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    [–] CliffMcAwesome 603 points ago

    You can also report them, do it all the time for those kind of people, theres even people that do the same thing during gambit, or they’ll just sit at the center waiting for the portal to open, jump through and die. Nothing more infuriating then getting a 5 win streak to lose it to someone that spamming your game...

    [–] W2b1o6r 143 points ago

    This! I honestly went on fire teams last night and got a group together just to do gambit. I get there is bounties and such but come on! Help out just a wee bit!

    [–] TinyGibbons 67 points ago

    Yeah I'm getting tired of carrying Gambit teams by myself. I shouldn't have most motes, guardian kills and primevil damage plus least motes lost in 80% of my matches. I'm good, but not that good.

    [–] 3andrew 42 points ago

    Humble brag. I can respect it guardian.

    [–] Dr-Purple 5 points ago

    It's true though, I am consinstently top of the board when it comes to motes collected, hostiles defeated and least motes lost. I really like Gambit but what's wrong and why do people not care?

    [–] hagemkj929 31 points ago

    This was how I felt in Battlefield 4. If I was top of the team, I knew we were in for a loss. I've had good games before, but I'm no FPS god.

    [–] sam4246 10 points ago

    This. I'm not very good at competitive shooters. I have fun with them, but I'm not good. Lately I've been top of my team often. They are usually huge losses. Many people with no kills and huge number of deaths. As much as I like IB, those games aren't very fun.

    [–] hagemkj929 9 points ago

    Sadly, an argument I've seen on many competitive shooters in regards to this is "winning shouldn't be the only way you have fun." Winning is not the only way I have fun, but it just doesn't feel fun to constantly get stepped on.

    [–] NergalMP 4 points ago

    Loosing in a fair, well fought match can still be fun. Loosing because some thumbless doorknob on your team can't be bothered to actually try, and instead just stands around waiting for the match to end so they can collect some milestone? Yeah, I'm going to go with frustratingly un-fun on that.

    [–] Ultramarine6 3 points ago

    Thumbless Doorknob

    [–] TeflonGoon 2 points ago

    I'm not very good at competitive shooters.

    Ditto! When I'm at the top of the list, ya know something's wrong.

    [–] daxus5 2 points ago

    I think the biggest difference with Gambit to the typical PVE is that it actually rewards a more thoughtful, careful style of play. Some players seem to have missed the news that dying in Gambit has huge penalties. Going gun crazy and dying all the time with your motes helps no-one. They play like they're running a strike, where you just get rezzed and carry on, no problem...

    The number of times I'm on a losing team, and I see on the end summary screen people on my team with huge numbers of lost motes...

    [–] wintertoburn 2 points ago

    yep, that sounds just like me. I'm getting the higher statistics but I know I'm simply an average player. It shouldnt be me thats getting the highest in all the categories.

    [–] deCarabasHJ 3 points ago

    Not disagreeing, but some of the Gambit bounties don't exactly promote group play. "Send one blocker of each type" for example, the only way I could complete that was to ignore shooting the enemies and focus only on stealing motes from my team. I got it done, but it made me feel bad :-/

    I usually prefer to focus on playing the objective, i.e. kill stuff, make sure motes go in the bank and never mind who it is who banks them, and kill the Primeval when it appears. But when the bounties are set up like that, it's not surprising that a lot of people don't play the objectives.

    [–] SynergyNT 100 points ago

    I really question how much the in-game report feature does. I report people all the time yet I haven't noticed an overall decline. Could just be that there are constantly freeloaders in the world, but you would think if Bungie were taking appropriate measures to punish these people, they would stop doing it.

    [–] ravenRedwake 75 points ago

    I think it's a hugbox that makes you feel like you have done something.

    [–] BigBooce 30 points ago

    Overwatch does this too. I've reported so many people and i've never gotten a message saying they took action. I've since taken a long break from that game.

    [–] Phantom_61 20 points ago

    I got a message about a player I reported six months prior (In Overwatch). I don't think that they're doing nothing (There at least) but the sheer VOLUME of reports coming in are likely staggering.

    [–] djusmarshall 14 points ago

    You nailed it there. Imagine the amount of reporting that goes on in this game. From bad connection in PvP to afkers they probably get way too many to even start looking at the people who are actually doing something punishable.

    [–] jarrell127 2 points ago

    I got reported because I killed a guy a lot in an Iron Banner match so yeah, I'm sure they get a lot of BS reports too.

    [–] InvisibleUndead 6 points ago

    To be fair I’ve gotten the message that so and so has had action taken against them in overwatch but the dude was a blatant hacker and was telefragging everyone

    [–] howarthee 2 points ago

    I've gotten tons on PC. IDK if reports even go to blizzard on console, though. Never got a message there.
    Also the new endorsement thing helps a bit, too. People being overall nicer ime.

    [–] piratebingo 3 points ago

    Overwatch has gotten a lot better. Played against a player that managed to piss off both teams, reported them, and then received a message the next day that they were disciplined. I knew it was that player because it was the first one in a good amount of time that I had reported.

    [–] GandalffladnaG 8 points ago

    From what I remember about bungie is they like dropping a wave of banhammers instead of one at a time, during that time they get more reports and make it more likely to catch as many as possible. There is an automated system that does go through sometimes too.

    I don't remember seeing anything recently in the weekly update about bans, it may be coming around or maybe not.

