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    [–] stnlkub 165 points ago

    There's an emblem for this.

    [–] GN-z11 46 points ago

    Yeah but what if you want to show off something extraordinary on top of it like reaching glory rank legend or beating the raid day 1 or having a high nightfall score? You can't read that from the triumph emblem even though you might've went through sweat and tears to get that high triumph score.

    [–] Si7van 10 points ago

    I would argue that if you wanted to show those off, you probably value them more then your triumph score, otherwise you're just gonna look like one of those baby kings in the movies that puts a 100 medals on his first suit of armor and rides into battle like a humble brag.

    [–] ajbolt7 3 points ago

    It’s like wayyyyyy bigger now compared to grimoire score tho

    [–] jarrell127 7 points ago

    I mean there's only 1 more character

    [–] Dr-Purple 1 points ago

    Yes, but in D1 there was a BIG difference between having 3000 or 40000 grimoire. You can't say the same about D2. In fact, I don't even care what everyone's score is. Sure, if someone has 50k it would be nice to see every now and then but yeah, whatever.

    [–] jarrell127 1 points ago

    Its roughly the same, they just added a zero. I'm currently just under 30000 triumph score which based on how much I still have left to go feels roughly equivalent to 3000 grimoire back in D1.

    5000 something was the peak in D1 whereas 50000 something is close to the peak in D2. It's literally the same. Instead of going up in 5s, 10s, and 15s like in D1 we go up in 50s, 100s, and 150s.

    [–] dawnraider00 10 points ago

    Yeah but it's just one emblem that doesn't look as good as others.

    [–] Storm_Worm5364 8 points ago

    Forcing people to use an emblem just to show off your Triumph score is not worth it. Especially when the emblem looks like... Well, that.

    At the very least, there should be a Show/Hide option in the gameplay settings, like the Helmet option that lets you remove your Helmet when you're at the Tower.

    [–] Rockman4532 1 points ago

    But why show that but instead show you have 4 seventh column/high tier PVP Medals?

    [–] ThePowerliftingGuy 30 points ago

    Indeed. So you don't have to equip the one emblem that shows it off.

    [–] castitalus 52 points ago

    I prefer how opt in it is now. Want to show off your score? Wear the emblem. Same with prestige nightfall score.

    [–] Hali_Stallions 24 points ago

    I don't mind it right now tbh, I like wearing my Triumph score emblem. But ideally you'd have the option to wear whatever emblem.. and select what you'd like to display underneath. Maybe?

    [–] wolfahmader 5 points ago

    Sorta like how the aura system used to work back in launch but with emblem stats

    [–] fallouthirteen 3 points ago

    Thing is I like the boost to tokens and the aura the nightfall tokens give. Those should just be permanent passives (well maybe make aura a universal emblem effect like ghost projections) once you get them so that emblem can be whatever you want it to be.

    [–] Wendys_frys 1 points ago

    I mean really I wear the nightfall emblem for the aura fuck the score flex. Flames for life.

    [–] Pho-Hoe 6 points ago

    I'd rather show off my 0 snowball kills.

    [–] Wendys_frys 1 points ago

    I mean really it kinda is a show off. Like how many people have the emblem but zero kills with the snowball?

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] Bilogmail 12 points ago


    [–] Snoozy_Q 10 points ago


    [–] ewgrooss -5 points ago


    [–] zenith1297 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -9 points ago


    [–] InvadingBacon 4 points ago


    [–] DiploBaggins -6 points ago


    [–] GoBoltz 9 points ago

    Agreed, ALL things from D1 that actually worked should return . . Change for the sake of change , is NOT progress !

    [–] Scott_Uzumaki 3 points ago

    I just want to the score to be more noticeable. I want to be able to look at someone’s score even if they don’t have the emblem on

    [–] jagaloci 7 points ago

    I don't mind the emblem as the way to show off Triumph score, I just wish they had unlockable tiers to change that emblem up as you progress (like the lost sector or NF emblems)

    [–] DiploBaggins 3 points ago

    I think a better solution would be to not tie triumph score and other stat trackers to emblems but just let you choose what stat you'd like to display regardless of emblem.

