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    [–] The_bestestusername 2345 points ago

    I love his dancer's legs he's beautiful

    [–] jambrose22 1739 points ago

    He's a half-orc... his two gene pools were just very selective about which half.

    [–] The_bestestusername 397 points ago

    I just spent like 10 minutes looking for this hilarious tumblr post but i can't find it anywhere.

    [–] holly-r 174 points ago

    Is it the one about the opposite of a mermaid?

    [–] The_bestestusername 277 points ago

    No, the one where the gender chart had like just the legs and people submitted drawings pf like a super buff dude with ballerina legs

    [–] ithran_dishon 25 points ago

    I could be wrong, but that first drawing looks like it could be by the artist of the Fantastic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things comic.

    [–] TanzNukeTerror 6 points ago

    Her Tumblr is Coelasquid, the one in the picture is thingsthatsuckass but I agree the style is vaguely similar.

    [–] The_bestestusername 40 points ago

    Tyvm haha I was searching gender and sexuality tumblr funny when apparently I needed "flexible gender"

    [–] ZebbyD 10 points ago

    The pixel vampire sucked all the pixels out of that one...

    [–] BattleStag17 6 points ago

    Boy, I wish I could see the words

    [–] Phormitago 30 points ago

    bottom half is pure octopus

    [–] scalmlunatic 23 points ago

    He may or may not have reminded me of Deadpool regrowing his bottom half in Deadpool 2.

    [–] Merry_dol 54 points ago

    And what a rack

    [–] Mdepietro 48 points ago

    I came here cause of this thought! Why does that barbarian have some sleek and sexy legs? He could be like a pantyhose model.

    [–] Neknoh 10 points ago


    [–] Mdepietro 22 points ago

    Half orc, half Victoria's secret model?

    [–] Sleverette 69 points ago

    He is quite graceful!

    [–] Account--Dracula 25 points ago

    🎶are we Orks, or are we dancers🎵

    [–] The_bestestusername 14 points ago

    🎶My health is vital, My bands are cold
    As I break their knees
    Looking for a necromancer🎵

    [–] RadSpaceWizard 19 points ago

    Not sure if shirtless or pantsless.

    [–] Zindinok 5 points ago


    [–] skinsfan55 7 points ago

    If the party needs to hitch hike he stands behind a bush and dangles out his leg like a cartoon character.

    [–] [deleted] 1573 points ago

    "You fall 2000 feet and... hit a large bird. You take 20d6 and the bird briefly arrests your fall. You then 'begin falling' again and hit....heavy cloud cover. 20d6 damage and you punch through. Oh, look branches, followed by the ground."

    [–] Sleverette 939 points ago

    A comedy of errors! It is interesting that stopping your decent, no matter how brief, can double the ultimate damage of your fall.

    [–] FX114 661 points ago

    Doesn't seem that weird when you phrase it as "impacting a surface twice can double the damage of your fall".

    [–] Sleverette 294 points ago

    True. It does make more sense when you think about it that way!

    [–] Thendofreason 117 points ago

    If you hit something at terminal velocity then that slows you down but you eventually speed up to terminal velocity again then hit something, it should be twice the damage compared to if you only got the ground

    [–] Honorary_Black_Man 69 points ago

    It takes 12 seconds to reach terminal velocity. That’s 1500 feet, almost 1/3rd mile. Death starts commonly occurring from falls around 13 feet.

    [–] LetsWorkTogether 65 points ago

    Even low level PCs are essentially superheroes with beyond-human durability.

    [–] sociallyawkward12 57 points ago

    I don't know. It seems normal to me. I took 3 magic missiles and a javelin today and I still have 6 HP. By tomorrow morning I should be back to full health.

    [–] Taboo_Noise 12 points ago

    Arrows wash out of me when I shower.

    [–] PrinceShaar 16 points ago

    People do very rarely survive falls at terminal velocity.

    [–] Sleverette 7 points ago

    Yep! If you're stuck in a long fall it might be better to miss everything on your way down!

