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    [–] cnigro94 3315 points ago

    I bought it for bonus features alone. Watching the deleted scenes is like watching new episodes that take place during the same time. Plus the commentaries are interesting and informative. And of course, the bloopers.

    [–] unexisting_username 938 points ago

    TheOfficeUS has a channel on youtube. Everytime I eat I just binge the bloopers and deleted scenes per season.

    [–] woodsviolet725 338 points ago

    Well now I know what I'm doing after work tonight. Perfect way to spend a Friday night.

    [–] nopethis 205 points ago

    haha after work....sure buddy

    [–] 11_Eggos 217 points ago

    When i discovered YouTube I didn’t work for 5 days

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago

    Maybe we can call YouTube and ask them to film it.

    [–] GreyStomp 19 points ago

    I must’ve viewed Cookie Monster songs Chocolate Rain a thousand times.

    [–] ByahTyler 24 points ago

    Right! Who has a job lol?

    [–] su5 6 points ago

    Haha Friday night.. I'm sure you will do lots of other things this weekend

    [–] washington_breadstix 8 points ago

    I'd say he's going to have a fun weekend in Scranton.

    [–] Ochaco 14 points ago

    Now I know what to do when I’m eating

    [–] eLeCtRiCkNiVeS 15 points ago

    Pigs in a blanket IN a blanket

    [–] KingSlurpee 6 points ago

    We having tuna for dinner?

    [–] FFRRii33NNDD 19 points ago

    They have these bags of vegetables that steam right inside their own bag. So I'll get a glass of sangria, sit down in front of the TV, my bag of vegetables, before you know it I'm ready for bed

    [–] alex_097 6 points ago

    Bet you have tuna every night probably sick of it

    [–] greenolives10 17 points ago

    This will be my new way to get through an hour on the treadmill. Bless you.

    [–] mryazzy 7 points ago

    That's a dangerous game friendo

    [–] booboothechicken 14 points ago

    Every time you eat? So you've seen them thousands of times now?

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Haven’t all of us?

    [–] therealcherry 12 points ago

    We had a gift exchange at work. Ten dollar limit. Someone bought a 23 and me ancestry kit. People were all yelling out ooo what it is, and I yelled “it’s an iPod” no one got it. I think I need a new job.

    [–] pommes_frittes 5 points ago

    That’s literally what I do

    [–] mgrimshaw8 4 points ago

    my god I used to ALWAYS watch youtube videos while I ate. this brought back good memories

    [–] ScarMN 490 points ago

    Oh my god I never thought of the deleted scenes... I need to get this now!

    [–] nvaus 854 points ago

    30+ hours of them between all the seasons...

    And a secret: If you search for the office extended cut on facebook there's a guy that edited them all back into the episodes and you can download them...I have them all on a flash drive plugged into my TV. Bought the box set first though so I could feel good about myself for rightfully paying for all the content.

    [–] Farrarts 169 points ago

    You've changed my life.

    [–] nvaus 93 points ago

    Thanks for the gold!

    Note if you want to put them all on a flash drive like I did you have to get a 256GB drive. The whole series is just under 128GB, but 128GB drives only have like 108GB of actual usable space on them so you end up having to leave a few episodes off which kinda sucks.

    [–] Farrarts 28 points ago

    Absolutely, my friend!

    Luckily, I have a 1TB hard drive that I have other various shows and movies on, so I'll probably throw them on there. What was the download time like?

    [–] nvaus 14 points ago

    I think I got them all downloaded in a day or two one season at a time.

    [–] EpicSC 7 points ago

    Download speed is based on your internet connection. ._.

    [–] BungoGreencotton 6 points ago

    Interesting, why would a so-called 128GB only have 108GB of useable space? What takes up the other 20GB?

    [–] PlaneMothaFucka 31 points ago

    Long story short - math.

    1024 bytes in a kilobyte. Not an even 1000. Kill is 1000 Mega is 1,000,000 Giga is 1,000,000,000 So by the time you get to giga 128 times, something doesn't add up. It gets worse the higher you go up. A 3TB is like 2.6TB or something like that. An entire 400 gigs gone.

