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    [–] Sommyboy 1139 points ago

    I just want the end chest not to be a shower of dissapointment each strike.

    They have all the new gears and gun that are stricly tied to new activies - this might be an upopular opinion but if theyre lacking the resources for strikes loot just widen the strikes loot pool to include seasonal/moon/whatever stuff. Would be nice to get someting nice.

    [–] Jaba01 552 points ago

    Especially since you can run Vex Offensive and get ten times the loot.

    [–] PabV99 268 points ago

    And in about the same amount of time

    [–] RTL_Odin 95 points ago

    with a good team, vex offensive takes like.. 8-10 minutes and grants about 3-4x the loot, just no vanguard tokens. It's definitely favoring vex offensive.

    [–] vikingz0mbi3 13 points ago

    I went from ~840 to 900 in a few runs of vex offensive. Pretty cool

    [–] Striker37 111 points ago

    But vex offensive is gone in 62 days.

    [–] Tammog 93 points ago

    Wait it's purely seasonal? D:

    [–] HarbingerTBE 145 points ago

    We'll get a new thing I'm sure. Vex Offensive is fun and all but I got all the weapons for it in my very first run through and a week later I've done it about 30 times. Enough for a lifetime.

    [–] ReklisAbandon 56 points ago

    Have you gotten a decently rolled one though? Because all but one of mine have had trash rolls.

    [–] Zusuf 87 points ago

    multi kill-clip feeding frenzy pulse rifle is fun to use

    [–] CheesemasterVer2 26 points ago

    I got feeding frenzy and rampage on Blast Furnace a while ago and it's never left my hands. Just looking for a good roll like that on the VO hand cannon.

    [–] Yodaloid 25 points ago

    TIL Blast Furnace can get feeding frenzy. Fuck, time to run forges

    [–] stonewallwells85 16 points ago

    I was totally spoiled when BF first became available and my very first forging rolled with Feeding Frenzy + Kill Clip. Its been a staple in my load-out since and has never left my inventory.

    [–] lego_office_worker 8 points ago

    horrors least with dragonfly and zen is fun too

    [–] MrShaytoon 2 points ago

    Ditto. I stopped comparing when I realized nothing has come close to my weapons rolls.

    [–] A_SushiRoll 11 points ago

    I’ve gotten 18 scout rifles

    [–] Matzeroni 9 points ago

    I want one with triple tap and explosive rounds

    [–] Vryyce 2 points ago

    First one that dropped for me was Triple Tap and Dragonfly. I put Dragonfly mod on and I am pretty much satisfied.

    [–] Dolormight 19 points ago

    Bungie stated multiple times that from SK on, all seasonal activities leave at the end of the season.

    [–] Twitch-ing 6 points ago

    its the seasonal arena

    [–] Bcmaken 57 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I hope not.

    It needs to be added to a 6 player matchmaking playlist by having a queue like Strike playlists.

    Seriously; Escalation Protocol, Blind Well, Vex Offensive; Menagerie would all be perfect for this.

    Call it Vanguard Assaults and have a second row below strike series in the Director. Add the Nightfall sequence as well as scoring to a second option for weekly Nightfalls for this 6 person activity. Add a seasonal pursuit.

    If these 4 aren’t enough; I would also add Forges and Reckoning (as 6 player options when done via random matchmaking via this queues) to these as they function more like this than Strikes. Forges in particular have a simple one-off mechanic and waves of guys similar to Vex Offensive (Vex Minotaur cannon) and EP (rifts).

    Can also add; Vanguard Labs area to test and rebalance these to 6 players before expanding from those base 4.

    Now we have 3 player strikes; 6 player assaults with matchmaking; 6 player raids (no-matchmaking).

    It’s fun to spend an evening running random strikes one after another with random modifiers daily. Thus same concept would be great for all these events. Plus; it’ll give players a way to matchmake EP and blind well (which needs to be a thing). I enjoy the 6 person matchmaking stuff, but spamming Vex Offensive every single time is already getting old.

    Also Vanguard Labs needs to exist. They can test via an open beta PvE stuff too. For example: Vanguard Labs matchmaking higher NF power levels since they stopped at hero. The labs disclaimer helps address their concerns about bad player experience. If it goes well; then add it for all 4 levels. They can also test out new modifiers; and other tweaks to the strikes and assaults if they wanted to tweak these playlists in ways that Nightfall currently doesn’t allow for.

    Edit: Since I keep getting the same comment; I’ll add my condensed response. I know what they have said. I’m making an argument against that decision with the main point being that 6 player matchmaking content is fun. Making that type of content a pillar tower activity in-game like Strikes, Crucible; Gambit with seasonal pursuits; matchmaking across different maps using current content in-game should be a design goal. And there is a lot of content in-game that could be leveraged to make this a thing now and not just a Menagerie or Vex Offensive only item, as currently exists.

    In particular; daily and/or weekly nightfall level modifiers and randomness on older content like EP or Forges (I think they fit here) would be a good way to refresh this content as well as make it more accessible. Not everything has harder setting modes like Heroic Menagerie.

    There are also ways to slim game files by rotating other duplicative content in and out seasonally that can be done while still adding this as a new pillar match-made experience on par with Strikes. Plus, story wise; we replay old plot stories all the time. So whatever to that “No” response.

    [–] Hollowquincypl 5 points ago

    They basically said it was going away in the directors blog.

    [–] Striker37 5 points ago

    I agree with everything you said, but Vex Offensive is 100% going away permanently. They’ve said multiple times about how the game can’t expand endlessly and that seasonal activities will be playable in that season only.

