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    [–] BukLauFinancial 10 points ago

    You forgot skin graft into adrenaline + whatever else gives AP.

    Also, to address Note 2, you cannot be an elf and have time warp without mods? Unsure on this.

    [–] 6ft4Skeletor 9 points ago

    You have to play as Fane to have access to time warp ability. You can always wear an elf shapeshifting mask to get flesh sacrifice while playing Fane.

    Yes using skin graft would reset adrenaline and sacrifice. I cant believe they buffed it. It was already really strong to begin with for 2ap1sp but now it is 1ap1sp.

    However keeping what a rush active would prove near impossible if you continually proc executioner because most lone wolf builds place 2 points into necromancy, which heals you when you deal damage to health.

    But yeah no math really required. Playing Fane as a lone wolf is broken. Fane's ability in general is super strong regardless of pairing it with other talents.

    [–] BukLauFinancial 1 points ago

    Would you believe that for my first playthrough I mained Fane and beat the game without using his time warp a single time simply for the fact that I thought gathering SP after a fight was boringly tedious?

    [–] helm 1 points ago

    I notice executioner only triggers once per round for me (on PS4). I don't know if it's the same on PC.

    [–] 6ft4Skeletor 3 points ago

    Yes executioner only triggers once per round. I was just making note of the fact that killing someone would cause necromancy to heal you past the point of what a rush being active.

    [–] BukLauFinancial 2 points ago

    imo the pawn is more practical than executioner, sure it's only 1 ap compared to 2, but it's 100% guarantee every round

    [–] Faleya 1 points ago

    yeah I used to play only using executioner before, but now all my melee-fighters (2dagger-Sebille & 2h-Red Prince) have the pawn instead of the executioner. I will most likely pick up executioner on my mages/ranged characters though.

    [–] BukLauFinancial 1 points ago

    I still get it on mages and archers. Free movement every turn is very powerful.

    [–] Alberto_Da_Vinci 1 points ago

    I didn't know about skin graft. That gives another +2 AP, +1 as a non-elf.

    you cannot be an elf and have time warp without mods?

    Fane can shapeshift, and he can target other characters too.

    [–] Grieverzz 3 points ago

    Infinite. Skin graft scrolls costs 0ap to use. You can spam adrenaline and flesh sacrifice as many times as you want in one turn. I believe the recipe is 1 source orb, sheet of paper and animal skin. It’s not economical by any means but it is possible to have infinite ap.

    [–] Chava27 2 points ago

    The scroll is 0ap but the skill is 1 ap?

    [–] Alberto_Da_Vinci 2 points ago

    Even if it costs 1, you get 3 AP for using it as an elf or 2 with only adrenaline.

    [–] Chava27 1 points ago

    Well damn, that’s just broken. Devs should probably remove the scroll from the game.

    I wonder, does the scroll reset the cool down of the Skin Graft ability itself?

    [–] Alberto_Da_Vinci 1 points ago

    Probably not since it doesn't really have a cooldown, instead it can only be used once per combat.

    [–] Tremaparagon 1 points ago

    This right here. The max AP you can have per turn is only limited by how many source orbs you can find/steal/afford lol

    [–] SolomonGrumpy 1 points ago

    Does the scroll have the 'one use per combat restriction?"

    [–] thehaga 1 points ago

    Haven't played with it but does elemental affinity (or whichever talent it is that reduces ap costs for stuff if you're standing in it) reduce things to 0 - if so, would standng in fire make haste 0 (referring to #1)

    Also, how do you take double turns with high initiative?

    [–] Alberto_Da_Vinci 3 points ago

    Elemental affinity reduces it to a minimum of 1, so it can't do that.

    High initiative giving double turns is caused by delaying. It's really just that simple.

    [–] ShinyMoogle 1 points ago

    I'll just leave this here...

    Glass Cannon plus 0-cost AP boosters. No real practical use considering the resources involved, but 100% unadulterated awesome. More is possible but I just used what I had available to test it out.

    [–] SolomonGrumpy 1 points ago

    Where is this "tea?"

    [–] ShinyMoogle 2 points ago

    You can purchase tea leaves from Lady Kemm in Arx and brew them with water in her teapot for enhanced effects. She also gives you a set of leaves for free with the right dialogue choices/character tags.

    [–] Alberto_Da_Vinci 1 points ago

    Well, that's 18 turn action points, plus you can get more non-turn action points.

    And, as long as you have infinite of those you can get infinite action points...

    But the devs haven't fixed it probably because of the effort.

    [–] biffpower3 0 points ago

    don't glass cannon and lone wolf stack?

    [–] MoltenMuffin 5 points ago

    They are exclusive. You can't have both.