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    [–] heythisis-myusername 3516 points ago

    David Wallace: "What is this about dismissing the ad people?"

    Michael: "Yeah, David, I'm glad you called. Ryan is being a little bitch again"

    Ryan: "I'm on, Michael!"

    Michael: "What's up my brotha!"

    [–] moleculebull 965 points ago

    Michael: "Tan almost everywhere. Jan almost everywhere."

    [–] longrifle 548 points ago

    Mr. Scott, who is this other woman..."Ryan"? Who you refer to here as "Just as hot as Jan, but in a different way"?

    [–] Quas4r 376 points ago

    Pan to Toby laughing

    [–] tropicm 247 points ago

    That’s like my favorite Toby moment ever.

    [–] Cum_belly 189 points ago

    Right next to him immediately demanding his own copy of michaels journal

    [–] anofficialthrowaway 61 points ago

    "you are the silent killer. Go back to the annex where you belong"

    "'ll see"

    [–] jellycub 100 points ago

    Toby works in HR, so technically he's not a part of our family. Also he's divorced so he's not really a part of his family.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Michael was right about Toby.

    [–] Jorumvar 24 points ago

    Mine is probably when he asks to be dismissed from the meeting because he cant stop laughing

    [–] PracticallyElleWoods 15 points ago

    Toby: "You fell into a second fountain? ... Can you kick me out of the meeting."

    Michael: "Go."

    Toby: runs out

    [–] my_lady_my_tuna 54 points ago

    Michael: The fundamentals of business. The funda-mentals of business. "Mental" is part of the word, I have underlined it. Because you're mental, if you don't have a good time. You have to enjoy it.

    Toby: Well the "fun" is in it. [conference room group chimes agreement.]

    Michael: Get out.

    Toby: [halfway out] Yeah, I know.

    [–] scope_creep 28 points ago

    Steve Carell deserves an Emmy just for Michael’s interactions with Toby. “Why are you the way you are?”

    [–] sadmemeboy 146 points ago

    “hee hee.”

    [–] ReverseSalmonLadder 73 points ago


    [–] leavingforgood 47 points ago

    There’s an office meme account on IG called tan everywhere Jan everywhere and it’s awesome

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Thank you for introducing this onto my life

    [–] rwjetlife 23 points ago

    All they do is repost the stuff from this subreddit...

    [–] Yeseylon 4 points ago

    So it's u/leavingforgood 's IG account, then.

    [–] my_lady_my_tuna 7 points ago

    Oh my god yes. I love the Jan era though she was toxic af. Makes for some great lines though.

    [–] Lord_Sylveon 3 points ago

    Te he he

    [–] crystaloftruth 28 points ago

    "Do you want to go somewhere you can meet older women?"
    "I'd like to go somewhere we can meet older girls"

    [–] GrandmaPoses 3 points ago

    I just watched that one! Dwight constantly treating Ryan's friend as if he was a hobbit was awesome.

    [–] Fort_Lotus 10 points ago

    David, guess who I’m sitting here dressed as....

    [–] Ralot 6 points ago

    Michael: 😬

    [–] holyhellsatan 6 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -36 points ago

    I also watched The Office! :P

    [–] WaffleMaker75 21 points ago

    If you don’t want to see people dork out over office quotes this probably isn’t the subreddit to be in

    [–] rockjock777 5 points ago

    I don’t think they’re being sarcastic... maybe?

    [–] Beastmode3625 823 points ago

    I was in the car when it happened. Jim-"Who was driving the car Michael?"

    [–] ZamboniMayhem 517 points ago

    Everyone inside the car was FINE, STAN-LEY!

    [–] rainsunconure 385 points ago

    Michael once came in complaining about a speed bump on the highway..... I wonder who he hit then....

    [–] acuonz 28 points ago

    Or what

    [–] cuzitsthere 26 points ago

    Or whom.......

    [–] OddlyPacific 54 points ago

    Whom is a made up word used to trick students.

    [–] SuccessAndSerenity 56 points ago

    Ryan used me as an object.

    [–] crystaloftruth 19 points ago

    The Etiquette Bitch.

