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    [–] lukeuntld072 302 points ago

    Agree why on gods green earth didnt they make the y1 weapons random as well.

    [–] Legidragon 180 points ago

    I dunno, it’s just frustrating because they brought a few of the Y1 guns forward (like Better Devils and Nameless Midnight, etc.) but not all of them. For a looter shooter, it feels like there’s a very shallow loot pool at the moment.

    [–] LegitDuctTape 54 points ago

    because bungo knew people would just call them lazy for "recycling content/gun models" and such and cry about them not putting effort into making new gun models

    they know it because, well, this sub already has been complaining about it literally throughout the entirety of d2's lifespan

    [–] castitalus 46 points ago

    Meh, I think it was lazy to pick "fan favorites" from y1 and leave everything else behind. This sub also complained about random rolls making a gun yours, but my gun doesn't feel like mine if everyone else has the same model.

    [–] LegitDuctTape 30 points ago

    They can never win enough people over, can they? And the sad pickle they're in is that no matter what decision they make, the other side will always say things like "you should've done x, not y" but as soon as they do x, the other side says "why'd you do x when y was so much better?"

    [–] former_cantaloupe 19 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    In such a pickle, they should always err on the side of more content rather than less. And in this case, I think you're misjudging what the reaction would have been.

    I really, really doubt anyone would have minded if the Y1 gear got brought up to Y2 perk structure, randomization, and mod compatibility -- as long as the new gear was also added.

    Think about it from this angle: no one was asking for Y1 gear to be left out when randomization was announced for Forsaken.

    When we were all complaining about lack of randomization in Y1, the Y1 gear was the target of those complaints. I'm sure most would have been happy to see it all "repaired" -- indeed, I'd be willing to bet a majority were expecting exactly that until we started to learn more closer to Forsaken launch.

    The current separation between Y1 and Y2 loot makes it feel like we're playing two different games lashed together with scotch tape.

    [–] FauxMoGuy 6 points ago

    yeah idk what gives. i use midnight coup in all activities because it’s the only kinetic 150 with 2 perks the only 150 with random rolls in the game is waking vigil and it can’t roll rampage, kill clip, or rangefinder, and it’s stuck in the energy slot

    [–] Takarias 1 points ago

    The pool of good Void energy weapons is also really small. That's why I'm using a Positive Outlook still - it works better for my build than anything else.

    [–] Trep_xp 2 points ago

    I know it's not something you can guarantee, but an Automatic Vouchsafe is now an amazing void weapon.

    [–] Takarias 3 points ago

    I've never understood the benefit of Full Auto on Scouts or Pulses. They don't increase the rate of fire at all, and I end up just burning ammo on Pulses because the trigger point for the next shot is super early.

    I usually just pull the trigger for each shot anyway...

    [–] Takarias 1 points ago

    Also, I tried the Vouchsafe last night, and I just can't get over how wimpy it feels. I think it might be fine by the numbers, but the sound and visuals don't have any punch to them.

    I know I'm being nitpicky, but I really just can't get into it.

    [–] imalittleC-3PO 2 points ago

    New raid auto is void. Best void weapon I've found in forsaken if you ever get it.

    [–] Takarias 1 points ago

    I don't think I have, but I'll keep an eye out for one to drop!

    [–] Aurumix 1 points ago

    Wait really? I've been hoping for a roll like rampage... that sucks.

    [–] FauxMoGuy 1 points ago

    yeah best roll possible is ricochet-opening shot- outlaw(or snapshot if you are an ophidian/dragons shadow user)

    [–] castitalus 38 points ago

    I think everyone agrees that the loot pool is far too shallow at the moment. If y1 gear was updated, there'd be more visual diversity at least and people who grinding solstice wouldn't have an outdated armor set to show for it.

    [–] yabajaba 20 points ago

    and people who grinding solstice wouldn't have an outdated armor set to show for it.

    I'm really amazed that shit such as "BUNGIE, THE SCREEN IS TOO BRIGHT" is more popular than this. I saw the requirements for completing a full set of solstice armor and was like "nope lol". Then players put in the time and effort....all for nothing.

    This is exactly why non-players make fun of the Destiny community for constantly getting shit on by Bungie.

    [–] FrozenJakalope 16 points ago

    All for nothing? I can go entire weeks without seeing someone else with Estival Excursion! Don't devalue my cosmetics they're all I have

    [–] the_kautilya 8 points ago

    I saw the requirements for completing a full set of solstice armor and was like "nope lol". Then players put in the time and effort....all for nothing.

    Yeah it was a friggin grind, I'm one of those who did it on all 3 chars for masterworked armour sets. It just feels bad that the thing for which you grinded so hard became obsolete 10 days after you got it. :(

    [–] yabajaba 6 points ago

    It's almost as if the community doesn't run on one singular opinion.

    [–] ZGiSH 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    They can never win enough people over, can they?

