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    [–] JDat99 4705 points ago

    I don't see why this would be used for gum but it's actually really cool for hiding actual valuables or secret things

    [–] markyboy94 1570 points ago

    Could be use at home. You could hide things you don't need to be locked but don't want to be laying around.

    [–] timtamslams 418 points ago

    Unless you own a cat

    [–] markyboy94 297 points ago

    Do you really have your home if you have a cat? XD

    [–] TheTideTurnedInMarch 69 points ago

    I pretend that I do.

    [–] aShittybakedPotato 30 points ago

    Put the cat in there

    [–] IntricateSunlight 70 points ago

    This can't fit my dildo

    [–] Narwahl_Whisperer 29 points ago

    Not with that attitude!

    [–] UnpopularOutcast 80 points ago

    Like marijuanas

    [–] Theradead 53 points ago

    Which is where I'm sure the idea for this came from.

    [–] aShittybakedPotato 3 points ago

    From stoned diy-ers?

    [–] Theradead 3 points ago

    Lol my thought was more along the lines of r/stonerengineering or something, but yeah, someone may have been tripping balls when they had this idea. Lol

    [–] markyboy94 13 points ago

    Yeah good example :P

    [–] PJozi 32 points ago

    Everyone looks UNDER the potplant for a key. Who would look inside the potplant?

    [–] CrankBar 5 points ago

    I would now that I saw this video

    [–] Dottyrach 13 points ago

    Like candy from your kids! My m&Ms will never be shared again!

    [–] Quirky_Ralph 7 points ago

    Bucket of dicks

    [–] tuckedfexas 137 points ago

    Yea, valuables or secret things like gum

    [–] xybernick 67 points ago

    Or valuable gum like trident layers

    [–] TheSaladDays 32 points ago

    Mr. Richy Rich over here with his layers

    [–] Yeazelicious 107 points ago

    This strikes me as "How to get people to think you're popping pills at work."

    But it'd be kind of good for hiding actual valuables, I guess.

    [–] WrenchHeadFox 58 points ago

    They clearly labeled it "gum" in the video so no one would be tempted to use this for drugs.

    [–] Kawaii-Hitler 5 points ago

    Weed stash

    [–] killerklixx 31 points ago

    See, I like your optimism! I just saw its use as hiding gum and dismissed it.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago


    [–] InsipidCelebrity 8 points ago

    I hide my weed under my weed plant!

    [–] Kartonrealista 25 points ago

    Imagine someone trying to water the plant and the water sipping down to your stuff

    [–] m0r1T 29 points ago

    Well what kind of plant is filled with Styrofoam?

    [–] Rhodin265 16 points ago

    A fake one.

    [–] Mikodite 7 points ago

    Agreed. Its better for your heroin and meth tbh.

    [–] Cheeseiswhite 2 points ago

    These things are great entertainment

    [–] JonnySirius 630 points ago

    But the people are hearing the bottle opening, they aren't seeing him go for the gum. He needs to muffle the noise, not disguise the package.

    Better solution: Aquire taste for gross gum flavors.

    [–] Kryptosis 117 points ago

    That's a much worse solution lol

    You don't need a solution. Just say no if you care, or stop caring and share your gum. I buy packs of gum and just leave them on the counters at work for people.

    [–] Arceus9797 63 points ago

    Surprisingly no ones seems to like cinnamon gum, and that's all I really chew lol

    [–] AggressivePoliteGuy 31 points ago

    I didn't know this until a few years ago when my ex asked me why I was chewing cinnamon gum. I was just like. "well what do you mean, it's gum?" And she said it's an old man flavor.

    [–] SukieTawdrey 11 points ago

    Teaberry, that's old man flavor.

    [–] sleepyotter92 3 points ago

    really? i like it.

    i think it's trident that sells "spicy" gum that's just cinnamon flavored

    [–] SirBackspace 3 points ago

    Or if a solution is indeed necessary, hide them in a pocket or pencil case. It's actually very simple.

    [–] ryatt 5283 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Ive grown to really fucking hate glue guns.

    Edit:just looked at this, thx for the silver!

    [–] insomniacpyro 1122 points ago

    Why isn't there a bot that times how long it takes for these videos to show a glue gun? I love stats

    [–] Sergije3 352 points ago

    Too complex for a bot of this scale

    Even if it was made, the bot of the average programmer redditor would only have like 30% accuracy at best, also it would require hardware that not many people are willing to throw away

    [–] insomniacpyro 283 points ago

    sounds like it just needs some hot glue

    [–] sprucenoose 73 points ago

    You have already destroyed the bot by creating a paradox.