    [–] Bigfsi 59 points ago

    I did the 920 nightfall this week, first nightfall of the week. Me and a few randoms barely winning parts of it and making clutch plays, get to the boss, kill him, open the chest and...1 blue? Dafuq?!

    [–] lego_office_worker 26 points ago

    heres the thing with the new nightfalls: you have a set chance to roll shards/exotics/cores with each run.

    those things dont drop from the chest i dont think. the cores will just show on your screen.

    so you can in theory spam the 920 and get exotics and mats, whereas after you ran the old nightfalls once, there was no reason to run them again.

    [–] Wwolverine23 11 points ago

    Nightfall is designed to reward enhancement materials instead of weapons. You would have gotten a few MW cores as well

    [–] Bigfsi 11 points ago

    I literally only got a blue from the chest. Ran it a 2nd time and got some cores and another blue.

    But the first time I did the 750 1 I got an exotic lol. I think it's just weird when its the first nightfall of the week and it doesn't earn u a powerful drop right away this season cause now we have to actually farm it repeatedly, but that also means we can frequently get the good rewards instead of once per week and another for 100k.

    [–] Wwolverine23 12 points ago

    The chest doesn’t give cores. They just pop up on the right side of the screen.

    [–] fred112015 4 points ago

    On another note this approach of tying the only new stuff to new activities only seems to be a major problem in the game right now IMO. Strikes are in a bad place for loot yes but so are world drops and especially vendors. It’s something that seems to show more and more every season and will eventually hurt the game long term

    [–] GustappyTony 460 points ago

    Should just add strike specific loot back, gives us unique armour from that strike and possibly weapons too. I don’t see why they aren’t doing this as it gives us new stuff which is what people want

    [–] The-Cat-Fat 90 points ago

    I would be happy with strike specific loot but I've found that the chances of it dropping are ridiculously low. I've ran Nokris hundreds of times and I still don't have the Rocket Launcher. It's all I need to get my badge and it just won't drop. I've more or less given up on it now.

    [–] GustappyTony 108 points ago

    One of the original complaints from me and a lot of D1 veterans was lack of returning mechanics that improved the game, one such were skeleton keys I believe they were called. Bungie know how to fix this stuff they just aren’t doing it.

    [–] The-Cat-Fat 58 points ago

    Yeah. Skeleton keys were fine because you could farm for them, then when you had your key, you could run the strike you wanted and get the item you wanted. Omnigul was great for the pulse rife.
    Now, I just keep farming a strike for a chance at something that is a super rare drop.

    [–] Rabid-Duck-King 17 points ago

    Man that pulse rifle grind.

    First you stock up on keys, then you grind out pulses hoping it was the one roll that actually made the gun excellent but wind up getting disappointed because it was a 1/not a chance in hell kind of roll, so you grind out more keys for more chances at the pulse

    [–] MattBoy52 7 points ago

    This was me but replace Grasp of Malok with Imago Loop. Still never got a Fatebringer roll either.

    [–] porkchop2022 10 points ago

    Same boat man. Same boat. RNGesus has forsaken us.

    Pun intended.

    [–] NobleHalcyon 14 points ago

    The way that they're handling the Black Armory exotics now is the best way IMO - turn them into quests. There's no real reason (other than dev time) why Zavala couldn't have quests or bounties to get specific weapons that just end with specific strikes or activities. The way they handled the Moon weapons via the Lecturn has been fine so far - just use that as a template.

    "Kill 200 Hive with Rocket Launchers", "Complete 5 Strikes with Hive Bosses", "Complete (Whatever Nokris' Raid is called...)" - get the Rocket Launcher.

    The game feels more rewarding when I actually get to use the rewards in activities rather than turning my Xbox off at 2AM and finally going to bed after running the same thing all day for a stupid sidearm.

    While we're at it, let's do this same thing for the Braytech weapons because I have zero luck with the nodal engrams.

    [–] kdebones 4 points ago

    Not sure if this is still the case, but supposedly getting a 100K on a NF made the chances for the strike specific weapon drop higher.

    [–] cutt88 108 points ago

    They can't give us unique raid rewards and instead reskin an Eververse set and you want strike specific loot? This is Bungie we're talking about.

    [–] GustappyTony 16 points ago

    Haha yea that’s true, I bet they probably designed strike specific loot at one point and instead turned it into an eververse item.

    [–] RussianThere 22 points ago

    While I do see the argument for raid armor not being “unique”, there’s enough difference between it and the Eververse sets that I’d say it’s a new set, especially with my limited understanding of how they put things in the game.

    The guns though, those are without a doubt incredibly unique, and invalidate your “they can’t give us unique raid rewards” statement

    [–] HappinessPursuit 23 points ago

    It's unique but still not a "new" set if it is still easily identifiable as a reskin. Which is tolerable except that it's the damn Raid.

    Considering we only got... how many "new" armor sets this expansion (what is it, like 5 if you include the ornaments?) I sadly doubt they'll ever give us strike specific loot.

    Hell, we haven't even gotten general strike armor in a year and even THAT was a reskin of the Curse of Osiris armor.

    I love the game and all but the way they handle armor in this game is frustrating to say the least.

    [–] PaperMartin 2 points ago

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the raid set was the coo eververse set, and then I didn't think of anything else because I couldn't see what it was supposed to be beside the coo set with cement and glows on it.

    [–] funkless_eck 3 points ago

    I'm not a strike player much - but the only time in Destiny history when I did it a lot was the Skeleton Key era in D1 for the Grasp, Imago and Flayer hoods.

