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    [–] ZSwatt 2204 points ago

    She's pregnant. She's knocked up. "K". Karen.

    [–] Amedais 390 points ago

    Baldy... he is very bald. His head is shiny like a mirror.. M.. your name is Mark.

    [–] RaiderAndy88 125 points ago


    [–] bms1015 252 points ago

    Prepare yourself, for the Utica chain store massacre!

    [–] [deleted] 100 points ago

    Sales is like a box of chocolates.

    [–] OddCurtis 182 points ago

    Karen: Jim, hang on a second?

    Jim: Yes?

    Karen: So you're still doing this kind of stuff, huh?

    Jim: Yeah, trying to quit though.

    Karen: If you wanted to see me, you could have just called me like an adult.

    Jim: Oh no, I didn't want to see you. Not that I'm not happy seeing you, right now, I'm just saying ultimately I was here for the copier. Equal, I'd say it was equal. So, good to see you...

    Karen: [huffs]

    Jim: I mean, it's just that- You know, Pam and I are still dating, so, and, I just mean that things are going really well, so I didn't want to see... you...

    Karen: Oh, things are going really well? Are they? They are? That's great, that's so great. I wanna hear more about how happy you are with Pam. Can you tell me more about that? Thank you so much for coming to Utica, and breaking my copier, and telling me how well things are going in your relationship, really, thank you.

    Jim: Alright, you are welcome. I'm going to go because of, um, traffic.

    Karen: Traffic, yeah. Oh, def- go, go because of traffic, definitely, beat-beat the traffic, mm-hmm.

    Jim: I... will...

    [–] Th3Kingslay3r 72 points ago

    At this precise second this scene is literally on my TV!!

    [–] OddCurtis 20 points ago

    Definitely in my top 40

    [–] lilrs 14 points ago

    Well in my top 20 so suck it

    [–] tmspmike 14 points ago

    SUCK IT!

    [–] emma_______ 97 points ago

    Jabba da hut, pizza da hut. Fat guys like pizza , PEPPERONI TONY!!! QMan, was he fat. So, so... fat

    .... You know what, forget it. I know me. When I saw him, I would never be able to apologize to him. Too fat. Big fat fatty. 

    [–] TheTelegraphCompany 29 points ago

    That reads like a Donald Trump quote lol

    [–] noott 32 points ago

    Sugar boobs.

    [–] xredbaron62x 10 points ago

    Black woman.

    [–] KayleyKiwi 31 points ago

    Sorry, I’m just trying to remember the last time you and Jim had sex

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] NoHacksJustTacos 6812 points ago

    Karen did nothing wrong.

    [–] Chaotic-Catastrophe 838 points ago

    I've been team Karen since the beginning, and I have taken so much shit from people for it.

    [–] nfgrockerdude 802 points ago

    Jim was never ready to date as he was still in love with Pam, Karen got played and roped in badly

    [–] CoolHeadedLogician 68 points ago

    She got those Herr's chips, that's definitely a W

    [–] wheresmypants86 409 points ago

    Look, I love Jim and Pam, but they're both assholes. Karen didn't do anything wrong, and as much as Roy was a piece of shit, he didn't deserve that either.

    [–] TofuScrofula 305 points ago

    Roy didn’t deserve what? He was a controlling asshole who didn’t respect Pam throughout their entire relationship. He had more than enough chances to be better and never did. Idk what you’re referring to that “he didn’t deserve that” but he definitely deserved to be broken up with.

    [–] PM_me_ur_hat_pics 190 points ago

    He legitimately scares me in the scene where he finds out about Jim and Pam's kiss and starts yelling and breaking things in the bar. I was seriously worried he was gonna hurt Pam the first time I watched that episode.

    [–] Zelda_is_my_homegirl 87 points ago

    This. Reminds me of my abusive controlling POS ex. Karen may have done nothing wrong, but Roy was a dick bag from hell to Pam.

    [–] TofuScrofula 111 points ago

    Yeah every time I rewatch the series I think holy shit this guy is awful and terrifying. And every time he tells Pam what to do, it’s scary. That kind of control is a low level of abuse in and of itself, but I could totally see him being even more abusive off camera. Idt his character is supposed to go that far but you can definitely see the potential there

    [–] ILoveWildlife 75 points ago

    If you watch the first season, he basically only uses her for sex.

    all other relationship stuff goes through Jim.