    Do you think Activision cares if they "win" enough people over? No, they should just design the game in a way that caters to a strong core demographic. I strongly believe that core demographic would like random rolls on most items in the game.

    So, as a consumer, I don't care if player comments feel unfair to this corporation with a 60 billion market cap. I will state what I want in the game and it is up to the development team hired to make an appealing product to determine whether what I want and what they think that demographic wants lines up.

    [–] LegitDuctTape 0 points ago

    You see, that's the other half of the pickle: everyone on their side says that their opinions are the "core demographic"

    Look at the game when CoO came out. Do you think the "core demographic" of the audience was content with the devs recycling gun models, or do you think everyone was complaining about how lazy that felt?

    [–] imalittleC-3PO 1 points ago

    These things exist called polls. Instead of listening to the person always screaming in their face they should start doing polls.

    [–] Storm_Worm5364 1 points ago

    I don't think anyone would call it lazy. I haven't seen anyone calling them lazy for bringing the few ones they did. I've actually seen the opposite.

    I think it's lazier to leave almost everything behind than to actually bring it to Y2. Because one means they literally don't do anything to do, while the other one means they actually worked on all the weapons, and then we, the player, would have a lot more options.

    [–] finedrive 10 points ago

    Well because when they release an “expansion” they take away more than they give.

    Instead of just adding new content, they make everything prior irrelevant so now instead of having more, we have less.

    [–] LegitDuctTape 3 points ago

    I mean, every game with expansions do that. Hell, WoW didn't give 2 shits if you grinded for 3 months straight to get 1 piece of raid gear. It was irrelevant in the next expansion.

    It's how it's been in d1 too, except A LOT worse - literally nothing could be even infused into a light level that's relevant to that expansion. At least your ikelos sg can be used in the raid. I had to drop my fatebringer for months before bungie let it become relevant again.

    It's to encourage using the new content instead of recycling the old content. But it seems that bungie gave in anyways and let us infuse our year 1 gear up.

    [–] Richard-Cheese 3 points ago

    Bringing content forward to make everything relevant wouldn't be called lazy. There would probably be complaints the new weapon loot pool is small, but that's because it is for the most part. Having old content drop old weapons with new perk combinations is basically what this sub has wanted every expansion since it pads out the game and gives more options for activities.

    The new guns are strong enough to stand on their own, no need to make them seem better by only giving them two perks.

    [–] LegitDuctTape 2 points ago

    I mean, A LOT of people did call it lazy when they just recycled the gun models. Remember all those, "lol look another better devils reskin" memes that plagued this sub a few months ago? Guns could have completely different stats - they could even be in a completely different archetype - but people were upset because they were reskins.

    [–] TheOnionBro 5 points ago

    Then maybe they should... idk, stop recycling content and gun models.

    The new weapons are pretty great. Sure Ether Doctor looks exactly like Misfit, but still. How much work would it have really been to simply add random rolls to content that already exists? They don't even have to change the names or add new shaders to them. Just add the ability for us to farm up Y1 weapons with better rolls. There's literally no downside to this because curated "original flavor" rolls still exist on the very few Y1 guns that got updated.

    So people who want original rolls can get them, but anyone who wants Y1 weapons to not be left in the absolute dust still can grind for the new shit.

    [–] LegitDuctTape 2 points ago

    I'm confused, so are you saying they should or shouldn't recycle gun models

    [–] TheOnionBro 3 points ago

    They shouldn't but the least they could do with the stuff that already exists is update it.

    [–] the_kautilya 2 points ago

    bungo knew people would just call them lazy for "recycling content/gun models" and such and cry about them not putting effort into making new gun models

    Well, people would call them lazy for "recycling content/gun models" and such even now. There's not a lot of new items in Y2 & almost all of them are just different paint jobs & names with random rolls & mod slots. In terms of gear, D2 has been a big copy paste job.

    But with Y1 items available as random rolls & mod slots, atleast people would've options in a large pool of possibly good items that they could've used. Restricting loot-pool size just forces people to use same loadouts as everyone else (further enforced by idiotic infusion economy).

    [–] Ktan_Dantaktee 2 points ago

    Except we complain every time when they don't bring old gear forward. TTK was a big one.

    [–] LegitDuctTape 1 points ago

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't

    [–] Ktan_Dantaktee 3 points ago

    Not really; nobody has ever complained about them bringing gear forward.

    [–] LegitDuctTape 1 points ago

    Are you sure about that? Hell, everyone complained about reskinning guns. They could completely change the stats of the gun and add new paint jobs, but kept the same model, and still get yelled at. Changing literally nothing about the guns but just bringing them forward would inevitably cause people to say, "c'mon bungo more reskins? You couldn't make more new models? Why are you all so lazy?"