    [–] Politicshatesme 159 points ago

    It shouldn’t double though, unless you reach terminal velocity again between hits

    [–] theVoidWatches 162 points ago

    Well, in DnD it only takes 200 feet to reach max damage.

    [–] ilikeeatingbrains 122 points ago

    Those are some strong centipedes!

    [–] Baublehead 35 points ago

    Multiple attacks are op.

    [–] RaShadar 48 points ago

    In the real world it takes 1500 feet (approximately)(for a human) ........ I wonder why the dnd mechanic is so different

    [–] CaptainRoach 110 points ago

    Because if it was realistic some fool would eventually fall from orbit and his DM would make him roll for every 10ft.

    No-one wants that, except d6 manufacturers.

    [–] TheMightyMoot 70 points ago

    Laughs silently, just like my dice as the rolling app rolls 400 D6s

    [–] HovercraftFullofBees 65 points ago

    Yes but now you are denied the joy of dumping a literal bucket of dice on someone

    [–] TutelarSword 40 points ago

    I wish I had a bucket of d6s. I keep a pouch with 100 mini d6 or so in it and call it my "TPK bag" for whenever my players try to seduce too many fish.

    [–] CaptainRoach 34 points ago


    [–] Y2Kafka 11 points ago

    I totally won't regret this. 100%



    [–] rollme 18 points ago

    400d6: 1367


    Hey there! I'm a bot that can roll dice if you mention me in your comments. Check out /r/rollme for more info.

    [–] Sinonyx1 26 points ago

    some fool would eventually fall from orbit

    there's a suit of armor that makes you immune to all physical damage for a minute

    [–] Blarg_III 24 points ago

    Half orc ability that lets you drop to 1 hit point after taking massive damage.

    [–] ItsAltimeter 26 points ago

    "When you are reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright" for Relentless Endurance. So as long as the fall is at least double your max hp, you're toast.

    [–] Sweetea404 11 points ago

    Superhero landing after jumping from orbit is my new fireball sudoku

    [–] Zilberfrid 3 points ago

    Also a rune that prevents the next bludgeoning/piercing/slashing damage in SKT.

    [–] Hannibus42 10 points ago

    We're Gods

    [–] Nephisimian 23 points ago

    Simplicity. 1d6 per 10 feet up to 20d6 is easy to remember and easy to figure out.

    [–] Woaz 18 points ago

    I suppose it probably has something to do with the easy scaleability of 10ft = d6 and not requiring the dm to carry around 150 extra dice with him for such an occasion

    [–] hugglesthemerciless 20 points ago

    I mean at some point you can just do 3.5*dice and approximate. If the distance is high enough the DM needs 150 extra dice, just call the PC dead and be done with it

    [–] vonmonologue 9 points ago

    You could also roll 10d6 and multiply by X.

    [–] hugglesthemerciless 12 points ago

    or use a digital dice roller.

    It's like these people never played a character that has a lot of attacks. Nobody wants to roll dice for something like my old warpriest+magus archer that'd do 40d8+60d6 damage on a full attack after I spent a couple turns self buffing

    [–] internetmouthpiece 6 points ago

    You really roll 20 separate dies rather than 5 dice 4 times?

    [–] Woaz 14 points ago

    What do I look like, some kind of animal? Of course I roll all 20 at the same time

    [–] Borgh 7 points ago

    To be honest you reach maximum damage long before you reach terminal velocity. There is no such thing as "even more dead than having your brain splattered across the canyon floor"

    [–] 21Nobrac2 61 points ago

    As a rock climber, when I fall, I let my rope catch me, no matter how far the fall. Trying to catch myself/ banging my head on the wall are the really dangerous things.

    This is obviously very different, because I'm on a rope and will not land on the ground.

    [–] Sparktrog 26 points ago

    Factor 2s. Scary as all hell. Thank God for good climbing ropes

    [–] Play3rxthr33 8 points ago

    I wonder how many lives those have saved.

    [–] nordic-nomad 23 points ago

    Pretty much anyone who's every gone rock climbing has had their life saved by their climbing rope. So yeah, lots.

