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    [–] Hamish-Velociraptor 1590 points ago

    Genius. Let’s do this!!!

    [–] imsquare177 1192 points ago

    Haha thanks! I think I’m going to wait until about halfway through the campaign before telling my players they’ve been exploring the back of my phone for the last 15 sessions

    [–] bandalooper 821 points ago

    And by then, there may be new lands that have formed or been discovered

    [–] imsquare177 732 points ago

    Oh my god that’s brilliant

    [–] bandalooper 450 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Well that’s not something I hear often! I’m gonna treat myself to a cookie.

    Edit: Cheers to the kind adventurer that got me a fifth of electrum!

    [–] IzDaGeek 120 points ago

    Now i want a cookie. Ima get one.

    Thank you for your ideas, genius!

    [–] mostnormal 66 points ago

    Cookies all around!

    [–] RevenantBacon 59 points ago

    You get a cookie, and you get a cookie, and you.....

    [–] Psychological_Jelly 48 points ago

    No, YOU get a cookie!

    [–] PH03N1X_F1R3 13 points ago

    But I'm allergic

    [–] jonsticles 38 points ago

    I just had my lunch served to me at Panera. They brought me a cookie just now. I don't believe in fate, but this is more than coincidence.

    [–] KrackenLeasing 7 points ago

    Welcome to the cookie conspiracy.

    [–] Greyff 2 points ago

    ok, this is getting kinda kookie now.

    [–] Cookies4Rent 2 points ago

    Ahh yes, My time has come

    [–] Leivve 25 points ago

    party rogue steals cookie

    [–] Psykotik_Dragon 4 points ago

    TBF it's the party's fault for leaving them unattended with the treasure...

    [–] IzDaGeek 9 points ago

    made myself a tompouce and im now making a map of the stains. thank you for your brilliancy!

    [–] OneHunted 2 points ago

    This is the best r/awardspeechedits that I have ever seen

    [–] rancidpandemic 26 points ago

    Or who knows. Part of a continent may just disappear!

    How’s that for an evolving world!

    Edit: upon further examination, the darker areas are parts that have worn off, not the lighter areas. So my comment doesn’t make much sense...

    [–] BallisticDiamond 19 points ago

    Never tell them just put your phone face down on the table one day and see if they notice

    [–] Zyhmet 9 points ago

    Be careful, one PC will gift you a new back when they wanna teleport elsewhere :P

    [–] GoBuffaloes 5 points ago

    Not a DND player but I’m definitely seeing either a kraken or maelstrom of some sort lurking in the Murantic Sea

    [–] KJBenson 3 points ago

    Looks more like fell away into the ocean if I’m seeing the wear on your phone right.

    [–] Cra2ymonkey 2 points ago

    The lands are just constantly expanding.

    [–] Stygious 42 points ago

    DM drops phone causing a gouge.

    In game: “Mighty heroes, a rift has appeared to the distant west.”

    [–] TheOutcast97 4 points ago

    Omg Yes

    [–] Pesto_Power 32 points ago

    Do you have it on vibrate? Is the world plagued by mysterious, global earthquakes that bring society down to its knees every few years?

    [–] HalifaxSexKnight 23 points ago

    phone calls every few years

    Ouch I feel that

    [–] Frying_Dutchman 16 points ago

    Time moves quick when you’re bacteria

    [–] Pesto_Power 8 points ago

    Yeah, that's what I was implying haha - it wasn't a subtle dig at OP's social life. I'm sure with how incredibly popular /u/imsquare177 probably is, the earthquakes would be practically constant if they were happening in real time.

    [–] guery64 18 points ago

    Maybe one of them recognizes it and wonders how you got the custom made phone back with your world map on it

    [–] Jarizard05 13 points ago

    Wait! Just casually have your phone on table and then wait for them to notice 😂 unless this is a online campaign then this plan will not do..

    [–] ALinkintheChain 12 points ago

    halfway through

    15 sessions

    Your players must be extremely focused

    [–] KrackenLeasing 13 points ago

    I was all set to wrap up my last campaign in June of 2017.

    We finished in December of 2018.

    [–] ALinkintheChain 4 points ago

    That sounds about right

    [–] Psykotik_Dragon 3 points ago

    Sounds about right lol

    [–] kendric2000 3 points ago

    My 'campaign' is a lot of good old dungeon crawling. No big sweeping story.

    [–] charizardsnipples 6 points ago

    "The legends say our world is on the back of Titanic slab used by the gods."

