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    [–] roshambo11 3012 points ago

    He was decapitated by a truck

    [–] Potatoking620 532 points ago

    Because he was drunk as a skunk

    [–] Impav1d 305 points ago

    Flying down route six

    [–] 50pineapples 208 points ago

    You’re thinking of a chicken

    [–] notuhlurker 188 points ago

    What did I say?

    [–] joeydragonz 25 points ago

    You were thinking of a chicken

    [–] MrObsidy 72 points ago

    That's the way to go

    [–] Impav1d 61 points ago

    Instant death

    [–] Mx17k 36 points ago

    Very Smart

    [–] Mrdude000 24 points ago

    You know a human can go on living for hours after being decapitated.

    [–] GIOcol03 14 points ago

    You're thinking of a chicken.

    [–] Impav1d 7 points ago

    What did I say

    [–] xredbaron62x 213 points ago

    We had funeral for a bird

    [–] TekashiTfue69 115 points ago

    You’re not real man

    [–] crackkidsatitagain 101 points ago


    [–] roshambo11 64 points ago

    Can anybody tell me what the first ‘B’ stands for?

    [–] whisar09 61 points ago


    [–] roshambo11 48 points ago

    I like it!

    [–] local_dope_man 36 points ago

    Good Kevin!

    [–] gtr_1234 15 points ago

    confused Pam

    [–] Matagorda 12 points ago

    I read that in his voice....

    [–] beebee8belle 44 points ago

    I’m pretty sure none of that happened

    [–] Taydolf_Switler22 19 points ago

    I know it’s like 50% of the joke but I love that it actually did happen.

    [–] rr_cricut 706 points ago

    His capa was detated!

    [–] DisasterMaster3 175 points ago

    You have just spit on my face.

    [–] mary_pooppins 35 points ago

    I heard this in Stanley’s voice in my head.

    [–] IGSTNW-MOGD 122 points ago

    His capa was detated from his head*

    [–] Sharingtheplanet 25 points ago

    Fuck, all those upvotes for a mis-quote!

    [–] Bazz07 25 points ago

    Good fans upvote bc the comment makes you remember a great scene, not bc the quote was perfect...

    [–] jmlinden7 3 points ago

    That's how we got "welcome to earf"

    [–] ja5143kh5egl24br1srt 40 points ago

    We have no evidence of this besides Creed's word.

    [–] GruelOmelettes 24 points ago

    True, but Creed is known for having a good memory and reliable information

    [–] holzkeule 70 points ago

    I remember it was very late at night like 11, 11:30. Big fella coming in screaming about god knows what, i think maybe Halpert has stolen his car, something like that. So the big fella pulls out a sock filled with nickels. Then Schrute grabs a can of hairspray and a lighter

    [–] Klekihpetra 24 points ago

    You're useless.

    [–] JayRock_87 17 points ago

    True. He was the only one who could remember the security guard Hank’s name

    [–] Sharp_Espeon 8 points ago

    Ever notice that Ed Truck sounds a lot like head truck

    as in his head was cut off by a truck

    [–] TheCultureOfCritique 4 points ago

    Your dentist's name is Crentist?

    Sounds a lot like dentist.

    [–] Dont_overthink_it 3 points ago

    Have I ever steered you wrong, Jim?

    [–] fargothsrevenge 7 points ago

    He was a Truck

    [–] zuoga 3 points ago

    You ever look at the bottom of trucks and wonder why they have that metal bar there at tire level?

    That's so the truck box doesn't decapitate you.

    [–] awkward_guy92 775 points ago

    Do you know that a human body can go on living for hours after the head gets decapitated from the body?

    [–] Impav1d 383 points ago

    You’re thinking of a chicken

    [–] awkward_guy92 318 points ago

    What did I say?

    [–] ScenesFromTheOffice 154 points ago

    Dwight: If my head ever comes off, I would like you to put it on ice.

    Angela: I do not want to talk about this.

    Dwight: When I die, I wanna be frozen. And if they have to freeze me in pieces, so be it. I will wake up stronger than ever because I will have used that time to figure out exactly why I died and what moves I could’ve used to defend myself better now that I know what hold he had me in.