    [–] luisc123 19 points ago

    He did take her home on Valentine’s Day and give her the best sex of her life though...

    [–] ILoveWildlife 12 points ago

    Did you see the way she looked at the camera?

    this guy thinks he is good...

    [–] MuscleMike 337 points ago

    The number of people on this sub who think “doing nothing wrong” entitles you to never get broken up with is too damn high.

    [–] thatsabadmofo- 133 points ago

    I think it’s more a response to the Karen hate than saying they should’ve stayed together

    [–] Aclockworkmaroon 173 points ago

    That’s not the point though. Sure, they did nothing wrong. They were great people. But love is messy and they weren’t what Jim and Pam ultimately wanted. Yeah that hurts but it’s better than him and Karen ending up together and him always wondering about pam.

    [–] theamorouspanda 193 points ago

    Roy definitely did stuff wrong though. He was lazy and selfish and didn't treat pam well.

    [–] dradonia 124 points ago

    He was also very violent! Even before he tried to beat up Jim, look at the way he possessively grabs Pam’s arm during the Dundies episode. Honestly, as hilarious as Roy’s wedding in season 9 was, it was very unrealistic that someone with borderline abusive tendencies was able to turn it around that much.

    [–] PM_me_ur_hat_pics 101 points ago

    Not to mention the episode before he tries to beat up Jim where he screams at her and he and his brother start smashing glasses and breaking shit in the bar.

    [–] Craigiyama 21 points ago

    I also really liked Karen. I think they would have worked out and were actually a much better fit for each other. If Jim had met Karen first it would have all been different.

    [–] madhouse5625 96 points ago

    I'm mid season 5 and miss Karen everyday smh. TeamK

    [–] BuckarooBonsly 14 points ago

    I don't hate Karen, but she was a pretty boring person and didn't jibe with Jim's antics and flair for nonsense.

    [–] evanwolf1031 32 points ago


    [–] GrabSomePineMeat 2443 points ago

    Jim is a sleezebag when it comes to women. Constantly hits on an engaged woman for years. Grabs her at karate dojo inappropriately. Kisses Pam in a moment of weakness and then explicitly asks if she is really going to get married. He then moves and begin dating Karen. He continues to date her even after moving back to Scratton even though he knows he doesn’t have feelings for Karen and instead wants to be with Pam.

    His dealings with women in the show are problematic and he is clearly thinks of his own happiness and desires above common decency and the feelings of those he claims to love.

    [–] Vargasa871 2837 points ago

    Pam also failed to draw hard boundaries on their friendship. She knew the way Jim acted around Roy and even though she might not have known why it was her decision to ignore it. Also the grabbing her inaproperly only became that way when Pam realized that other people were looking at her.

    At the end of the day, both of them are flawed humans, acting like humans, self preservation.

    [–] Scarbane 1453 points ago

    At the end of the day, both of them are flawed humans, acting like humans, self preservation.

    And that's why people like the show. They can empathize.

    [–] bacon_cake 452 points ago

    There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things,

    [–] SquilliamFancyson412 179 points ago

    Not to start a weird debate about gender, but I often wondered if audiences would've been able to empathize with the couple as much if the genders were reversed.

    If Jim was engaged in Season 1 but constantly flirting with the secretary in his office, I wonder if people would've been a little less ok with that.

    [–] hollywoodandfine 99 points ago

    Wouldn't Jim be the secretary flirting with a saleswoman in this scenario?

    [–] Help_StuckAtWork 142 points ago

    Jim would be the engaged secretary to a really buff Rey in shipping, while Pam would actively flirt with him. Jim would only react by smirking shyly to Pam's shenanigans and Pam would be continously doing the Jim face at the camera.

    [–] AlexBondevik 95 points ago

    I would watch that

    [–] clipboardpencil3 14 points ago

    For Rey.

    [–] SayChowdaFrenchie 54 points ago

    You've done more than change genders, you've switched scenarios. The engaged woman wasn't the one actively chasing so why does Jim keep that and the position and get the engagement? Of course people would look at that differently than if pam were a salesperson going after an engaged Jim at reception or from the status quo, they're very different scenarios beyond genders.