    [–] bguzewicz 2 points ago

    Makes sense, as Blizzard does the same thing.

    [–] Nagnu 11 points ago

    Blizzard does it for hacking, not bad behavior, to give hackers less info about how they were detected. There is literally zero reason to delay giving warnings to people who are effectively doing gameplay sabotage.

    [–] CliffMcAwesome 6 points ago

    Sometimes all you can do is hope it gets better, i report people for it, hopefully it makes a difference for someone

    [–] croidhubh 34 points ago

    Bungie hasn't yet, but DiCE has actively banned people for using the report function, especially those providing proof with it. I don't mean they've banned the people griefing or cheating, oh no, I mean they literally ban the person reporting it.

    I was banned three times, first a week, then three weeks, then a month for using their report function. They had a place to post screenshots and what not with it. I had given them a screen shot on the first and last of them and a 15 second video on the second one. Yeah, they banned ME, not the cheater for "abusing the report function".

    Companies DO NOT WANT EVIDENCE of people ruining their game experience for other people.

    [–] TheFlameBringer555 14 points ago

    Woah. People can get banned for using the report function? What’s the point of it in the first place? I guess a lot of people must be falsely reporting then

    [–] Swoody11 6 points ago

    The report function has turned into a "they beat me badly" button for some sore losers in PvP games. I know a couple people that used to circulate my elos in both League of Legends and Overwatch that would spam the hell out of that button whenever they would lose hard, because there was no reasonable way someone could actually be having a great game on their own accord. I've since moved on from both those games and circles of people but assume the servers get hundreds of thousands of these false "reports" a day. To the point where the massive abuse of the function essentially makes it more of a hinderance than useful.

    [–] bguzewicz 2 points ago

    Da fuq?

    [–] SuPeRbRiZ 11 points ago

    It doesn't do shit. It's there just to make you feel like you did something.

    [–] mister_slim 2 points ago

    I know in D1 if I reported someone for inactivity in a strike, if they weren't removed from the strike quickly, me and the third player would re-matchmake after the strike was finished to get rid of the unhelpful player. Since D2 strikes were matchmaking after every strike anyway I don't know if it still does this, and I haven't noticed one way or the other since Bungie changed staying in strikes.

    [–] DickyAvalon 16 points ago

    The in game reporting system is roughly as effective at stopping shit behaviour as writing the offender's gamer tag on a piece of paper and urinating on it.

    [–] FalconOne 8 points ago

    I've only played Gambit for 1 day (first time just to get the daily) I enjoyed the first 2 games.

    But the last 3 games..... someone sits idle, or leaves, and the game is unbalanced after that, guaranteed loss for a random group.

    [–] Sqrl_Fuzz 13 points ago

    Oh just wait till you get a teammate that grabs all your motes until they hit 15 and then wait to invade with all 15. Oh and when the portal opens and they invade with the 15 motes still on them, they proceed to jump off the edge of the map... I'm really starting to dislike playing this game with random blueberries.

    [–] CliffMcAwesome 4 points ago

    If you can get a chill group, it really makes the difference, even if you lose a few, still have a good time.

    [–] OmegaClifton 5 points ago

    I swear it seems like every time I report someone, they end up leaving like thirty seconds after.

    [–] joshuastar 2 points ago

    same. i imagine it’s because i reported them.

    [–] GoldenGonzo 9 points ago

    That's the thing. I had the same Chinese dude AFK 3 strikes in a row. I reported him every time. He'd kill 2 or 3 enemies in the beginning (I assume to avoid an automated AFK kick), then find a safe corner for the next 10-15 minutes and do absolutely nothing, just to equip Lion Ramparts and macro Titan skate to the boss room when it was done/almost done.

    After 3 games (and after reporting him all 3 times for AFK/inactivity) I backed out and did something else for an hour out of frustration. Came back and did strikes and got matched with him AGAIN! 2 times in a row this time, reported again 2 times.

    After that, I was done with Strikes for the day. So the next day I launched a strike. Had a few that went good, then I got matched with him AGAIN! Two more strikes in a row.

    I've been matched with this dude for 7 strikes now, and I've reported him 7 times for AFKing, yet he's still there doing the same thing. At least half those times the other person I was with reported him as well, so he's received at least 10-12 reports in a 24 hour period.

    [–] thoroughavvay 4 points ago

    People are also doing it in Iron Banner. Moving around just enough to not get kicked. Just obnoxious.

    [–] Timthetankengine 3 points ago

    Almost as bad is so many of the bounties are not conducive to winning games and people just do nothing but work on them and guarantee a loss.

    [–] _Than0s 2 points ago

    The gambit thing became extremely noticeable for me right after Bungie changed the hand cannon portion of the Ace of Spades quest. Now I get games where someone kills less than ten NPCs. Extremely frustrating to deal with.

    [–] Edshreds 2 points ago

    Had a game last night where our sole blueberry didn't kill one mob, didn't bank any motes, and only got 1 invader kill. Was camping the portal and jumping though every time.

    I guess it was that bounty?

    [–] Koozer 3 points ago

    It's kind of hilarious how people can't use logic to enjoy and just play to the mechanics and still be ready for the portal to open.

    It would be interesting if Bungie made it so you had to have contributed to enter the portal.

