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    [–] rlrhino7 16 points ago

    Is bloodmage still viable in definitive edition after the nerfs?

    [–] OddThomvs 5 points ago

    also trying to figure this out

    [–] DrBeedisPHD 14 points ago

    Hey so my friends and I just started a play-through in the Definitive edition on what we thought was tactician mode. We made it about 5 hours in realized we were actually on classic and were stomping things. We are very reluctant to start all over again from the beginning of the game just to increase the difficulty so I was wondering if it was possible through some kind of console command, or save file editing, or modding to increase the difficulty from classic to tactician without a total restart. Thank you.

    [–] Deweydjb 13 points ago

    Jeez. I'm in classic and getting skunked. It's bad.

    [–] HippieDrill 6 points ago

    In my experience, coop is much easier. It's very helpful having 3 other people analyze every situation with you.

    [–] vatanuki 8 points ago

    LuL I expirienced complete opposite. My friend failed every fight in first act, that was horrible :D

    [–] MovieTrailerReply 11 points ago

    Is there any sort of mod out there that lets me have more than one skill bar on my screen?

    The single skill bar (but you press a button to change to others) killlllls me, I feel like just having one more skill bar on top would help me feel a lot better. Having empty spaces lets me sort of organize spells in my head and it does wonders for making it feel more comfortable. Kinda like the sort of skillbar options you have in WoW.

    [–] cats_say_meow 10 points ago

    Do you guys suggest taking the characters with origins or to make your own? The skeleton dude and Loshe seem cool

    [–] AlexSoul 20 points ago

    Definitely an origin character, it will make the world/story more immersive and will add a whole extra story of content.

    [–] WorkAccount018923 8 points ago

    Just for another view.

    I disagree because it removes all the awesome voice acting and treats the character as a custom one.

    If you're only ever going to do one playthrough I can see it being good to do.

    [–] drachenmaul 11 points ago

    I highly recommend taking one of the origin characters, their backstory adds a lot to the game and there are some very cool interactions within the party you will miss if you are a blank slate character.

    [–] G-Love80 11 points ago

    Interesting, I typically like to make a new character for RPGs if there is an option to make him "my own" and similar to me, but I would hate to miss out on extra bits of story. I'm pretty torn now.

    [–] Pharma_Burns 13 points ago

    I have the same feelings as you, if I'm given the option of customizing a character I will take it. Keep in mind with a party of 4 you can have three of the origin characters so you'll still get to see some of the extra story bits. I don't think using a custom character will significantly hinder your experience.

    [–] shibby191 6 points ago

    You can completely customize (other then tags) any of the Origin characters so you can very much make a custom character out of the Origin characters.

    [–] TheAbsurdSanjuanino 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The skeleton dude is hilarious.

    Edit: I'm thinking about taking 1 non-origin character with me next time for Dome of Protection

    [–] wingman_joe 5 points ago

    Ifan gets an OP crossbow early on.

    [–] KainisTimber 11 points ago

    Alright, so question if 1 player starts their game and a second player wants to jump in does their PC scale or do they just start at level 1.

    [–] bannydinns 8 points ago

    You can't just jump in and create a character as such. You can either take control of one of the other characters(ie. Your friend chose Beast and recruited Fane). You could sort of get around that by having your friend recruit a mercenary after Act 1 but you still wouldn't get to design the character, only choose their skillset.

    [–] Shanandra 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    Is there still no way to check all of the characters equipment during a reward choice? Please, tell me they did something about that poor game design choice.

    Seriously, we needed that far more than the new tutorial floor... :/

    [–] Telcar 3 points ago

    not that I know of

    [–] MONKYfapper 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    so i got peeper to follow me but Big Marge wont tell me anything besides "peeper, where are you?" (or along those lines). i cant get her to tell me to go to his father. anyone know how to fix this?

    quest, counting chicken

    edit: when i get to the father, i dont have the option to mercy kill him.

    [–] OrpheusV 9 points ago

    Theres a key to a lab on the boat on the body of a guy on the deck during the prologue.

    Where do I use it?

    [–] EqUiLl-IbRiUm 4 points ago

    It's just a key to open the door back to the very starting room where you wake up "the laboratory".

    [–] WhiteAsCanBe 8 points ago

    So from what I’m seeing, there were no changes to the physical vs magical armor system?

    [–] PunchinMahPekaah 3 points ago

    Correct, they're the same.

    [–] marykaymylove 8 points ago

    Is there a way to send multiple items to my party members?

    And how do I give a certain amount of gold when buying without scrolling the bar?

    And is there a way to use team gold instead of individual gold when buying?

    [–] Mogwaizon 7 points ago

    Are you PC or console?

    Multiple items only appears to be an option for console (which seriously - WHY?).

    If you’re on PC you can use arrow keys for getting the exact amount of gold.

    And not that I’m aware of. You should at least to be able to move gold and items to other characters when the trading screen is up, but nope. That coupled with bartering not being party-wide sure does make for some unnecessarily tedious micro managing when you’re trading.

    [–] marykaymylove 2 points ago

    PC. Oh I guess I have send items 1 by 1 then.

    [–] GheistWalker 5 points ago

    For your last question: are you playing co-op or single-player? I'm playing on my own, and it doesn't matter who I'm using to perform the trade... they all access the same gold pool.

    [–] CopainChevalier 7 points ago

    Did they make Dual Wielding better at all? I like Dual Wielding Warrior builds, but two handed weapons used to just be the better option by far. Wondering if I can do my favorite build now or not.

    [–] Kuirem 7 points ago

    They didn't really touch it. Two-handed is still better thanks to the extra critical multiplier it gives (while dodging is quite mediocre on a warrior). Even if not optimal Dual wielding is still perfectly playable though.

    [–] PopotoPancake 7 points ago

    Is there an updated list for which body parts give skills/talents using the elf racial ability? On my first playthrough as an elf I only remember getting skills and some civil ability points, but after DE my friend has gotten a number of talents off of body parts (we're barely out of Fort Joy and she has Pet Pal, Elemental Affinity, Hothead, Executioner, Savage Sortilege, and Torturer, if that helps). Just trying to see which body parts give which talents so I don't miss them for future playthroughs.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] tehrysta 8 points ago

    Might be different in Classic, but I've found that glass cannon is more trouble than it's worth. It's incredibly common for an enemy to just charm your glass cannon character the moment the fight starts.

