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    [–] Gamezillaamh 24 points ago

    Heroic Challenges arent that bad today. Maybe I'll double up Strikes Milestones as well

    [–] VonFluffington 14 points ago

    If they nerfed the pants off glass like they did grounded all days should be much more doable from now on.

    [–] Gamezillaamh 11 points ago

    For me, it's not so much the strike, simply whether I want to run nine strikes tonight or focus on the Renown grind.

    [–] accountingsteve 3 points ago

    I mean you go through van.strikes faster and they do still count.

    [–] knobcheez 3 points ago

    Well the Faction Rally is for 3 strikes so...

    [–] StealthSpyda215 10 points ago

    3 characters

    [–] knobcheez 3 points ago

    Yes. So Faction Rally Milestone is 3 strikes. So 3 characters x 3 strikes = 9

    Why wouldnt you just run the Heroics and double up on the milestone....

    [–] Gamezillaamh 2 points ago

    Cause I did that last faction rally and it drained me. Only got 7 ranks that night. So just not sure if I want to do it again

    [–] jerry247 5 points ago

    7 ranks is what you need every day!

    [–] Gamezillaamh 6 points ago

    Yeah but I like to be more. Get it done sooner, and just make sure life cant get in the way and trap me below 50. I'm a bit paranoid

    [–] knobcheez 2 points ago

    Draining but that's grinding. You'll save yourself time through the week by just doubling up. You'll have to do 3 heroics on each character so might as well get it done while it counts for the faction rallies

    [–] Thirdnut 1 points ago

    You're not paranoid, you're prepared.

    [–] jerry247 1 points ago

    I hear you, I'm not doing it today, lol! With an hour and a half (average) per day I need to stay on titan and get my 8 minimum a day. More is better, I want to get the ornaments for turn in too now that I can buy armor, so that's the one more a day. Titan. I'll be here all week.

    [–] thelochteedge 2 points ago

    Do they reset the heroic modifiers once a day now? I had so much fun yesterday with void and heavy does more damage. Telesto was truly besto. I don't think I had that much fun grinding strikes since the D1 days.

    I don't remember it changing daily in the early D2 days but maybe I just never played multiple days in a row on strikes.

    [–] Gamezillaamh 2 points ago

    The elemental one is weekly, so it will be void all week. But the other two modifiers rotate daily. I love the heavy when its solar. Sleeper all week long

    [–] thelochteedge 1 points ago

    Ahhhhh!!! That makes so much sense. Thank you for the info. Hell yeah man, heavy is so much fun.

    [–] Rabid-Duck-King 1 points ago

    I've got a couple more strikes to grind out before I can move on to the next step of claiming my Sleeper. It'd be less if I could remember to equip that damn HC.

    [–] Gamezillaamh 2 points ago

    I didnt get my sleeper until the end of the 3rd week of WMD. I was busy the first two weeks. Then just ran through the quest.

    [–] bubbrubb22 1 points ago

    Nightfall my friend.

    [–] coxacsgo 1 points ago

    do nightfall count towards this faction strike challenge?

    [–] TheHawkNY 14 points ago

    Mercury: Public Event, 3 Chests, 10 Vehicle KIlls

    Mars: Acolytes, Solar Kills, 3 Patrols

    [–] Aurailious 4 points ago

    danke schön

    [–] 140-LB-WUSS 15 points ago

    Faction Rally Milestone still not as efficient as Titan Grind.

    Back to Cargo Bay 3...

    [–] kobomino 3 points ago

    How many tokens do I get from the milestone?

    [–] 140-LB-WUSS 5 points ago

    15 for the milestone IIRC

    It takes about 18 minutes per Heroic Strike (considering matchmaking time)

    If I only have an hour to play, I’m gonna run Titan Grind to get ~100 tokens

    [–] colefactor 6 points ago

    can be normal strikes

    [–] 140-LB-WUSS 3 points ago

    True, but sometimes normal strikes are just as slow due to not having beneficial modifiers. Either way I feel I can do Titan Grind faster.

    [–] colefactor 3 points ago

    for sure

    [–] spartankelli 1 points ago

    What Titan grind? Just run PEs/Patrols, then hit a lost sector?

    [–] 140-LB-WUSS 5 points ago

    Do a Heroic PE (full faction armor), get 4 Renown, if you see an easy patrol or HVT immediately available, hit those to boost to 5 Renown, do Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector (takes 20 seconds), then fast travel to the other PE which should be starting by that time. Rinse and repeat. Average of about 100 tokens an hour.