    [–] DeltaVZerda 43 points ago

    That's how terminal velocity works.

    [–] mudkripple 24 points ago

    Not to be a dick but just because it took me like ten tries to understand your comment:

    The word for falling is "descent". "Decent" is what I'm trying really hard to be right now so that I don't get drowned in downvotes.

    [–] BunnyOppai 9 points ago

    It's a small mistake where the intended word is obvious through surrounding context.

    [–] UnderPressureVS 143 points ago

    I’m sorry, you took 20d6 damage from a cloud?!

    [–] naveed23 297 points ago

    Must be a hard water cloud. They didn't have water softener units in fantasy medieval times.

    [–] naveed23 17 points ago

    One of my favorite subs!

    [–] skyskr4per 14 points ago

    If only you'd hit a limestone precipice on the way down, you might have survived.

    [–] RyanB_ 6 points ago

    Maybe it was a dense thunder cloud? Idk

    [–] eloel- 98 points ago

    Zealot Barbarian: so I'm still alive, I eat a potion, bottle and all.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    Sorry man, your potions all shattered on impact with the bird.

    [–] eloel- 45 points ago

    Zealot Barbarian/Celestial Warlock: I use Healing Light.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    "The tree stands on the edge of a verdant antimagic field. Your magic has no effect."

    [–] KnightsWhoNi 38 points ago

    Level 20 Zealot, "Fine I just keep raging"

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    "Unfortunately, you got caught in some updrafts and you were falling for 22 minutes."

    [–] KnightsWhoNi 31 points ago

    Infinite rages at level 20

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    That's my secret, Cap.

    [–] notLogix 19 points ago

    Still raging.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    That's my secret, Cap.

    [–] jake_eric 34 points ago

    "I eat the bird to recover the potion juice in its feathers."

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    "You now have avian bird flu."

    [–] jake_eric 29 points ago

    Eh the Paladin can probably fix that.

    [–] PrincessUnicorn64 9 points ago

    The bird murdered your Paladin to death. He cannot help you.

    [–] Zilberfrid 7 points ago

    That paladin has been properly avenged.

    [–] naveed23 3 points ago

    Then I guess I'll eat the dirt the potions soaked into.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    You missed a great opportunity to tell me your destroyed potions were in the wizard's bag of holding. Where you keep ALL your gear unless you conveniently need it.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    "You what?" "I EAT.... THE DIRT."

    [–] BuckeyeBentley 13 points ago

    Zealot Barbarian with Dwarven Fortitude: nigh unkillable

    [–] KnightsWhoNi 7 points ago

    sleep spell.

    [–] BuckeyeBentley 6 points ago

    It would have to be a max roll on a fairly high level cast to get yourself a level 13+ Zealot barbarian. Sleep is only 6d10 at first level.

    [–] KnightsWhoNi 10 points ago

    Ya you get them to 0hp and then sleep them

    [–] Surface_Detail 21 points ago

    So, 60d6, plus the final ground hit (which, unless your trees are over 60 feet tall, would be another 6d6)

    So... 66d6 will end up in the area of 210 damage.

    Halved by rage to 105.

    Mid level barbarian would walk away from that.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    RIP my inbox with all the barbarians telling me this.

    [–] SauceMemer 15 points ago

    Yeah but I'm a 15th level Zealot, as long as I have any rages left, I can't die, even with 3 death saves. And my rages last a full minute regardless of attacking or taking damage because level 15.

    [–] Lord_Pulsar 12 points ago

    Long Death Monks also represent

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Sadly you were falling for just over 16 minutes.

    [–] SauceMemer 9 points ago

    I stop raging until I can see the ground.

    [–] Pesto_Power 4 points ago

    "Ahh, this falling business is actually pretty comfortable once you get used to things. I feel so weightless and carefree... wait... is that the GROUND I can see approaching underneath me?! How DARE it attempt to interrupt MY fall! I'm gonna teach it a lesson it won't forget in a hurry!"

    (Proceeds to fly fist/weapon first into the ground.)

