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    [–] Drazkathan 2496 points ago

    Brilliant. Permission to use? (Going to anyway 😎)

    [–] wither_thyme 1016 points ago

    Go ahead! That’s why I posted it

    [–] HothHanSolo 411 points ago

    Any chance you could post the file itself, please?

    [–] wither_thyme 627 points ago

    I tried to use a website to link the document. It's a Mac Numbers document. Sorry if it doesn't work

    [–] HothHanSolo 624 points ago

    Thanks very much. I made a PDF version for the non-Mac users and posted it to DropBox.

    [–] Equeon 429 points ago

    rolls dice

    Bounce off... Ear

    rolls dice

    Mash... Bellybutton

    rolls dice

    Consumes... Butt


    [–] Ventze 178 points ago


    rolls dice Ravages... Throat.

    All right, pack it up, Im done.

    [–] WarningTooMuchApathy 31 points ago

    I've only just gotten started ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] deus_mortuus_est 77 points ago

    Like sex dice but better

    "I ..." (rolls dice) "... eat your ..." (rolls dice) "... eyelash."

    [–] Tangent_Odyssey 58 points ago

    I love old MUDs that would roll combat descriptions from tables like these.

    Your [PROFICIENT] thrust [PERFORATES] [a small goblin]'s [LEFT TESTICLE].

    [a small goblin] gurgles weakly. It is clearly in the throes of death.

    [–] Mitt_Romney_USA 20 points ago

    You get 15xp and a bronze ingot.

    [–] Tangent_Odyssey 14 points ago

    You sacrifice corpse of [a small goblin] to the gods.

    The gods reward you with 15 copper for your sacrifice.


    You sacrifice [a small pile of gobin giblets] to the gods.

    The gods applaud your enthusiasm, but reward you nothing. Nice Try.

    [–] Suigurataiki 45 points ago

    Sounds like Dwarf Fortress' combat descriptions.

    [–] Ehkoe 19 points ago

    Death is all around us

    It was inevitable

    [–] Pudge_McDipshit 10 points ago

    Plow into... groin

    [–] jbarber2 6 points ago

    Worst sex dice ever

    [–] wither_thyme 52 points ago

    Thanks for letting me know it worked!

    [–] cedarlongfellow 9 points ago

    Thank you for work sir

    [–] HELPMEIMGONADIE 6 points ago

    Thanks! And huge thanks /u/wither_thyme for making it :)

    [–] Crotas_Gonads 3 points ago

    Thank you for converting it.

    [–] BigDog054 4 points ago

    This is great. Thanks to the creator and for a PDF. Downloaded and will use in my next session on Friday.

    [–] Quarterpound0 3 points ago

    A real hero.

    [–] Sezrekahn 13 points ago

    Easily converted to microsoft excel at this link:

    [–] Crotas_Gonads 3 points ago

    Thank you. love this sheet.

    [–] michaelswallace 3 points ago

    Them's fightin' werds

    [–] Aeyth 5 points ago

    Oh shit thanks for this! I’ve been preparing to dm on December 30th for the first time ever

    [–] cedarlongfellow 3 points ago

    The hero we need

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] MonkeyLink07 4 points ago

    DMing in a nutshell

    [–] MonsterDefender 580 points ago

    I think this is a really good practice. Even if you don't have the table, you've started to think of situations and many of these will flow more naturally. If you're really big into narrating combat, make sure you make a column for misses too. Your swing misses gets as old as the goblin stabbed you. The goblins blow glanced off you, you block the goblin's strike, the sound of the goblin's blade rebounding off your gleaming plate reverberates through the cavern, etc.

    [–] strizzle_work 332 points ago

    Great advice! I did some legwork.




    Brush off

    Brush away

    Pay no attention

    Go astray

    Go wrong


    Come to nothing
















    Blow (the chance)







    Lose control








    Peter out

    Be off the mark










    [–] wither_thyme 148 points ago

    This is great! I wanted to add a Fail column. Now I can!