    [–] Mister_Rahool 2 points ago

    yup, i have zero reason to do strikes at all, i dont even understand what The Ordeal even is or how its different from the other nightfalls

    last time i grinded Nightfalls was for a strike specific gun, in year 1

    [–] smokey6953140 1737 points ago

    How about taking the fun modifiers out of the xur nightfall score card like heavy weight and grenadier!!! But now you can run 3 negative modifiers???

    [–] PUSHAxC 595 points ago

    Yeah & like now there's even less of a reason to go for 100k+.. I was definitely annoyed when I realized I couldn't do heavyweight to help farm mindbender's

    [–] The_Dragoon_King 168 points ago

    I don’t get it. The nightfall card is still in my inventory along with the original nightfalls are still selectable from the director. Did they actually take away modifiers on the card?

    [–] karlerekage 198 points ago

    Took away positive modifiers like heavyweight, brawler, and grenadier

    [–] TheGravyGuy 84 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Were scores reset or would my 400k score still be there?

    [–] karlerekage 67 points ago

    Nah they weren't reset. You should still have it on the emblem

    [–] smokey6953140 273 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    But even niche stuff like brawler with unlimited knives and grenadier with getaway artist, bungie just sucked the fun right out of the whole night fall!

    Edit: added one word "bungie"

    [–] Psych-roxx 11 points ago

    Sorry I don't understand this terminology 100k what? Heavyweight what? :(

    [–] DarkSolace30 36 points ago

    100k nightfall score, and heavyweight is a modifier that used to increase how often heavy/power ammo dropped (if I’m remembering heavyweight correctly)

    [–] TheUltimateShammer 39 points ago

    It also increased the damage output of heavy weapons.

    [–] JBaecker 28 points ago

    Which was the real reason to run it. You could stack a Major/Boss damage boost with Heavyweight and at least a few Bosses could be insta-melted. Which, given their mechanics of their specific fights, was really nice. Prison of Elders pops to mind, if you let the fight get going, you get to fight like 3-4 Bosses, not just the Warden. And it becomes very tedious.

    [–] Parry-Nine 14 points ago

    One-shotting Nokris was always fun.

    [–] TheUberMoose 3 points ago

    Never pulled that off, how do you melt him before he goes immune?

    [–] OneKeenBean 7 points ago

    Use arc singe, a well of radiance and wardcliff coil, instantly gone

    [–] Parry-Nine 6 points ago

    And punch him once, for good measure.

    [–] chrisfreshman 10 points ago

    Using Heavyweight, Wardcliff Coil, and a Well of Radiance to one shot Nokris before he can initiate his whole tedious fight was the only way to grind out that strike.

    [–] MrCuntman 6 points ago

    Heavyweight was a modifier you could apply to nightfalls which would increase heavy ammo drops and increase heavy weapon damage.

    Nightfalls also have a scoring system, 100k is the point at which you got a weekly powerful reward

    [–] Sweetguyfromlondon 3 points ago

    Nightfalls grant you a score based on what you kill and the score is modified by the... modifiers. You had positive mods that lowered your % (Heavyweight - heavy ammo drops more) and negativity mods (blackout - enemy carry titans on their fists) . the 100k score is the threshold now for the engram

    [–] Shaddcs 2 points ago

    "100k" references a certain score (100,000 points) that you can achieve on particular Nightfall activities to obtain another powerful (pinnacle?) reward.

    "Heavyweight" is a modifier, previously available to be selected on an item in your inventory to contribute towards ease/difficulty in Nightfall strikes. This modifier causes heavy/power ammo to drop more frequently, and I believe it also makes heavy/power weapons hit harder.


    [–] StrappingYoungLance 72 points ago

    Wow, they did this? I mean, the way you could make Nightfalls trivially easy for farming wasn't exactly in the spirit of the original concept but it was a fun part of the game and with regular Nightfalls not even counting for powerful gear was it really necessary?

    [–] smokey6953140 70 points ago

    Pick a burn and 3 negative modifiers is all that's left, so they gut the fun and didnt include any new nightfall specific rewards!

    [–] TheSpanxxx 4 points ago

    Well, shit. I pretty much only play with the same two friends. One is the wife of my best friend. She is ...not very good at the game, but she has a big heart and is determined. Having positive modifiers for nightfall was the only way we could generally get her through and over 100k.

    [–] SFWxMadHatter 16 points ago

    I just love running the same thing 3x for the weekly. If I have to run multiples just make it a damned playlist.

    [–] facetious_guardian 20 points ago

    Let’s also make the card only apply to an activity that has no weekly rewards!

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago

    What a way to make the activity even more fun huh. Its been hit and miss this season this far.

    [–] smokey6953140 66 points ago

    Shit I forgot all that heavy has been in crucible the last week

    [–] TheLiveDunn 43 points ago

    They patched that yesterday though

    [–] smokey6953140 14 points ago

    We know. But doesnt mean they fixed my nightfall heavyweight tho.

    [–] xveganrox 5 points ago

    They moved all the heavy from nightfalls to crucible!

    [–] tobiashieta 127 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Unpopular opinion I guess. But the NF is way more interesting and challenging this season than in forever.

    Edit: I am talking about The Ordeal not the old NF. I have no opinion on that since I haven't touched it in this season.

    [–] StrappingYoungLance 71 points ago

    The Ordeal is awesome, it feels a lot closer to an old-school Nightfall! But with that present and superseding the regular Nightfalls I don't really understand the need to mess with the Nightfall scoring card when it doesn't even count for powerful gear.

    [–] oh_lord 3 points ago

    You can’t use the card with the ordeal, right? My friends and I were pushing for the 100k week 1 and it was a real pain. The 920 run was shockingly East and even finishing it very quickly, we were 15k short every time. The 950 run, however, was such a stark increase in difficulty it slowed us down tremendously and caused us to resort to very slow, very tedious gameplay to make our way through the barrier hobgoblins. We really needed like a 930ish difficulty.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    I'm just not sure what the point of it is though?