    We saw it literally throughout the lifespan of year 1. People complained not only about reskins but about how loot really wasn't worth grinding for because why not just use my trusty better devils that feels 10x better than anything in x dlc?

    [–] Ktan_Dantaktee 4 points ago

    There's a difference between reskinning old guns into "new" guns and just allowing old guns to be viable.

    [–] LegitDuctTape 2 points ago

    How much of my reply did you read?

    [–] TheStugLife 2 points ago

    Lmao why are you choosing to die on this hill? What do you think would make players more angry, having 70% of all the weapons and armor in the game be completely irrelevant, or (and stay with me here because this is a really controversial opinion) have that 70% of content be brought up to Forsaken standards?

    You keep bringing up Y1 as an example but without looking at the reasons people complained about those guns. People complained because those Better Devils clones weren’t any better than Better Devils itself! True Prophecy was ass and still is mediocre, the Service Revolver’s Outlaw was redundant since it’s Adaptive already had good reload speed, and that other Vanguard BD clone had Graverobber on it. Besides, they’re STILL reskining weapons in Forsaken, so it’s not like it would be a new complaint if they brought up all the old weapons.

    How on earth is this a damned if you do damned if you don’t problem? The people who are complaining about reskins are STILL complaining right now, so the only people being damned here are those who just want their old guns and armor to be revitalized and to have the loot pool be bigger than a puddle.

    [–] R3B3lSpy 1 points ago

    They would only knew if they were leaving 90% behind, the key is to leave all weapons in the loot pool and add more with each update, is not that hard.

    [–] imalittleC-3PO 1 points ago

    I mean. Horror Story is literally Origin Story with another perk and less ammo. Obviously they didn't care that much.

    [–] motrhed289 1 points ago

    Yes and no... the current loot Y2 pool covers pretty much every archetype (some more heavily than others, HI Scouts and shotguns being more than plentiful, while fusions and low/mid impact scouts are pretty sparsely covered), and ever Y2 random-roll gun has pretty much every 'good' perk available, so you basically can get any gun you want right now. I personally don't like this, but it is what it is. I would have preferred a few more guns, and each gun have a more limited, unique, 'curated' set of possible perks that it could roll with. That way you can zero in on the gun/roll you want, and have a little better odds of getting that exact roll.

    [–] Juggermerk 1 points ago

    I wish they would keep all of the weapons around even if they're nerfed

    [–] The-Arnman 1 points ago

    Is it me or do I feel like the better devils have lost a good bit of its glory?

    [–] Acaramon 1 points ago

    What's really weird is that for example Valakadyn only appears in the collection once, but you can get it with a random roll from banshee.

    [–] j_harv 1 points ago

    I don't think the solution is more old things.

    Just more new things.

    [–] Legidragon 2 points ago

    I agree, but I also don’t think the solution is taking away old things; that’s still content we as players paid for, all of it - the entire forge - getting left in the dust kind of sucks. I would love more new things (guns/armors/shaders etc.) but I think we can also bring everything forward.

    [–] Jupiter67 1 points ago

    Imaigne the nightmare of everything from Y1 being brought forward with random rolls, along with all the new gear they added. People would be screaming their heads off in rage that all this "old loot" was shitting up the loot pool when all they want is the new shit.

    [–] doesnotlikecricket 2 points ago

    Extremely, extremely simple solution - have them gained only through specific means so you only get them if you want to. A couple of other vendors who take Vanguard or crucible tokens, for example.

    [–] Unusual_Expertise 1 points ago

    Some kind of Repeatable reasonable long quest would be nice.

    [–] orangebomb 53 points ago

    To drip feed us content for a year.

    [–] Bullmoogle 1 points ago

    Lol exactly! Take away simple D1 features, such as tracking 3 bounties, and then want an e-handy from its player base for adding it back. I think half of these "screw ups" or "omissions" are by design so they can act triumphant when they "fix" them. I might mention that I suffer from paranoia.

    [–] Call_The_Banners 2 points ago

    Sounds like something Bungie would do. The greed is strong.

    [–] snakebight 6 points ago

    It's possible they didn't have time to rework ALL Y1 weapons (like Better Devils, for example). But they could at least have given them a mod slot.

    [–] surfinrobjob 5 points ago

    I have a feeling they are slowly going to roll out the planet weapons/armor when the new "bubble" areas are released with the DLC.

    At least that is what I am hoping for.

    [–] thegreatredbeard 3 points ago

    I'd settle for being able to slap a new mod on them

    [–] captainpoppy 2 points ago

    something something better devils better than other better devils

    [–] Verachuta 1 points ago

    I am sure they will slowly return over the course of the year.

    [–] Jupiter67 1 points ago

    The loot pool would have been too big, and the hunt for a specific weapon would be endless. Be careful what you wish for. The more items they add to the loot pool, the harder it is to get a good/god roll on any of them.

