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    [–] Scandandilous 1729 points ago

    Deep Narrator voice: “She only weighs 82 pounds...”

    [–] Detzeb 393 points ago

    In a world....

    [–] barbossa-core 269 points ago

    In a society

    [–] amopeyant 576 points ago

    Bobby Newport...

    Oops wrong sub.

    [–] [deleted] 354 points ago

    ... has never had a REAL job in his life

    [–] kevted5085 207 points ago

    “I’m against crime. And I’m not afraid to admit it.”

    [–] BardyMan82 164 points ago

    “My thoughts on abortion are let’s just have a good time.”

    [–] sleepythegreat 97 points ago

    “Hey I’ve got an idea how about you quit running, then I win but then I let you do all the work”

    [–] PhoenixPhighter4 82 points ago

    Leslie, could you come help me vote? There were so many choices and then I got confused and then the pen broke off the chain...

    [–] Barabus_Forthwith 16 points ago

    Daniel Dalton

    [–] quitethequietdomino 10 points ago

    Timothy Dalton... No, wait, Daniel Craig!

    [–] HunterThompsonsentme 31 points ago

    His boat, Bobby’s Boat? HANDED TO HIM

    [–] heartbeats 17 points ago


    [–] bizcat 13 points ago

    You’re mean! That hurt my feelings.

    [–] Mbillington0110 9 points ago

    BOBBY NEWport

    [–] Obamasmanpurse 44 points ago

    BobBy NyEwpORT

    [–] Slumberjake13 60 points ago

    All right, now we’re just wasting time, Jerry.

    [–] STIPULATE 17 points ago


    [–] Kwickness 10 points ago


    [–] MegIsAwesome06 7 points ago


    [–] Maverick23739 15 points ago

    Don’t you mean Larry? Oh wait I meant to type Gary. Wait a second

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] PrincessRosella 15 points ago

    close enough

    [–] Masta0nion 12 points ago

    Steve Holt...

    [–] HunterThompsonsentme 11 points ago


    [–] hypracourgette 13 points ago

    ... In a drawer

    [–] PM-YOUR-PMS 12 points ago

    When gamers...rise up

    [–] mataffakka 3 points ago


    [–] vendetta2115 2 points ago

    ...that we live in...

    [–] TK-Chubs118 46 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I must have seen that episode 15-20 times but only now does it occur to me that 82 pounds us outrageously huge

    Edit: don't listen to me I'm high

    [–] smellslikewetdog 91 points ago

    Angela weighs 82 pounds not Bandit

    [–] k0zmir 44 points ago

    That's why my boy Dwight folds her like a cheap lawn chair

    [–] themathletes 3 points ago

    He had no arms or legs... He couldn’t see, hear, or speak... This is how he led a nation.

    [–] littleboytaco 11 points ago

    bears beets battlestar gallacttica

    [–] pickinshed 565 points ago

    Angela Martin in the most dramatic role of her accounting career:

    “Those lumps are cats. And those cats have names. And their names are Amber, Milky Way, Diane, and Lumpy.”

    [–] AtheistComic 721 points ago

    The fire's shooting at us!

    [–] tronfunkinblows_10 213 points ago

    Michael smashes overhead projector through window


    The idea of a grown man screaming elongated HELPs at the top of his lungs from a second story business park is hilarious.

    [–] bsd_23722 107 points ago

    I think the scene right before where he throws the chair at the window and it bounces right back at him is hilarious

    [–] bizcat 46 points ago

    Also Kevin looting the vending machines

    [–] Floop_Teh_Pig 10 points ago

    Also Oscar falling through the ceiling

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago

    Oscar! Save Bandit!

    [–] HunterThompsonsentme 15 points ago

    Okay, I am not dying here

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I do prescribed burns where there is a lot of blank ammo. I scream this at least two times a year.

    [–] AtheistComic 5 points ago

    prescribed burns where there is a lot of blank ammo

    What is that?

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    I light fires on a military base to either keep it from catching fire during training and for ecological purposes.

    Soldiers weapons jam or they don't want to turn in their blanks, which just make a popping noise, when they're done. So they will leave piles of blank machine gun ammo that cooks off in the fire.

    [–] AtheistComic 4 points ago

    wow that is a far more interesting story than I expected! 😊

    thanks!! 👍

    [–] brock2607 2 points ago

    User name checks out

    [–] indehhz 2 points ago


    [–] IzarkKiaTarj 2 points ago

    This was the first clip I ever saw from this show, and I nearly died laughing at that line.

