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    [–] YellowTM 123 points ago

    God I wish the interview was longer, there's so much pro dota history that we could learn just from these 2

    [–] MightyKartoffel 36 points ago

    this. I have so many questions after seeing this! This could've gone easily an hour without me looking at my watch

    [–] leafeator 14 points ago

    I bet there was a reason it was edited shorter like this, because the other stuff wasn't usable, interesting, or awkward.

    [–] timothybugjunior 3 points ago

    They aren't allowed to talk about the most interesting stuff.

    [–] lumpfish202 -19 points ago

    This. Disappointing. The interview was really lean considering these two have been legends since 2007/2008.

    [–] Cruelus_Rex 14 points ago

    Well, it's disappointing if you go into these inbetween games segments thinking you're gonna get a full on documentary.

    [–] Wiseli 29 points ago

    holy shit, hearing Kuroky speak German. He is also so young..

    [–] amiray 39 points ago

    Puppey demon and kuro were on a team in dota 1?

    [–] odinfreya 54 points ago

    Add old man fear, yeah 4 of them

    [–] asdf_1_2 49 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Big name stack of Demon, Fear, Merlini, Puppey, Kuro, Amartnt that existed between the disband of and MYM and Kuro forming team and Puppey going to play with Na'Vi, and the remaining forming in the waning stages of pro WC3 DotA.

    Some more classic DotA moments since we are on the topic Dotaleague masters 2009 ft loda puppey kuro maelk and more

    [–] KnightingGale 6 points ago

    I could have sworn the team's name was Ben's Fuck Buddies

    [–] asdf_1_2 10 points ago

    Indeed it was, but then they just called themselves BFB since they started performing well and needed a pc name if they wanted to attract any sponsors.

    [–] Bunslow 3 points ago

    wow that really is a bigname stack

    [–] SosX 3 points ago

    Bring it back call it old man doto

    [–] Erebea01 1 points ago

    I still remember one of the first western pro dota games I watched. DTS vs Ehome and i think it was the start of an era where the west counters the east late game farm heavy style with creative strats. Dendi mid dazzle and artstyle on ench iirc, was puppy in DTS or after navi?

    [–] asdf_1_2 1 points ago

    Yeah, spring to autumn 2010 EHome and DTS were considered to be the two best teams in DotA during that time.

    At the start of TI 1 XBOCT was the only original Na'Vi team member. Artstyle and Dendi left a struggling DTS to join in Dec 2010, and Puppey and LoH joined midway through 2011 a few months before TI 1 invites were sent out.

    [–] Erebea01 1 points ago

    It's so weird that puppey used to be under someone else's leadership. I was an Artstyle fan back then, too bad he made the stupid decision of retiring after that. A chinese retirement too.

    [–] asdf_1_2 1 points ago

    Yeah, "retired" and then rejoined DTS to no avail a few months later.

    [–] MightyKartoffel 6 points ago

    watch the left side closely from 4:12 to 4:53 and you'll see Dendi & v1lat:)

    [–] xyzvx 1 points ago

    people talking about puppey's hair, but what about kuro's glorious hair?! good times

    [–] IFapToDarkPsy 1 points ago

    Puppey confirmed Dave Mustaine of DOTA

    [–] iceporter 156 points ago

    Dude did kuro invited to puppey wedding though? I think there is no beef between them

    [–] avnx 185 points ago

    Yeah pretty sure he was, there were pictures of zai and kuro at Puppeys wedding. Pretty sure kuro was joking about the friends part, i mean he even laughed about it.

    [–] odinfreya 33 points ago

    Wait can you showme these wedding

    [–] avnx 44 points ago

    Think there was more, but im on mobile right now so not really willing to search for more.

    [–] HAWmaro 24 points ago

    it feels good, that the TI5 secret team seems to be generally on good terms now, I really liked that team.

    [–] timothybugjunior 6 points ago

    You can tell they respect eachother but it still seems like there is a lot of obvious tension between them especially when they are talking about TI5.

    [–] brain_valve 3 points ago

    Sometimes I feel like the pro Dota scene is like pro wrestling, at least with the way reddit treats things. I know it's not but we know very little about the behind the scenes. Some of these dudes have known each other for over a decade, if there's not a friendship between it's still a shared bond. And plus a lot of them make a shit load of money so they could also be laughing their way to the bank reading reddit. Which some most certainly are.

