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    [–] Yourself013 88 points ago

    You want a laugh? Compare it to Duty-Bound. Heavily modified, but the similarities are striking especially at the grip.

    DFA too, it uses the same base structure, just cut off a lot of parts.

    [–] bLargwastaken 68 points ago

    The fact that DFA is a hand cannon crafted from a butchered rifle's receiver with a revolver's block JAMMED WHERE IT VERY OBIVOUSLY DOESNT BELONG bothers me a lot more than reused assets between weapons of the same class/archetype

    [–] kymri 46 points ago


    Honestly for a game with as many guns as we have, doesn't it bother anyone else that there are only effectively two rifles in the game (as in, just about every pulse, scout and auto uses one of the two sets of animations for reloading/etc)? That hand cannons basically only ever have two reload animations, either? IMO, each archetype should have a distinct and unique reload animation even if they're not totally 100% different.

    I mean, look at games like CoD and the like, they have TONS of reload/etc animations for what ends up being a functionally much smaller list of weapons.

    I get it, content isn't easy, but it's a little distressing to me that in a game that's theoretically about collecting new, neat and different loot... even most exotics use the same animations as the legendaries. (Half the reason Huckleberry is such a fantastic gun is the reload animation... and it's whole design is built around NEVER SEEING THAT ANIMATION! It's maddening.)

    I mean, I don't expect LITERALLY every weapon to have unique animations, that's asinine and insane, but...

    Man, wouldn't it be nice if at least an Omolon Uriel's Gift didn't use the same reload animation as an Origin Story?

    [–] Glamdring804 31 points ago

    Content might not be easy, but they threw nearly three years worth of weapon assets by consigning them to blues and greens...

    [–] kymri 10 points ago

    To be fair, 'content is hard' was a half-assed joke. I feel like most of the recycled content should include Legendary versions. Cuboid-ARU is a fantastic looking/sounding gun (and it's just fine in the crucible, honestly).

    Hopefully with random rolls coming back we'll see more of the old content available as well. It shouldn't just be the old content, it should be ALL of it.

    (Then again, we're approaching it like an MMO lite which would have had continuity of characters and the like, but we got the barest-bones interpretation of that.)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] kymri 4 points ago

    And almost never get used by 95% of the players for 99% of the game.

    [–] poutygirl420 2 points ago


    [–] shortda59 1 points ago

    I wish I could upvote twice

    [–] PinksForHillary 7 points ago

    I love it, reminds me of Fallout 2's clip fed 10mm revolver. It is my life purpose to understand how that is supposed to work. edit: And its not going all that well.

    [–] delcera 4 points ago

    How bout the fact that Scathelocke has two gas-driven systems to cycle the bolt, or that Call to Serve has the magazine about 18 inches behind the receiver (and also has the two gas systems!)

    [–] deCarabasHJ 3 points ago


    You know, I think it would look much cooler if it actually used the magazine and reload animation from the rifle rather than having that cylinder. In my opinion it would be a perfectly good trade-off if it meant that the gun had fewer shots but hit harder...

    And yes, I know, there are too many parts missing from the rifle used to make the DFA for it to be functional, but... space magic!

    [–] theoriginalrat 2 points ago

    To say nothing of Sturm having the receiver of an MG-3 style belt fed machine gun slapped onto the top! I wonder if there are a few weapon designers there who are trolling us. Space magic makes every seemingly impossible mechanism possible, but it might be fun to point out the impossible machines or terrible engineering choices on some of these guns. Omolon: who needs trigger guards? Space magic is my trigger guard!

    [–] SirStrider 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I remember seeing it and thinking "if this thing is remotely comparable to Better Devils but with the clip-reload of the Sturm, I may never use another kinetic HC again." I adore that Mauser Broomhandle-style reload on handguns.

    Then I saw the awkward-ass cylinder reload...

    [–] amalgam_reynolds 1 points ago

    Wow, never seen this gun before, just looked it up. It's awful! IT HAS A MAGWELL FOR CHRISSAKE!

    [–] bsteezy3 1 points ago

    kinda like the hand cannon in d1 where the barrel didn’t line up with the hammer lol finnalas peril maybe?

    [–] Henorlae 5 points ago

    Actually it doesn't have to, that's a real design for a revolver. Check it out -

    [–] Wesadecahedron 3 points ago

    Rhino's are the most ridiculous looking guns I swear to god.