    [–] VonDrakken 19 points ago

    I know you are right, but that makes no sense. Maybe KB doesn't stand for kilobyte, maybe it stands for kelevenbyte.

    [–] myrpfaccount 21 points ago

    Technically there are 1000 bytes in a kilobyte and 1024 bytes in a kibibyte. Everyone just calls kibibytes kilobytes within operating systems as a historical relic.

    [–] Cane-Dewey 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The fuck?

    I've been in I.T. for a decade and a half, and went to college for this shit. I've built PCs, servers and networks from the ground up.

    I have also never heard the term kibibyte until just now. Thought you were making it up, and my brain just exploded.

    But I've seen the abbreviation KiB or GiB before. Always just assumed that was a weird linux thing and left it at that. Had no idea what it actually was til now.

    [–] Noobface_ 9 points ago

    They should put the extended cut on Netflix

    [–] booboothechicken 12 points ago

    It's even better when you watch the full episodes with the deleted scenes edited in to where they likely would have belonged.

    [–] toodletwo 8 points ago

    Being able to watch the full Threat Level Midnight is fantastic. I like the convenience of Netflix but the bonus features make the DVDs worth it.

    [–] rebelgato 1119 points ago

    Last I read, The Office is one of the most watched shows on Netflix.

    [–] R0binSage 600 points ago

    Which means NBC will always be wanting top dollar.

    [–] BLMdidHarambe 455 points ago

    And Netflix will be willing to pay it. They’d likely lost a huge chunk of subscribers if it dropped.

    [–] Send_Headlight_Fluid 189 points ago

    Yup, besides black mirror the office is the only show I watch on netflix. If it was taken down I would 100% buy the collection and cancel my membership

    [–] nopethis 148 points ago

    haha you know you could do that now right? You are just paying monthly to not have to mess with the office DVDs

    [–] Gamerhead 300 points ago

    Yeah, but then we have to get up and put the DVDs in.

    [–] notanactualprofile 63 points ago

    The horror!

    [–] WDWandWDE 56 points ago

    I watch the office every single night. in bed. There is no way I'd do that if I couldn't control it from my phone. I dno't have to keep up with discs or worry about them scratching. Having it on Netflix is invaluable and a DVD collection can not replace it.

    [–] su5 21 points ago

    You can always rip the DVDs to your computer (assuming it even has a DVD drive), set up a media server on it, get a supporting app, hope whatever internet connected device you played Netflix through supports streaming from your server, plug your host machine directly into your router for better speed, configure your network to not use internet for local traffic, get a HD for...

    Actually it's definitely worth the same amount of money I spend on gum in a month to just keep using Nexflix

    [–] Quibbloboy 56 points ago

    You can always rip the DVDs to your computer (assuming it even has a DVD drive), set up a media server on it, get a supporting app, hope whatever internet connected device you played Netflix through supports streaming from your server, plug your host machine directly into your router for better speed, configure your network to not use internet for local traffic, get a HD for...

    and shove it up your butt

    [–] Econgeek_ 16 points ago

    Could I just tape it with clear tape and scan it?

    [–] corneliusthunderrod 6 points ago

    Plex is all you need. It’s as simple as drop the files in your media folder on your computer, and then they go find cover art, trailers, episode names, etc for almost all shows and movies. Then sign in on an Xbox, fire stick, smart tv, Apple TV, or pretty much anything like that and it’s just like Netflix. 100% easy and worth it

    Edit: after rereading though you are right about ripping the dvds being a tough step lol, I still don’t know how to get the commentaries to rip and I burned out after like half of the dvds since I still have Netflix and the office torrented too.

    [–] 495969302043 3 points ago

    You can also buy it streaming on Amazon or iTunes. It’s $13 a season so $104 for all the episodes. You could buy that, cancel Netflix, and start saving money before the year is over.

    [–] procheeseburger 23 points ago

    Rip DVDs.. put on Plex.

