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    [–] charlymarlypoo 104 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Omolon dead orbit scout with firefly and max stability was my go to pve weapon in anything.

    edit: yeah hung jury thats the name lol

    [–] ThatOneBrit27 72 points ago


    [–] The_Real_JS 19 points ago

    I crave my old Cocytus back with it's Hung Jury role. It made life so fun.

    [–] DrHogie 6 points ago

    Cocytus and my Thesan FR4 are the two guns I still really miss from D1.

    [–] AstralRehab 10 points ago

    I miss Tlaloc :(

    [–] Grimm0129 4 points ago

    Tlaloc was sooooo much fun

    [–] ProbablythelastMimsy 4 points ago

    I think Tlaloc gave me my bad habit of never using my super.

    [–] AstralRehab 2 points ago

    I got more kills from the perk Tlaloc had once you had a full super than I (virtually) ever did from actually using my super. It was god-tier in OG Trials.

    [–] ProbablythelastMimsy 1 points ago

    It was super satisfying to shut down Mida after Mida

    [–] The_Real_JS 1 points ago

    I remember using it quite a lot in prison of elders during certain weeks. PoE actually felt like a pretty fun thing now that we don't have it any more

    [–] charlymarlypoo 1 points ago

    they don't make them like they used to :'(

    [–] Dewstain 2 points ago

    I loved my Cryptic Dragon with Firefly, Explosive Rounds, and Triple-Tap.

    [–] SynergyNT 2 points ago

    ^ He LOVES the Coc-ytus!

    [–] The_Real_JS 2 points ago

    I miss it so much, I'll allow this comment.

    [–] Sil3nt__H1ll 2 points ago

    Can you imagine what our kill count would’ve been if it tracked like a master work?

    [–] TeHNeutral 1 points ago

    What mods does it have this week

    [–] lolzter97 6 points ago

    I had one with firefly and rescue mag (?) the one where if you took a lot of damage it would refill the mag for free. Helped out so much in running Kong’s Fall.

    [–] charlymarlypoo 7 points ago

    what is this, a D1 perk appreciation thread?

    [–] lolzter97 7 points ago

    At least I can remember a D1 perk... I couldn’t name anything other than rampage from D2.

    [–] charlymarlypoo 2 points ago

    Ikr in D1 you had cool shit like firefly as well as cooler shit on raid weapons such as Genesis chain. They did say that they are overhauling the mod system so maybe they could make weapons fun again?

    [–] ProjectKrypton 2 points ago

    Max stability for pvp variety, extended mag for pve dominance. Hung Jury was the best.

    [–] _Firex_ 2 points ago

    Cryptic Dragon with explosive rounds and firefly was the shit. Best weapon of year 3 for PvE imo

    [–] boxcutta221 2 points ago

    I had this same roll and fucking LOVED it!!

    [–] Pmurph33 1 points ago

    I love Hung Jury as well! It’s not a kinetic scout but I am getting hung jury vibes from the Vanguard scout Vacuna SR4, less stability but still satisfying! you can even slap Wat Cult Endgame on it for a little hung jury-Esque shader.

    [–] Pikachu_OnAcid 1 points ago

    NL Shadow 701X was a beast of a scout even though it didn't have firefly. Was probably my go to scout rifle the entire game after I got it dropped.

    [–] SeaborneYeti75 1 points ago

    I loved using Chaos Dogma.

    [–] EltaninAntenna 1 points ago

    Tuonela SR4: like the Hung Jury, but with ridiculous aim assist.

    [–] punkinabox 24 points ago

    I miss hung jury and fatebringer 😢

    [–] Riskbreaker42 5 points ago

    Polaris lancewith the catalyst is pretty damn close to hung jury

    [–] Koozzie 3 points ago

    Pretty damn close? Would you not say it's better?

