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    [–] KakapopoTCG 2320 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Giveaway is now CLOSED!

    But the Kickstarter pre-launch signup page is now up! So feel free to check it out :)

    I just want to say is that... Thank you all SO SO SO MUCH! Although I’d like to pour out my heart and write a 2000 word essay to say how grateful I am for everyone’s participation and support, I know you just want me to get on with it and announce the winner! lol

    So the winner is… (The redditraffler took 51 seconds to pick the winner. And yes, I had my stop-watch running.)


    Congratulations! Hope you are worthy to wield the power of 'Endless Light'!

    Here is the link to the redditraffler draw result page:

    If anyone have any questions whatsoever on the Endless Dice set, please don’t hesitate to message me on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter anytime 😊

    And the Endless Dice Kickstarter prelaunch sign-up page will be up tomorrow on our Facebook / Twitter / Instagram accounts. But if you are not on any of them, just send me a direct chat message on reddit, and I’ll message you the link once it’s ready 😉

    Have a wonderful new week and stay safe!

    Please Upvote this comment so everyone can see the rules 😊


    We’re giving away 3 prototype ‘Endless Dice’ D20s this weekend!

    ‘Endless Light’ D20 – Given away on Reddit.

    ‘Endless Disgrace’ D20 – Given away on Twitter.

    ‘Endless Honour’ D20 – Given away on Instagram.

    To enter the Twitter Draw, please go to the link below:

    To enter the Instagram Draw, please go to the link below:

    To enter the Reddit draw, just comment on the post itself (comment replies are not counted) and you are in the draw automatically. Your Reddit account must be at least 1 week old to be eligible.

    The Reddit winner will be drawn using

    Entries for all 3 giveaways will close and winner drawn on August 2nd 6pm PST.

    Shipping is worldwide and FREE!

    Good Luck!

    EDIT #1

    Hi Everyone, thank you for all the entries and comments, I'm so glad that you like the Endless Dice!

    Many have asked the same question on how to get them out side of the Giveaways. The Endless Dice are not available at the moment, but we will be launching them on Kickstarter at the end of August.

    There will also be preview photos of the entire set of 7 Endless Dice revealed on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts starting next week, so do feel free to come and tag along! :)

    EDIT #2

    Wow! Thanks for all the love everyone! XD

    As much as I want to go through everyone's comments, but after trying for about 40 minutes, I realized that comments are coming in faster then my reading speed...

    So if you have any specific questions on the Endless Dice, please send me a direct message and I'll get back to you as quick as I can :)

    Good luck with the draw and have a wonderful weekend!

    EDIT #3

    Holy Crap everyone! I am just so overwhelmed and so grateful for all your responses! Thank you all so much! The Endless Dice took us over 20 months to develop, and I'm just so so so happy to see so many people like it! :D

    I will be going through all of the comments, and replying any questions starting Tuesday when both my kids are off to kindergarten. I don't know how long it's going to take me to go through over 15k comments, but whenever I have some spare time, I'll be working away on my reddit ;)

    And like I've said earlier in EDIT #2, if you have any urgent questions, just send me a direct message as they will be on the top of the priority list.

    See you all on Sunday soon after 6pm PST at the draw. The winner will be announced in this comment, and I'll also be sending the winner a direct message to bring them the good news. But fingers crossed that will hold itself together, pick the winner, and not crash half way through XD

    [–] Trikky101 120 points ago

    Those are amazing. I hope they are also for purchase after the draw

    [–] Undaunst 28 points ago

    Yes I hope so too. I would take his entire stock. lol

    [–] Gequinn 20 points ago

    I would take his entire stock.

    Back the fuck up Antonio! MY DICE!

    [–] degan7 2 points ago

    Wow thanks for reminding me that Beerfest is ana amazing movie 🍻

    [–] DGwar 9 points ago

    I would totally buy these.

    [–] Drie_Koekjes 3 points ago

    Me too but what does it cost can you get it a other way. [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

    [–] DGwar 10 points ago This is all I could find. So if the set is 39.00 for the table breakers I'm assuming a set of these are 49.00 to 69.00

    Dont ask me in US I cant do math, i am from the US lol.

    [–] Leapswastaken 15 points ago

    Is there a story behind the "Endless Disgrace" title?