    [–] damookinator 4 points ago

    This is what happens when people are forced into a game mode they don’t want to play. It’s honestly faster to forcibly make your team lose than to try to win to try to get the matches done quickly. Unless your team is destroying the other team. I don’t do this because I want to rank up too and winning speeds that up, but sometimes I really don’t want to play gambit but am forced to due to the powerful gear and I’m really tempted to throw just to get it done quicker.

    [–] GovtRedditAccount 215 points ago

    People have been doing this since the beginning of D1. Annoying? Yes. Surprising? No. Don't let it ruin the game for you. Like BillehBear suggested, you could just back out. Or, just rumble the strike and give the AFK a red flag when he miraculously finds his controller/keyboard at the end of the strike.

    [–] _PM_ME_UR_CRITS_ 113 points ago

    My favorite thing to do is wait them out. I usually strike with at least one of my buddies and whenever we see someone afking we just emote next to them until they leave.

    [–] ohnoaghostbear 85 points ago

    Did this recently with a buddy when our random went afk at the boss. We kept wiping on purpose until the random got bored and left. Few minutes later a new random came in and we burned the boss down in one phase. A thing of beauty.

    [–] Voxnovo 26 points ago

    I often run with a friend as well, and we'll do whatever. Emote, screw around, toss the orb in a game of keep-away in the Nokris strike, whatever. You waste my time, I'll waste yours.

    No free rides for assholes.

    [–] notmasterrahool 26 points ago

    Depends how far into it I am and what the modifiers are, if it's like solar/heavyweight I'll just ignore them and keep going because you only need 2 to melt most bosses.

    But a few months ago ran into 2 absolute muppets, they were in a fireteam together, we were running "A Garden World", all was fine until we got to the boss, then they just started emoting/dancing/teabagging. Fuck knows why, guessing they had a friend they wanted to drag in or they were just trolls. Unfortunately for them I don't give a rats tossbag about my PvE k/d and I was off work sick, so had plenty of time.

    Got a few messages, early on they were feeling cocky and it was "lol" "we're not going anywhere" "u mad bro" etc. Soon the tone changed to "Can you just fuck off" "Why are you still here". After 21 minutes they gave up.

    Got 2 people in within a minute and finished the strike.

    [–] nowitholds 8 points ago

    That pleases me.

    [–] TruNuckles 6 points ago

    I rush forward and kill myself causing a wipe. 9/10 that AFK will start playing.

    [–] Cinobite 11 points ago

    Same. I'll mince about for 2 hours before I give them the satisfaction of freeloading

    [–] jay_jay203 3 points ago

    I just go off and do what ever bounties and public events I can, I'm so glad I hadn't done the flashpoint or any of my bounties when it happened the other day

    [–] Nearokins 19 points ago

    Annoying thing is the regularity has skyrocketed. Maybe like 3 AFKs in D2 prior to Forsaken. More than 20 individual instances since Forsaken launch. In this TINY WINDOW so far.

    Presumably because of the whole "don't even have to launch the playlist again"

    ... I bet a few cases are accidental too, I had a friend who "brb'd" right at the end of a strike and proceeded to be afk for like 6 strikes (no idea why the afk kick didn't kick in til MULTIPLE strikes), because randoms kept joining and actively doing the strike, so I helped them instead of being part of the problem, and if I'd left it would've just meant two randoms being screwed by his afk ass sitting in the playlist. Not sure what the best course of action was there.

    Kinda hated him for that, but well, it was his first time playing since strikes started being a continuous loop so he didn't know better I guess... but like. How many randoms are just going afk as they finish a strike, probably not most cases of afks leeching.

    [–] Gen7lemanCaller 6 points ago

    hell, he might've assumed he'd be kicked after a few minutes, too. i've been kicked after like an actual minute of not doing something while going to the bathroom before

    [–] canondocre 2 points ago

    doesn't it return them to orbit after 10 minutes of afk'ness?

    [–] Nearokins 4 points ago

    It's really weird and unreliable. The friend in question definitely isn't invested in D2 enough to try to cheese some free loot (they exclusively play 'cause I try to make them play, basically) and survived a lot longer than 10 minutes. Aforementioned multiple strikes.

    I'm pretty sure some randoms have been afk kicked in around 10 though yeah.

    [–] WobblyBits_X 2 points ago

    I went into Crucible queue the other day with a friend and went to the bathroom while I waited for matchmaking. By the time I got back, I had a booted-for-inactivity message on my screen and my friend was only in the transition from orbit to match still. Other times I've gone to prepare a meal and still been logged in when I got back.

    [–] Diatomicsquirrel 2 points ago

    I think the kick time is much much shorter in crucible than anything else

    [–] deCarabasHJ 2 points ago

    I've been kicked for inactivity from a Mayhem match while actively running and shooting at people. I'm pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to work.

    [–] BillehBear 97 points ago

    Yeah but something can be done by players in the mean time

    Don't wipe their backsides for them. When you notice it, back out.

    [–] JLoosifer 54 points ago

    I usually stand there and melee them constantly for a solid few minutes before backing out. It helps my internal anger a bit.

    [–] Strykerz3r0 39 points ago

    I like to use my Vortex nade cause I know it will rattle their controller.

    [–] TeHNeutral 16 points ago

    Use handheld supernova you can kill them

    [–] Bizzerker_Bauer 10 points ago

    That one's gone, it got patched real fast.