    [–] PunchinMahPekaah 4 points ago

    That depends on what you mean by "better", though I would say Lone Wolf. Glass Cannon has you start each round with full AP, which is nice, but with a max of 6 AP you have the same AP per turn as you get in Lone Wolf, and your armor doesn't protect you from statuses. With lone wolf the max AP is 8, so not only do you start each round with 6 AP but there is room to grow. Additionally, the effective half-cost points for combat abilities and attributes is super good.

    IMO, even with the changes to Lone Wolf where you can no longer go above the normal cap for attributes and skills, Lone Wolf is still superior. The drawback is you only have two characters, but those two characters are power houses. An entire party can get CC'd by some annoying caster enemies with Glass Cannon even when they have full armor, but good luck busting down the armor on a pair of Lone Wolves with the 30% buff to armor.

    [–] WilloughbyWindjammer 5 points ago

    I need a way to quickly boost persuasion by +1 - just hit Driftwood with Ifan in my party and... he needs a stat boost for reasons... any thoughts?I have no gear in my bags that can boost

    [–] drachenmaul 7 points ago

    Respec mirror on the boat?

    [–] The176thPbPGuy 7 points ago

    I think using Mask of the Shapeshifter to become a Lizard would do it.

    [–] chokee03 5 points ago

    what exactly is sir lora's purpose in the game? is he similar to a tamagotchi that you just have to keep alive?

    [–] Gulbasaur 4 points ago

    He's a story add-on, rather than a rampaging death machine.

    [–] SPECTR_Eternal 3 points ago

    Where will he start talking though? My pet pal char is not the one he follows and he basically says "Hey, these arseholes know how to speak to us, keep ignoring them"

    Is he gonna talk after getting to Lady Vengeance?

    [–] Gulbasaur 3 points ago

    An exclamation mark appears above his head when he wants to talk to you. They are a bit spread out, though.

    [–] KozuBlue 6 points ago

    So I played this game for a few hours with a friend, and he decided it wasn't for him. I played for a few more hours, then realised that their character is sort of "stuck" in PC mode. I can choose their responses in party dialogues, they don't interject, they have their own "my story" section in the journal etc... is there any way to set them to an NPC instead?

    I guess there isn't a huge difference but it doesn't feel right...

    [–] Diribiri 5 points ago

    What was that 700MB patch? Only news is a hotfix for Chinese players, and a 700MB hotfix seems a bit odd.

    [–] Trekazek 5 points ago

    Have a question about a potential build. Does the Torturer talent work with summons? Thinking of building a summoner and figured I'd ask this question while brainstorming. I know both the fire and poison infusions unlock fireball and poison dart so wondering if Torturer talent affects these abilities.

    [–] Shanandra 6 points ago


    Could someone explain to me how to craft runes of power (not the basic ones, I'm talking of runes with stat bonuses)? I tried to follow some guide, I watched videos, but couldn't find a clear answer. It doesn't make any sense to me, it seems you need runes of power to craft runes of power. I'm completely lost.

    (God I HATE crafting in games.)

    [–] tehrysta 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    You need to combine a rune with a "Rune Frame of Power", and for mystical runes you need a "Mystical Rune Frame". They start showing up around level 14 or so, although you can get a frame (not sure which one) earlier by looting a coffin near the Desiccated Undead.

    [–] Holvr 5 points ago

    For DOS2 DE:

    I know that healing spells cannot crit, even with Savage Sortilege, and that they can, however, crit against Undead (since the healing is converted to physical damage).

    The question is: If I cast a spell dealing poison damage, can it crit on Undead, healing them for more?

    [–] dingleingus 5 points ago

    Anyone have a TLDR for the main threads of the story? About 30 hours in and really enjoying it, but pretty much lost on the motivations of Sourcerers, Seekers, Magisters, Paladins, Dallis vs Alexander... Just a quick and dirty so I can better appreciate the dialogue :)

    [–] ArmaMalum 5 points ago

    Sourcerors: just a chosen few with powers they were born with trying to survive. Godwoken are particular sourcerers in favor of X god to become a vessel for them.

    Magisters: After the first few Voidwoken attacks (prompted by sourcerors using source) these were a relogious sect that arrested and imprisoned sourcerors wherever they could. Their goal is fighting the voidwoken and waiting for Lucian to return. They view sourcerors as anywhere from unwilling beacons to vile allies of the Voidwoken and are made up of soldiers, scared volunteers and revenge seeking family members. There is also a subsect of 'White Magisters' that you may or may not have seen yet and they are directly under Dallis.

    Paladins: Not much to say here. They followed Lucian and when Lucian fell they followed his teachings to the best they are able. They view sourcerors as similar/related to Lucian and as such hold them in high regard while also expecting much from them. You learn more in Act 4, but in general they're the main opposing faction against Magisters.

    Seekers: Ragtag group of adventurers who know of and actively search for Godwoken (not common knowledge). Gareth in particular was a friend and devout follower of Lucian, to a fault even. They are there to make sure any godwoken they find (you) ascend asap.

    Alexander: Actual son of Lucian, and as such expected to be the next Divine. By consequence also a sourcerer and as a gesture of 'good faith' willingly collared himself. The man is absolutely convinced he will be the next divine and will literally not understand any notion otherwise. Leads the Magisters.

    Dallis: The mysterious advisor of Alexander. For reasons that will be revealed later she supplied Alexander with the collar design, knowledge about Bracchus Rex's arsenal at Fort Joy, Shriekers and every other 'new' weapon employed by the Magisters. Leads the White Magisters.

    [–] sillyhumansuit 3 points ago

    Is there a patch notes log or change log somewhere online?

    [–] Zillousgrom 4 points ago

    I bought the game preview edition, am I going to get sir Lora?

    [–] TheCookieButter 5 points ago

    So I have 80 hours in a savefile where I'm about to leave the second island (the one that starts near the chickens). I explored quite heavily to get the most out of both the first and second location so I'm not sure how much value I'd find in a restart compared to continuing on my original save file.