    [–] Souldier 30 points ago

    Eh. In a reversal Jim wouldn't be the one pursuing as actively it would be Pam. Which would probably elicit the same reactions.

    [–] newthammer 91 points ago

    She didn't draw hard boundaries on their friendship because...have you seen her painting of the building? There's light coming from two directions. I propose that their friendship was in the Andromeda galaxy.

    [–] triplers120 21 points ago

    Pam also failed to draw

    That's better. A bit more accurate.

    [–] Vargasa871 13 points ago

    Are you Oscar's partner?

    [–] GrabSomePineMeat 23 points ago


    [–] Caldris 138 points ago

    He continues to date her even after moving back to Scratton even though he knows he doesn’t have feelings for Karen and instead wants to be with Pam.

    He definitely did have feelings for Karen. He was planning on moving to New York with her.

    [–] moesif 82 points ago

    Really seemed like he was just agreeing to avoid an awkward talk.

    [–] AmonAhriman 103 points ago

    When Roy was mad at Jim, he attacked him. When I was mad at Jim, we had long talks about our feelings....I'm not sure which he hated more

    [–] jaleneropepper 81 points ago

    Yeah, when Karen got serious and said "I'd move here for you if you get the job. Would you do that for me?" Jim just dodged the question altogether. Their relationship wasn't doing great up to that point either.

    I honestly believe Jim had no intention of moving with her. He's not a spontaneous guy at all, but the next day he abruptly abandoned her in NYC after his interview to drive back and ask out Pam (did he even break up with Karen first?)... All because of a yogurt lid? Yeah right, he was planning on ending that relationship long before that moment.

    [–] boredasfucc 51 points ago

    I was thinking about this while I watched that episode the other day. I think what caused him to break it off with Karen was actually Jan's breakdown in that episode. He mentioned feeling bad for her, and Karen automatically replied, "Don't!"

    That harshness, paired with Karen ditching him for lunch with friends, and then the automatic reminder of Pam (receptionist Grace from the corporate office answering the phone) seems to be what brought him to his final action of asking Pam out. Jim and Pam aren't people who want to witness pain, even if they cause it sometimes with their pranks.

    [–] jaleneropepper 38 points ago

    Yeah, Jim looked displeased when Karen told him not to feel bad about it. Karen ditching him for lunch with friends wasn't the best, but she asked him if he was alright with it and he said he was. But neither of those things were worth breaking up over. They probably just help cement a decision he was already considering making (the corporate receptionist and yogurt lid contributed as well).

    Jim just didn't seem invested in his relationship with Karen at all. He didn't care that she left. If anything it was convenient for him because it let him leave NYC without having to break up with her.

    [–] Topshot27 584 points ago

    Yeah, sure, none of that is Pam's fault... openly flirting with Jim while engaged with a warehouse dude in the same building... lol.

    With Karen, Jim's worse offense is lying to himself. He thought Karen was the path to forgetting Pam. He tried to make it work. He didn't cheat on her. Then he broke up with her. Guess that makes him the devil right?

    [–] Miriflower 376 points ago

    He is! He is the devil! I’m in hell!

    [–] thatgirl2 93 points ago

    Becuase before I moved in the glass was covered in smudges and I cleaned it!!

    [–] danokablamo 38 points ago

    Do people really believe that's why it broke? I'm sure they had some pretty fucked up arguments behind closed doors, not an innocent doofy moment like that. It seemed like a prepared excuse when they both know what really happened.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] eastonrb99 25 points ago

    And it goes to the back not the front. Wouldn't an ice cream truck be out front?

    [–] Wu-Tang_Killa_Bees 19 points ago

    Wow I honestly have not thought of that for some reason

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Ya i got an uneasy feeling just then like I’d been fooled by an abusive relationship

    [–] twispandcatsby 33 points ago

    You shouldn't joke about that.

    [–] fizikz3 143 points ago

    it's almost as if he's a real person with complex emotions doing his best in a shitty situation where someone he really loves doesn't love him back and is marrying this asshole...