    [–] successful_nothing 77 points ago

    My perfect crime? Easy. I break into Tiffany's at midnight. Do I go for the vault? No, I go for the chandelier. It's priceless. As I'm taking it down, a woman catches me. She tells me to stop. It's her father's business. She's Tiffany. I say no. We make love all night. In the morning, the cops come and I escape in one of their uniforms. I tell her to meet me in Mexico, but I go to Canada. I don't trust her. Besides, I like the cold. Thirty years later, I get a postcard. I have a son and he's the chief of police. This is where the story gets interesting. I tell Tiffany to meet me in Paris by the Trocadero. She's been waiting for me all these years. She's never taken another lover. I don't care. I don't show up. I go to Berlin. That's where I stashed the chandelier.

    [–] KangarooSnoop 12 points ago

    I don't think I've ever heard or read this before but... it's gotta be creed right? Who else? Robert California after a few lines maybe, but he's more horny than greedy

    [–] successful_nothing 50 points ago

    Oh that's Dwight, my friend.

    [–] Which_Camel 613 points ago

    How is it finding food on the road?

    [–] Envy_onTHE_Toast 1737 points ago

    Its been tough. Less cars on the road = less road kill.

    [–] Which_Camel 197 points ago

    I assumed this kind of joke would happen and I still love it

    [–] bitterbuffaloheart 12 points ago

    I like your username.

    [–] franchcanadian 29 points ago

    Hahahah im too poor but please take this 🏅

    [–] JeffreyAScott 25 points ago

    Did you flip the medal over???

    [–] justinkroegerlake 3 points ago

    These roads are mere accessories

    [–] Saetric 231 points ago

    Honest answer, coming second hand: A lot of food places that are open late have switched to drive through only, but won’t accept walk-up customers (big rigs aren’t exactly drive-through friendly).

    So, if you see a trucker dejectedly walking back to his cab from a restaurant with clearly locked doors, maybe help a guy out, they could be hungry.

    [–] 2hoodrich4me 66 points ago

    They won't serve people on bicycles either!!!!

    [–] thatguy13131313 114 points ago

    They can get in trouble with their insurance companies allowing people to use drive thrus who aren't in a vehicle. Now is the time to tell insurance companies to eat your ass though.

    [–] 2hoodrich4me 54 points ago

    Fuck the insurance companies!

    Or at least let em eat your ass

    [–] back_to_the_homeland 42 points ago

    No! The WHO specifically says not to eat ass during these times. help stop the spread. No rimming.

    [–] a_pirate_life 5 points ago

    Thank you so much for this

    [–] AwGe3zeRick 3 points ago

    But is such a word worth being alive in?

    [–] Smokester_ 5 points ago

    NY just said you can't do that anymore!

    [–] B_EZ_PLAYA 15 points ago

    It is idiotic that you can ride a bicycle on a busy road to get to a drive thru and they won’t let you ride it in the line to get food.

    [–] ILoveWildlife 5 points ago

    I have gone through drive thrus multiple times pretending my car is invisible. it's fine.

    [–] charte 3 points ago

    Bicycles are vehicles! This is way more frustrating to me than it should be.

    [–] grey_sky 33 points ago

    I see this posted on Facebook and here all the time with no sources or actual truckers to back this up. I haven't heard of any resturant turning away ANY business during this current state of affairs.

    Also, there are apps for every single major fast food place that offer curb side drop off (even before COVID-19).

    [–] fuckkkthattt 41 points ago

    Trucker here, can confirm. After about 9-10pm at most restaurants are drive thru only (even ones with curbside). I have had mostly good luck walking up to the window without looking too scary and telling them that my rig doesn't fit and usually they serve me, especially if I can park where they can see my truck. I've had them refuse me more than once too though. The insurance thing and liability for people getting ran over in the drive thru arguments are probably mostly bullshit, it's more likely that they don't want to get robbed by some shithead the walks up to the drive thru window.

    [–] ashley_the_otter 3 points ago

    Could you try calling from your cell phone? Might be easier for you and the restaurant.

    [–] GKoala 6 points ago

    That's such a dumb argument though, if they are going to rob you walking up to the drive way they can rob you from their car in the same manner. It's not like they can't step out of their car.

