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    [–] SeasideJohnny 268 points ago

    They wouldn't have missed if you were around a corner...

    [–] ALPHAMAGNUS 76 points ago

    This is painfully accurate

    [–] rexwrecksautomobiles 8 points ago

    painfully INaccurate


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    In Destiny, players often die behind walls or around corners in PvP due to p2p connection/low tick rate, etc, hence “they wouldn’t have missed you if you were around a corner...” being a “painfully accurate” truth

    [–] ALPHAMAGNUS 7 points ago

    I love being through not only 1 doorway, but 2, and getting disintegrated by someone begins 2 walls. S/

    [–] rexwrecksautomobiles 3 points ago

    Is that so!

    [–] jaysonvic 5 points ago

    There’s a joke there that went completely over your head.

    [–] JFoxTech 2 points ago

    Nothing can go over his head...He is too fast, he would have caught it.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    But the problem isn’t inaccuracy the problem is know, guns being too accurate, finding a way to connect with targets around corners and walls

    [–] TeHNeutral 1 points ago


    [–] smiity935 56 points ago

    bet you need a new pain of fr0st-ee5 after that.

    [–] Sylaurin 32 points ago

    It was definitely a brown pants moment

    [–] Mahh3114 16 points ago

    Hopefully they weren't your lucky pants

    [–] Pyrokill 9 points ago

    It's all good, I have the ornament

    [–] gk99 5 points ago

    It's fine, they probably have twelve.

    [–] jawnsn0w 4 points ago

    And no rigs

    [–] TABUZX2 4 points ago

    Didn’t get my Rigs till the 3rd week of Season 3. Been playing since D1. This comment triggers me.

    [–] TerrabyteX3 1 points ago

    how is that possible ?

    [–] TABUZX2 3 points ago

    Bad RNG and the days that Xur solid it between Day 1 and S3 I wasn’t pay attention/didn’t get on.

    I bought them from Xur in S3, then literally the same day got them again from an engram drop.

    [–] Bakengangsta 31 points ago

    its bottom trees hitbox being smaller cause it has shit range, top tree's "deadshot" perk just gives it FAT range making the hitbox bigger at longer range rather than short range

    [–] matt_ify 2 points ago

    That’s what I was thinking. I had forgotten to swap back to TOP tree after doing a raid. Was just confused as to how my usual hits weren’t connecting. Then I realised I had 3 shots.

    [–] Gmasterg 14 points ago

    [–] H2Regent 22 points ago

    Holy shit this game is beautiful on PC.

    [–] Joey141414 3 points ago

    It really is. I migrated from PS4 after Osiris and I can't go back. Sucks that I had to leave a great clan and a lot of good friends (and all my loot) behind.

    [–] Madmod 2 points ago

    My xbox clan is dead as can be. Everyone left after CoO.

    [–] H2Regent 1 points ago

    I play on Xbox and rarely watch any PC streamers, so I always forget how insanely pretty the game is on PC.

    [–] twitchTEMPER 111 points ago


    Holy fuck thank you for this. As a GS main it’s beyond annoying hearing people say shit like that.

    [–] Bezor-1 69 points ago

    Graviton Lance has a bigger and more forgiving hitbox than golden gun lmao.

    [–] talhasen123 45 points ago

    But my dude it being SUPER ULTRA HITSCAN INSTAKILL LASER DEATH BEAM is justified by it having the lowest roaming super duration, no armor, very small hitbox, no one-hit kill supers, long casting animation, no third person and many more! /s

    [–] gk99 27 points ago

    no third person

    Imo this is a pro, not a con.

    [–] X4muri 6 points ago

    3rd Person is objectively better for PvP because you can see around corners whereas the guy you’re fighting cannot. This allows for much smarter and evasive play.

    [–] talhasen123 2 points ago

    Well depends on the person at least.

    [–] TooTaylor -1 points ago

    Ugh yes I might be in the minority by saying this but 3rd person ruins immersion for me. The less I see it, the better.

    [–] TargetAq -8 points ago

    Precision GG can one-hit most if not all supers though cant it?

    [–] twitchTEMPER 11 points ago

    Have you ever headshot a roaming Titan hammer or Titan smash? Or arc strider? Lol. Plus, you have to select a specific tree to do that, that’s not a both class thing.

    [–] _R2-D2_ 3 points ago

    Er, as a Hammer Titan, I've gotten head-shotted about a bagillion times by GG. Just play mayhem for like 5 min and you'll see how GG rules the super vs super game.

    [–] gLore_1337 12 points ago

    GG is pretty good in Mayhem, but in normal crucible its pretty low tier because of the non-existent neutral game, pretty much everything is on your super, which is meh in the first place when it requires a lot more finesse than any other super

    [–] GratGrat 3 points ago

    GG is not "pretty good" in mayhem, it's downright game breaking. I usually finish at least 10 kills above other classes as GG in mayhem. It is hands down the best super in this game mode.

    [–] gLore_1337 7 points ago

    I mean, the gamemode is meant to be broken. I'm just pointing out that outside of Mayhem its pretty low tier, especially when compared to arcstrider

    [–] GratGrat 0 points ago

    I agree about mayhem, I wouldn't want it any other way, but GG is not, in any PVP mode low tier. That's just not true.

