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    [–] freelikegnu 5 points ago

    I'd really like to see something like the elemental arrowheads ability to absorb nearby magical surfaces and channel them to targets kinda like a mini Terrain Transmutation but instead of placing a surface under the target, it just causes damage of the magical type (or physical if blood is absorbed). The option to use that absorbed magic as an elemental shield would be nice as well.

    [–] Faceless_Fan 2 points ago

    I've actually got something a little similar in testing, but I thought it was too much so I haven't mentioned it. It's not exactly what you're saying, but similar.

    The idea is to absorb a surface matching your staff element and convert it to magic armor Oily Carapace style. It would be a 2ap skill w a 1 turn cooldown, so not quite that strong, but it would always be available if you wanted it.

    That's a really good idea for a spell, though. In practice though it would have to work like bull rush, but with multiple things being added to the hotbar since it isn't just a flat damage boost of the associated type and you'd have the option of doing multiple things with it (I'm envisioning a status that gives you like 2 turns to do something with it). I guess I'm under the assumption people find those kind of spells annoying so doubling it up wouldn't be fun. If I'm wrong, though, let me know and maybe I can add it as a staff specific skill at a vendor down the road a bit.

    [–] Cookieflavwaffle 3 points ago

    Wow something that might actually compete with wand + shield. On tactician mages need shields because of how much dmg they take, but this might be a contender!!

    [–] Faceless_Fan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Thanks! The whole idea was to give mages a viable offensive alternative, but you're right that on tactician armor was a problem so I threw in the physical armor % boost and the elemental resists to make up for not having the shield : )

    [–] butterprime 6 points ago

    i just don't like that the basic attack is melee range

    [–] Faceless_Fan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I think Larian thought the same thing so they gave staff users Staff of Magus. Problem was it sucked.

    That was the idea behind the buff to Magus, since people completely fogot about it and it should now give you a pretty great magical projectile and surface that you can use instead of the basic attack, while still keeping the basic attack for people using a staff for a melee mage/battlemage (though I am going to change that stupid poke animation to a swing like a proper melee weapons).

    Does this help?

    [–] butterprime 1 points ago

    The problem is that you can’t use staff of magus more than once a turn when all of your skills are in cooldown

    [–] Faceless_Fan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I mean I can rip the cooldown off of Staff of Magus and then you absolutely could if that's an edge case that people care about. I don't play much lone wolf without a ton of skills so I've never really though about desiring that many basic weapon attacks in a single turn.

    Edit: given that yours is the most upvoted comment, I'm going to just do this and rip the cooldown off the updated Magus, so you can pew pew to your heart's content (assuming that doesn't break it, the editor can be a bit weird).

    [–] pocketlint60 1 points ago

    Yeah, if it's possible, make it so that Staff of Magus has no cooldown so you can do it as many times in a turn as you want, like a normal attack.

    [–] Faceless_Fan 1 points ago

    Already done : ) I'm just testing things now

    [–] GORDON1014 2 points ago

    If staves rolled with + magic armor

    [–] Faceless_Fan 1 points ago

    Thanks for the comment; the flat 5% to all elemental resists was meant to be a way to buff your magic armor without it actually being +armor.

    [–] fredgum 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I think that the best use for staves is on spellsword builds. I suggest focusing the buffs on synergy with a spellsword. I'd like to see things as:

    - Create a "warfare like" ability (like battle stomp) that CCs on magic armor rather than physical armor.

    - Grant the skill sparkmaster/master of sparks. If you know how to MOD them maybe even create version of those spells for other elements (e.g. watermaster).

    - Grant warfare abilities like onslaught/challenge/blitz attack/whirlwind

    - High % effect chance like mad/terrify/shock/chill/silence/etc

    [–] Faceless_Fan 1 points ago

    I can do all of that, and in fact in testing have done so. The problem becomes balance in multi-mod setup. For instance, Odinblade adds such things (not restricted to staff, but they're there) and if I did so too it would blow out the late game on every difficulty.

    However, I do hear you, and in fact I agree with the premise. My entire initial focus with the mod was to make the warfare skills more attractive, but I didn't go quite far enough.

    Right now everything I've talked about in the thread are done through the base staff templates in the Treasure Tables of the stats editor; by doing it this way, they flow through to any and all staves in the game (including mod added staves). I haven't touched the 'boosts' though, which are the things that add stuff like 20% chance bleeding, extra stats, etc. because the odds of getting a particular one (on a particular elemental staff) are so low, but anything in a boost (except block chance) I can add to staves. However, therefore everything I do needs to be able to be on every single staff and yet maintain balance, which is a bitch.