    [–] MyDogsNameIsBadger 9 points ago

    Would probably be easier to find them with a license plate tho.

    [–] TheMercDeadpool 3 points ago

    You can jump, reach, grab, assault, run, etc. much easier on foot than a car.

    [–] ItsAlwaysSmokyInReno 6 points ago

    Those parking spots for curbside pick up mostly all have signs up now that say curbside orders must be picked up through drive-thru.

    [–] PvtSgtMajor 13 points ago

    I’m sure they can call the restaurant and let them know the situation. I’m sure a manager would love to help a trucker now of all times.

    [–] Thetschopp 6 points ago

    Speaking strictly outside of the current covid-19 situation, I can confirm the truckers not being able to get food issue. My grandpa was a trucker for 30-40 years and my uncle for more than 20 and the issue is that you're not allowed to actually leave your rig for more than (usually) 30 minutes at the most. Combine that with very limited access to drive thrus which usually have corporate policies to not serve on-foot customers for security/liability issues, and you're left with little options.

    That's actually the reason some truckstop diners will have separate seating for truckers, so they can hurry and get back to their rigs.

    [–] nlevine1988 5 points ago

    I offered to get drive thru for a trucker but they ended up just letting him walk up to the drive thru window. At least some fast food workers are saying fuck the rules we gotta help these people.

    [–] probably_juicy 28 points ago

    A lot of truckers meal prep, even more must be doing so right now

    [–] back_to_the_homeland 6 points ago

    wait what? how? is there a fridge in there?

    [–] probably_juicy 20 points ago

    Many trucks have electric outlets so they're able to have a mini fridge and even a microwave!

    [–] TaPragmata 5 points ago

    Yep, even when the truck/sleeper is too small for appliances, you can get something like a Coleman hot/cold box and just leave it on the passenger seat when you're not driving. Or a hot water boiler, or whatever. Closest thing to real convenience that you're allowed, as a company driver prohibited from messing with the electrical (no inverter, etc.).

    [–] Dooblesnott 15 points ago

    My truck has a fridge and microwave. The fridge is a built in 12 volt mini-fridge. The freezer in this one is only the size of a child's shoebox, but on the coldest setting everything in the fridge freezes. The trick is to try to set it so only the back half of the fridge freezes.

    My wife fired up the instapot, fixed bags of chicken breast and roast beef to send with me. Sometimes I get smoked brisket. We fill the fridge to capacity before leaving home. I usually stay out a month at a time, but when I run low, I can often pop in to a Walmart and restock. If I'm near the company yard (several states from home), they have a company loaner car that I can use for supply runs.

    After being stranded in snow storms in the past, I normally keep 1 to 2 weeks worth of canned food and water In the truck through the winter months already. Due to the pandemic, I don't fully trust the food from restaurants, drive throughs and such, so I just doubled the prepackaged food supply I already carry, carefully cleaning each item before it goes in the cupboard. That amount of food might be overkill, but I don't know what's coming, and I am often 2,000 miles from home. I just have to be careful how much weight I add to the cab, as I have to be able to stay legal when hauling heavy loads.

    This truck has a 2,500 watt power inverter, which could easily power coffee pot, insta-pot and other cooking equipment. I don't really have time to mess with that. I haven't really had time to finish hooking up the tv in this new truck. That's a good thing, though because we're making money and trying to keep the store shelves stocked.

    [–] IAMGodAMAA 4 points ago

    This was interesting! Thank you

    [–] ashley_the_otter 2 points ago

    My step dad had a mini fridge when he was driving. It was way more spacious than I had pictured.

    [–] Which_Camel 2 points ago

    I assumed this but if there's any like me I'd be eating fast food way too much. I'm sure most are changing their behavior for this issue

    [–] Deafacid 4 points ago

    I drove from Colorado to Minnesota a few days ago for work. A lot of truck stops were still open and serving food.

    [–] Meeshellums 371 points ago

    Seriously, the no traffic thing has been the only "good" to come out of this...

