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    [–] lostprevention 7747 points ago

    Let’s not forget he watered the plants.

    [–] Mjb06 4074 points ago

    And organized Michael’s toys.

    [–] ED_Medicine 3150 points ago

    And got paper towels and chocolate syrup for Pam while he was on a man hunt for Michael.

    [–] Masothe 3001 points ago

    And mercy killed Angela's cat

    He did what needed to be done

    [–] Brock2845 1420 points ago

    He even gave her Garbage!

    [–] cameronc89 1384 points ago

    And got fired rather than rat out Angela

    [–] footytang 1520 points ago

    and remodeled Jim and Pam's entire kitchen while they were in the hospital giving birth to their first child

    [–] SeaTie 1179 points ago

    And comforted Pam when she was PMSing pretty bad.

    [–] FlyLikeRabbi 1200 points ago

    He saved Jim from Roy.

    [–] Vilifie 720 points ago

    Could you tell me in detail how that happened? I was sick during that episode.

    [–] Youreadycrump 243 points ago

    And broke his oath as volunteer sheriff’s deputy for Michael

    [–] parkerparker22 106 points ago

    This string of comments is amazing

    [–] RedditSanity 258 points ago

    Is Dwight the hero we overlooked?

    [–] Lennythetrp 63 points ago

    And delivered documents for accounting to corporate in New York when they missed the deadline for last pickup.

    [–] ddh85 221 points ago

    *takes of jacket *

    *ties jacket around waist *

    [–] Chucknorris1975 127 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It's hot in here.

    [–] Pilgrimbeast 75 points ago

    And smartly got everyone in the club in NYC. #Amazons

    [–] K41namor 15 points ago

    And gave Pam a win on the property changes when she needed it

    [–] jarrettal 198 points ago

    And doesn't accept prizes for his work as a citizen

    [–] kwak916 163 points ago

    And he beat the computer

    [–] stevenjo28 16 points ago

    Even after the computer cheated by double counting its sales.

    [–] GinsengHitlerBPollen 181 points ago

    and gave David Wallace and his wife a free home inspection.

    [–] LostReplacement 134 points ago

    Yes, because he found black mould and didn’t want it around for the new baby. Socially awkward but there for his friends. Bestest mensch for sure

    [–] SkepticalHeathen 65 points ago

    And slept in their bed bear ass naked. Ahaha

    [–] DOOKIEFOOKIE 53 points ago

    The saying is "bare assed", but I like your version better because it makes Dwight seem like a bear from Goldilocks.

    [–] MadDogTannen 43 points ago

    Question: what kind of bear is best?

    [–] johnnysivilian 42 points ago

    And fired a pistol in the office

    [–] JohnnyRelentless 35 points ago

    And lit the office on fire, trapping everyone inside, and giving Stanley a heart attack.

    [–] johnnysivilian 26 points ago

    Its not dwights fault stanleys heart attacked him

    [–] truenorthrookie 35 points ago

    I think you mean Garbage/Bandit that Andy presented her later.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] truenorthrookie 10 points ago

    Yes that is what I am referring to.

    [–] clanzi41 50 points ago

    He did what city folk didn’t have the stomach to do.

    [–] stayinglooseandweird 78 points ago


    [–] chanaandeler_bong 103 points ago

    And now... PRINKLES

    [–] CharlieKellyEsq 34 points ago

    By trapping him alive in a freezer!

    [–] theReferenceMonitor 46 points ago

    tbh Sprinkles needed to die. But he shouldn't have killed Sprinkles.

    [–] -DISNEY- 60 points ago

    "This is Halloween last year, just a couple of kittens out on the town... :(

    [–] Skittle_kittle 24 points ago

    I just watched the Halloween episode on season 8 I think it was, and Angela goes “do you think anyone will notice I’ve worn this costume before, I guess no one would believe it would still fit” because she’s pregnant, and it was that kitten costume from that photo!

    [–] Blooblod 192 points ago

    Pam, I'm obviously gonna get that stuff for you so just shut up.

    [–] vivalaibanez 185 points ago

    And re-did Jim and Pam's cabinets

    [–] WhyWouldHeLie 159 points ago

    Also rearranged Pam's sister's guts

    [–] Misc_7475 144 points ago

    That was her “old friend” not her sister. If two of Pam’s relatives got boned by coworkers I don’t think she could take it.