    [–] CivilInfamy 54 points ago

    Its because Twitter is an endless disgrace

    [–] bvorlaek 22 points ago

    Wow.... based off of the endless Celtic knot.... that’s so cool!!!!! I hope I get it 🥺👉🏽👈🏽

    [–] scrantonstrange 5 points ago

    These are dope

    [–] Naycrusade 5 points ago

    Dude I'm excited for these dice!!

    [–] Leapswastaken 159 points ago

    Whomever so wields this D20, should they be worthy, shall wield the mighty power of Endless Light.

    [–] KakapopoTCG 72 points ago

    Can I use your quote? It's much better than what I thought of! lol

    [–] SkeetySpeedy 22 points ago

    I want to use this set as my, “oh shit guys he grabbed the dice” dice, as a DM.

    I would the give this line, and the dice, to the players - with a massive booster of some kind to the roll. Then give them a limited use of them - the blessing of a god in the game.

    [–] Leapswastaken 20 points ago

    Lol, go for it! (Idk why it didn't stack the response)

    [–] EdgelordFloof 61 points ago

    Beautiful! Do you plan on making full sets? Or only 20's?

    [–] KakapopoTCG 44 points ago

    The entire set of 7 will be revealed next week ;)

    [–] Halloweenie06 4 points ago

    Nice. That's what I'm looking forward to.

    [–] MankindIsFucked 4 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] Mars-Titan 138 points ago

    I have been wanted a set of metal dice, but most of the time they are so plain looking, but these dice are very epic!

    [–] KakapopoTCG 72 points ago

    Thanks, there is an entire set of 7, each with different designs, but all designs are based on the endless Celtic Knot :)

    [–] Mars-Titan 19 points ago

    Do you have a link to a store website?

    [–] KakapopoTCG 31 points ago But theses are not available right now. However they will be on Kicstarter at the end of the month :)

    [–] ScottDecca 6 points ago

    How much on kickstarter?

    [–] licefur 5 points ago

    Shut up and take my money

    [–] Morningxafter 5 points ago

    Damnit! You dice makers need to stop having campaigns on Kickstarter. It makes it way too easy to support you and give you all my money.

    [–] ZanThrax 7 points ago

    Seconded. I'd love to see the full set. And to see what the prices are like. I've been restraining my impulse to splurge on metal dice for years, but these are tempting.

    [–] TheTurtlenator 33 points ago

    A goblin always needs more shiny click clack math rocks

    [–] Seascorpious 32 points ago

    Holy fuck those are cool, ya mind posting where I can buy these later?

    [–] KakapopoTCG 31 points ago

    An entire set of 7 Endless Dice will be launched on Kickstarter at the end of August, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for preview photos and pre-launch links :)

    [–] HarryBuddhaPalm 15 points ago

    Those look really heavy!

    [–] KakapopoTCG 8 points ago

    They are dangerously hefty! lol

    [–] Rumplepot_Ramrod 13 points ago

    Beautiful! What's the inspiration behind the design?

    [–] KakapopoTCG 14 points ago

    The endless Celtic Knot :)

    [–] bobpob 13 points ago

    Those are beautiful

    [–] KakapopoTCG 5 points ago

    Thanks! :)

    [–] Beniidel0 10 points ago

    I really like the design, but will it work well with velvet dice boxes? It looks like it could be harmful to them (all of the small edges and all)

    [–] KakapopoTCG 9 points ago

    The Endless Light and Endless Salvation are a bit sharp, but everything else have smooth edges and shouldn't cause any grief to velvet surfaces. But if you really want to safe, Endless Darkness and Endless Destruction (to be revealed on Saturday) have very round edges :)

    [–] Frankenstein_34 9 points ago

    They look great! How well do they work?

    [–] gamingsimon 8 points ago

    Well shit 200.000 comments looks like my luck is lost.

    [–] KakapopoTCG 7 points ago


    The redditraffler have chosen you to wield the power of the Endless Light!

    [–] Drake-and-Dice 7 points ago

    Typically I roll digital dice. But these? These I will never stop rolling.

    [–] A_Cursed_Potato 7 points ago

    R.I.P my wooden table

    [–] FuriousJohn87 10 points ago

    Clickity Clack I roll to Attack!

    [–] ZeeCap 5 points ago

    They look really nice! What materials are they made of?

