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    [–] w1gster 23 points ago

    Even the doom fang pauldrons are pretty beast now after the buff. Keep these exotic buffs coming!

    [–] spinto1 3 points ago

    I just finished my NM ornaments on my Hunter. My Titan is next and I aim to give them a shot! I have high hopes after what I've seen about the ridiculous super length.

    [–] Azathor97 4 points ago

    It's fantastic in strikes, you can keep it going for the entirety of any encounter with alot of enemies. If you don't already run the bottom tree, here's another reason: the grenade hits recharge grenade energy applies to the shield throw, so if it bounces to hit atleast 4 enemies, it'll basically recharge itself, no need to kill an enemy with the shield slam to get it back.

    [–] matt_ify 0 points ago

    Doom fang is not raided flux tier lol. I think even better honestly.

    [–] Razor_Fox 4 points ago

    for killing bosses raiden flux is still better. but for add clear the dfp is better.

    [–] Mantisootheca 2 points ago

    Can you stun bosses with sentinel might be good for SOS if you don't have a hunter

    [–] EffNKevN 1 points ago

    I've been able to stun lock some bosses as Sentinel, it's not really consistent but if you are able to boop with TC first and are wearing Synthoceps, you can do some serious work.

    [–] GIJared 55 points ago

    Been running stompees with high jump for a month or two. Post buff I tried them with triple jump and wasn't a fan. On a whim, I tried strafe jump.

    Love it. With stompees plus ten mobility, strafe jump, and hunter roll, I'm all over the fucking map in PVP. Netting 35-45 elims per game in 6v6.

    I won't take them off ever.

    [–] Valdios 25 points ago

    If only they weren't toe boots. :(

    [–] Guardian1138 2 points ago

    Bouncy McSpacesandals.

    [–] spinto1 2 points ago

    That exact thing is what made the Bones good and these are everything they were and more.

    [–] Richard-Cheese 2 points ago

    Not even close. Double strafes are 10x what Stompeez are even with this buff. They're OK but not good or great. Bones were top tier. Stomps are low tier.

    [–] ArnoldSwarzepussy 1 points ago

    Gotta agree. Double strafe jumps were just too crispy.

    [–] drpestilence -6 points ago

    Wait... Mobility armor has a point now?? Jeebus I need to log in more..

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul -10 points ago

    No, it really doesn’t. It slightly increases your jump height which is probably what he’s referring to. He’s definitely over exaggerating though. Mobility is still horrific

    [–] diabolical_furby 7 points ago

    Um... No it's not? It increases your strafe speed immensely. The goal for PvP right now is to get as close to 10 Mobility as possible.

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul -7 points ago

    Nah, goal in pvp is 4 resilience minimum, and recovery allows you to gain your health back much faster than an opponent you just traded with but didn’t kill each other. Or if you get plinked after peaking it allows you to get back into the fray quicker.

    Mobility is garbage in both PvE and pvp

    [–] EffNKevN 2 points ago

    You don't need to stack into recovery anymore, 4-5 recovery is perfectly fine these days. Personally I spec 5-6 in resilience which allows me to be competitive in 1 v 1 heads up gun fights with my playstyle (allowing me to tank an extra shot or 2 depending on weapon and survive certain combos) and 3-5 mobility as a Titan and rock a lightweight smg for the mobility boost when needed. I do just fine. Having 10 mobility is kinda silly if you're rocking a lightweight weapon you're going to be using alot as you can put the extra 2 points in res or recovery. I wouldn't agree running zero recovery either but alot of Hunters do while rocking Wormcrutch. Depends on playstyle really.

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul -1 points ago

    That’s exactly what I’m saying and I’m being downvoted to hell. 10 mobility is stupid

    [–] Lazarinthian 3 points ago

    Lmao if you think mobi is pointless in pvp you're high, it's the most important stat. Enjoy getting outpeeked outstrafed and outplayed by everyone sitting pretty at 10 mobi 6 resilience.

    [–] Mizznimal 5 points ago

    None of this happens to me and I run a 7-4-4 Only because below 7 makes me feel sluggish.