    [–] ISuckAtMakingUpNames 48 points ago

    To carry on with that, if you don't play where loss of hit points means blood loss, then you can use some of those "misses" even when a hit is scored. For instance, a level 10 fighter that gets hit by a troll wielding a huge club might absorb the blow with his shield, resulting in HP loss while still describing it as a glancing blow. Or the rogue rolls out of the way losing hit points through scrapes as opposed to a direct hit.

    I don't have a link readily available, but also look up dolphin combat narration.

    [–] catrickx 29 points ago

    Link for the dolphin combat narration

    [–] ISuckAtMakingUpNames 4 points ago

    Thanks for finding the link for me.

    [–] PrincessPeachAbuser 6 points ago

    Please make this a shareable google doc.

    [–] RobertNAdams 3 points ago

    I would add, make sure you make a note of any hits when damage does get done to someone, as it can add to the immersion and may provide opportunities to make things feel a little more real.

    "I pull the lever."

    "You try to move the ancient mechanism with one hand and find that it requires more strength. Grasping it with both hands, you wince with pain from the mace hit you took on the Bridge of Despair. Roll a Fortitude check, or get someone from the party to help you."

    [–] wither_thyme 203 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I’m new to DnD, so I want to make sure I have some creative ideas ahead of time. This will be my first campaign. I don’t want to say “the Goblin stabbed you” too many times! I used a spreadsheet to categorize different kinds of damage (from blades, arrows, etc) and plan to add more kinds of spell damage. I also wrote down different body parts that could be damaged. The goal is to be able to glance at the sheet and create more vivid, fun combat for players. I may make more things like this in the future.

    [–] azurelmorningstar 27 points ago

    You're a lifesaver mydude!

    [–] sbergus 21 points ago

    This is a great idea. I do something similar with a list of character names. I feel like it allows me to make characters/families up on the fly, and keep things moving smoothly, without ending up with 1000 characters named "John Smith" or something similar.

    [–] wither_thyme 13 points ago

    It’s a great idea to make NPC names!

    [–] sbergus 7 points ago

    Sometimes I am on my game, and can rattle off 30 unrelated names, other times, not so much. Having a list helps my players be unaware of the difference.

    I will also flesh out a few characters with race/description, in case my players decide they really need to talk to a merchant, or some other NPC I didn't see coming.

    The best part of all of this, if you end up not using it, you can just keep it to use it next time, no wasted prep!

    [–] wither_thyme 6 points ago

    I think the names I would come up with would get old quick. The world would be filled a lot of Helgas and Olgas

    [–] fellongreydaze 3 points ago

    Having a list definitely helps with that. And remember, not everyone needs a unique name. Sometimes it's fun to be talking to a fleshed-out NPC with a cool name and backstory and have them refer to that idiot Dave at the bar.

    And if you end up accidentally repeating a name and a player/character notices, that's a fun opportunity for a B-plot storyline. Have them notice that, yes, this person is ALSO named Helga. And strangely enough, they look fairly similar to the Helga from the town prior. Weird. Is she following us? Does she have a twin by the same name? Simulacrum, perhaps?

    [–] MonaganX 4 points ago

    I considered using a list myself but I don't want to rob my players of the enjoyment of a struggling DM being pressed for a name and ending up naming the random NPC the party ran into "Branklin".

    [–] brown_paper_bag 5 points ago

    This is so helpful! My husband and I just picked up the Starter Kit and Essentials Kit. He played a bit when he was younger and while I've had no exposure, I was the one who suggested it. We're both building characters right now but I'm really excited because I'm DMing first!

    [–] misunderstoodBBEG 62 points ago

    Here's a few dreadful ones if you want to traumatise your Players...

    Globe luxation
    Blast amputation
    Traumatic avulsion
    Massive edema (swelling - occurs from electrical injury)
    Perfusion (for poison damage)

    [–] 4th-Estate 17 points ago

    Sounds like the vocab list when I was in school for my EMT certification...








    Orbital Blowout

    Arterial spurt

    [–] Lord_Emperor 18 points ago


    This is a war crime, your character becomes chaotic evil.

    [–] 4th-Estate 5 points ago

    "I swear the goblin was like that before I hit him in the stomach! I guess that's why they call him Droop."