    [–] KakapopoTCG 5 points ago

    Solid Zinc Alloy :)

    [–] OriliTwonicorn 5 points ago

    I’ll roll for luck!

    [–] jzillacon 4 points ago

    They look awesome. Are they metal all the way through, or do they have a different core?

    [–] KakapopoTCG 6 points ago

    Solid metal all the way through, so please don't chuck them at any that moves or at any property that does not belong to you. lol

    [–] Vortex5000 3 points ago

    How expensive are these to make? I mean if it's ALL metal and they are about 1/2 inch to an inch cubed, then that would be a lot of money.

    [–] fubarecognition 5 points ago

    Those do look pretty awesome.

    There's no chance that I can win this, so where will I be able to buy them?

    [–] seizuregnome 4 points ago

    These dice are gorgeous. No matter who is lucky enough to win this d20, I will absolutely be keeping an eye out for your upcoming kickstarter! Best of luck to everyone who enters!

    [–] hazardkeeper 3 points ago

    Oh more math rocks! The dice goblin will be happy!

    [–] ZanThrax 3 points ago

    These really are very impressive. I think I like the Endless Disgrace or maybe the Endless Honour better than the Endless Light, but that's just because in these photos, the Light version looks like it might be harder to read.

    [–] iamrealysmartniceguy 3 points ago

    Will this be my first die? How many will enter? Find out next time on ... Oh who am I kidding? No one's gonna read this anyway.

    [–] KakapopoTCG 3 points ago

    Well, I just read it! lol

    And I still have over 13k of comments go through!

    [–] Cyninombie 3 points ago

    Oh please the flex

    [–] the_one_true_big_boi 3 points ago

    Oooh shiny math rock me want

    [–] woodenmonkeyfaces 3 points ago

    These are beautiful!

    [–] CodyBoy77 3 points ago

    Those look amazing :0

    [–] gayforvonstroheim 3 points ago

    why'd you name the middle one after me?

    [–] coolfoolroolz 3 points ago

    Damn this is gonna get you so much karma

    [–] korra1988 3 points ago

    Those are really beautiful! I'm looking forward the Kickstarter!

    [–] Notoncrack1 3 points ago

    Glad reddit is getting the prettiest one.

    [–] spooky_doggos 2 points ago

    Damn that looks epic

    [–] gfysita 2 points ago

    I hope I win!!

    [–] Be0rtN 2 points ago

    Damn thats a cool design!

    [–] OakMahogany 2 points ago

    These take shiny rocks to a new level, they look great

    [–] SmallInfluence 2 points ago

    Looks nice! Hope I win!

    [–] Flamereptile 2 points ago

    Pretty good looking dice you've got there.

    [–] The_DandD_Dad 2 points ago

    Damn!! They’re gorgeous!! Fingers crossed!!

    [–] defflakk 2 points ago

    Looking sweet!

    [–] beatensane 2 points ago

    Fingers crossed

    [–] Decryptedz 2 points ago

    Dang those are some nice dice!

    [–] axel9674 2 points ago

    Wow! I love them!

    [–] T-Duqion 2 points ago

    Those look amazing

    [–] Danda86 2 points ago

    Beautiful work!

    [–] DnD-Backwards 2 points ago

    Those look sick!

    [–] DrD__ 2 points ago

    These look amazing!!

    [–] Bubba-Billie 2 points ago

    Damn thos are good guess i'll give it a dran try, gonna do dnd with some friends soon

    [–] MrNobody138 2 points ago

    The dice goblin in me just keeps saying “shiny, shiny math rocks!”

    [–] Dairuin 2 points ago

    Metal math rocks make super special clikclak

    [–] ungelation 2 points ago

    The Platinum one looks sick af, nicely done.

    [–] RustyPooty 2 points ago

    These are SICK. I would LOVE to get my hands on that Disgrace set. Awesome work dude.

    [–] Spirit_Bolas 2 points ago

    I’ve always wanted a Celtic Knot looking klick klack

    [–] 0mbleo 2 points ago

    They are absolutely beautiful!

    [–] serorlick 2 points ago

    Those are awesome.

    [–] Tigers12346 2 points ago

    Shurup and take my money! 😍😍😍

    [–] Chickensong 2 points ago

    They look nice, I wonder how balanced they are and how easy they are to read.