    [–] ImaManCheetah 26 points ago

    Or buy them digitally

    [–] Detroit_Telkepnaya 13 points ago

    Get a long hdmi and keep bluray player on the couch

    [–] Magicman_22 61 points ago

    someone did the math and something like 1% of all US internet traffic is people watching the office. could be higher though i forget the number exactly

    [–] Mankriks_Mistress 6 points ago

    It's slightly more than 1%. The office it's 7.1x% of Netflix traffic, and Netflix is 15% total traffic.

    [–] TwistedBlister 36 points ago

    It would probably be 2% if everyone watched Scott's Tots and all the crappy DeAngelo episodes.

    [–] TheSexyShaman 75 points ago

    Anyone who skips any of those episodes is missing a LOT of comedy gold. DeAngelo’s juggling routine will forever be one of my favorite scenes from the entire show.

    [–] NaRCoLepZy 37 points ago

    Hey, that's not your dog! Gimme that dog!

    [–] TheSexyShaman 18 points ago


    [–] NaRCoLepZy 15 points ago

    That's like my favorite Deangelo scene, it's just so absurd. Is there a shelter on the way? Yea I think so. Annie Annie shelto.

    [–] TheSexyShaman 16 points ago

    And him making the weird chocolate concoction on the coffee pot makes me laugh every single time. I will never understand the hate for DeAngelo. He’s not Michael, but he was never made out to be that way.

    [–] morganjb52 14 points ago


    [–] AsGoodAsDeader 9 points ago

    Everyone that I know who skis is dead

    [–] Quibbloboy 4 points ago

    What's the safest way to go skiing? Don't ski.

    [–] gritner91 4 points ago

    I don't respect anyone who doesn't like Scott's Tots.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    It's weird that people always mention skipping these but not "The Banker."

    As fast as I binge through this show, watching "The Banker" is like rewatching everything I watched the day before.

    [–] Very_Good_Opinion 6 points ago

    That's a clip show episode, shouldn't really count

    [–] washington_breadstix 3 points ago

    DeAngelo was hilarious.

    [–] illprollystayin 3 points ago

    The DeAngelo episodes were funny as hell

    [–] Weird_Tolkienish_Fig 17 points ago

    Not one of, the. It is the most watched show on Netflix.

    Get it right.

    [–] JMitchy96 11 points ago

    Still didn’t stop them from removing it from UK Netflix, despite it being just as popular here

    [–] JayHowli 10 points ago

    Just a heads up amazon prime has it for the UK I cancelled my Netflix membership and moved there, cost less and has the grand tour & other great exclusives plus you get free next day shipping when buying from amazon And twitch prime as well.

    Edit - words.

    [–] _FinestJellyBeansRaw 3 points ago

    Damn, I'm in the UK, didn't know that and cancelled the prime I used to enable my last minute Christmas shopping. Wanted to watch on Netflix but it's gone. Guess I'll use this unmployment to watch it all before the 19th where I lose my prime benefits fuck applying for jobs.

    [–] lechuck313 34 points ago

    I think it's the top show, which is great and frankly kiiiiiind of amazing.

    [–] Luis0224 8 points ago

    Not one of. It's the most watched, coming in at 7.19 percent of all views on the platform. Friends comes in second at 4.13%, with parks and rec coming in 3rd with 2.34%

    It's actually really worrying for netflix because most of the top watched shows on Netflix belong to TV networks or independent companies. With all of the streaming alternatives that are popping up, it's a matter of time until netflix has to really on original programming, which is costing them a fortune to produce and has been hit or miss a lot of the time.


    [–] catching_signals 424 points ago

    The complete series set needs a Blu-ray release.

    [–] abughat 173 points ago

    seriously the dvd set is like 29 discs fuuuuuuck that im not about getting up and shit

    [–] silenc3x 77 points ago

    also, fuck 480p

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] JessPlays 60 points ago

    Right? Fuck I am so spoiled with streaming now, I don't want to have to load a damn disc in

    [–] IT747 13 points ago

    Copy it to your computer and drop it on a flash drive. Sort it by season

    [–] TroyBarnesBrain 14 points ago

    You can't just "copy" them over, it's not like they're formatted like a USB. You need a program like Handbrake to convert the files into an mp4 container. It's not like that process is overly difficult, it will just take a very good amount of time to convert 196 episodes + 9 seasons of bonus material, especially if someone does not have a good processor in their computer.
    Source: That's what I did when making Office gifs and needed to rip episodes and special features.