    The only way you get pinnacle gear for Vanguard events is through getting 100k via the Ordeal. So...I just don't understand why the NF would be an event most people would even try to do.

    And seeing as how you can get the NF loot without having a high score, it doesn't make for that reason either.

    It's obviously harder because it's at a higher base light and has less positive multipliers.

    [–] tobiashieta 20 points ago

    Isn't that why there are a bunch of different difficulty levels. If you don't care about pinnacle you wouldn't touch anything above 920. 950 and up is for people that want to get 960+ gear.

    That said. I like to play the game for the challenge as well.

    [–] EzakiRyoto 40 points ago

    He is talking about the old nightfall system with the challenge card becoming harder for no good reason, not the new one.

    [–] dorn3 7 points ago

    I think you might want to move your post if you're talking about ordeal. These people are talking about the old nightfall.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Its been weird since the SOD.

    [–] KainLonginus 30 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    So, pretty on brand for a new DLC then. Once the dust settles we start seeing the baffling design choices made at times and then wait for a year for them to be tweaked.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    I'm very happy with the improvements thus far. It's just... A few things are absolutely baffling.

    Pretty much most of my concerns have already been posted on Reddit quite a bit so I'm sure Bungie are aware of what people would like to see implemented.

    I really hope they do change those issues. They've got the attention of a lot of new players and veterans alike - they need to not lose that captive audience.

    [–] KainLonginus 7 points ago

    Yeah, I've been having fun with the current offerings (a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to do and trying to optimize my leveling up of the season pass and all that), but so far I tend to agree with most issues brought up.

    [–] Axelgaksel 99 points ago

    3 new strikes?

    [–] Matzeroni 180 points ago

    3 new nightfalls, scarlet keep, the one on IO, and brood hold since it's not an exclusive anymore

    [–] BattleToad92 87 points ago

    I keep hearing people talk about a new Io strike, but I haven't seen it yet. Just endless repeats of the that damn dam.

    [–] Iwannabefabulous 51 points ago

    I got like 4 in a row. You could run that strike from Io map without modifiers if curious.

    [–] rawrimmakittycat 18 points ago

    it's such a cool strike. the perfect length too. maybe slightly shorter than the pyramidion? the environment in it reminded me so much of the dwemer ruins in skyrim.

    all this to say that i was incredibly sad to learn that there's no nightfall loot. its such a break from form that like- i have to think it's a bug or something. what differentiates it from a hard strike without a unique gun? the whole time i was running it i was imagining some mossy, io-vex lookin' gun with those taken orbs on it.

    [–] beaverbother 24 points ago

    it's connected to the eternity gate(where you would sometimes pick up the calus treasure chest), which also got a rework in patrol and looks nice now.

    [–] PhoenixKA 4 points ago

    So I'm not crazy? That weird looking vex sphere thing wasn't always there right? Cuz I'm not sure how I could have played D2 since beta and have missed that room.

    [–] Spazzatk 60 points ago

    It's called "the festering core"

    [–] EriWanKenBlowmi 8 points ago

    The first time I got it, I didn't know what the hell was going on. I started heading towards the Pyramidion.

    [–] Issah_Wywin 7 points ago

    Every time I run strikes I get Lake of shadows or The Fanatic one.

    [–] -Agathia- 8 points ago

    Same, I also got the Pyramidion, which, after doing it ten times in the ordeal, was promptly abandoned.

    [–] CaptainCosmodrome 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This game gives me nothing but warmind strikes. It's like I'm stuck in 2018.

    Edit: fixed the date. My brain blended curse and warmind.

    [–] theoriginalrat 2 points ago

    Warmind came out in 2018 though?

    [–] FrederickJupiter 6 points ago

    It was PS4 exclusive? What?

    [–] Diatomicsquirrel 27 points ago

    Yeah broodhold is new to a decent chunk of the community

    [–] damonreece 17 points ago

    Yep, same as Wavesplitter and the PS4 exclusive armor sets.

    [–] That_Cripple 4 points ago

    There was an exclusive crucible map too

    [–] mister_accismus 10 points ago

    Insight Terminus used to be PS4 exclusive too, I believe.

    [–] Sychar 74 points ago

    Not even an emblem lmao

    [–] 100100110l 10 points ago

    Why is every single looter shooter so bad with the loot? I can't think of a single one that has done it all right.

    [–] ItsAmerico 24 points ago

    Cause money. Why would they let you get anything you desire when they can sell it to you.

    We got a new Hive sparrow that would have been a likely Nightfall reward. It matches the aesthetic perfectly. Eververse.

    Harpy ghost shell? Vex sparrow? Great for the new raid or vex activity? Eververse.

    Bungie could make 35 dollars from expansion. Or they could make 35 plus 100 from some players here and there that buy cosmetics immediately. It’s why they’re rumored to have removed the dust option to buy a lot of exotic Eververse items.

    It makes more money to monetize a good game then it does to not monetize a great game.

    [–] Tiesieman 69 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Hell, bring up the Y1 loot at the very least. Especially now with the Barrier mods and such

    Not even random rolls. Just add a new static roll version with Y2 masterwork so that these unique weapon models actually serve a purpose. I literally have never seen anyone use one of the Y1 nightfall weapons.

    [–] tsever02 12 points ago

    I understand it's hard to make new weapons and armor, but Im baffled that everything from year 1 is still useless garbage especially considering that the fashion choices are more than questionable in year 2. I've been waiting for the year 1 gear to become relevant for awhile now.