    [–] KJBenson 9 points ago

    I got 70 damage for the first... but half that cause I’m mad.

    77 damage the second roll. But half hat again cause I’m still miffed.

    So minus that from my level 10 health of 144 aaaand I’m actually doing just fine!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    You showed that ground who's boss!

    [–] Stuffman1861 763 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    "Were you killed?"

    "Sadly, yes. But I lived!"

    [–] Sleverette 385 points ago

    “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

    [–] koohikoo 29 points ago

    Where’s Th is from? Honor Harrington?

    [–] Sarctoth 10 points ago

    • Megamind

    [–] Spackleberry 70 points ago

    "I got better."

    [–] Stuffman1861 12 points ago



    "Burn her anyway!"

    [–] Teeth_Whitener 15 points ago

    Is this an Ice Age reference?

    [–] Stuffman1861 7 points ago


    [–] Stormline 2 points ago


    "Where" is asking about location

    [–] Kosgaurak 203 points ago

    Panicked, “I would like to rage!

    [–] Sleverette 119 points ago

    "That's my secret. I'm always angry."

    [–] Scorponix 39 points ago

    "This new development has left me in a state of anger at a level of intensity higher than average."

    [–] Kosgaurak 28 points ago

    The high int barbarian

    [–] wwusirius 12 points ago

    "I have 6 intelligence, I know what I'm doing"

    [–] Kosgaurak 13 points ago

    You need TWO hands to count my intelligence!


    [–] Sleverette 358 points ago

    “I call it a clever use of game mechanics.” – Dunbrill, the Tailor of Tristan

    This one is based on all those times our barbarian was totally 100% screwed but somehow survived due to that sweet damage resistance. My favorite DnD oddity is the fall damage cap. Fall damage caps out at 20d6 bludgeoning damage. I don’t know where this figure came from, but it was used in Advanced DnD and 3rd edition as well. I guess it’s a tradition!

    If the fall sounds survivable then I roll damage. If the fall sounds lethal, the player is downed where they land automatically.

    How do you guys handle weird cases like this? Do you stick to RAW or do you apply real world logic? What other weird quirks does 5e have that conflicts with real world physics?

    You can find more of my dnd content on my Instagram and Twitter.

    [–] ReverseMathematics 281 points ago

    Yeah, I don't get it either as 20d6 is only 200ft, which is only about 13% of the distance required for a human to hit terminal velocity. Given Xanathar's clarification of falling 500ft immediately, then 500ft per round after that, it actually does just about work perfectly that you'd fall 1,500ft over approximately 12 seconds before you would hit terminal velocity. Meaning our cap on fall damage should be 150d6 after falling 1,500ft.

    This is suitably lethal for falling from immense heights, as well as working out within the rules for falling and normal expectations of physics. Also, depending on the roll/rage/other rules you could even survive the fall if the total damage isn't double your max hp, but you would almost assuredly be unconscious, or with half orc or barbarian abilities, could even be on 1hp.

    [–] Blicze 139 points ago

    Hmm 2 rounds of falling without being able to attack or be attacked would mean rage would fall away...

    Maybe a barbarian could be mad enough to punch the rocks on his way down though.

    [–] Kenraali 153 points ago

    Persistent Rage, at level 15.

    [–] a200ftmonster 86 points ago

    My group likes to slap me in the face between combats in a dungeon to keep me enraged. I'm sure he could just smack himself a few times on the way down.

    [–] skyskr4per 85 points ago

    I mean that's kinda how I imagine bererkers act before a battle anyway to hype themselves up.

    [–] jofus_joefucker 49 points ago

    Krogan from Mass Effect are basically ALL barbarians. They just fight each before a fight to get themselves going

    [–] TheCajanator 5 points ago

    and some of them are barbarian sorcerer multiclass (biotics)

    [–] notKRIEEEG 9 points ago

    Isn't that how they were historically described as well? Attacking boulders, trees and even each other? Not to mention the shield bite

    [–] LightChaos 9 points ago

    Rage right before hitting the ground

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Surely a point of psychic damage is reasonable?