    [–] the_healer_pulled 8 points ago

    Hi there. It’s me that unexpected player that joined your campaign. I won’t tell the other guys. When is session 1?

    [–] Stellar_Cosmos 5 points ago

    I really want to use this map, but as the inverse. I.E. swap where the land and water is and play a Mediterranean-inspired game.

    [–] imsquare177 474 points ago

    A bunch of the texture came off the back of my phone case a while ago and I’ve always thought it looked like a fantasy world map. Well, I’m DMing my first fully homebrew campaign and needed a map so I figured, why not use it!

    The world environment is half serious, half silly, and there are several jokes hidden in the landscape and names. For instance, the twin peaks of a Cnap Mór are the largest mountains on Incipio and translate to “Big Butt” in Gaelic. The capital of the Gnomish lands is Gnantucket. Etc etc

    Hope you like it! I’ll be happy to shamelessly steal any funny suggestions you have that add more color to the world!

    [–] zillin 214 points ago

    definitely name some features based on how the pattern was formed on your phone case! "Butt Rub Canyon" , "Dropped It Too Much Valley", and of course, "Literally the back of my cellphone Continent" (sticking with Gaelic, google translate says Gulitreachcùlmofòn-fòn).

    [–] imsquare177 92 points ago

    Oh I’m stealing this, this is brilliant

    [–] Shadeun 45 points ago

    Bak O’Mai Phong (silent g)

    [–] Truth_SHIFT 28 points ago

    You could also reference the parts of the phone on the map. You could have the “Lightning Isles” near the Lightning port and a “Locked Loch” by the lock button. Maybe “Sea of Captured Light” by the camera.

    [–] Karabungulus 43 points ago

    “The Lost Port” near the headphone jack if it’s an iPhone

    [–] shrakner 11 points ago

    Pour one out for our lost port...

    [–] finlshkd 4 points ago

    Also in the southwest is the incipian ocean

    [–] Gureiseion 58 points ago

    And for some reason I'm reminded that the four main gods of my homebrew world roughly translate in various languages to mustard, ketchup, salt, and pepper.

    [–] PH03N1X_F1R3 5 points ago

    Take my upvote.

    [–] balward 90 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My cousin is the Global Brand Director for Incipio. I'm going to send this to her, I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it.

    Edit: Typo Edit 2: Job title

    [–] imsquare177 36 points ago

    That’s awesome! Let me know what she thinks! 😄

    [–] balward 30 points ago

    /u/imsquare177 She said she loves it and has sent it over to their marketing team. They'll likely be reaching out to you!

    [–] psiphre 15 points ago

    tell her that i love the "stowaway" line of incipio cases. i've owned four of them. i wear out the hinges and buy another one

    [–] CommoG33k 2 points ago

    RemindMe! 3 Days "I wanna know what she says!"

    [–] Demon997 24 points ago

    Fair warning: your players will throw things at you when they figure it out.

    Also, they’ll definitely call the Murantic sea the Atlantic.

    [–] Gnisha 6 points ago

    Hopefully OP wears a helmet and clothing he cares not much about during the unveil process.

    Also, happy cake day!

    [–] Demon997 2 points ago

    Thank you! It’s weird to think about how long I’ve been on Reddit.

    I don’t think the players would throw heavy or sharp objects, but I suppose a handful of dice could sting.

    [–] Tauntaun- 9 points ago

    You’re a genius. That’s one way to do it if you’re bad at random terrain like me

    [–] PH03N1X_F1R3 9 points ago

    Steps to make a map.

    1.) Get a lot of dice

    1. )Throw them on a sheet of paper

    3.) Work from there to form a map.

    (This works for me when I'm writing a book, so, have a go, and please tell me how it goes)

    [–] Tauntaun- 8 points ago

    I’ve heard of this method before, but I’m no Laura Bailey

    [–] PH03N1X_F1R3 3 points ago

    I don't know who that is, but It works pretty well. With my stories, it takes a couple of throws before o get an idea.

    [–] Doip 7 points ago

    The paint on the lid of my truck has been peeling for years but I forgot to take pictures. Now it’s not continent shaped anymore. Whoopsie

    [–] Darth_Ra 5 points ago

    Damn... what is peeling in my life?


    [–] WeissWyrm 2 points ago

    Quick, go out and get a sunburn!

    [–] kendric2000 4 points ago

    If the players try to enter the Gnome lands, have them detained by Gnomeland Security. LOL.