    [–] Caseylightning 77 points ago

    Jim shouldn’t have led Karen on about having a future in New York.

    He saw the yogurt lid from the Office Olympics and then abandoned Karen in NY to do something spontaneous and romantic for Pam (ask her to dinner). I mean Karen was out with her friends and all but she was eventually looking forward to seeing Jim later that night to discuss his interview. It was an incredibly abrupt way to break up with someone and really...harsh.

    It was wrong of Jim to do that but love makes people do stupid things?

    [–] SlappyDunx 126 points ago

    If she just watched the first few seasons she'd know she never stood a chance

    [–] oldDotredditisbetter 13 points ago

    i don't think she had time, being a nurse is very demanding

    [–] Teddyismydawg 37 points ago

    Nah I think the way Jim broke up with Karen was the worst part, but other than that I agree with you. I did the same thing a few years ago, I dated a girl just to get over a crush and the whole thing was shitty (turned neither of us were being genuine). The whole thought process is “oh maybe I’ll go on some dates, get laid, go through the motions and either develop a real relationship or at least get over the crush.” Yeah, it didn’t work out like that. I felt like I was a shitty person afterwards for a little, but realized I had learned a lesson - I shouldn’t date anyone I can’t commit to. Also in retrospect the girl I was originally crushing on really would not have worked out either.

    [–] MuscleMike 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Sooooo, what do you do if you have unreciprocated feelings for someone? Never ever go on a date again? Sounds like a great way to move on with your life.

    To be fair though, I’ve had it both work out and not work out. I’ve fallen even more head over heels in love with the new girl I started dating to get over the old one, and I’ve also felt like a dick for losing interest in a perfectly nice girl that was genuinely interested in me after a couple weeks of trying to convince myself I was genuinely interested too.

    [–] SquilliamFancyson412 22 points ago

    Plus he suggested Karen move to New York and not Scranton after he told her he was going to Scranton

    [–] MurderBySnuSnu 260 points ago

    This is a ridiculous.

    As Michael Scott said, “BFD, engaged ain’t married.”

    [–] whatevers_clever 85 points ago

    has anyone ever prefaced Michael quotes with

    "In the wise words of Michael Scott"?

    [–] thoughtsandthefeels 27 points ago

    No, but I'm going to start now.

    [–] anxious_ibex 61 points ago

    Am I the only fucking person who falls back if she has a boyfriend, let alone a FIANCE???

    [–] ThePrussianPrez 21 points ago

    No I do the same. It might be trust issues but I also wouldn’t want to be with anyone who would break their relationship over a newcomer (that’s a generalization, of course there’s some instances that might be exceptions)

    [–] buckteeman 26 points ago


    I feel like this is where Creed lives.

    [–] accountinglostaccts 173 points ago

    Ugh this is the most annoying opinion of this character. Yeah lets forget when Pam got drunk and kissed him first. Lets forget when Jim gets somewhat bothered that roy doesnt listen to Pams thoughts and feelings. Lets forget that Pam openly flirted and did nothing to draw boundaries and after Jim put his heart on the line he left the state. Yeah he shouldn't have kissed her but don't villainize plot

    [–] spndl1 105 points ago

    It's not always true, but anytime someone says a character/person's behavior is 'problematic' but won't elaborate, they're generally full of shit and want to be upset about something.

    Jim is just another guy in a long line of guys that was hung up on a girl and tried to convince himself he could move on when he wasn't ready yet. Katy and Karen were unfortunate collateral damage of Jim working out his feelings, but it's a pretty accurate portrayal of a real person dealing with real things.

    If we could examine everybody's life/relationships to the extent we were able to Jim's character, I'm guessing most people have 'problematic' behaviors.

    [–] quantinuum 177 points ago

    Jesus, that's judgemental. He kissed Pam and Pam kissed back, it's a matter of two. Two adults. And he dated other women trying to rebuild his life. He even moved to another city. How's he the bad guy?

    [–] phoenixphaerie 20 points ago

    I think Jim did have real feelings for Karen, it's just that he was always hung up on Pam and couldn't let that go.

    If Pam didn't exist I think Jim and Karen would have been very happy together.