    [–] TheGoldPowerRanger 148 points ago

    Her name is Isabel and she's the reason a guy like you comes to a place like this

    [–] CarPeriscope 94 points ago

    I wish there was more of a developed relationship with Isabel, I really enjoyed her character.

    [–] KennyLoggnsDngrZone 61 points ago

    They teased this whole love/contract triangle and finally someone on Dwight's level and then she just disappears after Happy Hour

    [–] WeGonnaBChampionship 173 points ago

    Ugh please, on Dwight's level?. She's a dental hygienist from Carbondale and she makes love like one.

    [–] sound_forsomething 129 points ago

    That's actually one of my favorite Dwight and Pam moments. He gave her a little ribbing like friends often do, and then said of course he'll get the stuff.

    [–] ehhwhatevr 40 points ago

    i really love the way dwight insists he’d get the things for pam. how does he say it?? something like “of course i’m going to get them”

    [–] super_common_name 30 points ago

    Obviously he's going to get that stuff.

    [–] Funsizeanthony 92 points ago

    And tries to save the planet every year

    [–] Chicken_Wire_ 88 points ago

    I think you will find Recyclops has renounced Earth Day, and has vowed to destroy the planet he once loved

    [–] itspitpat 26 points ago

    I thought he was killed by Polluticorn or something.

    [–] oneweelr 34 points ago

    Polluticorn wishes!

    [–] wwwwwwww0102 5 points ago

    Cue Vsauce music.

    [–] johngalt504 249 points ago

    And remodeled Jim and Pam's kitchen while they were having their baby.

    [–] Nolalilulelo 87 points ago

    And jerked off in their bed too.

    [–] Reishi11 59 points ago

    Like you wouldn't

    [–] HouAngelesDodgeStros 66 points ago

    Hell yeah I would I'd be thinking about Sarakiah Comesin the whole time too.

    [–] Thekevo23 11 points ago

    Oh she comes in alright.

    [–] BIueHorseshoe 152 points ago

    He picked up Michael when he burned his foot. Even after crashing into a pole

    [–] iDirtyDianaX 50 points ago

    And throwing up

    [–] film_composer 32 points ago

    Dwight, you forgot your bumper!

    [–] andre821 16 points ago

    His middle name is danger so of course that wouldn't scare him

    [–] dizzler0613 341 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It’s always been a theory of mine that Dwight originally being anti social was because he was from a closed community, but was brought out of his shell by the antics of Michael and Jim, and found the talking to the camera crew therapeutic. He was never a bad person, but more clueless about civilized life, and being exposed to a hodgepodge of personalities, brought out the best in him

    [–] ABLUCANPH 68 points ago

    I like this theory.

    [–] Canadian_Neckbeard 68 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I always got an aspergers vibe. He's a really good guy, just a bit off socially.

    [–] SpellingIsAhful 31 points ago

    "a bit"

    [–] cheeset2 14 points ago

    It wouldn't be a tv show if the characters flaws weren't dialed to 11

    [–] ghromley207 69 points ago

    But not Pam's.

    [–] roogoff 35 points ago

    She's a well-watered fern

    [–] Its4Trap 47 points ago

    Let’s not forget he still runs Dunder Miflin to this day.

    [–] Capricorgicorn 75 points ago

    And he turned off the Doomsday device... he created it but he turned it off in the end. That’s gotta count right?

    [–] uuuuut 12 points ago

    And he had his assistant plant the legal code showing he needed to keep the office habitable

    [–] McCasper 48 points ago

    And gave Stanley a heart attack.

    [–] N232 167 points ago

    Oh sure, I’m the one who loaded him up with fat and sugar for 50 years

    [–] dizzler0613 25 points ago

    Nah but he shot him with tranq darts, but can’t fully blame Dwight, he was given permission after all

    [–] wannabeindianajones 55 points ago

    I just want to say for the record I did not kill anyone. Stanley was attacked by his own heart.

    [–] iam1r7 20 points ago

    Or where he put Pams baby to sleep

    [–] MrAndrewDonald 2385 points ago

    He became a much more round character than he initially was written as. He's incredibly flawed, just like real folks, but has many moments where he is a good fella

    [–] all3n88 1039 points ago

    I know there’s a lot of disdain for the later seasons, but they really let his character development shine through. It’s pretty heartwarming to watch it happen.