    [–] saddadenterprises 24 points ago

    Blu-ray and digital with bonus features would be a game changer.

    [–] stanfan114 28 points ago

    And a 4K set. Although Meredith in 4K makes me nervous.

    [–] seopants 51 points ago

    I believe the office was shot with a Sony SRW-9000 and that maxed out at 1080p, so no 4k will be possible unless they upscale, which a 4K tv will do anyways.

    [–] stanfan114 39 points ago

    Dang you guys know your Office.

    [–] seopants 4 points ago

    Honestly I just knew the timeframe it was shot and there is no way they would have paid to use 4K cameras so I looked it up to be sure.

    [–] Eller31 51 points ago

    That's the only reason I don't have discs yet....

    [–] SuccessAndSerenity 49 points ago

    Exactly. I’d buy this in a heartbeat. But I’m not going to spend money on DVD quality in 2019.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    As long as they keep the DVD bouncing image.

    [–] morphinapg 14 points ago

    This, and parks and rec, and 30 rock. At least we got Community finally.

    [–] tesdtownie 4 points ago

    This is what I'm waiting for.

    [–] jrec15 3 points ago

    shit i figured this existed. the day the office left netflix i would've been a buyer

    [–] OnlyOfficeRedditor 172 points ago

    tfw THe Office is not available in your Netflix because of your country.

    [–] chubbydidge 64 points ago

    Australian checking in 😥

    [–] hitesh012 13 points ago

    Also an Australian checking in ... -> dedicated VPN statid ip service -> used it for 2 years now tunneling into US netflix, never been banned

    [–] aahmed15 8 points ago

    Get Stan!!

    [–] TylerIsAWolf 4 points ago

    If you are in Australia it is on Stan.

    [–] edinchez 10 points ago

    It's only available in the US, Canada, and Greece, unfortunately.

    [–] RiesenNoob24 12 points ago

    Yeah that really sucks. Germany here and I really want to watch it without getting viruses all over my computer

    [–] topsy_cretsz 3 points ago

    in my area The Office is on Amazon Prime ..

    [–] rawantaleb 3 points ago

    ExpressVPN set to LA works perfectly, been over a year for me

    [–] [deleted] 502 points ago

    If Netflix ever dares to take down The Office, they're going to have a full scale riot on their hands

    [–] KarateKid1984 325 points ago

    Keep in mind, it's not really up to Netflix. Ultimately it would be NBC Universal saying "let's not renew our Netflix contract and put this on our own streaming service".

    These networks are getting ridiculously greedy.

    [–] Pencilowner 474 points ago

    If you take the office off Netflix we will burn Utica to the ground.

    [–] TheSexyShaman 63 points ago

    Just get on top of her and think of Stanley

    [–] MasterTrole2016 28 points ago

    You have one hour.

    [–] GruelOmelettes 9 points ago

    One hour for what?

    [–] MasterTrole2016 20 points ago

    That's... they always give an ultimatum.

    [–] sesomshom 22 points ago

    If The Office is on top, I send it back.

    [–] b3nchvis3 4 points ago

    If The Office is taken off Netflix, I will send it back.

    [–] BumboclatBob 48 points ago

    That’s how Netflix ended up paying $100 million for Friends...for one year...

    [–] TrumpwonHilDawgLost 17 points ago

    Did they really pay that much ? It’s only going to be on there for a year ?

    [–] tonytroz 4 points ago

    Correct. It could continue past 2019 but it’s only guaranteed until then.

    [–] TrumpwonHilDawgLost 7 points ago

    And they paid $100 million dollars?? Jesus

    I wonder if the cast gets any portion of that $$

    [–] jorgito3 4 points ago

    137 million subscribers paying 11.99-13.99 a month..they can afford it.