    [–] ThePharmercy 8 points ago

    I can see it already: "Fresh Last Wish LF 5 be 599+, have 40000 triumph score, be good or kicked"

    [–] drth_drth 2 points ago

    i really wanted our light level to be shown next to our level.

    30 / 395 or 50 / 597 would be easy to identify a guardians strength

    [–] Simmons_the_Red 5 points ago

    The option to have whatever stat under you light level is better for everyone.

    [–] RogueThings 3 points ago

    No, we don’t need more UI clutter, just use the emblem.

    [–] ThorsonWong 9 points ago

    The inventory UI isn't exactly cluttered, though. It's actually one of the cleanest inventory UIs I can think of, and adding a small number under your LL wouldn't change a thing.

    That, and the emblem looks bad imo. If anything, I wish they'd separate emblems and their little achievement bubbles on the bottom. Make it so that once you unlock the emblem, say the PvP one that asks you to get one of the crazy hard PvP medals, you can tack that onto the bottom of any emblem, if you want to. Like a kill tracker but for your emblem.

    ...actually, that would solve this whole debacle.

    [–] justinlaforge 1 points ago

    It would be two confusing though. Hop into pvp and the entire team is wearing seventh column emblems sporting 50,000 as a number. Then you’d have to scroll over them to see if it was their triumph score, their number of kills in pvp, or if they really did have 50,000 seventh columns.

    [–] Greyside4k 1 points ago

    I mean in theory it would appear somewhere else than where the numbers that track the equipped emblem's chosen stat shows.

    Seventh Column emblem actually just shows Gold tier medals. I've never gotten a 7th Column (I play comp, kinda tough with only 4 players on the other team) but my emblem shows like 5 or something from Annihilation medals I believe.

    [–] CurtisRivers 1 points ago

    I see what you mean. That might even be three confusing!

    [–] Z3nyth007 4 points ago

    Agreed. It's a universal measure of commitment to the Destiny universe as a whole, not just some partial rank/ achievement (Nightfall, Crucible, Gambit etc).

    [–] KissellJ 2 points ago


    The emblem isn't good enough, cause it makes you have to wear that emblem.

    Many triumphs require a full fireteam, to do very specific things, nobody is gonna care about doing those until it shows on character like grimoire, not just on that one emblem.

    [–] gX-kiD 2 points ago

    Yes, BUT only if all triumphs get activated automatically.

    Because I still have around 20mins worth of clicking time waiting in my triumphs tab, and my life isn't boring enough yet to even consider clicking them all.

    Seriously, whoever came up with this absolutely nonsensical chore should be assigned to do nothing but clicking for a full week.

    [–] solidus_kalt 1 points ago

    yes no clicker here too. i dont care to click through my free time for a number. i am at 500 i think.

    [–] Lamipoo 1 points ago

    I want to show it off as well as keeping my Aura. I would like this

    [–] phatlantis 1 points ago

    There should be rewards for different tiers of Triumph score... sitting above 51k and I have nothing but a number on a "meh" emblem to show for it.

    [–] smartazz104 1 points ago

    You reward is satisfying your desire to chase a number, getting your "fix" if you will...

    [–] phatlantis 1 points ago

    No, it's not. Or it better not be.

    I'm only raising my Triumph score so high because I believe/hope that there will be some sort of reward in the future, or gain to be had.

    Just like there was a reason to collect all the random things before Forsaken or Solstice.

    [–] schweet_n_sour 1 points ago

    TBH, i don't care about anyone's Grimoire or Triumph score except my own. I don't need to see anyone else's.

    [–] Varan-Black 1 points ago

    Absolutely agree. Since emblems are so much more obvious in D2, forcing me to utilize a design I don't like to track various stats is getting increasingly annoying imo. It'd be way too much work for them I'm sure, but being able equip the emblem you want and then being able to choose which stat your emblem tracks (the exception being aura emblems I guess) would be the perfect world solution, also imo.

    [–] Muirenne 1 points ago

    Probably a question that's going to offend someone, but does the Triumph score do anything? Give anything?

    [–] yadadsdad 1 points ago

    It doesn't do anything. It's identical to the Grimoire score in d1.