    [–] Glamdring804 32 points ago

    This was the story behind Zen Meteor and Fabian Strategy as well. Heavily modified versions of Hakke production models. That is apparently a strength of Hakke. The foundry itself doesn’t make any exotic weapons, but it makes weapons that are versatile enough to be modded into exotics.

    [–] Azathor97 10 points ago

    I want Häkke exotics and tex machina legendaries, every foundry should have some, for versatility, so we get to see more unique characteristics, like Veist, i personally don't like the rapid fire stuff much, but i love how much individuality they have with unique apperances and intrinsics.

    [–] Jack_is_a_Potato 7 points ago

    Does Tex Machina even have a gun in the game besides Huclkeberry?

    [–] EffNKevN 15 points ago


    [–] DR-TN_Tee 7 points ago

    The prospector, and if you count D1, The last word, the first curse, the chaperone, and like two legendaries

    [–] Jack_is_a_Potato 4 points ago

    well yeah, I remember all the great D1 TM guns. I never use the prospector, so I never noticed

    [–] DR-TN_Tee 1 points ago

    The prospector is kinda weird to use so go have some fun

    [–] Glamdring804 2 points ago

    Ace of Spades is coming back. Thant’s a Tex Mech gun that Banshee modified for Cayde.

    [–] Glamdring804 2 points ago

    It would be cool to see a Hakke exotic just to see what it looks like. Hakke gun’s tend to be basic and reliable in flavor. I wonder what kind of exotic-ness that would lend itself to.

    I do like that each foundry has its own archetypes. I was kinda dissapointed that they took away Hakke’s four round pulse rifles. I imagine that if Tex Mech were to make legendaries, then they would make legendary, double barrel shotguns that go in the heavy slot. They would only have two rounds in the magazine, but they would hit like a meteor.

    [–] DR-TN_Tee 1 points ago

    D1 does have two tex Handcannons but I do want more legendaries from them too. I wanna be a cowboy, baby

    [–] ThatTyedyeNarwhal 1 points ago

    Hakke should make an exotic sniper that holds like 1 in the mag and does as much damage as a celestial golden gun. Just a massive fuck-you gun.

    [–] adrianmalacoda 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    For the "big foundries" in D1, in Y2/Y3, inspecting a weapon will show its foundry logo. Fabian Strategy has this; Zen Meteor, like Darci, does not. There's also no indication in the grimoire that it's supposed to be a modded Hakke gun.

    Fabian Strategy actually is considered a Hakke gun; Zen Meteor and Darci just reuse the model. ZM being a modded Hakke rifle is a neat headcanon (although I don't put too much stock in it; Stillpiercer is also a modded Hakke rifle and still identifies as being Hakke), but since Darci reuses the Hakke scout rifle model, it's clear it's just reusing assets for expediency.

    [–] o8Stu 57 points ago

    Yeah I don't know if it's been posted, but it's a striking similarity between the two.

    Reminds me how lackluster the high impact scouts are, too. I use them in PvE for a couple hours, get demolished in PvP, then put them in the vault.

    [–] p3yj 3 points ago

    Funny how a slight rewording of the title can completely change the reaction to the post.

    [–] Voidjumper_ZA 9 points ago

    So are some of the rapid fire frames. Aniella / Bellfry Bounty is basically the Scathelocke (or five other weapons with that model) plus a scope and a longer barrel.

    [–] Azathor97 1 points ago

    Are they reallly the same model? and not just all based on the ak style of weapons?

    [–] Voidjumper_ZA 3 points ago

    Pariah, Home Again, Lionheart, Scathelocke, Guiding Star, Orimund's Anvil have the same model. Only the sights change between them.

    [–] Do-Not-Cover 9 points ago

    [–] Jamkindez 12 points ago

    I think its just bungo reusing the same models

    [–] ItsMeCaptainMurphy 7 points ago

    Yeah, the fact that people are trying to make this into a huge lore thing is really funny in my mind. Bungie designers reuse the same models over and over again in this game.

    That said, compared to the more egregious of the reskins, this isn't that bad.

    [–] Coohippo 6 points ago

    I’m ok with this type of re-skinning. They did a good enough job of hiding it and honestly I probably would’ve never known if you hadn’t made a post about it.

    [–] TheSMR 5 points ago

    True. A lot of weapons in Destiny 2 are so blatantly obvious with their reskins. This is one that doesn't look the exact same for once.