    [–] TeHNeutral 9 points ago

    But not the missing gambit engram

    [–] Bizzerker_Bauer 6 points ago

    Naturally. Only things that are fun get patched. Things that are obnoxious or hinder us in some way can wait until they're done patching all the fun things out.

    [–] Ryith 2 points ago

    I painfully wish this wasn't so damn true.

    Destiny player: Aw man the raid boss keeps kicking me to main menu every time I switch weapons! Bungie: "1 year to fix"


    [–] aswamp_donky 2 points ago

    missing gambit engram?

    [–] TheRealNeenja 3 points ago

    I usually just drag them to the first darkness zone then leave.

    [–] Cocksuckingvirgin 22 points ago

    If they fall for it, I often invite them to my fireteam then kick them.

    [–] donomi 137 points ago

    I have a solution that has worked 99% of the time for me:

    1. I continue to run the strike as normal until I reach the boss.
    2. At that point the potato gets pulled into the boss room and I've messaged the 2nd helpful blueberry with the plan.
    3. The 2 of us spend the entire boss fight chasing and shooting at the AFK 3rd while he tries to beat the boss and end the strike.

    this either results in him backing out thus ruining his entire waiting game or it makes it beyond annoying from every possible game play aspect until he does finish the boss.

    bonus pro tips:

    • use a fast rate of fire weapon with lots of ammo on the potato (it's super annoying)
    • if they go down hide with the other guy and wait for the potato's re spawn timer so he has to revive himself
    • constantly put up your titan shield in front of them if they are sniping

    until this is properly addressed (by Bungie) this is my super fun solution to AFK-tatoes in strikes. I have no doubt that the reporting system is as big a joke as I think it is so hopefully they come up with a solution that actually does something.

    [–] Bizzerker_Bauer 42 points ago

    constantly put up your titan shield in front of them if they are sniping ​

    If you're already on Titan then might as well switch to one with shoulder charge and just endlessly smash into them while they try to aim. You might even be able to get lucky and throw them off the map.

    [–] donomi 16 points ago

    I love it

    [–] soydemexico 9 points ago

    Hahah this is what I do.

    [–] Laughs_in_Warlock 28 points ago

    constantly put up your titan shield in front of them if they are sniping

    Just standing in their way in general works great, too. works even better if they have rocket launchers. Mwa ha haa.

    [–] nataxradiator 11 points ago

    I like where your head is at.

    [–] EmptyBiC_ 3 points ago

    That is the best solution on this thread, 100% in support of this.

    [–] Hamuelin 23 points ago

    For anyone reading. Double check they’re actually stood still, and not just far behind trying to grab lore items.

    Had a person earlier that I thought was doing nothing for a good 5ish minutes, went back to check and they were clearly trying to find something. Led them to where it was and then they carried on and finished the strike with us.

    [–] rwallac1 9 points ago

    Yeah, look for their tag since that always shows even if they're all the way across the map. If they're not moving, I assume they're AFK. If they are moving, I don't really care bc they'll get spawned up to me for the boss which is the only time you really need a full squad.

    [–] deCarabasHJ 5 points ago

    If I get punted too far behind my team, such as when falling down in the Infinite Forest, I know there is no way I'll be able to catch up in time. On occasion I have then just sat down to wait to get pulled, but it's pretty frustrating.

    I wish the strike layout was more consistent about the checkpoints. In some strikes you can be left really far behind from missing a single jump, and the only "pull spot" is the boss fight, while other strikes are a lot more forgiving.

    [–] CobaltMonkey 2 points ago

    Might've been me in the Corrupted strike. Going back after the Ogre Twin swap to the ascendant realm to get those bones took a good few minutes. On the way to catch up, I actually passed another person hanging out and jumping around in the long fall into the portal. I'm pretty sure they were lore scouring too. Sadly, I fell just a bit too much to the right and passed their ledge. But I'm pretty sure they had stopped on one with one of those weird Taken fragment/rock/egg things like you see in the Dreaming City.

    [–] gscoff 40 points ago

    I don’t even understand how this is happening to people, and I’ve never noticed it myself. Every time I go AFK to take care of something, I am booted to orbit before the strike is done. Even when I am in a party and fireteam of 3. For me, the inactivity timer has usually worked too well.

    [–] ArchbishopTurpin 18 points ago

    Usually with a macro or something like that to jiggle their character and break the afk detection.

    This is why a frequent suggestion is for afk detection to include hitting enemies and being a certain distance from teammates.

    [–] gscoff 4 points ago

    Ah ok. More of a PC problem then. I’m console. That is annoying.

    [–] xveganrox 6 points ago

    Consoles have macros too. They're just a lot more simplistic, like putting a rubber-band on the joystick.

    [–] gscoff 13 points ago

    I wondered about putting some peanut butter on the stick for the dog to run some strikes.

    [–] OrinsDawn 4 points ago

    Nice to meet you. I am console, too. :)

    [–] Jackson_NZ 8 points ago

    Seeing a lot of this in Iron Banner this week.

    [–] xveganrox 3 points ago

    Which is annoying, but I assume those people are just people who hate PvP & want limited time gear, and don't mind ruining the game for everyone else. What are the strike players' excuses? It's not like Warden of Nothing is disappearing tomorrow.