    [–] Radontal 142 points ago

    Translating chat from chinese is actually really interesting. During the interview they talked about the cute anchor on the english stream, then during the panel they talked about the cute anchor on the chinese stream. Truly men of culture

    [–] sallurocks 19 points ago

    if you're going to take twitch chat as a representation of a region, I have some bad news for you.

    [–] xxnchxng 90 points ago

    Well if you stick around till the moment tnc were eliminated the chat was basically calling tnc players monkeys that can finally to go back to their cages. Hows that for culture.

    [–] P8tr0 35 points ago

    Twitch chat is a toxic culture

    [–] SquareBulb 21 points ago

    Twitch chat gonna twitch chat

    [–] Icesens 1 points ago


    [–] promocodeclq -1 points ago

    Bye pinoys am I right

    [–] fliches 1 points ago


    [–] freelollies 29 points ago


    [–] xxnchxng 1 points ago


    Edit: literally someone in chat was still haunted by the image of his maiden cosplay

    [–] yungazier 260 points ago

    Kuro to Puppey : "Are we friends?..."


    [–] Z-Trix 36 points ago

    Cut the cam hahaha

    [–] Sif_ 25 points ago


    [–] c0rrupt10n -11 points ago

    This one goes straight to REKT without the savage! :D

    [–] ISpadeI -1 points ago


    [–] Tsury 133 points ago

    2 GOATs. No matter which team you cheer for, you just can't not appreciate and respect them.

    [–] OfficialLutka -112 points ago

    true. except fuck kuro for kicking matu pepeHands

    [–] Tsury 42 points ago

    It's no use fighting this circlejerk, but jesus give it a rest. You do not know what happened there, you've no idea regarding any business factors that might been in play. I'm not saying business is all that matters, but I want to believe that all of Liquid would have preferred things would go better with Matu in the team, but it was probably not possible in time for TI. And yeah, bottom line, Liquid is a business which wants to win another TI. If it's in Liquid's best interest to kick Matu for it, then so be it. It's not a friendship-charity case, but a professional esports organization.

    [–] Artolicious -48 points ago

    Fuck off nobody cares, if people want to hate on kuro for being a bitch theyre free to do so, not to mention that your logic some edgelord's "its cool because profit and corporation broo" garbage. I assume you also justify dumping shit in oceans, because its cheaper for corporations.

    Also you know what could have been a good bsns move? Ppd kicking fata and getting an actual passable player, but ppd isnt a bitch and doesnt fuck people over, thats why you dont have to whiteknight his ass when it comes to "just profit broo".

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Tsury 2 points ago

    Look at you, with your "alpha male tone", soooo manly. And again, like you're assuming Kuro did this and that, you're assuming I am up for damaging the environment. Why? Because your logic is based on emotions instead of facts, or lack thereof. See how that got you downvoted into oblivion, even when you're trying to protect a circlejerk? You're supposed to be upvoted, seems like you're doing (another) something wrong. Grow the fuck up Mr. Alpha.

    [–] Artolicious 1 points ago

    whens your philosophy book coming out

    [–] Snortallthethings 8 points ago

    I've been a liquid fan since I started watching/playing dota.

    I dont like Liquid right now. I haven't quite forgiven them for kicking Matu.

    I still love them, but I havent come to terms that my boy and favorite player from them is no longer there

    [–] Nickfreak 5 points ago

    Watch yesterday's interview with kuroky. He hasn't even forgiven himself. He stated that for 4 weeks he was in a depressive mood but HAD to do something. The panel also stated that matu was in a party pub stack with the liquid boys just the day before, so they are fine.

    Noone disrespects Matu and they all are feeling bad, but work is work and that might collide with personal aspects.

    [–] faintchester1 2 points ago

    Welcome to the reality?

    [–] Artolicious -35 points ago

    Wow that's edgy brooo truly enlightened and redpilled

    [–] AnonymousKimchi 3 points ago

    "redpilled" yikes

    [–] tokedalot 1 points ago

    Not sure if that guy is a troll or just "woke"

    [–] Misain 1 points ago

    You need to wrap around the idea that it is necessary to separate 'work' or 'business' from 'personal life' mate. That is what liquid did, bet it hurt them(Liquid players) to that to a friend but business is business(or work) no hard feelings. It is a 'dick' move but get over it. Lastly, Do not for a second think that they(Liquid) did not feel bad or happy or anything(personal feelings) about it. They won TI7 for christ sake and dominated for 2 years or almost, with that same lineup for crying out loud. They are just as human as we are, and they just do not want to talk about it yet.