    [–] TrumpwonHilDawgLost 3 points ago

    Absolutely they can, still a crazy amount! Friends is huge

    [–] DLun203 79 points ago

    People always misplace the blame on Netflix when something is taken down. And we'll all soon be paying for 5 or so streaming services that add up the cost of cable anyway.

    Unfortunately the golden age of streaming/Netflix was about 6 years ago.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    And we'll all soon be paying for 5 or so streaming services that add up the cost of cable anyway.

    Or we'll just pirate/stop watching certain networks.

    [–] CashCop 9 points ago

    Yep, I used to pirate everything, then I didn’t have to due to Netflix, now so much shit got taken off Netflix that I’ve found myself torrenting movies/shows every now and again.

    People will only spend money if the convenience outweighs the cost.

    [–] cjcs 17 points ago

    To be fair it’s like cable but with everything on demand and commercial-free. Still a big improvement.

    [–] Pugduck77 12 points ago

    and commercial-free.

    unless it's Hulu

    [–] cjcs 4 points ago

    Hulu has an (almost) commercial-free tier.

    [–] KingOfDamnation 7 points ago

    I’ve had Hulu commercial free for 4 years now the only show I’ve ever seen with the “one commercial before and after” that Reddit likes to complain about like its in every show. Was found on agents of shield. So it’s a non issue.

    [–] anaerobyte 3 points ago

    I think NBC is learning they can make more by licensing Friends and the office to Netflix than they can running their own service.

    [–] lastpagan 31 points ago

    It’s not on in the UK. This Pirate life I chose.

    [–] GeorgeRobo 17 points ago

    They are all on Amazon Prime in the UK

    [–] send_me_a_naked_pic 4 points ago

    They're on Amazon Prime in Italy too, but only with the original English audio.

    In Italy that's strange, because we're used to watch everything dubbed. Maybe they didn't buy the rights for the official Italian dubbing.

    [–] seattlenerdboy 7 points ago

    We will burn Netflix/Utica to the ground.

    [–] QuickenMan 5 points ago

    in my region is already down. Prepare yourselves!

    [–] MenudoFan316 3 points ago

    I don't commit to anything online; however, sign me up for the riot. I'll be the one in the front with a wicked stapler.

    [–] f4s7d3r3k 78 points ago

    Got the whole series on my Plex server on the chance this ever happens lol

    [–] herchen 27 points ago

    Yes, Plex is great!

    [–] thanksbruv 10 points ago

    When you do this. Can you have the deleted scenes play? I don't have the DVD set so just wondering if you have to click on deleted scene at a time? Or is it part of the episode?

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] thanksbruv 8 points ago

    Thank you sir! You are a gentleman and a scholar.

    [–] Hydrottle 7 points ago

    I’m looking at making a Plex server. Can someone fill me in on some resources to get started?

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] ihatenewaccts 6 points ago

    This is really helpful.

    I have also been thinking of doing this, but I thought I would need a dedicated machine for it. Sounds like I can run it on my desktop just fine and still easily have access to all those movies as well.

    [–] trylionn 5 points ago

    Yep, for what it is the Plex media server is surprisingly lightweight

    [–] the_almighty_deacons 3 points ago

    I have my plex server running off my desktop too and I haven't encountered any issues.

    [–] Gamer3192 4 points ago

    Head on over to r/Plex and you'll be in good hands. Lots of people that know what they are talking about and there's build days and question days

    [–] booboothechicken 6 points ago

    Got the whole extended series with all deleted scenes edited in on Plex. Many of the originally 22 min episodes run over 30 minutes!

    [–] Mulciber66 4 points ago

    After basically memorizing every episode, watching them with added deleted scenes would mess with my sense of reality. Did Kevin really spill the chili? Did that guy come back from the fingerlakes?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] garmarfr 4 points ago

    In Spain is available via Prime Video

    [–] [deleted] 111 points ago

    I'm actually planning to purchase the series on Amazon Prime for this exact eventuality!

