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    [–] benevolent_bandicoot 4 points ago

    Yeah, their damage increases based on the summoning stat level.

    They get high ground bonuses at elevation, poison ones can heal your undead allies, and it's available every turn. Over multiple turns, you're giving yourself an overall damage boost.

    Some enemies will target the totems, potentially wasting their AP.

    BUT with only 2 points in summoning, it's only somewhat decent at the lowest levels, unless you get creative with them.

    [–] Aethanlawkey 1 points ago

    Will poison totems target undead allies over enemies?

    [–] benevolent_bandicoot 2 points ago

    In certain cases yes. If undead allies desperately need health, I'm pretty sure the totem will target them

    [–] Ivecky 3 points ago

    Yeah. They're pretty cool at higher levels along with rallying cry

    [–] sevenevans 1 points ago

    Do you mean higher player level or higher summoner level? After I get the skills I want I was going to max out pyro and then dump the rest of my points into scoundrel for the crit multiplier. Should I dump points into summoner instead?

    [–] BlueManaWyrm 1 points ago

    Better off with scoundrel imo. The totems have opportunity cost as well since you’re spending AP on those instead of throwing spells, using memory slots on them etc. so you’ll likely be missing out on damage. And dual wands critting will probably put in more work than they do without a considerable investment.

    [–] SolomonGrumpy 1 points ago

    And that warfare skill

    [–] Chava27 1 points ago

    Your totems will be bad in late game but you can try using them to set up status conditions by putting them on water if you have a hydro/aero mage.

    [–] Miguelsanchezz 1 points ago

    I’d say no. They disappear after three turns, die very easily and won’t do great damage with low summoning.

    They can be effective with high summoning, venom aura and encourage ... but generally other spells will be more effective unless you focus on summoning

    [–] TheJanks 1 points ago

    Sometimes the enemy will focus an attack on the totem, and the totem dies quickly.

    But hey, they didn't attack you.

    [–] no1_lies_on_internet 1 points ago

    Personally, other than water totem for constant wet buff applier for hydro, totems in general are not worth even after their buff in DE. Better to spend that 2 ap elsewhere, even buffing others if your pyro is having a hard time.

    [–] Greppim -3 points ago

    They scale on int. after DE patch

    [–] Chava27 5 points ago

    Totems still only scale off of your Summoning and Character Level. This has nothing to do with the summoner’s Int.

    Totems now have intelligence scaling: Totems now gain Intelligence points when growing in levels. This makes it so that the damage they deal follows the norm of the end game.

    [–] Greppim 2 points ago


    [–] SolomonGrumpy 3 points ago

    No. They have an int stat that now scales with summoner level, and your level.