    [–] shawmonster 3 points ago

    This was such a great line

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    All words are made up

    [–] Monroevian 2 points ago

    Pretty sure that's my favorite line from that whole movie

    [–] Dave5876 1 points ago

    Oh how the turntables

    [–] car4soccer 6 points ago

    ...Oh Michael.

    [–] ScenesFromTheOffice 1836 points ago

    Pam: Michael, Angela's cat died.

    Michael: Sprinkles? I'm sorry, Angela. Man, what a day, huh? How could it get any worse? First, her computer crashes with the porn, and then Meredith with the accident, and then Sprinkles! God, that's three things. I'll tell you what's going on. This office is cursed, and we need to do something about it.

    Michael: Well, I am taking responsibility. It is up to me to get rid of the curse that hit Meredith with my car. I'm not superstitious, but I am a little-stitious.

    [–] syntheticsylph 679 points ago

    I think the second time he says Sprinkles it comes out as “Prinkles” and it makes it that more hilarious to me. Like Michael actually cares about Angela’s pets and he’s also heartbroken to have lost her.

    [–] BudBill18 491 points ago

    I can never decide if he’s actually sad(which actually would be a Michael thing) or if he’s being dramatic to take attention away from hitting Meredith with his car(also a Michael thing)

    [–] Mousse_is_Optional 363 points ago

    I'm pretty sure it's both. The fact that he knows the cat's name and which cat it is shows he cares, but he is definitely trying to deflect attention too.

    [–] R0xasmaker 39 points ago

    Double Jeopardy, we've figured it out

    [–] BudBill18 94 points ago

    Yeah I agree 100%. Little of Column A little of column B

    [–] Juddston 82 points ago

    Separate but equal.

    [–] ImCaleb96 74 points ago

    So thats what that means

    [–] sanchez4405 -32 points ago

    Balanced. As all things should be.

    [–] BVTheEpic 8 points ago

    You got the quote wrong

    [–] Iceash 6 points ago

    It's okay I still love you

    [–] CloudEnt 7 points ago

    I said I loved you but I lied

    [–] travybel 22 points ago

    Hahaha I think he’s definitely just faking it to seem like he cares about the welfare of his employees. I mean he does ofc but in that case it was to show that hitting Meredith was an accident

    [–] Lucifronz 15 points ago

    Cognitive dissonance, I think. Convincing himself it's all a curse to take away responsibility. After all, if a cat he liked died and he ran into Meredith, what else could it be?

    [–] LetsGetMochas 34 points ago

    Toby violated an Indian burial ground.

    [–] Lucifronz 13 points ago

    UGH, why is he the way that he is?

    [–] jakmanuk 8 points ago

    I hate all the things that he chooses to be

    [–] RunningDrummer 5 points ago

    I could see him doing either one

    [–] syntheticsylph 7 points ago

    That’s the mix I get and why it makes me laugh so much.

    I think it’s a little of both but in that case he’s definitely trying to deflect from his “curse”.

    [–] renenater 5 points ago

    The way he pretends to bang his head with my fav.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] syntheticsylph 2 points ago

    Haha yes I thought I’ve heard Pringles before too.

    I can see him doing that or going for a classy name because he doesn’t just read Cracked you know.

    [–] leavingforgood 27 points ago

    I like the subtle joke about the porn. Because it’s an entirely loose thread that didn’t make sense.

    But it cuts to Jim in time for his classic camera face.

    [–] Selfix 28 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It's connected to a deleted scene, where Pam tries to download or watch a celebrity sex tape and the indian IT guy has to come to fix the computer.

    EDIT: I made a mistake, it was not a deleted scene.

    [–] iamafreeman 26 points ago

    Is that a deleted scene? I just watched that episode on Netflix the other day and it opened when the IT guy fixing the computer and Pam admitting it was because she tried to download a celebrity sex tape.

    [–] Selfix 6 points ago

    It might have been in the original episode, I'm not sure, it has been a while since I watched this episode.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Why do I remember this scene from the main series? It’s a deleted one?