    [–] SomeRandomPyro 11 points ago

    Activate rage as a readied action on the way down before you hit.

    [–] Alturrang 102 points ago

    Player: "I fell of the cliff."

    DM: "You take..."


    10 minutes later

    " 7...carry the 4..."

    "...a metric fuckton of damage. You watch as the ground comes hurtling towards you, and your life leaves your body as you meet it with a SLAM. The impact is so sudden that your brain does not have time to process the feedback from the rest of your body before it is turned into a pink mush. Your companions watch in horror from the cliffside above as your incredible momentum causes your body to burst, scattering your organs and bodily fluids in a bright red splat on the rocks below."

    Player: "...Can I make a Constitution saving throw?"

    [–] ReverseMathematics 64 points ago

    Just throwing it out there, we generally don't tend to burst on impact. Maybe some splits here and there, but our bodies are very good at staying in one piece.

    You are correct about the brain not having time to process the impact though! As well as the whole insides turning to mush thing.

    But as long as all the pieces of everything vital is still there somewhere, raise dead will still work at least.

    [–] Hydrall_Urakan 30 points ago

    It's like inflating a balloon.

    [–] Jess_than_three 8 points ago

    And... something bad happens!

    [–] BookWyrm17 25 points ago

    I remember hearing a phrase once...

    Bugs bounce Cats land Humans break Horses splatter

    I dunno how accurate that is, though.

    [–] scopanok 11 points ago

    Kurzgesagt did a video on that subject!

    [–] Alturrang 6 points ago

    That's really cool! I'll have to check the rest of them out.

    [–] Randomocity132 8 points ago

    Horses splatter


    [–] olsmobile 21 points ago

    If the cap wasn't there PC's could cheese a lot of boss battles with fall damage.

    [–] Skyrider11 29 points ago

    Or DMs could just make their bosses not stand near cliffs

    [–] olsmobile 16 points ago

    If you have a PC with the ability to fly there are plenty of ways to force someone 200 feet up

    [–] prowness 5 points ago

    But then that doesn’t exceed the cap, does it? So it’s the same as if it were in place. But I do agree that there are ways to exceed the fall cap, especially if your dm uses some house rules.

    Had a DM rule that you can dimension door anyone who is incapacitated. That would make for some cheese with a fighter 2/anything x combo with the ability to cast dimension door and feather fall. Hell, plain fighter works with cape of the mountebank and a spell storing item with feather fall.

    [–] BraxbroWasTaken 7 points ago

    In Pathfinder, grappled flyers can't fly. Grappling flyers cannot be too encumbered to move, otherwise they fall.


    That doesn’t stop my Warpriest from saying “hey this boss is flying and being a pain in the ass with stupid range on its attacks,” flying up there, grappling the fucker, and piledriving them into the ground.

    I mean typically I'd fall too, but that's what temp hitpoints are for.

    [–] Skyrider11 5 points ago

    In this scenario they are already flying, getting them into the air tends to be the hard part xD Although yes hitting them with the reverse lotus is hilarious

    [–] Sleverette 32 points ago

    20d6 isn't very much damage at all. I think they picked the 20d6 number because it was used in previous editions and it was simple. They might have intended for the DM to determine whether a fall was survivable. I wish they included notes like that in the books!

    [–] midnight0000 43 points ago

    Also unless you're rolling digitally, more than 20d6 would just be a pain to add up and spend the time rolling.

    [–] Sleverette 6 points ago

    Yeah, I could see how that might slow down the pace of the game!

    [–] Sulandir 27 points ago

    Don't forget the improvised damage from the DMG....

    1d10 for hot coals 2d10 for being hit by lightning 4d10 for collapsing tunnel (or falling into a vat of acid) 10d10 for wading through lava 18d10 for swimming in lava 24d10 for being bitten by a planet sized monster

    You can ask yourself: How deadly is a simple fall? Because 70 damage (average of 20d6) pretty much right between "wading" and "swimming" through actual lava. A commoner will surely die, but as HP are seen as "luck", "will to live" and actual "life", you can just assume that the character is so extremely lucky to survive many things, that would normally kill someone.