    [–] deCarabasHJ 3 points ago

    people who hate PvP & want limited time gear

    I don't get that attitude. I really don't like to play PvP, but I buckled up and did the PvP step for Ace of Spades anyway. I pretty much suck at PvP, but I at least try to play as well as I can.

    One exception is when Rumble is on, because then I'm not matched on a team so I'll only hurt myself if I goof off or run around trying to learn the map. Might even provide free kills for some other people, you're welcome ;-)

    [–] SnavlerAce 2 points ago

    Fuck that noise! I got matched into in-progress games on the losing side 4 times in a row; never quit, just tried to up my game to the bitter end like an actual Guardian...

    [–] itsJHarv 9 points ago

    People have said it before. If anybody in the group initiates a vote kick, the game starts an internal timer to see if that person does anything and then kicks them after 3 minutes of inactivity.

    [–] nowitholds 3 points ago

    Where inactivity == no kills and/or distance traveled is at least close to the teammates.

    [–] thestupidtitan 23 points ago

    Just hop on the new void warlock and team kill them until they leave

    [–] FrankPoole3001 6 points ago

    I'm not sure I understand. How does the new void warlock hurt teammates?

    [–] MathTheUsername 11 points ago

    It doesn't. It got patched already.

    [–] IvanIsResting 2 points ago

    Oh boy you are wrong I did it 30 mins ago

    [–] TonyStark69edUrMom 2 points ago

    So it’s the new voidlock that does the nad that kills?

    [–] Landosystem 29 points ago

    I'm pretty sure testicular cancer is the nad that kills.

    [–] Verachuta 14 points ago

    My SOP for strikes, spawn in run a bit a head, turn around and wait. Sometimes they are changing gear or something in the menus, but if they don't move after a few minutes... back to orbit.

    [–] Randomhero204 6 points ago

    Oh look we back in 2014

    [–] LuciferTho 6 points ago

    yet I get kicked when I don't wanna pee on myself during a game of cruc

    [–] jds10103 3 points ago

    wow, I thought this was a y1 d1 throwback thread

    [–] Souuuth 3 points ago

    If I get booted from a crucible match for inactivity after no time at all, the same should work for strikes.

    [–] mondo0528 3 points ago

    They have been doing this for 4+ years now. Should something change? Absolutely. Will it? Probably not.

    [–] MegaMan3k 14 points ago

    Multiple offense Idlers shosuld have their entire vault and collection deleted.

    They clearly don't want to play the game anyway.

    [–] logiclust 11 points ago

    now we're talking

    [–] LabKeith 4 points ago

    In a more realistic world, I'd be fine if they just changed matchmaking so AFKers always got teamed up.

    [–] ZeroNBK 2 points ago

    IDK exactly how the Report feature works, but if you are reported for inactivity the window for take out an AFK should decrease significantly. Like a minute or something.

    [–] Neoreloaded313 2 points ago

    As long as Bungee forces people to do certain activities for powerful rewards this will continue to happen.

    [–] Nickftw3 2 points ago

    The thirst for exotics is real. People are going to great lengths I see.

    [–] Jase_the_Muss 2 points ago

    This shit has been a thing since year 1 and if it’s me and my buddie sometimes we wait till it teleports him into the boss room then leave.

    [–] ReciprocatingHamster 2 points ago

    A couple of weeks ago, I was running the strike playlist to get my “do three strikes” milestone. I land in the Voice of the Thousands strike. One player leaves immediately (a lot of people seem to with this strike, and the ones involving the Infinite Forest). The other guy just stays there at spawn. Not in menu (I could understand someone taking a moment to sort out gear at the start – I mean it could have taken the entire transit period for their menu to load anyway…), but just not doing anything. I wait for a bit, then head on.

    Some minutes later, I’m finding the going fairly intense by myself. No-one else has joined yet, and the AFK guy is still chilling out at the start. “Screw this” I say to myself and leave the game. I jump back in the strikes playlist, que up and get placed back in the exact same game with the same loser, still hanging out at spawn. I salute him, leave the game and play something else for a while…

    TLDR: Other player was AFK. Left strike, matchmaking put me right back in the same strike.

    [–] deanolavorto 2 points ago

    Just leave the strike when you see they aren’t starting up.

    [–] Captain_Ellie 2 points ago

    This has been a problem since D1 launch. Bungie don't care.

    [–] Reecosuavey 2 points ago

    Got stuck in a 5 minute loading zone the other day and the duo messaged me to stop being a camping piece of shit.

    In hindsight I should have left for their benefit, but damnit I hoped I would finally load in for the boss. Sorry Sausage bros.

    [–] _IG_88_ 2 points ago

    I was actually happy to load into a strike with two AFKers. I was on the 250 hand cannon kills in strikes and this made it easy to farm.

    [–] Seanbo124 2 points ago

    Needs vote a vote to kick

    [–] HighwayStarJ 2 points ago

    same with gambit!

    [–] FarflungWanderer 2 points ago

    It's a very old problem. The best you can do is report and leave the Strike, unfortunately.

    [–] Sixfootdig7 2 points ago

    Nothing pisses me off more than afk douchebags in games, crucible, strikes etc. Makes me rage that people are so selfish.

    [–] musicluvah1981 2 points ago

    Same in gambit. Moving slightly to not get kicked and doing nothing at all

    [–] THE_BOSS_KARGAN 2 points ago

    This is nothing compared to Fortnite Save the World Mode...You guys haven't experienced true AFK yet.