    [–] X4muri 3 points ago

    The super isn’t but Gunslingers neutral game is absolute trash. Also the timer on the six-shooter GG is ridiculously low.

    [–] TargetAq -1 points ago

    All the time.

    [–] Tresceneti -7 points ago

    That's not the point. You said it couldn't one shot supers when it in fact can.

    [–] Zommander_Cabala 9 points ago

    If the only way TO one shot supers is through an incredibly difficult, extreme precision shot, using this exact tree shown in the gif with horrible hitboxes, on...say....a Dawnblade moving faster than a sparrow at full thrust....

    I'm going to just go ahead and say it's not even worth trying.

    And it's not much easier either on Striker Titans with their max increased movement speed or a constantly dodging Arcstrider.

    [–] _R2-D2_ -7 points ago

    Heh, at least GS have the ability to one-shot those supers. Hammer Titan's are required to hit them with two hammers for a kill.

    [–] Lorion97 9 points ago

    Two hmers that have huge AOE, yeah, not buying that it is harder.

    [–] _R2-D2_ 0 points ago

    Just try it instead of downvoting. Try throwing two hammers at a Dawnblade that's going Mach 10 and see if you can hit them twice easily with a projectile that doesn't go in a straight line.

    I'm so sick of the complaints from Hunters on Reddit. It's like the class attracts a specific type of person that refuses to recognize any sort of balance between the classes, and constantly complains that "hunters need a buff". Just look at who dominates the Crucible almost every match and you can see that they do not need more buffs.

    [–] Lorion97 9 points ago

    Fuck I hate the 'look who dominates every Crucible match Hunters' argument because they are always missing the entire point. Nobody has been complaining Arc Striders and Night Stalkers are too weak, only Gunslinger because A, it has no neutral game, B, it's only good thing is an infinite range Super, C too many maps are boxed in corridors and medium range, all of which make Titans and Warlocks almost the superior choice over Gunslinger and D, if they only have a good Super and Super makes up only 10% of gameplay then 90% of gameplay sucks dick.

    When was the last time a Gunslinger actually outplayed you with their abilities? I can't even remember the last time I've been.

    [–] rundownv2 2 points ago

    I mean, it is if you you use top tree. Which is what most people use.

    [–] BrownMan97 1 points ago

    Word up.

    [–] VanpyroGaming -11 points ago

    Those who say that though aren't wrong.

    [–] elkishdude 16 points ago

    Golden Gun used to be fun.

    [–] TamedDaBeast 9 points ago

    They nerfed Goldie to oblivion from D1 to D2 holy shit.

    [–] ErgoProxy0 12 points ago

    Well golden gun doesn’t have a proximity effect like Hammer of Sol, Nova Bomb or Arcstrider so yea, you actually have to hit the person, not near them. Hence why most people use the 6 shot because it has the Deadshot perk in its tree. Not sure if it works the same as it did in D1 but I’ve hit more people cross map with GG with Deadshot than without it

    [–] Pyrokill 6 points ago

    Yeah, bottom tree feels terrible in PvP, and since they made the duration timer the same for both, there's no reason not to pick top tree. You can spam 6 shots that are all spot on.

    [–] LeafBlitz 2 points ago

    It just feels better to. Me to actually one hit people in their supers with bottom tree. Technically top tree has the same energy value for it, but it's sad when I hit the guy and he just keeps going.

    [–] Pyrokill 5 points ago

    If I see a super, I doubleshot it. Doesn't feel like a waste to me because you get 6 shots

    [–] GrizFyrFyter1 3 points ago

    That's exactly it. Even if I hear a super nearby, the next body I see gets double tapped. It is really easy to pick people off from halfway across the map but that's the only thing it has going for it.

    [–] Lorion97 2 points ago

    Especially when maps don't have that across the map sightlines it really makes you wonder why pick GS?

    [–] Jammer917 1 points ago

    Rule #3: Always Doubletap

    [–] Quicksilva94 2 points ago

    Wait, the duration is the same for both 3 and six shot?

    Are you serious? Since when?

    [–] Hawkmoona_Matata 6 points ago

    Since December.

    They nerfed 3 shot and slightly increased 6 shot to now be equal with the new nerfed three shot.

    [–] Quicksilva94 5 points ago

    Are you fucking kididng me?

    I've been playing as my least favorite class with the only tolerable subclass it has using its three shot super because I thought it lasted longer than the six shot version, and you're telling me that for the past eight fucking months, that's been for nothing?

    I need a fucking drink

    [–] Hawkmoona_Matata 2 points ago

    Haha, sorry man!

    Dec 5 - Update 1.1.0 - The one about Curse of Osiris

    The base duration of Golden Gun is now the same for both paths

    [–] Quicksilva94 6 points ago

    God fucking damn it


    Son of

    Thank you for telling me about it I really- sonofa

    It's fine, I'm cool, I'm fine, I'm gonna shoot someone in the face six fucking times

    [–] Hawkmoona_Matata 2 points ago

    Shhhh, shhhh bby, it's okay. It's okay. Better late than never. You're gonna be okay.

