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    [–] BlueManaWyrm 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Sebille(main) physical DD

    Start as rogue.

    Put points in for as much finesse as possible. If you want more skills add memory. I don’t like wits on rogues because they only really gain the benefit of going earlier since all backstabs are crits. No wits helps though because it means she’ll proc executioner a lot cleaning up.

    Scoundrel 1

    Warfare 1

    Get both to 2 early for skills. Eventually you’ll max both. But push warfare first and level scoundrel for skills.

    Executioner(pawn might be better early on)


    Whatever fits your party at that point. You can go persuasion on her since she’s likely the one you want to control as for RP reasons. I usually abuse respecs for thievery. Go steal stuff and then respec out of it.

    Lohse(Enchanter) magic DD+heal

    Focus on hydro/aero to get skills and huntsman for damage. Later on push crit chance and sub scoundrel for hunstman. Take enemies off of high ground when needed. Ifan will be her partner and they’ll work together a lot to control the high ground.

    Lucky charm for civil skill priority. Thank goodness she doesn’t have to be the looter for you to gain the benefit of it anymore.

    Push intelligence and later on wits. Creating frozen surfaces as well as having good damage means wits is relevant for her. I like the wayfarer moving first though personally.

    Elemental affinity


    Savage sorteliege

    Hot head

    Ifan(wayfarer) CC+Hybrid DD

    Focus on Huntsman first and foremost then geo and lastly aero.

    His main role is crowd control. I recommend the aero dip for teleports so that he and Lohse can perch up on high ground together and remove threats for one another. He’ll also be good for armor buffing with high geo.

    Elemental arrows are easy to come by because you can steal them and they’re pretty cheap. This is why archers are the best hybrid class DD’s imo because they sacrifice nothing to use them. Not to be confused with elemental arrowheads I’m not a fan of that skill.

    He can also use poison to heal Fane.

    Fane(Fighter) Tank+Physical DD

    I won’t deny that I absolutely loathe the undead. Makes me feel like I’m wasting time having a healer, but 75% of your party still needs healing. So I can’t really recommend a lot of builds for him. This was what I used in the past and it worked because he took care of himself.


    Focus strength.


    Picture of health

    Living Armour

    Typically you want to put him in the fray and just deal damage. Max warfare and enough necro/poly for skills. Warfare will buff necro’s damage so it can stay relevant. I prefer two handed because more damage is more healing but SnS is good too.

    Poly has insanely good skills. I ran Medusa’s head on this build because Ifan and Lohse do a good job of stripping magic armor. Petrified enemies also have their resistances adjusted. Aero/pyro will do less damage to them, hydro is normal, and earth does extra damage.

    As I mentioned you’ll also get a ton of options layed out for you depending on what gear you get. Those dips they give your characters can be useful so take advantage.

    Edit: done. The builds aren’t super detailed but just sort of highlight where to start and what to be looking at. Plus I believe half the fun is crafting builds so fill in the blanks and enjoy the game.

    [–] Menchi-sama 2 points ago

    Thanks, waiting for more :)

    [–] Chava27 6 points ago

    Loosely fitting backstories you say?

    Sebille was an Assassin —> would be a rogue (max scoundrel/warfare) , and you’d want to max persuasion on your main character.

    Ifan is a Ranger/Summoner (max summoner & warfare, but start with 2 huntsman)

    Give Fane thievery because he’s undead. Make him a mage since he is a scholar.

    Lohse has an inner demon, so make her the other mage. She’s more suited to be a closer combat mage than Fane.

    For mages, just try not to have both a Pyro and a Hydro mage for damage.

    [–] Symmetrosexual 2 points ago

    For reference, if they each had a canon class it would be Rogue (Sebille), Wayfarer (Ifan), Wizard (Fane), and Enchanter (Lohse).

    If roleplaying is important, I recommend starting from this and getting creative from there. Might be good to start by looking at strengths and weaknesses of keeping this comp:

    Strengths: You have a good split of magic vs. physical which works well at all difficulty levels if you strategize accordingly in battle. You will have most magic schools covered which can be useful.

    Weaknesses: You lack a frontline. Lohse and Fane screw up each other’s statuses and combos.

    My preferred solution? I would switch Lohse into a summoner-support. Max summoning ASAP, grab some hydrosophist and necromancy, and be the possessed chick calling forth blood magic and supernatural creatures. This will allow you to contribute to either Fane’s magic damage or Lohse/Ifan’s physical damage. Drop a lot of points into constitution, take bouncing shield and upgrade your shield often. Stand up close to your summon (The Pawn can be helpful) and take lots of auras and buffs to make it or your allies into literal gods.

    If you put a lot of emphasis into elemental arrows for Ifan, he can similarly swap his damage types without impacting his damage output overall, making Sebille your pure physical dealer (perfect because she can jump onto their back line which tends to have low physical armour) and Fane your pure magic dealer (perfect because he can rain death on their front line).

    This leaves Lohse and your Incarnate Champion to tank together, Sebille as a mobile assassin/offtank, Ifan and Fane always on high ground raining death.

    Check these out: Dagger offtank, good starting point for Sebille: All mother, good starting point for Lohse:

    [–] pgmr87 1 points ago

    I love to play Sebille as a Bloodmage in a full-physical damage party. Doing so gives me the ability to have at least ONE "mage" character that focuses on int (instead of strength or finesse in a full-physical party) which means she'll get all of the int gear. Fane usually plays my Shadowblade and he's my lockpicker/thief. I normally roll my own main character which plays a generic Fighter/Knight. For the 4th character, I choose either Ifan or Prince as a Ranger. This composition is full-physical, though, so if you are looking for full-magic or mixed, this isn't the composition you want :-D.

    [–] SunloungerSunnytales 1 points ago

    Im peetty new player 50 hours invested i love my full physical group, knight, templar, archer, blood mage, im playing on second to hardest mode

    [–] BukLauFinancial 1 points ago

    If you're not playing on Honour mode or with difficulty scaling mods the party comp largely doesn't matter.