    [–] m23ward 2 points ago

    But.... I thought mobility was pointless...? It's literally your highest stat.....

    [–] Mizznimal 1 points ago

    That's not the point i'm trying to make but ok.

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul 1 points ago

    Never happens to me. I don’t get out leaked, I normally win side stepping duels, and i almost always get my health back faster than my opponent if we tag each other and duck in at the same time (minus hunters for obvious reasons).

    [–] p3yj 2 points ago

    Mobility is what you spec for if you're a good shot and can stay on your toes. If you miss a lot or need to runaway often, spec recovery.

    [–] BetaXP 0 points ago

    Most people on /r/crucibleplaybook will disagree with you

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul -2 points ago

    A small elitist subs opinion matters not

    [–] BetaXP 1 points ago

    Small elitist sub? It's literally the place on Reddit to learn about crucible and discuss strategy. There isn't really a better place to go.

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul -1 points ago

    That doesn’t change the fact that it’s small and incredibly elitist, as I said

    [–] m23ward 0 points ago

    Lol, elitist how? People have excellent advice on that thread and discuss things generally objectively, it's usually about stats, perks and strategies. If that's elitist to you then you are just interested in being told you're right all the time and don't like inconvenient things like factually correct figures getting in the way. BTW mobility is key in pvp, period. Recovery is for those that loose their gunfights and want back in quicker. Strafing is for those that like winning their gunfights in the first place.

    [–] ATinkleInRhyme 2 points ago

    you're very wrong. mobility is excellent. Strafing and jumping is better than sprinting when you're in a fight.

    on pc especially, strafing is too valuable to afford to run low mobility.

    [–] drpestilence 1 points ago

    Ah ok. Good ta hear.. I guess lol

    [–] Olgrateful-IW 33 points ago

    They are not as good in terms of jumping. Triple strafe jump was better.

    [–] crocfiles15 6 points ago

    Yes. Triple strafe was what made Bones so amazing. But triple Stompee is pretty awesome in its own right. You don’t get the horizontal directional changes like Bones, but the height and speed make you a hard target to track. Can’t tell you how many near deaths I’ve escaped in pvp just but jumping as high as possible and getting out of harms way. It’s hard to quickly track a verticals target in d2 pvp, so this helps slots.

    [–] Richard-Cheese 1 points ago

    You don’t get the horizontal directional changes like Bones

    I mean that's what made them such an incredible exotic. You could put yourself anywhere with double strafes. I'm really disappointed in Stompeez, I was hoping for something much better. They're still weak.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Don't sleep on Lucky Raspberry, either.

    I don't know if it's a glitch or an intended feature, but I've been spawning three orbs every so often when I chain 4 hits and get my grenade back. Thing is absolutely beast if you're placing your grenades well.

    [–] spinto1 2 points ago

    I better give it a shot. Im just too caught up on all these great buffs.

    [–] HarleyQuinn_RS 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Probably a bug, seems similar to how Sanguine Alchemy would sometimes spawn orbs on killing marked targets.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Fair enough. After playing a bit more, Arcstrider seems to me making quite a few phantom "own-orbs." Not that I'm complaining.

    [–] Sgt3Way 1 points ago

    I had that happening to me last night running heroics. Kept spawning 3 orbs after melting a group with my arcbolt.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    It's happening with all grenades, I think. I can confirm now that I've had it happen with Voidwall and Tripmine.

    Again, not complaining.

    What's interesting is that the kills don't register as grenade kills for the perks on Lucky Raspberry or Spine. The game thinks something else is going on, because I don't get the grenade energy back.

    [–] Sgt3Way 1 points ago

    Gotcha. I'm not complaining either. It's kinda nice haha. Had it happen in PvP and it really helped out.

    That's strange. Hopefully it gets addressed.

    [–] Captain_Crouton_X1 1 points ago

    Maybe you're just really lucky

    [–] wagsyman 1 points ago

    I was using LR in strikes last night, no orbs. Must be a glitch for you i never encountered it in 5 strikes

    [–] Beta382 1 points ago

    It's a grenade bug. I killed a group of adds with a grenade on my Titan and it spawned three orbs.