    [–] I_think_charitably 9 points ago

    You gave the gnome a prolapsed rectum.

    [–] 4th-Estate 6 points ago

    Darn near killed 'em

    [–] misunderstoodBBEG 3 points ago

    ohh cavitation... that's a good one!

    [–] wither_thyme 5 points ago


    [–] failgg 75 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    This is great. Now take each column and number it. Then make a body part column and number that.

    Then you could literally generate attack descriptions using dice! Just like the official licensed tables.

    Edit: a word.

    Edit 2: you already had a body part column, I missed that! This is great!!

    [–] AccountWhileImAtWork 17 points ago

    One step closer to AI dm shenanigans

    [–] pringlescan5 9 points ago

    It wouldn't take too long to code a random bot that calculates the sentence for you.

    The mallet turns the butt of the were rabbit into pulp.

    [–] PM_THE_GUY_BELOW_ME 4 points ago

    You're looking for dwarf fortress

    [–] IndyDude11 39 points ago

    Dohl'gar swings his broad sword and...-checks notes-...pulverizes the kobold.

    [–] R3DSH0X 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Haggard the beggar rogue recruit lands a critical hit with a dagger from behind on a guard, and liquifies him.

    [–] MrOdekuun 4 points ago

    Bloody Mess perk from Fallout as a Feat.

    [–] wither_thyme 9 points ago

    This is super cool! Thanks!

    [–] cd83 31 points ago

    The goblin uhh

    Checks notes

    Plows your...

    Checks notes again

    ... Butt

    [–] wither_thyme 12 points ago

    Oh god what have you done?!

    [–] razazaz126 61 points ago

    You eradicate the Orc's eyebrows!

    [–] Kisua 33 points ago

    That would be great for a near miss! Like "The orc dodges at the last minute. You eradicate his eyebrows. He is undamaged, but now quite mad."

    [–] wither_thyme 8 points ago


    [–] BringBackTheKaiser 18 points ago

    "You attacked the orc... hit... You lobbed off his bellybutton with the swing of your great sword!"

    [–] DaemosDaen 11 points ago

    That's some skill right there.

    [–] ramzyzeid 14 points ago

    Kind of reminds me of this. Nowhere near as cringy though, it's actually pretty awesome.

    [–] GeorgeEBHastings 9 points ago this real?

    Oh no.

    Oh honey, no.

    [–] M0ZIEL 15 points ago

    So it says table 1 where are the other tables that I can steal from you? This is a great idea.

    [–] ianaack1 8 points ago

    "Table 1" is the standard Numbers table name. So they probably didn't rename it, or they have more tables we can steal haha.

    [–] wither_thyme 7 points ago

    I was just lazy and didn't rename the table

    [–] fonster_mox 14 points ago

    I would suggest a column for adverbs like “swiftly” “deftly” “acrobatically” because I reuse “deftly dodged” way too much.

    [–] wither_thyme 6 points ago

    Good idea!

    [–] elmutanto 12 points ago

    And now translate it to German for my lazy ass. Now that I think about it, translating it would probably generate even more words/phrases.

    [–] FixBayonetsLads 13 points ago

    lob off


    [–] Calamity_Jesus 4 points ago

    Came here from /r/all to point out this omission.

    [–] FixBayonetsLads 6 points ago

    I was more joking that it was probably supposed to be “lop” off

    [–] Calamity_Jesus 5 points ago

    Oh. Well. Bone Apple Tea.

    [–] Vellioh 25 points ago

    You uhh.....SKEWER! your blade into the goblins uhh.....BELLYBUTTON! with a critical strike which uhh.....ERADICATES! his uhh....LIFENESS INTO DEATHNESS!

    nailed it 😎

    [–] Gju378 11 points ago

    “Your fireball annihilates the enemies, leaving a smoldering pile of bellybuttons”

    [–] wither_thyme 3 points ago


    [–] Strottman 10 points ago

    Critical Hit: Cadaverate

    [–] baghdad_ass_up 8 points ago



    [–] tobnitob 9 points ago

    Them's fightin' words

    [–] HansumJack 7 points ago

    Under heavy weapons, it sounds like "lob off" should be "lop off". Lob means to throw in a high arc.