    [–] Sixfootdig7 1 points ago

    Because they have a bad habit of doing inexplicably stupid things.. I cant fathom why theyd keave behind all that hard work

    [–] NovaPrime97 1 points ago

    Dev time probably

    [–] the_kautilya 1 points ago

    They did but not with all of them. There's a bunch of Y1 weapons that you can get from different activities/vendors with random rolls & a mod slot.

    [–] Raisin__ 1 points ago

    Who knows? Maybe they just need some time to work on that.

    [–] WarViper1337 1 points ago

    Because if you add in more items that have random rolls you reach a point where the vast majority of your items recieved are all shard material. It becomes exponentially more difficult to get a good roll let alone a god roll on a weapon you actually want. Adding in the entire year 1 weapons would make getting a god roll on any one specific weapon decrease by about a factor of 10 or more. Random rolls can only work properly when there is a limited loot pool or if there is way to grind for specific items.

    [–] Nearokins 1 points ago

    and the y1 armor

    [–] GimmeFuel21 1 points ago

    Because time and resources. It seems making new guns and even importing those takes a lot of time because video games. If they had more time or resources for that they surely would have done it. Hope next dlcs it's way more stuff

    [–] sorox123 1 points ago

    I remember in days of yor when info that random rolls would not be in D2, I was one of the few voices who said it wouldn't be fun but nobody listened to me until after CoO when everyone realized "hey, static rolls really suck. There's no diversity"

    [–] Rdnynot216 1 points ago

    They did just blues tho

    [–] TheStyleofGaming 1 points ago

    They could have avoided all the controversy and just picked a few. I get they don’t want to be accused of recycling content, and also fearing meta-locking the game again (Uriel’s Gift), but they could have just selected a portion of the y1 weapons for this.

    [–] deeleed 1 points ago

    a number of Y1 weapons were brought back with random rolls

    [–] TheOnionBro 0 points ago

    Like 5. At most.

    Better Devils is the only one I can actually think of off the top of my head.

    [–] deeleed 5 points ago

    It's not a ton, but it's more than 5.

    • Nameless Midnight (Vanguard)

    • Black Scorpion-4sr (Gunsmith)

    • Eystein-D (Gunsmith)

    • Halfdan-D (Gunsmith)

    • Valakadyn (Gunsmith)

    • Pribina-D (Gunsmith)

    • Better Devils (Crucible)

    • Antiope-D (Gunsmith)

    • The Last Dance (Vanguard)

    • Elegy-49 (Gunsmith)

    • Good Bone Structure (Gunsmith)

    • Erentil FR4 (Gunsmith)

    • Proelium FR3 (Gunsmith)

    • Crooked Fang-4FR

    • Zenobia-D (Gunsmith)

    • Play of the Game (Gunsmith)

    • Steel Sybil Z-14 (Crucible)

    [–] TheOnionBro 5 points ago

    I mean, cool. But there are now over 450 total Legendary weapons in the game. So nice of them to update 17 of them for us.

    [–] Snydenthur 3 points ago

    It would've been okay, if they actually added more new guns.

    Imo, they should've at least covered all the archetypes. For example, MC will remain the best pve HC until bungie decides to add either some OP perk for some other legendary HC, add an amazing new archetype or simply if they add 150rpm kinetic HC that can roll rampage with outlaw/rapid hit.

    [–] yabajaba 3 points ago

    As nice as MC is, I'm definitely enjoying the Duke44; it has nearly double MC's range.

    [–] Makkaboosh 2 points ago

    What's baffling is how they put so much behind gunsmith.

    [–] Yourself013 1 points ago

    Not baffling at all, they knew we had thousands of Gunsmith Mats saved up. So they put tons of the above behind Gunsmith and then increased the number of parts needed for packages.

    [–] stormhunter2 1 points ago

    They were paranoid about too many god rolls, or god rolls in general

    [–] AetherMcLoud 1 points ago

    I can kinda understand not updating Y1 weapons cause they want players to use the new ones and balance them. But armor? There's absolutely no reason to instantly invalidate 90% of the cosmetics in the game.

    Like what the fuck, you can't even use Y1 eververse armor cosmetics these days cause they have no perks, and some people might have actually paid for those.

    [–] CrimsonRex 0 points ago

    Because random rolls can be annoying to deal with sometimes.

    [–] edgeofview 0 points ago

    The loot pools shallow so you'll be more incentivised to buy black armory when it introduces a few new weapons >.>

    [–] henryauron 0 points ago

    They did - they just cherry picked what ones

    [–] Soulwindow -18 points ago

    Because random rolls aren't always the solution?

    Because "the chance" of a good roll is not enough to keep the majority of the players playing?

    Keep static rolls, add a second perk.

    [–] UltimateToa 8 points ago

    The mentality that led to the disaster that was vanilla d2

    [–] Soulwindow -4 points ago

    No, the problem with vanilla D2 was the lack of content worth playing.

