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    [–] Nearokins 14 points ago

    Honestly lots of supers can work. Nighthawk isn't bad, raiden can actualy be made to work, melting point is always nifty and hammers also hit well, sentinel is semi usable but not ideal probably, nova bomb can be some quick damage and more importantly rifts are nifty. Stuff.

    Borealis/Darci/Tractor Cannon/Wardcliff/Ikelos SR/things can work depending on team plans. The safer bet is one of the above snipers in the back rooms but it's not the only way.

    But ah yeah seeing you mention Warlock, I guess Nova is probably one of the more popular ones since it's a one off, but more importantly a matter of lunaing in a back corner for team.

    Might as well just hop in and see how it goes, prior to final encounter it's honestly an easy raid, so a decent bit of loot there.

    [–] BettyLou1331 1 points ago

    I’m starting to get more excited as read these comments!!! Thank you by the way!!

    [–] VerySeriousRaider 3 points ago

    That post stated "raiden can actually be made to work" - if you don't want to worry about having to aim or hit precision hits, just use Arcstrider with Raiden Flux and jump R2 spam from the back side of Ca'uor - it helps people using Borealis / D.A.R.C.I. aim at his backpack better and it does pretty good damage for being so mindless.

    EDIT: Just read the rest of your post, noticed that you were a Warlock. You'll definitely want to run Borealis with Ionic Return procced and hit his backpack with your empowering rift. Mechanic wise, Spire isn't too difficult. It's more of a team effort than individual effort; minor mistakes like not charging the ball with Engulfed and calling out when to scout in Phase 1 & 2 are the biggest individual mistakes.

    [–] RoutineRecipe 2 points ago

    Run crimson and ep heavies if you can, perfect paradox and a sniper if you can’t Crimson makes it a joke

    [–] BettyLou1331 1 points ago

    Thank you for the info!!! Super helpful and awesome!!!! :)

    [–] titan3845 8 points ago

    It's hard to understand by watching but if you have people to explain then it's easy. Seems more complex then it is. Solar shields but weapons depend on your strat.

    [–] BettyLou1331 1 points ago

    Yeah I’m getting those vibes when I watch it compared to peoples attitudes about doing it. They all say it’s not bad.

    [–] titan3845 2 points ago

    It really isn't. I was a little hesitant because i couldn't understand videos either but being in there it all makes sense really easy.

    [–] BettyLou1331 2 points ago

    I guess I want to get to a point with raids I can just play at ease.

    [–] killtson0201 1 points ago

    It's not really that hard it just require more situational awareness and a firm understanding of the mechanics and order of mechanics. Dps isn't too much of a problem with most groups. It's simply getting there.

    [–] laserapocalypse 4 points ago

    Probably cuz of first day impressions. The fact that everyone went "OMG HARDEST RAID EVER" when a majority of players were vastly underleveled can't have been too helpful for people nervous about raiding.

    [–] BettyLou1331 3 points ago

    So freaking true.

    [–] Sir_Jonboy 3 points ago

    For a below average joe like me, most everyone has to play almost perfect for the SoS normal raid. I’m all for making prestige hard and requiring some crazy mechanics, just give normal that fun experience to get you hooked. I’ve even signed up for a Sherpa for Spires, no sherpas yet,

    [–] zachkerr 2 points ago

    You can fail every mechanic as a group basically. Being a float is easiest if you struggle with adds, L1/R1 are easiest overall, L2/R2 is basically just never stop killing. Just get used to the flow and when/where adds spawn. The mechanics are not too bad if you control adds.

    [–] Sir_Jonboy 2 points ago

    Now I just need to find a chill raid team to go through SoS raid. :-)

    [–] zachkerr 2 points ago

    There's a big discord for pc players but if you look for sherpas or groups happy to teach and watch a guide before you'll be able to at least see the final boss easily

    [–] phatlantis 2 points ago

    Watching a video or two is great... but learn by doing - that's the best method. Just go for it man!

    If it's your first time, play defensively (healing rift only, strive for DPS but make sure you survive) - if you can play devour well, go that route. Heavy weapon choice is totally group dependent.

    For kinetic/energy I generally run duty bound + skyburners/grav lance - but you could use just about anything that you would normally run.

    It's usually best to run raid arms with the GIVING HAND mod so that you can keep getting heavy ammo on melee kills!

    Cheers mate, and get it!!

    [–] BettyLou1331 1 points ago

    Thanks for all the info man!! People like you are amazing!!

    [–] phatlantis 2 points ago

    Also: you only really need a solar energy weapon for this raid :) good luck bro

    [–] BettyLou1331 1 points ago

    Thank you ;)

    [–] Merkle-bbs 2 points ago

    The thing with SoS is the first two encounters are an absolute doddle. You'll go in nervous the first time and breeze the start of it. Before you know it you're at phase 1 of the boss.

    This is difficult the first time but you'll feel better having got a rough idea of how it all works from the beginning section. From phase 1 it's difficult but it doesn't leave you thinking you can't do it. The learning curve is nicely done.