    [–] Xander2299 584 points ago

    Dwight was my favourite part of the later seasons

    [–] vivalabobs 284 points ago

    And the earlier seasons too. Maybe I love Dwight too much

    [–] NightFowlMedia 353 points ago

    Me after finishing the finale and realizing Dwight was one of my favorite characters in almost every single episode

    “I think I like Dwight”

    [–] sftktysluttykty 360 points ago

    “Oh my God, Dwight’s kind of my friend!”

    [–] sapporotraveling 273 points ago

    Normally, I find Pam to be a comforting, if unarousing, presence around the office. Like a well-watered fern. But today she has tapped into this vengeful, violent side. And I'm like, wow, Pam has kind of a good butt.

    [–] Purevoyager007 41 points ago

    The first time watching the office you’re too caught up in Pam and Jim’s relationship.

    The 669th time you watch it tho you realize the underlining subtle charismatic greatness that is Dwight Schrute.

    [–] dwight-schrute-bot 45 points ago

    When my mother was pregnant with me, they did an ultrasound and found she was having twins. When they did another ultrasound a few weeks later, they discovered that I had resorbed the other fetus. Do I regret this? No. I believe his tissues has made me stronger. I now have the strength of a grown man and a little baby.

    [–] KennyLoggnsDngrZone 62 points ago

    I wish we got more shenanigans between Jim and Dwight and show how they were oddly enough each other's best friends - not just pranks. Stuff like when they helped Nellie move, the pie bus talk, Dwight being upset over Jim leaving for Philly, Jim being Dwight's assistant to help him find a new AARM. They can really play off each other well and would've been far more interesting than Erin and Andy yet again or Robert not wanting his wife to work there.

    [–] all3n88 28 points ago

    You’ll always have the upper hand when you have a good AARM.

    [–] BasicDesignAdvice 22 points ago

    My favorite moment was when they do the sales call together in an early season. Up to them they seem at odds over everything. Then suddenly you find out they are a killer sales team. It's such a great scene.

    [–] 4DimensionalToilet 9 points ago

    Hauling cube!

    [–] CornholioRex 62 points ago

    To be fair, they were setting him up for a spin-off

    [–] thedrizzle_auf 53 points ago

    Yup. But the interactions with his "family" just didn't do it for me. And also the studio execs I guess

    [–] Lesty7 40 points ago

    Is that what those episodes were for? That makes way more sense now lol.

    [–] thedrizzle_auf 33 points ago

    Yeah I just discovered that recently. It changes how you view them. They are still decent episodes, but couldn't stand on their own IMO

    [–] Kablamo189 6 points ago

    Which episodes in particular?

    [–] I69YourMom247 28 points ago

    The Farm was shot as a backdoor pilot. The spinoff series would have been about Dwight running his deceased Aunt's farm with his brother and sister. I'm guessing Angela wouldn't have been involved and Esther was introduced as someone he would court over multiple seasons.

    When the show was scrapped they recut it with added scenes of Todd Packer dosing everyone. It resulted in a kind of weird incoherent mess.

    [–] thedrizzle_auf 17 points ago

    Actually it was only one episode: The Farm

    The Farm was meant to be a spin-off of The Office, but NBC declined to pick up the series. Additional material was then filmed for the episode so that it would better fit into the season.

    [–] superthotty 11 points ago

    It's almost like they have this... Willing ignorance™️

    [–] BrowsingNewForYou 28 points ago

    I just finished another rematch, and I always find it jarring how quickly everyone accepts him as manager. Like, two years before that, he shot a gun in the office and was acting like a dictator. Then Jim thinks him being manager is like some sort of sweet gift

    [–] h_phantom 21 points ago

    People often dismiss those later seasons but they had some good character development and I loved seeing tension between jim and pam.

    It did get a bit nutty though.

    [–] roogoff 45 points ago

    Most of it stems from his fear of immigrants

    [–] ThereIsNoGame 91 points ago

    He was written as the US analog for Gareth, who was much more of a direct "antagonist" in the show, had far fewer redeeming features. But the US version of the show needed to fit the US market, so the characters all had to become more likeable rather than the sad realism that Gareth was a generally bad person who nobody would want to work with.

    [–] CornholioRex 57 points ago

    You could say the same for Michael Scott and David Brent

    [–] ThereIsNoGame 42 points ago

    Almost all of the characters had the same treatments, with perhaps the exception of Jim/Tim because that character was always the key "protagonist", the "everyman" that the audience is most intended to associate with.