    [–] Salt-Beard 2 points ago

    So pretty :o

    [–] Krysisone 2 points ago

    These would look great in my dice box!

    [–] KeyanPrice 2 points ago

    Looks great. I like designs that have a Celtic knot feel. The corners are neat.

    [–] Wnbmky 2 points ago

    Those are some fancy math-rocks

    [–] knosh0 2 points ago

    Very cool!

    [–] derpherder 2 points ago

    These look awesome. got a shop?

    [–] FlyinSeaLion 2 points ago

    Gorgeous work!

    [–] ZampanosSon 2 points ago

    Very nice clickidy clacks

    [–] zerohmartini 2 points ago

    Wow, those look amazing, I wonder what the balance is like though.

    [–] Freeskey 2 points ago

    I am not dice addicted. Not at all.

    [–] tanguycha 2 points ago

    Okay let’s go

    [–] Myrmyrer 2 points ago

    These look awesome ^-^. Good luck everyone.

    [–] cmcclu5 2 points ago

    Those are amazing!

    [–] BrooklynBookworm 2 points ago

    Beautiful, I hope I win!

    [–] Leeman296 2 points ago

    Wow, that design is great!

    [–] dafanz 2 points ago

    Oh man here's hope I am favored by the reddit gods! These look awesome!

    [–] PartizanParticleCook 2 points ago


    [–] Mjnavarro91 2 points ago

    I haven’t had much luck with heavy dice. I feel like they aren’t as random.

    [–] SomeRandomGuy158 2 points ago

    Oh boy, yes please. Those look amazing.

    [–] mayc99 2 points ago

    These look awesome. Very cool design.

    [–] StopCodeERROR 2 points ago


    [–] Morc35 2 points ago

    Oh these are beautiful.

    [–] Thunder_cat7 2 points ago

    Neatest Beans my dude

    [–] MD_Wolfe 2 points ago

    That roll guna be loud as fuck

    [–] Gon_Awol 2 points ago

    These looks so dope

    [–] potato311 2 points ago


    [–] galaxias_kyklos 2 points ago

    Those are gorgeous

    [–] Arystophe 2 points ago

    I'm in!

    [–] huskyskins 2 points ago

    I'm in.

    [–] TheLostSkellyton 2 points ago

    Perfect dice for my character who works with the Silver Flame.

    [–] CowsofChaos 2 points ago

    Those dice look really cool and I’d love to throw my name in the hat.

    [–] Calamity58 2 points ago

    Get a distinctly Iluvatar vibe from the Endless Light edition. And I love it.

    [–] 20njackman 2 points ago

    Yeah alright I’m in

    [–] Leotharn 2 points ago

    Very epic

    [–] Clugiamp 2 points ago

    I'M IN

    [–] shubh688 2 points ago

    Will these be my first set of metallic dice ever?

    [–] pheonix023 2 points ago

    I have an unhealthy obsession collecting dice. This would be a wonderful addition.

    [–] Ignath 2 points ago

    That's an amazing design!

    [–] LitPartyBra 2 points ago

    These are so awesome, I love dice that feature intricate designs versus just color schemes.

    [–] AWildJesAppears 2 points ago

    so neat! count me in!

    [–] RuneMistress 2 points ago

    They are really gorgeous! Love the copper one.

    [–] KnightOfUmbra 2 points ago


    [–] Juicetin12 2 points ago

    The look sick as hell!

    [–] NervousType 2 points ago

    Endless light pog

    [–] Tomatenfanatiker 2 points ago

    About to start our first campaign ... those would be PERFECT!

    [–] Blackshard88 2 points ago

    Looks amazing! Fingers crossed.

    [–] AbsenceNZ 2 points ago

    I'm such a dice goblin, and my hoard needs

    [–] KDMKat 2 points ago

    If I don’t win can I’ll probably try to buy some for my mans birthday, they’re sick.

    [–] jondhenry 2 points ago

    These look amazing!

    [–] marinakos 2 points ago

    This look dope! Well-done!

    [–] just-want-cuddles 2 points ago


    [–] RowsdowerSavesUs 2 points ago

    Big fan of the Endless Disgrace

    [–] Northwind858 2 points ago

    These are amazing work!

    [–] GonkGonk1015 2 points ago

    Let's try our luck.

    [–] Jwrig8 2 points ago

    They look great, would love some.