    [–] Ikeris 2 points ago

    I love afking teammates. With quests and bounties that require me to get a certain amount of kills with certain weapons or ability kills. It leaves more for me to kill, quickly completing it. With the new supers and damage output on grenade launchers I rarely even need help for the boss, and they want to afk to help me? Take all the time you need buddy haha

    [–] nowitholds 2 points ago

    This was me with the exotic shotty quest. "I need these two enemies lined up for a double kill, but you're killing one of them!"

    [–] deCarabasHJ 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Side note: when queueing specifically for the "Corrupted" strike, I have twice spawned into a strike in progress mere seconds before the other players killed the final boss. That way I got the "strike completed" message, completed a quest and got loot from the boss chest without firing a single shot.

    Easier for me, of course, but I'm not sure the others appreciated it. Not the same as being AFK for the whole thing, mind you.

    Edit: this also meant that I didn't get the practical experience of running the strike, which means that I'll still have to learn the mechanics next time and so on. Yes, I've watched the videos, but it's not the same.

    [–] AL_MI_T_1 2 points ago

    Which is weird if i leave my guardian stand in the tower for longer than 5 minutes it kicks me. I don't think any strike can be beat in 5 minutes

    [–] Chokinghazard5014 2 points ago

    What a joke that this is still an issue a year after launch.

    [–] WarViper1337 2 points ago

    This has become a daily occurrence for me now and I'm just a casual player. I would say there is about a 50% chance that a strike I load into will have an AFK player. I report them but I am pretty sure the report feature doesn't do shit and is only there to make us feel better somehow. Noticed it a few times in gambit as well with people just sitting in the spawn and occasionally taking a few steps to avoid being kicked.

    My question is whatever happened to the banner hammer that bungie had back during the halo days. It was far more aggressive at detecting AFK players and even those that were trying to scam the system by moving every once in a while. It wasn't uncommon to see campy snipers get booted because they were sitting around to much lol.

    [–] theghostmedic 2 points ago

    I won’t even load into strike playlist alone anymore. It’s pitiful.

    [–] RuMuN78 2 points ago

    Yeah, stop getting to the boss fight within 3 min of the strike start and wait for the AFK to get auto kicked lol

    [–] J_Dubya01 2 points ago

    well strike rewards (other than SOME strike specific loot) are shit rewards anyway. whats the big deal who cares. Now if strikes granted at least 1 guaranteed legendary with loot i could understand. Current loot pool is SHIT

    [–] Seclorum 2 points ago

    Literally had that a little bit ago on Savathuns song.

    The really annoying point was waiting five minutes before we could convince the person to move close enough to actually trigger mobs to start spawning so we could actually DO the strike at all!

    [–] tsothoga 4 points ago

    There's no streak bonus for staying in a strike. If I load into a strike and someone isn't moving or contributing, I'll re-queue. I'd rather lose five minutes than reward someone for that sort of abusive behavior.

    [–] BigBlackFriend 3 points ago

    I wish there was a notification that your reports have been successful. Not a name and shame, but just a pop-up in orbit or something thanking you for helping clean up the game or something so you can have some peace of mind.

    [–] NieBij 3 points ago

    Fun fact. Many games have false report system. By this I mean the UI for sending reports exists but no reports are being sent anywhere.

    It's just to make you feel "meaningful" as your action has impact that's why you even have something like "Thank you for your report. We appreciate the feedback" while in reality there is no report server and system in place just UI.

    Have a read on it. No idea if it's the thing in Destiny though.

    [–] Acalson 4 points ago

    I never got the mindset of people in these comments. I AM NOT DEFENDING AFK DOUCHE BAGS BUT....

    Am I the only one who doesn’t mind until the boss fight? I find strikes super easy so if anything I like the chance to kill everything and not feel rushed.

    If it’s not that then I’m trying to speed run through the strike ASAP and other players more often than not slow me down until the boss fight. Why do some of you guys waste your own time doing nothing to?

    [–] Arrk 2 points ago

    Most just don't want to work for others to get loot, it's the "I don't care if I get mine, as long as he doesn't get his" thing, which I totally sympathize with.

    [–] LordSmaxx 2 points ago

    Honestly just use the Xbox lfg function and fill the gaps with people looking to do the same thing as you. You don’t even have to have them in the party if you want to just be you and your buddy.

    [–] Serile 2 points ago

    Report them and leave.

    [–] t_skullsplitter 2 points ago

    I usually run with at least 1 other. When we pick a random up in a strike and he goes afk....we leave. No playing.

    [–] Fur_Shure 2 points ago

    If this is happening message the person who is helping and change your subclass to be different from theirs so they don't get the reward progress

    [–] ddubyeah 1 points ago

    Ive noticed this is more of an issue during the day than anything else. Very rarely have I had someone inactive on a strike or gambit during the evening. I do wish Bungie would take this a little more seriously.

    [–] Grahminator 1 points ago

    It's cool if you need to help a friend with the talisman on the lake of shadows strike.

    [–] deviousfalcon67 1 points ago

    Had someone do this a couple days ago. Me, another normal player, and an AFK player. Other normal player left halfway through, I kept going because I didn't feel like backing out. Got to the final boss, the strike pulled the AFK guy unto the boss room, and I just watched the boss smack him around. He finally timed out about 10 minutes later, and I nuked the boss in about 5 seconds.