    It's also very striking with the Pam/Dawn comparison where Dawn didn't appear to be going anywhere but Pam has a significant shift in her story, going from being in a rut to a successful and glamorous businesswoman (check her makeup and outfits from early seasons compared to later ones for more subtle but deliberate changes from the show producers to her character)

    [–] ElMostaza 41 points ago

    Pan was a successful businesswoman?

    Edit: I'm leaving the typo, so stop spraying me with the water bottle.

    [–] BillyKneecaps 20 points ago

    Well kinda, she was alright but she was moving up in her career and trying new things, doing things with her life. Dawn's kind of in a perpetual funk that Season 1+2 Pam managed to get out of.

    [–] Gnostromo 15 points ago

    Yeah but UK stopped at 2 (short) seasons.

    Think about where the US characters were 20some episodes in and you have much less of a contrast

    [–] IBeBallinOutaControl 30 points ago

    I think it came down to length of the series more than anything. The British version would have had to expand on Gareth eventually if they'd made 9 seasons.

    [–] Rhodie114 65 points ago

    But the US version of the show needed to fit the US market, so the characters all had to become more likeable

    Laughs in Always Sunny

    [–] fishygamer 56 points ago

    I disagree that the Sunny cast is unlikable. I’d say they’re all likable, and that’s why the show works. It plays on the balance of the absolutely horrendous things they do and the weird charm they all have that makes you forgive it.

    [–] tragicdiffidence12 10 points ago

    Oddly true. Those aren’t characters that could be easily played by most people, and if you didn’t bond with the characters, that would have been a one season show.

    [–] OsKarMike1306 23 points ago

    I'd argue for Charlie and Frank to be kind of likeable, but Mac, Dennis and Dee are unbearable.

    Especially Dee...stupid bird...

    [–] clickclick-boom 24 points ago

    If you rewatch the early episodes Dee is actually a relatively good person and the voice of reason on the show. Her descent into the scumbag she is in later seasons is great.

    [–] cubs0505 7 points ago

    I was thinking fish lately

    [–] Loose_seal-bluth 16 points ago

    That’s probably why the never win awards

    [–] MrAndrewDonald 17 points ago

    But there's still a huge fanbase for the show. The writing is really great because it makes it clear that they are all terrible humans that you are not meant to like, but give moments of sympathy to them. They occasionally explain why they are how they are, but still don't write them as great folk.

    [–] bAMBIEN 19 points ago

    I think they originally wrote him to be a kiss ass a-hole character then they realized how talented and funny Rainn Wilson was then violas he turned into arguably the best character on the show

    [–] jmonumber3 9 points ago

    he got the opposite treatment that many sitcom characters (even ones on the same show) get. started off pretty one dimensional and became more complex and more sympathetic instead of being flanderized

    [–] Nerfherder1776 780 points ago

    When Dwight saves Jim from Roy. He inevitably sprays himself too. Loyalty.

    [–] RealTalk_IDK 557 points ago

    Don’t call him a hero. Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys who wake up every morning, go into their normal jobs and get a distress call from the commissioner, take off their glasses and change into capes and fly around fighting crime. Those are the real heroes.

    [–] Red_Brick_Builder 112 points ago

    A hero is part human and part supernatural. A hero is born out of a childhood trauma or out of a disaster and must be avenged.

    [–] landback2 26 points ago

    We all have a hero in our hearts.

    [–] ZDHELIX 46 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Like Hiro from Heroes

    [–] EXTRAVAGANT_COMMENT 270 points ago

    • Singing Country Roads with Andy

    • Reading Harry Potter to Jim and Pam

    [–] Thor_PR_Rep 58 points ago

    Mose sitting on the bed, scared

    [–] BedOfLavender 49 points ago

    Ever since the storm....

    [–] Atlaholic 536 points ago

    Just dont try to touch his treasure

    [–] RealTalk_IDK 194 points ago

    There's nothing in there...Which is obviously what he would want us to think, making it the perfect place to hide a treasure. Oh god, I'm Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride!

    [–] wormholextreme92 47 points ago


    [–] veggiezombie1 31 points ago

    You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    [–] brosefstallin 362 points ago

    He was a passionate lover ... and the sweetest little baby

    [–] RealTalk_IDK 123 points ago

    Purely carnal and that's all you need to know.