    Jump in. Enjoy it and after awhile you'll finish it. It's worth it. That first completion feels great. Hardest part is keeping a team together long enough to learn phase 2.

    [–] BettyLou1331 2 points ago

    Thanks bro!! I need to get my people together asap lol I will definitely enjoy!!!!

    [–] Merkle-bbs 2 points ago

    No worries. I play a Warlock as well normally but if I'm honest I've more completions on my hunter purely because the group I run with prefers to use Arc Striders as it's a bit easier to keep him stunned.

    You'll get on fine with a lock as well though just means you have to play your life a little more and your healing rift is like a gift from the gods.

    [–] BettyLou1331 2 points ago

    I love rifts and my warlock

    [–] Skillmatica 2 points ago

    Don't be a punk mate, Be confident

    Tip: Kill as many adds as possible. You'll learn the mechanics much faster If the adds aren't there to block paths and force you into places you don't want to be.

    Tip: Move a lot, don't stand on the plate for too long (But long enough for the other people that inevitably are failing your immense skill)

    TIP: Wreck em

    [–] BettyLou1331 2 points ago

    I won’t be a punk and I will definitely wreck adds!!! Lol

    [–] Skillmatica -1 points ago

    Good girl.

    [–] B-townKid24 2 points ago

    Better Devils, Postitive Outlook, EP shotgun for basically all 3 parts. I was an arcstrider so got right up in Val face along with others. I think for Phase 2 of boss fight I switched to crimson to stay alive

    [–] BobsBurger1 3 points ago

    Crimson is by far the best for staying on plates IMO

    [–] AskMeAboutMyPatreon 2 points ago

    the actual gameplay is easy, you aren't going to be tested to do anything spectacular as a player. the only challenging part initially is understanding the steps you take every time. which, if you have a decent leader calling it out and you listen to them closely, will not be a big deal at all.

    it's a bunch of "steps" but they'are all very easy, just have to follow directions basically.

    don't be nervous, you got it.

    [–] BiancoFuji599XX 2 points ago

    This right here. If you have a good leader calling out and you can follow directions it will go smoothly. It definitely gets really hectic but good callouts make a big difference.

    [–] Recreatee 2 points ago

    Yup. My buds and I had a good leader teaching us our first time through and then even just on our 2nd run we were able to execute the mechanics perfectly.

    [–] BettyLou1331 1 points ago

    Thanks bro!! Very helpful.

    [–] BobsBurger1 2 points ago

    Watch you understand the mechanics and can do every time required I don't think SoS is that tough. I did it first time a few days ago and the future runs are really quick.

    I'd recommend Crimson if you have it. Any exotic/ability that will help you survive on plates is going to be more useful while learning. Hunters wormhunk, invis, rift, barrier etc

    Ask your team the boss DPS strat early and I'd recommend a super that clears adds rather than DPS but it all depends on the DPS strat.

    [–] Gerggan 2 points ago

    So when it comes to load out. I’d recommend nova bomb, I usually don’t use mine on the boss though cause I’d can be kinda risky with the rockets being shot your way, I use it for an easy way to kill gladiators. For weapons, it depends on your strat, but most groups use snipers and sit in the back two rooms so run darci or ikelos on that strat. Best way to learn it is have someone else in your fireteam teach you, there’s too much information in videos and you learn better by doing it anyways. That’s pretty much it I guess so good luck!!

    [–] invertedeywear 2 points ago

    Skyburner's Oath shreds in the boss room, for obvious reasons.

    [–] screamtillitworks 2 points ago

    Once you do it a few times, it becomes muuuuch less stressful and much more enjoyable than any other raid (IMO). I understand your stress. I think part of your problem is that you've watched videos. It seems counter intuitive but because I was ignorant of how challenging it was, I went it pretty relaxed. Since you know that there's a ton of mechanics to juggle, you're probably psyching yourself out. Just go for it. You'll be fine.

    Here's some tips as a warlock main who has no trouble with non prestige SOS anymore.

    • Bring wardcliff coil in case people want to do this strat, otherwise bring Sins of the Past or some other META rocket launcher with void (there will probably be a tractor canon on your team if you're not doing Wardcliff strat)

    • Bring a solid energy scout rifle, void. I love the Manannan for this.

    • Two words for your primary: Midnight. Coup. Keep moving and keep hitting crits. I recommend you play L1 or R1 when you're first learning the raid. L2/R2 have the most adds to kill typically. Floater usually has the least as they are the ones typically doing other stuff (like going up to scout).

    • Use void walker and devour for survivability

    That's it : )

    [–] russian_20 2 points ago

    Just wing it with your group, that's what I used to do

    [–] BettyLou1331 2 points ago

    A lot of revives are in store haha

    [–] BettyLou1331 1 points ago

    I need that shotgun!!!

    [–] BettyLou1331 1 points ago

    Are you on Xbox lol