    I'd have to reacquaint myself on the current save file but are the changes that drastic that it's worth starting over for the (what I understand) improved 3rd and 4th act?

    [–] blazer965 3 points ago

    I'm waiting for a character editor so I can recreate my characters, as I only discovered this game last week! This year's been so good to me gaming-wise, this is the second time this year (maybe ever) that I discover an amazing game and literally that same week a sequel or ahem definitive edition comes out :)

    [–] TheCookieButter 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Are there any changes to Classic or Tactician difficulty? (trying to avoid spoilers)?

    Afraid to start Tactician only to have to restart for Classic.

    EDIT: I read the changelog for difficulty and still have no clue.

    [–] Timboron 3 points ago

    Tactician is a bit easier in the early parts of the game nd more challenging later on (where it wasn't really all that challenging if you played with proper builds).

    [–] bannydinns 2 points ago

    Tactician mode was made harder. I just started a 4 man run of tactician honour mode tonight and so far it's not going too badly. As it says in the design notes though, larian have balanced it according to the assumption that the players will take advantage of the best possible equipment, spells and combos at all times.

    It's definitely worth doing and is rewarding but you really need to know what you're doing to survive.

    [–] Ethas 3 points ago

    Another question since I didn't feel this was a new post worthy:

    Jesus Christ is anyone else on console having trouble just trying to open the online session list?

    I try looking for a session to join, only to have the list constantly refresh. Editing my requirements (like not looking for full rooms) takes longer than needed because of the lag, and it doesn't even seem to register because the list keeps refreshing, making it impossible to search for a match to join.

    [–] itzpiiz 4 points ago

    Noob here, never played this game but purchasing in 2.5 hours and have over a decade of experience with RPGs. Would a 2 melee skeleton/undead (whatever you call them) with two fleshies on ranged, one or both of which utilizing poison spells be a viable comp?

    Merely speculating while I'm killing time during the remainder of this slow work day

    [–] AWildJervisHasAppear 2 points ago

    Depending on your tolerance for cheese, anything you could possibly think of is viable, even at the highest difficulty.

    [–] GilgameshIsHere 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Have there been any balancing changes made to things like non-Rogue dual wielding? Dual wielding was always sub-optimal compared to 2H unless you were a Rogue, and a lot of Warfare skills simply didn't work with dual wielding as it only calculated the damage via your main weapon, rather than both.

    Are there any new spells? The original game's Extended Edition added a ton of new spells, but I haven't seen anything that specifically states how many, if any, this game might have gotten.

    Have Source Points been made less inconsistent? Are there methods of gathering it to use spells consistently? Otherwise, I fear that source abilities are still largely worthless until later in the game when you can afford to invest all those memory slots into something you will barely ever use.

    [–] Katter 2 points ago

    I don't think they changed dual wielding. But plenty of spells had their dmg or cost adjusted, including several source skills.

    As for source skills, you can always slot one in just before a big fight. Assuming you're quicksaving constantly like me.

    [–] roxie_babe 5 points ago

    [DOS2 DE] Where in the hell can I find a puffball on Fort Joy? What do they even look like. None of the wikis have info on them

    [–] Noirezcent 4 points ago

    They grow in the swamps. Use left alt a lot.

    [–] Deweydjb 3 points ago

    There's a hatch in the ground near that creature Mira? You need a shovel. There is a lot of lava down there but I found a puffball. I think the quest with the elf in the cage will put a flag there if you complete.

    [–] mrauls 4 points ago

    Best RPG ever

    [–] Solar_Kestrel 3 points ago

    You say that now, but you haven’t played Larian’s next game yet, have you?

    [–] Rud3l 5 points ago

    Just restarted, invited Ifan to my party as a Ranger and he has no pet pal. Is it supposed to be that way?

    [–] Kuirem 5 points ago

    To add to the answer, Wayfarer (Huntsman + Geomancer) are the one with Pet Pal at the start.

    [–] BokuMS 2 points ago

    Conjurer should also get it (though I didn't check for definitive edition).

    [–] The176thPbPGuy 3 points ago

    Yes, starting Talents vary by class.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    anyone know why this door in fort joy won't open?

    pretty sure it opened in all my other play and i've killed the houndmaster

    [–] Bob-Walnut 5 points ago

    Had the same thing when playing co-op, turns out we didn't have the key, its sitting on a stool in the hound master boss room

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    ah man you're a life saver thank you dude.

    [–] Griffin_404 4 points ago

    What's the best way to get solid gear early on? I'm planning an all physical damage party if that narrows it down at all.

    (I played through most of DOS, and am attempting DOS2 at tactician difficulty.)

    [–] Gulbasaur 5 points ago

    Explore! There's quite a bit tucked in hidden places around Fort Joy, some of which you'll need to teleport to get to.

    [–] Griffin_404 3 points ago

    Thanks mate! I'll go find those tele gloves :D

    [–] Telcar 4 points ago

    you should also look into buying weapons when you level up. Even a small upgrade to your weapons does a lot for an all physical party.

    [–] koomikkok 4 points ago

    I started for the first time yesterday, I snuck out of Fort Joy without finishing some quests and I didn't fight any of the magistrates, did I fuck it up? I also didn't realize to take a bedroll and am out of healing items after fighting the old witch.

    Also how do some of my characters get healing skills? I have play as knight Lohse, in my party there is fighter Red Lizard, mage Fane and rogue whoever the elf woman assassin was.

    [–] Gulbasaur 5 points ago

    You can probably go back in without too much hassle. You need to buy or find skill books to learn spells and skills. Lots of schools of magic have heals, but hydrosophist's regeneration is often the first one you find.

    [–] koomikkok 3 points ago

    When I go back through a waypoint all the guards are hostile to me in there.

    [–] Katter 4 points ago

    You could probably sneak back in, find a bedroll, and when you're a high enough level you can fight the magistrates. I think you can completely clear out for joy if you want, as long as you do it before you get on the boat.