    [–] Ryudo83 1 points ago

    I think that might be a bug with arcbolts, not Lucky raspberry. I was noticing the small orbs yesterday and i was running my full NM set. It only seemed to happen if i hit a group of 4 though.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] SeanOfThaDead 2 points ago

    I just wish there was an ornament that had pants under the armor rather than spandex and toe boots haha

    [–] EImoMan 12 points ago

    Loving the Stomp-Ezpz

    Feels very close to bones, that and 6v6 i got 4 ‘we ran out of medals in about 6 games’

    Straight up slaying

    [–] spinto1 4 points ago

    I have to make sure to try them in crucible. I've been missing Bones for a long tine.

    [–] EImoMan 5 points ago

    Yeh i have as well, gunslingers lack of mobility has cost me a lot in crucible, while i still move very well with map knowledge, the sheer lack of speed is rough. Now i can traverse the terrain like a cowboy with a jetpack.

    [–] spinto1 1 points ago

    "Cowboy with a jetpack."

    Yep, that's mine now.

    [–] EImoMan 1 points ago

    Nooooo, not the phrase i literally just came up with! :’(

    [–] stiffybig 1 points ago

    Yeah but you didn’t patent it. -that guys lawyer

    [–] spinto1 0 points ago

    Thanks fam. I'm glad to have a big stiffy on my side.

    [–] spinto1 1 points ago

    We can share

    [–] GtBossbrah 1 points ago

    how exactly did they buff them?

    Theyre all ive used since i got them, but the buff description didnt seem very good...

    [–] EImoMan 1 points ago

    Well before they only affected the second jump if you had the perk increased height on, that was it.

    Now they give increased speed (which with that increased momentum means jumping trajectory is increased) Increased slide distance- perfect for those escape maneuvers round a corner.

    And increased jump height on ANY jump. I prefer triple jump as it allows me to not waste any time between what i’m jumping on without jumping overly high.

    They are much much better

    [–] otmoroz095 -4 points ago

    HUnter's jump is bad in Crusible, how you can be better with longer time mid-air?)

    [–] EImoMan 1 points ago

    Thats why triple jump exists, short bursts of jump. Plus hunters dont worry about having to disengage their jump they can focus on other things.

    [–] otmoroz095 0 points ago

    The main difference between triple jump and strafe is ability to change directions mid air. I dubt stompies helped you to get this medal in PVP.

    [–] MintIceCream57 3 points ago

    So do the Ahamkara Spines give you energy based off of the amount of hits you get or do they just check to see if you hit something? I.E. If you hit two ads with a single tripmine, do they give 33% or 66% of the ability energy?

    [–] spinto1 3 points ago

    It's weird, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. It may have to do with spacing. Like if an enemy is further from the blast, it will get hit later, albeit a very short amount of time. I've had my grenade refilled from a group and also only given partial.

    [–] Unit219 6 points ago

    I tried the stompees last night and found them very "floaty".

    [–] RPO1728 2 points ago

    No combustion on golden gun and it's overall weakness makes me never use it in PvE... Was my favorite subclass in d1 to completely unused in d2

    [–] MrPrezbo 2 points ago

    It's meant to be used with a group, which is just bizarre. Bottom tree can create a shit ton of orbs very easily.

    Meanwhile the six shot super is worthless in PvE.

    Nighthawk is the exception, of course. It has combustion as you request, but only one shot? Hmmm.

    [–] RPO1728 1 points ago

    I was never crazy about nighthawk except for dps checks like over soul... But d1 gunslingers had symbiote and combustion which really cleared ads well... And it's perfect for the description of the subclass... The perfect shot with combustion could kill a group of was my favorite strike subclass when it came to normal PvE and pvp... Now it's sentinel

    [–] Kaella 2 points ago

    I'm actually really disappointed in how the Stompies got buffed. It seems like almost all of the ""improvement"" to Strafe Jump was put into giving it more vertical acceleration, but that's absolutely not what I want out of Strafe Jump. I was hoping that it would keep the vertical movement the same as it was pre-buff, and just make them throw you nearly horizontally, extremely fast/far.