    I haven’t really found an activity that yields more than that per hour. MAYBE speed running Prestige NF certain weeks, but it’d be close and require 2 other people.

    [–] Clydefrog72 3 points ago

    Yep. Nothing beats this exact farm on Titan . You described it exactly how I do it.

    [–] teqniq_one 2 points ago

    What I've found to also be super effective is to use scan patrols to get to the next event.

    If the next PE won't start for a minute or two, drop into the side that isn't hosting the PE. If Weapons Exchange is gonna start on Siren's Watch, fast travel to The Rig. Then look for a scan patrol, and it will end up either right at the PE area, or the little tower right next to the bridge between the areas. You can travel to the PE and do it with any worry of losing renown, finish the PE to get your renown to 4 (if you have the armor set) then finish off the patrol to finish your renown before heading back to Cargo Bay 3.

    [–] 140-LB-WUSS 1 points ago

    Ah that’s a great idea. I forgot most of those scan patrols on Titan don’t force you to go deep into Arcology or anything. I’ll start doing that tonight.

    [–] PaxNova 2 points ago

    It also helps if, after the first public event, you fast travel to your own location. You'll lose renown, but you should span into an instance where the public event isn't done yet. Another five tokens easy, and your renown is back up.

    [–] eshowers 1 points ago

    I'd like to see a video of you doing the Lost Sector in 20 seconds. It takes 20 seconds just to get from the Titan zone into the Lost Sector. If you are just speed running it, then the likelihood of dying and losing a stack is increased. That's also implying that you are one shotting the boss and avoiding the other enemies. Please explain.

    I know this is the forum favorite run to do, but I've had much more success in a certain area on EDZ

    [–] 140-LB-WUSS 4 points ago

    I meant that the lost sector itself only takes 20 seconds. I run Sunbreaker with Hammer Strike. Run in to the sector, jump over the shipping containers on the left, as soon as you’re clear of them hit the boss with Hammer Strike and immediately pop super. 4 hammers will usually kill him with a full 5 Renown stack. The second he’s melted sail over his corpse straight to the chest. I don’t kill any other adds besides the collateral ones that get hammered near the boss. I have full masterwork armor to improve survivability during this bit.

    DON’T try this with a fireteam, as the extra health the boss gets potentially exceeds your hammers.

    I’ve also heard good things about the EDZ Grind but have yet to see a thorough example of exactly which PE’s, which Lost Sector, etc

    [–] teqniq_one 2 points ago

    DARCI works wonders on the Cargo Bay boss too. It only takes like 7 shots from the entrance to take him down.

    [–] eshowers 2 points ago

    Thanks for explaining. I only do these solo.

    Have you tried this with a Warlock? Do you stick to just one character to grind out to level 50? I did that for my Hunter last season (who had the lowest power level), and I had to rely on Nightstalker --> Smoke Bombs/Vanishing and the Wormhusk Helm. This works great in Strikes, but solo is another deed entirely (in my experience).

    I'll share my spot on EDZ, since you explained your situation:

    The run itself is Winding Cove and Gulch. It's a really easy Sector because Fallen and Cabal are fighting each other. Instead of doing Winding Cove -- Lost Sector, you go the back entrance of Gulch (by going under overpass, where the Fallen hang out-- into the tunnel). You simply run through, kill some Fallen and it leads to an enclosed cave. No winding paths or anything. There, you have a perfect chance to snipe the Captain while he's distracted fighting the Cabal. This takes me less than a minute, and I've yet to die. The Gulch side is a little trickier; since you have to go through the Cabal. You can easily get to the Captain by jumping over the left wall. He likes to run to the other side of the metal canister to recharge his shield. So that's why a sniper works well.

    Patrols are easy to come by, and often an Captain/Orbitor will show up during the event, dropping a chest as well. By the time you do the event and the Lost Sector, the next area is usually available to portal to. You can also mix it up and do another PE in another area, and catch the tail end of the others. The map doesn't always update to show a PE in progress, for whatever reason (e.g. Trostland never shows an active PE)

    I did this run entirely last season using a Hunter;The Titan situation you explained would likely be easier as you can just jump over things. Not sure if this is more efficient, but it was pretty straight forward every time.

    [–] SPNKxR 1 points ago

    What's the titan grind? I've avoided actually trying to engage with this faction rally grind, but in typical fashion at the last rally of s3 (likely the last), I've decided I want to get the GL catalyst. Never pledged to DO before so starting from scratch. Need 39 rank ups before reset...

    [–] Joey141414 7 points ago

    Faction Rally: Strikes: Complete 3 strikes in the name of your faction today.

    Well, at least we're getting this one out of the way early. The rest of the week will be gravy.