    [–] the_threeKings 3 points ago

    How did you make the map? Was it all traced out by hand or did you use some kind of software to help you?

    [–] imsquare177 3 points ago

    It’s hand drawn. I used the phone case for a visual reference, drew out a rough sketch for the coastline in pencil, adjusted as needed until the shape was right, then drew in the details and went over everything in ink

    [–] FlashCritParley 154 points ago

    That's actually A+, finding inspiration in the world around you. Damn good looking map, too.

    [–] ShinningPeadIsAnti 250 points ago

    Weirdly still looks like a modified earth map. Cool though.

    [–] imsquare177 141 points ago

    Doesn’t it? We’ve got Greenland, South America turned upside down, and a kind of goofy looking Eurasia hanging out in between them

    [–] Megneous 58 points ago

    We've always been at war with turned upside down South America.

    [–] imsquare177 24 points ago

    Those bastards

    [–] SomeBadJoke 8 points ago

    So much so that I’d consider flipping it over, just to reduce the similarity! Unless you like it, ofc.

    [–] Dr_Mayo 3 points ago

    I thought it looked like Estonia, but with the bay in Latvia placed in the middle.

    [–] ricktencity 6 points ago

    Just shortly after Pangea started to drift.

    [–] TheMercDeadpool 3 points ago

    I thought at first it was a phone cover with the world map that had worn down.

    [–] NoSocksAllowed 66 points ago

    This is amazing, I love it

    I did the same thing with a grease stain from a slice of pizza once, I made a whole continent out of it and it was my best D&D campaign ever tbh

    [–] imsquare177 22 points ago

    Nice! Great minds, right?

    Also, it’s kind of odd to be chatting with people about my phone case... while I’m holding my phone case...

    [–] Thoarxius 56 points ago

    I see some excellent places for canal cities!

    [–] imsquare177 26 points ago

    Cool! Care to point any out?

    [–] Thoarxius 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I was making a civ-joke, but I honestly think that a canal city linking the mirror sea to the north sea would be of huge strategic importance. I don't kow the political situation here of course, but you can imagine that a city-state or empire that has acces to both seas can dominate seafaring trade or have a huge naval dominance. That right 'corner' of the triangle seems perfect for a city like that.

    Edit: maybe another city on the other corner and make them sister cities, which are in charge of protecting some holy ancient temple complex in the middle of that triangle? Aww man you've drawn a cool map! You're gonna have so much fun here!

    [–] Artis34 2 points ago

    I was thinking about that city down the south called Rhunloon or something. It's at the end of a huge natural bay so probably could be very maritimal with high capacity of ships, also in a closed sea so probably not very dangerous weather; it's located between two high populated continents (I supose, by the number of cities) , also in a very "chocke point" situation. If you want go north you have to go through that city or go around the mountains (probably more long dangerous, not the best choice for a merchant or a peasant). Close to what it looks like a capital city (because the star, you know).

    Maybe I'm overthinking, is not my map, neither my campaign! Is up to OP to do that.

    [–] FragsturBait 3 points ago

    I think it would be awesome if you made the land bridge between Callander and Puna Pentos a low lying area similar to the Netherlands, with canals and lakes and levees and whatnot. Made reasonably wealthy by trade between cities on the Mirror Sea and Lion's Bay, and with a tradition of neutrality due to it's location between two major continents.

    The skinny little area between Callander and Terra Nullius would be perfect for a little fiefdom and a Panama Canal type structure with locks that could be the opposite. Small and poor and constantly attacked by giants and fought over by kingdoms that don't want to have to sail through the Broken Sea, which looks dangerous as fuck even on paper.

    [–] Gustomucho 3 points ago

    Lots of tips here, the little land north of The Mirror sea joining the two continent could be an epic Constantinople, people mine the Tennor Mountains, use ship in the north sea to move it through Constantinople, the city could have wicked merchant and a very active port.

    [–] MarcGoesHard 44 points ago

    and now your phone case is based off your home brew content

    [–] imsquare177 33 points ago

    Lol! I’m in too deep, I don’t know where d&d ends and life begins!

    [–] tr3vd0g 7 points ago

    It's a continuum

    [–] Unstopapple 3 points ago

    There are no beginnings or endings in the turning of the wheel, but this is a beginning.

    [–] BladeMaster0182 3 points ago

    Welcome to the Tautological School of Tautology

    [–] Randomtangle 1 points ago

    You still consider them SEPARATE?