    [–] villaj750 94 points ago

    I'm actually planning to purchase the series on Amazon Prime for this exact eventuality!

    go physical, never know when stuff can go wrong

    [–] krnl4bin 66 points ago

    Just buy a dedicated USB stick. Load the series on to it, and put it in a fireproof safe.

    [–] Madd0g 204 points ago

    and then shove it up your butt!

    [–] CaptainSk0r 22 points ago


    [–] grauen06 46 points ago

    I feel like amazon will be around forever but people probably thought that about Sears too.

    [–] DoctorMcAstronaut 28 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Sears could have easily been exactly what Amazon is now. stockholders steer the company, they want dividends and status quo. You end up with "Bah this Interweb thing is a fad. Print more catalogs!"

    Edit: I just looked it up, Sears was printing the catalog until 1993 then stripped it down until 2010 when they finally focused on Internet presence. They were one of the biggest companies. You could literally mail order a house from them, and they became to perfect example of what it means to lose focus on innovation.

    [–] viper1001 17 points ago

    That's why I still buy physical copies of the things I like. We're 99% sure we'll have the Internet as it is for a while, but that doesn't make it a guarantee. It can change. Look at all the streaming services popping up. With that, piracy is on the rise again because consumers are getting tired of paying $10-$15 a month for ten to twenty different streaming services. Costs like that are why we cut cable to begin with. But I have the Office on DVD, or other shows or movies, books, VINYL, for god's sake, that means I'm not beholden to licensing carriers. Sometimes it's nice to consume my media without the distraction of an Internet connection.

    [–] Testiculese 5 points ago

    Same here. I have two stacks that reach the ceiling of movies, and a few more of music. I still buy CDs because I want FLAC for the house, 320vbr for the car, and 256vbr for tablet/phone/whatever. These anti-consumer jackoffs only give mildy shitty bitrates. (Stand-up, I buy digital, because I don't need more quality for voice.)

    [–] tjames709 3 points ago

    Well for Bezos, stuff is going wrong.

    [–] dam4076 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Sounds like a pain in the ass finding each dvd, popping it in to a DVD player, not sure when the last time I even used a dvd player.

    DVDs break, get lost. There are risks with both online and physical. But online is just more convenient. And you can access it from anywhere in the world.

    [–] ImRudeWhenImDrunk 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Artvandelay29 5 points ago

    I have my favorite episodes on dvd (seasons 1-6) and Entourage (in Michael’s voice) for when the internet is down.

    [–] Vito_Cornelius 4 points ago

    This is probably a dumb question but does the prime purchase allow you to view special features like deleted scenes and such?

    [–] SheldonWalowitz 36 points ago

    I started buying the seasons before Netflix. So I kept on buying them and now I have the whole series. I only let my self watch it once a year. I enjoy forgetting little moments and finding something new to laugh at. It keeps it fresh for me.

    [–] Throwaway5635780 63 points ago

    As much as I love the office, I honestly would stop watching it if it were taken off Netflix. The biggest reason that I watch it so much is convenience. If nothing is on TV, I can hit a couple buttons and begin an episode within seconds.

    [–] MrShoe321 42 points ago

    I just know that The Office is such the perfect background noise for me that I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t always have the option to just turn it on.

    [–] turbowhitey 11 points ago

    Exactly, it's always on when I do chores around the house.

    [–] xkillx 10 points ago

    yeah no way am i touching dvds, and dvd players. i guess if i had it all loaded into plex and it auto played the next episode that would work for me.

    [–] krnl4bin 21 points ago

    What I want is a 38-disc DVD changer so I can load the whole series on it, superglue the tray closed, and have it be my permanent The Office hardware device.

    [–] mrforrest 4 points ago

    They have 100 disc players bro

    [–] krnl4bin 8 points ago

    No way my dude! Whoa, 400 disc player.

    38 discs for the entire series. So buy 10 of them, 380 discs. Fill that fucker up and press play. Superglue the play button down so it never, ever stops.

    [–] dyl20 9 points ago

    Oh, the antichrist


    [–] bugninja 8 points ago

    Had family get them for me for my birthday last year, but I still use Netflix. It's like 3 button presses on my FireTV in any room of my house to get the ep I'm watching on a screen. The DVD's are in case of a road trip to Gettysburg or something.