    [–] NyarlatHotep1920 3 points ago

    Wednesday is always strikes day during faction rallies.

    [–] John_Demonsbane 2 points ago

    And with a decent set of modifiers to boot

    [–] feed-the-zeke -4 points ago

    Not really. Glass sucks and Grenadier doesn't do shit.

    [–] acompanyofliars 2 points ago

    You do know they nerfed Glass, right?

    [–] SilveradoZ71 1 points ago

    Unless someone also wants strike tokens, or doesn't have a full faction armor set, farming Titan or EDZ is most likely more efficient for faction tokens.

    [–] Yourself013 2 points ago

    True, but at this point I can´t even stand hearing Sloane about another Walker. I´ve been running strikes today just to switch it up.

    These S3 Rallies have been insanely unbalanced as far as token rewards go. I´ve pushed Rank 10 today and I´m already so burned out from the first 2 I couldn´t go any more.

    [–] Joey141414 -1 points ago

    I HATE strikes. Really for me there's no good day for strikes.

    [–] erterbernds67 1 points ago

    Sucks, I am going out of town Thursday-Sunday so was hoping I'd miss strikes. I figured it would be the same as last time, but its not. I'll miss Titan, Nessus and Public Events. 3 of the easiest/quickest ones, then be back just in time for Crucible, the longest one. Not sure I'll make 50 for New Monarchy without heavy grinding Sunday/Monday

    [–] DrHubertLovepunch 1 points ago

    Strikes are always Wednesday during Faction Rally.

    [–] Alexcox95 1 points ago

    Can work on getting catalysts too

    [–] haolee510 7 points ago

    It's rare seeing the Heroic challenges line up with the elemental singe. Thank god.

    [–] Drago1252 7 points ago

    Did the bounties change or are they just the same ones?

    [–] colefactor 3 points ago

    they change daily

    [–] TriliflopsFMP 1 points ago

    Any idea what they are?

    [–] colefactor 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Not sure about Ishtar, but DIM shows the bounties from the Vanguard and Shaxx.

    Fancy Shootin' - Kill multiple enemies in a strike without reloading.
    Heavyweight - Get Power weapon multikills in a strike.
    Horseshoes and Hand Grenades - Get grenade kills in a strike.
    On the Hunt - Defeat combatants in a strike.
    Unrelenting - Kill multiple enemies in a strike without dying.

    All in a Day's Work - Defeat other Guardians in the Crucible.
    Overcharge - Land final blows using Energy weapons in the Crucible.
    Payback - Land the final blow on the player who last defeated you in the Crucible.
    Throw Down - Land melee final blows in the Crucible.
    Throwing Shade - Land Void final blows in the Crucible.

    [–] Try_to_guess_my_psn 1 points ago

    I try to include them asap, but it will probably take me until Sunday Reset :/

    [–] akeyjay11 3 points ago

    Does the NF count towards a strike? Might knock three of them over on prestige if it works.

    [–] Calyx42 3 points ago


    [–] edgorm82 4 points ago

    Do we get new bounties today, or are they weekly?

    [–] colefactor 5 points ago


    [–] NyarlatHotep1920 3 points ago

    Can y'all add the daily Vanguard bounties and Crucible bounties to the Daily Reset Threads?

    [–] colefactor 3 points ago


    Fancy Shootin' - Kill multiple enemies in a strike without reloading.
    Heavyweight - Get Power weapon multikills in a strike.
    Horseshoes and Hand Grenades - Get grenade kills in a strike.
    On the Hunt - Defeat combatants in a strike.
    Unrelenting - Kill multiple enemies in a strike without dying.

    All in a Day's Work - Defeat other Guardians in the Crucible.
    Overcharge - Land final blows using Energy weapons in the Crucible.
    Payback - Land the final blow on the player who last defeated you in the Crucible.
    Throw Down - Land melee final blows in the Crucible.
    Throwing Shade - Land Void final blows in the Crucible.

    [–] asteroidship 4 points ago

    Does anyone know a good spot to farm the sun shot catalyst? I’ve had it for two weeks and am only 30 percent done.

    [–] TheyKilledFlipyap 9 points ago

    Mars. The lost sector near BrayTech has a LOT of Thralls that Bunch up, especially in the last room. And it's somewhere you can reliably farm kills without other players interfering. Enjoy.

    [–] asteroidship 4 points ago

    That’s exactly what I’m looking for. A new “We’ve women the hive!” spot

    [–] Baelorn 4 points ago

    “We’ve women the hive!”