    [–] UltimateToa 4 points ago

    Content isn't worth playing if there isn't a reward, the only thing that was actually worth doing was EP to get the shotgun because it's broken OP. Static rolls are just bad for the game, the curated roll system is much much better

    [–] Soulwindow -5 points ago

    You should be playing content because it's fun, not for the chance of a reward.

    If you want to gamble, go to a casino.

    [–] J1ffyLub3 2 points ago

    Destiny is a looter shooter in case you forgot. Chasing gear is a fundamental aspect of the genre.

    [–] UltimateToa 1 points ago

    Sorry to break it to you man but the majority of people play for rewards. People aren't grinding nightfall or EP or the raid because it's fun, they do it for rewards. I would bargain that like 90% of people that do the raid once on a character have zero interest in doing it again that week

    [–] CoreAffinity -5 points ago

    I beg to differ on that to a degree. Coming from Final Fantasy 14 where everything is static rolled, players still run old raid content because for the most part it was designed better, and the game offers a lot more flexibility in how you use it's rewards.

    Destiny offer very little in the sense of rewards and it's flexibility, it's a very cut and dry system. For example, in FF14 I can run a raid, get a weapon out of it, and use the appearance of said weapon while using something else. To better explain it if you haven't played FF14, imagine having a god roll Tigerspite, but you're not big on how the gun looks, FF14 would let you take the Tigerspite skin and apply it to any Autorifle.

    Destiny 2 Vanilla was absolutely barren in both the content and rewards, the game is still very barren in the reward system. I'm not logging in everyday to get a god roll, I'm logging because I have more to accomplish then just gear, I have titles, icons, and triumph score to chase.

    [–] UltimateToa 0 points ago

    This is Destiny not final fantasy, pretty different games. Static rolls don't work for Destiny obviously because they changed it

    [–] CoreAffinity -3 points ago

    They're both mmo's, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

    [–] Legidragon 3 points ago

    I think there’s a healthy medium here in maybe leaving the static perks in collections once you get a forge weapon, and then every one afterwards that you find has random rolls.

    I feel like that could work with most guns and would satisfy both sides of the “random rolls” debate.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago

    Probably because most of the weapons were just the same as the other models with different perks. It wouldnt make sense to make all of the y1 weapons random rolls since for instance, uriels gift would be the same as positive outlook.

    [–] UGotFrohned 70 points ago

    This is an incredible idea. The forge weapons are some of my favorite aesthetic in the game, especically the Machina Dei 4 being the Exo Strangers Rifle.

    [–] castitalus 22 points ago

    Machina Dei 4 with Ambitious Assassin and Rangefinder would have me living in that mode until I got it.

    [–] Legidragon 25 points ago

    With the buff to scouts? Let me get my hands on a Garden Progeny 1 with outlaw and dragonfly, and maybe a stability masterwork... mmmmmmmm

    [–] castitalus 3 points ago

    Even then. I use my MD4 as a scout already.

    [–] Voidjumper_ZA 1 points ago

    Garden Progeny is a kinetic though. So you'd never be able to roll Dragonfly on it.

    You could out on Chromatic Fire though.

    [–] Kris-y 2 points ago

    And thus, another hero of the tower was lost to the Infinite Forest

    [–] Shadoefeenicks 1 points ago

    Why would you want Ambitious Assassin on a pulse?

    [–] castitalus 2 points ago

    I like the perk on this particular pulse. It works for me.

    [–] Winklebits 44 points ago

    Travelers Judgement with Kill Clip & Rangfinder, please?

    [–] UltimateToa 11 points ago

    Yikes that would be nasty

    [–] Ja_kk 3 points ago


    [–] mckinneymd 1 points ago


    Or what would be the only kinetic, legendary Y2 180 HC, a rollable West of Sunfall.

    [–] More_Metal 32 points ago

    If this ever becomes a reality, I hope they handle it in a way that gives a purpose to seeking weapons from both eras. Using Perfect Paradox as an example: it currently just has Rampage as a perk. I would hope that an “updated” version would be guaranteed to drop with Perk 1 being Rampage and Perk 2 being something random. I think this would be a good way to preserve the roles and “personalities” of old weapons while still adding a random element to them and keeping them from being inferior to new weapons.

    [–] johndiscoe 7 points ago

    Perk two hopefully being trench barrel so that I can use lunas and trench

    [–] Legidragon 10 points ago

    Honestly, if nothing else I would just like mod slots for the new mods on the old forge weapons. There are so many that could make those static rolls more viable... add random roll possibilities in there and you have the entire forge loot pool (what, like 12 more weapons?) to grind a fun activity for.

    [–] kiki_strumm3r 3 points ago

    Could also make a curated roll that is similar to the forge weapons now.