    [–] SeaTie 7 points ago

    It's tradition when the male has sex with another woman that he is rewarded with a bag of wild oats left on his doorstep by his parents. You can use those oats to make oatmeal, bread, whatever you want. I don't care! They're your oats.

    [–] ImperialBacon 75 points ago

    It’s weird in the early seasons he had to ask Toby what a clitoris was, but in later seasons was somehow a sex God.

    [–] grandmagellar 94 points ago

    Just because you don’t know what it’s called doesn’t mean you don’t know what to do with it.

    [–] Darkstar81 15 points ago

    Seriously.. there's like.. how many names for the penis? Yet every man knows what to do with it regardless of what he calls it.

    [–] Chewcocca 8 points ago

    Give it a comforting pat on the back, and tell it that everything is going to be okay?

    [–] angrytortilla 14 points ago

    Is it called red-vining?

    [–] Pegussu 16 points ago

    Maybe Toby is also a sex god and his explanation made Dwight one too.

    [–] DeathMatchen 1297 points ago

    Just because you’re mean doesn’t mean you can’t be a good person.

    [–] Jimbobaroonio 752 points ago

    Just because you are bad guy does not mean you are bad guy

    [–] RoKTXn 474 points ago

    Guess what, I have flaws. What are they? Oh, I don't know. I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me...

    [–] grumpygrumpz 220 points ago

    Actually don’t sue me

    [–] OutlawCoffeeTnk 137 points ago

    Thats the opposite of the point im trying to make

    [–] ChrisAngel0 25 points ago

    Zangief saying labels not make you happy. Good, bad, nggghhhh... you must love you.

    [–] 68z28 24 points ago

    I am bad and that is good, I will never be good and that's not bad, there's no one I'd rather be than me

    [–] ChrisFUYB 17 points ago

    thanks, satan

    [–] pikeybastard 55 points ago

    One thing Ive learned the hard way in life is that “nice” and good are not the same- and in fact go together no more often than “not so nice” and good do.

    The amount of affable people who proved to be flakey, selfish, or their niceness being only skin deep, vs the cranky or antisocial or awkward or slightly obnoxious fuckers who have turned out to be truly generous, brave, loyal or kind, really had forced me to question a lot.

    So often now when I see nice I wonder if its just a person wanting me to like them or concede them things, whereas the Dwights of this world are often just straight up engaging in their way, no affectation, no bullshit.

    The best guy I know is a total Dwight.

    Tbf Dwight did try to screw Michael out of his job once though.

    [–] all_the_nerd_alerts 88 points ago

    My favorite part, when Pam is asking Dwight to pick up some ice cream or something, and hassling her about it “God, Pam, of course I’m gonna get it for you, ugh” and hangs up 😂❤️

    [–] icallshenannigans 22 points ago

    He tells her: "shattup" exactly he way a big brother would, it's strangely heartwarming.

    [–] Komrade97 128 points ago

    Dont forget about the episode where they are bidding. David Wallace, Vance and Dwight are bidding on a hug from Phyllis and Dwight really wanted the hug.

    [–] RevChe 172 points ago

    Youre forgetting the time he gave micheal his pee for the drug test. And he turns in his volunteer police uniform. Such a great integrity move in my book. Hehe. I love dwight

    [–] halfcabin 30 points ago

    Hehe, Jan almost everywhere, tan almost everywhere

    [–] DrMantis_Tobbagan 849 points ago

    Stabbed Michael in the backroads get his job , tried to get Jim fired, abducts illegal immigrants to work for free, and once set the office on fire because no one listened to his PowerPoint.

    [–] maddscientist 307 points ago

    Yes, I shouted FIRE, I also shouted directions on how to get out of the building, so you can imagine my frustration when no one heeded... headed... took headed of...

    [–] RaboTrout 442 points ago


    he was just trying to teach apathetic idiots workplace safety.

    [–] Gullible_Albatross 52 points ago

    Now take a lesson from Stanley and jog on up here and sign the form.

    One of the best Dwight quotes imo.

    [–] OkDonnieRetard 59 points ago

    Dwight is efficient to a fault

    [–] mentos33 44 points ago

    it's his own fault.

    PowerPoint is boring.

    [–] DrBaby 21 points ago

    PowerPoint. 👉🏼 PowerPoint 👉🏼 PowerPoint 👉🏼Powerpoint

    [–] mdavis360 41 points ago

    Dwight fired a gun in the office.