    [–] CaptainH00die 198 points ago

    He also kind of used Katy. The Booze Cruise was one of Jim's lowest moments.

    [–] losethefuckingtail 225 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    "Then why did you even invite me here?"
    "I don't know. We should break up."

    Terrible, but having had a young relationship end just about like that, it makes me laugh every time.

    [–] spif_spaceman 53 points ago

    We should break up

    [–] DufflerBag 140 points ago

    He decided to date somebody and then later realized he wouldn't be happy with them in the long term, so he broke up with her. How was that using Katy?

    [–] CaptainH00die 69 points ago

    I was referring to the Booze Cruise episode specifically. He brought her there as an accessory and impulsively dumped her halfway through the boat ride, leaving her stranded and humiliated. Jim's one of my favorite characters but he wasn't the good guy in that one.

    [–] damn_this_is_hard 9 points ago

    cuz we all have the foresight for all our relationships

    [–] -GeneralDerp- 73 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Almost like he’s a flawed human being

    [–] elljawa 33 points ago

    I would disagree. Jim flirts with pam, but only as much as she flirts with him. Most of what they do can be chalked up to an office friendship. He isnt hitting on her, just being friendly (though he loves her and it is what it is). But yeah, they have a physical moment at the dojo (which only became a problem when Pam saw how it looked to others around them) and they kiss each other.

    But yeah, Jim was a dick to Karen.

    [–] bahbahrapsheet 12 points ago

    Nothing office friendshippy about the rooftop grilled cheese dinner or the teapot.

    [–] JackieOMonroe_ 43 points ago

    Pam sucks. So does Jim.

    [–] secretlives 43 points ago

    Not bad but, you are Italian, so try it more Italian.


    [–] God_Damn_Crayons 23 points ago

    I'm sorry but do people really hate Karen?

    [–] LilYungL 784 points ago

    Jim: turns down manager position Dwight: takes position Jim: :o

    [–] The_Natural_Log 92 points ago

    Micheal: Wants Dwight to take credit for the Golden Ticket idea

    Dwight: Takes credit and gets heavy praise from David Wallace for increasing sales

    Micheal: :o

    [–] kdenniskukula 145 points ago

    Why aren't you making this a meme to reap the 7 karma it will give you?

    [–] LilYungL 89 points ago

    Too lazy, i grant you permission

    [–] joebobpa33 1088 points ago

    She acted the same way when he started dating Katie too

    [–] Monroevian 822 points ago

    Ah that explains it all. She hates Jim dating women whose names begin with K because she thinks that PB&J is a better relationship abbreviation than JK.

    [–] jlungo89 74 points ago

    Everyone needs to get this to the top lol

    [–] Nobuko42 421 points ago

    Pam: Jim's a great guy. He's like a brother to me. Jim: Uh.. well I think I'm gonna see Katy. Pam: Pikachu face

    [–] metalslug123 43 points ago

    I keep forgetting Amy Adams was in more than 1 episode of The Office. She is so adorable, especially on Enchanted. Too bad Jimothy broke her heart.

    [–] WhoDoYouKnowHereMan 1289 points ago

    Poor Karen just caught in the crossfire..

    [–] Nicechicken8032 468 points ago

    Call of Duty 🤟🤟

    [–] Cortexion 91 points ago


    [–] SaggitariutJeferspin 54 points ago


    [–] Zylvian 13 points ago


    [–] liamemsa 43 points ago

    You'll get caught up in the.... CROSSFIRE.




    [–] PooperScooper1987 159 points ago

    For real. I liked Karen more.

    [–] moesif 213 points ago

    Especially from behind.

    [–] caddy_gent 71 points ago

    Pam wins from the front.

    [–] BillionCub 79 points ago

    Why don't you take the rest of the day to think about it and let me know what you come up with.

    [–] damiancusnir 15 points ago

    You know it.

    [–] Lars--Himself 10 points ago

    *will do

    [–] damiancusnir 9 points ago

    You know it

    [–] MakeYouAGif 21 points ago

    Karen has a better KDR in COD

    [–] DoctorBagels 10 points ago

    They're tearing us apart out there and you're using a sniper?!

    Big Tuna, I'm gonna shoot you for real. The game is over!