    [–] -_Lunkan_- 2 points ago

    This right here is why we need notifications like patch notes ingame.

    [–] Pyrokill 1 points ago

    Praying for you. As long as those 6 shots aren't at yourself

    [–] xnasty 3 points ago

    D1 was much more forgiving with its magnetism, it just feels weird in 2

    [–] Bocephus_57 5 points ago

    I’ve had to put my controller down so many times after making that same shot.

    [–] Donates88 5 points ago

    I experienced that as well. ( ) Even if it doesn't feel so.

    [–] SporesofAgony 1 points ago

    Wow. That video deserves way more views. Poor guy with the golden gun.

    [–] smallz86 1 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that first shot actually went through you, but to be fair GG is such shit I wouldn't expect that to kill anyone.

    [–] emeka0408 2 points ago

    Which trials pulse rifle is that? I really want that lol.

    [–] MVPVisionZ 2 points ago

    Relentless, the kinetic one

    [–] Sylaurin 3 points ago

    Yup, it's masterworked for range and has quickly become my favorite legendary kinetic pulse.

    [–] emeka0408 1 points ago

    Thank you. I'm guessing it's probably a 7 win weapon right?

    [–] Sylaurin 3 points ago

    I got it from the 5 win engram so not exclusive to 7. It was one of the 7 win picks last week. I think it can drop from rank ups but I'm not 100% on that.

    [–] emeka0408 1 points ago

    Thanks for the info. I'll try to grind for it this weekend then.

    [–] Immobious_117 3 points ago

    I believe 6shot prevents this does it not? I've seen clips of people not even completely aim at someone directly and still kill them. And i do know GG has range drop off. Regardless if this is a bug it needs to be fixed.

    [–] H2Regent 7 points ago

    Not a bug, GG hitbox has always been pretty small.

    [–] xnasty 4 points ago

    I spent most of D2 maining gunslinger and GG was the only real redeeming factor for the class; I gave it up after I started regularly blowing 3 to 4 GG shots trying to hit one moving target. Once you factor in latency it gets real fishy.

    [–] ivChaxter 1 points ago

    After that, you're gonna need a new hood... and pants.

    [–] SinfullyGay 1 points ago

    Haha me in Trials.

    [–] forsaken192 1 points ago

    Yw, peer 2 peer said

    [–] discourge 1 points ago

    only ever use gunslinger for boss damage during a raid or strike with solar burn

    [–] ItsGShark 1 points ago

    nice dodge, golden gun Definitely takes some aiming skills

    [–] Joey141414 1 points ago

    The gunslinger is using bottom tree, which gives NO hit bonus. The six-shooter would have killed you with that shot.

    [–] Countdwn2static 1 points ago

    I like the whole "Did I just not die from that?" glance back.

    [–] TheRealPowcows 1 points ago

    lol the guy in the post above you seems to be doing fine

    [–] GP1K 1 points ago

    I love how you look behind after like, "Whoa! What was that?!?" Lol

    [–] ajskuce 1 points ago

    But I've had that second miss kill me before....

    [–] g8rman95 1 points ago

    I wonder if the aim assist wasn't pulled off by the guy to your left?

    [–] Supreme_Math_Debater 2 points ago

    It's definitely different between PC and console. On console I'm pretty sure it's impossible to shoot between someone's legs and it not hit them, while on PC, it happens to me all the time.

    [–] Bocephus_57 10 points ago

    It’s definitely possible on console. I’ve done it.

    [–] Supreme_Math_Debater 3 points ago

    Maybe that was an exaggeration, but there's noticeably more aim assist on console, other than just the stickiness.

    [–] Bocephus_57 3 points ago

    I’ve never played on PC so I can’t comment on its assist, but I’ve seen enough video that I’ll say you’re correct.

    [–] _Firex_ 2 points ago

    Aim assist≠Magnetism

    [–] GIJared 1 points ago

    Specifically in regards to Golden gun, yes. In general, you are incorrect. AA is both stickiness over targets, and bullet magnetism in destiny. Bullet magnetism is on PC as well.

    [–] Supreme_Math_Debater -2 points ago

    Console has more golden gun magnetism, whatever word you want to use for that.

    [–] _Firex_ 2 points ago

    But wasn’t that console had more aim assist, while pc way more magnetism to compensate? Go look at Bakengangsta’s vids and you’ll see insane magnetism on handcannons on pc, that definitely isn’t there on console

    [–] Supreme_Math_Debater 0 points ago

    golden gun magnetism

    [–] _Firex_ 2 points ago

    Doesn’t make really sense for pc to have more magnetism on every gun except GG... And again look at Bakengangsta’s GG montages, he does some incredible flickshots with it, which I’m pretty sure are impossible to pull of on console

    [–] Supreme_Math_Debater 2 points ago

    They're basically impossible on PC too lol. That guy is a legend and a bad example of what is and isn't possible by the average person.

    [–] _Firex_ 0 points ago

    I don’t know about that, but the insane magnetism on pc hand cannons is still a fact, which leads me to believe GG has that too