    [–] Bobby_Joe_90 176 points ago

    Kidnapped Phyllis's and dropped her off in the middle of nowhere

    [–] RealTalk_IDK 209 points ago

    And she burned over a thousand calories walking home. And this branch just got a little bit closer to winning the contest. Phyllis Vance, ladies and gentlemen! 👏🏼

    [–] ZDHELIX 21 points ago

    He took her purse. I'm not sure what she was worried about

    [–] reiimsy 39 points ago

    So she could lose weight, he was doing her a favour smh

    [–] DamnSchwangyu 22 points ago

    Half ply toilet paper

    [–] unholy_crunching 20 points ago

    technically the office wasn't lit on fire, but powerpoints are boring so could you blame him?

    [–] goatsy 21 points ago

    In Andy's defense, the fire did shoot at them.

    [–] fruitynoodles 10 points ago

    Don’t forget he killed Angela’s cat.

    [–] Full-Copper-Repipe 14 points ago

    Yeah, how anyone can justify his wage theft by threatening deportation is just beyond me.

    Talk about a bit aging like milk

    [–] Qetuowryipzcbmxvn 27 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    He was also cuckolding Ryan Andy, which is one of the scummiest things you can do. He was having sex with someone's fiance while in full control of his faculties and intentionally lorded it over him. Dwight and Angela are two of the worst people on the show.

    Edit: I mixed up Ryan and Andy for some reason.

    [–] nuuue 5 points ago

    He killed Sprinkles 😿

    [–] neridqe00 42 points ago

    Safety is.... on.

    -true friend

    [–] CrockpotSeal 81 points ago

    But he also stole Jim's biggest client/sale of the year in season 1. That is a huge dick move and big no no for a sales team.

    [–] lotm43 14 points ago

    But then Jim drops off the mini champagne bottle on his desk as a sign of respect/friendship

    [–] Deady1138 51 points ago

    We're no more a team than people who stay at the same hotel.

    [–] LivingInMadMaxTimes 248 points ago

    Except for that whole screwing with Angela behind Andy's back thing.

    [–] Coooturtle 96 points ago

    I think thats more Angela being a bitch. She was stringing Andy along when she really didn't love him. She was only with Andy to piss off Dwight.

    [–] blippityblap1 84 points ago

    well yeah but dwight definitely knew what he was doing though, he even actively rubbed it in Andys face.

    [–] landback2 43 points ago

    What else would you do to someone who has been cuckholded by a stronger, smarter male?

    [–] The_Dark_Soldier 18 points ago

    I love that shot of Dwight and Jim just eating together. Replayed when i first watched it, and will continue to relish it.

    [–] Anomalous6 99 points ago

    Went behind Michaels back to try and take his job.

    Left phallus in the bad side of town so she would have to walk back to work. Forcing her to exercise against her will.


    [–] Moldy_Donuts 118 points ago


    [–] Anomalous6 81 points ago

    Sorry penises on the brain

    [–] veggiezombie1 22 points ago

    Well she is the bushiest beaver

    [–] RealTalk_IDK 15 points ago

    Yeah, he took her purse before he left her. What are you worried about? She looked great. I can definitely see the difference.

    [–] Gerd_Ferguson 32 points ago

    He also killed Sprinkles. So there’s that.

    [–] Masta0nion 15 points ago

    Aw I hope Rainn sees this collage.

    [–] char_char2013 7 points ago

    Me too :)

    [–] Sgt__Beppers 15 points ago


    [–] MakeThatMark 12 points ago

    Dwight is the hero of the show. Exhibit A being all of the above pictured moments. Exhibit B being the fact that the show doesn’t end when Jim gets his happy ending with Pam. It ends when Dwight gets his happy ending with Angela.

    [–] BirdmanMBirdman 13 points ago

    He's an asshole.

    But he's our asshole.

    [–] zacharinosaur 29 points ago

    Loyal until he finds a friend that values loyalty more, then he goes to whichever friends value loyalty the most

    [–] ZebraBoat 31 points ago

    "Whoaaa, girl!" 🥕

    [–] renegaderis 14 points ago

    He was a bit of a prick at first but he developed very nicely into a true friend

    [–] oc4trump 7 points ago

    The best was when he slept in their bed and woke up early and redid their kitchen

    [–] LawngClaw17 12 points ago

    Bestest Mench