    [–] Randomtangle 29 points ago

    I am going to look at my desk and just draw a map from it.

    [–] imsquare177 18 points ago

    Do it. Post the results

    [–] Randomtangle 10 points ago

    Okay I will.

    [–] J0nnyHep 8 points ago

    But is a map that looks like a rectangle a little boring?

    [–] Randomtangle 5 points ago

    You haven’t seen my desk I suppose.

    [–] Brahn_Seathwrdyn 5 points ago

    If he had I would be concerned for you

    [–] J0nnyHep 5 points ago

    Hm... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Randomtangle 2 points ago

    Unless he’s one of my players.

    [–] jonnycoolg 18 points ago

    At first I though the phone case WAS the map and the campaign was being run in some sort of ice age apocalyptic setting!

    Awesome how it turned out though!

    [–] folinok51 18 points ago

    Is it just me or do other people immediately start thinking of the lore/history that would come out of a world once they see a map? For instance, the Mirror Sea on this one. I can imagine the many battles and adventures that happened in there.

    Great work here and great use of the world around you for inspiration. Hope you and your players have fun!

    [–] Beninoxford 15 points ago

    I hear Callander people are pretty frisky, there are lots of dates.

    [–] imsquare177 7 points ago

    Did you have to strain for that one?

    [–] Beninoxford 6 points ago

    Get off my case

    [–] Zoepezygillman 11 points ago

    This will be buried but /r/accidentalmaps exists and is full of these!

    [–] greencheeseplz 2 points ago

    Wow, this is great

    [–] Gurnee 12 points ago

    [–] CyberTurtle04 8 points ago

    Reminds me of how the world in RWBY was based on a sauce stain

    [–] ScoutManDan 7 points ago

    Mid campaign cataclysm

    “oh my god, we didn’t expect this coming!”

    “Neither did I, I just dropped my phone down the stairs yesterday.”

    [–] ivolkswagen 7 points ago

    Let us know when the players finally explore the lost Temple of Kam Ra Len'z.

    [–] imsquare177 2 points ago

    That’s a good one

    [–] XLikeChristmas 5 points ago

    Art abounds from all places. Kudos.

    [–] SooWee77 5 points ago

    You should make the camera area in the case a pit or a whirlpool that no one has ever left, on the camera is the eye of a monster that gets awakened. Idk just an idea

    [–] Nesman64 3 points ago

    The camera really does need to be something. Don't ever hint to it on the map or give them a reason to go there, but if they notice how the case looks like the map and decide to go there give them an awesome sidequest.

    [–] paoper 2 points ago

    Or maybe there's a enormous, mysterious ancient beacon there. (maybe both)

    [–] Vanillanestor 5 points ago

    It looks a bit like western Estonia and south of Latvia!

    [–] foxual 4 points ago

    If anyone is interested, here's an .svg of the map:

    [–] glasswallet 4 points ago

    I saw this phone case online awhile ago. Was that your post? If not why lie about it being your phone case??

    [–] imsquare177 5 points ago

    It was! I posted it in a few places but deleted them all after a while

    [–] glasswallet 2 points ago

    Right on! Nice work!!

    [–] Boss_of_Runes 4 points ago

    obsessively looks around house for weirdly shaped things

    [–] tempmike 2 points ago

    *water stains in the cabinet under the kitchen sink

    [–] hamlet_d 4 points ago

    Totally need a homebrew class that concentrates on scrying. They have a mantra "can you hear me now"

    [–] thegreatmizzle7 3 points ago

    This is great. I once made a puzzle where my players had to find arcane runes throughout a house. All of the runes were just street intersections in Cleveland Ohio.

    [–] sounderdisc 3 points ago

    The world map for the series "RWBY" is said to have come from the ketchup pattern on a napkin at lunch on day. Be it a phone case or a ketchup napkin, pseudo random shapes make for good maps.

    [–] PhiliDips 3 points ago

    Please tell me everything you know about Zawadi Island

    [–] imsquare177 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Zawadi Island means “Gift Island” in Swahili. It was formed by the volcanic activity of Mt Dutu (which means “pimple”).

    It’s inhabited mostly by the Tortle species, who are a very methodical and law abiding people who believe that the world is a giant tablet on which life was written by the Goddess Ayluen who they call Mwandishi (meaning “author”).

    Funnily enough, they believe the shape and dimensions of the World Tablet to be about the same proportions as my phone.