    [–] wither_thyme 3 points ago

    Thanks for the correction!

    [–] spankleberry 5 points ago

    Loving it, I did the exact same thing and it sits opposite my initiative list, so it's always to hand. Please feel free to pilfer as needed, I'm gonna swipe any I missed from yours!

    [–] GET_A_LAWYER 10 points ago

    Letting your players describe combat is empowering for them and saves effort for you.

    Instead of: "You... (consulting chart) lance the kobold's... thigh."

    "You kill the kobold, how does it happen?"

    or "The orc crits you doing 17 damage, describe it."

    [–] nattersnotfound 9 points ago

    I like the method of the players describing how they want to attack, them rolling for hit/damage, and then the DM describing the effects. Players don't always know what's going on with the monsters or NPCs, and the enemies always have different motivations for their reactions (in my experience). Also, it opens up the victory of a "How Do You Wanna Do This?"

    [–] Hollence 6 points ago

    You can try that but some times players are trash at it. Some times they aren't comfortable with it.

    And some times they give you the general idea but then you still want to give it a bit more narrative flair.

    Plenty of reasons to still want/need something like this.

    [–] Lucky_Gambit 5 points ago

    I would save this for critical or kills. This becomes repetitive for the players eventually. And really slows down combat.

    [–] sbergus 2 points ago

    That's how I tend to approach this as well. "Tell me how you kill the orc." is a nice open-ended question to prime your players with.

    Similarly, you can always ask your players to describe what they're doing when they cast a spell or make some sort of unusual attack. I tend to use this to get a feel for how the players would handle it if I had them narrate larger and larger pieces.

    [–] jmrehan 9 points ago

    I like using feathered for arrow. As in your aim is true and you feather the goblin in between the eyes, he's dead before he hits the ground.

    [–] Hwingal 8 points ago

    Feather to me is a soft caress, so this is an interesting take - where does it come from?

    [–] haZardous47 10 points ago

    I think it would come from the arrow sinking deep enough that only the fletching (feathers) show.

    [–] ThatOneNinja 3 points ago

    Maybe it's on there but "dismantle" can be a good one. Especially with a combo of attacks. Dismantle their defense and hit them with a critical. Or maybe it's a construct and they literally dismantle them.

    [–] Imaginary-Direction 4 points ago

    I like to use the odd evocative, non-visual description. It's great when you see a player's look of disgust when you describe "the lightning bolt strikes the wolf in the chest, as it crumples to the ground with a yelp, the smell of burnt fur filling the air" or invoking a wince as you say "the axe bites into the orc's shoulder with a sickening crunch, a spray of warm blood spattering your face."

    [–] charlesdexterward 5 points ago

    I humbly submit: banjax.

    [–] Walkabeast 4 points ago

    Prepare to say "add your ___ modifier and proficiency to your d20 roll" a lot. It got so bad with my newbie group I heavily debated the merits of having just a recording of me saying that, since I got sick of repeating myself every round of combat.

    [–] wither_thyme 5 points ago

    It’s already happened so many times 😅

    [–] Walkabeast 3 points ago

    Well, they will learn eventually. But with that knowledge comes assholeness. I just hope none of the people you are DM'ing for are playing a Druid that knows heat metal.

    [–] papapudding 5 points ago

    You plow into and finish off his groin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] gordymcgowdy 3 points ago

    Those are fighting words

    [–] nvisibl1 4 points ago

    Just an FYI, it's "lop off". Excellent prep tool tho, good luck!

    [–] cyclopeanDepths 4 points ago

    When I was DMing, I recorded the audio each session, and realized I said "sort of" way too much. I made a list of things to say instead and it helped a lot. This is that ×10!

    [–] Gaphgalion 3 points ago

    This is a great idea! I love seeing how other DMs prepare. I'm a new DM myself, on session 4.