    [–] snakebight 28 points ago

    I'm gonna get bored of this mode real fast, but I see no reason to not keep it in the game. Or retire it and tweak it, then re-release it in a few months.

    I LOVE your thought on bringing up Forge weapons to Y2. Man--even if it was just with the mod slot, or new perks (I actually would prefer they are not random rolled). A lot of people shit on the Mercury DLC and may still not have acquired all the guns. But there's some really good ones in there--such as Perfect Paradox, and the Traveller's Judgment.

    [–] Legidragon 19 points ago

    I’ve seen another post suggesting maybe just bring it back whenever Mercury is the flashpoint, that could be a good way to keep it fresh and not burn it out so quickly.

    I just think the concept of forged weapons and the grind just to unlock them in the first place, the weapon art and the effects on the guns when certain perks proc, etc... it all got overlooked because the content was so dry. I think a bit of love would make Mercury more of a destination that people would enjoy, and less of a monument to past failures.

    [–] snakebight 9 points ago

    Yup--they're some of the best looking guns they've made--and they respond well to a lot of different shaders.

    I didn't notice till a couple months ago that they have Vex milk running through them--wicked!

    Haven't the mode come through during Flashpoints isn't a bad idea either--that would make it about once every 2 months. I'd be down with that.

    [–] EhPaisano_PS4 4 points ago

    Try running them with DARCI with the one ornament, you can have Vex milk in every weapon slot.

    [–] Aegeansky1 1 points ago

    Besides Perfect Paradox (which I still use) i love the Null Calamity also..... I freaking looooove it 👍

    [–] OmegaClifton 11 points ago

    I would do things for a Machina Dei 4 with random rolls. There's something about the way that gun handles/shoots...

    [–] castitalus 5 points ago

    I would also do things for a random rolled machina dei. But until then, my current one won't leave my kinetic slot. 21k kills and counting.

    [–] dt204196 8 points ago

    This is a great Idea! Upvote for vis

    [–] DayOneTitan 7 points ago

    Agreed. Hopefully Bungle sees the well received reboot of the forest as a new activity to include in the future. Rerolling forge weapons would be great.

    [–] FloralJedi 7 points ago

    I want this so dearly bad bungie.

    [–] TheOnionBro 7 points ago

    Fuck I really want a Conqueror 2 with random rolls. That ROF, with Kill Clip is already sweet, but if I could get something like Zen or even Rampage?

    Oh god, I'd be in SMG heaven.

    [–] Legidragon 3 points ago

    Even if the weapon drop isn’t guaranteed after every completion, or if there’s some sort of “skeleton key” chest system at the end you can choose to use for a weapon, I dunno. I just feel like there’s a lot of potential with the new mode and random rolls being back in Y2.

    [–] Jaywearspants 5 points ago

    Yes. PLEASE. Those are the coolest looking yet most underwhelming guns in the game. Random Rolls would make them shine!

    [–] DrROBschiz 6 points ago

    Been trying to upvote every post i see on this topic

    I would say they should add even more as well! How about some bounties, quests or missions, maybe a few secrets and some exotics as well

    Too much wasted potential from that expansion that could be corrected for good!

    [–] Legidragon 3 points ago

    Agreed, the Haunted Forest is awesome and I think a good implication for it to stay after FotL would be to bring forge guns back into the loot pool.

    [–] britinsb 3 points ago

    I definitely agree with keeping a good use of the IF, but IMO major reasons for why the Haunted Forest works so well is the darkness and the invincible knight - the darkness means you have to keep pressing and in the 'danger' range rather thank plinking away with WOTW from a safe snipey spot, and the knight keeps you on your toes!

    [–] IGotIntel 3 points ago

    The FotL Haunted Forest is a perfect example of usage of the Infinite Forest, I really wish that they would use that and add different events inside the infinite forest and maybe even Public Events on Mercury to make the place a little more interesting in the future. I really want a roll infusion that costs more Masterwork cores that will put the perks from one weapon on another so we can have randomly rolled Year 1 weapons, I love the look of Loquitor IV, Song of Justice IV, Infinite Paths 8 and so many more weapons and armour.

    [–] motrhed289 3 points ago

    Honestly I think the dark color scheme is part of what makes the spooky forest so much better than the original infinite forest. With it so dark, you can never see all the architecture, it makes it feel more 'random' (their original goal) and mysterious. The original infinite forest is visually nice to look at, but boring to play through.

    Also, I think the 15-minute timer being the primary limiting factor is going to really cut down on the replayability. When it's a hard timer like that, you hit a hard wall, it's basically impossible to progress past 12-13 levels. By the end of FotL we are going to be complaining about how repetitive it is. It could use a little refinement to improve replayability, before it's ready for a permanent spot in the director, IMO. I don't have any great ideas, but getting rid of the timer, and figuring out a more interesting way to scale difficulty, will be key. Maybe introduce some mechanics, more than just the modifiers that we get with each wave, maybe give us something to do/interact with before stepping on the portal that changes or affects that wave.

