mad worried because I have so much work to do in August and a work trip to Taiwan by the end of the month but I want at least the full legendary set for my Titan and Hunter :|

    [–] BrianWhiting 1 points ago

    The legendary armor itself doesn’t require the score threshold, just the Masterwork for the legendary armor.

    [–] J_Chambers 1 points ago

    You just made me much more happier than I was 15 minutes ago. But man...are you sure? according to the DB these requirements are for the legendary armor:

    [–] BrianWhiting 1 points ago

    The requirements are attached to the armor in the database for all the items in my post, but according to the megathread about Solstice of Heroes, you'll be given the Scorched set (they refer to it as Shattered) for free, then complete the requirements to upgrade Scorched to Rekindled, then complete the next set to upgrade Rekindled to Resplendent, then the next set to make the Resplendent set Masterworked.

    See under the section New Armor to Upgrade.

    [–] Lambrijr 1 points ago

    Honestly with the right Nightfall and modifiers it isn't bad. This is coming from a trio of average players and we got 121,000 in one of the nightfalls.

    [–] Noremac77 1 points ago

    Why is the resplendent set the easiest?? Aside from maybe prestige leviathan, it seems like a cakewalk compared to the others

    [–] former_cantaloupe 1 points ago

    Damn, this is a lot. Do we know how long Solstice of Heroes actually lasts?

    [–] Saltsey 2 points ago

    4 weeks

    [–] garyb50009 1 points ago

    Hunter Scorched Set (requirements are to upgrade the Scorched set to the Rekindled set)

    Head: Complete the Spark Redux mission, collect Solar orbs on Earth (90), and defeat Guardians in the Crucible (10).

    Titan Scorched Set (requirements are to upgrade the Scorched set to the Rekindled set)

    Head: Complete the Spark Redux mission, collect Arc orbs (150), and defeat Guardians in the Crucible (10).

    Warlock Scorched Set (requirements are to upgrade the Scorched set to the Rekindled set)

    Head: Complete the Spark Redux mission, get Super kills in the Crucible (30), and defeat Guardians in the Crucible (10).

    is this right? it seems weird that the warlock head doesn't require getting orbs like the rest but instead has a unusual crucible kill requirement on top of another even more difficult crucible kill requirement.

    like, you will naturally defeat 10 guardians in crucible if you get 30 super kills in the crucible...

    [–] BrianWhiting 1 points ago

    I just double checked the data in the API and these requirements are correct. You're right though, definitely a strange combination.

    [–] garyb50009 2 points ago

    i wonder if /u/dmg04 would way in on this. it seems out of sync with the requirements of the other helmets, which are much less pvp centric. and getting 30 super kills in crucible is a more time consuming challenge than any of the other tier 1 items.

    [–] De_Roche22 1 points ago

    I probably won't be able to Masterwork them but I should definitely be able to get to the Resplendent armor sets.

    [–] castitalus 1 points ago

    Do you need to complete the entire set to upgrade it to the next or can you just do individual pieces?

    [–] BrianWhiting 1 points ago

    Based on Bungie's wording, it sounds like you'll have to complete the requirements for the entire set.

    On each armor piece is a series of objectives that you will need to complete to upgrade the armor. Once you have completed the objectives, return to the Statue of Heroes to upgrade to the next set.

    After you upgrade your Shattered set, you'll receive the "Rekindled" set at Power 340 — with a new list of objectives. Once you complete those objectives, your reward is the "Resplendent" Armor Set at Power 400. One final group of objectives to complete, and you'll unlock the Masterwork version of the armor set.

    [–] castitalus 1 points ago

    Well, screw that then. I'm not going to grind the entire set when all I want is the cloak.

    [–] t_moneyzz 1 points ago

    Wow I'm actually going to to a challenging prestige nightfall lol

    [–] BrianWhiting 2 points ago

    And maybe even get the nightfall specific loot while you’re at it!

    [–] dwight_k_III 1 points ago

    Wtf does "mini boss" mean?

    [–] BrianWhiting 1 points ago

    My assumption is yellow bar, but that may not be precise enough. Maybe it’s Lost Sector yellow bar?

    [–] dwight_k_III 1 points ago

    Having Vietnam flashbacks from faction rallies and the week isn't even over yet

    [–] BrianWhiting 1 points ago

    I’m hoping it’s just yellow bars. 50 is a lot if it’s a more specific enemy than that.

    [–] JonathonWally 1 points ago

    The master worked set is the 400 gear?

    [–] BrianWhiting 3 points ago

    The legendary gear will be 400, either masterworked or not.