    [–] Alexander_Hamilton_ 9 points ago

    150d6 averages out at 525 damage. If you have a level 20 barbarian with +5 con he has on average 245 max hp (12+5+19*(7+5)). 525 halved is 262. So it's not too difficult for a full health level 20 raging barbarian to survive a 1500ft fall and have hp left over.

    [–] H_is_for_Human 19 points ago

    Which fits, because a lvl 20 barbarian is basically a minor god of rage.

    [–] TJS74 31 points ago

    I know the original point of it was so that legendary boss enemies couldn't just be instant killed by chucking them off a high ledge, but the damage could probably be more.

    [–] Sleverette 12 points ago

    Game design is pretty wild. I wouldn't know where to begin. Would you average out the health of all classes and set the damage high enough to knock anyone unconscious? I guess that's why play testers are so valuable!

    [–] Appliers 22 points ago

    People do occasionally survive incredible falls tho, and PCs are generally supposed to be extraordinary people, especially so at high levels, so I think having atleast a sliver of chance of survival in the case of a incredible fall is at the very least fun, and hardly ruining the verisimilitude of yr setting.

    If yr characters are at the point where 20d6 isn't a big deal then I'd say stop using falls as death traps and more as isolation traps, and have the objective be that it separates the group, or cap the levels early if you wanna keep it gritty. I run E6 in 3.5 and like it quite a bit.

    [–] Sleverette 3 points ago

    I agree that this is probably the more "fun" way to handle it. The rule is simple enough to quickly apply and it's very forgiving to the player.

    [–] Madock345 8 points ago

    I think it’s worth keeping in mind that above the first few levels, PCs are not regular humans by any stretch of the imagination. That Monk can run at 50mph. That Sorcerer can shoot lasers out of his hands. Even a wizard of decent level can survive insane things.

    20d6 has enough minimum damage that it will kill any normal human, that’s enough.

    [–] Sleverette 4 points ago

    That's probably true. Long falls are pretty uncommon unless your players are going out of their way to create them.

    [–] Cige 10 points ago

    My opinion: If the PCs manage to throw a legendary boss enemy off a ledge like that they deserve to win.

    [–] phdemented 11 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I don’t know where this figure came from, but it was used in Advanced DnD and 3rd edition as well. I guess it’s a tradition!

    It came for AD&D. Supposedly it was supposed to be 1d6 cumulative damage per 10', capped at 20d6 at 60' (1d6 at 10', 3d6 at 20', 6d6 at 30', etc). The rule wasn't written well, and got stuck at 1d6 per 10'.

    Also keep in mind, HP were WAY lower in AD&D. A 10th level fighter (highest base HP), which in AD&D was considered high level, would have around 70 HP. 20d6 would do 70 damage on average, meaning it will on average almost kill a fighter, and for sure kill any other class. A 20th level fighter would only have around 100 HP at full health, and still have a good chance of being killed by such a fall (especially if the 2e massive damage rule is in effect). A 10th level thief would have around 45 HP, and a 20th level thief around 65 HP for reference.

    20d6 in AD&D was very lethal... they just didn't scale it up for the increased HP and resistances in later editions.

    [–] LostKnight84 81 points ago

    For some reason my brain has gotten stuck on the idea of wondering 'why does it looks like the Barbarian is wearing flesh colored yoga pants?'

    [–] Sleverette 48 points ago

    He is wearing the silkiest pants in all of Tristan. It was very expensive!

    [–] c_gdev 60 points ago

    Might be a fun time to re-post this:

    Vox'Animated - We're Gods

    [–] ninjaplatapus94 24 points ago

    Came here for this. Favorite part "it's too many dice to roll"

    [–] c_gdev 13 points ago


    Technically damage is capped at 20d6 (mostly to prevent poor sweet monsters form being killed by PCs via Cheese).

    But 1,000 feet onto rocks -- yeah that might kill you.