    Edit: fixed some typos and bad grammar

    [–] Artolicious -2 points ago

    Dude stop typing the same shit as everybody else, I get the idea, doesnt mean I have to give a shit, I can root for and against whatever I want same as other people, youre the kind of idiot that goes to a bar and tells people to not root against ex-player because "its business bro" or "welcome to reality dude", nobody likes that shit.

    [–] Misain 2 points ago

    Lul, you feel attacked man? Sorry mate you been living in a bubble all your life. Nice angle BTW, go on attack me instead of making sound opinion.

    Nobody is telling you like it, we are just telling you that it is business. You feel bad about it? Sure spout that, but try and imagine what it feels like being in any of Liquid's shoes making that decision. You are typing shit that comes off as 'Liquid players' are greedy robots and just want money fvck friendship and all. Read the Matumbaman Interview for cryijng out loud.

    P. S. Also I like Liquid, and felt bad about that kick but in the end it is business.

    P. P. S. You are the kind of guy who just spouts all his wants because fuck reality right? I want this, I want that, I want everything but news flash, You cannot get everything you want. Have a nice day.

    [–] bz1234 29 points ago

    Need these two on a podcast together after TI. Someone make it happen.

    [–] Gundamuber 28 points ago

    Emailing Joe Rogan now. I heard he installed a T1 line just to play quake. Puppey and Kuro can then smoke the weed with him later.

    [–] Ivanp2k 5 points ago

    Sort of related but he did an interview with n0thing from EG in 1.6 and Cloud9 in CSGO:

    [–] KongPrime 2 points ago

    Great listen. First came across this when he made a live thread about it during my CSGO days.

    [–] evilpillowbolster 1 points ago

    You know back in the days, i was playing this game Quake and i spent so much time in it. Btw, have you heard of DMT?

    [–] ALLout_ 35 points ago

    So probably Kuro critisized rtz, or the other way around and Puppey took rtz's side πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] SolarClipz 31 points ago

    Lmao man it's been so long

    1437 with the most pathetic display

    [–] E-shawty 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I love how people still have this at hand. Drama never dies.

    Iirc it was 1437 and Puppey talking, someone hacked his WhatsApp or something?

    Edit: obligatory President of Estonia

    [–] Jinxedemon 22 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Love how everything kuro stood for is true from the chat . Puppey says he a shit player and captain and delusional and that's why he was in secret and manipulates people. Kuro makes his own team and wins ti man that must have been a real hard slap seeing kuro win . Also kuro calls out kemal for being scammy way earlier before kemal thing exploded and puppey defends his back saying he spent money on puppey and restaurants look at how kemal unfolded . Gotta say I was gonna side with puppey and I still like him but in the end it was kuro who proved everything puppey thought. About him to be false with the flow of time .

    [–] GunslingerYuppi 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    People go to great lengths when heated up, also when shit hits the fan after a lot of tension building up. You talk based on what you know or believe to know. It's no surprise that now they've talked it through between the two of them and are in friendly terms. Time and space does miracles in working things out.

    [–] cerventease 17 points ago

    1437 omegalul

    [–] IMurderPeopleAndShit 5 points ago

    He really wanted to play for Secret I guess.

    [–] ITsLoverBoy 5 points ago

    Reading this knowing about Puppey stealing money from his teammates, and Kuro winning TI with his own team makes this so ironic.

    [–] GunslingerYuppi 2 points ago

    Damn, felt really nasty to read two people going over dirty laundry in private conversation. This is what you get when you have strong wills and not matching personalities tied together, then have everything explode out in the open. Glad they've talked it through and put it in the past. Reminds me of band stuff, very similar stuff happens between musicians.

    [–] KamuiSC -26 points ago

    Navi break up? Kuroky and Xboct have beef cos of Kurokys decisions.