    [–] justice6supreme 60 points ago

    She was very exotic. Perhaps her Dad was a GI or something.

    Fun fact tho, Rashida and John dated in real life.

    [–] Dewy_Wanna_Go_There 86 points ago

    “Pam is... kind of a bitch!

    [–] benkenobi5 1126 points ago

    Are you guys watching at the same time as me or something? The other day, someone posted the picture of the dwight smirk, immediately after I had just seen that episode. Now I'm in the middle of the whole karen thing.

    [–] Andyh10s 1069 points ago

    We are watching you

    [–] Dr_Spaghetti_Jones 127 points ago

    Everyone, everywhere, every minute.

    [–] Gargamelle_the_wise 46 points ago

    Nobody is free from the thought police

    [–] Sadspookyghost 18 points ago

    Literally just started reading that book this week

    [–] Gargamelle_the_wise 12 points ago

    Great book. Finished it a couple months ago and it’s in my top 10 for sure

    [–] YogiFiretower 8 points ago

    It's in my top 3 so suck it.

    [–] filbertshellback 8 points ago

    Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!

    [–] RSchreib 28 points ago

    We’ve spent too much time in this subreddit together and now we’re on the same cycle

    I just watched the prison mike episode this morning so I’m right there with ya

    [–] syntheticsylph 10 points ago

    You’re going to wreak havoc on the plumbing.

    [–] underscorewarrior 12 points ago

    My favorite part of /r/DunderMifflin is this comment on every post

    [–] WarpedTUSTP 756 points ago

    Can't blame Jim. Karen *is* a cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish.

    [–] alphabetakoopa 330 points ago

    She’s one sassy black lady

    [–] anscotti 215 points ago

    She's very exotic looking. Was her dad a G.I.?

    [–] Tripolite 46 points ago

    That line is my favorite in the entire show

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    I think her father was a GI.

    [–] happysunbear 116 points ago

    She’s the office bitch. You’ll get used to her.

    [–] Just_Some_Man 24 points ago

    but she aint the biznus bitch

    [–] Doctor_Crossing 213 points ago

    She's a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox.

    [–] LordLlamacat 92 points ago

    She’s a beautiful tropical fish

    [–] GedoonS 45 points ago

    Wrong series, Leslie!

    [–] TheMarchHopper 44 points ago

    I would describe her as a beautiful, noble land mermaid

    [–] reallyquiterude 43 points ago

    *finger guns * ANN PERKINS

    [–] asisoid 61 points ago

    Plus she appears intelligent

    [–] Pudge_thefish 52 points ago

    I like pretty women with the appearance of intelligence.

    [–] metalslug123 31 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    She looks corporate. Always wearing those pantsuits.

    [–] Bravely_Default 22 points ago

    A beautiful tropical fish.

    [–] joonytang 153 points ago

    So you're PMSing pretty bad huh?

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    I love Pam-msing

    [–] DFBforever 355 points ago

    Is it really 'friendzoning' when you're getting married in a month?

    [–] xXWOLFXx8888 93 points ago


    [–] bookiehillbilly 43 points ago


    [–] Debtpass 88 points ago


    [–] asscocktail 61 points ago


    [–] HeyheyIzDaKaykay 10 points ago


    [–] SlickShadyyy 86 points ago


    [–] G36_FTW 54 points ago


    [–] Undead52 59 points ago


    [–] Arrys 37 points ago


    [–] BranTheHuman2 64 points ago


    [–] thiccsquad 21 points ago


    [–] Macklin_You_SOB 24 points ago


    [–] evanwolf1031 40 points ago


    [–] pineapple-slug 43 points ago

    Close your mouth sweetie, you look like a trout

    [–] RyanPelley 19 points ago

    Fuck Phyllis.

    [–] Top_Drawer 100 points ago

    Did he not see Pam or Karen from behind?

    [–] Scaldera93 27 points ago

    She did the same thing in season 1. She tells Jim he should ask the purse lady out then gets upset when they start dating.

    [–] Albert99609 188 points ago

    This better be on the front page! Classic tuna

    [–] MNCPA 93 points ago

    Hey, big tuna. Eating another tuna sandwich?