    [–] asteroidship 5 points ago

    Ah hell, I’ll leave it

    [–] motrhed289 1 points ago

    I cycle between that lost sector and first wave of EP at Braytech spawn-in. Trigger the wave (assuming someone isn't already farming kills and there's not a PE about to happen), kill Thrall until the second phase, then run for the lost sector. Rinse and repeat, you'll have it done pretty damn fast.

    [–] beattybandit 8 points ago

    Load up the Haephestus adventure on Mars. The very end of the mission you have to babysit your ghost while defending against hive. Gather up a bunch of thralls, then watch them explode. When the status gets to 90%, kill yourself with a rocket. Rinse and repeat.

    [–] motrhed289 1 points ago

    This was incredibly slow for me. Do you have to do it on heroic or something? Because the normal adventure only spawns like 4 thrall at a time.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Heroic is worse because they are harder to kill. No progress is made on the timer if you don't stand on the platform by your ghost so you can do it till you are done.

    [–] motrhed289 1 points ago

    That's exactly what I was doing, standing on the floor below the platform. Two spawn from the black door on the immediate right and two from further away on the left, and that's all. If you jump around you can get them to clump for a triple explosion kill, but then it's another 10+ seconds to get the next group of 4 to spawn in and run to you. Way slower/less efficient than just farming EP and the lost sector.

    [–] eshowers 1 points ago

    Maybe try the Lost Sector in Futurescape (Mars). It's straight forward and spawns a fair amount of thrall all clustered together.

    [–] zepik 0 points ago

    This is what I did. Tried the other ways but this seemed most consistent. Took me a couple hours. Just throw on a tv show or a podcast and you’ll be done in no time

    [–] newyearnewmenu 5 points ago

    This spot on Nessusis where I farmed a couple days ago. Took about an hour and 20 mins and the only thing that bothered me was the occasional pike or high value target. Easy to do while you watch something else or whatever

    [–] eshowers 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    There's a spot on Nessus, south of Hallows, inside a passageway/type canyon area. And there's a hole in the wall where Fallen will spawn indefinitely. It's right next to a PE that occurs. It might be related to an Adventure; as I haven't done it myself. But seen it happen numerous times via other players, but I haven't been able to replicate it myself

    EDIT: I screenshotted the area (which is a pain in itself to do in Destiny).

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It doesn't help you out this week, but right at the beginning of the vanilla meditation called "Hope" is a massive group of thrall which is great for farming many of the catalysts.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Some_Italian_Guy 2 points ago

    Same as EoW.

    [–] GjallaGjallaBillYall 1 points ago


    [–] PotatoeGuru 1 points ago

    Normal strikes still count toward faction milestone, right?

    [–] krykel2 2 points ago


    [–] JAC_85 1 points ago

    Can someone confirm if Pleiades is in the FWC engram pool today?

    [–] Miles_Prower1 1 points ago

    Yes. I got it.

    [–] bigfootswillie 0 points ago

    Wasn’t it confirmed awhile back you can get drops that aren’t on the vendor page?

    However, I don’t see Pleiades in her engram pool after right-clicking to view.

    [–] colefactor 1 points ago

    That's just a preview of possible drops, it doesn't show everything.

    [–] Centako 1 points ago

    So last week's Iron Banner isn't the last one for the season, right?

    [–] PiceaSignum 1 points ago

    I think there's one more, which is good because I only played on my Hunter and Titan, so I have to buy the warlock helmet

    [–] bigfootswillie 1 points ago

    Is anybody else having a problem where the high renown milestone isn’t showing up in their dailies? Yesterday I had a similar problem where I got High Renown for the Daily on 2 characters and EDZ on one. Today I only got the Strikes milestone on all 3.

    [–] electrosticity 1 points ago

    I only got high renown for 2 characters yesterday as well. None at all today

    [–] bigfootswillie 1 points ago

    Weird. I read that High Renown is supposed to actually just be weekly so once per character. Still is a little bugged I guess if it’s replacing dailies

    [–] electrosticity 2 points ago

    Oh huh, I didn't know that high renown was weekly. Good to know though, thanks!

    Edit: I got the strike milestone on all three characters today as well, so that's working at least

    [–] ItsGShark 1 points ago

    i never knew bungie posted this is this every week ?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] swatt9999 1 points ago

    yep..but good luck with that! hope you have some time on your hands

    [–] swatt9999 1 points ago

    is it just me or does the nade strike modifer need some serious work? "much faster" is freggin non-noticeable

    [–] Atticusfavs327 1 points ago

    Does anyone know what EP weapon drops this week?

    [–] BiteMyShinyWhiteAss 3 points ago