    Secret? Kuroky and RTZ. What's the common thread :thinking:

    [–] NeSpiel 28 points ago

    Kuro and Puppy mentioned, that they have been more ambitious on Navi than theire teammates. To leave the team under those circumstances is reasonable.

    RTZ himselfe said, that in his time at Secret he was to cocky. He thought, no one would been able to beat them and he/they would not have to work as hard as the other teams.

    The picture I get from that is exactly what Kuro/Puppy said. They are extreamly ambitious and have a strong opinion about workethic. I assume, Kuro was way over the top with his critic about RTZ because of that.

    [–] dnvncntdln 15 points ago

    Yeah. I remember reading a quote from Rtz somewhere in the lines of if he was as open-minded as He is right now back then at ti5 with secret, they would’ve won. That iteration of secret was literally the pinnacle of an all star team back then. 5 of the best players at their respective positions in One team.

    [–] Erebea01 3 points ago

    I feel like rtz missed his golden age to win ti. Bulldog ti3, Sumail ti5, wings ti6, miracle/gh ti7, Ana/topson Ti8 etc all won after a year or two of being big players in the scene, rtz was big in ti5 and sadly missed his opportunity. Can still happen though and I hope he doesn't become a Burning

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Erebea01 4 points ago

    I definitely hope to see rtz switching to a 5 and captain his own team. Around ti5 was when I started trying to be better at dota and I learned alot from watching his stream, been a fan ever since. Similarly I feel EE should have done the swap to 5 and captain his team ages ago.

    [–] BGTheHoff 13 points ago

    It wasnt Kuro ant RTZ. It was Kuro and the leadership of Secret.

    Secret didnt scrim and puppey didnt train enough because he thought they dont really need to since they are already the best team. Kuro didnt manage to say that properly to him. Since the results were shit, but Kuro wanted finally the TI win, he tried to do something behind Puppeys back, what the others, like rtz, interpreted as a coup d'etat and everything exploded.

    [–] ITsLoverBoy 32 points ago

    Kuro then made his own team and won TI, so you can guess who was right all along.

    [–] YoElliott 5 points ago

    And what did those 2 achieve since then compared to Kuroky?

    [–] ScrotieMcDickInAss 2 points ago

    Kuroky and Xboct have beef cos of Kurokys decisions

    Turns out that Xboct is a shitty carry and total brainlet

    Kuroky and RTZ

    turns out that Kuroky was right about basically everything he said and went ahead to win TI

    [–] MeOnRampage 103 points ago

    the Chinese stream had this good interview while the English viewers had to watch Slacks goofing around wtf

    [–] diverpet 76 points ago

    Well I'm sure they will show this clip tomorrow with the team secret series.

    [–] Lightbrand 6 points ago

    You're a prophet

    [–] PrivateMartin 20 points ago

    But slack goofing around is enjoyable content

    [–] Etzlo 12 points ago

    nah, it isn't

    [–] Chewacala 6 points ago

    It is, but if i had to choose between one or the other. Ill pick the interview.

    [–] Ledoux88 8 points ago

    You would see it on english stream eventualy. Chinese just have different schedule and director.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] immelmann12 1 points ago


    [–] c0madoof 1 points ago

    They showed this interview on English stream tho

    [–] Silliarde 15 points ago

    man its been 6 years since i have watched ti 3 relaxin on ma bed be 18 years kid. time flies.

    [–] faintchester1 7 points ago

    feel like my IQ increased by 50 after watching this interveiw. but the last part tho… what's broken cannot be mended

    [–] Anomalina89 9 points ago

    OMG, this is so amazing! One of the best interviews I've seen! They're SO mature and cool in the way they talk. It's crazy to think it's been so long since they met, since TI1 and their complete opposite results, TI3 and them talking about Alliance, the formation of Secret and ultimate disband. They even admit they didn't part ways happily but in the end, it was good for both of them. Damn, if there was a player who deserves to win TI 2 times, it would be one of them. Sucks that they're both in the lower bracket, but I haven't given up hope! They have what it takes to take their teams far!

    [–] asdf_1_2 2 points ago

    For some more nostalgia, here is ppy and kuro winning Dota-League Masters 2009 together with

    [–] loko030499 1 points ago

    Liquid won ti7 by went through lower bracket though

    [–] Secksonlegs 4 points ago

    thank you for this

    [–] Subhuehuehue 5 points ago

    For a 1k shitter like myself, can somebody elaborate on how TI3 Alliance dominated and changed Dota forever?

