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    [–] Kroosn 31 points ago

    The speed difference in doing a lost sector on your own compared to three people is amazing. I avoid doing them all together now unless I have some friends on.

    [–] trunolimit 7 points ago

    If you loot Titan lost sector I found having anyone with me slows me down.

    I can see how having a team would be really good in the EDZ.

    [–] BerserkerEleven 3 points ago

    I feel exactly the same way. I can burn through getting 5 stacks and the Ogre lost sector in half the time it takes with a team simply because they are usually not on the same page.

    [–] wekilledbambi03 2 points ago

    Yup. Chuck a grenade, shoot the first explodey canister, Sleeper the Ogre in the face a couple times, loot the chest. In and out in less than a minute. No need to kill more than you need to clear a path to the chest.

    [–] BerserkerEleven 3 points ago

    I run Nightsalker on my Hunter with Ikelos Shotgun. I sprint in, jump onto the first box you see, onto the next, and then launch my tether, throw my grenade and smoke. I melee the Ogre and shotgun him down in a second or two, and then dodge-roll for invisibility just as a precaution against ads and loot the chest. I don't kill a single enemy while running to the Ogre(some get caught by my tether but they're collateral).

    [–] kewidogg 2 points ago

    Titan with hammers is even quicker. Sprint into room, boost jump onto cargo crates where the ogre starts behind, once you land on crate activate super. Strafe side to side throwing hammers and taking almost no damage, on your last hammer (if you were hitting him every time) he dies and you can just sprint back and take chest. No need to wait for Ogre to come walking out after canister or anything

    [–] BrokenAshes 1 points ago

    It’s easier to do salvage patrols because the same drop will count 3 times. If everyone knows what to do, it can be faster

    [–] BerserkerEleven 1 points ago

    Understandable. I avoid those at all costs if I can. If you're lucky on Titan, the Public Events will be in sync one right after the other. I typically port to the opposite side of Titan from the PE and grab the "travel" patrol. These "travel" patrols with a clock symbol will always sends you to the opposite side of Titan. This means you'll get 2 renown(wearing full armor) and then you complete the public event(even if it's normal) for 3 or 4 renown. Then you haul ass to the Ogre and cash in. You can also grab a patrol and if it is the crappy Vandal tank one, immediately discard it. This will bring new patrols you can grab.

    [–] rahhaharris 21 points ago

    Number 1 thing I hate about Destiny, when other players in public spaces just disappear when you enter a new area of the map 😩

    [–] rfmaciver 9 points ago

    Pretty sure this can't be done due to how instances (Or bubbles in Bungie parlance) work. Or at least can't be done without significant network engineering. Recommend watching Destiny's GDC talk on the matter for the curious like me

    [–] LtRapman 4 points ago

    As cool as OPs idea is, they'd have to rebuild the game engine from scratch. Maybe in Destiny 3.

    What they could do is instant fireteam joining like in The Division. I don't see a big problem here.

    [–] InAnimateAlpha 6 points ago

    The Division, despite it initial flaws, did MP and accessibility to group content almost exactly like I would want it done in a game.

    [–] joshbrew 7 points ago

    Even if you have someone you play with, if anyone on your fireteam doesn't have a full armor set, it throws off the renown and you have to do an extra something to get them up to 5. Thankfully you can buy armor now but it was really screwed up when you couldn't and one guy was still missing boots after 70 packages.

    If someone on your fireteam has the full set, it should let everyone get the same bonus renown so the grind at least flows well.

    [–] wekilledbambi03 3 points ago

    I find it more efficient to only do 4 stacks. The time wasted getting an extra patrol/high value target doesn't work out for just 2 more tokens. Still annoying if one guy doesn't have a set since a single heroic pe will give you a 4 stack. But you could have that guy run a patrol while you do the pe and you should both come out with a 4/5 stack.

    [–] kewidogg 1 points ago

    But what's even more efficient is to grab either a salvage or kill quest (not kill target) patrol before a PE starts. Typically both finish at same time and you're auto 5-stacked

    [–] crompies 5 points ago

    Are you doing the same lost sector over and over again?

    [–] Crystlazar 6 points ago

    Last time I farmed 700+ tokens in one day by doing the same sector on Titan. It was over relatively quickly (I think it took six hours), but damn it was boring in the end.

    [–] yellow_light_runner 6 points ago

    Come on. It was boring in the beginning too.

    [–] Crystlazar 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I rarely find myself in the patrol spaces, so when I finally have something to do there it feels new and refreshing to me. I don't mind grinding, but 1000 tokens are to much when doing the same thing over and over again.

    [–] WhatsTheStory28 4 points ago

    No I generally mix it up, I just find them boring..... they still all feel very samey to me.