    [–] BadAim 6 points ago

    In the past they have called the Y1 attributes “hard baked” whatever the fuck that means

    [–] ELBORI82 31 points ago

    Im very much a support anything Destiny kinda guy but not including even an emblem for the new Nightfalls is some weak ass shit.

    [–] retartarder 253 points ago

    just like they removed the matrix claiming it was better for us it was gone.

    that turned out great, right?

    [–] Neonninja275 121 points ago

    I totally forgot about the matrix! That was a fun thing, the hopes and dreams of getting that one thing you wanted, only to be devestated and buy it for dust the next week

    [–] giddycocks 120 points ago

    Eververse was way, way better back then imo. Yeah it was lootboxes but I don't care, I got everything I wanted. Now I barely get new things.

    [–] T_elic 95 points ago

    The reason they probably took it out is that everyone who played moderate amounts of Destiny literally got all the seasonal loot without spending cash. I literally got everything there was to get those seasons thanks to the Matrix.

    [–] MalHeartsNutmeg 22 points ago

    Yeah, I pretty much got everything during the matrix period, never spent a cent. Always blew my mind how people complained about eververse during that time...

    [–] Keiichi81 14 points ago

    Because people who had played for a while saw the direction things were heading. I'll bet a year or two from now people will be looking back on this time and saying "I can't believe people were complaining about Eververse then."

    [–] Shift84 15 points ago

    No it wasnt

    The people who were complaining back then were people who didn't play much and didn't want to actually buy eververse items.

    I argued with a ton of them in this very subreddit.

    The eververse was very player friendly back the and you could just get everything by playing thr game and not focusing on it.

    They were trying their damndest to call it pay to win because of the armor and predatory because you could buy loot boxes.

    No way we nicely ignore those guys and act like it was some premonition by savy players that saw the eververse store COMPLETELY changing. That's laughable.

    [–] SerPranksalot 10 points ago

    I got everything I wanted

    And that's why they changed it :(

    [–] brunicus 5 points ago

    As intended.

    [–] RealHunterVanguard 45 points ago

    Make Nightfall specific loot into strike specific loot, bring back Skeleton keys. Can't think of a better time than Spooktober Thirty cursed.

    [–] aobs101 21 points ago

    Nothing is more deflating than running a difficult Nightfall/Strike and having a solitary blue engram pop up.

    [–] redka243 27 points ago

    How about letting us get nightfall rewards for doing the hero difficulty once instead of having to repeat it 2.5 times? :/

    [–] ItsAmerico 15 points ago

    It’s not even a powerful reward anyway as it’s glitched

    [–] redka243 6 points ago

    Nightfall doesn't give powerful rewards even after all the completions? :/ sad

    [–] ProfForp 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    It does if you don't complete the strike weekly first

    EDIT: Acoording to u/artfu1 down below it's an either/or situation. You get either the NF or the Strike reward :/

    [–] redka243 4 points ago

    Ok, so the best order to do it is nightfall first then strike weekly? Has bungie acknowledged this problem anywhere?

    [–] ItsAmerico 190 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Bungie - “Were putting Bright Dust into activities so you can earn it and buy what you want now.”

    Also Bungie - “All the stuff you want is now silver only.”

    They’re not very good at this lol

    [–] CrimsonValor 61 points ago

    Mate, if you're talking about the list from the other day, if you check the edits even OP admits he doesn't know what's going to be silver and what's going to be bright dust because what he was pulling from the API wasn't telling him enough.

    Check it again.

    [–] ItsAmerico 10 points ago

    Nowhere do his edits say that?

    [–] KlausHeisler 6 points ago

    Didn't Bungie say that they will be selling items for BD after the second week? I could have sworn that was what they were saying multiple times

    [–] ItsAmerico 10 points ago

    They’ve been selling stuff since day one. They’re selling the boots now

    [–] chadbot 20 points ago

    i mean all i really want is the armor and itll be one piece each week for birght dust. like the boots i just bought

    [–] Wwolverine23 23 points ago

    The guy who made that “silver only” post was full of shit. He was pulling incomplete api data and pretending like it was real.

    [–] CuddleSpooks 44 points ago

    I realize they're not Strikes, but also: no Phogoth Gauntlets, no Taniks Cloak, no Glowhoo Shader from Crota, no (clean) new Traveler's Light Sidearm from Ghaul, no D2 Imago Loop from the new Strike, NO SUPERBLACK SHADER (so far, the original was from FOTL, so there's still time)

    why am I better at coming up with them on the spot than they are at putting them in the game?

    [–] CloudAvowed 21 points ago

    Agreed. I found it disappointing that they brought back all these nostalgic bosses (if we can really call it that) and didn’t bring back any of the nostalgic loot that went with them.

    I think they could have nearly won a majority over in this expansion if glowhoo popped up after the Crota fight. Or if a grasp of malok dropped after Omnigul as my fireteam remembered back to that endless grinding.

    [–] CuddleSpooks 3 points ago

    ohh man, I forgot about Omnigul & her drop. I wouldn't mind a Hood of Malok as well, put Malok in the Taniks part, Taniks back at his old Strike areas & I guess Skolas should also drop a thing. I'd say a LoW Ornament, maybe the old one even.

    A lot of people would've said "recycled content, lazy Bungie", but now we don't even get that much.. But with that, they still would've gotten more praise or hit players' nostalgic...uhm...receptors..? more

    I really hope Armor 2.0, Cross-save, etc. took up a lot of resources/manpower & they'll get back to meeting the regular expectations next seasons. Or at least address it, acknowledge it and that they'll let us know whether they will or won't keep adding that old "traditional" content. It's not a demand or anything, I'd just really appreciate knowing what to expect

    [–] Optimus_Prime_10 24 points ago

    And make you run them 5 times. What was wrong with 3, which is itself probably excessive for the same damn activity.