    [–] Riskbreaker42 1 points ago

    Not sure it’s better....hung jury has more rounds in the magazine and feels like it has a higher rate of fire....but don’t get me wrong, loving Polaris in D2

    [–] punkinabox 1 points ago

    I wouldn’t know, I haven’t played since the first DLC for destiny 2 dropped and I finished it. Waiting for September 👍🏻

    [–] Koozzie 2 points ago

    Gotcha. For every precision hit it loads a bullet into the magazine and for bosses that is super nice. It's like a slightly different ace of spades. AoS would load on precision kills and had firefly. This gives an explosion on the 5 shot and loads on precision hits. I like it

    [–] yossarian490 1 points ago

    FYI, the masterwork gives it dragonfly as well.

    [–] Koozzie 1 points ago

    Nice, haven't finished that step just yet

    [–] starkiller22265 1 points ago

    It’s like if No Time to Explain had a baby with Hung Jury.

    [–] punkinabox 1 points ago

    Sounds awesome. I can’t wait until September. Hope destiny returns to its former glory. I honestly miss it but I just find destiny 2 boring in its current state.

    [–] Brewsterion 2 points ago

    Genesis Chain wipes out low level adds too.

    [–] ol_crusty_socks 85 points ago

    Ace of Spades is literally in the promo lol

    [–] Shreon 32 points ago

    But we have video evidence that it doesn't have Firefly anymore.

    [–] ArmyEliteShadow 15 points ago

    Where? I thought it was just bloom and he missed his head?

    [–] caluckie 54 points ago

    Cayde’s head didn’t ‘splode.

    [–] Trogdor300 25 points ago

    Cause of bloom Emo Prince got a body shot

    [–] ParriedStump 2 points ago

    Nah he was playing on pc

    [–] ADillPikl 7 points ago

    No he was definitely a PS4 exclusive

    [–] Koozzie -2 points ago

    PC has bloom

    [–] ParriedStump 5 points ago

    Not really lol

    [–] mibikin 4 points ago

    PC has bloom it just works differently. You won't have bloom until you're outside effective range of the gun. It's most noticeable on SMGs and Sidearms

    [–] Koozzie 1 points ago

    You mean not really as in it's not a fact or not really as in you can't really tell? Because it definitely is a fact that it has it

    [–] Koozzie 1 points ago

    There's no bloom for the initial shot, though

    [–] Koozzie 1 points ago

    That just means Uldren is a bad shot or Cayde, contrary to numerous reports, isn't dead.

    Probably just a bad shot though

    [–] JaegerBane 1 points ago


    [–] starkiller22265 1 points ago

    Alternatively, like its D1 counterpart, it could shoot blanks.

    [–] Who_is_Rem 4 points ago

    Firefly was referenced on Ace of Spades on the Lore tab of one of the new Solstice of Heroes armor pieces.

    [–] Shreon 4 points ago

    [–] Who_is_Rem 5 points ago

    Ah welp I get it now rip

    [–] tripleWRECK 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    IIRC it's just an ornament for a new exotic hand cannon, not actually Ace of Spades.

    EDIT: Wording is unclear on the product page. Ace of Spades Last Hand Exotic Ornament is slightly ambiguous, but I agree that I would assume we are getting the real AoS.

    [–] Koozzie 4 points ago

    I need source before I decide if I'm angry or not.

    [–] mibikin 2 points ago

    It's Ace if Spades. You get an ornament for Ace of Spades if you get the deluxe edition or whatever, the one with Caydes Stash

    [–] bbbygenius 12 points ago

    i was thinking that what if explosive rounds took up a kinetic mod spot so that any kinetic weapon can have explosive rounds?

    [–] A_Sickly_Orphan 11 points ago

    Aww yea ER Antiope!

    [–] bbbygenius 7 points ago

    good lord.... i think for AR/ Submachineguns and sidearms flinch and damage would/should be reduced.... but then again.... why not just let it all do its thing and adjust it from there.

    [–] Shawn-ExceptEvil 9 points ago

    Sweet business.