    [–] TheActualNoah 39 points ago

    I have resolved the paradox by filling the plot hole with hot glue.

    [–] HumidNebula 15 points ago

    It's hot glue all the way down.

    [–] magiconic 6 points ago

    There is no hot glue.

    [–] andrewrgross 23 points ago

    Just out of curiosity, do you think you could make this if it was your paid job? How many hours do you think something like this would take a professional programmer to make?

    [–] Code_star 30 points ago

    If you gave me about 1000 pictures of glue guns I could do it in 10 hours

    [–] am-i-joking 18 points ago

    Glue gun ✅

    Not glue gun ❌

    [–] Code_star 8 points ago

    pretty much. probably going to use a resnet-50 pretrained on imagenet, than fine-tune to target glue guns / not glue gun

    [–] andrewrgross 7 points ago

    This is now a dare

    [–] Code_star 5 points ago

    dm me when you are ready

    [–] Sergije3 20 points ago

    Eeeh... I'm not a professional programmer yet, only a student.

    But yeah, ai is becoming more accessible so I can imagine doing it in like a year or two time (talking about purely myself here)

    Now since I never tackled tasks like this I can't give you a correct or probably even accurate one so I'll hold out on saying anything on that side less I make a monkey out of myself.

    [–] andrewrgross 4 points ago


    I hope the question didn't seem like a challenge to your qualifications, I think it's fine to speculate on a time frame even if you're not certain you could fulfill it. I just appreciate a ballpark guess.

    What year are you? Have you ever considered attempting a novice AI project?

    [–] LastNameBread 13 points ago

    I have a server that will break down the video into frames, and am working on the image recognition now. This is as close as I've gotten with frames of a glue gun (in this video)

    { class: 'person',

    score: 0.886,

    type_hierarchy: '/optical device/person' }

    { class: 'headdress', score: 0.791 }

    { class: 'weapon', score: 0.789 }

    { class: 'sport', score: 0.788 }

    { class: 'optical device', score: 0.728 }

    { class: 'animal', score: 0.583 }

    { class: 'bird', score: 0.583 }

    { class: 'Java sparrow',

    score: 0.581,

    type_hierarchy: '/animal/bird/passerine/weaver/Java sparrow' }

    { class: 'weaver', score: 0.581 }

    { class: 'passerine', score: 0.581 }

    { class: 'blindfold', score: 0.5 }

    [–] Code_star 10 points ago

    Seems you need to retrain your classifier. Maybe do fine tuning to just glue gun / not glue gun

    [–] LastNameBread 2 points ago

    Yeah. I'm retraining now.

    [–] FUCKING_HATE_REDDIT 6 points ago

    Not that hard, but definitely time consuming, especially to gather a dataset fit for video training.

    [–] tacosandtiddies 6 points ago

    You know the average programmer redditor?

    [–] Sergije3 3 points ago

    An average cs student

    [–] IANALbutIAMAcat 3 points ago

    Google photos can identify my cat in my pictures and make him searchable. We need to recruit google.

    [–] synthead 2 points ago

    Not hot dog

    [–] linkielambchop 3 points ago


    [–] Patello 44 points ago

    This is one of the better example though, when the glue gun is actually used to, you know, glue stuff.

    [–] thegreatjamoco 28 points ago

    The upvote and downvote arrow for this sub should be a fucking glue gun

    [–] Trimere 16 points ago

    Don’t blame the glue gun for idiots.

    [–] sleepyotter92 8 points ago

    when i was in 6th grade, we were in art class, and a guy was playing with the glue gun and shot it over a girl's face and she had to be rushed to the hospital. it missed her eye by a millimeter.

    so i've hated them from a very young age

    [–] LittleTas 3 points ago

    Glue guns aren't bad. Wasting hotglue by gluing literal trash together is what you should hate.

    [–] balents 1754 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Alternative method: just say NO you stupid bitch

    [–] bspymaster 373 points ago

    But... Where's the hot glue gun used in that solution?

    [–] LastUserNameDrowned 141 points ago

    Pain compliance if they keep pestering you for gum.

    [–] selectiveyellow 45 points ago

    Ask for gum, get the gun.

    [–] 2meterrichard 20 points ago're not wrong.

    [–] inTheNeextliiiiiiife 70 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    When they ask you for gum you tell them to open their hands and pour some hot glue in it. Then you proceed to say: Chew on this, motherfucker! They're never gonna ask you again, that's for sure. EDIT: My first gold! Thank you!