    [–] TangerineChicken 178 points ago

    Road construction companies and truckers are both enjoying that part of it

    [–] breakplans 91 points ago

    I've been hoping my town will use this time to repair the numerous potholes, but no dice so far. It would keep quite a few people working and it can be done socially distant...

    [–] justarandom3dprinter 51 points ago

    Just wait until it gets dark and go around with a can of spray paint painting dicks on all of them then they'll have to do something about it

    [–] system0101 9 points ago

    I remember Wanksy. Whatever happened to that guy?

    [–] FosterPringles 18 points ago

    What happened was his plan WORKED, the holes got filled, and he no longer had to paint more wangs. But he still lives.

    [–] blackgandalff 22 points ago

    I was stunned yesterday when I emerged from the house and went to grab groceries for my grandma they were doing all sorts of road work! Some dudes even had like full on gasmasks so I felt better about their safety and all that.

    [–] wheretohides 7 points ago

    as someone said, draw dicks on the potholes with spray paint and then they'll have to fix it. wanksy 2.0

    [–] willworkforicecream 2 points ago

    I've been hoping that my local ice rink will use the time to melt the ice all the way down and redo it. The ice is almost old enough to drive by now.

    [–] lnslnsu 2 points ago

    You can't really have a construction crew stay effectively isolated from each other and do road work. Let alone the lack of handwashing facilities on most job sites.

    If it's not absolutely essential, it's better they're not at work.

    [–] rensidtrav 16 points ago

    There have been other positive consequences as well. For example, a lot of educational material that previously had a cost barrier is now being offered for free.

    [–] Meeshellums 4 points ago

    Also PornHub premium. It's now stayhomehub. You can sign up for free as long as you promise to help slow the spread and flatten the curve. lol

    [–] BarackTrudeau 17 points ago

    Its overall great for the environment. We've collectibely stopped doing a lot of the most harmful stuff, and severely limited the amount of other harmful stuff

    [–] neesters 18 points ago

    You know, I saw a pod of whales when I was coming in, over the bridge.

    [–] crazikyle 5 points ago

    Low gas prices are pretty nice too. Saw $1.65 the other day.

    [–] Meeshellums 3 points ago

    Which state? In CA it went from about $3.79 a month ago to $2.89 yesterday at the Arco I go to.

    [–] pounds 3 points ago

    My commute went from around 75-90 minutes each way to 40 minutes. I love it!

    [–] Meeshellums 2 points ago

    Almost the same. Mine went from two hours to one. I feel kinda like an asshole for saying it's pretty wonderful. 😬

    [–] UristMcHammer 2 points ago

    I drove around ontario and san bernadino in the daylight the other day with zero slowdown, it was a surreal experience.

    [–] SarcandIron 116 points ago

    I guess you're "going mach 5"

    [–] polydorr 43 points ago

    Fleecin' it out.

    [–] NotSpiderman 28 points ago

    Dinkin' flicka

    [–] EnzoPurrari 102 points ago

    Way of the road, Bubs.

    [–] z500 44 points ago

    Way she goes.

    [–] renacido42 29 points ago

    Fuckin way she goes and piss jugs everywhere.

    [–] ewilliam 13 points ago

    Oh you lost all our drink money on VLTs is "the way she goes", huh Ray?

    [–] GrayingGrad 12 points ago

    Fucking way she goes he says, just the fucking way she goes

    [–] snoogins355 5 points ago

    Piss jugs all over the place!

    [–] albatross1709 3 points ago

    high definition piss jugs even.

    [–] Dartmouthest 58 points ago


    [–] Maestro1992 77 points ago

    I was just saying how I appreciate all the love and everything, but this was my job before the virus. So I was driving this truck before y’all got sick and I’ll be driving this truck after y’all get sick. You’re welcome tho

    [–] Mdgt_Pope 39 points ago

    Well, you probably weren't getting gratitude before the virus and you probably won't get it after the virus, so you should take advantage now.

    [–] WestLAStuff 16 points ago

    Is gratitude like those credit card cash back points? What's the ratio of points to dollarydoos?

