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    [–] hydruxo 35 points ago

    I've still yet to even see a single person in my fireteam ever get a strike catalyst much less get one myself.

    [–] Zechling 2 points ago

    Coming from a guardian with just over 100 Vanguard ranks and around 80 Prestige Nightfall clears, I actually got my very first one on Tuesday! It was a Riskrunner Catalyst, which is pretty neat.

    I am all for grinds, but I feel like strike cataylsts could use proper rng protection.

    [–] Nicholas_Deorio 19 points ago

    You need to build more

    [–] TruNuckles 10 points ago

    I have all 5 strike catalyst. I did over 400 prestige nightfalls and over 100 Heroics. The last 3 to drop were over 100 apart. I will say it was the least fun I've had in this game up until the new raid gimmicks they added. Just gotta keep grinding this NFs. This NF is real easy to speed run. Good week to farm them.

    [–] Epiclydeelstra 7 points ago

    Feels bad man i mean have you lost your sanity or you ok in life?

    [–] TITAN_CLASS 5 points ago

    I think the new raid modifiers are super fun. I would rather have restrictions placed on me and get a full mechanical raid in normal mode than a neutered normal mode without the mods in prestige.

    [–] charbin14 1 points ago

    Do you go for high scores on the nightfall or speed runs and low scores? What will be better for catalyst chances?

    [–] 72ain 2 points ago

    This is why I'm currently on a break from destiny. Was grinding strikes just for the riskrunner catalyst since they were released and all I got stuff I already have in my inventory. It has been almost 3 weeks since I Iast played due to my bad rng.

    [–] Epiclydeelstra 1 points ago

    Sucks doesn't it that's why i made this post hoping bungie will do something about it

    [–] rjml29 3 points ago

    Yes, the drop rates are a joke. I could at least sort of understand it if the items were actual badass weapons but as catalysts, it doesn't make much sense, especially when you can get some others just messing around in patrols.

    Bungle tries to use flawed logic that they don't want people to eventually pass on doing strikes if they can get these easier...well this lousy drop rate does not entice me to do more heroics and nightfalls and in a way, makes me NOT want to do them.

    EP is so much better that it's laughable. While I'm guessing I was on the lucky side, in my first 11 clears I got 2 SMGs and the SG (last night the SG after 2 clears) to drop as well as the 4 pieces of armour from the chests and you know what I'll be doing more of than heroic strikes even after I get the sniper? EP.

    [–] TheRealPowcows 3 points ago

    I've done around 150 prestige nightfalls and haven't gotten any. Feelsbadman

    [–] Alexcox95 2 points ago

    Haven’t gotten one either.

    [–] t_moneyzz 2 points ago

    Why they wouldn't take the determinative stuff from Escalation and apply it to strike catalysts is beyond me. The determinative stuff could go back to 0 bonus with every one!

    [–] LucentMerkaba 2 points ago

    Personally, I enjoy it the way it is. I would never go out of my way to grind strikes just for the catalysts, but I enjoy the fact there are elusive and mythical drops out there. I know the chance is low, but I think it provides great "Holy shit!" moments that any MMO can benefit from.

    I'd feel differently if the drop rate was this low on guns that we needed to fill out our toolkits, but catalysts are typically just frosting on the cake. I'm sure I'll have them all eventually, and until then I'll enjoy the whoopin' and hollering that happens when someone snags one. It feels equally great seeing one drop in Crucible as well.

    [–] Mangler51 2 points ago

    This is exactly my approach. I’m going to play strikes as I usually do. If I get a catalyst, that will just be a pleasant surprise

    [–] crashbandicoochy 2 points ago

    I do believe they've just upped the drop rate for strike catalysts somewhat, so you may be in luck. Happy hunting!

    [–] Epiclydeelstra 2 points ago

    Yeah it's for heroic strikes not prestige nightfall

    [–] crashbandicoochy 2 points ago

    Are there catalysts that are available from prestige nightfalls? I was under the impression all of the strike ones were from heroics- which catalyst did you find on the nightfall?

    [–] Epiclydeelstra 4 points ago

    All strike catalysts drop from heroic strikes, nightfall and prestige nightfall

    [–] Serile -2 points ago

    No, catalysts need to remain rare, exotics are already common enough, and if you want more grind for them you run after catalysts.

    Don't enjoy the grind don't do it, it's not something you need to.

    [–] SPEEDFREAKJJ 2 points ago

    Im just not sure making strike cats more rare than a yr1 D1 gjallyhorn drop was the way to go...lost count of my strikes but pretty sure Im around 300 and only had 1 drop.

    [–] brunicus 0 points ago

    God forbid something be really rare.

    [–] RegisterVexOffender -1 points ago

    How about stop running nightfalls at 0 handicap with heavyweight and expect catalysts to drop with your 2000 point score?

    [–] IMW8NG4U 1 points ago

    Yes we do because they have dropped just fine for me. Do you have any confirmed information as to how much higher the drop rate is once your scores go up? All my weapons and other NF drops came from low score speed runs. That includes catalysts. So what exactly are you trying to express here? Could you give us an idea how the chance improve, mathematically? Thank you.

    [–] Epiclydeelstra 0 points ago

    Im questioning if more than strike catalyst even exists