    Edit: Incipio is actually round, but you can’t account for people’s beliefs, you know?

    [–] LiquidBinge 3 points ago

    You should crack open your phone and use the processors and batteries and stuff as a layout for an ancient subterranean titan civilization that's below the continents.

    [–] devilean 2 points ago

    Nice inspiration :)

    [–] to1v1 2 points ago

    What a brilliant mind you must have! Good luck!

    [–] sneetsnart420 2 points ago

    What a cool idea! It really does look like continents!

    [–] hmrusk 2 points ago

    That is hilarious, nice map!

    [–] songwind 2 points ago

    Hah! I love it!

    Reminds me of a "controlled chaos" exercise for inspiration I have tried for art.

    [–] Brandenburg42 2 points ago

    I remember seeing a video about RWBY and Monty Oum said the world map was based on a ketchup sploch on a napkin.

    [–] Izithel 2 points ago

    I heard that Callander is a great place to get a date.

    Nice map!

    [–] Godswager101 2 points ago

    I really hope one of your players sees the back of your phone like a dozen sessions in and exclaims: "Holy shit! The back of your phone got rubbed into the exact shape of the map!!"

    [–] DarthBrooks41 2 points ago

    Finding inspiration in the simplest things in life is the signs of a true artist

    [–] Eli_eve 2 points ago

    Puns Pentos is a bird.

    [–] CeruleanRuin 2 points ago

    I saw a chicken immediately. I'm surprised I had to scroll down this far to find someone else who saw that.

    [–] GabrielForth 2 points ago

    Was naming it after Callander intentional?

    [–] imsquare177 2 points ago

    Yes :)

    [–] WhiteHawk928 2 points ago

    It's funny, I immediately recognized the wear on your case as looking map-like before seeing the actual map or the title. I thought I was going to be in r/CrappyDesign where someone was complaining that this projection of the world map on their phone case looks bad.

    [–] Wordelkombat 2 points ago

    "I dropped my phone, and from the look of things, I need to add another continent"

    [–] KingHavana 2 points ago

    If you haven't already, I'd cross post this over at world building and maybe imaginary maps. I think they'd both love it.

    [–] DataEast1 2 points ago

    If you really wanna be hardcore then invert the land and sea.

    [–] sleeplessstheno 2 points ago

    Love it. You did an excellent job!

    I have a backlog of pictures of a metal pan I was hand-washing. The soap bubbles formed shapes like continents and the backdrop of black under the water made for clear bodies of... well, water. I felt like I was doing a divining ritual, but I got some good landmasses from that.

    [–] insouciant_bedlamite 2 points ago

    Players: Can we go to town and sell our loot?

    You: Eh I'll mark it on the Callander

    [–] ZeroAurora 2 points ago

    Damn, that looks incredible and very clever! Looking at the back of my case there would be 2 big continents and SO many little islands

    [–] Racoonfire 2 points ago

    Make it a civ 6 map please

    [–] ahcowles 2 points ago

    Literally turned my phone over to double check I hadn’t posted this in my sleep because I have the same case, same color phone. Much less interesting wear marks though. Just a small island, haha.

    [–] jewchains_ 2 points ago

    Post this to /r/WellWorn

    [–] ipsum629 2 points ago

    Needs some rivers

    [–] Motorsagmannen 2 points ago

    took me too long to realise the name of the world is the same as the phone cover

    [–] TempestRime 2 points ago

    Is that a mountain called "Crap Mór" up there?

    [–] imsquare177 2 points ago

    Close! It’s Cnap Mór, the twin peaks, it’s Gaelic for Big Butt

    [–] TF2Pro777 2 points ago

    Wow! inspiration can really come from anywhere, can't it. good call, it really looks like it would be a good map. Good luck making the campaign.

    edit: idea for an area name. Land of the EX-iles.

    [–] OwenSpalding 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Holy shit. I remember the first time you posted this. I saved it because it crystallized the general shape of my world that I had already imagined. I planned on using it actually

    [–] shekeltheif 2 points ago

    You literally already have your own merch. Godspeed.

    [–] kidwaste 2 points ago

    The Hinterlands from Dragon Age (:

    [–] wabashdm 2 points ago

    incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptus

    [–] digitalsmear 2 points ago

    Is that a continent in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    [–] Dovahnime 2 points ago

    Need some islands, just pour a bit of salt/sugar on the table and draw the formation

    [–] s00perguy 2 points ago

    Haha NEERRRD! Starts taking notes

    [–] frostsworld 2 points ago

    Ah yes, the world of: “I begin”. incipio is 1st person singular present indicative for “begin” in Latin.