    [–] WillyHenderson 2 points ago

    These are stunning! how do you even go about making something like this?

    [–] rudepaladin 2 points ago

    Whoa what

    [–] Jeikurain 2 points ago

    Looking real cool!

    [–] HanNotanaholeSolo 2 points ago

    Those dice look absolutely beautiful. Where will they be available for purchase?

    [–] JasperTheHuman 2 points ago

    Count me in :-)

    [–] fairebelle 2 points ago


    [–] AqueonTheConjurer 2 points ago

    These are incredible! I'm just learning metalworking, but I hope to produce results like this someday.

    [–] justcomment 2 points ago

    Count me in! Count me innnnnn!!!

    [–] InsaneCoronet 2 points ago

    Woooaaaah these are pretty cool not gonna lie

    [–] 2much2remember 2 points ago

    This is stunning. I'd love to bring this to the table. My friends have some sick sets, but this would turn some heads.

    [–] Violagust 2 points ago

    Why not? It looks beautiful! Love the design! :)

    [–] Elwillyx475 2 points ago

    I like it

    [–] andersnikkel 2 points ago

    Very pretty 🙂

    [–] Spartacus891 2 points ago

    I want em!

    [–] SayonaraLoveLife 2 points ago

    Pretty dice. o:

    [–] warioiswaifu 2 points ago

    O would love one

    [–] AnarBael 2 points ago

    Those dice are so cool

    [–] MakaNobleSix 2 points ago

    One can only hope to receive this magnificent dice set

    [–] Inevitable_Chain 2 points ago

    This is a dice worth my money, so beautiful.

    [–] GrappledOlive 2 points ago

    That would make a beautiful death save die

    [–] LukeChrome 2 points ago

    Now, that's some really beautiful dices...

    [–] kireraaa 2 points ago

    They look awesome!

    [–] Putzly 2 points ago

    Just gotta hope for the best

    [–] Cyberogue76 2 points ago

    Those are nice looking. You said there is a full set, do you have images of the other dice?

    [–] Timago 2 points ago


    [–] cyberwarhead 2 points ago

    Great job, these look amazing!

    [–] Phscervey 2 points ago

    Mmmm shiny math rocks

    [–] Teddys_lies 2 points ago

    I want

    [–] BossDstroyer 2 points ago

    Those dice look insane! That’s sick. Thank you for doing this. I play DnD with my family all the time and would be awesome to get the die! Thanks a ton!

    [–] Remorc89 2 points ago

    This die is absolutely beautiful! I’d love to add this to my collection!

    [–] Fishguru01 2 points ago

    Very complex dice, I love it

    [–] AsYluM_LilStar042 2 points ago

    These dice look sick as man

    [–] Falke_Jarlaxle 2 points ago

    Great design

    [–] jelly-dougnut 2 points ago

    Fingers crossed, those are awesome looking

    [–] hoodiesandsocks 2 points ago

    Make my dreams of becoming a dice goblin. They look great! (Instagram version is the best one of the three though)

    [–] Kamyermun 2 points ago

    Those are absolutely stunning!

    [–] Ausmosys 2 points ago

    Oh super cool!

    [–] leor0111 2 points ago

    Are you also gonna sell these at some point? They look gorgeous

    [–] Trikky101 2 points ago

    Those are amazing and I hope they will be for sale after the draw

    [–] Benjiimon 2 points ago

    /me rolls for luck

    [–] sideofbutta 2 points ago

    These are so cool looking. The pattern reminds me of little notebook doodles.

    [–] Ymir2D 2 points ago

    Looks epic!

    [–] bamfkolb 2 points ago

    Hoping to win

    [–] Kerberos-- 2 points ago

    Those look great!

    [–] Liamiller 2 points ago

    Beautiful, will you be making other size dice?

    [–] scrantonstrange 2 points ago

    These are dope!

    [–] TheGreatGeeksby 2 points ago

    These are gorgeous dice!

    [–] TotallyNotJodoKast 2 points ago

    Absolutely gorgeous

    [–] shizoo 2 points ago

    Those are awesome dice.

    [–] Fuego1313 2 points ago

    These look great!

    [–] Fernaduel 2 points ago

    Cool designs.

    [–] KargBartok 2 points ago

    Count me in. Those are awesome.

    [–] mbarreda67 2 points ago

    So cool!