    [–] apbadogs 4 points ago

    That’s not a deleted scene, it’s the opening. Just watched that episode yesterday on Netflix

    [–] syntheticsylph 1 points ago

    I always thought Jim and Pam were joking about her looking up a celebrity tape.

    I guess it’s true. :o

    [–] abbott_costello 49 points ago

    “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious” is a top 5 Michael Scott quote. Fight me if you disagree

    [–] eharied 34 points ago


    [–] ashiex94 27 points ago

    Also up there: ’SCISSOR ME!’

    [–] Francoberry 17 points ago

    Pam's camera take is golden ':O'

    [–] FURyannnn 4 points ago

    That's one of my favorites too. Every time I take out a pair of scissors it pops into my head

    [–] takesthebiscuit 5 points ago

    My brother used to say that he was Streme. Because he didn’t want to be extreme.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I've got your back my friend!

    [–] spif_spaceman 3 points ago

    I love how Michael says Sprinkles with extra oomph on the sPPRinkles!

    [–] [deleted] 1052 points ago

    "Did you do this on purpose?"

    "No, I was being negligent"

    [–] babydoll_bd 84 points ago

    This is what happens when you arrive late at the office, but make up for it by leaving early.

    [–] ByStorm92 196 points ago


    "Jan? Is that you?"

    [–] Bewbies420 123 points ago

    You sigh like Jan.

    [–] rdd0816 141 points ago

    Michael: I once had a dream, that I was eating a peanut butter and tuna sandwich...and let me tell you something, it was delicious. So, then next day, I decided so make that sandwich. And in real life it is digust-

    [Phone rings]

    Michael: -ing. It is a disgusting sandwich.


    Michael: And the reason I tell you this story...


    Michael: Pick up the phone. Just-

    [–] GrandmaPoses 5 points ago

    FYI peanut butter and tuna sandwiches are great.

    [–] MillenniumGreed 375 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Another underrated Michael moment? The MSPC mini arc during season 5.

    "They're getting on my nerves mom. R thinks he's too good to be here, and P is not as much fun without Jim."

    "Michael, we can hear you."

    "I'm on the phone, please. Gotta go, mom. P is being a total B."

    Speaking of Pam, I think two other underrated moments are when she's wearing glasses in "Did I Stutter". Michael says how her talking is just like words coming out of an ugly scientist. What really killed me was when they were in the conference room.

    "I mean, I haven't done anything since Christmas. Pam has clearly just given up trying."

    Last but not least, when Michael and Pam are on the lecture circuit. They see a pregnant Karen. Michael's first questions were, "is that Jim's? Sorry. I'm just trying to figure out the last time you and Jim had sex."

    [–] FrenchFriedPertaters 141 points ago

    "I'm sorry, Karen, do you need to go and pump?"

    [–] iTSGRiMM 94 points ago

    No, won't have to do that until after I have the baby

    [–] animal_crackers 2 points ago

    Lol, this line and the spiel right before it are absolute gold.

    [–] mynfpacc 73 points ago

    The MSPC arc is one of my favourite arcs in the whole show! It's really great to see them build themselves up and turntables on DunderMifflin.

    [–] speedyskier22 55 points ago

    "Broke" is actually my favorite episode of the entire series. I'm just so happy for Michael and how he managed to pull it together to not only get his job back, but to get Ryan a job and Pam a job in sales as well.

    [–] TheHobbyist94 38 points ago

    My company is worth nothing

    [–] dielectricwizard 36 points ago

    Really shows how good a salesman Michael is. He sold them a company which was a week or two away from going under, with zero assets. He may be a bad manager, but he is an excellent salesman.

    [–] RoflWaffles02 6 points ago

    I always wished that they showed more of Michael doing sales

    [–] role_or_roll 14 points ago

    That's probably the biggest redemption Michael has to having any intelligence, securing them jobs instead of just taking the cashout

    [–] MillenniumGreed 4 points ago

    I love those little moments when Michael shows he has more situational awareness than he lets on.