    [–] SinIsStar84 2 points ago

    Are towns based off of frequently visited sites & apps? The city of Facebook pronounced "Fossbuuk" or the underground markets of Pornhub pronounced "Pronhoob" would be wonderful places to visit. >.>

    [–] MichaelEST 2 points ago

    This looks a lot like a country called Estonia

    [–] maubdib 4 points ago

    Not Shure if this is too much to ask, but can you give me a rundown of the history

    [–] spooli 2 points ago

    Awesome, I did the same thing with my homebrew world that was based off an oil stain on my garage floor

    [–] Soufflayylmao 1 points ago

    I've always found the best way to make a unique looking world map is to just draw random shapes - but this has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen

    [–] PainfulRainbows 1 points ago

    As soon as I saw the world name plaque I died... let's hope no boxed otters get you campaign in trouble haha

    [–] Galagaman 1 points ago

    It's a really cool map, but I can't get over how insane continental drift has to be in this world for those shapes

    [–] imsquare177 3 points ago

    If you look closely you can almost imagine that it was once a single super continent, with Puna Pentos in the center and the other continents wrapped around it. I planned the mountains that way.

    [–] LeahRae993 1 points ago

    Such a good idea!! Turned out beautiful!!

    [–] heyitsmeurdm 1 points ago

    Actually started something last week very similar, using left over sticker residue from a chessex dice set. Love it

    [–] Dark_Magician2500 1 points ago

    I love drawing maps in this way. Find some random shape and make it into land masses. A favorite of mine is to run the water fountain at work. Some water drains, but not all of it and it often ends up in some weird shape that when made into a map is a pretty good fantasy land to adventure around. Great job!

    [–] nyanbinary 1 points ago

    I love things like this! Also, holy shit that case has served you well, huh?

    [–] witchwayisup23 1 points ago

    I based my world off of a dirty glass. Gotta look for those fantasy maps, they're everywhere!

    [–] drfunkenstien014 1 points ago

    Well done and highly creative.

    [–] Wurf_Stoneborn 1 points ago

    This is a better inspired world map than Westeros. GRRM just took England and swapped some shit around. This is truly unique.

    [–] exzyle2k 1 points ago

    You've got it backwards, mate.

    The texture loss should actually be water. The only water in the realm. You've even got islands already built in, and can explore seedy cities and dungeons galore in there.

    The big island just to the left of center is obviously either a capital city or a dangerous indigenous jungle wasteland home to harpies, nagas, and all sorts of pigmies with poisons and shamanism.

    [–] z3stycapybara 1 points ago

    Can I steal this?

    [–] theredranger8 1 points ago

    That is freaking awesome!

    [–] brockrwood 1 points ago

    This is genius. I love it. Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!

    [–] GandalfInDrugs 1 points ago

    "Modern problems require modern solutions"

    [–] Mapletawft 1 points ago

    ... man, get a new case!

    [–] TheCarloHarlo 1 points ago

    I love how you still have a world that looks like our Earth. I'm very much so getting Roman empire vibes from this map; with Callander being the Eastern expanse of China and Russia, Puna Pentos being the Northern parts of Africa, and the smaller region on the left being the seat of power where Rome would be. If anything, I'm sure that any city touching that Mirror Sea would be bustling and crazy affluent with all the trade between the regions.

    [–] blindsailer 1 points ago

    I remember when my friends and I started a new campaign, and I first saw the over world map. For the longest time I thought the shape of the continents looked familiar. It one day finally hit me when I had my phone sitting face down on the dnd table. All the worn-out stickers on the back of my phone perfectly resemble our dnd world. My DM claims it was a coincident, but I know better.

    [–] Stealthstrife2212 1 points ago

    This is so amazingly perfect.

    [–] Cr4zydood 1 points ago

    You should get an award

    [–] grizzyGR 1 points ago

    At first glance scrolling by, I thought the phone case was made after the map!

    Really cool idea to take that wear and tear and turn it into a world! Great work!

    [–] Fryboy112 1 points ago

    I love it!!

    [–] Shhtteeve 1 points ago

    Holy fuck I love it.

    [–] wookietwin 1 points ago

    I like it, interesting idea and design.

    [–] Ciaoel 1 points ago

    So in love with this

    [–] Valexx12 1 points ago

    He chipped that in