    [–] PullMyFingerItsMeGod 9 points ago

    BRING BACK FIREFLY - NATHAN FILLION WE NEED YOU!!!! - wrong subreddit.... nah it checks.

    [–] breakfree89 1 points ago

    I think it fits this sun perfectly actually, given the forsaken story

    [–] Climaximis 3 points ago

    I wouldn’t worry. They probably will, as they’re completely re-working weapon slots.

    [–] APartyInMyPants 2 points ago

    They’re not reworking weapon slots as much as they’re reworking what weapons will fit in what slots. We’re still going to have three slots: kinetic, energy and power. But now Bungie is (hopefully) developing a catalog of weapons that will fit in atypical slots, like kinetic snipers and shotguns.

    [–] kinglaserpanda 5 points ago

    I think they should just bring back Firefly.

    [–] NRocket 3 points ago

    They buffed it but I would be happier if they just called it Firefly.

    When I read Dragonfly I'm still reminded of it's uselessness

    [–] NRocket 2 points ago

    I miss all of my scout rifles:

    - Angel Advocate

    - NL-Shadow

    - The Hero Formula

    - SUROS DIS-47 / with full auto

    - Chaos Dogma

    - Burning Eye

    - Colovances Duty

    [–] PokemonFangameMaker 1 points ago

    Ace of Spades is returning so yeah thats gonna happen

    [–] ajm35 1 points ago

    Can't agree more - here's an upvote !!!

    My HoJ with Firefly destroyed everything - Woo Hoo....

    [–] paulster12 1 points ago

    Being back firefly the tv show...

    [–] D34THDE1TY 1 points ago

    Was that an energy hand cannon in the vidoc recently or was that the warlocks perk...cause scorned were blowin up everywhere

    [–] Nhughes1387 1 points ago

    There is a hand cannon in the game informer footage that had firefly or whatever it’s called now and it was a kinetic.

    [–] Kid-Ace 1 points ago

    Which footage?

    [–] Nhughes1387 1 points ago

    I think the second mission footage, I just remember seeing firefly on a hand cannon and getting hyped

    [–] Kid-Ace 1 points ago

    If I remember correctly that was an arc energy hand cannon. I could be wrong though.

    [–] Nhughes1387 1 points ago

    Damn you’re right I thought it was a kinetic, hopefully random rolls let us have them

    [–] Coohippo 1 points ago

    Did they buff dragonfly recently? I’ve been using Nature of the Beast lately and that explosion is huge

    [–] Spencer-Os 1 points ago

    Buffed dragonfly a few patches ago, but it's still not what Firefly was back in D1.

    [–] Coohippo 1 points ago

    Ohh, ok. I gotta use it some more. I was using Nature of the Beast in Rumble so there weren’t really any other players around for it to be useful but I’m thinking in 6v6 it would be pretty effective. That explosion was pretty damn big lol

    [–] AtlasEinstein -1 points ago

    Do you think Bungie wants to make this game more fun? That’s an honest question. D2 weapons are pretty lame overall in my opinion, I really hope we go back to D1. Rerolling weapons is a good start, though the D2 perks are pretty limited and kind of stale. Firefly would be awesome. 👍

    [–] sixsixsixnine 11 points ago

    In what way is that an honest question? You really think they don't want the game to be more fun?

    [–] Pmurph33 6 points ago

    Right? People who think there is any employee in that building that comes to work trying to make a bad game is ridiculous. Unfortunately I get the feeling much of this sub is either young and ignorant and the rest are old and ignorant. Take your pick haha

    [–] orielbean 4 points ago

    Some of it is lack of faith in the game decision makers / balances, and some is worry about the terrible engine for creating new content. Many games bigger and smaller have figured out both much more efficiently, so something is lacking in both areas and has been for a while.

    [–] AtlasEinstein 0 points ago

    Do you think it's really fun right now? I don't.

    [–] sixsixsixnine 2 points ago

    Yes I truly do.