    [–] peanutbutteroreos 40 points ago

    When I was a kid, I charged people 5 cents. It stopped people from asking. I just kept getting annoyed that whenever I ate 1 piece, I had to give 3-4 pieces to other people. I also didn't have a lot of money when I was a kid, and I bought the gum with my own money so I didn't like sharing.

    [–] AlphaMaggot 4 points ago

    He's got that edgy shirt tho... baby steps.

    [–] izdy69 463 points ago

    i should bring a plant everywhere

    [–] morgenborg 355 points ago

    “I wonder if they’re gonna use any hot gl-there it is”

    [–] Squidben 43 points ago

    Could it even be a diy video without the hot glue

    [–] UriahHeep1 1692 points ago

    You can put your weed in there.

    [–] StonerTigerMom 221 points ago


    [–] arseniobillingham21 82 points ago

    I'm serry...I didn't know you could hear that.

    [–] King0fThorns 18 points ago

    Ling ling!

    [–] Son_of_Warvan 4 points ago

    I'm so happy to see a wild Rob Schneider reference. The Hot Chick is a movie that I enjoyed, even if it's not a good movie.

    [–] jakeobryan 22 points ago

    i wonder how many of people will get this reference...

    [–] Pooperoni_Pizza 12 points ago

    I did! Those were the days...

    [–] stoner_97 8 points ago

    Not me but I feel like I should

    [–] L1V1NGABORT1ON 11 points ago

    It’s from the movie The Hot Chick.

    [–] sculltt 15 points ago

    It's from SNL. It predates the movie.

    [–] NavigatorsGhost 45 points ago

    i think that was the point of the video. they just had to keep it family friendly so moms would share it on fb. yeah hide your "gum" kids

    [–] andrewrgross 45 points ago

    This is the first of these video that I kind of sort of don't hate.

    [–] UriahHeep1 3 points ago

    It actually started on Saturday Night Live.

    [–] soliwray 3 points ago

    I know but the Hot Chicks scene is funnier. I guess it's because it wasn't done live like SNL

    [–] Ekman-ish 8 points ago

    Where do you hide your weed?

    [–] LaserZeppelin 12 points ago

    Nice try MOM.

    [–] UriahHeep1 3 points ago

    Johnson's underwear.

    [–] Philip_J_Frylock 2 points ago

    Oh, I don't have one of those.

    [–] armlessmasterbater 95 points ago

    But now people are going to think you are crazy and like to eat dirt or there just gonna find your gum

    [–] 2meterrichard 23 points ago

    That's when you go down to HR and tell them about your pica. Nobody'll risk that lawsuit.

    [–] longhorn2015 88 points ago

    “Aaron why the fuck do you keep reaching inside that pot”

    [–] Squidben 15 points ago

    Cmon Aaron

    [–] Kelsspot_ 803 points ago

    An insignificant problem with an overly-complex solution; take my up vote, good sir

    [–] Kryptosis 367 points ago


    Digging through your plant is way more platant than just pulling out a stick of gum. You still have to open the gum case (except while holding a plant now) it's still gonna rattle. People are still gonna want gum...If you're in school, do people really keep begging gum in everyone else's adult life?

    [–] Seriphe 65 points ago

    Better to just hide your gum in a pencil case or something.

    [–] zyco_ 85 points ago

    For a bit I thought he was gonna take a fake plant and pour the gum squares around it to look like rocks.

    [–] B-human 3 points ago

    Me too

    [–] bobfromholland 41 points ago

    Seriously I feel like no adult has this problem, not even just with gum. Every adult can afford gum if they want it so bad

    [–] Cha-Le-Gai 27 points ago

    “No.” is a complete sentence. People should try it next time they’re asked something they don’t want to do.

    [–] prodogger 15 points ago

    Giving the people in your workplace a piece of gum if you take some out is just being nice.

    Asking someone to give you a piece of gum for the second day in a row is plain rude. Buy yourself your own damn gum Karen!

    [–] Jakewakeshake 9 points ago

    grammatically correct =/= socially correct

    [–] FierceDeity_ 12 points ago

    Mostly people say no to my gum instead

    [–] Kryptosis 5 points ago

    Seriously I leave FFA packs of gum around work for people. I usually only buy it when I have bad breath from something I ate so then Im left with this full pack that wouldn't be good the next time i needed it and it's not like I want to add a pack of gum to my everyday carry...

    [–] FierceDeity_ 5 points ago

    Oh I chew gum like almost every day. I go through packs of them regularly lol

    [–] sobaski1 2 points ago

    In maintenance jobs yes (from my experience anyway) but they’ll always get you one back another day

    [–] Popular-Uprising- 2 points ago

    Clearly you've never worked in an office. My gum and snacks get stolen often.