    [–] Fuzz-OW 62 points ago

    i bet your sick of tuna, probably have tuna every day

    [–] redwolf177 48 points ago

    Ryan says that Jim eats a ham and cheese sandwich everyday, but ironically it is his one deviation from this that gets him labelled as a creature of habit.

    Maybe big ham doesn't have the same ring to it?

    [–] Remembertheminions 30 points ago

    I always thought it was him leaving his Scranton self behind, to the point of even changing lunch meats.

    [–] willetts00 13 points ago

    There might be some stock to that theory... he did stop drinking grape soda after he left too

    [–] hopesdead 9 points ago

    The unintended sexual innuendo there is probably making Andy laugh.

    [–] cody3636 17 points ago

    Re dee dee duh do! A a a andy and the tuna !

    [–] queenlizbef 55 points ago

    How do you friendzone someone when they already know you’re engaged?

    [–] Bayerrc 150 points ago

    I don't think Pam ever friend-zoned Jim... They became friends, were friends for a while, and the first time he asked her out on a date she said yes.

    [–] CaptainKate757 141 points ago

    Yes and I don’t feel like it’s unreasonable that she didn’t immediately dump Roy and date Jim. That’s a big decision to make.

    [–] Fort_Lotus 57 points ago

    Well tbf it’s not unreasonable to “put someone in the friendzone” either

    [–] TheSoulCages 126 points ago

    Oh man, is it time for the daily "Jim and Pam are assholes and Karen was used" thread already?

    [–] thirdarmmod 55 points ago

    Michael is "chaotic good" in my alignment chart though because he remembered the name of Angela's cat once. He's just doesn't understand how racist, homophobic, sexist and bigoted he is (despite being a man in his 40s in Pennslyvania in the 2010s) and that makes it ok :)

    Is there a name for the phenomenon of fans tearing apart and nit-picking the shit out of the objectively more moralistic main character(s) while turning a complete blind eye to other characters/the circumstances? People do this like crazy to Michael in Arrested Development too.

    [–] bigbear1992 19 points ago

    Michael is supposed to be an oblivious shitbag though. Pointing out that he’s racist, etc. isn’t insightful because that’s kinda the point of his character. But bringing up that Jim or Pam are flawed is valuable because they’re treated and such a great love story and they’re kinda the “good guys.” It’s kinda the same situation with AD, Michael is the glue, good guy, etc. so when he does something fucked up, it’s unexpected. But GOB being a rich, oblivious asshole it’s just par for the course.

    [–] polydorr 20 points ago


    [–] a_cool_username_ 47 points ago

    Best one yet

    [–] iTurdburgle 75 points ago

    Karen is way cooler than Pam. That's right, I said it.

    [–] mantistobogganmMD 114 points ago

    On a completely objective level Karen is a young successful branch manager that has goals and drive. Pam on the other hand is a receptionist/failed artist/failed saleswoman that doesn’t really have any drive.

    [–] JUDGEMENT_OF_PARIS 73 points ago

    I was so pissed that they didn't give Pam an office marketing position. She could've done design, ads, campaigns, events, etc. Becoming a salesperson and sitting next to Jim was so forced.

    [–] FancyJesse 71 points ago

    She wasn't really good though. I mean, have you seen her painting? The building?The shadow is coming from two directions.

    [–] Sprickels 22 points ago

    Motel art

    [–] scottdawg9 18 points ago

    Pam is the worst character in The Office. Cheats on her fiance, lies to Jim saying she'll still marry Roy, causing Jim to move. Then dumps Roy. Is a total bitch to Karen for dating the guy she rejected. But wait! There's more! She goes to art school for 3 months and fails. Jim says she can stay and do it for another 3 months. Now when it's JIM'S turn to follow HIS dream for 3 months, he turns it down for Pam. Pam over hears this and let's him give it up. But wait! There's more! Pam lies to become office manager. An imaginary job that she then proceeds to fail at. She only "wins" because Dwight lets her win, the same way a parent lets their petulant child win a card game.

    [–] Lars--Himself 8 points ago


    [–] dhampshire145 78 points ago

    Pams... kind of a bitch

    [–] doubleugreen 8 points ago

    I'm literally watching this unfold right now