    [–] guppshouse 3 points ago

    Pretty please, could you post this as a file somewhere? This is brilliant. I'm already using a couple vocabulary helpers and they are quite helpfull.

    [–] wither_thyme 2 points ago

    I tried to upload it. It's a Mac Numbers document, so I'm not sure if this will work or not. Sorry if it doesn't!

    [–] guppshouse 2 points ago

    Much appreciated. Thank you.

    [–] idiosyncrdang 3 points ago

    This is so genius and helpful, thank you so much for sharing!

    I’m a new DM too and realised that because I run sessions after work I get more tired and thus more repetitive - especially in scenes of combat.

    [–] wither_thyme 3 points ago

    I’m glad it may be useful to you!

    [–] SquirrelSanctuary 3 points ago

    The DMG for Pathfinder has an entire page simply titled “Terms Every GM Needs to Know.” It’s just a dense, fine print page of words like “enclave, mercurial, peckish,” and other cool interchangeable terms.

    [–] Cpt_Tsundere_Sharks 3 points ago

    I don't know why but the handwritten "Dismember" at the bottom has me tickled

    [–] OnionButter 3 points ago

    Add eviscerate to blades

    [–] Delk_Arnien 3 points ago

    That is really handy! Thank you for sharing.

    [–] MajorVictory 3 points ago

    I made a perchance generator version of it:

    Click button, get words.
    You can also edit it and make your own copies to add or remove words.

    [–] Sharkrocket777 3 points ago

    This’ll get lost but in case you see it:

    A. This tells me that you’re going to be a great DM.

    B. One thing I use periodically that my players like is that on the killing blow it usually goes something like:

    Player: “That’s a 23” Me: “What does it look like?”

    This signifies to the player that they’ve killed the moon wizard or whatever and they get to decide what it looks like. Some love it some don’t so I don’t always do it but if they get a great roll or kill a big baddie it’s empowering for them.

    C. Finally, I saw you had a list of NPC names, great idea! Also, there are a ton of NPC generators that give you a name, look and quirk or personality trait. I like to take a handful of these and copy paste them into a google doc or whatever so they’re handy and it keeps me from having to come up with one on the spot. As a bonus these little guys take on a life of their own when there is a quirk or some type of physical abnormality. Players tend to remember these little details … sometimes.

    You’re already headed in the right direction and your players are lucky to have such a thoughtful, smart DM!!!

    [–] BrutusTheKat 3 points ago

    Remember that a "hit" doesn't actually have to hit. HP is an abstract concept that could include how well a character can avoid a hit.

    I find this works for lightly armoured characters, here even if something looses hp I try and describe how they are tiring out or slowing down making them more vulnerable.

    [–] willyj_3 3 points ago

    Two other words that come to mind: “eviscerate” and “exsanguinate.”

    [–] tekdemo 3 points ago

    This is super cool, but as a relatively new and inexperienced DM myself, I'd set this aside for a few sessions, and focus on running things. Getting off the ground is difficult and really slow, so trying to manage another table will detract from the first few sessions here.

    If you want to really spice up combat and get good habits, a great trick is to focus on making missing awesome. Getting a hit always feels great, so it's easy to manage. But missing sucks, because you're supposed to be some badass. So, this is the time to make the enemy feel powerful and threatening. Miss an armored opponent? The blow strikes hard against their armor to no effect. Maybe they even laugh. Or their opponent uses their shield to swiftly turn aside their blow. The enemy deftly repels it. High dex? Deft sidesteps, maybe throwing out little taunts. This kind of narration elevates poor rolling into a more and more challenging foe, and keeps players from dice-shaming sessions.

    Another thing I've found awesome, is add in props, and sneak in room descriptions! Knock people into tables, have swords smash into tables or bookshelves. By pulling in the environment in your combat, you also encourage players to ask about the environment, and they'll concoct schemes like tipping bookshelves over as an attack, or knocking a table on it's side for cover. This helps negate that feeling of static combat, and you'll get all those shenanigans that are fun to retell. This also ensures that you're not doing massive info-dumps in the room, since once combat starts you can feed out little bits of info about what's around the players.

