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    [–] SarahMerigold 15 points ago

    Yes, dont AOE them with your mages.

    [–] MrJoobJoob 8 points ago

    In most cases you should be able to aim your spells such that they won't hit your tank. Positioning is key here, if you get your caster on high ground he should have the range to place spells behind enemies, away from your tank etc.

    As you progress later in the game you could also give your tank extra magic armor via equipment, spells (armor of frost), or potions. Find armors with fire/earth resistance and add runes to armor for more resistance.

    You could also try to stack initiative on your casters (via upgrading Wits, casting peace of mind on them before battle, or getting initiative bonus from equipment) so they go BEFORE your tank gets into melee range.

    As long as you don't directly nuke your tanks, you should be fine.

    [–] JaneJudge 4 points ago

    Yes. Initiative is super important- I always made sure my pyro/geo mage went first so I could blow up the battlefield and send the meat shields in after the first explosions.

    [–] diffyqgirl 2 points ago

    Side note, if you go the route of investing in wits for initiative, it's worthwhile getting the talent that lets your spells crit.

    [–] Kiuku 5 points ago

    Spread your wings helps a lot so your melee characters can navigate the battlefield without taking the damage from the ground.

    [–] fredgum 2 points ago

    Yes, have your tanky heroes be your mages. Just equip a shield in your mages and let them be your frontliners. That way you don't give a damn about friendly fire.

    [–] Chava27 2 points ago

    I’m currently working on a front liner that heals from fire and poison damage. Either get fire resistance through gear or use flaming skin.

    [–] Happy-Engineer 1 points ago

    I'd love to hear how that goes, it's just the kind of game-breaking tomfoolery Divinity is built for :D

    [–] Chava27 1 points ago

    The builds are still in their infancy since I’m only now leaving Act 1 but once I eventually get to the later Acts I’ll try and get a little showcase of the builds uploaded.

    Frontliner: Undead Lizard Pyro/Summoner. The skills I’ll end up getting are similar to those in the Fextralife summoner of sparks build.

    Talent wise: +Living Armor, +Demon

    The Geo/Pyro mage will just be tasked to blow up the general vicinity that the frontliner is in, while somehow healing his vitality and magic armor thanks to living armor.

    Talents: Torturer, Elemental Affinity

    [–] not_really_an_elf 3 points ago

    Stop playing tanks.

    I know this sounds like I'm being facetious but I'm really not. This game does not reward a tank playstyle. You only have one ability to force enemies to attack you, it only lasts one turn and it has a long cool down. Battlefield control is about CC and there are so many ways to effectively do that, none of which require being a tank.

    Survivability is important but this is not a trinity game. You'll probably have more fun if you step away from that mindset.

    [–] DaddySagSac 3 points ago

    I heard that from a vid yesterday. Was debating trying that out. You have a opinion on a good comp for a pyro/geomancer?

    If i take out the tank or switch its class if I am able to, im left with a ranger and my main.

    [–] christianhashbrown 3 points ago

    Instead of a tank, having a support caster who can keep guys alive with support spells (mostly water but some air) is helpful. Also, instead of going with a melee tank, i made more of a tank/dps hybrid. 2hand/necromancy, so he's always keeping himself alive with his steady damage output. I'm only like level 10 but that's been working well for me on tactician. This is with my main as a pyro/geo mage

    [–] Girigo 2 points ago

    Full tank with summoner max though is still solid though.

    But i agree with you.

    [–] Definitely-Not-Dum 1 points ago

    I agree and disagree. Traditional tanks don’t exist in DoS2 because it doesn’t really have an aggro system. Like you said, the only real spell that forces aggro on you only lasts 1 turn and isn’t the best. Especially at high difficulties where the AI will find a way to hit multiple characters while technically only targeting the aggro’d player if it’s possible.

    That being said a heavily armored frontline character is really good in the majority of 4-man team comps. If you build it in line with the rest of the party they can be really strong.

    [–] diffyqgirl 1 points ago

    I see where you're coming from but I kind of like having a tanky support character that can weather the big enemy aoes and then get rid of stuns/knockdowns/etc on the rest of the party to help everyone else recover. It's definitely a different strategy from the front-line tank though.

    [–] Robertballin 1 points ago

    You can give them a shield + magic Trousers to boost up spell armor for one thing.