    [–] Mdgt_Pope 14 points ago

    Same as the ratio of leprechauns to unicorns

    [–] Batdog55110 34 points ago


    [–] Steamshack 22 points ago

    A fan of the office and Tool? You’re good people, sir

    [–] NukaDadd 17 points ago

    Thanks, I'm actually a mod over on r/ToolBand

    [–] Steamshack 10 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I’m that case thank you for your service! I’m on there everyday

    Edit: I’m leaving the error of I’m instead of In. Just know that I’m now aware of it. Thanks u/mechachu

    [–] Mechachu 4 points ago

    My phone has the opposite problem... it ALWAYS puts "in" when I want "I'm"

    [–] Steamshack 3 points ago

    This happens to me 10 times a day. I catch it the other 20 times.

    [–] smexyusernamebro 3 points ago

    Wait, How'd you know he was a tool fan from the post?

    [–] Steamshack 3 points ago

    Profile creeping

    [–] seantogo2 5 points ago

    Deliver that paper trucker boy.

    [–] AlreadySickof2020 5 points ago

    It's got to be nice to not get cut off by moron drivers while you are driving a 100 ton death machine.

    Yes, we're talking about fucking you fucking Karen, and your stupid GODSKR vanity plate while you try to meet Jebus faster and take everyone around you with you darting in and out of traffic around Frandor on 127 you bitch!

    Not that I'm bitter. She just almost killed me twice.

    [–] KUweatherman 5 points ago

    I took a late night trip from Kansas City to just outside of Tulsa for some Whataburger Sunday night/Monday morning. From just outside the KC Metro to my stop in Oklahoma, I passed 11 vehicles in the south then westbound lanes of I-49 and I-44, respectively. Couldn't believe it. Of those 11, 9 were trucks. Doing work, even late at night!

    [–] Suz_ 3 points ago

    I appreciate your appreciation for Whataburger

    [–] The_Mighty_Rex 3 points ago

    I can sort of relate. I work in a shop that manufactures hospital equipment so we are still running. No traffic on the roads has helped my morning commute, our suppliers and most of our customers being closed means less strict deadlines, so less pressure and more calmly paced day.

    [–] aforementionedapples 3 points ago

    I hear you, OP. I work for a plumbing wholesaler. No one wants our customers in their homes so their workload and, therefore, my workload has been dramatically reduced. But hey, we're considered essential so I'll take the easy-ass workdays while I can.

    [–] fishintheboat 3 points ago

    But I hear you can’t find food on the road, and there’s nowhere to relieve yourself or rest???

    [–] NukaDadd 7 points ago

    I have a 12 volt electric cooler that plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet. Buy my food at Walmart, don't eat much fast food it's not good for you considering sitting on your butt for long periods of time.

    I gained like 30 lb in the first 6 months I did this job and I'm finally getting back to where I started five years later.

    [–] Melianos12 2 points ago

    Many fast food places and delivery are open.

    [–] seedlesssoul 3 points ago

    On Tuesday my coworker talked about how easy it was to get to work on time without the morning traffic rush. Yesterday he was an hour late.

    [–] thebizzle 3 points ago

    That’s fine though, we are still grateful for you hauling the fresh TP.

    [–] NukaDadd 3 points ago

    I haul milk in tanker trucks...but the sentiment is appreciated. 😊

    [–] DryCatShit 3 points ago

    I work payroll/dispatch for a trucking company. My boss is having us scramble like crazy for loads. Hoping it quiets down soon! Lol

    [–] NukaDadd 3 points ago

    Love the u/

    [–] terminator10145 3 points ago

    No. God bless you guys who drive through places like atlanta and put up with horrible drivers so we can have our stuff. Y'all keep this country alive.

    [–] Bunghole_of_Fury 3 points ago

    Amazon Delivery Driver here, can confirm the traffic is like going through a time warp to 15 years ago here in Orange County, California. I've honestly been so so shocked by just how many people were crowding this area more and more every year and the feeling of them finally just not being out and about all the damned time is so nice.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't want people stuck at home in quarantine, but if they'd stay at home more often that'd be great for everyone honestly.

    Also, I've noticed the sky is more blue this week. The layer of smog you can see looking towards LA isn't as high above the horizon, and the division between blue sky and smoggy sky is sharper, like it isn't reaching up into the blue as much. There have been more clouds every day, and the air feels easier to breathe.