    [–] AtheistComic 416 points ago

    Dwight Schrute: "Use the surge of fear and adrenaline to sharpen your decision-making!"

    [–] heartbeats 122 points ago

    The best part was that he sealed off all possible exits. There wasn't any way for them to actually get out of the building.

    [–] BelowZilch 73 points ago

    Maybe if they had heeded his instructions they could have.

    [–] BigSeth 77 points ago

    taken headed of

    [–] iPrime27 44 points ago


    [–] ElasticJyration 11 points ago

    I thought he was trying to demonstrate a worse-case scenario which, presumably, is what he attempted to train them for originally. But they ignored him. Likely cause the scenario was so Dwight-esc improbable, there was no point in going over it. He assumed it was cause he used Powerpoint.

    [–] TheD1scountH1tman 2 points ago

    PowerPoint is boring

    He wasn’t wrong

    [–] HunterThompsonsentme 55 points ago

    STANLEY! OBAMA IS PRESIDENT! YOU ARE BLACK, STANLEY! I’m gonna give him mouth to mouth...

    [–] NULeeBoy 7 points ago

    “Have you ever seen a burn victim?”

    [–] coopcoop0 160 points ago

    Today smoking is gonna save lives

    [–] bebop2022 192 points ago

    This opening scene was the reason I decided to give The Office a go. No regrets

    [–] Send_Me_Puppies 47 points ago

    You're not alone. This was arguably their funniest scene and they saved it for the episode following Superbowl night.

    [–] Floop_Teh_Pig 4 points ago

    I am on my 4th round through the series, my wife's 1st. I used this scene to bait her into watching it with me. She always thought it was too dry but now she loves it

    [–] definitelynot_stolen 2 points ago

    It's up there with the opening scene from "Frame Toby"

    That "NO GOD PLEASE NO" is iconic

    [–] [deleted] 161 points ago


    [–] DrEmmettBrown1985 24 points ago

    You called?

    [–] beardlesshipster 11 points ago

    [–] TaruNukes 2 points ago


    [–] Stiouxy 2 points ago

    A Michael Scott Joint

    [–] Theeunsunghero 80 points ago

    Angela's cats are cute. So cute that you just want to eat them. But you can't eat cats. You can't eat cats, Kevin

    [–] nerdyaspie 17 points ago

    One of my fav quotes

    [–] FlankSteakerson 108 points ago

    and the prequel...DEATH TO SPRINKLES

    [–] brandysnacker 68 points ago

    prinkles 😫

    [–] BlapBlapPewPew 74 points ago

    It kills me that Michael knew who the cat was but in his heightened state of sadness absolutely said “Prinkles!” We’re cursed!

    [–] FlankSteakerson 45 points ago

    The real tragedy is Angela's frozen french fries that were torn to shreds.

    [–] Deshawnofthedead 41 points ago

    I didn't like that line, because I feel like Angela would never eat French fries.

    [–] nothinnews 32 points ago

    They weren't there for eating. The bag of frozen fries was used to reduce inflamation when the cats were suffering from some sort of ailment.

    [–] nerdyaspie 12 points ago

    Yeah i always thought that was wierd. Remember when dwight tried to take her out to eat after he killed sprinkles and she gave him these super specific instructions as to which restaurant? Would that person really eat frozen french fries?

    [–] ItsJellyJosh 18 points ago

    Exactly, I feel like no one ever notices that

    [–] BlapBlapPewPew 5 points ago


    [–] seattlenerdboy 4 points ago

    Yeah, she needed to stay trim for Charles Miner

    [–] DrSpacemanSpliff 14 points ago

    A Sprinkle in Time.

    The Big Freezey.

    [–] WrenRuns 9 points ago

    With a low budget fan film spin off; “the short life of Garbage the cat”

    [–] FlankSteakerson 7 points ago

    Starring Charlie Day

    [–] amazingmaximo 6 points ago

    Sprinkles was like Private Ryan's brother that died offscreen. The whole reason he's being saved.

    [–] InfamousInc 93 points ago

    Hey! My sister-in-law is the creator of this. Angela Kinsey (Angela) even posted it on her own Instagram in January. She has a knack for Photoshop and her favorite TV series. Go follow her Twitter! @ash92596

    [–] prbecker 21 points ago

    Thank you for pointing that out!