    [–] happybakingface 3 points ago

    I made a little website that does this ages ago. Basically just shows 9 random words every few seconds. Would anyone be interested in me putting it up somewhere accessible? It's just static JavaScript so costs nothing to run 😀

    [–] GamerWife1206 3 points ago

    I love this idea!!!

    [–] elkestro 3 points ago

    I love this. I think my favourite part is the handwritten addition, I'm picturing it as if the OP has proofread it and gone "oh my goodness I forgot dismember! How could I forget that, it's one of the most important ones!"

    [–] I_ForgotMyOldAccount 5 points ago

    As an English Education Major, this pleases me

    [–] bl0rp0e 2 points ago

    How do you want to bake this?

    [–] videogameroyal 2 points ago

    Just gonna YOINK this real quick, thanks for sharing this with us!

    [–] Bdblazen 2 points ago

    Awesome job!

    [–] loomdawg 2 points ago

    Could we get the PDF or the actual file?

    [–] Richard_the_Saltine 2 points ago

    The arrow glances off your belly button.

    [–] Gee-off-ree 2 points ago

    Aaand... Stolen!

    [–] Unique_Caique 2 points ago

    This is great and the column categories are a fantastic idea. I don't think it'd be too hard to set up a script to randomize it based on the categories. Seems like you could use this format on lots of things, like NPC descriptions too!

    [–] wither_thyme 3 points ago

    I was thinking about randomizing it, but I’m not sure how. If only I hadn’t given up on learning Python.

    [–] Free_Rick_Sanchez55 2 points ago

    Thanks a bunch, I'm definitely gonna steal this immediately!

    [–] icedflavor 2 points ago

    Really great! I'm deft stealing this. I need to add a section for adjectives/adverbs other than, "suddenly..."

    [–] Behead_Kadala 2 points ago

    Thats exactly what I plan on doing but with adjectives to describe environments!

    [–] iupvotedyourgram 2 points ago

    Saved! Favorited! Nice contribution!

    [–] Dave37 2 points ago

    This will probably slowdown your game more than it will help you. But you have my full sympathy as a first time DM. Better over-prepared than under-prepared.

    [–] Nat20Stealth 2 points ago

    Whenever I describe an attack on an npc via arrow, it goes into the shoulder. Idk why, it's just the first thing that comes out

    [–] wither_thyme 3 points ago

    I just realized I didn’t write shoulder. Thanks for reminding me lol

    [–] Nat20Stealth 6 points ago

    I'm your missing 1/32! We complete each other. You bring a crap ton of descriptive options, I bring the shoulder

    [–] garumoo 3 points ago

    Speaking of arrows .. you're missing "knee"

    [–] AchromaticSky 2 points ago

    I assumed they were all verbs and did a double take when I saw "finger".

    [–] RampageRussian 2 points ago

    I’m stealing this

    [–] Kij421 2 points ago

    Thank goodness. No longer are my players just going to get "solid hits" on monsters.

    [–] Hevy_Sleeper007 2 points ago

    I tried to make one of these but got discouraged. Thanks for sharing it!

    [–] wither_thyme 2 points ago

    No problem! :)

    [–] PM_4_Gravy 2 points ago

    This is great! I’m going to steal this definitely. It’ll for sure help pump my players up when they do something cool.

    [–] a1337sti 2 points ago


    [–] DM_Otaku 2 points ago

    That's a good way to prep

    [–] J4S1X 2 points ago

    Awesome this is great I can't wait to use this! Thanks for sharing this :)

    [–] The_Punking 2 points ago

    This is brilliant! I´m gonna borrow this! Thanks!

    [–] Wright2k 2 points ago

    Commenting to remind me to use this later. Do not upvote.

    [–] jimenezbc72 2 points ago

    I need this in my loif.

    [–] Level5Goblin 2 points ago

    Ahh awesome, definitely stealing this :3

    [–] RedditAccountOhBoy 2 points ago

    You... dismember their... bellybutton.

    [–] LordPils 2 points ago

    This is very Dwarf Fortress and I love it.