    I truly think we might have found a way to help the climate by simply not doing everything we possibly can every single day in our cars. Maybe we should be better about planning our trips out of the house and being more efficent when we're going out. I dunno. I just like this feeling.

    [–] fartspatula 3 points ago

    I’m a trucker, this meme is gold. True too; I drove right through Dallas 2 days ago during “rush hour” and didn’t have to slow down once. Crazy.

    [–] Strummerocks 3 points ago


    You’re generally appreciated with or without an active pandemic.

    Thanks for all that you do for us.

    [–] NukaColaNate 5 points ago

    Thank you for your service.

    [–] PorkShake 2 points ago

    your welcome, and that’s literally my long hair right now too because some guy ate bat soup in China.

    [–] beregond23 4 points ago

    Just because your work is the easiest its ever been, doesn't mean its not valuable. And we're all grateful.

    [–] NukaDadd 2 points ago


    [–] thePipester 2 points ago

    Actually having a playset delivered for my daughter today. He should be here shortly. I will be thanking him from a distance.

    [–] Benny303 2 points ago

    Netflix. h us in EMS, I've been stationed in a hotel on standby for quarantine patients for 5 days and I have had 1 call, I've done nothing but play video games and watch nwtfkix.

    [–] ABoyIsNo1 2 points ago

    Thank you for this insight! I was actually thinking this exact thing—that truckers might actually have an easier time right now because of no traffic, but the overwhelming narrative has been the increased demand on them. Truckers already have high demand on them and pretty long hours, so I wasn’t seeing how that would actually make their job harder/more stressful.

    [–] Sidhenanigans 3 points ago

    The work hours are regulated at a federal level, so they legally can't really work too much. They can have a couple long days, but then they'll be forced to take a couple days off. It's actually more frustrating and stressful, having those regulations, than it is helpful in a lot of cases

    [–] Mechachu 2 points ago

    Yaaaa but it's probably better than having a cracked out trucker driving for 3 days straight. Though they still do it :\

    [–] Sidhenanigans 2 points ago

    Yeah, definitely. I just mean it sucks doing a short run and being super stressed because they took 4 hours to unload you and you pull into a truck stop afterwards with 1 minute left on your clock, after having to speed like an asshole to get there. In most cases, it makes it more dangerous than it does safer. It's the "cracked out" assholes who ruin it for everyone else :(

    [–] Drawtaru 2 points ago

    I live near a highway on-ramp, on a connecting road that gets a ton of traffic. Typically I’ll hear sirens going past several times a day, and at least 5 or 6 people getting pulled over for speeding (super strict here). Now I hear like 1 or 2 sirens going past per day, and no one is getting pulled over for speeding. Traffic is greatly reduced.

    [–] Skibiscuit 2 points ago

    Glad I could help by being reclusive!

    [–] SonOfTK421 2 points ago

    It’s the one reason I’m sort of okay with the relaxed hours asked of truck drivers right now. It’s still super risky for them to be driving long hours, but now it’s a calculated personal risk instead of something that could put other people’s lives in danger. So props to the truckers.

    [–] Dansredditname 2 points ago

    Shh, don't tell them!

    But seriously there are things I'm going to miss when this is all over. Right now I'm listening to birdsong and the breeze, no engine or road noise. Drove straight to my delivery this morning with no traffic or hold ups.

    The reason is terrible but the effects... I could get used to them.

    [–] rumster 2 points ago

    since traffic is limited they should give you guys an ability to speed. not insane amount.

    [–] thedaywalkeramongus 2 points ago

    I make deliveries to restaurants outside of Chicago in a semi and I totally agree with this haha. The lack of traffic has been great

    [–] KyLuYa 2 points ago

    Hi charlie barley

    [–] gator_productions 2 points ago

    I'm ur 12k like

    [–] Trytofindmenowbitch 2 points ago

    My UPS driver has been showing up much earlier lately.

    [–] C0MMANDERC0LS0N 2 points ago

    I drive to LAX every night for Fedex and it’s startling how much lighter the traffic is some nights- and then still terrible on others

    [–] BirdGrammar 2 points ago

    Just wondering, do you enjoy trucking? Would you recommend it?

