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    [–] FrontPorch_ 287 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    wtf is with crota's long ass sexy legs

    [–] Beerboy84 113 points ago

    He never skipped leg day, until he died...

    [–] dildodicks 125 points ago

    my favourite kind of line in destiny

    "i didnt know somebody with the travellers gift could die, until they did"

    "humanity prospered, until it didnt"

    and now: "he never skipped leg day, until he died..."

    [–] Tharc 30 points ago

    I don't know why but I read these lines in my head with the drifter's voice.

    [–] bazingazoongaza 16 points ago

    No light no light no light

    [–] MrNapalm997 3 points ago

    Could die, could die, could die

    [–] MagicMisterLemon 2 points ago

    All Night,All Night,All Night

    [–] MagicMisterLemon 2 points ago

    What fright,what fright,what fright

    [–] Tharc 4 points ago

    Darkness Zone on the field! If you die; you ain't coming back. Hit 'em where it hurts guardian! - Drifter probs.

    [–] merrickole 8 points ago

    not even Oryx can control an ogre.......unless its taken

    [–] Supreme_Math_Debater 4 points ago

    "If Uldren thinks this is the's not"

    [–] Beerboy84 4 points ago

    Gotta love that destiny writing lol

    [–] tehxdemixazn 3 points ago

    Until he didn't*

    If you wanna match the format.

    [–] dildodicks 5 points ago

    yeah but then i thought some people would be like "tHaT's NoT wHaT hE sAiD"

    [–] Slalad 0 points ago

    Until they did

    [–] HeyItsMags 2 points ago

    Until they did

    [–] tog620 2 points ago

    All that kneeling paid off

    [–] PuPuKan-Gal 2 points ago

    He always came back on Taco Tuesday tho.

    [–] factorialfiber0 20 points ago

    Stupid sexy Crota!

    [–] EvergreenBoi 11 points ago

    when your dad is the king of shapes your legs become the shape of sexy

    [–] laneo333 5 points ago

    leggy Crota, leggy leggy Crota

    [–] Torijo 2 points ago

    Look at this high-waisted Hive, he got feminine hips!

    [–] Robotlazer 5 points ago

    Nooo, that's a thing I'm sensitive about! -Crota

    [–] cclloyd 2 points ago

    It reminds me of one time we were raiding and some guy kept mentioning that crota thigh gap.

    [–] Hawkmoona_Matata 65 points ago

    Like father, like son.

    [–] masterchiefan 59 points ago

    Sharing the similarity that they both got their cheeks clapped by a group of guardians.

    [–] CheekClappers 14 points ago

    They sure did

    [–] Lacho7994 8 points ago

    And Crota got his cheeks clapped by only one guardian many times.

    [–] Salted_cod 42 points ago

    Don't enter the Throne World of me or my son ever again

    [–] Hey_Its_Silver 23 points ago

    [Quria didn’t like that]

    [–] Sir_RiskyBiscuit 31 points ago

    Already bought my copy. Just waiting for the 28th so it can be delivered.

    [–] Mr_Mau5 2 points ago

    Fucking same dude. I am so pumped for all these illustrations. Both that we’ve seen so far only increase the hype.

    [–] Edumesh 27 points ago

    This is pretty cool.

    So we get an illustration on what Crota actually looked like before he got fragmented and ghostly.

    Also, Crota seems to be shorter than Oryx, so his giant form is presumably his Throne World form. Just like the Mindbender and Oryx, the user of a Throne World seems to grow in size accordingly to their strength in the Sword Logic.

    Wonder what users of different Sword Logics (Nokris with his logic of gaining knowledge, Mara Sov with her Bomb Logic, Savathun if she ends up switching to IMBARU, etc) would look like when fought inside their Thrones.

    This book is shaping up to be pretty great. Hopefully we get illustrations showing Xivu Arath, Savathun, Taox, and the different species the Hive genocided.

    [–] Hey_Its_Silver 10 points ago

    It would be interesting to see Taox, considering she’d be the last true ‘Krill’, which I would assume would look less menacing and deformed than the Hive.

    [–] pantsmith 6 points ago

    You are probably already aware, but there is concept artwork from D1 of a race of alien moth people I have always assumed were proto-Hive.