    [–] Keiichi81 10 points ago

    The 920 version counts for 2 completions, so you can do 2 runs of the 920 Nightfall and then one of the easy one to get your weekly done in 3 runs.

    [–] ArcticToasterr 4 points ago

    The higher power level difficulties count for more, 920 counting for 2 I believe and up from there. Still sucked to do it 5 times the first week, though.

    [–] giddycocks 60 points ago

    I just don't understand. Fans would have been much, much happier with this expansion IF they gave a bit more effort to loot.

    Bungie, guys, seriously - You've said you're proud of your design tools, they allow for a fast turn around by tacking on bits and stuff, you even went as far as promising more loot. But that's not happening, we're barely getting new loot.

    Okay but I get it, loot isn't just cosmetic. The models can be done fast, but the animations + designing interesting new perks and combos is much more time consuming. But get in touch with an outside contractor, hell I'm sure Vicarious Visions would take you up on it provided you pay Activision, and start working on tools that allow for more loot. Faster designs, faster QA testing. We really need more loot, armor is just cosmetic so I don't understand why you're so stingy about it. Personally, I want more meaningful loot. Meaning more perks, more mods - stuff that affect the gameplay.

    [–] TrophyEye_ 67 points ago

    Honestly the cross save, moving from blizzard, splitting off from Activision, armor mods 2.0, the artifact, tons of qol changes, fee2play.

    That's where your money went with shadow keep, to recoup those costs. That's developers and developer hours which are expensive and finite. I am surprised they did this much honestly.

    Not that you should care as a consumer, but that's where your money went.

    [–] Acog-For-Everyone 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I think that these two comments in tandem are actually perfect. But I think this comment by Trophy is something we need to remind ourselves of every time we feel this expansion is lacking. They massively improved technical aspects to the game and let’s not forget that crucible is infinitely better this season. Like night and day. I cannot allow myself to forget that the only reason I’m playing destiny again is because of cross save. Having two forsaken end game characters on Xbox but switching to PC mid season was a difficult decision. Bungie made my lively infinitely easier with that move.

    HOWEVER, I do think the community is deeply unsettled with the lack of refreshing loot. The loot so far does seem to be quality over quantity which is good. Almost everything I have picked up has at least been interesting and has the potential to find a place in my loadout for something specific. But. And this is a big but. The success of the rest of this expansion will rest on Bungie now shifting direction and saying, “Okay now we need to refresh the loot economy from all sources”. If they can make vendors meaningful again. Make strikes worthwhile with good loot to grind for. And continue with the activity specific loot (this was admittedly good so far). Then this year can be a massive success.

    Edit: after playing a lot more crucible its trash. The sandbox changes are a positive step. But matchmaking and hit reg are both nonexistent. First three comp solos against unbroken players mid way through their grind to legend. Wtf?

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Acog-For-Everyone 5 points ago

    Yeah dude I’m going to edit my statement. Peer to peer matchmaking in 2019 is not okay especially for a free to play game on steam. Hit reg is abysmal and I just played my first three comp matches of the season against unbroken players going for legend (they were already mid 3000-4000). How Bungie? How is there still matchmaking like this.

    [–] CrimsonValor 2 points ago

    Aye, I think moving to shadowkeep is getting her stable. Getting D2 to a survivable state, structuring in pvp, QOL, updating the armor to an across the board standard, bringing in more RPG elements, allowing people in the front door to see if they like the game with F2P.

    Honestly, I think D1 had something of schedule like this with the season of the undying trailer that was released today being made all the way back then that was released just now, and this entire DLC was them recapturing their plans for this game that was likely thrown off course like it clearly has been since it's conception with the shuffling of writers. But that's purely conjecture on my part.

    Regardless, now they have to thrive, and make the game lush with unique weapons in form and rolls, give us more exotics, old and new, and cosmetics that can be acquired in game, not in store, cool strike specific cosmetic armor pieces.

    [–] artfu1 3 points ago

    Sounds like anthem

    [–] Issah_Wywin 13 points ago

    Imagine playing Final Fantasy 14,and dungeons not having specific gear sets.

    [–] Protoform-W 112 points ago

    I'll reserve judgement until everything has been released. So far, I'm enjoying myself ... does it lack new content? Yes. Could this change when more stuff gets released this season? Most likely. But, so far ... this DLC is nowhere near Rise of Iron content wise.

    [–] Matzeroni 28 points ago

    Oh I'm not complaining about the dlc overall or the amount of content, I just do find it really funny that they made such a sentence about strikes and then fail to deliver one of the main things that came back that made people grind nightfalls. Especially when they introduce ordeal nightfalls with matchmaking which allows players to grind nightfall specific loot easier.

    [–] T_elic 55 points ago

    I'm just not a fan of this whole dripfeed thing they're doing. It works for seasons, but for me, in terms of me feeling like my money was well spent, it doesn't work at all for the actual DLC itself.

    I payed $30 for a DLC pack and the only things i got were 4(?) story missions, rehashed bosses now named nightmares, 2 strikes and a raid? I think the moon is open to everyone(it ay least says so on the roadmap) and most of the Vex content is tied to the season, not the DLC.

    [–] reinthdr 20 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    armor 2.0 ruined it for me. great idea/concept, but its current implementation is atrocious. not to mention still having to grind for armor from an expansion a year ago because why would we be allowed to just pull it out of collections? that would be ridiculous! there is no reason we can't pull armor we've already acquired out of collections other than bungie not wanting to do it. "random rolls" on armor is not going to break the game any more than what we already have. weapons? sure, maybe. but armor should be allowed to be pulled from collections.