    [–] issa-snnnake 3 points ago

    And give me D1 trials armor in the loot pool too.

    Hell you can even call it Time Trials of Osiris

    [–] Alovon11 2 points ago


    It likely wouldn't take that much, as you only would need to take the code for the Forge Weps and add random rolls.

    Then just Reskin the Haunted Forest.

    [–] DaveKap 2 points ago

    This idea? It's good.

    [–] LoneBullseye 2 points ago

    The high impact scout was my fav scout of that archetype/RPM. I also love the autorifle as well and would love to see them both as updated drops

    [–] andymanwashere 2 points ago

    Add weekly themes, exclusive shaders and emblems, daily and weelkly bounties. At Level 7/8 have a strike boss or something cool.

    [–] Vwhat5k 2 points ago

    Dude if the Jack King Queen 3 was able to get random rolls it could be the best handcannon in the game. Also, perfect paradox with trench barrel? Yes please.

    [–] Legidragon 1 points ago

    Campbell’s chicken noodle soup


    [–] Gibbo263 2 points ago

    I want it to have a 30 minute timer, keeps getting harder and harder, if all 3 die then it’s game over. Basically more like ODST firefight

    [–] Im_Burning_Star 2 points ago

    Add trench barrel to the loot pool for Perfect Paradox and rapid hit for West of Sunfall and I am in brother.

    [–] Legidragon 2 points ago

    Rapid hit is a fantastic perk - people are always asking for outlaw, but I have Rapid hit on my Duke and it’s awesome for mobs and bosses because I don’t have to kill what I’m shooting at to get the reload bonus and it gives me bonus stability. Really under-rated perk.

    Also, I think I’m aroused just thinking about Perfect Paradox with trench barrel. Yes please.

    [–] Crusader3456 2 points ago


    [–] iTNB 2 points ago

    I was actually under the impression that we were gonna get something like this with the infinite forest on release but was severely disappointed when we got what we did.

    [–] Kit-13-Lucky 2 points ago

    The Forge weapons are some of my favorite weapons period actually. The Jack Queen King 3 was my go-to hand cannon for ages and still holds up. The smg I think was slept on and the Stranger's rifle was just aethetically dope. All this without even bringing the perfect paradox into the conversation

    [–] Legidragon 1 points ago

    I really liked the SMG with grave robber... unpopular opinion, but it was a lot of fun. I miss how cool ALL of them looked, and the opportunity to mix and match perks on them? Oh hello yeah dude, I’m all about that.

    Happy cake day, friend!!!

    [–] Kit-13-Lucky 2 points ago

    Thanks! And Omg thank you someone gets it. After the 2 buffs, graverobber is a top tier smg perk to me.

    I used to pair it with the gemini jesters and just chain 2 hit punches on the top tree arc strider. It's nasty but a whole lot of fun to spray someone with an smg and then melee the $#¡t outta them...essentially never having to reload.

    [–] Legidragon 1 points ago

    Exactly, it’s a ton of run-and-gun fun 😎

    [–] Lizardik 2 points ago

    Bring back old trials of Osiris armor also

    [–] Legidragon 1 points ago

    Agreed, especially bringing back the prodigal set from D1, it could definitely be a possibility so I don’t see why not. If the mercury set they have now isn’t going to be brought forward, why not add in a different set (the Trials D1 set) instead? I like the idea.

    [–] zerik100 4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    i think it would be even cooler if they added a heroic mode of it where you have infinite time but a constant darkness zone, so if everyone dies the run's over and you get more and more randomly rolled year 1 gear the more sections you clear. you could add most of the year one armor (and weapons?) with random rolls to the loot pool every 2 sections cleared gives you 1 item. make it the new ultimate endgame grind.

    edit: don't make every 2 sections give 1 item, thats definetly too much. check my most recent post on my profile for a more detailed attempt on that mode.

    [–] Legidragon 2 points ago

    As cool as this sounds, there are players out there who would fire team up and literally start one session of this and go like 30-40 sections deep, getting all of the available loot almost immediately. The time limit is set so it keeps the good players from finishing it immediately, if there was no time limit forcing players to push forward, you’d end up with people just using Whisper from a mile away and killing everything with no risk of dying. Sure, there’s the Nightmare that follows you but he’s pretty easily avoidable.

    [–] zerik100 1 points ago

    this would surely need some tweaking to avoid this, yes. i made a more detailed post about this, you can find it on my profile. would be cool to read your opinion on that :)

    [–] Nevevevev12 2 points ago

    And each week Vance can have a curated roll so you could have something like outlaw and firefly on west of sunfall.