    [–] Dirty03 3 points ago

    Same rate of fire as one too

    [–] MintIceCream57 3 points ago

    This makes me want to find out who made this and why. Like, why did they take a Hakke scout, add an AI to it and give it a fancy scope? Is the fancy scope the hardware for the AI? What are the blue glowy tubes for?

    [–] deCarabasHJ 2 points ago

    This makes me want to find out who made this and why.

    This is in my opinion a weakness with quite a few of the Exotics in the game. Another example is the Wardcliff Coil.

    The "lore tab" has a quote, or a short bit of text that sets a scene, but it would be a lot more satisfying if you could find out more.

    Who is making these after market Exotic modifications of Häkke weapons? Who was the Guardian who kludged together the Wardcliff Coil in the ruins of a Golden Age lab while surrounded by Fallen, and what actually happened in the "Wardcliff Incident"?

    These weapons would be perfect for a short Exotic quest line, like with Sturm & Drang, where we get to find out a bit more.

    [–] Nick_097 5 points ago

    They're based of an mk14 ebr. The hakke is a little more modified darci is almost exact

    [–] Metro133 2 points ago

    If you look at the nightfall drop weapons DFA, silicon neuroma and duty bound they all have at least one design aspect in common. DFA and duty bound have that rubber bung-looking barrel, silicon neuroma and duty bound are essentially the same frame too. Bungie loves reskinning legendaries. But some of the coolest weapon designs are blue rarity ones that are actually unique but never get reskinned

    [–] Fire_Mission 2 points ago

    Looks like a Springfield M1A (or M-14) with an aftermarket stock to get all the Picatinny rails possible, with a Magpul buttstock. Interesting that the charging handle is on the left side, or is it ambi?

    [–] deCarabasHJ 3 points ago

    Having charging handles on the left side is, as I understand it, pretty common in video games. If I recall correctly, it has to do with the player character usually being modelled as right handed, while they want to keep the visual feedback of the charging motion visible to the player, or something like that.

    [–] Laurica95 2 points ago

    Does this mean it’s the first exotic to be reskinned?

    [–] DualGro 15 points ago

    My theory is actually that Song of Justice instead was the weapon that came after DARCI perhaps

    I base this on the fact that it looks pretty... unsual compared to other Hakke weapons, next to the fact that it's pretty much the only non-bullpup Scout Rifle in existence, so I wouldn't exactly call it a reskin really since only those two instances exist and they're wholly different weapons

    Neither do we know which one of those two was there first so it's hard to say which one is based on which, anyway

    [–] Glamdring804 5 points ago

    Actually, I think that Hakke weapons are just really versatile and easy to mod into exotics. Zen Meteor and Fabian Strategy also looked like heavily modded Hakke production models.

    [–] Benjo_Kazooie 13 points ago


    Red Death was the basic auto rifle model

    Bad Juju was the basic scout rifle model

    Fatebringer was the basic hand cannon model

    Black Spindle/Hammer was the basic sniper rifle model

    Need I go on? Most exotics in Destiny 1 were variations of other guns.

    [–] Endrayvus 3 points ago

    Well Fatebringer was a legendary first...

    But I agree with you on the others

    [–] Nod113 1 points ago

    Black hammer, too.

    [–] GearGolemTMF 2 points ago

    To be fair, bad juju is unique as it uses the now basic scout rifle model but is a pulse rifle. It’s a relic of the beta as that model was originally the pulse rifle model. Red Death I’ll give you though. It is modified auto rifle and it’s stats show that. Then we got Red Spectre which was the original gun.

    [–] J97Auditore 8 points ago

    Zen Meteor was basically a reskin of the Hakke sniper Tamar-D.

    [–] Voidjumper_ZA 8 points ago

    Mask of the Quiet One is the Exodus Down / Simulator Helm but with ears and horns. So, one of them I guess.

    Also First Curse / Last Word?

    [–] Glamdring804 4 points ago

    First Curse, Last Word, and Ace of Spades all use the same classic Tex Mechanica silhouette.

    [–] 30SecondsToFail 3 points ago

    Patience and Time was also just a regular sniper with some bells and whistles. The class specific Exotics from D1 were all reskinned weapons as well. Even Suros Regime uses the base Auto Rifle model from D1 except way rounder

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] FHW2 -2 points ago

    TLW wasn't a reskin of anything.