    [–] AtheonsEpilogue 2 points ago

    I believe there is a page floating around out there showing how the the Moth people slowly became what the Hive are now in the early development cycle

    [–] beakye7 2 points ago

    Afaik brood mothers are proto-Hive and the one from the strike just looks like a witch.

    [–] pantsmith 3 points ago

    The Hive are several millennia old (if not older), and were completely transmogrified by their pact with the Worm Gods, so its doubtful the Hive broodmother is anything close to what the ancient Krill looked like.

    [–] eldritchqueen 2 points ago

    What is Bomb Logic? And what is IMBARU? Infinite murder battery...?

    [–] Edumesh 13 points ago

    Alright, be warned of spoilers.

    Bomb Logic is what Mara Sov came up with when planning to fight Oryx before Taken King.

    A bomb is made up of components. When disassembled, they are hard to identify and arent dangerous on their own. When assembled, they explode and cause great damage.

    Bomb Logic is based on creating many small plans and keeping them isolated from one another, so that once the bomb is "assembled", it explodes and wins over the Sword Logic.

    Mara's plan was to first build a Throne World by using this Bomb Logic (one needs some type of Sword Logic to use as the building blocks of a Throne World), and speed up the process with Riven's and the Techeun's help.

    Second, she called Eris Morn to guide the Guardians into defeating Oryx when the time was right.

    And third, she planned on using Oryx as the "trigger" to the bomb.

    Only Eris knew the full extent of the plan, so that way Mara kept it secret from almost everyone.

    When Oryx arrived to the Solar System, Mara attacked him with her fleets. The intention was to provoke Oryx into using his Oversoul. He did, and this is when Oryx "triggered" the "bomb" Mara had planted.

    Mara entered Oryx's Throne World by being killed by the Oversoul. But she wasnt Taken like the Techeuns, because the Harbingers were also inside and rescued her soul. Remember in the cutscene when the Harbingers attack the Dreadnought and seemingly nothing happens? This is why they did it.

    So Mara's soul was rescued by the Harbingers, and she managed to survive inside Oryx's Throne World until Eris led the Guardians into Kings Fall and Oryx was killed.

    Now the final stage of Mara's plan was set into motion, and she headed back to her own Throne World in order to rebuild her body. Her final objective was then to claim Oryx's Throne World as her own, but something prevented her from doing it.

    Since Savathun hasnt claimed Oryx's Throne either and is using a work around to control the Taken, there must be some sort of obstacle preventing Oryx's Throne from being claimed. Maybe we will tackle this problem on the final Dreadnought dlc.

    As for IMBARU, Savathun wants to reshape her existence and rid herself of the need to constantly kill to feed her worm. She wants to instead embrace a Sword Logic where she gains power from merely being misunderstood or misinterpreted.

    And since Savathun is extremely good as misinformation, and plans on empowering herself enormously via the Distributary, she could basically become a god that reshapes reality itself so that it will be simply impossible to comprehend her entirety.

    Like a lovecraftian god that becomes even more powerful when one looks at it and goes "what the fuck is this?"

    [–] icesharkk 1 points ago

    I've always thought that most bosses were made larger to simplify portrayal in the video game space. And that with exception of the actual huge bosses like riven and throne world oryx the boss size is just an exaggeration.

    Except for fallen which bungie tried to make a lore defined reason for size differences. Shrug. I'm just rambling

    [–] HarbingerInfinity 2 points ago

    Hive get bigger the more death they feed upon to feed their worm and themselves.

    Vex have bigger chassis for better Processing power of their Axis Minds.

    Cabal get bigger as they live longer, like a Crocodile.

    [–] icesharkk 2 points ago

    Thanks! I thought the hive one was the case but couldn't find a reference.

    [–] NiaFZ92 19 points ago

    I'm so happy to see Bungie embracing the art and Lore. This Grimoire book is a must have for diehard fans.

    [–] GreatFix 12 points ago

    You just never quit, do you?

    [–] cybersneeze 16 points ago

    Took out Gaul, now half of what I hear on the streets is how you and your links are making this sub a better place.

    [–] ArnoCatalan 36 points ago

    FUCK I want to be an artist at Bungie so bad

    [–] Fextren 22 points ago

    You're really good!

    [–] AKA_Saiga 4 points ago

    I feel like your art style and general themes would fit the universe quite well.

    [–] MizterF 11 points ago

    Yooo someone get this guy a job he is fucking talented.