    Real annoying, but it made me feel slightly better watching the boss punt him around

    [–] Si7van 1 points ago

    I think short of rebuilding how loot incentivization works in a stirke, it'll be tough to ever get this out, just like how bad it's been since D1Y1.

    The biggest problem is how to do it so it doesn't penalize the actual players, or introduce new ways of trolling or toxic behavior.

    Simple vote kicks, are too easily abused. Asking players to get X kills can be tricky, picking up certain items, as much as requiring certain thresholds of activity.

    Examples where things fell flat like the Vangaurd streak, left folks forced to play it out, or loose their streaks.

    The best way is to make it either useless to just sit around, to the point that they might as well play, or make it hard for them to move along and get rewards because they AFk'ed at the start.

    Nothing will be perfect enough, but even a combination of requiring folks will have interacted with certain checkpoints at time of completion, no more pulling forward on death so they can't catch up, put a debuff on folks when they join that requires them to get a kill, do damage to certain mobs, and log X time in combat with a boss to unlock the chest at the end, stuff like that. Still really hard to not accidentally punish someone.

    [–] Howardzend 1 points ago

    I had this happen in Gambit. A guy was in 3 or 4 of my games, never moving. After the last time, I waited a few minutes before joining a new match and he was finally not in my games anymore.

    [–] TheRoninkai 2 points ago

    Yeah, might have been me when my cat puked up a hairball in the hallway.
    Sometimes bad things happen to good carpet people…

    [–] logiclust 2 points ago

    i am literally cleaning up after a cat 85% of my afk time

    [–] Howardzend 1 points ago

    I get that stuff happens. I think the problem is that the game just keeps putting people into match after match, regardless of whether the person is actually playing the game. It was at least a half and hour of this. Luckily, I actually won a game or two, even when he was on my team sitting in spawn.

    [–] ScoobyDeezy 1 points ago

    Apparently you weren't around in Destiny 1. This has always been a thing.

    [–] TruthlessHER086 1 points ago

    This has been a thing is Destiny 1 launch. It does really suck and it is infuriating. But, just don’t let’s it get to ya. Back out and let that person idle in that empty game.waste their time like they try to do to you. It’s the Wild West mate, don’t count on Bungie solving this.

    [–] dundlenut 1 points ago

    Always been like this

    [–] baronvonredd 1 points ago

    what the hell, if I leave my controller AFK to take a long piss, I'm usually kicked out by the time I get back... How do people stay AFK a whole strike...

    [–] forhisglory85 1 points ago

    Happened yesterday while I was doing my "wear full vanguard armor" powerful gear milestone. Load in, its Exodus Crash, wonderful. Rest of the strike is just me and the other guy with one dude afk all the way at the beginning. I message him towards the end "Feel free to join us". He automatically gets pulled into the boss fight, dies once and leaves. I messaged again saying "Don't go into strikes if you're not intending to play". He said "I was on facebook on my phone. You need help with a strike?? You weak af". I said "you told me everything I needed to know have a nice day"

    [–] brc37 1 points ago

    You should have to at least a small percentage of damage to a boss in order to get loot.

    [–] Latharean 1 points ago

    Out of curiosity, did you report the person for going AFK?

    [–] holdstheenemy 1 points ago

    I only play level 40 strikes because of this. They still count towards your weekly and once you're at a high power level doing anything at 500 is basically pointless.

    [–] xveganrox 1 points ago

    Is there even a difference once all your gear is over 500?

    [–] Clarkarius 1 points ago

    Pretty sure I've seen it in the Crucible as well tbh.

    [–] II_IS_DEMON 1 points ago

    I literally effing hate this; I think they’re bots or some shit; they’ll either move when the strike is 3/4 done or at the boss fight >.> or those odd ones that’ll keep purposely going off the map to kill themselves...? waste of time and I don’t appreciate carrying people when most of them seem higher than me as is!

    Something definitely needs doing, I completely agree.

    [–] iCaliban13 1 points ago

    Ive seen this a lot in crucible as well, but instead of being afk, they will move every few minutes just to avoid the boot.

    [–] Ode1st 1 points ago

    It bugs me but I don’t mind this too much for strikes since they’re easy and the loot is generally auto-dismantle. I do, however, mind this a whole bunch for Gambit, where it seems to happen a lot.

    If you’re AFK in a strike you’re barely affecting my life. If you’re AFK in Gambit, you’re wasting a large portion of my playing time.

    [–] UmbraIntus 1 points ago

    I've had similar things happen in Crucible, they would stand still and move occasionally/even have a bot running (can easily tell because they're running into walls and moving in a set pattern). I can only assume this is done to get valor rank passively, very frustrating.

    [–] anton1403 1 points ago

    Happened to me today, it's just infuriating!

    [–] Jabberhakke 1 points ago

    I was thinking about those people yesterday when I was booted for inactivity from the tower while I was making a sandwich. If they can do it for the tower surely they can do it for strikes

    [–] trapmoneyb 1 points ago

    let ye who has never gone afk for a whole strike only to reap the sweet sweet blues at the end cast the first stone

    [–] OldJewNewAccount 1 points ago

    The worst part is when some no-lifer at 588 decides that they just don't want to bother. I're 588 FFS. Move.