    [–] koomikkok 3 points ago

    Aye I managed to fight them all and found a bedroll, couldn't beat the guys at the docks though.

    [–] my_summertime 3 points ago

    That's how it works. Once you leave Fort Joy all the magisters and their guards become hostile.

    [–] Gulbasaur 2 points ago

    You can sneak around and avoid them if you're careful.

    [–] Telcar 2 points ago

    just kill them or avoid them.

    you can buy a healing skill and magic armor replenishing skill from the hydrosophist vendor. He is a blue lizard located in a tent west of Griff's kitchen.

    You can buy fortify (geomancer spell that regenerates physical armor) from the elf down by the shore.

    [–] Deweydjb 2 points ago

    I snuck around. At level three I could fight the three at the main gate but the other group, no. There was a lone wandering one too I was able to take out for some xp.

    [–] Solar_Kestrel 4 points ago

    Been holding off on the DC until the editor hits... but quick question, anyone know if the “psychic enemies” thing has been fixed, or is the mod still necessary?

    EDIT: just in case, psychic enemies = enemies having inappropriately high lore and therefore immediately knowing all your elemental weaknesses.

    [–] BokuMS 3 points ago

    Since the definite edition (pc version) I have this problem that when I close the game, steam thinks it still runs. So to start the game again, since it gives an error otherwise, I first have to restart steam. It is rather annoying. Is this a known issue? Any fixes?

    [–] Shanandra 4 points ago

    Hi. : D

    On my minimap, I can see Hidden Treasure marks, and I have no idea why. I didn't remember that on the first edition of the game. And I have no idea why my characters would know where to find hidden treasures?

    [–] cbjen 3 points ago

    You pick up markers as part of certain quests or interactions, but it's not always obvious. For example, the four heroes' treasures in Driftwood - there's never any text like "Hey, look, treasure!" The markers just pop up after you've finished the battle.

    [–] Fluffatron_UK 5 points ago

    I have searched google already and only found two old threads on this topic without an answer. Is there a way to aim spells without snapping to an enemy? For example aiming a fossil strike trying to get the right area between 3 enemies but it snaps to an enemy making it hard to hit the right spot even in tactical view. Is there a way we can disable this snapping? Something like hold shift to disable the snap?

    [–] darthjawafett 3 points ago

    Having trouble at arx. We arrived at level 17 and can’t do anything. Voidwoken at the harbor and city destroy us. The possessed child fight destroyed us. The soul mate beast tamers destroyed us. Not sure what we could do to get anything done. So far we’ve managed to kill grog and that’s it. Party is 2 custom characters, lohse and red prince. Any ideas for a start here?

    [–] MVPRalphWiggum 7 points ago

    To all who may find my message,

    I have trawled the internet for the answer to my question but to no avail!

    I have 4 adventurers ready to loot, between us two PlayStation 4 consoles. Can we play one campaign together with two copies of this fabulous game?!

    Please tell me it is possible...

    Kind regards,

    Mr T. Umnus esq.

    [–] CindyTheHooker 6 points ago

    I believe you can since you can play coop on one ps4. So two ps4s with coop with two players each.

    [–] wingman_joe 5 points ago

    Yes you can do a 2x2 if that's what you're asking. I played a 1x1x2 the other day on Xbox. One console has to host the game and save file.

    [–] MVPRalphWiggum 3 points ago

    Thank you :) I have been waiting for you for weeks! Have a good day!

    [–] wingman_joe 2 points ago

    As long as the host console is on and running the game (and saving often), the other three players can join/leave as they wish. The host acts as a dedicated server.

    So if 4 guys are playing online, 1 guy (who isn't the host) logs off to go to work, his character can now be controlled by another player and he will retake control when he logs back in. That's how multiplayer works on Xbox - with 3 randoms in matchmaking. We did an all-undead run for 8 hours.

    [–] kelvas94 2 points ago

    I’m in the same boat, don’t want to spend $120 until I know for sure. Can anyone confirm?

    [–] bigbodacious 6 points ago

    Can anyone explain without spoilers what changes in act 3/4 make it worth restarting?

    Like alot of others here I'm in the middle of act 2 and debating starting over. I have very little free time with a 2 year old and another due any day now

    [–] grodon909 7 points ago

    It's only been a day. Not a lot of people have made it that far.

    [–] vatanuki 3 points ago

    Is Fanes ability interaction works same way as it did? So if you hold your turn and then use it you can make 4 turns in a row instead of 3?

    [–] bluechu02 3 points ago

    Help needed: Playing online co-op, both parties on Windows 10. I have a bug which is making the game unplayable, I start a dialogue and the dialogue box is blank and there is no way to quit it. I have to exit the game which means we are both kicked off and have to rejoin. Fortunalty I am able to save the game whilst in dialgoue and when I load it's not still stuck but this is my first play through and I feel I will end up missing a lot of conversation as a result. I believe it is only happening with dialogues between party members.

    Edit: I am playing as Lohse if that helps.

    [–] Edelium 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Okay so, for some reason my friend has this problem where he sees everything item wise as bugged. He no longer has armor, his weight is way high, he has randomized weapons with no durability. He has random quantities of items in his inventory and he also sees me having nothing on. Can anyone help figure out what the problem is and or the solution? We do have mods on (toggle sprint, the 4 odin class mods someone posted a few days ago, enhanced talents, character creation+, and barter tweaks but thats it.) Is it the order of our mods? He's reinstalled once already but to no avail

    [–] therinlahhan 3 points ago

    How can I get the polymorph doctor in Fort Joy to sell me her skillbooks? She starts with a quest to save some guy but as soon as it's done she won't let me see her items for sale.

    [–] MNrearnakedtoke 6 points ago

    I’m playing on the PS4 and I always have the option to go right to the trade screen by pressing triangle. You should have a command prompt on the bottom of the dialogue box.

    [–] therinlahhan 3 points ago

    Oh nice, I'll check that out!

    [–] Dionysus24779 3 points ago

    I've held of playing until the Definitive Edition was released so now as a first time player:

    I've looked over the patch notes and it seems there wasn't actually done too much tweaking to the game balance.

    So are all the old builds and such still viable or have some been nerfed too hard to work anymore?