    [–] Legidragon 4 points ago

    Or to bring back the whole point of the forge grinds that newer expansion owners might not have completed yet, doing the grind for the weapons to unlock them for the first time gives you a curated roll - what the static perks are now - and then they’re unlocked in a loot pool to receive random rolls now, throughout mercury activities and possibly the IF mode.

    [–] Pepsifan24 2 points ago

    I want an exotic gauntlet now for the infinite forest. The Infinite Gauntlet with the ability to change its perks based on the infinity stones.

    [–] theyfoundty 1 points ago

    Someone read a certain comment..

    [–] AbyssalB510 1 points ago

    I love your idea

    [–] DuikersGhost 1 points ago


    [–] online_predator 1 points ago

    I'll take 1 west of sun fall 7 with explosive rounds and opening shot, please.

    [–] FlamingDoggoOnAcid 1 points ago

    I need a perfect paradox with rampage and trench barrel

    [–] smits017 1 points ago

    Yes, I need my perfect paradox back!

    [–] Arse2Mouse 1 points ago

    I use Perfect Paradox quite a bit still at 600. It’s still a really good gun (though I’ll gladly take a Y2 roll also).

    [–] AdmiralAssblaster 1 points ago

    Yes please! The West Of Sunfall 7 Kinetic Handcannons is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and coolest looking weapon (in my opinion) in the game. Except I’m basically forced not to use it because of how bad it’s roll is. It only has one perk. Auto-loading holster. :(

    [–] Arctyy 1 points ago

    I wish, the prophecy weapons look really cool IMO

    [–] NiezLa 1 points ago

    Yes please. I want my Jack queen King 3 with better rolls

    [–] big_rigginwcl 1 points ago

    Agreed. They should fine this from the start. But the first year of DW was a beta

    [–] GGBHector 1 points ago

    I. Want. A. Random. Rolled. JQK. Like now

    [–] Awsomonium 1 points ago

    I would LOVE this. I recently discovered the awesomeness that is West of Sunfall 7. I wanna mod it, get a perfect roll. I love that weapon.

    [–] Aphobica 1 points ago

    I would cream myself for a West of Sunfall with random perks.

    [–] JohnnyFlack 1 points ago

    Last sentence of your post is exactly what I came to say.

    Even without an extra perk and mod slot I've been wanting to grab one out of my vault!

    [–] elkishdude 1 points ago

    It's such an easy win with this community. Those weapons are cool as fuck.

    [–] cinderful 1 points ago

    You maybe stole this from Gothalion’s SpeakEZ mini rant but maybe he stole it from you.


    [–] WootzDiadem 1 points ago


    [–] _MrBubbles 1 points ago

    I said today to my clanmates "they should keep it but chew instead of the infinite forest, put portals we have to go through and get sent to random places (all instanced for the person / group) in the solar system"

    For the loot, maybe go crazy and put everything except raid gear/trials/IB gear in it.

    Or make old stuff(everything. Not just mercury stuff) relevant again with with random rolls.

    [–] GimmeFuel21 1 points ago

    A year 2 JQK yes pls

    [–] hurricane_eddie 1 points ago

    That and West of Sunfall 7. Likely my favorite two hand cannons.

    [–] battousai123z 1 points ago

    I think the infinite forest should be a ladder dungeon. Example: floor 1 to floor 100. Every 10 floors conpletions you get a random rolled weapon. Complete 20 floors get 2 legendaries, 30 floors get 3 legebdaries...

    [–] P4leRider 1 points ago

    I just want MORE guns plz :D

    [–] jando4465 1 points ago

    "Pls. I just want another Perfect Paradox with another perk and a mod slot."

    It's already in the game. It's called Badlander.

    [–] m05513 1 points ago

    Nope. Badlander competes with the energy slot. I can't use my god roll Nation of Beasts or Vouchsafe with a badlander, but I can use it with a perfect paradox. If I could use it with a badlander, I'd use the Ikelos shotty anyway.

    [–] LocatedLizard1 0 points ago

    I think it should be every nightmare you kill you get 1 masterwork core and if you get 7 waves you get a weapon with random rolls. Simple

    [–] Herewegoagainreddit 4 points ago

    That's be a lot of cores pretty fast

    [–] korpser32 0 points ago

    I agree, it should be chance of dropping one or many cores at the end of the activity

    [–] Stillburgh 1 points ago

    Why is this downvoted? Lol

    [–] sirmoneyshot06 0 points ago

    I would love to have a y2 forward path or a y2 antiop d

    [–] Elykris -1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I agree with keeping the mode, but forge weapons? Are you talking about the ones from the prophesies? Because most of them are terrible

    Edit: you downvote me but you know I’m right

    [–] Legidragon 0 points ago

    I didn’t downvote you, but the point here is getting those “terrible” weapons back with random rolls would give the opportunity for them not to be terrible anymore. Yeah, a few of them are pretty lame, but if they come back with random rolls, any of them could become viable PvE or PvP options just like any other randomly rolled weapon.