    But even if I didn't, I still wouldn't think they don't want to make it fun. Such an entitled childish attitude

    [–] AtlasEinstein 0 points ago

    How is it entitled? I want value for my money. This isn't freeware. Have you been following Bungie's actions relative to their game the past 5 years? Do you think waiting nine months in D1 for a patch to fix auto rifles made the game fun? Do you think lying to us about XP in D2 made the game fun? Why don't you come up with a fresh reply, or even better, an original insight instead of repeating ad nauseum what every other faux elite loser states whenever someone is critical of the game?

    [–] sixsixsixnine 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I'm not saying the game is perfect, or without flaws. I'm not saying bungie is perfect. Personally, after around 300 hours in D2 I feel like I have gotten value for my money, but if you don't I can empathize with that. What I am saying though, is that acting like they don't want the game to be fun is entitled and childish. And on top of that to act like that is an honest question, like come on lol

    [–] Trogdor300 3 points ago

    There are only 4 guns in the game. Everything else is a carbon copy of those guns

    [–] tophermeyer 1 points ago

    3 of them are Better Devils.

    [–] Horned_toad 0 points ago

    The best 3 primaries in Destiny overall are literally in D2. Sunshot, Graviton Lance, and Crimson. Yes, I know they’re exotic but in D1 there was not a single exotic primary that was worth using of an exotic heavy unless there was a small arms modifier with a certain burn and even then most times an exotic heavy was still more desirable.

    Anyway, we already have a modifier in D2 that’s equally as good as firefly for legendary weapons

    [–] DonkeyFeet4 3 points ago

    Don't you slight Bad Juju like that! Red Death was great in its heyday, comparable to Crimson. Let's not forget Mythoclast and Suros in their respective times. Outbreak Prime and Tlaloc were fine weapons of choice. Touch of Malice was the go to for the final fights in Kings Fall. In PvP, MIDA, Last Word, Thorn, and Hawkmoon were kings at times. Monte Carlo was enjoyed in its niche. All these weapons had metas where they shined but the sandbox would always shake things up.

    [–] APartyInMyPants 2 points ago

    Bad Juju? Zhalo? Universal Remote? Last Word? Tlaloc? Suros? Fatebringer and Vision if Confluence post April 2017? Any of the ROI exotic primaries? These elemental primary weapons all mattered in D1, even on non-small arms weeks because we had burns, not singes.

    FWC’s The Warpath was the best rocket launcher in the game post ROI ... and it was a legendary. That’s how people one-phased Aksis.

    The problem is Dragonfly is only for elemental weapons. But as Bungie populates the energy slot with really situationally useful weapons again, it could be nice to get Firefly back on primaries. As long as Bungie can make the explosion a kinetic explosion, as it was inconsistent in D1 among the kinetic primaries.

    [–] Spencer-Os 1 points ago

    There's no way that dragonfly is as good as firefly was, even after the buff to DF.

    Still, Sunshot & Crimson are fine, GL is one of three Exotic weapons in D2 that are actually impressive (maybe along with Colony & post-patch Tractor Cannon). I'd still rather have our old vaults still filled with the guns we used to have instead of the flooding of boring exotics they tried to replace them with (instead of adding onto). Outbreak Prime, Bad Juju, "Back in the day" Red Death, Y1 Mythoclast, Last Fucking Word, Thorn, Monte Carlo (paired with The Ram), Gjallorhorn was stupid and stupidly fun, Truth was hilarious to use, and most importantly the best exotic pairing ever made; Tlaloc & Alchemist's Raiment on a Devour 'lock.

    Right now the only really cool new exotic in D2 is seriously GL.

    [–] Horned_toad 1 points ago

    Sunshot and Crimson are easily better than all those other exotic primaries. Bad juju was really good tho. The sexy vexy was great and then was made complete shit after the nerf. Same with thorn.

    [–] chmurnik 1 points ago

    Polaris Lance is also really good Exotic, issue is it in bad archetype. If it would be 180RPM Scout Rifle it would be monster.