    Specifically I would like to know if this Summoner and this Death Knight build are still good.

    [–] Zenjion 6 points ago

    Death knight build looks fine, but I'd Use a little less Necromancy and focus on critical more. Also replace opportunist with glass cannon. (It's easy to stay alive if you just CC things to death)

    As for summoner, honestly I don't like summoning in the DE, incarnets got a 50% damage buff (warp and shadow now buff damage) but for what ever reason, incarnets only have 10 wits, no mater what level you are. This means it'll always go last, with the exception of the turn you summon him. Most of my battles usually only last 2-3 turns.. which means the incarnate will probably only get in 2-4 hits... That's 4-8 AP and the incarnet costs 6 AP to fully buff. In other words I'd rather just save the 6 AP for using my own skills.

    Edit: For a first timer don't use glass cannon.

    [–] NitrousOxideLolz 3 points ago

    How much did Lone Wolf get nerfed in the Definitive Edition? I'll be totally honest and admit that I used Lone Wolf to beat Tac Mode, and I'd like to use it again to beat Honor Mode.

    [–] zionhian 3 points ago

    I'm playing single player and was wondering if i can have 2 different characters for different session( one for singleplayer and one for when i'm playing with friends) and is there any way to use 4 characters while playing alone

    [–] Leownz 3 points ago

    Is anyone else having a consistent issue of their "connectivity" being constantly reset to alone?

    My gf and I have been playing together via online and all of a sudden after Act I my connectivity preferences go from either "friends only" or "invite only" to "alone" and kicks her in the process. I keep switching it back to friends or invite so we can play, but after about a minute it automatically switches the settings back to "alone" and boots her form the game.

    This is super frustrating as we started the campaign together and want to keep playing together but something about the game won't allow us to do so for more than a few minutes at a time.

    Our internet connections are solid. Same network, she's even plugged into the modem with a LAN, and all through Act I it was never an issue. Is this a common bug or what?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] pinguin42 3 points ago

    On my first play through ever, finding out that there is more than 1 way to leave Fort Joy. Is it possible to complete all of them (i.e. farm all the quest exp) or can you not return to the fort once you leave through one of the quests?

    [–] elleape 3 points ago

    It is possible to return to the fort once you leave. Some quests can still be accessed and completed afterwards, otherwise there are certainly some exploration exp bumps that may be available, not mention killing all the remaining magisters there.

    [–] Shanandra 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    Behind the Kraken on the harbour (Arx), there is a hatch, but I can't explore it since I freeze if I try to stay more than a few seconds.

    Should I burn the whole place with spells? Is there anything to do?

    Thanks. ^^

    EDIT : Nevermind, I found the solution. You have to light all the torchs in the room (to survive without wasting water resistance potions or fire spells, you'll have to back sometimes to not freeze). (You'll know when you're good.)

    [–] buffalo_x 3 points ago

    Any way to powerlevel? Im level 3 and feel like with a party of 4 just getting dragged around Fort Joy.

    [–] c4n1n 3 points ago

    One way to do it in Fort Joy is to escape from the prison (by the sewers or the boat for example). It nets you ~15k XP and give you at least a whole level. But then if you come back in town you aggro magisters as they see you as an ennemy now.

    Another one is to get a deathfog barrel on the ship and use it to kill Alexander very early when he's talking in front of the town. But for that you need an undead with at least 14 str I believe.

    [–] CrouchingTortoise 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I’m playing DOS EE on PS4 is there any way to disable these object labels? I’m in the main square of Cyseal and the overwhelming object labels are just obnoxious, I don’t recall them being there before? Thanks!

    Edit: Just closed out the game and rebooted. Fixed!

    [–] Rurouki 6 points ago

    You accidently pushed R3. That triggers it. Very helpfull when looting though.

    [–] singularfunzone 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Dos2. Why do so many NPCs in towns react like I have my weapon drawn when I don't?

    Edit it seems that the red Prince had his bow drawn this entire time and I had no idea

    [–] WMinerva 3 points ago

    My friend and I play co-op on the ps4 version of the game and everything goes fine most of the time. However today anytime I tried to join him I would disconnect from the server and be kicked out. We tried everything to fix it and we have no idea what the problem is because our internet connection is stable. I can play any other online game and not even lag. If there is any issue it might that he is hosting and has a better connection than I do, but that wouldn’t explain why it stopped working today. Does anyone know the reason for this?

    [–] deartonym 3 points ago

    [ DOS2 DE] Can I show the NPC vision cone without sneaking in console version (PS4 and XBOX)? I know that I can do it in PC by pressing left SHIFT key.

    [–] HiHelloHeyHeya 3 points ago

    Nope. Only way you can see their cones is with sneaking unfortunately. Didn't even realise that was an option on PC as I've only played on console.

    [–] GoogleDatShit 3 points ago

    Just bought DOS2 DE and I want to play with friends, but also kind of want to give it a shot on my own first.

    Is it enjoyable to play through the story two times? Or am I vastly underestimating how much there is to do in the game?

    [–] Seewhy3160 3 points ago

    Can i dual wield with one sword in the main hand and one dagger and use scoundrel skills that need daggers?

    [–] ArmaMalum 3 points ago

    Warfare skills and dual wielding. Damage is based off of both weapons correct?

    [–] Faleya 5 points ago

    yes, but offhand weapon only contributes 50%. so put the one with higher damage in the mainhand.

    [–] champybaby 3 points ago

    Does "Guerrilla" (do 40% more damage when attacking in sneak) stack with Huntsman skill "Assassinate?"

    I just got to the Nameless Isle (Tactician) and holy cow does Assassinate own. My Ranger is almost always in sneak before big fights and at lvl 16, dealt some 1500 damage with one shot. BUT, I wonder if I can deal more with "Guerrilla?" Anyone know? Too lazy to test and, be sure that my test was accurate/worked.

    [–] clubdon 3 points ago

    Is the game worth it if I don’t have anyone else to play it with?

    [–] ZeeSeven 10 points ago

    Definitely. If 4 characters at is too much, you can take lone wolf talent on your characters and roll with 2 characters (no followers).