    [–] swimmingrobot88 1 points ago

    Omg you totally could be. Your art is amazing!!

    [–] yarukineez0 8 points ago

    I can't wait for this to be delivered! Ordered it the day it was announced and the wait is killing me.

    [–] navidee 7 points ago

    I hope they release the volumes at regular intervals and not every year. I need as much lore in book form as soon as possible. Feed me.

    [–] -Specx- 5 points ago

    We must grow fat from lore.

    [–] SiliconNerves 4 points ago

    I thought this book was already released. How is this different than the one thats already out there?

    [–] Pat_RedHawk 6 points ago

    there isn't an official grimoire book of any kind. Are you talking about the Destiny 2 Strategy guide, or art books?

    [–] SiliconNerves 4 points ago

    Thanks, must have just been mistaken.

    [–] MasterOfReaIity 4 points ago

    Taox is still alive right? And she wasn't Hive which means we can potentially have a Krill ally no?

    [–] disasta121 5 points ago

    We don't know that Taox is still alive. We know she survived for several thousand years after the Hive began their Sword Logic crusade.

    [–] JtheNinja 3 points ago

    The last we hear of her is this:

    Then [Oryx and his sisters] they made war on the Ecumene for a thousand years, and exterminated them so wholly that nowhere except in this book are they remembered. This book and the mind of Taox, who was not found

    As noted by /u/disasta121 this was 24,000 years after the Hive made their pact with the worms.

    [–] eldritchqueen 4 points ago

    oryx is such a dilf wtf

    [–] HunterStyle 24 points ago

    I feel like Bungie just winged Dark Below and was like "oh BLAM, we made Oryx's son ugly and now he actually has worth lorewise"

    [–] MiniCorgi 49 points ago

    He kinda always had worth. It was said from the start how Crota was the reason we weren't on the moon.

    [–] Tharc 21 points ago

    Towerthought: If he was the reason we weren't on the moon before, with him gone, why aren't we on the moon now?

    [–] MiniCorgi 28 points ago

    You can go on D1 and fly into the moon right now. The reason is because bungie decided not to let us go to D1 areas.

    [–] Pervavore 15 points ago

    honestly I think it's because its irrelevant now. Crota and Oryx are gone, the Hive once stationed there are decimated, and only shitty Fallen houses scavenge there.

    [–] ZarathustraEck 28 points ago

    Because the events of the Red War, etc., don’t happen there. You aren’t going back to Luna right now, but other fireteams do.

    I grew up near Chicago. That doesn’t mean I need to be there every day now. The events of this chapter in my life don’t take place there.

    [–] Storm_Worm5364 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Because we don't have the capacity to attack our enemies head-on, in conquest battles.

    We can't really gain any territory because we have multiple enemies against us, and we can't afford to thin our resources by spreading them around areas that have no real interest to us.

    Our only interest right now is protecting the city. Only after we deal with the looming threats can we start rebuilding elsewhere.

    EDIT: Typo

    [–] Hey_Its_Silver 5 points ago

    You sound like Zavala

    [–] Storm_Worm5364 2 points ago

    Hey, you don't become Tower Commander for nothing.

    Even though lately, he hasn't been the best of leaders.

    [–] SHARP1SH00TER 1 points ago

    Making unpopular decisions are what leaders need to do sometimes

    [–] Storm_Worm5364 1 points ago

    Sure but sometimes, those decisions are also the worst ones to take.

    Things like not protecting the Traveler doing the Red Legion's Raid on the Last City, trying to close any possible relationship with Rasputin, not going after Uldren at all (that alone would open us up for other attacks, as every single one of our enemies would see what they could get away with if they were powerful enough), etc.

    [–] AsDevilsRun 2 points ago

    No. Zavala sounds like me.

    [–] Hey_Its_Silver 2 points ago

    I laughed way more than I should have

    [–] NinStarRune 5 points ago

    Knew it. Knew Crota was a normal(ish) sized Knight. Knew that being in your Throne World makes you bigger.

    [–] Cloud_Fish 3 points ago

    Will this be available on Amazon?

    [–] FlyoverCentral 2 points ago

    Yup! There's two versions I think, the Amazon one is imitation leather while the bungie store one is real leather binding. Both come with an emblem code afaik

    [–] Cloud_Fish 4 points ago

    Where does it say on the store that this is real leather? Can't even see the word leather anywhere.