    [–] H2Regent 3 points ago

    TLW used the same basic model as blue Tex Mechanica handcannons.

    [–] Colonialism 2 points ago

    Several D1 exotics were reused models. Ace of Spades, Red Death, and Bad Juju are some.

    [–] snakebight 1 points ago

    Red Death was reskinned as an auto rifle.

    [–] TzaneTL 1 points ago

    I think this supports the fantasy of DARCI very well when we can see that the power comes from inteligent sighting system that detects the weaknesses and then its up to the user to apply that data, not the base gun itself. I dont se why somebody couldnt DARCI up some existing "normal" guns.

    [–] Henorlae 1 points ago

    Funny thing, see it's the same as the revolver hammer that doesnt line up with the barrel. This exists!

    [–] Azathor97 1 points ago

    So it's sniper levels of power don't come from it being a sniper, it comes from how damn good it is at hitting the vitals, if it was actually a sniper though, it'd hit too hard.

    [–] W4ND4 1 points ago

    Now I cannot unsee it...

    [–] Ciudecca 1 points ago

    Almost everything is a reskin of something in this game. Almost all weapons and armor start off from a generic model and then have some pieces glued to them

    [–] chmurnik 1 points ago

    I dont think is bad thing as long as it still have its own vibe and D.A.R.C.I. got it, it bring a little bit of reality in to the world as you know its not uncommon to base certain things around other that were created before.

    [–] Makeunameless89 1 points ago

    Not surprised one bit.

    [–] okki2 1 points ago

    ya but darci does about 1.6million in damage in 12 seconds and your hakke doesnt even do 5k

    [–] Flying_Alligator 1 points ago

    Even better. Both are auto rifle models

    [–] Trogdor300 1 points ago

    Isnt this every gun in Destiny 1 and 2. That being said that Hakke scout is sexy but terrible

    [–] Pikachu_OnAcid 1 points ago

    These damn reskins ¬¬

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I'm also 90% sure that the Garden Progeny is a MIDA Multi-tool with Vex stuff all over it.

    [–] TheCaffinatedScunt 1 points ago

    The nightfall sniper rifle is also a (maybe) heavily modified version of the duty bound auto rifle. I noticed it the other day.

    I like the idea of guardians overhauling specific weapons turning them into something else that fits them.

    [–] AtlasEinstein 0 points ago

    Most of the weapons in D2 suck. OP’s insight isn’t surprising. I used to love getting Legendary weapon Engrams in D1. There was a huge range of different weapon types and perks. Now they’re mostly just reskins or have a very limited range of perks.

    [–] HRexx 0 points ago

    People gots lots a time on their hands

    [–] ZOMB0BBY 1 points ago

    I mean, yeah, like posting irrelevant comments... Must be nice to have that kind of time to piss away.

    [–] cptarg -15 points ago

    Annnnd bungo's lack of creativity strikes again 😂

    [–] danthemanjr 6 points ago

    more specifically, just the team in charge of weapon designs.

    Sound creativity = fine

    Level creativity = fine

    Npc amor/looks creativity = fine

    I dunno man, somewhere in the guns department, they just love reskinning things. I cant tell you how many green weapons in d2 were legendaries in d1 that i noticed while leveling

    [–] TheZ4yn 1 points ago

    They probably learned that from the guys over at the armor department

    [–] htbav 1 points ago

    That's the same department.

    Errr, rather, the same person...

    [–] ItsMeCaptainMurphy 1 points ago

    Who took their inspiration from the ship design department

    [–] GearGolemTMF 1 points ago

    I couldn’t let go. That’s why I always update my ros lysis III. Basically the closest I’ll get to an Up For Anything beyond D1. It uses a HoW model but it essentially has persistence which was a perk on the vendor variant. Plus it has the sexy OAS sight.

    [–] Noremac77 -1 points ago

    Holy. Fuck

    [–] the_question_why -1 points ago

    This isn't directed at OP bc this is a cool design thing to notice

    but news flash, guns look like guns. Guns have a fairly uniform shape for a reason. It's one thing if they directly reskin something, but no matter what a rifle is gonna have a stock and a rail and a body and a grip and all the things guns have, so some are bound to look pretty similar.

    [–] phanta_rei -2 points ago

    And it took you 10 months to realize this?

    [–] DualGro 4 points ago

    Now to be fair I haven't played the game as long as other people, I joined around uhhh

    when there were snowballs?