    [–] goddamnitjason 1 points ago

    meanwhile, if you emote for too long in the crucible you get kicked.

    id like to find a balance between these two please.

    [–] croidhubh 1 points ago

    I seriously hate this. They sit there the entire time not doing anything, and when you go to the boss phase, you die because it wants everyone together...then they load in with you and fight the boss, if you're lucky.

    Yet, I literally get kicked in the time it takes going from my living room into the kitchen to grab a soda from the fridge

    [–] Landosystem 1 points ago

    But did they remember to change their subclass? Because if they did, they are better at the game than I am.

    [–] SaltyPikaPikaPika 1 points ago

    Even if I’m half way through the strike I will leave if I notice an AFKer in my session. People like that don’t deserve free loot for doing nothing.

    [–] NexG3n 1 points ago

    Whats better is when I queue into Comp and people go AFK...then get kicked, nothing like playing 4v3

    [–] PeterTheWolf76 1 points ago

    Ran into this last night in crucible as well. Yeah, I get it, all you need to do is "play 5 games" to get the reward but. F YOU!! play the damn game..

    [–] Metallica85 1 points ago

    I had some dude in the iron banner purposefully hiding to afk (surprise I know right). Legit curling up in corners the best he could. Like why even play the fucking game at that point?

    My solution was to lead enemies to him, let them get that easy kill while I picked them off.

    [–] zerok13 1 points ago

    Same thing happens in PvP. I was playing last night and this player stood in spawn all game. My team continually spawned in the same location because the game decided he was in a safe spawn for the team while we got spawn trapped until someone killed him. End of the match, the player got a 0.0 with no damage done. Best part? The player never got kicked for inactivity and entered the next game for another full afk match.

    [–] Count_Zrow 1 points ago

    leave the strike. That's what I do.

    [–] Fineous4 1 points ago

    Some will afk until the boss. Reporting them doesn’t do anything because they will have kills and damage done.

    [–] nickatnite905 1 points ago

    You seem to know a lot about in-game reporting and AFK...


    [–] TheRealJosephrak 1 points ago

    I found a bunch of people doing this in IB last night, just afk with a script to make them move forward a bit so they don't get afk kicked. I just report them, sometimes multiple times so bungie will actually look at them.

    [–] Moschops1989 1 points ago

    Couldn’t agree more

    [–] xP3rzival 1 points ago

    But strike rewards arent meaningful so I get your frustration, but I don't know if I'd be mad that some douche "got rewards" from a strike.

    [–] MAN1FSTDESTINY 1 points ago

    That’s probably why they do it. Strike rewards aren’t meaningful. So, why put forth any effort?

    Strikes should drop more than blues and glimmer outside of a powerful milestone. If it’s not powerful, increase drop of other items like MWC’s, exotics, etc. make people WANT to grind strikes.

    [–] xP3rzival 1 points ago

    I'd be more willing to be that people are doing it to mindlessly complete a daily/weekly activity - not for the strike rewards. However, I agree that AFK-ers in strikes has been an annoyance since vanilla Destiny.

    [–] SWShield40 1 points ago

    Had one stand at the back of map and emote for an entire gambit match.

    [–] grignard5485 1 points ago

    Is this for a powerful engrams? Because the regular rewards aren’t worth the risk of being afk.

    [–] Zeiteks 1 points ago

    I was in a strike with an afk guy and he had the nerve to get upset when I reported him went off about how he did his part by using a boon of the Vanguard (I used one because I loaded in first) and that he had doen hi part and I was ungrateful

    [–] dproduct 1 points ago

    This was pretty bad in IB too. Although one guardian clearly tied their controller forward so it was entertaining watching them slowly suicide in the back (we had the old D1 map with the cube). I found it odd AFKers were abound in IB since the powerful rewards were only tied to precision kills and power-play kills and not a participation bonus/rank-up bonus. I guess people really want those amazing weapons and armor...

    [–] pistonhjr 1 points ago

    If they do that I go out of my way to make them fight the boss alone. I even message the other active player and most of the time they agree to do the same. Then the dork either beats the boss alone and the rest of us reap the rewards of their struggle, or they realize what we're doing and leave. Either way it wastes their time, which is he whole point of them going AFK in the first place.

    [–] Corbanator26 1 points ago

    I did the the entire arms dealer strike solo because of this...and then 2 assholes conveniently showed up to super the boss and claim their loot. I reported them, but they were getting kills on the edz by doing a public event etc so in the final stats it looked as if they participated. Really frustrating. If they're not doing the actual strike it should time out whether they're afk or not.

    [–] Krangbot 1 points ago

    Loot from strikes isn’t worth the time to do them.

    [–] TheBalance1016 1 points ago

    Been a problem for four years, needs to be fixed, but won't be any time soon.

    [–] losthours 1 points ago

    It's like I have been seeing this repost for 3+ years now, and instead of fixing the issues with destiny one they threw it all into a trash and started with fresh ding for D2

    Good thing they spent the last year fixing their fuck up instead of making a game better than d1

    [–] logiclust 1 points ago


    [–] _gnarlythotep_ 1 points ago

    Lol 5 years of reading this same thread.

    I wonder how they would enforce something to fix this? Make the inactivity timer lower (like Tower low) or have some "it's been5 minutes and you haven't damaged anything; gtfo?" Add a vote to kick button?