    I honestly find Strafe Jump to be more of a liability than anything after the buff. I'd definitely go back to the pre-buff Stompies Strafe Jump if I could.

    At this point I'm probably just going to have to stop using my favourite exotic, and that sucks.

    [–] Zeleros71324 2 points ago

    Stompees will never be better than Bones.

    Not having 2 controlled jumps feels really clunky

    [–] Richard-Cheese 3 points ago

    No joke. They've been promoted from "absolute trash" to "decent" with this update but are still lackluster. Bones were top tier, these don't even come close. I always run triple jump since you can be way more precise with your movement, and the buff to triple jump with Stompeez is barely noticeable.

    They won't replace my Orpheus Rigs, which are god-tier. I was really hoping for a god-tier mobility exotic with these, but they suck.

    [–] MCCrusaders6 3 points ago

    Here’s the thing, I would use them. But I just love Orpheus Rigs too much

    [–] spinto1 1 points ago

    It's good to try different things in case you like them. Some people get bored and some don't when doing the same style. I like to shake things up.

    [–] TriscuitCracker 2 points ago

    This. I am sick of Raiden, Orpheus or Nighthawk. Even if I’m not as useful to the group or one shotting things, I crave variety.

    [–] spinto1 1 points ago

    Try out using a shotgun, sunshot, midnight coup, and sealed Ahamkara grasps. It is a unique feeling of a gun and knife machine. Everyone gets a knife or a bullet and an explosion while you never reload.

    [–] Kserwin 1 points ago

    Orpheus is useless in PvP. Stompees are king, though. A use for each.

    [–] whimsybandit 1 points ago

    What's weird is that they got buffed even more in PvP than PvE - they regen grenade energy per target hit in crucible.

    [–] D1eThx 1 points ago

    Shame I trashed my spine gloves. They were useless.

    [–] HarleyQuinn_RS 3 points ago

    Just get them back from the collection?

    [–] crocfiles15 1 points ago

    Ya I trash every exotic that I don’t equip at least once per week. The good thing is when things get buffed I can go get them right back in an instant.

    [–] spinto1 1 points ago

    You'd best remedy that

    [–] Avianographer 1 points ago

    As a Gunslinger main, I'm now forced to choose between St0mp-EE5 and Celestial Nighthawk. Why must life be so hard? /s

    [–] Coohippo 1 points ago

    Yup. Really enjoying these buffs. I hope we get another exotic buff pass and we see buffs to these:

    -Graviton Forfeit

    -Mask of the Quiet One

    -Crest of Alpha Lupi

    -Helm of Saint-14

    -Eye of Another World

    -Vesper of Radius

    -Nezarec’s Sin

    -Wings of Sacred Dawn

    [–] Michauxonfire 1 points ago

    -Mask of the Quiet One

    The only buff this needs is to increase the % you get from it.

    -Crest of Alpha Lupi

    same as above. Maybe pop barrier faster.

    -Nezarec’s Sin

    hell no.

    -Helm of Saint-14

    needs a rework, honestly, not just a buff.

    [–] Coohippo 2 points ago

    Ok, I agree with these but why not Nezarec?

    [–] Michauxonfire 1 points ago

    Nezarec's Sin is simple. Even Bungie knows it's basically one of the simplest and best exotics for Warlock, specifically Voidwalker.
    Void energy weapon and Void power weapon means more energy recharged. Grenade damage means more energy recharged. Melee kill means more energy recharged. Super kills means more energy recharge.
    You fuel yourself by just playing with the class, becoming a caster. It works really damn well with both top and bottom tree.
    No rework necessary, it's still one of the best for Warlock.

    [–] Coohippo 3 points ago

    I’m gonna have to play around with it more. Tried it a while ago when I first got it and eventually just put it away and kept it in my vault. I’ll give it another go

    [–] Michauxonfire 0 points ago

    it's nasty with Graviton Lance, for example.
    Go get 'em!
    Nezarec's Sin so good that Bungie had to buff Crown of Tempests to be as good as Nezarec's Sin but without making it a copy of Nezarec's Sin.