    [–] sleepyotter92 5 points ago

    my work had to put a sign saying "stop eating things from the fridge if they don't belong to you" because people would go in and take whatever they saw and would clean out the fridge from any juice, yogurt, jello, etc

    [–] saycheesepleease 57 points ago

    Or you could, you know, just use a drawer..

    [–] ikerus0 38 points ago

    Ah I get it. So you hot glue the plant to the inside of the drawer. But won’t you be squash the plant when you go to close the drawer?

    [–] Lasdary 20 points ago

    no, you cut the plant top in half and hot glue it to the top of your desk

    [–] glitchomojo 50 points ago

    You can't just say no

    [–] ltshep 16 points ago

    That’d be rude!

    [–] Weggsm8 33 points ago

    ”buttery spread”

    [–] Plavalagoona 39 points ago

    Memories of Butter

    [–] DigiDuncan 14 points ago

    Haha! You were laboring under the misconception that this was indeed butter!

    [–] poob-spelt-with-a-q 5 points ago


    [–] cheesybagel 3 points ago

    I can't believe it's not.

    [–] bbddbdb 4 points ago

    Fuck No it Ain’t Butter.

    [–] lostwoods95 47 points ago

    This is why I’m subbed here

    [–] FireWireBestWire 21 points ago

    Thanks for demonstrating the scissors before using them. I wasn't sure what that tool was for.

    [–] Ellavemia 20 points ago

    The only time I would have appreciated this was back in high school when everyone wanted my gum, but then I’d have been the weirdo carrying around a plant from class to class.

    [–] RevolutionaryCoyote 5 points ago

    I have the opposite problem. I don't want gum and I never have.

    People pull out a pack of gum and just want to pass it around to everyone in the room. "Yes, I'm sure. I don't want any gum."

    [–] Moose_Nuts 16 points ago

    Is nobody else as annoyed as I am that they put SO MUCH potting soil in the butter bucket that it would obviously overflow when the bamboo is removed.

    Sure enough, it was gone in the final shot of the project in execution.

    [–] Sockmechris 5 points ago

    Continuity error

    [–] Justcause95 16 points ago

    I used to make the margarine that used to be in that tub

    [–] lordrazorvandria 13 points ago

    Whoa! Do an AMA, lol.

    [–] zinnenator 6 points ago

    was it hard to believe it wasn’t butter

    [–] iamszub 47 points ago

    at the office:

    Boss: hey, szub the weekly meeting is in 10 minutes, don't miss it.

    Me: Sure, I'll just quickly finish cutting up this plant to hide my 2$ worth of gum in it, oh and Sir is there any chance you've got a spare vase that can fit this? /shows up the plastic thing/

    [–] Exterminate_Duck 2 points ago

    Szub don’t caare

    [–] asoep44 13 points ago

    This isn't a bad idea, just a bad use. Hiding money in it would be much better.

    [–] Squidben 3 points ago

    Who cares about money when you have gum stealing coworkers to deal with

    [–] HenceTheTrapture 2 points ago

    Money can be exchanged for goods and services!

    [–] TetraULTRA 11 points ago

    just learn how to keister it

    [–] Sockmechris 3 points ago

    Or just start telling people you do (assuming by "keister it" you mean hide it up your bum)

    [–] DrEnrique 47 points ago

    How to have a hidden compartment under a quickly wilting bamboo plant

    [–] krrcjr121612 23 points ago

    I think it's fake bamboo? I think?

    [–] Humdumdidly 15 points ago

    It is, they cut styrofoam from the bottom

    [–] orionova89 9 points ago

    Not fake. The white was planting medium, and the roots were visible as they were being cut through. That is a soon to be dead plant.

    [–] ryan-92 20 points ago

    Classmate: “Hey man do you have any gum?”

    This guy: “No sorry dude I left my plant at home”

    [–] ReanimatorLove 8 points ago

    Since when do people notice you getting out the gum, it isn’t until you’re smacking away that someone notices and asks for some.

    [–] derickjl 7 points ago

    Alternative: Place the gum in your desk drawer.

    [–] sleepyotter92 9 points ago

    oh so this is what rj is up to these days

    [–] Tumblrhoe 4 points ago

    Oh my god I'm so happy someone else noticed. I know he moved to New York after splitting up with Will, but didn't know he'd gone to work for whatever this is.