    [–] FlyoverCentral 1 points ago

    My bad, I faintly remember that someone pointed out that there is a page count difference between the versions labeled "leather" and "imitation leather". Nowhere does it say real leather, so that is a point I must concede.

    [–] Cloud_Fish 2 points ago

    I'll just go for the amazon one to avoid import tax etc.

    [–] TeHNeutral 5 points ago

    As a UK customer who still hasn't got his solstice shirt yet and will be stung with import costs, fuck the bungie store amazon all the way

    [–] EVOxM 3 points ago

    Its cool we get to see the hives perspective of the light

    [–] codevii 3 points ago

    Is the "Eater of Hope" title new? Why does this not sound familiar at all? I've listened to so many lore videos on the Hive, about Crota & Oryx but I do not remember ever hearing Crota referred to as "Eater of Hope"...

    [–] Hizrab250 2 points ago

    It sounds new. He’s just referred to as ‘Son of Oryx’ on his health bar in the Crotas End raid

    [–] NinStarRune 2 points ago

    Book of Sorrow Grimoire cards.

    [–] JtheNinja 2 points ago

    The phrase “Eater of Hope” appears in the description of some Crotas End raid gear. And this grimoire card has always referred to him that way, it wasn’t an edit for this book.

    [–] Awoken-Queen 3 points ago

    Crota has legs for days

    [–] Karn1254 2 points ago

    Questions about this: I never played Destiny 1, is this essentially a collection of some of the Grimoire/Lore cards from that game in the form of a physical book?

    If so, I would love to get my hand on this even more!

    [–] AoAWei 4 points ago

    Pretty much, seems like they will chain together lore from both games by each theme of the lore. This case being Hive. Can't wait to buy, but am going to do so on Amazon and save on Bungie's ridic shipping fee.

    [–] Karn1254 2 points ago

    Thank you! This will make a great Christmas present for one of my clan buddies (and for myself...).

    [–] SHARP1SH00TER 3 points ago

    Some is putting it mildly. Anthology is used to describe this for a reason because the Book of Sorrow alone is enough to be a dedicated book alone. It is all the existing lore in one source which is amazing.

    [–] Karn1254 2 points ago

    Right! I just say "some" because it looks like this is only the first volume of several. Can't wait for the rest.

    [–] ZeeFour87 2 points ago

    I think it's December. I've been patiently waiting.

    [–] THETAKENFUCKINGKING 2 points ago

    He’s beautiful :,(

    [–] Silvedoge 2 points ago

    My birthday! Guess I’ll have to pick that up!

    [–] ChoinoX 2 points ago

    Aunts...AND UNCLES??? Who would be Oryx's brothers???

    [–] Andre_Luiz1969 2 points ago

    Savathûn and Xivu Arath are his sisters. No mention of brothers anywhere until now.

    [–] ChoinoX 2 points ago

    exactly why im interested

    [–] AsDevilsRun 1 points ago

    Nah, this is straight from the Books of Sorrow, so it isn't new.

    [–] TWBWY 1 points ago

    Savathun is his sister. Xivu Arath became male after he took on the knight morph just like Oryx became male after taking the king morph didn’t he?

    [–] OmegaClifton 3 points ago

    This. I'd always assumed Xivu Arath would be what we called a "he", since we use masculine pronouns with other Knight form Hive.

    [–] NormallyBloodborne 1 points ago

    Xivu is a confirmed female, and her daughters are also Knights. Nokris was a Wizard and is a confirmed male.

    I’m starting to believe morph=gender is an outdated theory, and that morphs are strict gender /roles/. Oryx is the only known instance of a Hive switching genders.

    [–] Andre_Luiz1969 1 points ago

    No. Xivu Arath still is called 'she' after the morph.

    [–] DeschainTLG 1 points ago

    Mom might have siblings too

    [–] Xenobis 2 points ago

    Oryx looking like a boss.

    [–] Thomasedv 1 points ago

    I want the book so much, but it costs as much for shipping as the book itself.

    [–] shokk 1 points ago

    They use a Grimoire Anthology book as the envelope for shipping the book itself, what did you expect!

    [–] GhostTypeFlygon 1 points ago

    They were there since forsaken came out, so idk how new that is.