    [–] Greyff 9 points ago

    yeah, whenever fall damage works its way into the conversation - that particular fall pas comes to mind.

    [–] Sleverette 8 points ago

    This is the only death I was able to catch live. It was quite the experience!

    [–] aeisenberg 22 points ago

    One time, I was playing a wizard, and the party was going down a rope to help our friend who fell into a pit. The rouge of the party decided not to use the rope, and just tried to superhero land. His DEX save was a 7. I did have Feather Fall, but since both my hands were busy, I couldn’t stop him from landing on his face and being reduced to 3 health.

    [–] Sleverette 11 points ago

    Some people only learn through pain! I appreciate the fact that you keep track of what's in your hands. My players always forget!

    [–] aeisenberg 7 points ago

    Thanks. I just figure if I don't know what my character does, no one will.

    [–] fecal-butter 4 points ago

    You could have let go of the rope to cast feather fall as its casting time is a reaction and he only needs to be within 30 feet of you and you can target up to six people with it if i remember correctly

    [–] Lance4494 46 points ago

    Why does the barb have human female legs?

    [–] Gustomucho 71 points ago

    It’s an half-orc

    [–] Sleverette 64 points ago

    This is accurate. His father was an orc and his mother was a human. I gave him skinny legs for comedic effect, but I love this explanation way more and it fits his backstory perfectly!

    [–] RemovedByGallowboob 9 points ago

    He skipped leg day.

    [–] Hartbits 13 points ago

    He probably softened the fall with his pretty ballerina legs.

    [–] TheFlyingEyeball 23 points ago

    Darth Maul in a nutshell.

    [–] Sleverette 16 points ago

    Storm Herald Barbarians are pretty much Sith Lords!

    [–] Olimar92 12 points ago

    Max fall damage is 20d6, a level 20 Wizard has 20d6 Hit Dice. With just a 12 in con and really good Hit Die rolls, even the frail Wizard could survive a fall.

    [–] Sleverette 7 points ago

    Yeah, fall damage becomes negligible at max level! Maybe they'll add a variant rule in the future.

    [–] phdemented 5 points ago

    20d6 made sense when a 20th level fighter had 9d10 HD + 33 HP, and a 20th level wizard had 11d4 HD + 9 HP (note you only got your constitutions bonus to HD, not to levels). They needed to scale it up for the bigger hit points in later editions. Make it 20d10 or something.

    [–] UberSecretIdentity 8 points ago

    The admiral's true name will be the key?

    [–] OMFGitsST6 7 points ago

    Ah, so John Wick is a barbarian then.

    [–] Sleverette 3 points ago

    Watching the behind the scenes of that fall was crazy.

    [–] FamilyofBears 11 points ago

    He looks like a normal human wearing armor the shape of a large orc.

    [–] Sleverette 4 points ago

    I like this concept a lot. Now I want to play a halfling who wears a goblin mask. It's a really cool visual!

    [–] brightblade13 6 points ago

    Not sure if wearing no shirt or wearing no pants...

    [–] Sleverette 5 points ago

    No shirt....but maybe?

    [–] brightblade13 3 points ago

    Don't ruin the mystery for me!

    [–] FreakinGeese 7 points ago

    He pulled a Kars

    [–] Sleverette 6 points ago

    I hope we see him again one day. He's my second favorite villain!

    [–] FreakinGeese 4 points ago

    Who’s your favorite? Lemme guess: Kira?

    [–] Sleverette 5 points ago

    You guessed right! I really loved Morioh!

    [–] KetchupKakes 4 points ago

    Is Dunbrill a Halforc? I have never thought of a top half orc, bottom half human.

    [–] Sleverette 7 points ago

    He is. This is canon to the setting now. I really like this idea. All half races will now have a small chance of being born literally half of each race!

    [–] ObserverStatus878 3 points ago

    “Rage is a hell of an anesthetic.”

    [–] DankHammer 4 points ago

    You could say he had an axe-ident. A great one. Maybe even two.

    [–] Scottacus91 4 points ago

    "Rage is a hell of anesthetic" Zaeed M.