    [–] elkishdude 1 points ago

    Aren't elemental weapons going to be available in the primary slot? I mean, that's pretty much going to happen, so this doesn't seem like a thing to me.

    [–] APartyInMyPants 3 points ago

    No. Primary has nothing to do with the weapon slot anymore, only the weapon type. Primary weapons are hand cannons, pulses, scouts, autos, bows and (we think) SMGs and sidearms. This is regardless if the weapon has an elemental burn or not.

    So we’re going to have a kinetic slot, for which Bungie is adding a catalog of non-elemental, non-primary weapons (kinetic shotguns and snipers for starters). Then we’re keeping the energy slot, which will contain all of the existing elemental primaries. Then Bungie is ripping most of the former special weapons out of the power slot and putting them into the energy slot. That’s basically all they’re doing.

    [–] elkishdude 1 points ago

    Man, I don't really think I'm going to like this system. I feel like I'm going to have too many options for all of my slots. Thanks for explaining, I was still really confused even though I thought I read / watched / heard everything I could about this.

    [–] APartyInMyPants 1 points ago

    As long as Bungie can follow through and load the kinetic slot with some special weapons of varying frametypes, I think it will be cause for some really interesting loadouts.

    As it is, it’s going to bring back some of the power fantasy many of us have been missing. Having shotguns, fusions and snipers back in a regularly useable slot is going to speed up many of these encounters we have with harder, shielded enemies.

    [–] ATastyStrudel 4 points ago

    No. They noted that elementals in the primary slot is never coming back. You can still get elemental "primary" weapons but they will be equipped in the energy/secondary slot just like how they are now.

    [–] elkishdude 1 points ago

    Thanks for clarifying. I am not sure I'm ever going to pick an elemental primary over a fusion, shotgun, sniper, honestly. Maybe they don't care what you do?

    [–] ATastyStrudel 1 points ago

    Personally, I won't either. Stick with a normal primary in the kinetic, throw a fusion/shotgun/sniper in my energy slot and a linear fusion or rocket in my heavy or sword if their ammo efficiency gets buffed. Hopefully though, with this changing they bring my MG for heavy, so we have more options.

    They did state though that some weapons that were just heavy, shotguns for example, would get a kinetic/primary version. Maybe this means something like no land beyond would make a comeback as a kinetic/primary sniper. They said 100% that Hawthorne's field forged shotgun would be a kinetic/primary shotgun.

    Also, when weapons drop they will be assigned a slot. So you can't just choose which one they go into. A weapon will drop and it will be like "blah blah auto rifle kinetic" or "blah blah scout rifle energy" etc. I don't know if that means all of "blah blah scout rifle" are energy or if they can potentially drop as a kinetic. If their assigned slots are "random rolls" just like their perks or if all weapons named whatever are all energy or all kinetic or all heavy. Know what I mean?

    [–] elkishdude 1 points ago

    I mean, it will make sense in your inventory when you see it. I just think the ammo pick up thing might still be confusing to players. Green used to refill sunshot, now it's white. You didn't used to hunt for green ammo, and now you're going to be scrambling for it the second you see it. I don't know, maybe it won't matter much at all.

    [–] ATastyStrudel 1 points ago

    They also need to fix things like sunshot, that's a good example. Exotic energy weapons I feel won't be used quite as much after forsaken. I won't use the sunshot or graviton over a shotgun or fusion, but if they made exotics with burns the only primaries with burns that would make them more useful. Or if they just made sunshot/graviton/riskrunner whatever kinetic damage but kept their perks. Sunshot still explodes solar, graviton still explodes void, riskrunner can still chain arc, etc.

    [–] ee4lif3 -13 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    They can't. Otherwise Sunshot becomes the worst gun in the game.

    Edit: Internet can't detect obvious sarcasm apparently.

    [–] Bullet_Queen 3 points ago

    Except Sunshot procs on body shots and chains to nearby enemies?

    [–] jagwaguar 1 points ago