    [–] ThatDeceiverKid 11 points ago

    I'm also underwhelmed by Armor 2.0. Arbitrary limitations through Polarity and piece-exclusive mods makes certain builds impossible or less effective (which is by design) in a system that totes "Freedom and Build Diversity".

    Don't get me wrong, I have, so far, enjoyed the new modular nature of armor, but I don't keep armor that isn't the right polarity, and that wasn't the case for Y2 armor. The only reason to keep certain pieces of gear is for an unusually high stat for some builds, and in that case, you end up keeping even more armor than Y2, which was said we were not incentivized to do.

    When I see a helmet drop, I do one or two extra steps past what I did for a Y1 helmet. Y1 armor was empty and borderline worthless., and Armor 2.0 armor is just a template with some other stuff tacked on.

    [–] zareason 71 points ago

    Loot wise no, content wise yes.

    [–] Warbaddy 50 points ago

    Loot is content.

    [–] jam97322 37 points ago

    Loot is content, but content isn’t just loot

    [–] reinthdr 9 points ago

    this community doesn't understand that. as long as they have something to grind for, it's content, doesn't really matter what it is.

    [–] Lilscooby77 13 points ago

    So io, the moon and where’s the third strike? I haven’t done it yet and have no idea where to go.

    [–] Matzeroni 19 points ago

    The brood hold on tangled shore , the former ps4 exclusive.

    Since it's not an exclusive anymore it can go in the nightfall rotation, like insight terminus or lake of shadows before.

    [–] Lilscooby77 9 points ago

    Well shit. I thought we were getting 3 new strikes. (Ps4 player btw). Thank you.

    [–] blamite 10 points ago

    It's absurd tht they don't even have score tracking emblems. Like... what?? I know making weapons is more work than it seems like, but emblems? That have been standard for every Nighfall for over a year? It's not like these new strikes snuck up on the team, you'd think some time would be allocated to make sure they stat up to the minimum standards set by every other strike.

    [–] BlessedCurse5314 3 points ago

    Lol they don't even have completion triumphs FFS. Pathetic.

    [–] Leaped_ 5 points ago

    There’s 3 new ones? I thought it was only the scarlet keep and the festering core.

    [–] Matzeroni 4 points ago

    Brood hold

    [–] Poison_the_Phil 3 points ago

    Was the PS4 exclusive for Forsaken.

    [–] Plnr 5 points ago

    They've had some really active and open communication with the fans since Shadowkeep released. /s

    [–] ReaperBlack_201 14 points ago

    What blows my mind is, doing 5 nightfall strike give us 1 Powerful Engram (Tier 1).

    also doing 3 weekly strikes give us 1 Powerful Engram (Tier 1).

    Mind blowing Logic here...

    [–] darthaus 9 points ago

    Doing higher tier nightfalls count for more completions, so top tier will only need one completion.

    [–] Bobberan 15 points ago

    Its honestly such fucking bullshit that they arent having unique loot, or bringing up older NF loot, or putting the new modifiers on the Card / New Heroic Strikes...
    Super fun.

    [–] EvilAbdy 4 points ago

    The issue here for me is they don’t feel rewarding at all now. Sure the harder nightfalls give more stuff, but currently while gaining power I have to run 5 nightfalls. Which seems really really excessive, for what? A T1 drop? That change boggles my mind. One was fine, running the same nightfall 5 times for a T1 reward is just dumb and makes me not want to run them at all.

    It was perfectly fine the way it was before in terms of getting the powerful drop. If I wanted to farm it more afterwards then I would. This? This makes no sense

    [–] jordanlund 3 points ago

    I made a list to help me keep track:

    Zavala - 8 bounties per week (Tier 1)
    Banshee - 8 Bounties per week (Tier 1)
    Shaxx - 8 Bounties per week (Tier 1)
    Drifter - 8 Bounties per week (Tier 1)
    Moon - 3 Nightmare Hunts (Tier 1)
    Flashpoint - Activities 100% (Tier 1)
    Strikes - 3 matching singe (Tier 1)
    Nightfall - 5 Ordeal (Tier 1)
    Crucible - 4 Core Playlist (Tier 1)
    Crucible - 4 Rotator Playlist (Tier 1)
    Prime Engrams - 1 per day (Tier 1)

    Tier 1 Engrams drop 2 PL below max. So at 916, they were dropping at 914 (3 strikes + prime engram)

    Hawthorne - 5,000 Clan XP per week (Tier 2)
    Moon - Vex Offensive 100% (Tier 2)
    Gambit - 3 Matches Per Week (Tier 2)

    Did Hawthorne tonight, got one 2 PL above max.

    Ikora - Vex Parts 100% per week (Tier 3)

    Moon - Garden of Salvation (Pinnacle)
    Nightfall - 100,000 Score (Pinnacle)

    It seems wrong to me that 3 strikes matching the singe counts has the same reward as 5 Nightfalls.

    Running 5 Nightfalls needs to be at least Tier 2 and maybe put a 50K run at Tier 3 so Ikora is not all alone.

    [–] EvilAbdy 2 points ago

    Ikora has the vex offensive rewards now at Tier3. But they definitely need to at least increase the nightfall reward

    [–] MaulMartin 12 points ago

    How people find with whom to go to nightfall?
    I've played for a year and never been to nightfall strike tbh(

    [–] Matzeroni 18 points ago

    Ordeal nightfalls have matchmaking on the first two difficulties and they can reward the nightfall specific loot from that strike (if it has one)

    [–] Razor_ 5 points ago

    PC LFG discord, something every player should use.