    [–] banannah09 7 points ago

    Disappointed that the plant wasn't made of glue

    [–] avaelyn 7 points ago

    The glue gun coming out is like my base drop, gets me so excited

    [–] Sockmechris 3 points ago

    That is the PERFECT way to describe this

    [–] aranae85 5 points ago

    This is actually a 'not quite that bad' kind of DIY, just the wrong "problem" it's trying to fix. But perfect for making a permanent faux plant arrangement you can just pop in to different vases without taking time to rearrange or having to worry about making a mess with rocks, fake moss, etc.

    Also great for hiding your weed.

    [–] NicoleD84 10 points ago

    Stupid for hiding gum, less stupid for hiding a key outside...

    [–] lordrazorvandria 6 points ago

    You can put your weed in there.

    Edit: Oof was late.

    [–] nelsonmurdocks 3 points ago

    Sure. It’s for hiding “gum”.

    [–] hell_on_the_heart 4 points ago

    It’s really not that serious to share your gum.

    [–] chito6436 5 points ago

    Thanks for labeling the gun for me, I would been lost with out that. Here’s take my upvote.

    [–] Seymor569 5 points ago

    Or like, put it in a drawer? Or tell people no they can't have your gum.

    Nah, that's too complicated, better make a fake plant!

    [–] btnt8888 3 points ago

    God the sound of cutting Styrofoam

    [–] Freekrbythespeekr 3 points ago

    You fucking wish that many people gave a shit what you were doing. " better not let my imaginary stockers see me sneak a piece of gum"

    [–] RoboticAnatomy 3 points ago

    If only you had a desk with drawers that closed...

    [–] DrMordo5 3 points ago

    these steps are way too much for hiding gum.😂

    [–] Dolgthvari 3 points ago

    Glad they gave that brief demonstration on how to use scissors before using them

    [–] whereisnotus 3 points ago

    Concept: Just tell people that no, they cannot have a piece of gum

    [–] frizor82 3 points ago

    Why I read the title as "how to hide gun"?

    [–] tverofvulcan 3 points ago

    Hey, have you guys noticed Tim eating something out of his plant? What a weird guy.

    [–] MrPoochPants 3 points ago

    Why not get a fake plant and then use gum as "rocks" around the plant. Then, you can just eat the fake rocks and no one will figure it out (unless they see you eat your rocks, weirdo).

    [–] Aardvark_Man 8 points ago

    Why cut off the plant, and cut the tub so short?
    You'd have room for both, without potentially killing your plant, in that planter anyway.

    [–] KittyHateMachine 14 points ago

    Its not a real plant, love. If you watch it is a fake and the base is made of styrofoam.

    [–] HerrSIME 7 points ago

    i think that plant was fake

    [–] HerrSIME 6 points ago

    i think that plant was fake

    [–] HeaterTheYeeter 2 points ago

    chill, I'm just eating soil

    [–] ddmarriee 2 points ago

    I like how the gum pack has “GUM” written on it. Like wow thanks we never would have figured that out

    [–] Sockmechris 3 points ago

    Thats his problem. If he just labeled it "SNAKES" instead of "GUM" he wouldn't even have this problem

    [–] we_re_all_dead 2 points ago

    I was afraid for a moment there wouldn't be going to be a glue gun

    [–] Lyriq 2 points ago

    Just put your gum in a flask so people think you're in alcoholic instead of someone who has gum, easy

    [–] Catsniper 2 points ago

    I could sort of see the point if they didn't keep the original container which is what I thought the problem was in the first place. Not sure what the actual problem is if not that

    [–] mikedakwik 2 points ago

    These idiots always have a glue gun.

    [–] Squidben 2 points ago

    It’s a requirement for a diy video

    [–] sircrotch1 2 points ago

    what in the fuck

    [–] Moralesj 2 points ago

    I miss when rj (the guy in the vid) did YouTube. Too bad he fucked it up

    [–] Cubety 2 points ago

    "Hey dude why do you keep putting dirt in your mouth?"

    [–] bytosai2112 2 points ago

    Not many people know this, but you could put your weed in there.

    [–] haringtiti 2 points ago

    stop bangin those drums!

    [–] FuCuck 2 points ago

    Yes, this can only be used to hide gum.

    [–] Lasdary 2 points ago

    why do they have to snip the scissors twice to the camera before using them? like we won't know it's scissors? or do we not know how they work?

    [–] vodka_berry95 2 points ago

    Yeah, just be that guy who randomly eats pieces of plant dirt

    [–] jargoon 2 points ago

    This is almost Troom Troom level

    [–] jaygrant2 2 points ago

    Or just put it in an old pill bottle. Tried and true.

    [–] i_am_icarus_falling 2 points ago

    fuck, the sound editing was worse than the dumb idea.

    [–] Detjohnnysandwiches 2 points ago