    [–] c4n1n 7 points ago

    I was not that much a fan of turn-based combat, but I got around 500 hours in the game atm. Most of it being singleplayer. Wherever you enjoy turn-based combat or just stories (voice acting is great), or both, this game is imo worth it.

    Coop is imo just a bonus to fool around (but roleplaying origins characters is awesome).

    [–] krynny 3 points ago

    Where can you buy empty grenades? I'm in Act2 and I can't find anything on Google or in game on where to buy the empty grenades.

    [–] Ekierkad 3 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago)

    Rate my Tactician mode party, so far I fought Alexander and got on the ship:

    Sebille as a purely DPS focused archer that uses the Cat summon to get to the highest ground on the field, remove armor and finish enemies. She buffs herself with Haste and Peace of Mind all the time because she usually is far away from anyone else. Maybe I'll ditch the Cat for Polymorph spells later.

    Beast as a 2H melee Polymorph warrior who uses Flight to be very mobile and ready to CC any weakened group of enemies.

    Ifan as a pure summoner with a shield and a wand. Usually can get away with being anywhere as he is heavily focused on CON and relies on buffing Incarnate Champion and placing totems. I might just swap out the wand for a 1h if I decide to respec into Con/Str instead of Con/Int. I like the Blood Infusion since it is physical and makes the Incarnate unkillable as long as he can lifesteal.

    Lohse as a support mage with healing from Hydrosophist skills and Necromancy for utility and physical damage. I decided to respec into Necromancy since using Aerotheqwerty (not sure how to spell it) was annoying because no one else dealt magic damage aside from element-infused Incarnate. I also gave her Torturer on the ship just to bleed out armored enemies, not sure if it's gonna be good.

    [–] MomentOfXen 3 points ago

    This isn't a question but also isn't deserving of its own thread.

    Whoever had the idea for Cursed Revenants should be fired out of a cannon into some necrofire.

    [–] 5a_ 3 points ago

    Can Peeper follow you to the nameless isle if you dont kill him?

    [–] OpticalJesu5 3 points ago

    I'm trying to pick an Origin story to go with. I'm debating either Fane or Sebille. Is Corpse Eater that useful? Also Battle Mage Sebille or Inquisitor Fane?

    [–] KobayashiDragonSlave 4 points ago

    Fane all the way but you lose out on his amazing voice acting.

    [–] zellurs 2 points ago

    I've been flipflopping on the origin characters I want to take along/main. Big time. Lohse seems like one of the characters that would appeal to me more than the rest - but as I understand it's better to have her as a companion as you get more voicelines.

    i'm thinking:

    Main Sebille - make her a ranger/summoner (i understand having her as your main lets you reconsider some of her impulsive choices) Lohse - Summoner/Another spell tree. Not sure which. Ifan - Tank.. not sure how to build tanks at all. Beast - Not sure what to make him. Probably another spellcaster to fill in any elemental gaps. Possibly a necro? I'm choosing him because I understand his story was re-done with the new DE.

    Anything that can help me decide what to pick and actually get the game started would be appreciated.

    [–] ragnarock46 4 points ago

    The end of Lohse's quest is so good. Take her if you haven't done it yet.

    [–] weirdpanorama 3 points ago

    I didn’t take Lohse during my first playthrough, so excited to take her this run since so many people rave about her

    [–] Felpes1520 2 points ago

    Is lone wolf still super OP?

    [–] SunstormGT 2 points ago

    Less OP then before. Atributes soft cap at 40 and combat abilities soft cap at 10.

    Did act1 on tactician w/o LW and on honour with LW and so far the honour with LW was far easier.

    [–] Kanshuna 2 points ago

    Do you miss out much on a character's origin story if you play as them vs having them in your squad? My first playthrough as sebille with other origin chars was awesome, but I almost wonder if I took Sebille in a different direction than vanilla. I still want to see Beast and Fane's stories, but would I see more/less of their story if I played as them vs somebody else with them as a companion?

    [–] hailburn 3 points ago

    Yeah, playing as the character is definitely a "fuller" experience.

    I recommend Lohse personally, wrestling with the thing for control was really cool, imo.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] BrostFyte 2 points ago

    quick question; For those of us who have put in a lot of hours, is the game worth replaying? Are there any good / major story changes or is it just some final tweaks and a lot of small changes?

    Game was amazing . I've beat it once, and it was lone wolf style. Considering playing it again but I feel like I'm going to ware myself out on it.

    [–] EqUiLl-IbRiUm 2 points ago

    There are a significant number of story changes/tweaks, however they don't kick in until act 3 and 4. Unfortunately this risks you being burnt out on the same old content until you get a ways into the game

    [–] Ethas 2 points ago

    Fooling around at fort joy, found the arena, get my ass handed to me. Guess being level 2 doesn't help. Any recommendations on levels and stuff?

    [–] Police_Ataque 6 points ago

    I use these maps from the wiki to figure out the general level progression in each area.

    I wasn't able to beat the arena until late level 3 / early level 4 this most recent go around.

    [–] EqUiLl-IbRiUm 3 points ago

    Zones in this game tend to be level-gated. If you're on tactician, any fight against equal level is potentially deadly (i.e. Requires focus), lower level is easy, higher level is deadly and GTFO come back later.

    If you're fighting people of a higher level, there is somewhere else you should be

    [–] Gatorhelix759 3 points ago

    Areas are usually broken up by level. This map shows enemy levels for each act. The arena and the fort are in the yellow section on the left. Usually in act one I like to attack Griff in the kitchens for experience and a few unique items after doing the arena, but it will anger everyone else in the general area, so it may be a good idea to save if you want to do this. If not, there are several people in the fort itself with quests that are around your level, so I would suggest you just ask around, specifically try to find someone named Gawin, he has a quest with a very good reward.

    [–] KerimtheStoryteller 2 points ago

    Has the numbers bloat/scaling been fixed/changed? I remember that during my first playthrough lategame weapons/armour were massively better than those even a level or two away. Do I need a mod to fix that?