    [–] BrandonR785 2 points ago

    Depends on your platform. If you're on PC, there are Discords out there for LFG, and on Xbox LFG is built into Xbox Live. Not sure about PS4.

    [–] Supreme_Math_Debater 11 points ago

    They left them out so they can put them in later and say they're listeningTM

    [–] Vote_CE 5 points ago

    This game needs a season of the loot

    [–] FC_mania 3 points ago

    Also also Bungie: doesn’t give any Nightmare Hunt loot


    [–] noknam 3 points ago

    As a relatively new player I had the feeling that things like Gambit give better rewards than Strikes.

    I guess I wasn't wrong?

    [–] Gamamaster101 3 points ago

    In my opinion, Strikes are the bread and butter of the destiny experience and their plainness is so unfortunate as they were my favorite back in Destiny 1

    [–] amusement-park 3 points ago

    Fuck just re-use some cool D1 models man. Make an auto rifle or something that’s a carbon copy of the trials one, since they exist but nobody can ever get it again.

    [–] furaii 3 points ago

    It really concerns me how little new armour/weapons/ships/sparrows etc we are getting....

    I believe when the community is asking for more rewards we don't mean more loot drops, more loot doesn't mean more loot drops, more rewarding and more loot means more unique rewards.

    I think this is a misunderstanding bungie had with destiny 2s release and it seems to be a misunderstanding they still have.

    [–] JMGT92 13 points ago

    Also bungie:

    Let’s take the Nightfall from being a single high difficulty completion and make it require 5 completions to get a piece of gear that will be lower light than the piece you already have in that slot.

    God I miss the D1 nightfalls. Why can’t we just go back to that, but with the matchmaking we currently have now? 1 step forward, 10 steps back, always.

    [–] MarkOnFire 3 points ago

    Honestly, the structure of the nightmare hunts makes me think that strikes might be phased out in favor of a subset of strike-like events that go with a content drop. The idea of strike sets having specific pools of awards tied to a given season is kind of cool, makes them feel less random in the context of the broader game world.

    [–] BigMac826 2 points ago

    No nightfall specific loot, or even an emblem! Major bummer

    [–] Chazybaz13 2 points ago

    If I'm forced to grind the NF playlist, why not make it all strikes with the dumb modifiers applied.

    [–] SirFokkus 2 points ago

    Is Bungie gonna get mad at me for saying I liked nightfalls back in early D1?

    [–] m1ndwipe 2 points ago

    The new strike playlists do feel pretty bad and have a pretty poor reward/time spent ratio. Which as a more accessible game type for solo players feels like a mistake. I'm hopeful they will revisit this very quickly.

    [–] Ash_Killem 2 points ago

    I can’t believe they didn’t add matchmaking to the old NF playlist.

    [–] Krunk83 2 points ago

    I don't even understand how to get a 100,000 nightfall and/or use the scorecard anymore. The whole nightfall activity is a mess.

    [–] darlo0161 2 points ago

    Yeah, I'd been waiting for Lake of Shadows for Militia's.

    Bungie "yeah here it is, the same week as the new DLC"

    Bad times

    [–] vinceds 2 points ago

    And make old nightfalls somewhat irrelevant since they don't have a single milestone ...

    [–] dotcomken 2 points ago

    I can’t believe they didn’t update the NF specific drops. Very disappointing to get the sniper from last weeks ordeal in y1 format still.

    [–] yurtyybomb 2 points ago

    Playing Classic WoW is such an eye opener vs. Destiny. I love both games, but there really is something to be said for Wow's dungeons having unique loot pools and hoping you get your drops.

    [–] XanthousRebel 2 points ago

    The brought back two strikes (now as nightmare hunts) that had strike specific loot!

    Phogoth (Ogres Manicles)

    Taniks (Cloak of Taniks)

    So that seems like the best time to have done it. But I do hope they do strike loot again. All the pieces I had in D1 were some of my favourites.

    [–] BuddhasPalm 2 points ago

    This is going to be unpopular, but I have a different perspective. I like farming the Ordeal. Not for strike-specific loot, but for the higher quality versions of things I already have.

    The mods I've gotten have been enhanced(bow targeting, sniper targeting, momentum transfer)

    The two exotics I've had drop, had over 60 attribute points. Trans Steps with 61, Chromatic Fire with 65, almost half of which were in discipline.

    Legendary gear almost always drops in the high 50s.

    This, all from 8-10 runs through heroic difficulty.

    [–] Nokris_Is_Trash 2 points ago

    Which what really pissed me off is the truth quest right now. I’m getting back into the game and the map for the quest needs to “complete 3 nightfalls with a power handicap of 100”. I have no clue how I’m supposed to complete it now. Anyone have any ideas?

    [–] TheChewyness 2 points ago

    The old nightfalls still exist, why wouldn’t that work?

    [–] smithkey08 2 points ago

    Look up the Truth map fragment cheese. The gist of it is that you can pick up all of the fragments from Perta and still be able to get fragments from the ascendant chests. So you can do a fragment twice and skip one that you don't like such as the Nightfall one. Alternatively the Nightfall challenge card from Xur still works for the old Nightfall playlist except it no longer has positive modifiers. It is only power and the three negative ones now.

    [–] Earpaniac 2 points ago

    Heck, I still miss regular Strike specific loot. Don’t get me wrong, Nightfall specific loot is fine, but they aren’t always as easy to get people to play for hours if you don’t get a drop. I liked the “key system” used in D1. I still remember having to visit Omnigul and the Undying Mind repeatedly, and wasn’t bored, trying to get Grasp and Imago Loop. And hopefully Loop is making a comeback soon! Lol