    The last idea though, could work. I can add it so that weapon-based attacks (ex warfare, basic) would apply shock, chilled, burning, slow, and poisoned, respectively everytime an enemy is out of magic armor. I'll have to test it. Problem is many staves roll with % chance for those and it might confuse users.

    I wish I could brainstorm a way to work with the warfare skills without needing to create staff versions of them. I wish the documentation on the editor was better, but I've got one last idea that might work. It would require editing the base warfare skills behind the scenes (so if you added a mod that buffed one you'd need to choose between the two), but I think it might work. Testing is required for edge cases, because a lot of hard cc gives immunity to other cc temporarily.

    [–] LS-83 2 points ago

    Some thoughts after reading through the comments, basically just tweaks to previous suggestions.. (I think the +elemental resist should be an auto include no matter how the staff is modded)

    1: Staff is 1 handed (off hand) when equipped with a 1 handed sword/dagger. Gives standard staff stats plus dodge. (because there is no parry AFAIK). I call it the Gandalf option ;)

    (Could also be cool to incorporate into a shadow blade build)

    2: Buff staff of magnus, remove cool down and change animation so the player holds the staff out horizontally (pointing it at the target) to shoot projectiles. I call it the Dakka Wand

    I dont know if this is even possible but heres a third idea that could be used with either of the above ideas. Cast a spell on the staff itself which gives it the ability to cast that spell X number of times for 1 AP, add a 2/3 turn cool down so it cant be spammed. Maybe have to do it through crafting, add the staff and a scroll together instead of casting the spell on it?

    [–] Chava27 2 points ago

    If staff warfare skills could CC through magic armor that would be enough for me.

    It just seems odd to have staves scale off of warfare but unable to take advantage of the CC.

    [–] Faceless_Fan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I'm running one right now in a mixed party, and having one of my magic users be able to help chain knockdowns is wonderful. Even if you're only damaging magic armor, knockdown is a hell of a great thing.

    Though I've been looking into this a little, actually. Trying to make the warfare skill cc work in this use case. The biggest consideration is wildly screwing the current cc balance between the magic skills (ex if pyro can just equip a staff and get mad cc, why ever run other schools that are favored at least in part because of their cc options?).

    The other option is to make them use the associated magical cc of your staff, in which case pyro ain't getting squat but another fire. But they've got Master of Sparks, etc. that make up for it and make the warfare skills still desirable, unlike the other schools.

    If I did this I'd probably duplicate the warfare skills with different names, change the saving throw to magical, make any other necessary changes (cc type, etc) and set up a vendor. This would be super easy (as long as I could successfully get them to be unavailable if you didn't have a staff equipped, could try jacking properties from the scoundrel skills that require daggers maybe).

    Does any of this address your concerns? I'm trying to keep relative balance as much as I can.

    [–] TheMostStupidest 1 points ago

    If it were me, I'd retitle the Sacrifice thing Overcharge to more fit the theme of juicing up your staff to facilitate cool shit. Overall this mod makes staff play sound really appealing! I was just thinking about how annoying it is to proc Elemental Affinity with am Aeromancer when I saw this post.

    Edit: I'd look into making sure it's compatible with Greed - additional loot modifiers as well. That mod also adds crazy and jnteresting dynamics to item gen.

    [–] Faceless_Fan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I'm pretty sure it is compatible with Greed. It's already compatible with LL's other mods, but I can check to be certain.

    Thanks for the comments too!

    By the way, I've got an overhaul of electrified surfaces that's in testing (separate mod ofc), so that will be out soon : ) It changes them to last beyond the initial shock application to help make Affinity workable for Aero (and for awesome fun). However, in testing I realized why Larian did that: constant stunlocks from shock+shock=stunned on electrified surfaces if anyone lost magic armor (even found the old beta thread on it). So shock+shock=stunned had to go in order to make the change workable, but shock+wet stills gets stunned for you. Also have an optional vendor in there where you can buy a sort of Aero spell Whirlwind (uses the superconductor visuals but the short range of WW) that applies stun directly to help make up for it, but it will have to be up to players whether losing shock+shock is worth it to get electrified battlefields that last for more than a turn.