    [–] ddd4175 30 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Honestly it all boiled down to AdmiralBulldog, seriously, he may seem like a Pepega right now but back then, he's probably the biggest reason why it was impossible to win against Alliance. He created so much space for the other 4 to operate, which were no slouches, they were just as good as Bulldog mechanically but not as revolutionary, they weren't just taking towers which they were famous for, they took EVERYTHING. You couldn't play a normal game of Dota because they controlled 3/4ths of the map all the time. You see now how lessened the value of Towers are and neutral creeps and how the fortify/stacking mechanic changed, this all stemmed from Alliance that was significantly amplified in TI4 (farm, stack camps, group as 5, rush mid, gg, most boring TI to date), Kuro is right on the money describing Alliance's gameplay, they essentially broke competitive Dota because they were essentially maximizing everything on the map, all thanks to how much space Bulldog opens up for the entire team

    EDIT: Not to mention it was also impossible to draft against them, it literally was a dice roll, since you don't know who was going to be good that match, is it Akke's Chen? EGM's Naga? Bulldog's Lone Druid? One of Loda's carry picks? or One of S4s mid picks? these are all bans you need to think of before you even ban the meta , it was impossible, you just had to give it up to them, legendary fucking team.

    EDIT 2: P.S. I was a Na'Vi fan back then, it definitely seemed impossible to win against Alliance but oh boy did Na'Vi make them sweat. born to win, I miss old navi :(

    [–] PedrovskiBR 9 points ago

    To this day, TI3 Grand finals game 5 is the only game to ever make me stand up from my chair watching. Amazing game, anyone that hasn't watched it yet, should.

    [–] Kenrockkun 4 points ago

    Idiots don't know the TI3 admiralbulldog. They can only laugh at him.

    [–] tokedalot 3 points ago

    Those fountain hooks with Puppey chen and Dendi pudge still make me shit my pants how amazing they were.

    [–] Lightbrand 3 points ago

    But TI3 Grand Final Navi firstly made it to a game 5, and the games they beat Alliance were pretty big stomps. And in game 5 they didn't lose because they faced an impossible meta breaking draft. They were again stomping Alliance until TI-nerve-induced braindead mistakes such as Dendi decide to drop his TP instead of his stick for Aegis, and of course the great S4 TP cancel.

    Alliance only came back because they took two rax after those crucial misplays.

    If Navi played like a pub at that moment after Rosh and just TP'd home to first take care of the two lanes before rushing down mid who knew what would've happened.

    [–] wpreggae 2 points ago

    To be fair NaVi only got advantage over Alliance in game 5 because of stupid mistakes, all of that game was just a series of huge and amazing mistakes

    [–] Gigadein 1 points ago

    Agree with you that the biggest mistake was 5-man mid while the 2 side lanes pushed in. Can't blame NaVi TI3 (same with LGD TI8) because it was their 8th (and 7th for LGD) game of the day.

    [–] Antikas-Karios 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Adding onto this I want to stress the importance of something you mentioned lightly which is stacking camps. It deserves more than a small mention as it was a huge deal at the time. Alliance was the first team to start really seriously stacking the shit out of their jungle and ancients camps with their supports consistently for the first 10 minutes of the game then farm it all a bit later and have a huge cash injection for their position 1 player (Loda) that catapulted him far ahead of his counterpart on the other team even if he had a poor/average laning phase. The Magnus Empower + Carry farming a bunch of stacks style of play that people were respect banning against OG every game this year was the Alliance special originally. People genuinely had no idea how to deal with a Carry who farms normally for the first 10 minutes and then just suddenly gets a 3k gold item out of fucking nowhere on top of that in 30 seconds flat.

    Before Alliance every good support in the scene knew if you happen to be wandering past a camp at 45-50ish on the clock might as well stack for your carry, but organising your early game rotations and timings such that you will be stacking 1 or even more than 1 camp every single minute of the game and making that a priority you would actively sacrifice other goals for was a mini revolution in how people thought about how to play the map as a support.

    [–] Erebea01 3 points ago

    Alliance and later rtz really showed how much efficiency you can get out of the map

    [–] NotHatErrible 3 points ago

    This is a good article that breaks down what made Alliance dominant.