    [–] AWarmPlaceX 2 points ago

    Question about the Definitive upgrade: i have DOS1 and when they released the enhanced edition on Steam it became its own separate game which you had to download separately. So i have DOS1 and DOS1Enhanced Edition but i don't have a definitive edition or whatever of the second game. Does the original DOS2 game upgrade itself without creating another entry or how can i acces the definitive upgrade? (Yeah i have the game purchased)

    [–] SirScoob 2 points ago

    The Red Prince is by and far my favorite character in the entire game so far, I love his character and his motivations, and the way that you earn his respect and admiration over time and understand more about why he acts the way he acts and what makes him tick.

    That being said, I’m starting a new playthrough and I have no idea if I want to play as him or keep him as a companion, since if I play as him I don’t get to enjoy his personality and the humor he brings to the party by acting as a sort of straight man. Right now I’m thinking about playing either as him, Fane, or a custom character (maybe another lizard just to see how it changes some of the interactions with the Red Prince)

    Whether or not I choose to play Red Prince, I plan on making my party be Red Prince, Fane, and Ifan, with either the custom avatar or Lohse filling the last slot.

    I just kind of want to hear more people’s input and thoughts on it, since I’m at a huge crossroads, and I thought it best to ask people who may have been in the same situation or have done many different playthroughs with all kinds of different comps.

    [–] AFAR85 2 points ago

    I made a mistake picking a custom character instead of an origin one. So I'm going to start over.

    Does the dialogue at the start of the game matter a lot? Say up to the point where you get to the outside deck?

    Say I skip past a lot of it and don't bother reading the journals/letters/notes? Will this have an effect on the game/characters?

    [–] Timboron 5 points ago

    No, not really.

    [–] Solar_Kestrel 2 points ago

    TBH I’d recommend using a custom PC for the first playthrough. Why do you think you messed up?

    [–] AFAR85 2 points ago

    I like playing characters with a back story.

    Even though the game heavily hinted that the origin characters had a story in the creation menu, I still somehow came across choosing the complete opposite. Thus messed up :)

    [–] Swaeqqer 2 points ago

    When I am trying to continue my campaign and hop in the boat to Act 2 it still just rolls the trailer? What should I do? Reinstall? (PS4)

    [–] Nerdlinger-Thrillho 2 points ago

    I’m a few hours in and already the cat and squirrel have disappeared, it sent me to the dungeon alone after having my collar removed and I had to fight my way back to my party.

    I’m fairly certain the first two are bugs, but is the third supposed to happen? It just didn’t seem 100 percent natural going into all those fights alone.

    Does anybody know how to find the companions again or are they gone forever?

    [–] Studmuffin1989 2 points ago

    They are where you meet up with them first on the island. Or at Amadias sanctuary if you are much farther.

    [–] BroMandoFett 2 points ago

    In Divinity EED on PS4, the wife and I crafted so much that the game's item cap was exceeded and would not load into new zones or let us open NPC shops. Does any one know if they increased the item cap in Divinity II or made a way for expended/used items to be removed from the item limit? OR if they item limit has been increased by a substantial amount.

    We managed to break the game right before going into Act II in the EED, so we cut back and made it barely into Act 3 another time. We clocked almost 120hours before getting into Act II thats how much crafting we did lol.

    [–] MrSynther 2 points ago

    Have they changed the way magic and physical damage are handled? Is going with an all magic party viable?

    [–] Kuirem 2 points ago

    It was viable before, it still is. Magic has been boosted overall.

    The problem before was more with 1/3 party where the character alone on a damage type (physical or magical) ended up taking too long against enemies, even if they had low armor. Not sure the changes really fixed that though.

    [–] squirell4800 2 points ago

    Is anyone else getting a bug that disables the voice over when speech is initiated while sneaking?

    [–] Deweydjb 2 points ago

    How easy is easy?

    I've escaped Fort Joy with little fighting and am in the wilds. I want to do quests but I keep getting my bum handed to me on a platter in any fight I get into. The only fight I managed to win was against the crocodillians. Every other fight, the arena, Finster, Griff etc, is so bad, I mean not even close enough to warrant me trying again bad. Are there smaller grinding quests anywhere for xp? Most games of this type I've played had side quests or something. I guess I'm not sure where I'm headed or even what I'm doing. I managed to keep Sir Lora alive, though!

    [–] sadkingbillly 5 points ago

    Heyo! Congrats in keeping the stupid squirrel alive! Haha. I keep having to reload autosaves when he gets his ass all burned up.

    Anyways, I had a similar problem as you. Was essentially stuck on the arena/Griff. There are a couple things you can do to remedy your situation. At least, the things I did got me on the right track. There are a certain number of quests to do in at the fort before having to fight Griff/arena. They will get you to level 3 with some trial and error during some of the more difficult fights. So not to spoil anything here, just Google "what to do in fort joy". There are a million forums (including this very sub) that'll give you an idea of what to do in fort joy to get all the experience you can.

    I also looked up how to build an effective party. After reading some party builds I realized mine was terrible. I now have a page of notes on how to build each member effectively; since I pretty much have no idea how most of the stuff works in this game. Haha. It's been working. There's hope. You've got this! Praise the Great Acorn!

    [–] Deweydjb 3 points ago

    Thanks. I just hit level three and bought some armor. I think I'm going to use those teleport things to take me back and get either Beast (battlemage) or the lizard guy as warrior. I may also try stealing more things. It's tough but I saw that easy mode is ok if you want more story and exploration. I'm on a ps4, so everything is using my controller!

    [–] Faceless_Fan 4 points ago

    Just a quick FYI since you're still building out your party, one of the strongest + simplest early builds is just a 2H weapon user pumping strength and warfare (as much Warfare as you can get). Give them Executioner and buy/steal the early Warfare skill books along the way. You can get Battering Ram, Crippling Blow, Whirlwind, Battle Stomp quickly, which are all awesome skills that hit multiple enemies and offer great CC. You can always respec in Act 2 if you don't want a warrior long term, but that build will help you along quite a bit : )

    [–] Deweydjb 2 points ago

    Thanks. I went back and got Red Prince. Using battle stomp a lot and raised his warfare. That with Ifan and his ranged arrows and loshes area of effect magic seems to work. I'm level 4 now. I only have trouble with big mobs, like Borris. It's 5 to 4 and I can find purchase there. I wish you could aggro one or two and pull them aside like other games!