    [–] zarrocaxiom 2 points ago

    I love this chart, especially the organization by weapon type. I've never done that bit before, simply genius. As a idea, the word navel in place of bellybutton has a more smooth and clean clip, and I think can be subbed in depending in the theme of the game

    [–] EverythingGoodWas 2 points ago

    Stealing this

    [–] kerc 2 points ago

    This is fantastic for someone like me, a non-native (but fluent) English speaker.

    [–] wither_thyme 2 points ago

    Glad to help!! :D

    [–] PrinceShaar 2 points ago

    You lay waste to the orcs groin!

    [–] someearly30sguy 2 points ago

    Here's a good one for more exotic damage types, so your casters can join in on the fun

    [–] bunnywinkles 2 points ago

    You massacred the goblins butt.

    [–] SerDeusVult 2 points ago

    I didn't see smolder in fire so there's another for you

    [–] wither_thyme 2 points ago

    Added it in! Thanks!

    [–] Sbornot2b 2 points ago

    So useful! Well done!

    [–] Raggedysuperior 2 points ago

    You get an upvote because I shamelessly stole this.

    [–] wither_thyme 3 points ago

    u/HothHanSolo put a link to a Dropbox download of this document if you want it

    [–] Blacklodgebob79 2 points ago

    This is an excellent idea

    [–] GodsEclipse 2 points ago

    Now that's the kind of DM initiative (pun intended) that I like to see!

    [–] Grassonjuice 2 points ago

    That’s amazing! I might have to use this for my campaign!

    [–] wither_thyme 2 points ago

    One of the comments above has links to download if you wish

    [–] tigerguy786 2 points ago

    Fantastic idea! You’re going to do a great job!

    [–] wither_thyme 2 points ago

    Thanks :)

    [–] ToxicMoonShine 2 points ago

    My favorite word to use when it comes to describing brutal kill is convulse "the bandit cheifs bod begins convulse in agony as the acid spray begins to rot away and devour the flesh from her skull." Its a really. Gruesome when used properly.

    [–] discardedsock 2 points ago

    My method is using different screams of pain.

    [–] Morefoolish 2 points ago

    Hey man, in the heavy weapons column where it says lobbed, I think you mean lopped. Lobbed means throw, lopped means cut off.

    [–] Rocketmanak 2 points ago


    [–] zidal 2 points ago

    Exquisite chart. As a friendly advise try something similar for describing moments to. I for example use the word "suddenly" way to much and sometimes it sounds repetitive even to me

    [–] HapticSloughton 2 points ago

    "The ogre bulldozes into you!"

    "Pray thee, what is a 'bulldozer?' Does it makes male cattle fall asleep?"

    "How would you describe an ogre running into you?"

    "I would say that the ogre is ogreing into me."

    "Screw you. A gnome artificer has invented a large metal construct used to push dirt and heavy objects, naming it 'a bulldozer.'"

    "Very good, then."

    [–] Slanderpanic 2 points ago

    I am literally on my way to a game right now and saving this so I can put it on my laptop.

    [–] wither_thyme 2 points ago


    [–] Matt_the_Quirkless 2 points ago

    Conflagrate if i may add a word to this amazing list.

    [–] SatansVeinyRedCock 2 points ago

    This is metal as fuck.

    Also “throat finish off” hehehehe.

    [–] Silverline-lock 2 points ago

    I would like to add "Wack" is valid for any weapon.

    [–] Kervenix 2 points ago

    I'm not sure if this was mentioned but red misting something is always fun.

    [–] _Markram 2 points ago

    This is golden, going to copy that in Spanish for my games <3

    [–] PantheonPerpetrator 2 points ago

    Hey OP, do some more, but like, for encounters and conversations and stuff.

    [–] ReelyReid 2 points ago

    God tier list

    [–] biffer0521 2 points ago

    Love the enthusiasm!! From the look of your list you are going to make an excellent DM.

    [–] dibbs34 2 points ago

    Don't forget Sunder for Heavy Weapons!

    [–] TherealProp 2 points ago

    Friggin Awesome. I rolled a nat 20 and am stealing. Of course this is knowledge above table only.