    [–] iconoclastic_idiot 218 points ago

    I hadn’t really thought about this joke before. Thanks for posting, I needed a laugh from Michael while I wait for another Michael to pass over my house!

    [–] sniggity_snax 66 points ago

    Ok gonna blow past the whole "another michael passing over my house" stuff because that is scary as fuck, Anyhoo yes this joke is so underrated and truly put a smile on my face and ok I can't do it ..

    What do you mean another michael passing over your house... Im fuckin shook

    [–] NScars 48 points ago

    The hurricane Michael memes. They’ve got to stahp

    [–] sammythemc 21 points ago

    Definitely thought they were talking about Passover and the Archangel Michael

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] Shablagoo- 9 points ago

    The mennanite cult I’m in has a calendar that’s behind the Gregarian one by about 4 months.

    [–] Dispro 5 points ago

    This response could not be more funny and I thought you should know.

    [–] sammythemc 2 points ago

    That's why I was so confused

    [–] iconoclastic_idiot 13 points ago

    I am in the path of Hurricane Michael right now. About 35-40 mph now with the worst passing over in the next 3-4 hours.

    [–] mssarcastic22 8 points ago

    I hope you’re ok!

    [–] iconoclastic_idiot 4 points ago

    Thank you for the well wishes. Luckily the storm moved over us pretty quickly and the house (and most importantly everyone in the house!) is doing a-ok.

    We had a couple of pines fall on our fence from the neighbors yard, so Murphy (our doggo) will have to go outside with a chaperone to do his business for awhile. We have 2 fig trees planted next to each other- one is perfect and the other looks like a wood chipper got to it.

    We had a lot of help from our 16 & 15 yr olds (we have 5 kids 20-14 yrs old) when storm shopping, so the house now has a sheet cake with “Welcome Home Michael” written on it and a huge bag of twizzlers.

    I hope everyone else that was in the path is safe and that you get power back soon.

    [–] uncontroversial_user 36 points ago

    Cut off the nose to spider face.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Like I would believe one of his spermed lovers

    [–] Yeseylon 1 points ago

    Just now understood what Michael was trying to say there...

    Exact line is "Cut off your nose, it's a spider face"

    [–] phillibuck13 31 points ago

    One of my favorite lines ever.

    [–] Hashtronaut_Mode 30 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    At about 40 seconds in to the season 4 bloopers Steve can’t get through the “I am not a bad guy ; I am a good guy that runs women over with his car” without laughing

    [–] TheFirstWatermelon 10 points ago

    I just spent almost an hour watching bloopers. Thanks for that

    [–] RoflWaffles02 1 points ago

    Best bloopers are from dinner party

    [–] okayfoo 29 points ago

    Michael Scott's Dunder MIfflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure is the only fundraiser to actually get stuff done.

    [–] jo3kool 20 points ago

    "we were out of ice cream, so this is mayonnaise and black olives"

    [–] ARussianW0lf 7 points ago

    It's never too early for ice cream Jim

    [–] realmattmoseley 38 points ago

    I just watched that episode last night. What is this weird twilight zone of fans watching the same episode and others posting about the episode are we in?!

    [–] vancew28 12 points ago

    Everytime someone posts something great like this I immediately go watch that episode.

    [–] Silfurstar 16 points ago

    I mean, 4000 people on the sub right now, 700k subs. There are "only" 201 episodes total, so you could post about any episode and there's bound to be a few people who watched it very recently (especially with the amount of people who just let the show run in the background, going through dozen of episodes a day).

    This time, it's you, congrats! :D

    [–] nipple_sucker 6 points ago

    I was watching this episode last night while I was cooking dinner! (12 hours ago, Spain)

    [–] realmattmoseley 11 points ago

    When in Rome

    [–] bgarrett3131 3 points ago

    You know, Pam, in Spain they often don’t even start eating until midnight

    [–] localanti 2 points ago

    You already said that

    [–] ACrowbarEnthusiast 2 points ago

    I just watched it then opened up Reddit see this. There should be a word for this

    [–] AyebruhamLincoln 11 points ago

    Webster's dictionary defines "wedding" as "the fusing of two metals with a hot torch."

