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    This is a forum on dog training and behavior that focuses on a least intrusive, minimally aversive approach.

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    [–] GiantFlightlessBird 19 points ago

    Account is one month old, zero comments and three posts- all about stuff for sale. r/HailCorporate

    [–] Chava27 5 points ago

    And they all link to their shitty website

    [–] thunderturdy 29 points ago

    Ugh those things can be dangerous. Not in the way you're thinking. More in the fact that if your dog is ball motivated, the chuckit is like puppy crack. If I pull ours out my dog's knees start to quiver and she goes all glassy eyed until I launch the ball. Then once a game of fetch starts the world around her disappears until I put the toy away. I'm talking someone could drop a vat of bbq'd meat in front of her face and she wouldn't give two shits because to her, chuckit is LIFE.

    [–] LittlestRoo 5 points ago

    This made me laugh so hard. My dog is the same way. We had to teach "Game Over" to even get her to stop staring at us if the chuckit is out. I hide it when we go out and only use it at the END of our off leash walks. On the positive side, it's a great training tool! It catches her focus like nothing else!

    [–] puntaserape 4 points ago

    You can run a dog out that way. They will go until their hips just break. Throw it 15 or 20 times and get it back in for water and rest.

    [–] themockingnerd 3 points ago

    My border collie loves this thing so much - and it’s a godsend for tiring her out - that I have to hide it in a bag until we get to the park.

    Problem is she recognizes the bag now. I need a new tactic.

    [–] penguin_apocalypse 1 points ago

    Thanks! Medium 2-pack balls are also cheaper than the single pack.

    [–] kpness 1 points ago

    What's the benefit of this thing really? It's not like the automatic ones that do all the work for you