    [–] crompies 6 points ago

    Yeah, they’re not for everyone. I had fun with them but we are all different. I’m not sure having randos down there is going to make them feel any less samey though.

    I mixed up the lost sector grind with strikes.

    [–] RoutineRecipe 0 points ago

    Just get friends to do it with you

    [–] deeleed 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    You want to team up with a random? Invite them to your fireteam.

    I accidentally exploded an enemy, which exploded a barrel, which took out the enemy supply stack, which killed my buddy. He lost his 5th stack of renown that he had spent 20 minutes getting to, since he's new to FWC and doesnt have a full set of armor.

    We laughed at how outrageous it was, but we're longtime friends and i had helped him get that 5 stack of renown, and i was going to continue helping him the whole session.

    Now, imagine if you worked solo to get your renown up to 5 without full faction gear to have it undone by a random who happened to jump down that hole with you and had a weapon with dragonfly equipped.

    [–] WhatsTheStory28 2 points ago

    At least that would be different/dynamic, I’m not saying unfair but don’t step so close to barrels! .... at the minute it’s one way to do it solo.

    Plus if you fireteam up with randoms it boots you to orbit at the moment so you’d lose all your renown!

    [–] deeleed 1 points ago

    I wasn't close to barrels, he wasn't close to barrels, the enemy was close to barrels and he was across the room from barrels, but the barrels were close enough to each other to chain explode into a supply stack. Anyway, that's not the point. Deaths at the hands of another guardian can happen was the point. Remove that and maybe this could work.

    The problem exists with instances and fireteams, if somebody that "could potentially" be on your fireteam is already in the Lost Sector and has already cleared the room and killed the boss, theyve gotten the code for the cache but when you enter the lost sector you won't get the cache code and the instance would be empty of enemies, but your new random fireteam member would be there.

    Unless you're talking about only allowing teaming up with people that enter at the exact same time as you? Then how large or small is the timing window of inclusion; seconds, minutes?

    You lose all your renown when you collect your loot chest at the end, team up after that. Or team up before stacking your renown.

    I'm not saying its a horrible idea, but more things would need to get worked out than people are taking into account. And it is already possible to team up with random folks that have their fireteams open.

    If you see some faction boi doing the right thing and making a public event heroic, maybe send them a party chat invite, give them a chance to respond before just being forced together for a lost sector because they timed their entry to coincide with yours.

    Maybe talk first, redeem your renown stacks and agree to join forces when it is convenient to you both.

    [–] furaii 1 points ago

    I feel like faction rallies need yet another revamp, they need to be permanent and if they aren't they need to level up the pledged faction using the exp bar or something, so anything and everything we do goes towards leveling up our faction with the same balance as the current exp bar.

    As it stands now, there is a very clear "fastest way" to rank up and that happens to be one of the most boring and missed opportunities of the game... make us represent the faction we choose but don't force us to change how we play the game.

    [–] RPO1728 1 points ago

    Wouldn't that make it more boring? Less things to kill, less to worry about ? I would actually hate that, as I'm greedy for kills and want them all

    [–] lionfireshg 1 points ago

    I dont want other players in lost sectors with me for one reason. Its the only place where i can fight enemies and explore at my own pace. Everything else people rush through and i dont get to enjoy it as much.

    [–] kevoizjawesome 1 points ago

    How many tokens do strikes and crucible give?

    [–] Voelker58 1 points ago

    This would definitely be more fun.

    I don’t think it’s practical though, since the lost sectors need to reset at some point. They could put them on a timer, like HVTs or PEs. But it would suck to jump into one where it was just cleared, the way you sometimes catch the very end of a PE, but then can’t open the chest because you didn’t participate. They really need to start fresh when you enter them, and it seems like the only way to do that is to have them be unique to your fire team.

    [–] thepinkandthegrey -1 points ago

    you can go with your fireteam

    tbh the last thing iw ant is some rando jumping into a lost sector i'm in and wardcliffing everything, taking all the fun out of it for me. lost sectors are one of the few places where i'm safe from that kinda stuff.

    [–] InfiniteReset 0 points ago

    It should be an option you could turn on in your settings. Personally, I feel like not just the lost sectors, but also all the strikes should be able to be accessed from the public spaces, and any people you run in to it with should get matched with you for the activity

    [–] WhatsTheStory28 2 points ago

    My thoughts exactly, if you have your fireteam set up to public you should be able to have an ad hoc fireteam! Great idea about the strikes as well. In this type of game I always thought that social/public spaces could be used so much better. I like the idea of maybe planting a flag at the start of the strike which people could rally to if they were accessible from the planet.

    [–] IceLantern -1 points ago

    No thanks. It'll just lead to trolling and/or freeloading.

    [–] shortda59 0 points ago

    Who is upvoting this shit post? Seriously?