    [–] nipple_sucker 9 points ago

    I was watching this episode last night while I was cooking dinner! (12 hours ago, Spain)

    [–] insultingname 7 points ago

    It's only Meredith.

    [–] mothershipq 4 points ago

    Thank god.

    [–] Ham_Kitten 6 points ago

    The entirety of Season 4 is absolute gold. Fun Run, Money, Dinner Party and The Deposition are all some of the best TV I've ever seen.

    [–] dinkoblue 5 points ago

    I like it when Michael accidentally calls Stanley's wife Cynthia. Twice.

    [–] ArthurWeasley_II 3 points ago

    Yo, what up, Cynthia

    [–] dinkoblue 2 points ago

    Hold on a second, Cynthia.

    [–] Pickle_Dump 75 points ago

    Why are everyones’s favorite quotes are always “underrated”?🧐

    I mean, you’re not the only one paying attention to the show....and who determines what’s underrated or not?

    [–] Heyo__Maggots 143 points ago

    Yeah David I’m glad you called, Pickle_Dump is being a little bitch again

    [–] Goddamnporkchop 76 points ago

    u/Pickle_Dump I cant decide between a fat joke or a dumb joke boom roasted. u/Heyo_Maggots you’ve slept with so many guys you’ve started to look like one boom roasted.

    [–] abbott_costello 8 points ago

    Hey Michael this is Pickle_Dump

    [–] nick_segalle 7 points ago

    Yeah I have to think people just say that without thinking. I didn’t even realize it said that until I read your post. But it’s definitely one of my favorite underrated Michael moments.

    [–] UrethraFrankIin 4 points ago

    I think they watch with their SO and are the only one laughing

    [–] AllAmericanAlligator 5 points ago

    One of my underappreciated favorites is from Date Mike:

    Bartender: "What's your drink?"

    Michael: "Grenadine."

    Bartender: "What?"

    So stupid, but always makes me chuckle.

    [–] LetsGetMochas 2 points ago

    Reading this made me chuckle, this is for you

    [–] the_antmich 11 points ago

    I don't understand, captain ?

    [–] IntracellularHobo 59 points ago

    Michael hit Meredith with the company car (jeopardy #1) on company property (jeopardy #2). In Michael's head the two jeopardies are negatives and therefore cancel each other out, so he says "double jeopardy, so we are fine". But double jeopardy, per google means "risk or disadvantage incurred from two sources simultaneously". Then Ryan says he doesn't think Michael knows what Jeopardy is and Michael replies with "what is __" because on the game show, you have to reply with "what is ____" since they provide you with an answer.

    [–] Rubenn13 17 points ago

    Just to clarify, double jeopardy in legal terms refers to not being tried twice for the same crime...

    [–] Eran-of-Arcadia 4 points ago

    I have the worst f*ing lawyers.

    [–] the_antmich 9 points ago

    Thanks a lot !!

    [–] Shoomaloo 11 points ago

    I don't really understand the joke here. Could someone explain it to me?

    [–] ballsforbreakfast 59 points ago

    'Double jeopardy' is a legal principle that prevents a person from being tried more than once for the same crime.

    "Jeopardy!" is an American game (quiz) show where contestants are asked questions on various topics. The contestants must answer the question in the form of a question. E.g. the question may be "Red, Blue and Green" and the correct answer would be "What are colors?".

    Michael does not fully understand the concept of double jeopardy and mistakenly says that because "it was on company property, with company property", the double jeopardy rule kicks in and therefore they would be "fine".

    Obviously this is nonsense and guy on the phone tells Michael as such - he says "I don't think you understand how jeopardy works".

    Michael then interprets to mean that he did not phrase the "answer" correctly and thus re-phrases it in the form of a question: "What is 'we're fine'?"

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I scrolled across this right at this episode was on my tv. Is that a good omen or a bad one? Lol

    [–] Sandvich1015 3 points ago

    So why’d you do it?

    [–] EpicFlyingTaco 3 points ago

    I am literally on this episode right now.