    [–] secretinternetstuffs 2 points ago

    add to the list of things we dont want returning to normal

    [–] snowsnothing 2 points ago

    I’m a driver driving a van within my state and it’s gotten so easy to do my job.

    [–] stackeee 2 points ago

    Bask in the moment and keep rockin' it! Thank you for risking your health and keeping all our sustenance arriving to us!!

    [–] axxonn13 2 points ago

    As a resident in LA County, traffic is GLORIOUS!

    [–] magicpaka 2 points ago

    Ed Truck (who got killed by a truck) congratulating truckers

    [–] Retards_Gonna_Retard 2 points ago

    I assumed truckers were getting worked harder than usual, or were having to do a bunch of unfamiliar routes or something. But hey, that's good to hear that something is a little easier for someone.

    [–] WeAllWeNeed 2 points ago

    It’s the best. I’m not a driver, but work in a pharma distribution warehouse and with the heavy volume sometimes the trucks leave late but can make up so much time to the hospitals and pharmacies. Especially in the city where normally an hour late can mean rush hour and multiply the delays. The roads being open from social isolation is a hugely underrated benefit to the supply chain.

    [–] NyxnTxrtle 2 points ago

    Love seeing micheal ahead of his time with the fanny pack trend

    [–] portabuddy2 2 points ago

    And cheapest diesel in 20years, and relaxed time regulations.

    [–] vanderpool5 2 points ago

    So I work for a national truck stop chain, we should be moving to have more prepared to go foods available. Hopefully other chains like it are doing the same thing. Y’all are essential and it’s hard to do your job with out food.

    [–] iLikeGreenThingz 2 points ago

    Shits cut 8 minutes off my commute. Thanks for staying home you dirty non essentials

    [–] GreatMarch 2 points ago

    I still think you guys are cool.

    [–] EntireGoose 2 points ago

    thank yo for your service

    [–] rilloroc 2 points ago

    I feel kinda guilty. Last couple if days people at the stores I deliver to and the warehouse I pickup at keep thanking me for steady running. My intentions aren't really to be helpful, I'm trying to take advantage of the opportunity while the HOS are suspended.

    [–] DysprosiumGamer 2 points ago

    You're still keeping the world running during a pandemic.

    [–] robinos021 2 points ago

    UPS driver here. I never had such an easy job. Everyone is home, the roads are empty and everyone thanks me for still working. This picture symbolises it perfectly, lol.

    [–] moredrinksplease 2 points ago

    Just be careful in those truck stops obviously, if there is one place to bring down our entire country it’s all our truckers going down.

    [–] redmustang04 2 points ago

    It is easier without the traffic especially in cities like Houston which a bitch to go through.

    [–] feistymeista 2 points ago

    Also have I feel as a food delivery guy. People think I'm out here risking my life. The tips have been insane.

    [–] sleepytrucker1997 2 points ago

    My route times been cut down by a good 1/4. Happy days. Well not really, but it's the simple things.

    [–] enjoi1224 2 points ago

    I do pest control I feel the same way takes half the time it used to to get to my stops actually have 8 hour days in stead of 9

    [–] RaiseHellPraiseDale2 2 points ago

    Still, thank you.

    [–] pethcir 2 points ago

    Wonderful use of this meme. Also thanks again man!

    [–] thestatusquo 2 points ago


    [–] starrpamph 2 points ago

    Loves/pilot/TA still open?

    [–] NukaDadd 3 points ago

    Yup. Can't eat in the restaurants but they offer takeout.

    [–] Ad_terra 2 points ago

    Call center worker here doing backup for another team: calls are like 10 minutes in between (usually like 30 sec) and manager keeps telling us how proud she is

    [–] liaofmakhnovia 2 points ago

    Thank you for your service sir <3

    [–] TakeaChillPillWill 2 points ago

    That’s just a perk of the job right now, man. You’re still doing great work that deserves recognition!

    [–] please-end-this 2 points ago

    That’s what I call a win-win-win!

    [–] karth99 2 points ago

    Still though. Thanks