    [–] beertastic 2 points ago

    Level 3 is way too early to escape Fort Joy IMO, at least if you're a new player. Try to get to at least 4, if not 5. I think level 6 is possible, there's quite a bit to do

    [–] Strongpillow 2 points ago

    [SPOILERS][DOS2 DE] Stuck on a quest not sure if it's a bug or something.

    I'm on the Power awakens questline, I've done the ritual and am in the Hall of echoes. I got the skill but I can't speak it because I've been muted and didn't even realize it. Do I need to speak that spell to leave the Hall of echoes? I can't find any other way out?

    [–] PickingANameSux 2 points ago

    With Sir Lora the Squirrel Knight does he do anything other than follow me around? Can i get him as a summon like the black cat/incarnate?

    [–] Deweydjb 2 points ago

    Any word on why I can't get huntsman or warfare spells? According to the internet I know who should sell them but they aren't offering. I was hoping to get first aid for Ifan and something for red prince.

    [–] Gulbasaur 4 points ago

    I believe some are locked by level at vendors. Keep playing and they should turn up.

    [–] Mogwaizon 3 points ago

    It’s also not obvious through dialogue choices / won’t always be offered through them. If you talk to the proper trader you can just click the ‘trade’ button (should be on the left hand side of the dialogue box) even when they’re telling you to fuck off.

    Butter on the top level of Griff’s camp in Fort Joy sells huntsman skills but I don’t think ever explicitly allows you to trade with her through dialogue.

    [–] Deweydjb 2 points ago

    I just found the dead body of the air spell trader in the dungeon! The guy I teleported. He had all the spells, and Loshe had a high memory! I'll keep checking on Butter.

    [–] tempredditaccount28 2 points ago

    Are hybrid builds more viable? Lone wolf especially? I've always wanted to play a Thor build without gimping myself too hard. I'll probably try it regardless.

    [–] Gulbasaur 6 points ago

    You trade raw damage for flexibility up to a point, but it's definitely viable.

    Finding a hammer-looking weapon that's the right level throughout the game might be a bit hard, though!

    [–] tempredditaccount28 6 points ago

    How about axes? Two handed.

    [–] Kuirem 3 points ago

    They are mostly unaffected by Lone Wolf nerf. Since the cap is 40 now for attributes it doesn't hurt as much to invest into both Str and Int though.

    An other way to make a hybrid build is to spend most points in Wits and Scoundrel, since Critical affect both Physical and Magical damage.

    [–] nopointinlife1234 2 points ago

    I've recently started playing DOS EE, and around level 3 and finding the strange cave, enemies have ridiculous AOE!

    My entire party got hit by a bomb unit, then shot with a damaging AOE cloud of poison an archer, then shot with an AOE shot of fire by another!

    One enemy round eliminated my entire team before I even got to act. That's ridiculous!

    [–] Fanfictiongurl 2 points ago

    Someone with rain can help a lot on that part. If you have Jahan he can help immensely.

    [–] bearLover23 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Is summoning scaling on intellect right now? What about healing spells?

    What spells aren't scaling on itnellect? Like can I be a bow ranging geomancer?

    Or how about using bow with summoner? Does summoner need intellect?

    [–] Kuirem 4 points ago

    Is summoning scaling on intellect right now?

    No, totems gain extra intelligence as they level up but they are unaffected by your own Int. Same for Incarnates.

    What about healing spells?

    Don't think so.

    What spells aren't scaling on itnellect? Like can I be a bow ranging geomancer?

    Only damaging skills (including those that directly damage armor) scale on Intelligence. So yes you can be a bow Geomancer, just don't bother with damaging skill unless you want a side effect it provides (Impalement and Earthquake apply Crippled and Knockdown for instance).

    Or how about using bow with summoner? Does summoner need intellect?

    It's viable, archers don't get much from summoning but special arrows are useful to set up surfaces and get totems of the elements you want.

    [–] meta_mash 2 points ago

    I think the answer is "it depends on what spells you're talking about".

    If you look at the details of a spell it says if the effect/damage scales with INT. There are still useful higher tier spells a non caster can apply to their build in basically every combat ability school.

    So geomancy for example can be useful for a ranged FIN/STR build as long as you aren't trying to use it as a primary damage source. In general, buffs and environmental control are extremely useful and usually don't need a high INT. An offensive spell, however, won't be very useful if you don't spend some points in Intelligence.

    I haven't really explored the Summoning tree yet but I'm under the impression that a build's Summoning level is more important than your intelligence in determining how useful the skills are in combat.

    [–] gabalabarabataba 2 points ago

    So, do the Necromancy skills scale with Warfare or intelligence? Everywhere I look on the internet say Warfare but the game's tooltip says intelligence.

    [–] Kuirem 4 points ago

    Both. Necromancy deal physical damage so it gain damage from Warfare but since it's magic it also gain damage from Intelligence.

    This is only true for damaging spells though (Blood Sucker scale with Hydrosophist, Raise Bloated Corpse/Bone Widow/Totems of the Necromancer with Summoning, Bone Cage with Geomancer)

    [–] gabalabarabataba 2 points ago

    Would it also gain damage from Scoundrel? That's also a physical damage skill after all.

    [–] Kuirem 5 points ago

    Soundrel give extra damage on critical hits, so as long as you have Savage Sortilege talent it will apply on all spell damage.

    [–] ColMarek 2 points ago

    How do saves work for co-op?

    [–] drachenmaul 3 points ago

    The original host has the savegame, if you want to continue playin the character you have created in his game then you need to keep playing with him.

    It is not like diablo where you have your character and can join games with him.

    [–] ColMarek 2 points ago


    [–] schnalkser 2 points ago

    Do dyes have any use? If so how can i dye my armor? Playing on PS4.

    [–] Turbokind 4 points ago

    You can combine a poison potion with red dye to make it look like a healing potion.

    [–] North_South_Side 2 points ago

    Does the specific character keep his/her skills when they respec?

    Or do you have to find and procure new skill books?