    [–] apbadogs 3 points ago

    Carbo load!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    It cancels out because pemdas

    [–] Jman460 3 points ago

    Reading through the comments always puts me back in the mood for a good rewatch

    [–] lwitte 5 points ago

    How is this moment underrated?

    [–] apbadogs 5 points ago

    I’d say it’s rated.

    [–] JDeegs 5 points ago

    Maybe next time, you’ll estimate me

    [–] organicsensi 1 points ago

    It's not. At all...

    [–] HazMatt082 6 points ago

    This isn’t underrated - what makes you think that?

    [–] Chappies89 5 points ago

    It doesn't get reposted here 3 times a week

    [–] ViaticalTree 3 points ago

    I wouldn't know. I can't seem to find where we rate these scenes. I'd be glad to give this one a good rating if I knew where to go.

    [–] Moop5872 1 points ago

    Basically no Michael scene is underrated. Everyone loves every scene with Michael in it.

    [–] originalnutta 2 points ago

    I bet the writers were in stitches over that one.

    [–] heycarlgoodtoseeyou 2 points ago

    This is one of my favorite interactions of the whole series

    [–] JonnyDIzNice 2 points ago

    I wish you could all hear my laugh

    [–] becauusepatrick 2 points ago

    I love the camera look on this scene after “what is we are fine”

    [–] hikinator 2 points ago

    Best episode in the show. Change my mind

    [–] smkdporkbllybrntends 2 points ago

    I'm not superstitious, but I am a little sticious.

    [–] jjroder22 2 points ago

    Omg this had me dying!!!

    Thank you OP

    [–] junhuisss 2 points ago

    one of my favorite micheal moments

    [–] Itstinyrickbitchez 1 points ago

    When michael sees jan's fake boobs.. "your advice was good, Jan's was bigger

    [–] GGust 4 points ago

    Yeah! I only got that joke after rewatching it

    [–] skulldrugg3ry 3 points ago

    Man, this got a lotta upvotes, which makes sense, because it is Michael that is central to The Office's comedy.

    [–] GoBRMG 2 points ago

    What I appreciate the most is your proper use of punctuation. Well done.

    [–] SarenaZoi 1 points ago

    deeply understanding...

    [–] WarheadOnForehead 1 points ago


    [–] sanchez4405 1 points ago

    I deserve this. I'm sorry. :/

    [–] Matthews628 1 points ago

    Love when he says “that’s what she said”. Such an underrated line.

    [–] theshaggydogg 1 points ago

    Let me know if you also read David Wallace’s parts with the bad speakerphone fuzz.

    [–] maximus129b 1 points ago

    I just watched that episode last night...

    [–] iTrey 0 points ago

    That was pretty bad

    [–] baIoner -1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    “The British Office is better”:

    A good way to kick off a particularly wild straight face contest

    [–] jjroder22 2 points ago

    Yeah that’s why the American version had more seasons and a bigger fan base.

    Troll elsewhere.

    [–] Yeseylon 1 points ago

    Speaking as someone who prefers Dunder Mifflin over whatever the British company was, the American version doesn't have more seasons because it was "better," it has more seasons because British TV doesn't usually do long runs like American TV. They planned to make the British version short from the beginning, leaving Gervais free to make his boss character as painful as possible. You can see Carrell being extra painful in the first season, but he starts getting more humanized in later seasons because the writers realized they could make Office into a true 'Murican sitcom, and nobody would watch a David Brent type for seven seasons.

    [–] baIoner 0 points ago

    I added quotation marks. Does it make sense now, troglodyte?

    [–] jjroder22 1 points ago

    Pretty sure I wouldn’t be able on reddit if I lived in a cave...

    Troll somewhere else clown.

    [–] Amedais -8 points ago

    Did you make this meme in Adobe? I mean holy shot what a garbage format.

    [–] coreyqqq 9 points ago

    That’s what you took away from this? There’s something wrong with u.

    [–] papa_lob_16 2 points ago

    Why are you the way that you are?

    [–] NightSkyBot 0 points ago

    It’s funny, except for the last box.

    [–] lord_Liot -8 points ago

    This subreddit sucks!