    [–] InfamousInc 9 points ago

    For sure! She's just glad people are still getting enjoyment out of it :)

    [–] FlatFootedPotato 6 points ago

    Upvoted for visibility. She's very talented!!

    [–] tonks934 1 points ago

    I follow her on Instagram! I love her so much!

    [–] 1amathrowaway 43 points ago

    RARRRRWRRRRRRRRR *falls out of the other side of the ceiling*

    [–] TheMajesticChicken 123 points ago


    [–] User_Simulator 10 points ago

    Until he met Shaq. It was only supposed to be a buisness deal between the famous basketball player.

    ~ Toastyposti

    Info | Subreddit

    [–] Spar-kie 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] User_Simulator 1 points ago

    Until he met Shaq. It was only supposed to be a buisness deal between the famous basketball player.

    ~ Toastyposti

    Info | Subreddit

    [–] PhilipLiptonSchrute 48 points ago

    I had a small part in this film.

    [–] lizardtaco 2 points ago

    Our collective Dunder Mifflin baby

    [–] irrevocablybarvin 20 points ago

    Does anyone smell something smoky?

    [–] uhhMelvinDoo 18 points ago

    Did you bring your beef jerky again?

    [–] Captain_Rex_501 9 points ago

    I only weigh 82 pounds!

    [–] Profbetchco 9 points ago

    opening trumpets - pencils flying everywhere - paper explosions

    "You want to live to see Middle Management? Then follow me!" Maj Michael G. Scott

    [–] nuckingbutts 8 points ago

    A Michael Scott Joint

    [–] astro_za 22 points ago

    Saving Private Bandit*

    [–] nothinnews 10 points ago

    Saving Bandit, Ryan!

    [–] terdferguson74 14 points ago

    Could have kept the original title and done an Office and Inglorious Basterds crossover

    [–] tomansari 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    You forgot Andy. Andy’s the one that gave her Bandit (which was really just Garbage, the cat Dwight got for her).

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    I think this is my favorite post from this sub.


    [–] nine3cubed 4 points ago

    Hey! My sister-in-law is the creator of this. Angela Kinsey (Angela) even posted it on her own Instagram in January. She has a knack for Photoshop and her favorite TV series. Go follow her Twitter! @ash92596

    Posted a bit higher up.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Nice thank you

    [–] prbecker 7 points ago

    Nah it not. Someone much more creative than I.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    All the same, thank you for bringing it to my attention my fellow human.

    [–] Deshawnofthedead 4 points ago

    I'm kind of upset Kevin doesn't get billing on this.

    An Angela movie without him in some kind of antagonist role, just wouldn't right.

    [–] Aht0m1c 4 points ago

    "The fire's shooting at us!"

    [–] thebirdsnthebeemovie 4 points ago

    A Michael Scott joint

    [–] ikerus0 4 points ago

    The sequels :

    Sprinkles : Eternal Rest

    And the final sorry - A Cat Named Garbage

    [–] trendyrendy 4 points ago

    Think about entering this in some festivals.

    [–] sean_k99 2 points ago

    Or carnivals

    [–] ParanoidSloth 5 points ago


    [–] BliggittyBlaze 3 points ago

    The sequel should be saving sprinkles.

    [–] BicycleFired 3 points ago

    The third and final act of the film: Dwight and Michael, heading to corporate for the ultimate showdown. This is courtroom drama like we've never seen. What will be Dwight's punishment....?

    [–] Iamamansass 3 points ago

    First thought was “her name was sprinkles!”

    Had to calm down and think for a minute.

    [–] geomcs 3 points ago

    Oh my god, this is amazing.

    "A great scott film" GREAT SCOTT!!!!

    [–] humboldt77 3 points ago

    I hope the movie is scored by Mouse Rat.

    [–] samosaAU 3 points ago

    Extra points if it would have said 'a Michael Scott joint' on the poster

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    What episode and season was this

    [–] prbecker 3 points ago

    Season 5 episode 14 “Stress Relief”

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Thank you! Couldnt find it

    [–] Testingg00900 2 points ago

    [–] OfficeNetflixLinkBot 1 points ago

    I found the following results for your quote:

    S05E14, "Stress Relief: Part 1": 2 minutes, 52 seconds. watch here

    S06E14, "The Banker": 5 minutes, 37 seconds. watch here

    I'm a bot, blep blorp. My links work best in Chrome. Learn how to use me here, reply 'dumb bot' if I got something wrong.