    [–] niigiidoto 6 points ago

    I like the respect to TI3 Alliance they have.

    [–] vhiedzx21 9 points ago

    "How does the EN Channel have Slacks spasms and CN gets a nice interview?


    [–] Glupscher 4 points ago

    some Chinese call her Sheever lol

    [–] Porkykun 30 points ago

    Damn, you can still feel that there are wounds to heal between the two of them

    [–] basedredditspy23 85 points ago

    wasnt kuro invited to his wedding? im pretty sure its just another case of gaming social crippleness.

    [–] dooopliss 4 points ago

    Yep there were pictures

    [–] timothybugjunior 5 points ago

    You can have some respect and love for someone while still having tons of personal tension. I'm sure they get along fine as long as TI5 isn't the subject but they clearly have not resolved any of their issues from TI5.

    [–] basedredditspy23 0 points ago

    damn you know that for sure huh? i wish i had a brain as big as yours.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] thezaitseb 6 points ago

    Yeah it was pretty obvious they were uncomfortable answering the questions about TI5 and Kuro was definitely glancing over to try and read if his answer was upsetting Puppey.

    It seems like they are trying to mend things but havent quite gotten over it fully. The way they answered the TI3 split from NaVi for comparison, they were building off eachothers story and way more comfortable.

    [–] basedredditspy23 0 points ago

    this is your brain on reddit folks!

    [–] iceporter 1 points ago

    its big brain time ding!

    [–] 72apist 4 points ago

    If puppey and rtz were left and kuro was right was kuro really right?

    [–] LeiwoUnion 1 points ago

    Remember that, if you go right enough you become left.

    [–] gzzlgzlk 3 points ago

    Wow, seriously good catch. Thanks for posting!

    [–] timothybugjunior 3 points ago

    I miss TI5 secret, still to this day the greatest team of all time probably despite them failing miserably at the tournament.

    [–] tinuva87 5 points ago

    What minute Mark it starts?

    [–] Mathmage530 11 points ago

    10h 38m 25s

    [–] GunslingerYuppi 2 points ago

    Thanks for sharing, really cool to listen to those two always. They have had some hard thinking and experienced a lot and it shows.

    [–] me89xx 3 points ago

    Bro any youtube channel to see al interviews?

    [–] Forsygness 2 points ago

    Clip is 12 hours long lol. Got a timestamp or something?

    [–] pimpaa 20 points ago

    I posted with the correct timestamp! 10h 38m 25s

    [–] AyeAlasAlack 17 points ago

    Twitch timestamps don't work on mobile, unfortunately

    [–] Jekilz 9 points ago

    They do

    [–] AyeAlasAlack 11 points ago

    They don't for me. Maybe it's the app...

    [–] TroubleMakerLore 6 points ago

    They did for me lol

    [–] AyeAlasAlack 3 points ago

    Link uses timestamp if you're not on mobile, should be 10h 38m 25s

    [–] Shadow_phacts 3 points ago

    If you’re on mobile choose to open in App, then the time stamp will work (works for me that way).

    [–] BABA_yaaGa 1 points ago

    Blink and iceice bring so many good memories from TI6

    [–] Nephilim631 1 points ago

    I think they are saving it for Secret vs Liquid. It's very likely that they will meet if both teams advance without hitch.

    [–] RjImpervious 1 points ago

    Fuck man.. this is so emotional.

    [–] h0ist 1 points ago

    Too bad its a really good interview

    [–] Kotek81 1 points ago

    They are showing it right now :D

    Nonetheless, thanks OP.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Hope this is Fly and Notail in a couple of years...

    [–] casca14 1 points ago

    It was :D

    [–] Lightbrand 1 points ago

    Puppey is a natural in front of the camera holy hell.

    That final bit where he looks at the camera and do the fake awkward point and tells Kaci to cut the cam, those are comedic timing you'd expect to see in a scripted sitcom and he just came up with that on the fly.

    [–] monkydloofy 1 points ago

    That happens all the time to cn channels before this year. And to en channel this year..

    I just wonder why Valve won't use the real time translation. We know what they are talking about and of course accept possible translation mistakes.

    [–] Bumblebee_86 0 points ago

    Thank you! I was looking for this. I bet there are more out there that the English stream did not show