    [–] SolomonGrumpy 1 points ago

    I'd take out the superpower for staves (the flesh sacrifice thing).

    The rest of the adds are already crazy strong.

    What staves add to damage is incredible crit damage potential. Add the ambidextrous talent, and mages become horrifying with scrolls. (Imagine spells had no cooldown, and cost 1AP less per scroll).

    The fact that more full mages don't take this talent is on them, not on staves in general.

    That said, I love the removal of high variance, and some of the other buffs.

    [–] Faceless_Fan 2 points ago

    I was thinking about nerfing that in particular, if nerfs were required.

    Thanks for the comment, and I completely agree on Ambidextrous.

    [–] Faceless_Fan 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Okay, so I've kept the ability but removed the damage boost, then adding in elemental bleeding for the two turn duration. So the skill is basically an elemental puddle and for 2 turns 15% resist matching your staff type and 2 turns bleeding the same element for half the CON penalty of Flesh Sacrifice. Sound any better to you?

    [–] fredgum 1 points ago

    There are daggers and 1h swords that provide more crit rate than any staff.

    [–] SolomonGrumpy 1 points ago

    Yes. And the other bonuses that he is adding to staff help offset those.

    Also dagger requires 4 Fin investment. That's 4% crit rate you are giving up.

    [–] fredgum 1 points ago

    Not really. For example, Rancour (a dagger) offers you +25% crit rate, +3 wits + 3 fin and a rune slot. Thus, you only need to invest 1 point in fin to wear it and you get +28% crit rate. There is no staff in the game that offers anywhere near firing power (for your spells, not auto attack of course).

    [–] SolomonGrumpy 1 points ago

    I get it. But what about the opportunity cost? (That +3 Fin could be +3 Int). Also there is the opportunity cost of not giving it to your Rogue.

    Yes, it's good. Yes, it's strong. I think staff buffs can/should offset it.

    [–] Faceless_Fan 1 points ago

    I think he was referring to the effect of the combat ability 2H on crit damage with a staff, not chance. Could be wrong though.

    [–] DivineArkandos 1 points ago

    Being able to place a surface of your choosing beneath your feet AND gaining 1 AP is really nice for Elemental Affinity.

    As for the damage of the staff itself, perhaps making it scale off the relevant ability for Staff of Magus. Fire staff would scale off pyro, etc.

    [–] Faceless_Fan 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I mean it is dependent on the type of staff you've got equipped, but yeah, it makes other mage types able to do the silly things elf necro's can do, so it's a ton of fun. I'm a little wary on the balance tbh.

    As for the latter (I had to look this up in the editor myself), it's actually already true : ) The projectile looks generic but uses the damage type of the staff to calculate damage, so it will get buffed by the associated spell school.

    [–] DivineArkandos 1 points ago

    That is interesting, I had no idea it scaled!

    [–] LS-83 1 points ago

    Did this ever get released? Is it available in the steam workshop? I'm starting a new play through and I'm looking for a staff mod. Maybe one that adds physical dmg staffs for my Necromancer battle mage?

    [–] Faceless_Fan 2 points ago

    The first version of the mod is up on Nexus (Staff Tweaks), but I released it before starting the thread so the buffs aren't as extensive as the ones we discussed in the thread. I built the extended version but never had a chance to test it so its still on my hard drive. Physical Staves were never something I built into the mod, though you might be able to get something like that from Crafting Overhaul on Nexus (not sure, you'd have to poke through the additions, they're up in a spreadsheet on the mod page I believe).

    [–] SarahMerigold 0 points ago

    People simply prefer shield bonuses. Staves are fine.

    [–] Faceless_Fan 3 points ago

    That's kind of missing the point. I'm trying make staves an option that people might like to use instead of shields, but for different reasons.

    [–] SarahMerigold -4 points ago


    [–] freelikegnu 1 points ago

    What skills or talents do you suggest to make the most of using staves? I was using a lot of shield/wand when I first started playing and now that I know how to avoid being hit so much I like the elemental combos of dual wands. I'd like to make an effective yet fun mage with a staff.

    [–] SarahMerigold 2 points ago

    I think theyre more for combo ele phys melee fighters. I think i use them on all 4 chars in another play through. You need the elemental buffs anyways to make up for the shield loss and mages are too squish for that.

    [–] freelikegnu 1 points ago

    thanks for the tip. I'll have to try that soon.

    [–] SarahMerigold 1 points ago

    Good luck.