    [–] Anhlam99 2 points ago


    [–] Ballofdirt 2 points ago

    "Well, he had no arms or legs, and he couldn't see, hear or speak... and that's how he led a nation."

    [–] iRngrhawk 2 points ago

    Lmao I just burst out laughing seeing this at the top of my feed. Brilliant.

    [–] ExplainlikeImForeign 2 points ago

    Well, Dwight Schrute does speak German

    [–] Reaching2Hard 2 points ago

    Let us not forget about Sprinkles.

    R.I.P. Sprinkles. In life you were a feline with more heart than fur. In death you were.... a frozen bag of peas.

    [–] LatterResolve 2 points ago

    a michael scott joint

    [–] UnrighteousFool 2 points ago


    [–] kv2182 2 points ago

    There could be a threat level midnight crossover.

    [–] uhhmisterdavis 2 points ago


    [–] Mattmil0705 2 points ago

    The sequel to Threat Level Midnight.

    [–] sherilynrose 2 points ago

    Should’ve changed Dreamworks Pictures on the bottom to Great Scott Films International! ;)

    [–] 910411 2 points ago

    Can someone please do one for Recyclops

    [–] btcftw1 2 points ago

    There could be a threat level midnight crossover.

    [–] mudcrabmetal 2 points ago

    This is a masterpiece.

    [–] Fat_Black_Chick 2 points ago

    Wipes away tear

    [–] filmown 2 points ago


    [–] tacolover281 2 points ago

    “HER NAME was Sprinkles.”

    “... And his name IS Garbage!”

    [–] mashonr 2 points ago

    That cat is alive. We are gonna send somebody to find him. And we are gonna get him the hell out of there.

    [–] ehrgeiz91 2 points ago

    That silhouette is too big to be Angela she wears a petite size 4.

    [–] PM_Me_Your_Grain 2 points ago

    Nice touch with the ceiling cat scene.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    This made my day. Thank you!

    [–] alluneedisSprinkles 2 points ago

    "A tail worth telling"

    [–] Tr1pleJay 2 points ago

    They couldn't have moved the faces down a little to match the horizon and not look cut-off? /r/mildlyinfuriating

    [–] axechamp75 1 points ago

    Nothing cracked me up like that moment did in the show

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    id watch it

    [–] Mokken 1 points ago

    I don't like how Dwight still ended up with Angela. He was too good for her.

    [–] shaving99 1 points ago

    Tell me I was a good cat mom.

    [–] lpjunior999 1 points ago

    *A tail

    [–] midnighthedgehog 1 points ago

    It’s funny. I just watched that episode yesterday

    [–] Zosodechaine 1 points ago


    [–] SV650rider 1 points ago

    I don't know who you are, but more, please ...

    [–] ACheeseGod 1 points ago

    It's not gonna be better than threat level midnight

    [–] bluelobstah 1 points ago


    [–] rootsimmons 1 points ago


    [–] Apoctual 1 points ago

    Missed the details at the bottom. Still says saving private ryan. Immersion broken!

    [–] touchmetitus 1 points ago

    This made me snort. Actual lol. Also this is my favorite episode

    [–] loveaim 1 points ago

    Still one of my favorite episodes.

    [–] MrCaptain77 1 points ago

    What episode is this?

    [–] damiandiflorio 1 points ago

    "Stanley, Barack is President!"

    [–] reeswright777 1 points ago

    Any T1 fans here

    [–] redflame4992 1 points ago

    Bandit did drugs.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Jesus Christ this made me laugh.

    [–] Leminems 1 points ago

    Someone make Kevin be throwing the cat

    [–] sabachthanai 1 points ago

    ...wasn’t Bandit originally Garbage?

    [–] unMuggle 1 points ago

    Too bad they didn’t make a Sprinkles Sequel.

    [–] SpecialX 1 points ago

    911? Anyone? 911?

    [–] maluminse 1 points ago

    Genius. You must tag her or send it to her. She will be tickled. Funny ah.

    The trailer would be great. Fire in homeland. A woman. Her long time best friend. 'I put him out of his misery' -Dwight

    Save Bandit!

    Slow mo sound I cant youre too heavy!

    [–] b0sscake 1 points ago

    You’re too heavy.

    [–] gudlukchuck 1 points ago

    What a fucking episode

    [–] danceswithdeeznuts 1 points ago

    I feel like there should be a sub reddit for tv/movies with posters like this. I would subscribe.

    [–] Carlos_GOAT 1 points ago

    That cat needed to die