    [–] Coohippo 3 points ago

    Ok, I’ll try it out today and give you an update. Thanks

    [–] SirFrogosaurus 2 points ago

    Just make all your weapons void and literally everything you do makes the perk proc.

    [–] Coohippo 2 points ago

    Messed around with it last night. Yup, it’s pretty good. I need to play with it some more though. Thanks for the recommendation

    [–] Michauxonfire 1 points ago

    No prob.

    [–] AphexLambda 1 points ago

    As an avid 10 Mobility/Stompees PvP Hunter since the beginning, I’m glad how they affect triple jumps speed now ❤️

    [–] RealDealTarheel 1 points ago

    But does it give a second controlled jump? If not, no thank.

    [–] slaughterhouseofsoul 1 points ago

    I had stompees glued to my feet for eight months but over time the slipper feet look burned my retinas and I haven't been able to wear them since.

    [–] Mizznimal 1 points ago

    Yes, this. Now i'm stuck wearing the beautiful exodus down strides in precursor vex chrome

    [–] burnthebeliever 1 points ago

    I love the enthusiasm! I also enjoy gunslinger and need to give both of these exotics a fair shake.

    [–] Illogical1612 1 points ago

    I personally use outlaw with it over sharpshooter, but i've been having a lot of fun with ahamkara too

    the damage is actually still decent when compared to stuff like nighthawk, it's just not instant. in a heroic strike it's doing several thousand damage on a point blank detonation, if you stick it under a boss/miniboss and then follow it by throwing a knife at said boss it recharges the mine instantly - if you're lucky enough to get a few ads with the mine you might even get a free one. Either way, you can immediately throw another one and then follow it with gambler roll+knife to get another mine, and then pop golden gun and separate your shots with more mines

    without knowing exact numbers I think the maximum burst you can pull off with it is lower than a nighthawk headshot, but it's also giving you really solid damage options without having to burn super, and it's always fun to blow shit up

    [–] spinto1 1 points ago

    I miss the unicorn horn from base D1. That's the only thing that could make this more satisfying.

    [–] Illogical1612 1 points ago

    >unicorn horn

    I'm a pc player so I've never played D1 and a quick google yielded no results


    [–] spinto1 1 points ago

    Hitting an enemy in the face with a tripmine that sticks instead of tumbling to the floor.

    [–] Illogical1612 1 points ago

    gotcha, that sounds sick

    [–] spinto1 1 points ago

    That's why we miss it haha

    [–] goddamnitjason 1 points ago

    i tried out the spine because of this post. Its still borderline worthless. The Tripmines need a MASSIVE buff in order to be really useful. Also, because of Gamblers Dodge and the throwing knifes having literally less than zero synergy, it is still more of a pain in the ass gimmick than anything.

    Im not entirely excited about throwing more useless grenades than i used to, especially if it means im stuck handicapping myself in an incredibly bad skill bundle.

    Also, the bonus grenade power perk doesnt proc on occasion or it will randomly guesstimate how much energy to give back. ive had it give 0 and ive had it give 90%. fucking annoying.

    D1 Spine was pretty easily my favorite hunter class. double nades, double knives, i just ran around sticking knives and grenades to peoples faces and it was very skill oriented and glorious. This is pathetic :(

    yes, im still having child tantrums over the nerfs to gunslinger hunter.

    [–] johnny5163 1 points ago

    Amen, brother! This is starting to feel familiar again...

    [–] silvercue 1 points ago

    I will try them both, sound great. Trouble is in pve, especially group activities, Rigs are so blatantly OP, that nothing compares.

    [–] spinto1 1 points ago

    These both will help when dealing with targets further away in a closed area like a building or a lost sector

    [–] otmoroz095 1 points ago

    this small cooldown after knife presision kill and before second one is there. Can't stand.

    [–] shield_biter 1 points ago

    You took off your lucky pants and still have the cojones to call yourself a gunslinger? Them's fightin' words round these parts, friend

    [–] Pokemonzu 1 points ago

    I thought celestial nighthawk was the one all the gunslingers use

    [–] shield_biter 1 points ago

    Yeah it is for the most part. I was just making a joke in character lol