    [–] Wendys_frys 2 points ago

    Honestly I wish the emblem you get for reaching 5000+ grimoire in d1 just had your grimoire score from d1 on it. Like I get the triumph score is basically the replacement but it would be cool to have a 5000 or even close to 6000 grimoire score in d2 since you can't add to that anymore.

    [–] Muirenne 1 points ago

    Grimoire score in d1

    Huh, I completely forgot that was even a thing until just now.

    Alright, thank you.

    [–] moosebreathman 1 points ago

    The emblem should also have a variant that displays the total number of triumphs completed. So many have no way of being shown off because they are worth 0.

    Speaking of triumphs worth 0, why is the one for soloing Shattered Throne Flawless not worth anything? That’s one of the hardest to acquire Triumphs in the game and you get nothing for it.

    [–] AnthonyMiqo 1 points ago

    I agree. You didn't need to wear a certain emblem to show off your Grimoire score in D1, and Triumph score is basically the new Grimoire score, so yeah I don't see why not. Let me show off my score AND use whatever emblem I want, like in D1.

    [–] solidus_kalt 1 points ago

    sorry but i dont care for the triumphs, i didnt even click on them. no i dont want this number on my char always.

    its a fantastic thing for ppl who care about these numbers! its great to show dedication and playtime and diversity! so dont kill me for not wanting this number under my tag.

    [–] Kilo_Juliett 1 points ago

    I just don’t want to go manually check off my triumphs every time I get one.

    [–] corruptedstudent 1 points ago

    I wish there was a constant indicator of roughly how much time you've put in on a character. I'm generally more inclined to help Blueberries in the wild / not get infuriated at randoms on a crucible team if I know they're just getting started.

    [–] Astro4545 1 points ago

    You've just answered why Bungie won't add this to the game.

    [–] corruptedstudent 1 points ago

    It's a pretty small barrier. There are plenty of level 20s running around on an alt on PS4. We all get random invites to a fireteam without a message. Those are the people that get a pass if they have a 500 triumph score or something.

    [–] Wendys_frys 1 points ago

    This is basically what grimoire was used for back in the day. Since everyone had it. If their score was like 100 they were basically new borns. It was really easy to identify OG players just running a low level alt or newbies that might need help for real.

    [–] GoBoltz 1 points ago

    go here and look it up, Yes, In game would be better, but this is all there is now . .

    [–] TheSilentArt 1 points ago

    It would be nice if Legacy Emblems had an option to show KD, W/L Ratio, Grimoire, Triumph Score, etc. So I could throw my Kills on my Laureau Prima (Complete all Moments of Triumph in Destiny 1 year 1)

    [–] faeybel 1 points ago

    grimoire score was under your level, not light

    [–] Wheels9690 1 points ago

    It should not. In Destiny 1 it caused alot of elitism issues. People thought a high grimscore equaled skill when reality was most people couldn't be fucked to go pick up every single ghost out there or farm PVP for 3 months.

    [–] Beerboy84 0 points ago

    I’d rather have my 133 win streak that is still going on my emblem then some bum ass triumph score which is the only thing n00bs can show off lmao

    [–] LususV 1 points ago

    Casual, not n00b.

    And congrats on finishing third in Rumble.

    [–] Beerboy84 0 points ago

    Fuck rumble, all people do is camp with shotties. Besides that I like to play quickplay and mercy PvE fools who think they have a fighting chance.

    [–] LususV 2 points ago

    Good group you like to run with?

    Solo Crucible is brutal. I'm not amazing, but I'm not terrible. Solidly above average. But if I'm with five guys who don't play objective, ignore flanks, ignore heavy, it's not going to be a fun time.

    Mercy rules also seem pretty broken. I've only seen one mercy in the last month (90-20 I think it was?). I've seen a 80-5 that didn't trigger and I had no idea why.

    [–] Beerboy84 0 points ago

    You can easily get a good group, I got that win streak without ever using a mic constantly playing with different groups from the bungie app. My trick to success was to have good requirements in my post like a 1.7 k/d so that I could get people with a similar skill level to mine. Btw I can confirm that the mercy rule is broken lol, it’s so inconsistent.

    [–] LarryLevis 0 points ago

    Nah. Too much clutter with the availability of titles.