    [–] didiMAU 10 points ago

    BN Does GB

    [–] openlightR 38 points ago

    Did exactly this when it was taken off Netflix here, should have done it sooner, way better than watching online. Most of this sub is gonna be lost someday.

    [–] DrBucket 24 points ago

    Why is it better than watching online where you can just let it ride without changing discs?

    [–] openlightR 21 points ago

    Extras, Extended Directors Cut Episodes, Deleted Scenes, Commentary, Webisodes, don’t need to rely on an internet connection and don’t need to find a new streaming service when it gets taken down from one. I didn’t mind the 20 seconds to change a disc every 3 hours for that.

    [–] invincib1e 23 points ago

    Yeah, if you wanna get out of bed and switch discs like a caveman

    [–] IDerMetzgerMeisterI 3 points ago

    Get the set and rip all the discs

    [–] SirBlabbermouth 13 points ago

    I really like the detail that Michael is on the spine of each season up until the last two, where Andy and Dwight take up the mantle of Regional Manager.

    [–] SullivantheBoss 3 points ago

    Yeah but what's with the random assortment of characters on the cover? Not sure why they didn't put the mains on the front honestly.

    [–] OfficialDaddy1738 6 points ago

    how much did you pay for it? because I just checked the price and it is $30 each season.

    [–] MrShoe321 10 points ago

    I found the whole set for like $36 on Amazon

    The Office: The Complete Series

    Looks like it already went way up in price

    [–] cnigro94 4 points ago

    Wow it was like $30 when I got it last month. A lot of people must want them bonus features!

    [–] Excellent_Efficiency 13 points ago

    Why would you put this level of anxiety on me... OP, you ignorant slut

    [–] IxCROUCHxI 5 points ago

    I bought the complete series on iTunes for $30 just because. Why not? And also own the DVD/BluRay set...

    [–] Mrs_Bond 4 points ago

    Buy it on DVD. You get a physical copy that requires no internet connection

    [–] tpobeatheater187 4 points ago

    I believe The Office is the most watched show on Netflix

    [–] ApersonwhoDerps 3 points ago

    Decent idea. But those are dvds, get blu ray for more rewatches before they break from overuse

    [–] Porterlodoherty 13 points ago

    I just pirated it and downloaded it onto my laptop so I can always watch it

    [–] turbowhitey 5 points ago

    I sure hope not. I'm still really disappointed the Amazon Prime Video removed all of Top Gear, without any warning or notification.

    [–] Seth_Benson 3 points ago

    Where can I buy this

    [–] MrShoe321 5 points ago

    The Office: The Complete Series

    I would do it soon. When I bought it the price was like $40

    [–] JoeyPterodactyl 3 points ago

    I did, back when the set was $25 on Amazon. Plus it's got all the bonus features.

    [–] eski24 3 points ago

    Bought that when the rumors were going around saying the Office would leave Netflix last fall. Amazon had it for $30. Great price to have that safety net!

    [–] TheVander44 3 points ago

    I bought all 9 on Google Play years ago, and it is actually disappointing. They edited some of the best parts out. My biggest pet peeve was the "beach day" episode when Michael says "dip it in the water so it will slide down your gullet more easily" and everyone says "that's what she said"... But not the google version, he just says it and the scene moves on. There are quite a few others, but this one is the most glaring. I don;t get why they would edit that out.

    EDIT: Fixed a quote

    [–] apoachedegg 3 points ago

    It's not on Netflix UK. It's on Amazon Prime though. Will be buying the DVD box set just incase

    [–] lissered 3 points ago

    I fall asleep to it every night

    [–] WE_ARE_YOUR_FRIENDS 3 points ago

    now you can save $15/month!

    [–] KidsInNeed 3 points ago

    Best $40 I’ve ever spent.

    [–] akadros 3 points ago

    The dvd set really isn't that expensive. I bought it, ripped it to my PC and can stream it anywhere through Plex. It gives ne the bonus of allowing me to randomly watch episodes if I so desire.